AHHHHHHH!!!!! Im so ANGRY!!!!!!!!!
Chris loves team amazonn


The Amaz ....bla bla bla Race... Team Amazon loses ... after losing, Chris says it is not an elimination challenge

New Kids On The Rock ... Team Amazon loses again... oh what a coincidence! The challenge does not require elimination! AGAIN!

I See London and bla bla bla... we all saw it, Team Amazon catch the first ztoopid delinquent she found... As Chris love TA he declares their victory... And TCIRRRRstoopidH loses despite they had caught the real evil guy ¬¬

I'm sick of Chris choose the criteria for victory at the end of the challenge, and to protect team amazon ¬¬

im sure im forgeting something

I know, I am blinded by rage caused by a cartoon made from quadrilaterals and circles. :( and my favorite character was eliminated... and who i hate.... return D:<


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