Okay so this is my first Total Drama Blog, I have been such a fan of this show since the first episode aired I legit remember the lines to the first season. (Dont Judge Me) So with a new season coming up, and I'm so stoked for it tonight. Since this season theme is Heroes vs Villians I kind think of the contestant on what they remind me of from the real Heroes vs Villains contestants on Survivor. [To the Survivor fans you might know what I'm talking about)

So again these our my opinions based to Total Drama to the actually Survivor.


Alejandro/Russell Hantz- Alejandro was kind of mix between Boston Rob or Russell but he's more villianous then Boston Rob, and I both hate Ale and Rus.

Duncan/Boston Rob- To me like Alejandro I hated him at first, but like Boston Rob he's a likeable Villian and 1 would certainly root for him to win then Alejandro. 

Gwen/Danelle De Rossi- My guess could be that Gwen could be the villian, I was confused she be put in the villains but anyways she since in it, I put her with Danielle there both loveable villains to me, although I'm still not sure why Gwen would be put in as a villian, it should be Courtney. (Sorry to the Courtney Fans).

Heather/Parvati Shallow- I obviously believe that Heather and Parvati are both alike, they both came back with a win on their last season, and their both are gonna be very liked, I don't think Heather would win, but she's gonna do very well this season. (As Always) 

Jo/Jerri Manthey- It's a big question mark to what Jo could remind me off, it was origanlly Sandra but she would never win an Immunity challenge, but both Jerri and Jo are both very fit, and can most likely go far into the game.

Lightning/Tyson- There both very entertaining in a funny way I suppose but not so much to me because I hate both of them. 

Scott/Randy Bailey- Scott was origanlly remind me of Russell but based how he looks like and he's attitude which really makes me despies him and makes me think of Randy.


Cameron/JT Thomas- In Canada Cameron won, (Where I come from Lightening won) and JT won on their season, so do you have to explain?

Courtney/Stephenie Lagrossa- I was shocked that Courtney was in the Heroes and not the Villians, because I really Hate her (Again sorry Courtney Fans). But Since she's on the heroes she kind of reminds of Stephenie she does have the this tone that they both have for some reason, but I really hope she doesn't win.

Lindsey/Sugar Kiper- Their both blonde, very sexy, and very heroic, both make very good strategy what else I could explain. LINDSEY FTW!

Mike/James Clement- Their both very mysterious in their own way towards others POV.

Sam/Rupert Boneham- Their both huge guys, very likeable, and never been hated. (I think)

Sierra/Cirie Fields- Their both Crazy very loveable player and can make the game so intresting.

Zoey/Amanda Kimmel- Both very attractive girls, both very loveable I mean you can never hate this girl I mean really.

So I guess those are my opinions, there not good I know, but I guess that's what I think about them (In a good way) So here is my boot order predictions.

14th- Lightning

13th- Sierra

12th- Sam

11th- Zoey

10th- Alejandro

9th- Jo

8th- Duncan

7th- Heather

6th- Courtney

5th- Mike

4th- Gwen

3rd- Cameron

2nd- Scott


So I hope you're all excited to anyone from America to watch Total Drama All Stars, as much as I do, so take care.

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