TD has a lot of couples. Some are loved and some are hated. I'm basically making this blog to see which couple people prefer the most out of all and why.

List of Couples:

Tyler and Lindsay: TDI-TDWT (currently in relationship)

Izzy and Owen: TDI-TDWT (ended)

Duncan and Courtney: TDI-TDWT (ended)

Harold and Leshawna: TDI-TDWT (unknown)

Trent and Gwen: TDI-TDA (ended)

Bridgette and Geoff: TDI-TDWT (currently in relationship)

Heather and Alejandro: TDWT-TDAS (unknown)

Gwen and Duncan: TDWT-TDAS (ended)

Cody and Sierra: TDWT (uhhh something)

Dakota and Sam: TDROTI (currently in relationship)

Anne Maria and Vito: (ended?)

Mike and Zoey: TDROTI-TDAS (currently in relationship)

Scott and Courtney: TDAS (ended)

Jasmine and Shawn: TDPI (currently in relationship)

Dave and Sky: TDPI (broken up)

So, which TD couple is your favorite and why? Mine is Gwent! :D

NOTE: This is not a voting blog, it's a discussion blog.

NOTE 2: Respect other people's opinions.

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