Ok, I just realized that Bridgette's elimination in TDI was COMPLETELY RIGGED! Let's see the votes shall we?

Geoff: Izzy/Lindsay

Owen: Bridgette

Duncan: Bridgette

DJ: Bridgette

Heather: Owen

Lindsay: Owen

Gwen: Duncan

Leshawna: Duncan

Bridgette: Duncan

Izzy: (possibly) Duncan

So, even if Izzy didn't vote for Duncan, there should've been a tiebreaker. Heather and Lindsay agreed to vote Owen, Leshawna, Bridgette and Gwen agreed to vote Duncan, Geoff probs voted for Izzy or Lindsay since there was no one left, Owen, Duncan and DJ voted for Bridgette and Izzy probably voted for Duncan. There's no way she voted Bridgette so idk WTF happened there. What are your thoughts, wiki people?

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