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The Campers

Too many people? Natural selection will reduce the number.

You have been selected to participate in the new reality show, hosted by the gentle and definitely not sadistic, Chris Mclean.

Get ready for romances in which the majority end up with cephalo-cranial trauma, fourth-degree burns, or heart-rending end leading to suicide, hence the name of "Drama". This program is common to show participants go to extremes such as eating animal feces if food scarces.

But you have been selected along with a bunch of other competitors. Surely you ask: How can I reach the final intact? Well do not fret, these tips will take you to the top, or at least to be a finalists.
First of all, there are three different options, three ways to compete
1) Be good

2) Be evil

3) Be new

Which can be combined.
If you're New, you have 50% of the work done, and you have a 85% chance to be in the merge.

If you're evil...Edit

You have a high probability of reaching the merge, if you want to continue, you can follow this options:

Puppeteer StyleEdit


In the absence of much effort, this technique is extremely useful

It´s only recommended to use this method if your physical appearance is excellent and your self-centeredness is as high as Owen´s cholesterol. It consists in hypnotize fools using your friendship and / or good looking, as long as they do all the work. It also serves to gain advantage and protection in voting. This option is highly recommended for lazy people. (Heather in TDI, Justin in TDA)


Variation of the first option, uses physical charms or decoys to deceive and cause the victim is at a disadvantage situation against his/her own team. (Alejandro)


Only for evil guys with resentments or revenge hungry. It goes into a trauma or frustration of the past to wipe out everyone. This technique has the disadvantage of accumulating hatred of others since the beginning of its use. (Courtney in TDA)


Use your arsenal of tricks to make another left in a disadvantageous social situation enough to get most of the votes. (Heather on The Big Sleep, Search And Do Not Destroy, etc)

Criminal suffrageEdit

only one use, immediately expels rival any manipulation of democracy. WARNING: Dont use if you are a Killer Bass.

If you are good...Edit can choose the following:

Romantic HookEdit

Being in a loving relationship ensures a good result in competition in at least one of those involved. (Duncan in TDA and TDWT; Courtney in TDA). WARNING: It is recommended not to exaggerate in order to avoid the hatred of others. (Geoff x Bridgette in TDA). The breakup leaves one or both of those involved in a delicate situation. (Gwen and Trent in TDA)

Limited EffortEdit

Struggling only the necessary, enough to win the challenges. It is the most classical to progress. (Owen in TDI) WARNING: The effort in extreme becomes a weapon of self-destruction (Ezekiel in TDWT)

Tertiary Actor LawEdit

It is to pass unnoticed as much as possible, thus not exposed as a possible threat, or simply no one remembers you at the time of voting. (Beth in TDA, Cody in TDWT). WARNING: In this mode, errors are unforgivable (Noah in TDI)

Golden HeartEdit

Be loved, be clever and you won’t be cannon fodder (DJ in TDI) WARNING: Using this technique easily attracts friends but also enemies (LeShawna in TDI)

Popular LeechEdit

Having a popular friend/boyfriend/girlfriend takes you far, sometimes to overcome the carrier. (Beth in TDA) WARNING: Results not guaranteed (Noah TDWT)

Little ClownEdit

To go far, you have to make people laugh (Izzy’s return in TDI), but not to the point of becoming an extremely overacted clown, this may hurt your own team (Izzy’s almost every elimination in TD)

Things for no reason you should doEdit


Parental ProverbEdit

You'll be alone. Your parents won’t kiss you if you scrape your knee or protect you from abuses by Chris, so you should ignore everything they've been told you! In Total Drama parents do not exist.


Eva is a bad example, even for dressing

Don’t Be EvaEdit

No comments.

Level 1 ClairvoyantEdit

Do not be even half a neuron to predict that if you annoy your teammates, you will be eliminated like a bum from a church.

Tertiary Actor Law's Danger:Edit

Be a zero makes you a wild card for voting, the evil guy will turn your face in his/her mind for dangerous times.

Two Heads Are Better Than One:Edit

Only if each head is not a zero, then defeat is imminent.

Punching Gag:Edit

Accidents make people laugh, but if you abuse it, you are violating the rule of the Little Clown. You will become a totally replaceable character.


Your teammates do not care if you make the public laugh, if in the process you are altering them.


Punching Gag IIEdit

The same reason that causes many laughs can become your downfall.

Infernal Link:Edit

Any alliance with a demon ends badly. It makes you an easy target if the things go wrong.

Collapse of the Tertiary Actor:Edit

If Tertiary Actor Law works, you should never try to excel, especially if you have a history of clumsiness pursuing you.

Killer Bass Curse:Edit

You should never sabotage a member of your own team, karma is watching you.

Cursed Vote:Edit

If Chris doesn't kick you out, by altering the votes, karma will do it, but before it will give you a visual reward you will never forget.

Do Not Be Eva, Yet!:Edit

I repeat, it is a bad idea, especially now.

Blind Friends:Edit

Being a beloved character, unfortunately, makes you a character who, inevitably, loves everyone. Never think badly of anyone brings disadvantages.

You can stink, but you can't hide:Edit

Even as icon of goodness makes you an easy target for the evil guys. They will seek for the slightest excuse to eliminate you.

Titanic's Musicians:Edit

They were the last to abandon ship when it sank, always optimistic and cheerful. Unfortunately when you're in a relationship of friendship that is sinking because of someone, it is better to leave the ship on time, in this case should rather be a rat.


Horror ScrubEdit

One thing is that you are a coward, but another thing in your life that you've never seen a woman with a facial plucking ... Moral: do not get on national TV if you know things in life.

Last ResortEdit

If for some reason you came back and if for any reason the other campers look you with a WTF face every time you open your mouth, then you should try not to over expose yourself too much or you will appear as a nuisance. Unfortunately, neither shooting the evil guy you get the support of others.

Party AnimalEdit

Spending too much time with the “cool” girl, adding your hyper-ventilated personality and adding you are so close the end of the game definitely puts you in trouble ... At this point everyone is looking for reasons to get you kicked out of here.

Level 10 ClairvoyantEdit

I know, it was hard to imagine that your friends will ruin it by accident. The only thing you could do was not stand out so much as the others want to remind you ... in fact, it was totally random and the product of bad luck, just a Level 10 Clairvoyant could predict it..

Inconvenient Revenge, defend yourself!Edit

Be enemy of the co-host of the show definitely brings disadvantages. To make matters worse, you are matched to the force with an incompetent. Just be careful of surprises from your enemies.

Final Judgement, Karma War!Edit

Be so hated, be so evil, it definitely brings you unpleasant surprises. I doubt very much whether the redemption works in these cases, only you must prepare for the worst.

Snack Attack!Edit

Short Tip: Beware of the food..



The kissing disease, only that here is not the bacteria who will knock you, but your teammates. Did you come to exchange oral bacterias or win?

Total Melodrama ActionEdit

The overacting is not a good strategy, especially if you have a reputation for storytelling, which blurs you and goodbye.

Million Dollars HeartEdit

Love is very dangerous, especially now that the Romantic Hook no longer works (this technique is only for the first season, and if you squeeze a lot, then its effectiveness drastically lower rate). If you're going to boycott your own team just for your boyfriend or girlfriend loves you more, the least you should do is expel yourself, before he / she does


You know things are bad when you start talking alone

Induced Dirty ConsciousnessEdit

You can not feel bad about the other team defeat if you are not the guilty, karma affects only the bad guys. Did you come to win or to live for forgiveness?

Unnecessary AllianceEdit

Everybody loves you, you are the dearest in the entire show, why resort to unnecessary alliances with deranged in which the only beneficiary would be him? That would have worked for others but for you, definitely not. Go with your dignity intact.

Suicide ActEdit

Make mad the most influential competitor in your team isn't a good idea. Hurt his ego is a suicidal action.

Lindsay and Beth food

If you're so determined to do so, at least think about the calories. Heart attack is the last thing you need now

Snack FeverEdit

This definitely is a mental illness. Wanting to eat your teammates isn’t a sign of enviable mental health. You may not be hated for that, but there is someone on your team that came to win and need scapegoats in order to go far.

Curse of SamsonEdit

If, hypothetically, your level of evil was measured by the length of your hair, then this season you become a real candy. Unfortunately neither your effort or your dedication will delete your history of evil, so is that neither the huge mouth of a gossip make you look better, bye bye.

Weak AllyEdit

The teams are disintegrated, so no matter how much you've done to earn the forgiveness of your ex-teammates. Indeed, others see you as easy prey. Overlooking the weakest link and they will send you to the Lame-o-sine.

Coal HeartEdit

Surrender for a platonic love is not recommended if the beloved is a shrew. Worse if in the long journey towards conquering you damage some unfortunate. Abusing your gifts also makes you lose your most powerful weapon: seduction.


I bet you must feel so stupid now.

Naughty Finger, Empty MindEdit

Human error is a common factor in the defeat. If you have a perfect plan, please, look at what you do!

Discretion is the WordEdit

What if a person discovers a dangerous criminal doing something bad, so he makes him knowing? To be a good detective (or mathematical) must learn the meaning of the word PATIENCE.

Legal AsphyxiaEdit

If you love someone, you can not force him to change his way of being. Especially with a ton of unnecessary amendments. Already at this stage of the game, apparently, you have lost the goal, anger consume you at the slightest provocation. Everyone hates you... bye

Spy DogEdit

You returned to the game when the competition is almost over, it is obvious that your presence is not a good omen. The evil has consumed you enough to be so stupid to reveal your plans in the confessional ... stupid.

Too Good, Too EvilEdit

If your opponent is completely opposed to you, just keep in mind that roles will change over the final chapter. The next thing is nothing more than a popularity contest.



Awww, probably for singing you will lose a testicle ¬¬ poor. That was pathetic, very well for being the first eliminated

Iron WillEdit

The people hate prigs, you can do as much as possible to win, but you must never forget your stupidity will be chasing you.


Blinded by love and leadership, adding the idea that a villain put in your full of lice little head and finally adding your freak mind ... I hope someone get impressed.

Passionate TongueEdit

You have a boyfriend, you have a boyfriend, you have a boyfriend. You don't accept a hug from a brainiac, but you rush to the arms a metrosexual villain. You definitely have a boyfriend. In addition, your lustfulness keeps away your mind of the challenge.


Nevertheless, everyone will love you for this

Prima Ballerino and BoxerEdit

Everyone have said you are a disgusting dancer (at least not directly). The bad guy convinces you otherwise. Coaxes you so that you beat up who, surprisingly, is helping you. You lost the challenge, but in a real reality show would you instantly ejected for hitting someone like that.

Fashion Diva:Edit

Working alone rarely brings good results, but if you're an indigo girl like Lindsay, it can sometimes be effective. Unfortunately you can not work alone when a schizophrenic destroys your job. The trouble here is be misunderstood, no one appreciates your creativity, so you must care your head when you jump.

Neuron and a Half:Edit

Easy, never jump needlessly from an airplane before it lands, otherwise you'll discover how to divide by zero.


We know that people in TD are usually quite superstitious, but if the speech of a speaker may make you think differently, then curses do not exist. You are the problem.

Things to say:Edit

If you suspect the bad guy, you have to be careful what is said in one of these he could be listening at this moment. But most of all, make an alliance is never over.

Locked Lips:Edit

EP 13 (11)

Yeah, a gossip too hot to be cooled.

It is obvious that if you reveal a secret, someone is not happy. Especially if your “black cat” soul makes you lose the challenge. you will want to have carried the secret to the grave.

Kamikaze Frenzy:Edit

One of the crazy girls in your team wants you dead, for something you did, the only thing I can think of is that you make sure your allies are with their mental powers in good state before voting. I am also sure that when entering the show you gave a medical report with your allergies, otherwise I think Chris definitely wants you out of the game.

100% Disposable:Edit

Easy, once you are no longer useful, you will be discarded. I hope you are biodegradable.

Nasty Queen:Edit

We talked about evil alliances are a bad idea, even worse if your idea. For the next recalls disguise.

Nasty Lover:Edit

You help the evil guy to cheat, even if it means being out of the challenge. You used him to get jealous at your pseudo-loved. Again, the disposable goes to waste.


Making you sleep with Gollum is not a sign of friendship.

Nasty Victim:Edit

You can hardly deal with two antagonists who team up to get you out. They used you as bait to catch a loser regressed. Be skillful, please! you should not waste your second chance.

Happy BOOMday!:Edit

If you finally manage to engineer a foolproof plan to eliminate the bad guy, which really deserves to be eliminated, PLEASE, do not do anything stupid, because put candles on an oil well is definitely the most stupid thing you could do!

So Close, Yet So Far:Edit

Did you come this far only to be eliminated from the three finalists by a false alarm? You broke your knuckles knocking out a criminal, your crazy fan is now lying on a wheelchair and bald for you ... Do not you think that such a situation is a little frustrating?

Devil vs DevilEdit

You're a scum! I won´t give advice to a beast like you! I only tell you that anything can happen, and worse if your opponent makes you feel butterflies in the stomach. Final advice: the burning lava, a madman stalking.

All this manual can become fully unnecessary if you respect the rule number one: Read the contract!