• Attackcobra

    Well the first half of Total Drama Pahkitew Island has come and gone, rather quickly I might add. Some of my favorites have already been eliminated, which got me to start speculating for next season and I think I have a potentially great idea. Total Drama Redemption, featuring only contestants who never made it to the merge. Now some people may think that’s terrible idea because the characters who didn’t make the merge especially in later seasons are just cannon fodder who went as far they could but I think it could be a pretty great season if the right characters are cast and written well.

    Team 1: Ezekiel, Noah, Rodney, Sadie, Katie, Samey, Staci

    Team 2: Brick, Ella, Leonard, Tyler, Dawn, Eve, B


    First off feral Ezekiel has got to go, …

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