Ok, so I've already seen two people do it so why not? It would have 8 people from each generation. (Yes, this would be a 26 episode season)


1st generation

  1. Gwen (protagonist)
  2. Courtney (antagonist)
  3. Duncan ("antagonist")
  4. Heather (antagonist)
  5. Owen (protagonist)
  6. Harold (secondary protagonist)
  7. Leshawna (secondary protagonist)
  8. Lindsay (protagonist)

Honorable mentions:

  • Beth (protagonist)
  • Izzy (secondary protagonist)
  • Noah (secondary-tertiary protagonist)
  • Sierra (secondary protagonist)
  • Alejandro (antagonist)
  • Cody (secondary protagonist)
  • Tyler (secondary-tertiary protagonist)
  • DJ (secondary protagonist)
  • Bridgette (secondary-tertiary protagonist)

2nd generation

  1. Zoey (protagonist)
  2. Cameron (protagonist)
  3. Scott (antagonist)
  4. Lightning (secondary antagonist)
  5. Jo (secondary antagonist)
  6. Mike (secondary protagonist)
  7. Brick (secondary protagonist)
  8. Anne Maria (secondary protagonist)

Honorable Mentions:

  • Sam (secondary protagonist)
  • Dawn (secondary-tertiary protagonist)
  • Dakota (secondary protagonist)

3rd generation

  1. Shawn (protagonist)
  2. Sky (protagonist)
  3. Sugar (antagonist)
  4. Jasmine (protagonist)
  5. Scarlett (antagonist)
  6. Max (secondary "antagonist")
  7. Topher (semi-antagonist)
  8. Ella (secondary protagonist)

Honorable Mentions:

  • Dave (secondary "antagonist")
  • Sammy (secondary protagonist)

Heroic Hamsters: Owen, Harold, Lindsay, Leshawna, Zoey, Cameron, Mike, Brick, Shawn, Sky, Jasmine and Ella.

Villainous Vultures: Gwen (Same reason as the real show), Courtney, Duncan, Heather, Scott, Lightning, Jo, Anne Maria, Sugar, Scarlett, Max and Topher.

NOTE: This is my opinion. Don't bash me for it.

NOTE 2: Gwen and Anne Maria would complain about being on the villains.

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