Hey guy so I have been rewatching the series, again and noticed that in TDA Courtney and Owen unfairly return to the competition and making the final six (this is where it should have changed), leading to the elimation of Lindsay and Harold. After Courtney reutrned she didn't have to do much with the cometition except for the elmination of Justin, so on a slight estimation the final five could have been: Beth, Duncan, Harold, Justin and Lindsay if Owen and Courtney didn't return. Justin would probably have been fifth place, leading to the final four of Harold, Lindsay Beth and Duncan, where most likely Harold, Beth and Lindsay would have teamed up and voted out Duncan (assuming he didn't have invicibility). With the final three of Lindsay, Beth and Harold, who knows what would have happened, my guess:

3rd - Lindsay

2nd - Beth

1st - Harold

Yes, this does sound biased, it could have been one of the other four who won but I tried to find out on how Harold could have won which seems likely if he were to face Beth, although Beth did beat Duncan, he was the one who didn;t know any trivia, which Harold would have known, if you have a different idea or think that Justin, Duncan, Lindsay or Beth could have won please feel free to comment and explain why, I know this is very weak, Harold is my favourite and I wanted to see a way for him to win, I know most won't agree but here it is anyway, I just wanted to get it out, Thanks!

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