Well the first half of Total Drama Pahkitew Island has come and gone, rather quickly I might add. Some of my favorites have already been eliminated, which got me to start speculating for next season and I think I have a potentially great idea. Total Drama Redemption, featuring only contestants who never made it to the merge. Now some people may think that’s terrible idea because the characters who didn’t make the merge especially in later seasons are just cannon fodder who went as far they could but I think it could be a pretty great season if the right characters are cast and written well.

My Cast

Team 1: Ezekiel, Noah, Rodney, Sadie, Katie, Samey, Staci

Team 2: Brick, Ella, Leonard, Tyler, Dawn, Eve, B


First off feral Ezekiel has got to go, the writers could fix that by having a wealthy gentleman capture Ezekiel in-between seasons and rehabilitate him turning Ezekiel into a young gentlemen, complete with a haircut, voice change, fancy suit, and a new name Ezekiel Worthington the III. Of course he would be the main antagonist of the season with his deception being hidden behind his respectable looks. At the end of season he could even learn his lesson and decide to turn back into the original Ezekiel from the first season. Placement: 1-3


Brick was my favorite character from Revenge of the Island and I think there was still much they could do with him before they eliminated him. This season Brick would probably be one of the finalists as his strong moral code would be a good match against Ezekiel Worthington the III’s underhanded tactics. Placement: 1-3


Samey was a pretty good character but didn’t get much to do other then argue with Amy that would change this season as her sister would not be a part of it. She could potentially be one of the finalists having been charmed by Ezekiel Worthington the III until she learns of his true colors and vows to take him down. Placement: 2-3


Ella was one of the best characters in Pahkitew Island but this season she’d be given him more time to make everyone love her even more. After how Dave broke her heart and didn’t a bat an eyelash like a monster she deserves a new prince, not Ezekiel Worthington the III who she would see through how about…Brick? Because…well…compared to the other guys I’ve casted he’s really the only possible choice. Placement: 4-5


Yeah I know Rodney was pretty terrible but I have a way to fix him. Team him up with Ezekiel Worthington III as his dim-witted lackey. Rodney would be so impressed with Ezekiel Worthington’s way with words that he would follow him blindly without ever realizing he’s using him. He would also get himself eliminated purposely to save Ezekiel Worthington the III. Placement: 4-5


Noah is one of the best characters of all-time yet he never sticks around long. That would change this season as he would finally make the merge serving as one of Ezekiel Worthington the III allies, however he would eventually see him as too big of a threat and get him eliminated by convincing the others he’s really the puppet master. Placement: 6


A lot of people hate Leonard but I don’t know why since he’s so hilarious and he’s a freaking wizard for Pete’s sake! Who doesn’t love a wizard? Anyways I think Leonard would get much further this season and let his true magic shine. Placement: 7


A lot of people seem to like Dawn from her short time in Revenge of the Island, I wasn’t that big on her but she would still be cast here. She would become good friends with Ella and like her would see through Ezekiel Worthington the III, but other than that I’m not sure what she would do. Placement: 8-10


Eve’s one of the few contestants from the original season who has never returned so of course she would make the cast. She would start off as an important member of her team at the beginning due to her challenge skills but of course her anger would eventually get her voted off. Placement: 8-10


Tyler’s never really made much of an impact the two times he’s played just serving really as Lindsey’s boy toy. But this season there is no Lindsey’s so he would finally be able to break out on his own and…um…form an unlikely friendship with Leonard and let out his inner nerd? Sure why not. Placement: 8-10

Sadie & Katie

Sadie & Katie along with Eve are the only contestants from the original season who have never returned but I’m not really sure what to do with them. They could be obsessed with Ezekiel Worthington the III and then after one of them gets voted out the other could quit. Placement: 11th & 12th


B was pretty bland character being just a quite thinker. Maybe this season he could actually talk but other than that he’s really just here to be cannon fodder. Placement: 13-14


Staci in my opinion is one of the most boring character of all-time even compared to the other cannon fodder characters but someone has to make up the numbers in this cast. Maybe the writers could think up something for her to do but I sure the heck can’t. Placement: 13-14

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