Yeah I know I'm late but I wanna share my thoughts on this season with you guys. I'll rate 3 categories which are: Characters, Interactions and Episodes. Let's begin!


Beardo: I can't believe I'm saying this, but Beardo is one of my favorites this season. Sure he was fodder, but he was hilarious even though he got eliminated first. 9/10

Leonard: Leonard was enjoyable for the most part and YES I like his voice! He got a tad bit annoying at times but the wizard jokes made up for it! 8/10

Amy: I HATE Amy! First of all, she crossed the line MANY times by abusing Sammy and making her feel bad about herself. Secondly, her personality is causing Sammy to get hurt, physically or psychologically! Without Sammy, she would just be a bossy cheerleader with nearly zero personality! She is number 52 on my rankings and that won't change. At least she had ONE good line which was in her audition "Cuz oh my gag!"! Also, in she got what was coming to her in Twinning isn't everything. Ok, enough ranting. Needs SERIOUS redemption! 2/10

Rodney: Rodney was an ok character. He was funny, but his gag got a bit repetitive but I think they times his elimination perfectly. Nothing else to really say about him. 6/10

Sammy: Unlike Amy, I LOVE SAMMY! First of all, she taught her b**chy sister who da boss is and second, her friendship with Jasmine was awesome! I love how she finally stood up for herself! Plus, her PJs are awesome! (lol) The only thing I didn't like about her is that she didn't have an actual plot but overall, great character! Sammy for season 6! 9/10

Ella: OMG WHERE DO I START?! ELLA IS AMAZEBALLS! I love EVERYTHING ABOUT HER! Her singing, her Disney obsession, even her attraction to DAVE! If she was a real person, I WOULD MARRY HER ANY DAY! NO JOKE! She's so positive and happy all the time! She kept trying to be friends with Sugar even though she ABUSED her! I can't say ANYTHING bad about her! She's a ball of sunshine and happiness which is awesome! Plus, her voice is the best thing ever! I love Max, but HE should've gone instead of Ella in Episode 6! I HATE Sugar for that! Overall, Ella is the best character ever and I hope she returns for another season! <3333333333333333333333 10/10

Topher: I don't get why people hate Topher. Sure, he didn't have major interactions with anyone besides Chris but I LOVED his stereotype and personality! Plus, his plot/sub-plot in episodes 6-8 was very interesting to watch and I hate Chris for being a total troll and getting rid of him! 8/10

Dave: No, I am NOT a Dave hater ok? Sure, he became coockoo in the finale but I quite likes him before that! His Sky obsession was funny in my opinion and I totally understand him! His "I'LL GET DIRTY AHHHH" thing was hilarious imo and I believe that both Dave and Sky are at fault for how their "relationship" ended. I want him to return for another season maybe even as a villain! 7/10

Scarlett: I did NOT see the evil Scarlett thing coming. And that is why Scarlett Fever was awesome! Scarlett was awesome both as a quiet, female Cameron AND an evil Izzy! Plus, her interactions with Max were hilarious! I can't believe I'm doing this, but I give her a 9/10!

Max: Max is my second favorite this season and for GOOD REASONS! Sure he was ugly but he's TOO DAMN HILARIOUS! "Because she has a dumb face disease and is a stinky bad person!" OMG LMFAO! Like I mentioned above^^ his Scarlett interactions were also hilarious! Max is pure comedy gold and HAS TO return for another season! 10/10

Jasmine: This season's fan favorite and for good reasons! Her relationship with Shawn was cute and realistic and was interesting to watch! And instead of being portrayed as a Mary Sue, she has actual flaws like her claustrophobia unlike SOME people! cofcofzoeycofcof. Just look at her stereotype! She's an Australian Amazon girl! Her accent was awesome and she had good interactions with Sammy and Shawn! My only problem with her is that the whole Australian thing got a bit overused but other than that, amazing character! 9/10

Sugar: Like many people, I DESPISE Sugar! She ABUSED Ella, did gross stuff and tried to kill Sky! That's the only things she did in this season and I hope she doesn't return unless she gets redeemed! Sometimes she was a bit funny but still, she wasn't fun to watch! She's one of the TWO characters in the whole series that I HATE! She needs some serious redemption! 2/10

Sky: Many people hate Sky for "not telling Dave about her boyfriend". Ya know what? She WAS going to tell him if HE DIDN'T CUT HER OFF WHENEVER SHE TRIED TO TALK TO HIM! I believe that both Sky and Dave are at fault but CUT HER SOME SLACK ALREADY! AND STOP CALLING HER "ZOEY 2.0" BECAUSE SHE IS NOT! Unlike Zoey, she has flaws and her athletic skills didn't come out of nowhere and she also DIDN'T get together with Dave in the end! That shows that she and Dave didn't have a perfect "relationship" and that she has flaws! She's more relistic and I loved her athletic skills! I think that she deserved to win as much as Shawn did! I want her to return for another season! 8/10

Shawn: Shawn is one of my personal favorites this season. Why? First of all, his zombie obsession was funny to watch and his relationship with Jasmine felt realistic and was cute! Secondly, he did things for his team like win challenges, find food and find shelter! Shawn was a better character than I expected and I think he deserved to win as much as Sky did! I hope to see him return for another season! 9/10

Overall: I liked almost all characters in this season to a certain extent and I believe they're as good as the originals! 9.5/10


Jasmine and Shawn: Best main couple the series has ever had. I mean, they have so much in common! They're both survivalists, they both love the outdoors and more! What's special about them is that they're not like normal TD couples. They're more realistic. That could be a good or bad thing. Bad because this is a cartoon, but good because....IDK IT'S GOOD! Love them! I hope they never break up! 10/10

Dave and Sky: Like I mentioned in the Characters section, this is better because Sky actually REJECTED Dave and was in it only for the money, unlike Zoke. Skave had problems when Zoke was the perfect relationship! And when everyone thought they would end up together, they didn't! Instead, Dave tried to MURDER Sky BECAUSE they didn't end up together! -2 for the finale but other than that, I like it! 8/10

Amy and Sammy: The only thing I liked about it was the switcheroo. I hated this interaction because of AMY! She's just cruel and abusive to Sammy which is NOT fun to watch! 3/10

Topher and Chris: I LOVED IT! Topher was so hilarious while trying to host the show! The only thing I hated was Chris the troll in Three Zones and a Baby! 9/10

Ella and Sugar: Ugh -_- screw you Sugar is all I have to say. I mean, seriously. You ABUSE and treat a girl like garbage because she's prettier than you?! WTF?!?!?!?!?! 2/10

Rodney and Females: I liked this one! Rodney's reaction to females talking to him was hilarious! It didn't get old because his elimination was timed correctly and it was one of the good interactions this season! 9/10

Dave and Beardo/Leonard: Why would Dave be annoyed by these guys? I mean, they're awesome! They both annoyed the crap out of him and they're even seen in the intro with him! I loved this one even though it lasted for only 2 episodes! 10/10

Dave and Ella: It's not major, but still! Not much to say about this. I would normally hate this because I won't let anyone else have Ella (lol) but since it didn't happen, I'm fine with it! :P I felt so bad for Ella in Episode 6 when she was so sad about Dave but she still left the island and remained friends with both Dave and Sky! Minor interaction but good! 8/10

Max and Scarlett: This is pretty much Pinky and the Brain! Awesome interaction! Max thought Scarlett was his sidekick when she did all the work and in the end, she got revenge by sending a robotic bear after him! I love how everyone thought they were a couple! Plus, they were cannoned together! One of the best interactions! 10/10

Jasmine and Sammy: STOP SAYING THEY'RE LESBIANS PEOPLE! I really liked how it's hard for both to make friends and they ended up as friends! Jasmine was the only one that knew about the switcheroo (besides Scarlett) and she stood up to Amy for Sammy! <3 9/10

Overall: Amazing interactions except a few which I didn't like! 9/10


(For this I'll just say good or bad challenge, interactions and jokes. I'll also comment on the eliminations)

So, Uh, This is my Team?: Great first challenge! It introduced us to everyone in the first five minutes and good comedy! Kinda predictable elimination. 9/10

I Love You Grease Pig!: Great challenge, good interactions and hilarious jokes! Elimination was predictable. 9/10

Twinning Isn't Everything: Good challenge, really good interactions, great jokes and awesome elimination! 9/10

I Love You, I Love You Knots: Great challenge, awesome interactions, great jokes! Elimination was predictable. 8/10

A Blast From the Past: Fantastic challenge, awesome interactions, awesome jokes and awesome elimination! 10/10

Mo' Monkey Mo' Problems: Great challenge, good interactions, awesome jokes and awesome elimination! (and this is coming from a huge Ella fan) 9/10

This is the Pits!: Decent challenge, great interactions, great jokes and uhhhh good team switch? 8/10

Three Zones and a Baby: Great challenge, fantastic interactions, good jokes and awesome elimination! 9/10

Hurl and Go Seek: Great challenge, decent interactions, good jokes and decent elimination. 7/10

Scarlett Fever: Fantastic challenge, fantastic interactions, fantastic jokes and fantastic elimination! 11/10

Sky Fall: Decent challenge, great interactions, great jokes and decent elimination! 8/10

Pahk'd With Talent: Fantastic challenge, good interactions, great jokes and great elimination! 9/10

Lies, Cries and One Big Prize: Decent challenge, great interactions, great jokes and awesome final 2! 8/10

Overall: This is TDI quality stuff. I loved almost all of them! 9/10


Overall, this season saved TD after two not-so-good seasons and returned to TDI quality! Almost all characters were amazing, almost all challenges were amazing and almost all interactions were amazing! This season is tied with TDI on my rankings! IT'S THAT DAMN GOOD! I give this season a 9.5/10!

1. Total Drama World Tour

2/3. Total Drama Island/Pahkitew Island

4. Total Drama Action

5. Total Drama Revenge of the Island

6. Total Drama All Stars

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