Imagine this:
Not So Happy Campers Part 2: The Killer Bass are arguing about who should be eliminated, then Ezekiel adds .... STOP !!!!! Stop the time right at this moment, before Zeke ruin everything with his sexist remarks. Now we go to the campfire ceremony. The first marshmallow is for Geoff, the following is for Tyler, Katie, Bridgette, DJ, Harold, Sadie, Duncan (and mysteriously Eva also get a marshmallow). The last Marshmallow .... Ezekiel and Courtney, one of you will not receive a marshmallow, you should take the Boat of Losers and leave never to return ... Never ...

The final marshmallow is for ...... (Dramatic music) ..... .... .... (35 seconds later) ... Ezekiel
(Courtney walks the Dock Of Shame with frustration, takes the Boat of Losers and goes silent ...)
Now, once this happened I think about that little comment by ezekiel was responsible for the existence of DxC. With Courtney out of the game, imagine what would have been duncan ... would never have won the Dodgebrawl and someone would have gone that time (remember that Duncan had frightened everyone, therefore, would have been more appropriate candidate to be eliminated). Ok, let's say that happens, do you think they would love to Playa Des Losers?, I do not think so, there was no tension in that place, there wasnt the spark that would have been able to generate some passion.
shoking no? ;D (remember, my grammar is more shocking :( )

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