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This is a horror story. There may be some scenes that will be uncomfortable for you. If you think you won't be able to read it all, don't continue.

The story will be affected by your choices. You will play as various contestants. For the first time ever, you'll not be able to save all characters (although last time it was impossible to kill everyone). It depends on your choices who will survive. Choose wisely.

For many choices there will be "Take a third option", which is the equivalent of custom choices. You come up with what the characters will do then.

You may also want to listen to some music for a good climate. ;)

Or read what should be a theme of this story. Or listen too. (Alternatively, it'd be "Come Die With Us")


Total Drama Horror 4: Victims & Staff
Brody (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Carrie (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Chet (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Crimson (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Devin (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Dwayne (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Ellody (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Emma (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Ennui (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Gerry (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Jacques (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Jay (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Jen (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Josee (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Junior (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Kelly (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Kitty (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Laurie (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Lorenzo (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
MacArthur (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Mary (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Mickey (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Miles (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Pete (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Rock (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Ryan (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Sanders (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Spud (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Stephanie (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Tammy (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Taylor (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Tom (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)

Episode 2


The host sits in the cockpit of the plane when he suddenly gets a call from the producers through his earphone.

Don: "A call from them? Not a good sign..."

Producer #1: so, how are things going?

Don: Very smoothly. They'll all be here soon. Well, maybe not really that soon. Some will need more time, depending on how far away their challenge was located. I'm waiting so long that I'm starting to feel that maybe my idea for the first tortures to take place in various countries over the world wasn't such a good idea...

Don: "F**k! Why did I say that? Why?!"

Producer #1: Are you impatient?

Don: No, no. I can wait all the time I have to. And the international idea was good. At least the police won't find us that easily.

Producer #1: Speaking of the police, how are the interns at avoiding the police from so many countries?

Don: Good. They're excellent. None of them got caught.

Producer #1: Yet.

Don: I can promise you none of them will.

Producer #1: We for sure hope so. If we were you, we'd hope so as well. You know why.

The call ends. The host gulps.

Theme Song plays


  • Playing as: Sanders

You wake up, feeling very tired. Apparently you're lying right now because you can see the ceiling of a building you are currently in.

Sanders: "Huh? An airport?"

You can also see the face of the person above you. From the head only you can tell he's dressed as a doctor. He didn't notice you waking up and looking at him. You then check and analyze your position. You're lying on some movable hospital bed. You can also see you're wearing hospital patient's clothes.

Sanders: "Huh? Did I have an accident or something?"

You try to remember what could've happened. It takes you a while but the last memory you can reach is... MacArthur and you being in another season of Total Drama Horror.

Sanders: "Oh, no! Is that how they're leaving the boarders with their unconscious victims? They're pretending we're hospital patients in a coma?"

And then another terrifying thought comes through your mind.

Sanders: "Wait a minute... I was wearing my police uniform during my and MacArthur's "challenge"... Did this guy change my clothes? Ew!"

Fortunately, you can see you're still wearing underwear.

Sanders: "I hope he didn't do more."

Suddenly, someone comes to you and the "doctor" who's pushing your movable hospital bed. It's some airport security guy.

Airport security guy: Oh, it's you again, doctor?

"Doctor": Yeah, I had two patients, unlike my friends.

ASG: Listen, it may not be of my concern, but I'm just really curious. I can't help it, that's my job. Anyway, what happened to those patients? And where are all the doctors taking them? The hospitals in our country aren't good enough?

"Doctor": Well...

Sanders: "It may be my only chance!"

You check your neck with your hands to make sure. The collar's gone.

Sanders: "They must have removed it because it looked suspicious."

What do you do?

  • A - Explain the airport security guy what happened.
  • B - Stay silent.

Both the "doctor" and the airport security guy noticed you checking for something on your neck. The "doctor" starts sweating. You decide to use that opportunity.

Sanders: Listen! We're not patients! We're the next victims of that mass slaughter show, Total Drama Horror! Wherever they're taking us, we're being kidnapped. Kidnapped for another round of the newest season!

ASG: Huh?

"Doctor": *sigh* Now you see what happened to them. They're all schizophrenic. They have hallucinations that mix up with their reality. I told her not to watch that tragedy in the news because it'd end badly for her sense of reality and she may perceive us as her enemies, but looks like she didn't listen to me. Anyway, we're taking all of them on special research about schizophrenia on Hawaii. Their cases are so bad that they're a good research material and their families already signed up the consent for us.

Sanders: What?! No!

ASG: Oh, it must be very hard dealing with patients with schizophrenia.

"Doctor": You don't even know how much. And the worst part is that it's not even her fault. She can't control it.

Sanders: You must be kidding me!

ASG: Well, everything seems fine for me, so enjoy your flight and good luck with her. Hope she'll get better soon.

"Doctor": Thank you, sir. Have a nice day.

The "doctor" says and starts going with you on the movable bed on the plane.

Sanders: Wait, don't listen to him! He's lying! Lying, I tell you!

ASG: Wow, such a bad case...

"Doctor": I know. But at least a good one for the research. She doesn't know it yet, but she'll be very useful for humanity.

The intern walks with you to the cargo hold, where the other victims on their own hospital beds are kept. Everyone's still asleep.

Sanders: "I gotta wake them up!"

But your "doctor" notices you're about to scream and covers your mouth. Fortunately for him, he asked Don for help on his way to the cargo hold. The host took one of the collars that the interns brought in their belongings and one of the collars he had brought on the plane hidden in his belongings with himself.

Don: Which one do you choose? The electrocuting one or the one that'll blow her head off?

Intern #10: Both will be loud in this case. She'll be screaming when electrocuted and the other one will cause a loud explosion. But since we'll be injecting them with sleeping drugs, I guess it doesn't matter. I choose the one that'll blow her head off because that's kinda a wasted opportunity from their challenge.

He frees your mouth, reaches for the collar and puts it on your neck while Don prevents your arms from moving.

Sanders: What?! But we didn't cheat!

Intern #10: You did. By telling that guy what happened. If we didn't come up with a believable excuse, you'd put us in a serious danger.

Sanders: You deserved it!

Intern #10: No, I didn't. Anyway, goodbye.

He and Don leave the cargo hold, although the intern waits near the door. He then presses a button on some device that Don brought with the collars.

Don and the interns

The collar on Sanders's neck plays a short jingle. After that, Sanders's head is immediately blown off. The remains of her brain, tongue, teeth, eyeballs and a lot of blood falls everywhere across the cargo hold, including the now awaken and terrified victims.

MacArthur: Where is Sanders?! Where is... Oh, no! It was her!

Other interns come in to inject the "patients" with sleeping drugs. The host walks to the intern #10.

Don: You made a terrible choice. Someone's gotta wash them up now. We don't want them to have someone else's blood on them.

The intern gulps, knowing it won't be an easy task. Nonetheless, with the help of several other interns who prevent the awaken in the shower due to contact with water victims from moving and who inject them with sleeping drugs again after their shower is finished.

The interns and Don then all meet in the dining area.

Don: Gentlemen, I'm sure it has come to your attention that one of you failed big time. I'm sure you know, some of you had to help him deal with the consequences. He almost blew up our cover...

Intern #10: It's not my fault she woke up too early!

The intern defends himself, panicked.

Don: Shut up! It is. You sprayed her with not enough gas! It was all calculated. They shouldn't have woken up before entering the cargo hold!

Intern #10: But... But I got two survivors, unlike the others...

The host looks at him, annoyed.

Don: Anyway, as I was saying before being interrupted, not only he almost blew up our cover by spraying one of his two survivors with not enough gas, he also chose to punish her for cheating with the collar that blows their heads off instead of the one that electrocutes them to death. It not only made the whole cargo hold dirty in her blood and remains, but also the other survivors as well, which forced some of you to help him wash them up, which naturally put us in danger as the water woke them up, causing the whole shower to be much harder.

Intern #10: But...

Don: Gentlemen, we're all in this together. I hate to do it. But I got orders as well.

The host says, taking out a gun from his pocket.

Intern #10: B-but...

Don: I'm going to be punished if I don't punish the intern who messed up. I like all of you, but as the host, I have the control over you and I have to do it, or the produces themselves will do it both to the intern and me later anyway.

He says and shoots the intern #10. He does it a few times to end his suffering quickly. Other interns watch in terror as one of them dies.

Don: Now, continue your work! Change them back to their original clothes!

The host leaves the dining area.

Intern #1: Wow, that was scary! I've never felt more terrified during the whole massacre than now!

Topher: I know, right? It could've been me.

Intern #6: Or me. I could've had two survivors too.

Intern #7: Yeah, me too.

Brody, Carrie, Chet, Don, Ellody, Ennui, Jay, Jen, Josee, Junior, Kitty, Laurie, MacArthur, Pete, Spud, Stephanie and Taylor

The victims wake up in the cargo hold. They're back in their original clothes. After waking up, they all feel a little confused, but soon, all of them regain their memories and figure out what happen. Everyone looks in horror at the cargo hold, dirty in Sanders's blood and remains of some of her organs, as well as at her headless and neck-less corpse in hospital patient's clothes on a party damaged and dirty hospital bed. MacArthur is especially terrified.

MacArthur: Sanders! What did they do to you?!

Taylor: Ew, I hope we weren't in those clothes.

Ellody: I think we weren't. Otherwise, why would we be alright now while that girl was killed off?

The host comes in the cargo hold with a parachute on his back, looking as if he was ready to leave the plane any minute.

Don: Allow me to explain. Yes, you all were dressed up as the patients.

Taylor: Wait, what? So you changed our clothes twice? Perverts!

Don: Not only that, but some interns also had to wash you up after you were covered in Sander's blood.

Taylor: Double eww!

Don: Don't worry, I doubt that in their situations, the interns got any pleasure from that.

MacArthur: Why did Sanders die anyway?! We both survived our challenge!

Don: It's true. Sanders was just unlucky to have woken up before entering the plane. She dared to warn a security guard on the airport about what is going on. Fortunately, we thought of a good excuse ahead of time, so the guard thought she was just being schizophrenic. But she still had to be punished for cheating. And the intern who was taking care of her had to be punished for incompetence as well.

Carrie: Harsh!

Don: I know. Anyway, congratulations to all of you. You were lucky, or unlucky, enough to have survived until this point. You officially survived the fourth season. The first episode was all that the viewers are going to see this time.

Junior: So what are we doing here then? Shouldn't we be allowed to go home now?

Don: Not necessarily. Remember when I've mentioned having to penalize an intern? Yeah, as you may have noticed, there are 16 of you here. We needed 16 interns and the host, aka me, to go on this mission. We also left a few interns at the producers' secret hiding place. My point is, as you can see, a lot of interns are needed for this show. And what's worse is that we're losing a lot of them. We've had about 100 of them at the beginning, including the hosts who were also working for the producers. But after every season, some interns felt the guilt and attempted to quit. Naturally, due to knowing too much, quitting means death here. But the first interns who quit didn't know that. Later it became frequent enough for every intern to know. But some were still quitting due to feeling guilty for the massacres and being unable to work for the producers anymore. Some also had to be killed for messing something up, like the intern who let Sanders explain to a guard what happens. The point is, we need more interns because we're left with very few of them now.

Taylor: You mean you want us to, like, work? Ew!

Kitty: And you believe we're going to agree after you killed our friends and family members? Not gonna happen!

Everyone (but MacArthur): Yeah!

Kitty: You killed my sister!

Carrie: You killed my crush!

Taylor: You killed my mom! I mean, it's not as bad as if you killed me, but it's still bad!

Ennui: You killed my girlfriend, Crimson. Well, maybe she wasn't killed yet. But she will die in a slow and painful way...

Jay: You killed my twin brother!

Stephanie: You killed my boyfriend!

Josee: You killed my ice dancing partner!

Brody: You killed that girl in weird costume!

Junior: You killed my dad!

Chet: You killed my stepbro!

Jen: You killed my fashion partner!

Spud: Huh? Oh, yeah. You killed my friend!

Laurie: You killed my friend!

Ellody: You have murdered my friend and a genius whose intelligence was useful for the world!

Pete: You killed my long time friend and tennis rival!

MacArthur: I'll actually agree. I still want to destroy them from within and that's a great opportunity for me. And I'll do that to avenge Sanders!

Don: I guess I should be worried. Anyway, some of them died because of their own choices. And some of them were too stupid refusing to be a mole like that.

Stephanie: I guess you are kinda right. How could Ryan leave me like that?!

Don: So... do you agree or not?

Jen: Wait, what about the collars? Are we still wearing them?

Everyone checks their necks with their hands. The collars are back on the victims.

Ellody: So you're basically leaving us with no choice but to agree by putting our lives in danger again?

Stephanie: You bastards!

Josee: That's not fair!

Don: Actually, no. You do have a choice. The producers wanted this decision to be yours.

Brody: So what's up with those freaky collars then, dude?

Don: We put them on you to make sure you won't attempt to kill anyone of the staff members or to push them off the plane. Doing so would naturally result in you being punished. But don't worry, we don't want to wash you again. You'd be punished with the collars that would electrocute you to death instead.

Laurie: But still, you're forcing us to agree to join your sociopaths group!

Don: No, as I said, the collars are only to prevent you from cheating. They won't be activated due to your answer though. After all, as I said, the producers didn't want to force your answer. They wanted the decision to be yours.

Jay: So we do have a choice to join you or not?

Don: Yes, that is correct, you do have a choice. There's something more. We're flying to the producers' secret hiding location. So, if you'd agree, you're going to start the job almost immediately.

MacArthur: That's even better for me!

Josee: Maybe for you, but not for us!

Don: Huh? We were hoping to work with the moles. We were also hoping to work with the ones we thought would make for good moles. Including you, Pete, even though we chose you only because your appearance reminded us of the very first host of the show.

Pete: Huh? I was offered to be a mole?

Don: Yes, and unfortunately, you declined. I guess you don't remember yet due to your amnesia or because you need more time to regain memories after those drugs due to your age.

Pete: Heheh, I guess so.

  • Playing as: everyone (except for MacArthur)

Don: Alright, so may I know your answer to our offer? Are you willing to join us?

What is your answer?

  • A - Yes. Our lives are still at stake.
  • B - Yes (only specific victims agree - custom choice: choose who)
  • C - No. No matter what, it is still immoral and dangerous.

Junior: I don't know guys, our lives are still at stake.

Ellody: This kid is right. Can we believe him the collars won't kill us if we decline their offer? And even if so, how would we escape from a plane that is already flying?

Carrie: I guess you're right.

Taylor: Yeah, I'm so not risking my life. Even though I hate the concept of working for someone.

Kitty: Yeah, I guess I should agree too. I don't want to die.

Ennui: Fine, whatever. I guess I should keep on living for Crimson.

Jay: If everyone's choosing to agree, I'll agree too. I mean, i-it's n-not like I'm going to s-survive alone.

Stephanie: I guess it's already too late for the moles to decide. We already agreed once.

Josee: Good point.

Brody: Yeah, y'all makin' sense, dudes.

Chet: Fine, I'll agree too. I don't wanna be the only one to disagree.

Jen: I guess this leaves me no choice but to agree.

Spud: Huh? Oh, yeah, count me in too. Wait, what did I agree for?

Laurie: Yeah, I believe it's the only way to survive too.

Pete: Ugh, I always hated working. But fine, I don't want to be the only one to disagree either.

MacArthur: And as I said, I already wanted to agree.

Don: Wow, everyone's eager to join us? I'm so happy! So many new interns! The producers are gonna love it! Also, good call! The collars wouldn't kill you if you disagreed but if minority of you agreed for our offer, we'd be forced to change the destination of the plane and to crash land on one of the volcanoes in Hawaii.

Josee: So it was unfair anyway.

Don: Hey, you can't blame us. You'd know too much, we wouldn't be able to let you live at this point.

  • Playing as: Stephanie

Don: But I've got also some good news for you.

Kitty: Really?

Junior: I don't believe you.

Don: Trust me, they are good. You see, we know the choice was kinda forced on you due to being stuck on a plane and potentially crushing to death if you disagreed. But, since all of you agreed, we'll be staying on the path to the producers' secret place.

Josee: We know it, you already told us.

Don: Yeah, but there's something more. As you can see, I had a parachute with me, just in case you disagreed. Every intern has one too. There were also three more prepared, one for every mole. But since you all agreed for the offer and the plane won't crash land, I guess we can give them to some of you who didn't really want to join us and only agreed to protect their life.

MacArthur: Alright, and where's the catch?

Don: The catch is that there are only three of them and they were meant for the moles. Thus, the moles will decide what to do with them. Let's start with Stephanie. Stephanie, you can either escape this plane on the parachute yourself, give it to someone else, escape with someone else or just refuse to use it.

Stephanie: Hmm, I think I would've escaped with someone if Ryan was still here... But since he's not...

What is your choice?

  • A - Take the parachute and escape the plane.
  • B - Give the parachute to someone else (custom choice - whom?).
  • C - Take the parachute and escape the plane with someone else (custom choice - whom?).
    • You chose Junior.
  • D - Refuse to take the parachute.

You look at the other victims.

Stephanie: Actually, I think I might take someone with me. When I was in relationship with Ryan, I was thinkin' about havin' kids in the future. So yeah, I guess I have some of that mother instinct now. I choose that kid because he's the youngest one here.

You say, pointing at Junior.

Don: Alright, Stephanie, Junior, walk up to the nearest exit in the cargo hold.

You do as the host ordered.

Junior: Wait, you're not gonna just open it so we die or something, right?

Don: Those doors don't open automatically. How would I be supposed to do that? And you haven't gotten your parachutes yet. I'll be back with all three of them once the moles will choose what to do with them. I wouldn't want to bring one here if the mole refused to use it. And potentially letting you jump off the plane three separate times wouldn't make sense either. Everyone who'll decide to jump with the parachute will do it at the same time.

Junior: Oh, ok. That sounds legit.

Brody, Carrie, Chet, Don, Ellody, Ennui, Jay, Jen, Josee, Kitty, Laurie, MacArthur, Pete, Spud and Taylor

  • Playing as: Josee

Don: Alright, while Stephanie and Junior wait to get their parachute, we're moving on and asking the other moles the same question. Josee, it's your turn. What is your decision?

What is your choice?

  • A - Take the parachute and escape the plane.
  • B - Give the parachute to someone else (custom choice - whom?).
  • C - Take the parachute and escape the plane with someone else (custom choice - whom?).
    • You chose Kitty.
  • D - Refuse to take the parachute.

Josee: Well, if Jacques was still here, I'd just escape with him, obviously.

You look at the other victims who are still in the group.

Josee: Hmm... I think it would be good of me if I saved some champion material. Never too many Olympians, especially from other disciplines.

You look at the remaining guys, but you don't see anyone who could be your new ice dancing partner. Brody appears too dimwitted, Chet too clumsy, Ennui too depressed, Jay too weak, Pete too old and Spud too lazy.

Josee: "This only proves Jacques is unchangeable."

Don: So?

Josee: Well, due to lack of potential new ice dancing partner... I'll go with that Asian girl in school uniform. She's got long legs, legs of an Olympian.

Kitty: Aw, thank you!

Don: Alright, you two join Stephanie and Junior and wait for me to bring you the parachutes.

You do as the host orders you and the Asian girl walks alongside you. You're greeted by the other soon-to-be survivors.

Junior: Hi.

Kitty: Hi. Looks like we were the luckiest ones.

Junior: Yeah. I kinda hope that blonde girl survived as well.

Kitty: Aw, do I smell love in the air?

Each of the three of you notice Junior starts blushing.

Kitty: Don't worry, she may still survive no matter if she's chosen or not.

Junior: But I just realized I may never see her again.

Kitty: Hey, you're gonna meet a lot of cute girls in your life.

Josee: I hope you two won't be as talkative while we'll be jumping.

Brody, Carrie, Chet, Don, Ellody, Ennui, Jay, Jen, Laurie, MacArthur, Pete, Spud and Taylor

  • Playing as: MacArthur

Don: Alright, MacArthur, that leaves you.

MacArthur: I already told you, I'm planning on staying to defeat the producers from within!

Don: Sure. Would you like to give your parachute to someone else then?

What is your choice?

  • A - Give the parachute to someone else (custom choice - whom?).
  • B - Give the parachute to two other victims, so that one wears it while holding the other person (custom choice - whom?).
    • You chose Jen and Taylor.
  • C - Refuse to take the parachute.

MacArthur: Sure, I don't need it, but I guess I can give it to someone else.

Don: Who will it be then? Remember that since you don't want to jump, you can choose two victims.

You look around at the group of the remaining victims.

MacArthur: I choose that girl over there. She seems fierce. I like it when a girl can be fierce, like me.

You say, pointing at Taylor.

Taylor: OMG, finally someone picked me! Of course I'm to precious to die or work for those producers.

Don: Who will be your second pick?

You look at the group once again.

MacArthur: I choose... that short girl.

You say, pointing at Jen.

MacArthur: A short girl needs the fierce one to protect her. Their dynamics remind me of... me and Sanders...

You say, with your voice changing tone to a sad one.

Don: Alright, Taylor, Jen, join the other victims who will be jumping. I'll be back with the parachutes in a minute.

Jen, Josee, Junior, Kitty, Stephanie and Taylor

Junior: So she wasn't chosen.... sigh.

Kitty: Come on, I told you. And at least she won't have to come back home from who knows where.

Junior: I guess you're right.

Jen: Hi guys, aren't you excited? We've got a chance to be free again.

Taylor: Yeah, we're much better than those losers who stayed.

Stephanie: I can already taste the freedom!

Josee: Me too. I hope that fatty cadet is right and that they'll avenge the deaths of our friends.

Junior: And family members.

Kitty: Yeah.

Jen: Even if not, I'm gonna tell all my blog followers about what happened and why Tom won't contribute to the blog anymore. I think I should also start working on some clothes that would be good for grieving feeling.

Josee: Good idea, shorty. I'm gonna tell all my precious fans about what happened.

Junior: I guess I'm gonna tell about it to my family and report it at my school or the local police?

Kitty: Same.

Taylor: Oh, come on. As if anyone was able to find them if we told them the producers have a secret hiding place in Hawaii.

Junior: Unfortunately, I guess she's right. Hawaii isn't that small. And the producers left three of their secret places already.

The host comes back with the three parachutes.

Don: Alright, everyone who stays, hold on to something heavy so you won't accidentally fall off. As for those who are leaving, let me teach you how to use the parachutes.

The host shows what to do on the example of his parachute that he's still wearing. He doesn't activate anything though, he only points at parts of the parachute and explains.

Don: Got it?

Jen, Josee, Junior, Kitty, Stephanie and Taylor: Yeah.

Don: Good. Choose who will be using the parachute and holding the other person now.

Stephanie: Of course I will. Not only the parachute was supposed to be mine, but also the kid is much lighter than me.

Josee: Same. The parachute was meant for me and that girl is lighter. Plus, as an Olympian I'm much stronger than her. I wouldn't trust her if she was holding me.

Taylor: Of course you will be holding me. There's no way I'm gonna hold you.

Jen: Aren't you stronger than me? You know, I'm shorter.

Taylor: Doesn't matter. You're using the parachute and holding me.

Jen: Fine, I guess.

Don: Alright. Stephanie, Josee, Jen, put on the parachutes.

The three girls do as the host instructed.

Don: Now hold your partners's hands or hold them by their torso, or whatever you prefer.

Taylor: Just don't sexually abuse me.

Jen: Umm, sure?

The three do as instructed. Everyone holds their partners by their shoulders, being too worried simply holding hands wouldn't be strong enough while jumping and their partners could fall.

Don: Good, I see you're ready now. Good luck!

The host says, opening the exit door in the cargo hold and holding onto the doorknob. The three pairs jump off. Sanders's headless and neck-less corpse falls off along with her hospital bed too. The host closes the door once they're all outside.

Immediately after jumping off the plane, the three girls who are wearing the parachutes pull the cords; first the blue one, then the red one. The parachutes open.

Stephanie: So they are working!

Junior: Phew. And I was worried they'd give us some fixed parachutes.

Immediately after those words a familiar short and terrifying jingle plays. Jen's, Taylor's, Junior's and Kitty's collars are activated and electrocute them with an extremely strong and painful force. Since Stephanie and Josee are still holding their partners, they get electrocuted as well. After the three girls wearing parachutes die from a severe shock, they drop their also dead partners. After a short while, the three dead partners' corpses fall into shark-infested waters, joining headless and neck-less Sanders's corpse that already fell in there a while ago. After a long time, the bodies of the three girls with parachutes join the remains of their partners' corpses and are immediately eaten by the sharks as well.

Brody, Carrie, Chet, Don, Ellody, Ennui, Jay, Laurie, MacArthur, Pete and Spud

Carrie: I'm glad that kid is safe now. Imagine the horrors he must have gone through. This will most likely cause a trauma for the rest of his life.

Pete: I dunno, he seemed to be doing rather well.

Jay: Anyway, lucky guys. I'd love to escape from this scary plane too.

MacArthur: Oh, come on, guys! You were given a chance to defeat the producers for good! From withing! In their own secret place! What's better than this?

Chet: Living?

The host comes to the group of remaining survivors.

Don: Actually, Jay, it's quite ironic. Your group was way more lucky than the group that left the plane.

Jay: Why? Is coming back to Canada from wherever we are now such a hard thing?

Don: Nope. It's because they'll never come back home.

Everyone (minus Spud): What?!

Spud: ...What?

Don: It was another of the producers' tests. And they failed.

Ellody: What kind of test?

Don: The test to check their willingness to survive and paying attention to important details. They failed both. You see, the interns who'd already want to escape would only think about the best opportunity to do so. And most likely fail at doing so, thus costing them some interns. And paying attention to the slightest details is important on missions and while doing any task the producers ordered you to do.

Laurie: But we still want to escape too.

MacArthur: Speak for yourself!

Laurie: Didn't we fail too then?

Don: Well, you were more lucky to not be chosen. We'll see if you'd still want to escape once we'll land.

Ellody: And how exactly did they fail the test for paying attention to the details? I understand they failed the first one by leaving the plane. However, I still cannot understand the requirements of the second one.

Don: Oh, that's simple. But I see you didn't pay attention either. Since you survived, I guess I can explain it to you. Remember what I said at the beginning, before giving the moles the choices?

Pete: Not so much.

Spud: Not at all.

Don: I told you the parachutes were meant for the moles only. And they were. Until the very end. If someone else used them, they would be punished with the deadly shock from their collar.

Everyone: What?!

Carrie: So they didn't survive?! They died?!

Don: Yes.

Ellody: I can see why that girl who was wearing the police cadet's parachute died, but what about the others?

Don: I thought you were smarter, Ellody. Firstly, it doesn't matter if you're wearing the parachute or you're being held by the person who wears it. That's still an escape courtesy of the moles' parachutes. And only the moles were allowed to use them. So their partners and the whole duo who got MacArthur's parachute died via their punishment. And I'm sure that since Josee and Stephanie were holding their partners, they died from the shock as well. Even if not, they'd eventually fall into shark-infested waters.

Everyone: What?!

Ellody: So in the end, you basically forced the right choice on us.

Don: I wouldn't call it that way. It was just a test, after all. It's their fault they failed.

MacArthur: Dammit! You made me a murderer!

Ellody: Didn't your choice already result in someone's death back in your so-called challenge?

MacArthur: No. That headless girl in patient's clothes was my partner. We both survived.

Ellody: Oh.

Brody: Well, now you can feel the guilt we already felt, darling.

MacArthur: Don't call me like that! I'm a serious policewoman!

Brody: Eesh, okay.

Don: Well, to add injury to the insult, I'm gonna tell you that it was possible for non-moles to use the parachutes.

Everyone: What?! How?

Don: That'd be allowed only if majority of you didn't agree for the producers' offer at the beginning, but some non-moles did. We'd change the direction for the plane to crash land, but we'd give the moles' parachutes for them and the ones who agreed. But since you all agreed for the offer at the beginning...

Silence. Everyone seems to regret their choice.

Don: Hey, are you regretting that choice now? Cheer up, more people survived than if you disagreed back then.

Carrie: I guess that's always something.

Jay: Thanks for the encouraging words. You're much nicer than the previous hosts.

Don becomes embarrassed and leaves the cargo hold. The remaining survivors decide to spend the time of the travel on bonding, trying to get their minds away from the thoughts about so many deaths that took place.


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