So here I am with another vs blog. This time it's Gwen vs Courtney. 2/3 members of the first generation love triangle and both are really good players. They are also ex-best friends and now worst enemies. Gwen made it to the finale in Island, but left early in Action. Courtney left early in Island, but made it to the final 4 in Action. Both of them left around the same time in World Tour and All Stars. I like Gwen better because I like Courtney less =_= So, who do you like better and why?


Total drama pix wallpaper gwen by quickdrawdynophooey-d6l3fex

^My best friend's MASSIVE crush/Courtney's ex-best friend/now worst enemy/the girl that dumped Trent/the girl that broke up Duncney, Gwen


Total drama pix wallpaper courtney by quickdrawdynophooey-d60e1us

^My worst enemy's ex/former CIT/the girl who keeps doing 180's/the boyfriend kisser's worst enemy, Courtney

NOTE: Respect other people's opinions

NOTE 2: This is not a voting blog, it's a discussion blog

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