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  • Attackin

    Whistling Whales: Ken, Matt, Khione, Nozomi, Bart, Daisuke, and Jenna Mae.

    Speedy Sharks: Kierston, Agatha, Nick, Sienna, Eli, Candice, Alec, Victoria and Angelina.

    The scene opens to Chris driving the boat.

    Chris: I can’t believe you’re always complaining about driving this thing, I could do it with one hand behind my back.

    Behind Chris, Chef was sitting in a chair reading a newspaper.

    Chris: Anyway, last time on Total Drama the contestants were stranded on a deserted island filled with dolls. Agatha stepped up and scored a win for her team. Will the sharks win yet again? Will Nick eliminate Candice or will Candice beat him yet again? Find out now on Total Drama Out On The Sea!

    The scene moves to the two teams sitting around in the cafeteria ea…

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  • Attackin

    Whistling whales- Bart, Ken, Daisuke, Jono, Nozomi, Khione, Jenna Mae and Matt

    Speedy sharks- Candice, Victoria, Angelina, Alec, Eli, Agatha, Kierston, Sienna and Nick

    Chris: Last time on Total Drama Out On The Sea the contestant had to search for keys to save their witch, in the end the whales proved they’re true losers. Will the whales remain losers? Find out now on Total Drama Out On The Sea.

    The scene opens to Bart and the people he convinced to vote Daniel.

    Matt: So where’s my prize?!

    Bart: I’ll hand it over soon, I swear. You guys just need to be patient.

    Daisuke: Whatever, just don’t expect us to bail you out again!

    Bart: Yes of course!

    Bart: Daisuke seems to be back to his old tricks. Norville and him were both so jealous of me that they b…

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  • Attackin

    Whistling whales- Khione, Ken, Daisuke, Jenna Mae, Bart, Matt, Daniel, Jono and Nozomi.

    Speedy sharks- Alec, Victoria, Nick, Eli, Angelina, Sienna, Agatha, Candice and Kierston

    The scene opens to Chris standing on the boat deck.

    Chris: Can you feel that wind in your hair? I sure can! Last time on Total Drama World Cruise, everyone had to go retrieve the keys to boat, which went surprisingly well. Will the whales ever succeed? Find out now on Total Drama World Cruise!

    In the loser lounge below the deck Matt, Daniel and Daisuke were talking in their bedroom.

    Matt: This is worst than anything I’ve ever slept on! I barely slept at all!

    Daniel: I’ve experience worse I guess.

    Daisuke: Could’ve been worse, we could’ve slept in Ken’s room!

    The scene cuts …

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  • Attackin

    Authors note: I will be uploading a second episode later today.

    The scene opens to Chris standing in-front of a large cruise ship.

    Chris: We’ve traveled by plane and now we’re traveling by sea on the S.S Chef. What will happen out at sea? Find out now on Total Drama Out On The Sea!

    [theme song]

    The scene cuts to Chris still in front of the boat.

    Chris: Welcome back, now let’s introduce our cast!

    A bus drives up to Chris.

    Chris: From Super SlamDown we have fan favorites Ken and Kierston!

    They both walk of the bus. Ken was happy to be there while Kierston had her arms crossed.

    Chris: Great to have you both back.

    Ken: Great to be back Chris. Is Abbey competing?

    Chris: Unlikely but keep your hopes up.

    Kierston: Hey Chris why do I have to be here? I specif…

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  • Attackin

    Hey guys, as you may know I finished Champions a couple weeks ago and I’ve decided to start working on a new season. This season will not be having any new contestants however, they’re all returnees from Champions, Global Takedown and Super Slamdown.

    From SS: Kierston, Ken, Agatha, Daniel Matt and Khione.

    From GT: Candice, Sienna, Eli, Nick, Jono and Nozomi.

    From C: Victoria, Alec, Angelina, Daisuke, Bart and Jenna Mae

    The theme for this season is a combination of stars vs losers and traveling around the world by boat. The season will be called Total Drama Out On The Sea. The first two episodes will be coming out this Sunday. Sense the blog feels kinda short I’ll just tell you guys the teams (some contestants are switched around for plot reaso…

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