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This is a horror story. There may be some scenes that will be uncomfortable for you. If you think you won't be able to read it all, don't continue.

The story will be affected by your choices. You will play as various contestants. For the first time ever, you'll not be able to save all characters (although last time it was impossible to kill everyone). It depends on your choices who will survive. Choose wisely.

For some choices there will be "Take a third option", which is the equivalent of custom choices. You come up with what the characters will do then.

You may also want to listen to some music for a good climate. ;)

Or read what should be a theme of this story. Or listen too. (Alternatively, it'd be "Come Die With Us")


Total Drama Horror 4: Victims & Staff
Brody (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Carrie (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Chet (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Crimson (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Devin (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Dwayne (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Ellody (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Emma (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Ennui (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Gerry (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Jacques (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Jay (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Jen (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Josee (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Junior (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Kelly (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Kitty (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Laurie (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Lorenzo (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
MacArthur (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Mary (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Mickey (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Miles (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Pete (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Rock (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Ryan (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Sanders (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Spud (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Stephanie (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Tammy (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Taylor (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Tom (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)

Episode 3

Theme Song plays

Brody, Carrie, Chet, Don, Ellody, Ennui, interns, Jay, Laurie, MacArthur, Pete and Spud

The group of remaining survivors is in the middle of playing "I spy with my little eye" in the cargo hold when the host comes in.

MacArthur: Great! What else do you want?!

Pete: You just interrupted our game! It was nice to play a childish game again. I haven't done that in... ages.

Don: It's interesting and all, but in case you haven't noticed, we've just landed.

Carrie: Are you going to change us to the patients' clothes again?

Don: Nope.

Laurie: Then what is going to happen to us now?

Don: Just follow me and the interns. We've landed on the producers' private airport, so it'll be easier for us to get past it and we don't need those silly excuses.

Jay: But what about the collars?

Don: We're keeping them this time. We don't want you to do something stupid. At least if you did now, you'd be punished for it.

Ennui: I don't think any of us are going to fall victim to your traps now.

Don: It's nice to see you optimistic. You could say it in a more cheerful tone, though. Anyway, follow me and the interns and don't do anything stupid so we'll all reach our destination - producers' secret hiding place!

No one other than MacArthur seems enthusiastic.

Don: Anyway, I doubt they'd seem suspicious when all of us are wearing them. It'll probably look like some new fashion trend.

The host says, pointing at his collar.

Brody: I dunno, we lost the fashion girl.

Don then leaves the cargo hold with the victims. They join the interns and the entire group gets off the plane. The group manages to leave the airport without the airport workers suspecting them. Most likely due to the airport being the producers' private one. The group then keeps walking. When they're away from the people, Ellody starts a conversation with the host.

Ellody: Pardon me for my curiosity, perhaps it is none of my business. However, I just cannot help but point out something that I am unable to comprehend, even with my genius. You said the producers were running low on the interns and wanted us to work for them. What was the point of that test then? I mean, it only decreased the number of potential new interns.

Don: Well, you see, we do have only 16...well, now 15 male interns and 3 female interns left, but that's still enough for us to function somehow. And they can't hire someone who wouldn't be appropriate for the job. That's why they gave a test to you. If someone was too determined to leave or wasn't careful enough to notice the slightest hints, they failed. I'm pretty sure only MacArthur would've passed their test. Rest of you was just lucky you weren't chosen to leave by the moles. But I guess you've learned from the experience, which makes you better candidates now. Also, the more death you'll experience, the more you'll be prepared for this job. And heck, it's not like we were sure you'd fail. There was a possibility none of you would fall a victim to the test if you were too suspicious of us.

Ellody: So basically that test was a form of a training? To make us more experienced and prepared for the jobs as the interns?

Don: Yep. This, the fact that you already knew too much to allow us to simply let you go, and the fact that they love seeing people die. Perhaps they would give you a less dangerous test if they weren't themselves.

Spud: Wow, they sound like some really harsh people.

Don: They are.

Carrie: Why are you working for them then?

Don: Well...

The host is visibly afraid to continue the topic.

Don: ...just like you, I don't really have a chance to escape anymore. I know too much. And I've been a host! I can't run away now or else...

The host once again points at his collar. You can see he became much sadder out of sudden.

Chet: Why did you agree then? Did they kidnap you, like us?

Don: Well, yes and no. It all started when I visited them to pitch my idea for a race competition, the one you signed up for. I didn't know they were those producers responsible for the previous seasons. You know, there are a lot of producers in the world. But it turned out I was very unlucky. They wanted another season of Total Drama Horror since they still had two unused people who signed up for Total Drama Island 4 years ago.

Brody: Hey, that's me and that girl in weird costume!

Don: They hate wasting anything. So they needed one more season. And they used my idea for a show as a way to collect some new victims in the same way they did the last time.

Carrie: Yeah, but what about you? Why did you agree?

Don: It was at my meeting with them. They didn't green lit my show and explained why. They told me about their plans for the next season and said that since I came up with an idea for a new show, I'd be a great new host. From that point, I couldn't refuse. I already knew too much. If I did, I'd be killed.

Ennui: But you didn't seem to be bothered by all those deaths that happened.

Don: Well, firstly, I've witnessed a lot of interns quitting their job and losing their lives as a result. I kinda got used to the people dying. Secondly, I was a host and was being on camera. If I was too depressed, I wouldn't do my job correctly and would get killed for that after the season would end.

Laurie: Wow, that's harsh.

Don: I know. But what can I do?

Ellody: If you do not enjoy your job... and the interns most likely do not either...

Topher: Not all of us!

Ellody: ...then maybe it is possible for us all to escape now? We will not tell the producers about it.

Don: Actually, you would. Topher is among us. And the interns carry cameras, if you haven't noticed. This season may be over for ordinary viewers, but the producers are still watching it. If they noticed the cameras were destroyed or don't film us anymore, they'd activate all of our collars with their devices they have with themselves.

Ellody: But wouldn't that mean the end of their employees?

Carrie: Yeah, wouldn't that mean the end of this horrific show?

Don: No. They still have those 3 female interns at their place, remember? And they could always look for new ones, like they did with you. Besides, do you really want to sacrifice your life?

That question causes a silence. All of the victims and interns start thinking about their roles and whether they'd be able to pay the biggest prize for the massacres to finally come to an end.

Brody, Carrie, Chet, Ellody, Ennui, Jay, Laurie, Pete, Spud and tourist

  • Playing as: everyone (except MacArthur)

The silence stops when the group reaches a jungle area. The group meets one person on their way. It's a tourist trying to take a selfie in front of the jungle background.

Tourist: Hi. Do you speak English?

Carrie: Y-yes.

Tourist: Perfect! Can you take a photo of me in front of this jungle?

Laurie: N-not really, we must go.

Laurie points at the host and the interns who don't even stop to talk with the stranger and just continue walking.

Tourist: Please, just one picture. I'm begging you.

MacArthur: Come on, people!

The police cadet screams, catching up to the host and the interns. She's the most determined to stay with them.

Tourist: Please, only one.

What do you do?

  • A - Agree (custom choice - choose one person to agree).
  • B - Disagree.

Ellody: Didn't Don tell us to follow the group? We cannot lose them from our sight!

Brody: Oh, true. Sorry, man. We really gotta go now.

Tourist:'s ok. I guess I'll just take the best selfie I could then.

The remaining survivors leave the tourist behind and catch up to the group. The last one is Ennui, who walks slowly. However, even he catches up after a while.

Carrie: And what about those guys? You know, the interns? How did they got involved?

Don: From what I've heard, they were working for the producers since the beginning, even before Total Drama Horror. They were the crew who were making the producers' shows and movies. It all started with one of them. The producers blackmailed one intern, threatening to reveal his secret if he didn't buy over 100 collars that can cause severe electric shocks. Once they got them, it was easier for them. They were asking every intern, one by one, to their office and putting a collar on their neck to blackmail into doing whatever they'd tell them to do. With the army of his "servants", they bought a lot of sleeping drugs and a sleeping gas from the Internet. All the things were bought by the interns so the producers wouldn't leave any kind of track after themselves.

Carrie: So you all were forced to serve them? It's terrible!

Topher: Well, not all. I just really admired their work.

Ellody: Why didn't you take off your collars in the night? I'm positive the producers wouldn't have noticed at that time.

Don: Trust me, they would. I'm pretty sure they're sleeping at different times to have an eye on us 24/7.

Ennui: Wow, that's harsh.

The goth says, albeit in his classic monotone tone.

Don: Besides, you can only take it off with a key. If you attempted to take it off without it, the collar would just shock you anyway. Same if you tried to destroyed it.

Laurie: So we'll never take them off?

Don: Well, you didn't have a meeting with the producers yet. But I wouldn't try if I were you.

Brody: Thanks for all that info, man!

Pete: Yeah, I bet at least one of us would try to take it off if it weren't for you.

Don: Crap, I wasn't supposed to give you too detailed hints...

Brody, Carrie, Chet, Ellody, Ennui, Jay, Laurie, Pete, Spud and woman

The host's worry is interrupted when the group comes near a lake. Some woman is shouting out loud.

Woman: Oh, I'm so relieved someone finally came! Help! HELP! My child... When I wasn't child went into the water...She's drowning now...And I can't swim! You must help me! You must save my daughter! Please! I'm begging you!

But the host and the interns don't stop and continue walking again. MacArthur follows them.

What do you do?

  • A - Save the drowning child (custom choice - choose one person to save a child).
  • B - Go for that tourist so he'd save the child (custom choice - choose one person to go for the tourist).
  • C - Ignore the woman and her drowning child.

This time the decision is harder. No one wants to leave a child in danger, not even emotionless Ennui and Spud with delayed reactions. However, in the end, you all remember Don's instructions.

Ellody: We are very sorry, lady. We really need to follow that group.

She says and everyone catches up to Don, the interns and MacArthur.

Woman: No! Please! My child! I'm begging you! I can't swim!

Due to denied help and no one else being around, the woman decides to save her daughter by herself despite knowing people who can't swim shouldn't attempt to save others from drowning. The situation ends with both her and her daughter drowning. The survivors can still witness how it ended after turning around. Nonetheless, they continue walking, hunted by the guilt of their refusal to help.

Ellody: Was these two events another part of the producers' test?

Don: No. We're in the open field, we're bound to meet some civilians on our way. But I'm so proud of you. Looks like you learned from your previous tests. I told you to follow me and the interns and not to do anything stupid. I didn't specify it, but it of course meant that you had to stay with the group no matter what. If you were too much behind the group and for too long, the collars would kill you.

Carrie: Yeah, but that woman and her child drowned!

Don: You should get used to this. As the interns of those producers, you will be exposed to a lot of innocent people's deaths.

Ennui: Crap.

Don: And cheer up. If any of you let themselves say a bit too much, or if those people figured out you're from Total Drama Horror due to those classic collars, I'd be forced to shoot them anyway.

Laurie: Ouch.

The silence occurs once more. Everyone's terrified of the ruthless choices you're forced to make to survive. The silence stops when you reach your destination place. A well-hidden entrance to some lair in a volcano, covered by a lot of bushes and trees in the Hawaiian jungle.

Don: Congratulations! You've made it so far. You've passed all the tests. You didn't let anything to distract you. And you finally made it. The producers' newest secret hiding place.

MacArthur: Yes! Nailed it!


A shadowy figure sitting on a chair with a huge back support makes a call through a cellphone to the producers' private airport.

Producer #1: They have already arrived. Send us a helicopter, just in case, please.

Brody, Carrie, Chet, Don, Ellody, Ennui, Jay, Laurie, MacArthur, Pete and Spud

  • Playing as: MacArthur

Your group finally enters a secret hiding place located inside one of Hawaiian inactive volcanoes. The host orders you to wait a little while he and the interns walk away somewhere. After a while of waiting, one intern comes back in a hazmat suit and sprays you with the familiar sleeping gas. When you all wake up, you're in some different corridor. The inside of the hiding place looked very modern for a one located inside a volcano.

MacArthur: What the hell was that for?!

Don: To make your potential escape harder.

Ellody: I am positive that after those so called tests, none of us would attempt to escape.

Don: We had to be cautious. That's our job.

Ennui: I guess if you weren't you'd be killed.

Don: Yep.

Carrie: Yikes!

Don: Anyway, you're in a corridor right in front of the producers' office. I'm going to announce your arrival to them.

Ellody: Why didn't you do that while we were asleep?

Don: Because I was helping the interns to move you up here. Anyway, I'm pretty sure that you know the rules already. Wait for me and don't do anything stupid while I'm gone. When I'll come out and call you, you'll be allowed to enter.

MacArthur: "Finally! The moment I've been waiting for! I'll soon be able to punish those monsters!"

The host comes in the producers' office. Everyone leans forward to hear something from the conversation and to hear if the host is in trouble. And that's when something catches your attention. You can hear some noises in a room that is a few meters further in the same corridor.

MacArthur: "I gotta check this! Wait, what would Sanders say? Too bad she's not here..."

And then you come up with an idea to imagine her instead to have an inner conversation with her about what to do.

MacArthur: "Sanders, I've just heard some noises in that nearby room."

"Sanders": "MacArthur, you know the rules. You can't leave your group and do something stupid!"

MacArthur: "But that noise! As a policewoman, I must check it!"

"Sanders": "MacArthur, you're still wearing that collar! Remember what happened to me? Remember what happened those who escaped the plane? Remember why you and the others didn't help that tourist and a drowning child?"

MacArthur: "Come on, Sanders! It'll be aright if I'll just open the door and peak inside. I wouldn't be too far away from the group and I wouldn't interfere."

"Sanders": "MacArthur...."

What do you do?

  • A - Investigate the noise. Peek inside the room.
  • B - Don't investigate the noise. Stay with the group.

MacArthur: "Fine, I guess you're right, Sanders. You were always right..."

You stay with the group as "Sanders" advised you to do. You feel a bit bad about a missed opportunity, after all you are at the secret location of your enemies. However, you decide to wait for a better occasion to betray the producers. Meanwhile, the host exits their office and calls for you.

Don: Alright, come in, everyone!

Brody, Carrie, Chet, Don, Ellody, Ennui, Jay, Laurie, MacArthur, Pete, producers and Spud

The group finally comes in the producers' office. What immediately catches everyone's attention is the huge staircase leading to a podium, a dozen or so meters higher. On the podium, there are four chairs with huge back supports that cover the shadowy figures of the producers from the survivors' point of view. There are also two other doors, one at the end of the staircase on the producers' podium, and the other one right next to the staircase on the bottom. On the floor there is also an area marked with a white "X" with slightly differently looking pattern of the panels on the floor.

MacArthur: Finally! I finally met them in person!

Don: Shush!

Producer #1: Don, come closer, please.

The scary voice orders. The producers clearly speak through some device that changes their voice to a much deeper and scarier one, just like the "censored voice" of criminals on TV. The host reluctantly stands on the "X" on the floor, always being afraid while standing on the area.

Producer #1: Don, we must admit that we enjoyed your season. It was definitely... unique and interesting. However, the concept itself already had both the pros and the cons. As much as we enjoyed the pros, we cannot overlook the cons. Let's begin with the starting concept. Deaths that would be inevitable? Well, it was good in so huge cast. It was also good that you could not predict which one would survive. Well, besides the moles that is. But the problem was that it was not as exciting for us anymore. Previous seasons gave us that feeling of suspense. In your one, we knew someone was going to die so all the surprise was gone. This issue was in fact fixed in later part of your season, but the problem is that the viewers will not get to see the rest of this season. So from their perspective, it's just going to be a monotone season with deaths that you expected.

Don: agreed for that.

The host says, although regretting it immediately, knowing that he shouldn't put the blame on the producers.

Producer #1: Even if we ignore the basic concept of your season, which as we said was partly entertaining due to so many deaths that happened, you have made more mistakes. Another one is your idea of having the challenges to take place in several countries. It was also partially good, as it would be much harder for the police to interfere during the show. However, it was also unnecessarily too risky. The interns had a hard time taking their machines and hazmat suit with them, let alone the unconscious victims. They needed to cosplay in order to get past the boarders. And if it wasn't for the excuse that we thought of in advance, that one cadet would ruin everything. On a Canadian airport. Before the plane with everyone inside would take off. And you promised us none of the interns would get caught.

Don: But it is true, no one did.

Producer #1: Perhaps no one did, but it was still too close. We are certain that that airport security guy will remember the encounter when he'll heard about the fourth season of Total Drama Horror in the news.

Don: But that intern's failure isn't my fault. And I took care of that intern who messed up and killed him, just like you instructed me to.

Producer #1: Oh, so you think it wasn't your fault that you let this happen? Interesting. Moving on, there is another issue we had with your season. While the moles' role was useful for the test on the plane, they were basically pointless in the part of the season meant for the ordinary viewer, not us. Not to mention they got a free pass for nothing during the first episode.

Don: B-but you agreed...

Producer #1: Yes, we did. Even with our decision, we knew it would have its pros and cons. Speaking of the things we did not agree though, you were way too friendly to our new victims after you got off the plane and basically acted as Mr. Exposition for them.

Don: B-but I prevented them from making more mistakes without giving them too specific advises! Thanks to this I brought more of them here than if I didn't.

Producer #1: We know about it and we are very thankful for you for that. However, this does not excuse you for being too friendly with them and sharing some background information with them that they did not necessarily needed to know. Additionally, the tests weren't supposed to be too easy. We cannot just let anyone in.

Don: B-but they learned from their tests! Without my too straightforward advises!

Producer #1: That is correct. As I said, you did not fail us completely. You have actually done an excellent job for the most part. Unfortunately, this will only pain us more to do this...Topher, please come in.

The previous host comes in through the door located near the staircase at the bottom. He's holding a gun.

Producer #1: It was overall a good season. Unfortunately, you let some major mistakes to occur. And you know what that means. We are forced to punish you.

Don: B-but... I did everything as instructed!

Producer #1: And partially ruined the season. Partially is still too much for a decent host. We are sure that by this point you already know this - we would only fire you, but since you know too much... Topher, if you will...

The previous host shoots the current one in the heart. The survivors gasp in shock. Don falls on the ground, holding his chest and screaming in pain.

Producer #1: Topher, you can finish him off. We do not need his suffering to interrupt our next conversation with the victims. Not to mention that we do not really need him anymore.

The previous host shoots once more, this time in the head. Almost immediately after, Don stops moving...forever. He still loses some blood though.

Producer #1: Thank you, Topher. As always, you did a great job. You can go now.

The previous host leaves the office.

Brody, Carrie, Chet, Ellody, Ennui, Jay, Laurie, MacArthur, Pete, producers and Spud

  • Playing as: everyone (except the producers)

One of the producers then pulls some ladder located on their platform. It opens the floor on the area with the marked "X", causing Don's corpse to fall in. The producer then pulls the ladder back, closing the floor.

Producer #1: Alright, our dear victims, it is your turn now. Please stand at the ladder.

However, after witnessing how it ended for Don, none of you is willing to step on the X.

Producer #1: Must I remind you that you are still wearing those collars?

The whole group reluctantly stands on the X. You all hope that it since the hole wasn't big enough for 10 people to fall in, the producers may spare you.

Producer #1: Do not worry. We want this choice to be yours. You will not be shot by our intern or thrown into the abyss.

You all look in the direction of the four shadowy figures hidden behind their chairs' back supports in disbelief.

Producer #1: I see you do not believe us. I guess we cannot blame you. But you really do not have to worry. The season has already finished, both the part that was meant for the ordinary viewers only, and the part meant for us. There is no need for any tests anymore either. We would like to simply ask you the important question you have been prepared for this entire time. Are you willing to work as our interns?

Silence. None of you want to agree, but everyone's too scared to disagree.

Producer #1: Alright, let me look further into your possibilities. You have just survived a whole season, witnessing your friends and family members die as a result of your choices. You have passed some tests that took some of your friends' lives. You have heard about the treatment that the interns got. And finally, you have witnessed a scene of the host being punished for his incompetence right in front of your eyes. The job for you will not be as harsh though. As the survivors of Total Drama Horror, you technically won life. Technically, because as incompetent interns you may still lose it. As the survivors of our sadistic game who have won life though, you will be given three chances to redeem yourself before your ultimate punishment, which is way better than in the case of both the interns and the hosts. Only Topher has got such special treatment so far. Although in his case, his loyalty also helps.

MacArthur: You're giving us all the reasons why we shouldn't agree! But how can we trust you that we have a choice this time?!

Producer #1: I have already told you. I am also going to admit that there will be a new challenge awaiting you if you disagree. It will be possible for you to come out of it alive though, albeit if I had to guess, it would be very hard. That was after all the reason why we once again made you fall asleep. You see, if you disagree, we are going to destroy this place and give you a chance to escape. It would be possible for you to escape, but frankly, since you were awaken right in front of this office and do not know the way to the exit, you may not escape on time.

Silence. The choice is very hard. Either be alive but work as a slave for those people or disagree and attempt to escape, which the producers said would be practically impossible.

Producer #1: Alright, a minute has passed. We are positive it was enough time for all of you to take decision, even for that guy with delayed reactions. There is no need to prolong it. So how is it going to be? Do you agree to work as our interns? Remember, there is no possibility for you to avoid this question. Unless you want to give up your life without even trying, due to the collars that you are still wearing.

What is your decision?

  • A - Agree.
  • B - Disagree.

After a while, MacArthur is the first one to speak.

MacArthur: No! I only came here to beat your a**es off! I don't wanna work for the people like you!

Brody: Yeah, what she said!

Carrie: Exactly! You're so inhumane you're not even people anymore!

Chet: Yeah!

Ellody: After the knowledge that we have gained, working for you would be highly illogical!

Ennui: Nah, thanks.

Jay: If I made it this far, I might as well survive! I'm not scared anymore so I won't work for you!

Laurie: I don't want to be near you when the goddess of karma punishes you!

Pete: No, thanks. I'm too old for this s**t!

Spud: Huh? Oh, right. No way! You're, like, so not cool people!

With this, none of you agreed.

Producer #1: Alright, you have made your choice. Now you have to deal with the consequences.

Everyone of you is scared the producers are going to activate your collars despite their promises. What happens is however much worse than a quick death. The producers turn something on on their platform. The lights on the inside of their secret hiding place immediately turn red. A robotic voice speaks.

Computer: Secret liar's auto-destruction in... 5 minutes.

MacArthur: You won't dare...! What about your interns?!

Producer #1: They're already got their jetpacks. I am positive they already turned them on upon hearing this information. One of them is waiting for us in a helicopter. As for you, you have to find your way to escape before this building explodes and the volcano collapses. Do not worry, it is inactive volcano, so at least the lava won't harm you.

With that being said, the producers head to the door that is on their platform, right at the end of the long staircase leading to it.

Producer #1: Oh, something more. You are not allowed to follow us through this door or come through the door at the bottom that Topher used earlier. That would be way too easy escape for you and it would result in a punishment from your collars. Good luck.

The talkative producer warns you and all four of them leave through the door.

Chet: What now?!

Pete: We need to find the exit, obviously!

Brody: But we don't even know which way is the exit! We woke up right in front of this office.

You all think in a hurry.

Ellody: I got it! I have seen a staircase at the end of this corridor. It must lead to the lower floors and eventually to an exit!

Carrie: Brilliant idea!

MacArthur: No time for compliments! Hurry!

You all immediately run off the producers' office, run through the corridor and reach the stairs. Even Ennui and Spud are running their full speed.

Pete: Agh! My artificial knee! I can't...I can't run!

MacArthur: We're not leavin' anyone behind!

The police cadet exclaims, takes the old man on her shoulder and runs carrying him. However, there is a surprise awaiting you at the bottom of the stairs you ran through.

Ellody: What?! Where is the exit?! It has got to be somewhere here!

Laurie: Maybe it's in one of the rooms instead?

You all search the nearest rooms but there is no sign of the exit in any of them. Apparently, the entrance you came through wasn't located on the lowest floor.

Ennui: So... what now?

And then it hits the police cadet.

MacArthur: We may not find the exit on time...but I've just remembered that there was a room near the producers' office. I heard some noises in there. Maybe that was a helicopter?

You all run back at the highest floor and enter the room MacArthur was talking about...only to find it empty. It does include a huge hole in the ceiling, which was the hole of the volcano, meaning it must have worked as the exit when the helicopter was still here.

MacArthur: Dammit!

However, even if the helicopter was still here, it wouldn't be of any of use for any of you. The time limit has just ended. A huge explosion takes place someone on the bottom. It is so strong that it kills some of you and severely burns those who survived.

MacArthur: "If only I listened to my guts back then...We'd make it on time!"

However, it also causes the volcano to collapse from the force of explosion. A lot of giant rocks fall down and crush everyone who survived the explosion.

Producers and Topher

The intern who's flying the producers' helicopter is none other than Topher. The producers now wear masks and still use the devices to change their voice tone to a deeper one.

Topher: So...what's the plan now?

Producer #1: Exactly the same thing as always. We will be looking towards the newest hiding place. Fortunately, none of the survivors saw us, so our identities will remain unknown. Not that it matters anyway. They died, so they are unable to tell about what happened to anyone.


Reporter: In the newest breaking news we will be analyzing the most recent killing game of Total Drama Horror. It was the fourth and the shortest season. However, its length doesn't mean it was better than the previous ones. As everyone who has already seen the clips online knows, this season included certain deaths that the victims couldn't avoid. As a result, almost half of the cast died on-screen. It is also possible even more death took place after the game ended, as none of the surviving victims have yet returned to their homes. We invited to our studio the survivors of the very first season of Total Drama Horror - Alejandro, who was freed from the jail three years ago, Geoff, whose friend participated in this season, Heather, and Izzy, who was allowed to be taken out of jail for this interview. You've been victims of this horrific game and some of you were even the moles working for the producers. Tell me, what do you believe happened to the still missing survivors of this edition?

Geoff: Bro...was tough...he ...escaped...He had to! Bro...bro...bro...bro...

Reporter: I see you are going to need the help of psychiatrists again. Alejandro, as the more sane mole, maybe you'd like to share your opinion with us?

Alejandro: Well, the rules were different in every season...But I find it unlikely they'd just kill the survivors. The survivors were always allowed to escape, as by winning the game, they won lives. If I had to guess...

Izzy: Oh, oh, I know! The aliens took them!

Heather: Shut up and let Alejandro speak!

Alejandro: Thank you, chica. As I was saying, it's impossible for them to just kill the survivors. They may be a lot, but they do respect the rules of their games. I also believe enough time has passed for the survivors to reach home from every country they have been kidnapped to. My only remaining theory is that the producers needed more interns. That host of the third season mentioned an intern named Josh who quit the job and got killed. I can only assume more interns did and the producers decided to blackmail the newest survivors into agreeing to the job.

Reporter: This is actually a pretty spot on theory. Do you believe we'll ever hear of them again then?

Alejandro: Definitely not. If they agreed, most likely out of fear for their lives, we wouldn't hear of them again, especially if they messed up the job, tried to quit or attempted to betray them. If they disagreed...well, I wouldn't want to be them in such case. We'd certainly wouldn't hear of them again if they disagreed.

Reporter: I see what you mean. Since the only other survivor is Topher, who's working for the producers and thus, just like them, hides from the society, the only other person we could ask for an opinion live is the killer from the very first season, who's, allow me to remind you, in jail for the rest of his life. Do we have a live connection with him?

The screen in the studio shows the killer behind the cell bars. His hook was removed so he won't harm anyone. He's also in his cell alone.

Killer: Yeah, that b**tard was right! I'm sure that's what happened.

Reporter: Thank you for sharing your theories with us. However, just in case the survivors were still alive somewhere and someone of you have seen them, we please for a contact with us. Thank you for now, good night.


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