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  • Attackin

    I know my last episode wasn’t very good but this time I spent a lot more time working on the episode and fixing spelling errors. Total drama champions ep. 11 a thousand ways to get slashed.

    Malevolent mooses- “slasher”, Mark, Dave, and Angeline. (4/9)

    Fabulous flamingos- Scarlet, Colette, Norville, Daisuke, Alec, and Victoria. (6/9)

    Last time on total drama we went to the death dome and boy was it fun! Our favorite zombie freak Shawn appeared as his favorite thing... a zombie and Slasher eliminated Lily with some help. In the end it was Daisuke who ended up winning for his team. Who will go home? Who will feel the burn? Find out now on this episode of Total Drama Champions!

    The scene opens up to Dave talking in the mooses cabin with Mark and Sl…

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  • Attackin

    Malevolent mooses: Dave, Mark, James, slasher, Jessica, lily, Angeline

    fabulous flamingos: Daisuke, Norville, Victoria, collete, Alec, Scarlet

    The episode starts with Chris at the edge if a cliff above water Chris: last time on total drama champions the contestants dress up as superheroes or in most cases super losers hehe.the mooses win yet again and James eliminated Dawn check out what happens this time on total drama champions!

    The mooses are sitting at two tables table one with James and Mark the other with Angeline, Jessica, Lily, Dave, and slasher.

    Mark: sorry dude but all the cool dudes are at the other table

    James: you’re not leaving Mark... we’re buddies after all

    After saying that Mark’s expression lightened up and James groaned lightl…

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  • Attackin

    Hello and welcome to a new blog where I’ll be talking about which contestants I think could return and become a finalist.

    5 Leshawna

    Now that Geoff has become a finalist Leshawna is the only one of the final six from TDI that hasn’t become a finalist she is also one of the most popular contestants from the original casts and people have been wanting her to make a big return after the less than great WT Leshawna

    4 Scott

    After All-stars Scott has become the only one from RI final 4 that hasn’t won and is one of the few from his cast that is popular and important enough in the plot to win. The only downside is that he’s been in the final 4 two times in a row and him making it to the final four again could be a little annoying like how Owen was in…

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    Hello and welcome back to another blog (and yes I know I'm late to the discussion) after the announcement I've been thinking "who has a good chance of competing". I personally think it'll be more than the 1st gen (mainly because PI has unfinished plot) so I believe there will be three teams for each generation of contestants with 8 for originals and 7s for the other two generations, and with no further ado here's my personal list (tell me what you think)


    Gwen- she's one of the big 5 so there's already an advantage but she also has her plot with Courtney which could be continued if they want to do.

    Courtney- she's one of the few contestants to compete in each season and has a decent amount of plot left even plot without Gwen, she's g…

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  • Attackin

    Before I get into this I don't think Sugar was the worst character ever she was somewhat amusing but she didn't work as an antagonist for several reasons that I will explain

    Reason 1: the eliminations she caused

    The way she eliminated people usually had nothing to do with her and strategy. When she eliminated Ella she used her singing against her which is a good idea for her to eliminate Ella if it wasn't for the fact that Chris watches every challenge except for that one for whatever reason which is just kind of a lazy way to make Sugar more antagonistic.Then later she would eliminate Jasmine which I was more ok with it. I know the season was shorter than most other seasons but she eliminated less people than Justin a secondary antagonist.


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