• Ashley Hikari

    So, we all know that Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race's main gimmick is travel. There have been 13 locations revealed and I want to know where you want RR to travel and what challenges you want to see/expect from that location?

    I personally want RR to go to Venezuela since I'm from there. The Angel Falls would be a fantastic place considering it's the tallest waterfall in the world and seems... adventurous. A challenge set in Angel Falls will probably be rowing down the waterfall to grab a clue or something.

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  • Ashley Hikari

    Hey! The name's Ash and, uh, hi! Well, I'm a writer and since I'm going to begin writing with this small cast I made, I thought 'why not make a blog where people pick scenarios and whatnot, much like other cool blogs?'. So, that is why I'm making this, plus it is a great way to get myself out there and maybe spark up my creative juices a bit.

    Hunter, labeled The 'Clueless Hottie' -

    Sabrina, labeled The 'Snarky Bookworm' -

    Woody, labeled The 'Nerd' -

    Ellie, labeled The 'Introverted Writer' -

    Estefany, labeled The 'Ex-Fashionista' -

    Gabourey, labeled The 'Big Beauty' -

    Tiberius, labeled The 'Team Player' -

    Adam, labeled The 'Hopeless Romantic' -

    Ryder, labeled The 'Strategic Bad Boy Wannabe -

    Rebecca, labeled The 'Daddy's Prissy Princess' -

    Roxanne, labeled The 'Hyperactive Punk Rockā€¦

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