• Artich0ker

    Before reading, or watching only the pictures: this is the longest thing I've written, so do not hit me if you see grammatical offenses, or something like that. So this is prone to corrections or additions.

    You have been selected to participate in the new reality show, hosted by the gentle and definitely not sadistic, Chris Mclean.

    Get ready for romances in which the majority end up with cephalo-cranial trauma, fourth-degree burns, or heart-rending end leading to suicide, hence the name of "Drama". This program is common to show participants go to extremes such as eating animal feces if food scarces.

    But you have been selected along with a bunch of other competitors. Surely you ask: How can I reach the final intact? Well do not fret, these ti…

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  • Artich0ker

    AHHHHHHH!!!!! Im so ANGRY!!!!!!!!!

    The Amaz ....bla bla bla Race... Team Amazon loses ... after losing, Chris says it is not an elimination challenge

    New Kids On The Rock ... Team Amazon loses again... oh what a coincidence! The challenge does not require elimination! AGAIN!

    I See London and bla bla bla... we all saw it, Team Amazon catch the first ztoopid delinquent she found... As Chris love TA he declares their victory... And TCIRRRRstoopidH loses despite they had caught the real evil guy ¬¬

    I'm sick of Chris choose the criteria for victory at the end of the challenge, and to protect team amazon ¬¬

    im sure im forgeting something

    I know, I am blinded by rage caused by a cartoon made from quadrilaterals and circles. :( and my favorite character…

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  • Artich0ker

    If we go back a bit in time ... when Beth picked that "damn" thing on the island ... the curse really exist? because I think the reason why the Gopher lost was because of pure human error.

    • Up The Creek: It was all because of Izzy for helping Killer Bass
    • Paintball Deer Hunter: Heather's alliance ended in self-destruction
    • If You Can't Take The Heat...: Owen ate ribs, Lindsay and Gwen were not able to prepare the dessert, they used so much fuel that charred Heather and the dessert.

    Beth did not deserve to be eliminated: (

    Owen or Heather had to go that time ... The Screaming Gopher definitely were not the smartest of all.

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  • Artich0ker

    Imagine this:
    Not So Happy Campers Part 2: The Killer Bass are arguing about who should be eliminated, then Ezekiel adds .... STOP !!!!! Stop the time right at this moment, before Zeke ruin everything with his sexist remarks. Now we go to the campfire ceremony. The first marshmallow is for Geoff, the following is for Tyler, Katie, Bridgette, DJ, Harold, Sadie, Duncan (and mysteriously Eva also get a marshmallow). The last Marshmallow .... Ezekiel and Courtney, one of you will not receive a marshmallow, you should take the Boat of Losers and leave never to return ... Never ... The final marshmallow is for ...... (Dramatic music) ..... .... .... (35 seconds later) ... Ezekiel
    (Courtney walks the Dock Of Shame with frustration, takes the Boat o…

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