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This is a horror story. There may be some scenes that will be uncomfortable for you. If you think you won't be able to read it all, don't continue.

The story will be affected by your choices. You will play as various contestants. For the first time ever, you'll not be able to save all characters (although last time it was impossible to kill everyone). It depends on your choices who will survive. Choose wisely.

For many choices there will be "Take a third option", which is the equivalent of custom choices. You come up with what the characters will do then.

You may also want to listen to some music for a good climate. ;)

Or read what should be a theme of this story. Or listen too. (Alternatively, it'd be "Come Die With Us")


Total Drama Horror 4: Victims & Staff
Brody (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Carrie (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Chet (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Crimson (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Devin (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Dwayne (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Ellody (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Emma (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Ennui (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Gerry (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Jacques (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Jay (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Jen (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Josee (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Junior (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Kelly (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Kitty (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Laurie (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Lorenzo (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
MacArthur (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Mary (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Mickey (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Miles (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Pete (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Rock (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Ryan (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Sanders (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Spud (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Stephanie (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Tammy (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Taylor (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)
Tom (Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race)

Episode 1


A man appears on the screen. He appears to be in his 40s and is dressed quite elegant. The background suggests he's speaking from the cockpit of some plane.

Don: Hi. My name is Don. And this is... The Ridonc... Kidding! It's the beginning of the fourth season of a well-known massacre that is being transmitted to the public yearly - Total Drama Horror. Recently I've pitched my idea for a show to the producers. THESE producers. They declined, but offered me a role of a host in the fourth installement of their show, promising to keep the theme of my idea. I gotta work hard to keep up to the level of the previous host, who offered us a lot of entertainment thanks to keeping moles' identities a secret, allowing one of them to let the Pahkitew Island explode and a major twist. It's gonna be hard, but I decided to make this season big by making sure at least around half of the cast for sure dies. Producers loved this idea! Anyway, let's see who'll survive or if anyone will! On Total... Drama... Horror... 4!

Theme Song plays

Carrie and Devin

  • Playing as: Carrie

You wake up. You freak out as you notice you're hanging from the cliff tied to some rope in mid-air in some mountain area. You feel a little better when you notice the boy you've had a crush on since your childhood, Devin. Watching him asleep calms you too.

Carrie: "He's so cute when he's asleep."

Soon he wakes up and freaks out too.

Devin: What the hell?! Where are we?! What is going on!?

He notices you.

Devin: Carrie! It's so nice to see you! I mean, not that I want you to be in this kind of situation... I'm just happy I'm not alone here.

Carrie: Don't worry, I feel the same. Being in a situation like this alone would be terrible.

Devin: Do you have any ideas about what might be going on?

Carrie: No, not yet...

You say sadly and begin to think about it.

Carrie: "Maybe Shelley found out I love him and decided to take her revenge on me? But why would she put Devin in danger too..."

And then you have an idea.

Carrie: I think I saw something like this... Have you heard about the three massacres of those who signed up for Total Drama Island?

Devin: Who hasn't? But it doesn't make sense. We didn't sign up for it.

Carrie: But we signed up for The Ridonculous Race.

Devin: Oh no! You think it's another fake show that those producers advertised?

Carrie: It looks like it.

Suddenly, you hear someone from top of the cliff. You can't see that person from your angle though.

Intern: Alright, I hear them talking. Looks like they woke up. I'm turning the TV on.

You can hear another voice. It appears someone's talking to you through the TV.

Don: Hello there, lovebirds. You were the lucky ones to start the fourth season of the massacre called Total Drama Horror. I'll explain more to the one who'll survive later one.

Devin: What do you mean by "to the one who'll survive"?

Don: You see, it'll be hard to beat the plot twist from last season. I was forced to beat last season in a different way. Hence we have the biggest cast yet! And with the biggest cast, we can allow some victims to die with 100% certanity.

Carrie: I'm afraid I still don't get it. It was always 100% certain someone would die.

Don: I dare to disagree. Every other time everyone actually had a chance to survive, even if they had to outsmart their challenge. This time, one person is going to die for sure. No outsmarting challenges because you're wearing those collars that will blow your heads if you try.

You touch your neck. It's true. You're forced to play by those sick rules.

Don: What a tragic romantic story? One of the lovebirds is soon going to die.

Devin: Wait, what? Romantic story? Lovebirds? We're not dating. I have a girlfriend.

Don: Carrie, care to explain?

Carrie: I... I... I HAVE A CRUSH ON YOU!

Devin: WHAT!? Carrie, you know I have a girlfriend.

Carrie: I can't help it. I've been crushing on you since our childhood.

Devin: What? Why didn't you tell me earlier?

Carrie: I was afraid...

Devin: I see. It took me some time to confess my feelings for Shelley too.

Don: Don't wanna break the cute scene, but I'm not done explaining. You two are tied with a rope by your torsos to a huge rock on top of the cliff. You will soon decide which one of you will survive and which one will fall down the mountain, crushing themselves to deaths. Once you'll decide, an intern will throw some food at your rope on the cliff. A hungry emu standing nearby will start to eat it, biting the rope by the way and eventually causing you to fall down.

Devin: And what if we don't choose?

Don: Don't worry, we have that planned. We predicted there may be a tie in a group of two people only. If you won't agree and there will be a tie, the game will basically decide for you.

Carrie: What do you mean?

Don: You think the intern cares whose rope he's throwing the food at? He'll just choose one of the ropes randomly. Alright, that's all. Good luck!

Who should survive?

  • A - I should. I can't let Shelley have the happy ending while I get the bad one.
  • B - Devin should. I love him, I want him to survive and be happy with his girlfriend.
  • C - Let the game decide.

Carrie: I can't let you die! But I want to live too! I'm voting for the game to randomly decide for us.

Devin: Yeah, that sounds fair. At least we won't be responsible for each other's death. I wouldn't stand the guilt if I got my best friend killed.

Carrie: "Wow, I'm proud he didn't vote for me to die but at the same time I'm sad because he just friendzoned me... Wait a minute... I'm basically a walking friendzone for my entire life. "

You quickly come back to senses.

Don: Hey, intern! They both chose the random option.

Intern: I'm on it.

The intern says and throws some food for the emu on one of the ropes. It starts eating, biting the rope with its beak by the way. You prepare yourself mentally for the possibility of falling to your death. But it's not you who falls. All of sudden you witness how the boy of your dreams falls down the mountain.


You're happy you're so hanging so high that you at least won't see how his dead body looks like after the impact with the ground. SUddenly, you feel you're being pulled back on the cliff. Once you're on it, you attempt to hit the intern for what he did to Devin. However, he slaps you before you can attack him. You fall on the ground. He releases some gas that makes you feel sleepy. You thus soon fall asleep as you look at the person in hazmat suit responsible for the death of your crush. And the emu standing next to him.

Kelly and Taylor

  • Playing as: Kelly

You wake up and feel tired. You feel a fresh air, which makes you begin to wonder where you are. You look around. You're on some platform with your daughter and some plasma TV screen on the level of one of the highest floors of a hotel that seems familiar to you, although you can't quickly recognize it from your point of view. Soon, you remember it from some pictures.

Kelly: "Burj Al Arab hotel? I've always wanted to come here! But not to work."

You have to wait a little for her, but once you're daughter wakes up, you feel relieved you're finally not alone in this strange situation.

Taylor: Mom?! What the heck is this?! Did you just forced me to work?! A) - I should never work, especially until I finish college, mmkay? B) - I SO don't want to clean some hotel's windows!

Kelly: But it wasn't me who put us here.

Taylor: Then... Daddy? Impossible! He'd never do such a thing to me!

Kelly: Yeah, I'm sure it wasn't him either.

Taylor: Then have you got any bright ideas to explain this? And of course that was a rhetorical question.

Kelly: I actually do. See this remote and TV? It may be a clue.

Taylor: Actually, I came up with that first, but whatevs.

You turn on the TV and see some man. He appears to be famous, but you don't really recognize him.

Taylor: Who are you?

The man seems insulted by this question, but quickly changes topic to cover his anger.

Don: I'm Don, the host of the fourth season of a bloody massacre called Total Drama Horror.

Kelly: Total Drama? But we didn't sign up for that show!

Don: But you signed up for mine. The Ridonculous Race, remember?

Kelly: Oh, now I remember where I knew you from.

Taylor: B**ch, did you just dare to put my precious life in danger?!

Don: Yes, I did. We did.

Taylor: Daddy will SUE you!

Don: I don't care, I'm living in hidden place now. Anyway, let me explain the rules because they are quite different this time around. One person IS going to die in the first challenge. Of course, you may attempt to escape, but that'd only mean a suicide. That collar you're wearing on your neck would blow up your head.

Taylor: NO! Not the head!

Don: As I was saying... You're basically forced to participate. Both of you will vote for whoever should remain alive and who should die in the challenge.

Taylor: I think the answer is obvious.

Kelly: But what is the challenge you're talking about?

Don: You're on a platform on one of the highest floors of Burj Al Arab. The platform was designed in a way that it has two levers, on both ends of it. This requires two people to pull it in order for the platform to move down or up. If only one person does it, only one side is going to move up or down, resulting in the other person potentially falling to their death. And this is the death we are aiming for. As I said, any attempt to cheat will end in punishment, so don't even attempt to hold on the platform to avoid falling.

Kelly: That's harsh!

Don: Tell me something I don't know. Anyway, there's also the option to let the game decide randomly for you. In this case, an intern working for me will open the window you're in front of and cut off the ropes holding your platform with a chainsaw on one side of your platform, causing one of you to fall. This random outcome will also be triggered in case of a tie in your voting. Everything's clear? Good. Cuz I have other victims to talk to. Don's out!

He says and the screen on the TV turns into static.

Who should survive?

  • A - I should. I don't want to die. And Taylor's an ungrateful b**ch.
  • B - Taylor should. She's my daughter.
  • C - Let the game decide.

Kelly: I think you should survive, sweetie.

Taylor: And I think I sh... Wait, what? You're not voting to save yourself?

Kelly: Of course I'm not. You're my child, no matter how you act. I've already enjoyed my life and you still have yours ahead of you. And it'd pain me to see the person I gave birth to die in front of my eyes.

Taylor: Wow... Well, I'm glad we agree then. Of course I should survive. I'm voting for myself too.

Your daughter sentencing you to death with such confidence pains you, but you're still happy you could save your child from potential death.

Don: Glad you girls came to agreement. Taylor, pull the lever on your side of the platform. Remember, if you don't, your head is going to be blown up. And since you already chose your mom to die, she'd be killed to.

Kelly: "Ouch."

Taylor: I... I actually don't know if I can do this...

Kelly: Be strong, Taylor! You can do this! If you don't, we're both going to die! In this way you can at least save one life! And not waste my sacrifice.

Taylor: OK, OK, fine! I'm doing this.

Your daughter says encouraged by you and pulling the lever on her side of the platform. This causes her side to move upwards and you to lose balance due to the platform being positioned more vertically now. Since you're not allowed to hold onto something, you don't even attempt to save yourself from falling. You see your daughter being higher and higher than you until she's too far above and until the impact with the ground causes you not to see anything ever again.

Taylor: Crap, there goes half of my allowance. But hey, at least I'm gonna get part of her will, I guess.

The girl says right before the window is open and she's sprayed by an intern wearing a hazmat suit with some gas that makes her fall asleep.

Emma and Kitty

  • Playing as: Emma

You wake up in some dark area. The only source of light are two flashlights. From what you can see, you're inside some cave. You notice your younger sister is with you. And some other person.

Emma: Kitty? Kitty, wake up!

Kitty: ...Huh? Just five more minutes, mom...

Emma: Kitty, it's me, Emma! And we're kidnapped!

Your sister immediately wakes up upon hearing this.

Kitty: What?!

Emmma: Look around. I don't know how about you, but I'd never go to place like this.

Kitty: True. We're also very wet.

Emma: Oh, right. Let's ask that other person what's going on.

Kitty: You think he knows?

Emma: It's worth trying. Hey, you there!

You ask the unknown person. Soon you can recognize the person in the light of the flashlight. Handsome and well-built... It's the host from the previous season.

Emma: YOU?! What are YOU doing here?!

Topher: I...

Kitty: Who is he?

Topher: How dare you?!

Emma: You didn't watch the last season of Total Drama Horror, Kit?

Kitty: No, I didn't.

Emma: He basically means bad news. But we didn't sign up for Total Drama...

Topher: But you did for The Ridonculous Race. Anyway, we couldn't get a signal here, so Don let me host this part. We're inside an underwater cave. The only exit from here is going through the water. Unfortunately for you, there's only one oxygen mask for you. And the surface of the water is too far away. Sure, you can attempt to steal mine or share yours with each other, but that would result in your heads being blown up with those collars you're wearing on your necks.

Emma: "Crap."

Topher: So yeah... You're basically forced to participate. This season one person is going to die no matter what. And you're choosing the one to survive. In case of a tie in your votes, I will randomly throw the oxygen mask and the one closer to it will get to use it. You can also choose the random option from the start.

Emma: That's so harsh!

Topher: I know, we're good at this. Anyway, is everything clear? Perfect. I'm leavin' ya!

The temporary host says, puts on his oxygen mask and leaves through the water.

You exchange worried glances with your sister.

Who should survive?

  • A - I should. As a future lawyer, I have a better future ahead of me.
  • B - Kitty should. She's more optimistic and thus more likely to cope with the dangerous conditions.
  • C - Let the game decide.

Emma: "I can't believe I'm saying this, but..."

Emma: Kitty, you should survive.

Kitty: What? I was sure you'd choose yourself. You know, you're the smart one with the promising future as a lawyer...

Emma: But I may have no future at all, even if I survive this round. You're my younger sister and I have to act responsibly. Besides, remember how distraught I was after Jake broke up with me? This game is just putting an end to my suffering. And you're always so positive. Stay like this! Never change and be yourself! Survive this for both of us!

Kitty: Em...

You look right into your younger sister's eyes.

Kitty: No, I can't let you do this! I have to take care for my sister too! And you have more promising future than I do! You're the smart one, I'm sure you'll survive the next parts of this game.

Emma: Kit...

Kitty: I'm voting for you to live!

Topher: Looks like after this touching scene we have a tie. Welp, if you two want the other one to survive to much that you can't decide, the game is going to choose for you. And by game I mean my fabulous hands.

The temporary host says and closes his eyes, moving a little back, spinning around and throwing an oxygen mask randomly. It lands closer to... Kitty.

Kitty: No! Emma!

Emma: Don't worry, I'll be fine. Now put this on and leave this trap!

Kitty: Don't move anywhere! Your head is going to explode! Stay here! I'll come back for you...

Emma: "If they'll allow you."

You order your sister, who puts on her oxygen mask and leaves the cave, going underwater, right where the temporary host headed while she was putting on her mask. As you predicted, your sister doesn't come back for a long time, which means she wasn't allowed to come back for you. You guess she was put to sleep with that gas leak, just like in previous seasons. Although you remember any attempt to escape will end in suicide for you, you decide not to waste your time on starving to death. You go to the water and try to swim to somehow find a way to the surface, but even before you can do it, the collar on your neck turns red and makes some noise. You don't know what happened afterwards. Thus, you don't know that your headless corpse reached the bottom of the ocean and no one knows where exactly it is.

Crimson and Ennui

  • Playing as: Ennui

You wake up, surrounded by complete darkness.

Ennui: "How beautiful."

You try to move around, but you discover you're inside some very small, enclosed space.

Ennui: "Could it be... No, that would be too beautiful..."

Your thoughts are soon interrupted by someone's voice that you hear right in your ears. You're apparently wearing some earphones.

Don: Great, you're both awake now.

Ennui: "Both? I'm certain I'm here alone."

Don: Crimson, Ennui, you're so unique that you'll get unique type of exposition. You're hearing me and each other through the earphones that we gave you. Don't worry, we'll take them back from you once this will be over.

Ennui: "Wait, Crimson's here too?"

Don: I know it may be uncomfortable to be inside a coffin, so I'll explain it quickly. Although knowing you, you're possibly enjoying this.

Ennui: "We're inside a coffin? Wow. I'm so happy I could pee myself. I bet Crimson feels the same way."

Don: Do you recall that show you auditioned for? You know, The Ridonculous Race. Guess what, this was a fake show created just to get some "volunteers" for another season of that massacre, Total Drama Horror.

Ennui: "Total Drama Horror? Crimson and I loved watching videos from those massacres online."

Don: So yeah, you're the victims now. And the rules of this season are different. One person IS going to die in the first round. And you vote for who will survive. An intern will open the coffin of the one that you'll choose to survive. The other one will be left inside to die out of dehydration and/or starvation. And no, you won't be able to come back to save them. The survivor will be immediately put to sleep with our special gas so that they won't recognize the graveyard you're buried alive in. Heh, too bad. It's quite close to certain famous place... Anyway, in case of a tie in your votes, the survivor's coffin will be chosen by the intern randomly. You can also go with random option since the start. Oh, and don't bother to cheat in any way or the collars that you're wearing on your necks will blow your heads off.


Don: You two are strangely quiet. Is everything clear to you?

Crimson: We got it.

Ennui: Yeah.

Don: Cool. But you could be more scared, you know. Are you trying to ruin this horror show?

Crimson: Nah, we're fine with it. It's actually beautiful.

Ennui: Yeah, what to be scared of?

Don: Well, I would be scared if I were you. You could be safe only if you were moles, and both of you refused this role so that you could die. What is wrong with you?! Anyway, just vote already! Out loud!

Crimson: So...

Ennui: Yeah...

Crimson: We both want it... We both want to die.

Ennui: But dying together would be much better.

Crimson: Yeah. Too bad one of us is going to survive without the other.

Ennui: So could I...die?

Crimson: Or could I?

Who should survive?

  • A - Crimson. She's my girlfriend and I want her to survive. Plus, I want to die.
  • B - I should. Crimson's my girlfriend and she wants to die too. I should let her.
  • C - Let the game decide. We both want to die and it'd hurt both of us to survive without the other one.

Ennui: Well, you're my girlfriend. If you want to die, I should let you. And at least I'll prevent you from feeling the despair after losing a loved one.

Crimson: Thanks, that was so sweet. But as your girlfriend, I should let you die when you want to too.

Don: So you guys are voting for each other because you love each other? You're creepier than the producers of this show!

Crimson: I guess.

Ennui: Maybe we are. I dunno.

Don: Fine. Intern, there's a tie, they chose each other. Choose randomly.

You wait for the outcome. You're fine with either result. Either you die, which is something you look forward or your girlfriend gets to get her wish come true. After a brief moment, you hear that someone's opening your coffin.

Ennui: "So it's me... I'm sorry, Crimson."

Soon your coffin is opened and a man in hazmat suit helps you get outside the coffin. Before you can look around to figure out where you and your girlfriend were buried, the man in hazmat suit sprays you with some gas that makes you immediately fall asleep. You still have enough time for some sad thoughts, sadder than ever.

Ennui: "I don't even know which coffin is Crimson's... Or where she'll die."

Jay and Mickey

  • Playing as: Jay

You wake up and feel weaker than usual. You look around and wait until your vision is back to normal. You're sitting on a chair in front of a small table with some food, a plasma TV and a remote on it. You're inside some small, Chinese-looking cottage. And your twin brother is sitting next to you, with his head lying on the table. He's still asleep.

Jay: Mickey! Mickey, wake up!

Mickey: Huh?

Jay: It looks like our bad luck has reached it maximum. We've been kidnapped!

Mickey: W-what?! Who'd kidnap us?! And what for?! Our organs aren't working properly! Who'd need us for our weak organs?!

Jay: Exactly. Which is why I think we were kidnapped for a different reason. Hmm... This scenario seems oddly familiar...

Mickey: Oh, no! It's that scary show that caused us to wet our beds again since the day we watched first season!

Jay: Ugh! We wanted to compete on a reality TV show to prove the others we're still worthy! Why did we have to end up being the victims of this cruel show?! Why?!

Mickey: I bet it's because of our adversity. Of course the other show we signed up for had to be t\another fake show to collect victims for the next season.

Jay: Yeah, we should've probably seen that coming.

Mickey: Hey, maybe if we don't turn the TV on we won't have to take part in it?

Jay: I doubt it. You're wearing that collar on your neck.

Mickey: Oh, right. You do too.

Jay: I guess we have no other choice...

You turn the TV on.


Don: What? Do I look that bad?

Jay: No, it's just... We know what it all means.

Don: Oh, cool. You don't know how hard it is to come up with original introductions. But even if you're familiar with the show, I have to warn you about a certain new rule. This time one person IS going to die in their first challenge. And you decide who will survive.

Mickey: WHAT?!

Don: Yep. You see this Chinese food in front of you? It's poisoned. One of you will be forced to eat it. It's actually not that dangerous in small amount, but considering your bad luck and weak organs, even one bit is going to poison you to death.

Mickey: That's horrifying! Just imagining that makes me want to puke!

Jay: "Sigh. If only we had stronger stomachs..."

Don: And you're going to decide who's going to be the "lucky" one to taste this poisoned Chinese food. In case of a tie, an intern whose relative let us inside this small cottage will randomly one of you by flipping a coin. Whoever's going to be chosen will be even more unlucky than his brother, hehe. Oh, you can also vote for the random option if you want.

Both you and your brother sigh after hearing about your potential fate.

Don: Hey, cheer up. At least you'll die close to the Great Wall of China! I actually wanted this challenge to take place there, but there were too many tourists. Huh, funny. You'd think that there should be enough space on such a long wall for you to have this challenge without anyone noticing. Anyway, good luck! Although it sounds ironic when I say it to you two, especially in this situation.

The TV screen turns into static.

Mickey: S-so...

Jay: Uhm...

Who should survive?

  • A - I should. I'm stronger than my twin brother so I have more chances to survive later on.
  • B - Mickey should. He's my twin brother, I love him. I can't give him a death sentence.
  • C - Let the game decide.

Jay: Mickey, we're both unlucky and unlikely to survive. I guess we should let the game decide for us. It's not like one of us have better chances of surviving anyway. And it won't cause some conflict between us in our last minutes of life.

Mickey: Sure thing, brother. I vote for random choice too.

Jay: "Now who's going to be the more unlucky one?"

A long, dark haired intern comes in, shows you the coin and tells you to pick a side. The side that wins allow the one who picked it to survive.

Mickey: Head, I guess.

Jay: This leaves me tail.

The intern throws the coin. It lands on... the tail.

Jay: "Phew. Wait! No! Mickey!"

Mickey: No!

Don: Alright. Mickey, you've been chosen. Guess you're the more unlucky twin. Anyway, eat it now or have your head blown up!

Mickey: F-fine, I'll eat.

You watch in horror as your twin brother eats the poisoned food.

Jay: Mickey, why did you pick the food? Wouldn't dying by having your head blown be faster and less painful death?

Mickey: I thought that since I'm gonna die anyway, maybe they'll let me go. I'd warn the local people and maybe they'd save you...

You're touched by your twin brother's idea.

Jay: Mickey...

Don: Well, too bad this poison will work really fast. Especially on someone with as weak organism as you.

Much to your horror, the host's words quickly come true. Your twin brother falls on the ground and starts shaking uncontrollably.

Jay: Mickey, try to vomit it!

Mickey: I-I c-can't!

These are your twin brother's last words. His shaking stops and he's staring in the same direction now. You close his eyes to respect him. And then you're sprayed with a gas that makes you quickly fall asleep by the intern in hazmat suit.

Jay: "For once I actually wish I was the unlucky one. I wouldn't have to witness this..."

Ryan and Stephanie

  • Playing as: Ryan

You wake up.

Ryan: "Ugh. My head hurts so much. Am I... on the train tracks?"

You can't move - you're strongly tied to the tracks. Instead you just look around by turning your head on the left and later on the right. You see your girlfriend, who's also tied to the tracks.

Stephanie: Finally! I thought I'd have to start talkin' to the air if you didn't wake up soon!

Ryan: Hey, it's not my fault! Where are we anyway?

Stephanie: You're actin' as if you didn't know.

Ryan: Cuz I don't!

Your conversation is soon interrupted by someone's voice. You can hear by its quality that it comes from some video message. Apparently your kidnapper is still around and turned on some message.

Don: Ah, look at these two lovebirds! They loved each other so much that they decided to compete together on a reality show. Little did they know that the show was fake and they're yet another victims of Total Drama Horror...

Stephanie: Oh, I remember that show. My ex and I used to watch clips from previous seasons as a way to watch horror movies. Too bad he was too much of a p**sy and couldn't handle the gore!

Ryan: Steph, it's all your fault! You wanted to sign up for that new show!

Stephanie: Hey, you still agreed though!

Don: Aww, what a romantic conversation! Your death will be quite romantic too. A threat of a train riding you over on the train tracks. And not just any train tracks, train tracks in Darjeeling! It's just like in movies. Except you won't get to save each other.

Ryan: WHAT?!

Don: You see, this season one contestant IS going to die in the first challenge. And YOU decide who will survive. Once you will, an intern who turned on the TV for you will untie one of you. In case of a tie in the votes, the intern will choose one of you randomly. You can also vote for the random option since the beginning. But remember - you cannot try to take your revenge on the poor intern by tying him to the tracks. This would be against the rules and would results in the collars that you're wearing on your necks blowing your heads off. You also can't untie your partner after being saved.

Stephanie: Got it!

Don: I advice you to choose quickly. The train is about five minutes away from you and the intern needs a little time to untie one of you and get out of the tracks with the survivor.

Stephanie: Pfft! The choice is simple. Neither of us can die!

Ryan: What are you talkin' about?! He said one of us IS going to die!

Stephanie: Oh, you're talkin' as if you didn't know what I mean.

Ryan: "Maybe I don't really know this woman that well..."

Don: Hey, shush! Don't reveal the spicy secrets and just vote! Unless you both want to die because the intern would fail to untie you on time!

Stephanie: Yeah, suuuuure...

Ryan: "Hmm... Stephanie's so confident... Could this mean..."

Who should survive?

  • A - I should. Stephanie's confident she'll survive anyway.
  • B - Stephanie should. She's my girlfriend and I love her. I can't let her die.
  • C - Let the game decide.

Ryan: "No, it cannot be. I know her. She's not evil. She wouldn't agree to be a mole, would she? Besides, I love her! I can't let her die. And if I didn't choose an option that may allow her to survive, she'd kill me before that train would. Even when tied up!"

Ryan: Steph, I think it'd be fair if we voted for random option. I want to survive too, but not at the cost of your life.

Stephanie: Aww, you're so romantic! Sure. I vote for random choice too.

Your girlfriend says, winking at you suspiciously.

Don: Well, the random option isn't so random in this case. Ryan if only you agreed to be a mole when you were offered the role, you'd survive. But since you didn't and your girlfriend did, the random choice is actually pre-determined.

Stephanie: WHAT?! You didn't agree to be a mole?! I was sure you did?! Why didn't you?! We'd both survive!

Ryan: Because I don't want to be forced to kill or sabotage, duh! And why did you agree?!

Stephanie: So that we both could survive, you idiot!

Ryan: Well, I'm sorry that my way of thinking isn't the same as yours!

Don: Shush! Intern, just untie Stephanie already.

The intern takes off his gloves, unties Stephanie, and quickly comes back with her. After they're both in safe place, he sprays her with the gas that makes her feel sleepy.

Ryan: "So she thought we both were moles... If only she didn't assume that... If only I told her I'm not a mole before the voting... If only I agreed to be a mole... We'd still be together."

Those are the last thoughts that you ever had.

A sleepy Stephanie soon watches in horror as an incoming train rips Ryan's body in pieces, making the area on the tracks around him, Stephanie and intern's hazmat suit full of your blood. The intern quickly takes off his suit and hides it, along with the machine that sprays the gas, in his luggage. When the people who got off the train arrive at the place, he tells them that one man committed suicide and his girlfriend fainted after witnessing this. He then quickly leaves the place, dragging an asleep Stephanie with himself, before the police could arrive.

Jacques and Josee

  • Playing as: Jacques

(A.N. This trap was inspired Ice Block trap from Saw IV. Read here for further reference. Although it's actually very different.)

You wake up, feeling something on your neck. You touch your neck with your hands and you can feel some rope and neck. In front of you, you can see an empty space of some safari land. Well, not entirely empty. There is a man in hazmat suit standing next to a plasma TV. You already know what it means. You look around. On your left, you can see your ice skating partner, Josee. She's also wearing a collar and a rope on her neck. The rope is attached to one of the branches above you. They're too high for you to reach. You also notice she's standing in her skates on a huge, already melting block of ice. And then you realize you do too.

Jacques: Jo-see! Jos-ee, wake ap!

Josee: Huh?

Jacques: Josee, don't-move! We-are stand-eeng on-a block-of-ice!


Upon seeing both of you being awaken, the man in hazmat suit takes off one of his gloves and turns on the TV. It shows a person that is familiar to you.

Jacques: "Don..."

Don: Well, hello there, ice skaters. You must be pretty surprised of your surroundings, aren't you? You're not often in safari. You spend more time on stadiums, courts and places related to ice...

Josee: Of course we do, we're ice dancers and Olympians!

Don: Yeah, speaking of which, it will be a true tragedy for Canada. Losing such talented Olympians...

Josee: It'd be a tragedy to our fans from all over the world too! Don't forget about them!

Don: Oh yeah. I'm sure they'll be watching this scene. Unless it'd be too scary for them. Anyway, I'm pretty sure you're both aware of what's to come to you. Even if you don't remember at the moment, you must have already figured out how your trap works. You move your legs and you're not standing on block of ice anymore, resulting in you dying like a person who commits suicide by hanging themselves.

Jacques: We would nev-arr com-eat su-ic-ide! We would-ent do-zat for aw-er fans!

Don: Yeah, about that. One of you will be forced to. This season one person IS going to die. And you're voting for who should survive. A tie in votes results in my intern choosing one of you randomly with a toss of a coin. If you wouldn't be able to choose between yourself and your partner, you can also vote for the random choice. Oh, and don't bother to free yourself or your partner from the trap. Cheating will results in your heads being blown up with the collars that you're wearing on your necks.

Josee and you sigh. You always enjoyed cheating.

Don: Got it?

Josee: Yeah, I understood.

Jacques: Me too.

Don: Cool. Pun not intended. Because, you know, you better vote quickly or else the blocks of ice are going to melt and you'll both be hanging before my intern can tie one of you down. Zimbabwe isn't a place where ice is going to survive for a long time. Anyway... 3...2...1... START!

Jacques: Jo-see, there eez-some-theeng import-ent I must tell-you be-fore we vote...

Josee: Don't tell me you have a crush on me now.

Jacques: No. I-mean... I'm-not all-owed to tell-you that... but... I met "them", b...

Don: Hey! I told you you can't reveal that before the voting!

Jacques: Crap! I-hope you und-er-stand Jo-see, I d...

Josee: I do. I met "them" too.

Don: Shush! Just vote before your blocks of ice melt!

Jacques: Y-yeah...

Who should survive?

  • A - I should. Josee met "them" too.
  • B - Josee should. She's my ice dancing partner, I can't let her die.
  • C - Let the game decide.

Jacques: "No, it's impo-si-ble for Jo-see to be-a-mole! She must-have dec-li-ned like me!"

Jacques: I-think we sh-ould vote for ran-dom choiz. It'd-be fair for both-of-us.

Josee: Sure, my little partner in crime.

Your ice dancing partner says, winking at you. You know her so well that you quickly realize what it means.

Jacques: "Oh-no! She-is a-mole and she thinks I'm-a-one too! I-need to cor-rect her!"

Don: Glad to see you both agreed. Voting's over. But in this...

Jacques: No, wait! I-change my-vote!

Don: Too late, you already decided.

Josee: Wait, don't tell me you want ME to die!

Jacques: Of-course I-don't! I-just need to pre-cise what I-said!

Don: Doesn't matter, too late for that anyway. You've both chosen the random option. Except, there is a mole among you. Only one mole. Which means that the random option isn't actually so random, it's pre-determined. Hey, intern!

Josee: Wait, so you weren't a mole?!

Jacques: Of-course I-weren't! Why would-I? It's too mean! And it's-not a-sports com-pe-ti-tion.

Josee: But it's a life competition! Didn't you want to get out of this alive in one piece? I did it for the name of our Olympic future!

Jacques: It-still see-med wro-ng for-me. For-give-me, Jo-see!

You say, sad that you didn't risk to take the offer of being a mole. You were always more moral than Josee, but this time you believe she was right. It was a life or death competition, after all. Nonetheless, your feeling of guilt is interrupted by panic when an intern in hazmat suit comes to you and kicks your ice block away. With nothing to stand on, you're being hanged. You struggle for air, but you know that even if you bother to free yourself, your head would explode.

Jacques: "I-wish I-could cheat..."

You look at Josee as the intern frees her from her trap and sprays with some gas that makes her feel sleepy.

Jacques: "At-least she-is safe...

And that's the last thought you've ever had. As soon as you finish this sentence in your head, the rope successfully chokes you to death.

Josee watches in horror as her ice dancing partner hangs on a rope without making any movement.

Josee: I...was sure I understood him... If only I knew... I should've known...

Josee stops lamenting her partner's death as she falls asleep and is dragged away.

Brody and Tammy

  • Playing as: Brody

You wake up, but you're surrounded by darkness, even when you open your eyes.

Brody: "Where am I? Was I partying too hard?"

Your vision soon gets used to the surrounding darkness. You're in a cave. There are some torches on the walls of a cave every once in a while, allowing the inside to be slightly enlightened. This also allows you to notice a person lying nearby. You come to this person. It's a girl and she's still asleep. You decide not to waste any time and wake her up, hoping she knows something about your whereabouts.

Brody: Hi, I'm Brody.


Brody: What? Is something wrong with my name?

Tammy: No, you just scared me.

Brody: What's your name? And what's up with this weird costume?

Tammy: I'm Tammy. Weird? How dare you?!

Brody: Sorry, didn't mean to be mean. You know where we are?

Tammy: No. Do you?

Brody: Nope. No idea.

Your conversation is interrupted by a plasma TV screen being turned on, causing the surroundings to be enlightened more. You can now see another person standing next to the TV. You can't see who exactly because that person is wearing a hazmat suit.

Brody: "A fireman? Here?"

Brody: Yo, what's up with all these weird costumes?

Tammy: Maybe it's LARPers reunion?

Brody: What's a LARPer?

Tammy: Nevermind. I guess it isn't if you don't even know who LARPer is.

Don: Just stop talking and let me explain already! Although I believe I don't have to explain it to you. Two strangers in an unfamiliar place with a person in hazmat suit and another person talking to them through plasma TV screen? Both of you already had friends in such situation...

Brody: Oh no, you don't mean...!

Tammy: Why us?

Don: You were the only two people left who signed up for the fake show, Total Drama Island, three years ago. You're leftovers. And the producers don't like wasting anything...or anyone.

Brody: Why didn't you put us on a season with our friends then?

Don: I guess the producers wanted maximally one pair of victims who knew each other per season. Season 1 in which Geoff participated already had Katie and Sadie and season 3 in which Leonard participated already had Amy and Samey. The producers changed their mind about this rule this season though.

Brody: That makes sense, I guess.

Don: Anyway, the intern is soon going to push a huge boulder in your direction. Don't worry about him though. He'll be standing behind it so it won't go in his direction. As for you, there is a small hole in the cave's wall where one of you can hide.

Brody: Why only one?

Don: Oh, did I forget to mention? This season introduced new rule. One victim IS going to die in the first challenge. And you'll be voting for who should survive. In case of a tie, the intern is going to choose randomly by flipping a coin. You can also vote for the random option at the start. Got it?

Brody: Uh...

Tammy: Um...

Don: Good! So let the voting begin!

Who should survive?

  • A - I should. I don't even know her. Why should I let her survive?
  • B - She should. I'm probably gonna die sooner or later anyway.
  • C - Let the game decide.

Brody: "Can I trust her? I don't even know her. She might be that mole or whatever it was called. I think I shouldn't risk my life."

Brody: I vote for myself to survive, dude.

Tammy: WHAT?! Fine, then I vote for myself.

Don: I kinda saw that result coming. After all, unlike the other pairs of this season, you didn't know each other. Anyway, now choose head or tails.

Brody: Tails.

Tammy: Head, I guess.

Don: Alright, let's see which one of you will indeed be safe. Oh, intern! Flip the coin!

the man in hazmat suit takes his glove off and reaches for a coin stored somewhere in his suit. He then flips it and, after taking a torch from a wall to see which side it landed on, confirms the result.

Intern: Tails.

Brody: Woohoo!

Tammy: Oh, crap.

Don: Brody, hide quickly in the hole in the wall. Tammy, don't even think about going there before him. That'd be against the rules and result in your head being blown off by the collar that you're wearing on your neck. Same to you Brody, don't attempt to save Tammy!

You run to your hiding place, feeling both happy that you got to live and guilty that you have to watch someone else's execution. Once you're fully hidden inside a small hole in the wall, Don gives the intern the signal. The intern then proceeds to push the boulder, which rolls down the path of the cave and soon crushes Tammy to death. You get out of your hiding place and take a look at Tammy's heavily crushed corpse. The terrifying sight causes you to run back to your hiding place and vomit there. When you come back, the man in hazmat suit is already awaiting you with some machine. The machine then releases gas that makes you feel weak and sleepy.

Brody: "That's so scary! It could've been me!"

You think as you fall asleep.

Dwayne and Junior

  • Playing as: Dwayne

You wake up in some open field. When your vision becomes less blurry, you start looking around. You're near the edge of some mountain. Around there is some mechanical bull, a plasma TV, a man in hazmat suit and... your son, who's still unconscious.

Dwayne: "Oh gosh, Junior! Is he alright?!"

Dwayne: Who are you?! Where are we?! And what have you done to my son?!

Intern: Nothing...yet.

Dwayne: Wha...

And then your son wakes up.

Dwayne: Junior! You're still alive!

'Junior: Um, of course I am, dad. I shouldn't I be?

Dwayne: Because we've been kidnapped!

Junior: WHAT?! Why?!

Dwayne: Don't worry kiddo, your dad is going to save us!

Right after those words, the man in hazmat suit takes off his glove to turn on the TV. You see a familiar face.

Dwayne: Isn't he...

Junior: That guy from the advertisement for a new race show? Yes, that's him.

Dwayne: Oh no, that means...

Don: Yep, I am me and that means you're taking part in the newest season of Total Drama Horror!

Dwayne: Darn it! Your mom told me not to sign us up for any reality show after those three massacres. But that show was different! I didn't expect it to be another fake show created to kidnap some new victims. Oh God, why didn't I listen to your mother?! I just wanted to spend some time with you... I'm always at work... This show's format seemed like a good opportunity to have some time to bond...

You say, losing your previous confidence.

Junior: Dad...

Your son says, also visibly sadder.

Don: Well, too bad. Because this season one victim IS going to die in their first challenge. And YOU will be voting for who should survive!

Dwayne: WHAT?! That's even worse! No matter what I won't get to see my son ever again!

Don: I know, I'm good.

Dwayne: No, you're pure evil!

Don: Hey, don't blame it entirely on me. Anyway... one of you will have to ride that mechanical bull. It will be shaking so strongly that it'll throw you off, causing you to fall from the edge of the mountain to your death.

Junior: And what if it'd throw us in the opposite direction?

Don: You'd be forced to try again and again until it'd finally throw you off the mountain.

Junior: But that's stupid. I mean, we can still escape or just throw off that guy in the hazmat suit. We're in the open field.

Don: Don't you worry your little head. You're wearing collars on your necks that will prevent you from doing anything against the rules. It will blow your heads off if you'd try to cheat.

Junior: And what if we'd vote differently? 2 different votes would mean a tie.

Don: In case of a tie, the intern will select one of you randomly by turning around and throwing a rock behind him. Whoever will be hit with the rock or will at least be closer to where it landed wins life.

Junior: And what if we refuse to vote?

Don: Don't try to be a smart**s! That would be considered as doing something against the rules and result in the penalty from the collars that I already mentioned. Alright, I believe that's all for the explanation. Let's start the voting already!

Junior: Dad, I so don't want to vote...

Dwayne: Me neither. I just wish I could save both of us... I wish I hadn't signed us up for this show...

Junior: It's alright, dad. You didn't know. And I agreed.

Dwayne: Maybe we can prolong this so we'll at least be together a little longer?

Junior: I'm afraid they'd blow our heads if we tried.

Don: That's correct. So vote already!

Who should survive?

  • A - I should. Junior wouldn't be able to survive the rest of this massacre. And I can't let him have a trauma for the rest of his life if he survives.
  • B - Junior should. He's my child, I want him to survive and have his own future.
  • C - Let the game decide.

Dwayne: "I can let my son die. Besides, if I survived, my wife would kill me anyway for letting our child die. Heck, she'd kill me for signing up for this despite her warnings."

Dwayne: Junior, we're gonna vote for me.

Junior: What?! No!

Dwayne: Yes, Junior. I signed us up for a show that turned out to be fake because I wanted to spend more time with you. I endangered our lives. This is the only chance for me to redeem myself.

Junior: But dad, I agreed to be on this show with you. And neither of us knew how it'd end.

Dwayne: I know, but still. And your mom would kill me anyway if I survived and let you die. Do you want her to be mad? Do you want me to live with the thought that I let my son die?

Junior: But if I let you die it wouldn't be any better!

Dwayne: You're wrong, son. You are a child. I mean, a teenager. You have a future ahead of you. And children shouldn't die before their parents. So do this for you, me and your mother. Survive this for all of us! Survive and live a good life. And don't you ever forget that I love you!

Junior: D-dad...

You can see tears appearing on your son's face. After witnessing this, they appear on your face too.

Dwayne: Don, we're voting for me to die and my son to survive!

Don: You can't vote for both of you. Junior, do you agree with his decision?

Your son looks at you in tears. You can see he's very reluctant. This touches you greatly.

Junior: Y-yes...

Don: Alright then. Now it's decided. Oh, intern!

The intern places you on the mechanical bull. It's shaking in every direction so fast that you don't last on it for too long. You almost immediately are thrown off the mountain's edge. While falling down you face the direction of the edge and you can see your son watching your fall from there, still in tears.

Dwayne: "Cheer up, Junior. At least I saved you..."

And this is the last thought of your life.

Dwayne's body is crushed drastically upon the contact with the ground. Junior didn't get to see the end of Dwayne's fall due to the distance, but witnessing just a bit of it was able to scare him.

Junior: Y-you monsters! I hope you'll pay for this!

Don: We can't. Life is priceless. If we paid some sum for your dad's death, it'd be an insult to both him and you.

Junior: Hey, don't you make sarcastic remarks in this situation!

Don: Sorry. Hey, intern, you know what to do.

Junior falls on the ground after inhaling the special gas. He falls asleep with the image of his dad falling off the mountain to his death in his head.

MacArthur and Sanders

  • Playing as: Sanders

Some echoed voice interrupts your dream.

???: Sanders! Sanders, wake up!

Sanders: "Huh? Yeah, just... five more minutes..."

???: Sanders, wake up, it's important!

The voice sounds familiar.

Sanders: "MacArthur?"

You wake up and your suspicions is confirmed. Your friend from police academy is siting right in front of you, shouting right into your ears.

MacArthur: Finally!

You look around. You're in some cold place, there's snow everywhere. There's also some huge hole in the ground, a plasma TV right next to it, and some person wearing a hazmat suit, standing next to the TV.

Sanders: What is this? Where are we?

MacArthur: So you don't know? I was hoping you'd tell me.

Sanders: Nope, no idea. Maybe let's ask that person in hazmat suit?

MacArthur: Sanders, wait! He may be an enemy! What normal person wears a suit like that?

Sanders: Maybe someone who needs it for work?

MacArthur: What kind of work, huh? Did you think about it?

Sanders: Come on. It's not like we know how to leave this place. We can at least ask that person.

You stand up and come to ask the mysterious person about your whereabouts, but once you do, the person just turns on the TV instead.

Don: Hello, ladies. What an interesting pair we've got here. You, as the policewomen, represent the forces of good and I, as the host of the newest Total Drama Horror season, represent the forces of evil.

Sanders: Total Drama Horror? Oh, no! We've been watching it in the news at police academy since the first season. It's terrifying!

MacArthur: Yeah, and we're gonna crush those forces of evil!

Sanders: You sure about that? They're pretty dangerous and no one knows where they're hiding.

MacArthur: Think about it, Sanders. We're now inside their game. We can destroy them from within! That's all we wanted since we watched the first season!

Sanders: That's all you wanted.

MacArthur: Come on, Sanders. I know you want it too.

Sanders: Fine, maybe I do.

MacArthur: Good, that's the Sanders I know!

Don: Um, hello? You're kinda in the middle of something? Will you let me finish?

MacArthur: I let you.

Don: Good. I see you have some pretty big plans. Too bad you're not going to fulfill them together. Because this season one victim IS going to die in the first round!

Sanders: No way!

Don: Way. And YOU will be voting for who should survive!

MacArthur: Obviously I should. I'm all glutes. Sanders's all bones.

Sanders: MacArthur!

MacArthur: Sorry, I was just kidding.

Sanders: Wait, what makes you think we will agree for your sick game? There's two of us and only one intern! And we're in open field.

Don: Aside from the fact that you don't know which way to go home... You're also wearing those collars that will make sure you follow our rules. If you'd attempt to cheat, the collars will blow your heads off.

MacArthur: Oh, sh...

Sanders: MacArthur! Language!

MacArthur: What? This is a serious situation! It requires serious language!

Sanders: A true policewoman never swears! At least not in public.

MacArthur: Hey, host! Your stupid game is stupid! We can just vote for ourselves or for each other and we'll be safe.

Don: Oh, we prepared for that. In case of a tie in the votes, the intern is going to select randomly. Since it's too cold for him to take his glove off, he's just going to turn around and throw a rock behind him. Whoever will be hit with it or at least will be closer to it won't have to do the challenge.

Sanders: And what's the "challenge", or should I say "torture"?

Don: You see that hole in the ground? All you have to do is to jump inside it. Funny, when we heard this is the deepest hole on the world, we just knew we'd use it for the challenge. But it turned out it was too small for a human to fit in. So the producers bribed the local workers to enlarge it. And they did, quite fast. Good people.

MacArthur: Good people are the ones who'll destroy you!

Don: Ok, ok, calm down and just start the voting. Now.

Sanders: Wait, no!

Don: Too late, it started. You better vote quickly or your heads will explode.

You and your friend exchange worried looks.

Who should survive?

  • A - MacArthur should. I'm not as confident I'll destroy them as she is.
  • B - I should. MacArthur isn't rational when she's confident. She's bound to do something stupid rather than destroy them.
  • C - Let the game decide.

Sanders: "Oh, no. MacArthur is so confident that she'll defeat them. When she's confident, she's not acting rational. Think Sanders, what kind of trouble is she getting into now?"

And then it hits you. You suddenly remember MacArthur words: "We're now inside their game. We can destroy them from within!".

Sanders: "Inside their game? We can defeat them from within? Did she do what I think she did?"

Sanders: I'm voting for myself to survive.

MacArthur: What the hell, Sanders?!

Sanders: The way you said it... Did you agree to be a mole to destroy the producers from within?

MacArthur: Did you not?!

Don: Wow, wow, wow, girls! Too many spicy secrets! MacArthur, Sanders already voted. Please proceed with the voting.

MacArthur: I'm sorry Sanders, I can't confirm it or I'll be punished.

Don: MacArthur!

MacArthur: But I see you're clearly not a mole. So I vote for you to survive.

Don: Dammit!

Sanders: What happened?

Don: Your suspicions were correct, Sanders. MacArthur was in fact a mole, so she was safe this round. And you voted the non-mole to survive, which means... All the hard work of those workers to enlarge this hole... Wasted! You two are soulless!

Sanders: So we both survived?

Don: According to the rules, yes.

MacArthur: Awesome! Now we can destroy them together!

Your friend says and rushes onto the intern. However, he stops her by spraying her with a huge amount of sleeping gas. It quickly reaches you. You both lose your consciousness again.

Sanders: "Wherever they're taking us, we'll survive! Because we have each other!"

Chet and Lorenzo

  • Playing as: Chet

You wake up, feeling cold. When you see your surroundings, you feel like you're about to scream out of panic.

Chet: "What am I doing on a mountain?"

You notice Lorenzo is also with you, still asleep.

Chet: "Perfect..."

And then you notice a person in hazmat suit and a plasma TV.

Chet: "That guy knew what to wear on a mountain. I wonder what we're gonna watch on that TV."

Out of sudden, the person in hazmat suit speaks to you.

Intern: Wake him up, I'm becoming impatient.

His words ere muffled due to his suit, but you managed to understand him.

Chet: With pleasure!

You say, coming to Lorenzo and kicking him in the face.

Lorenzo: Agh! What's your deal?!

Your stepbrother quickly wakes up and jumps on you. He hits you on the face with one fist, causing your nose to bleed.

Now that you're both awake, the intern takes off his glove and turns on the TV.

Don: Wow, your "love" towards each other makes it much more interesting.

Lorenzo: Makes what more interesting?

Don: The game. You still don't recognize this type of situation?

Chet: Not really...

Lorenzo: Cuz you're stupid! I do. I think I saw it in "Saw".

Don: Total Drama Horror, anyone?

Chet and Lorenzo: Ooooooh...

Chet: Wait, that means...

Lorenzo: We're f**cked!

Chet: I'll make sure I survive and you don't!

Lorenzo: Oh yeah? Ditto!

Don: It's interesting what you said. You see, usually, if you were smart enough, there would be a chance for both of you to survive. But not this season. This season one victim IS going to die in their first round.

Chet and Lorenzo: Yeah!

Don: And you'll be voting for who will survive.

Chet and Lorenzo: Oh.

Lorenzo: But we're obviously gonna vote for ourselves.

Don: Don't worry, in case of a tie, the intern will decide in a childish way that suits you both. Counting rhyme!

Chet and Lorenzo: Ugh!

Chet: We're not children, you know. We're seventeen!

Don: Whatever. You can also vote for the random choice too.

Lorenzo: And what if we don't agree?

Don: You're both wearing collars on your neck that will prevent you from doing anything against the rules by blowing your heads off.

Chet: So... what is the torture you prepared for us?

Don: Oh, that's simple. And avalanche. If you won't die by hitting some rock with a huge fore, you'll die being under a huge level of snow. We're gonna send a helicopter for our intern, TV screen, and the one who'll be voted as survivor. In fact, helicopter should be so loud that it will cause an avalanche.

Chet: What if the other one survives?

Don: I highly doubt it. Even if you will be conscious under that snow, there is no one around to help you and after that fall, you'll be too weak to come out. We're also gonna wait a little to make sure you won't come out. And if you did, the intern would just shoot you with his gun. Got it? Cool. Let's begin the voting then!

You and your stepbrother look at each other.

Who should survive?

  • A - I should. I hate Lorenzo.
  • B - Lorenzo should. He's my stepbrother, I shouldn't do that to him. And my parents may kill me for killing him.
  • C - Let the game decide.

You're about to vote for yourself to spare yourself from certain death at the cost of your hated stepbrother, but then you realize something.

Chet: Lorenzo, as much as I'd want to kill you, we can't do this.

Lorenzo: Why not?

Don: You can and you must.

Lorenzo: Yeah, heard him?

Chet: I mean, if we killed the other one, wouldn't our parents kill us if we survived this?

Lorenzo: Wouldn't the tie in votes cause a random choice though?

Chet: Yeah, but we still would be to blame for not even trying. We should vote for the random option since the beginning so maybe they'd forgive us.

Lorenzo: Hmm... That sounds... Smart, actually. Why didn't I come up with this?

Chet: Because you're stupid.

You say mockingly, but in a friendly tone.

Lorenzo: Shut up, bro.

He says mockingly, but also in a friendly tone. It appears the vision of the death of one of you made you appreciate each other a little bit more.

Don: And here I thought you'd simply vote for yourselves to survive. Fine! Choose the sides of the coin.

Chet: Head, because I'm the smart one.

Lorenzo: Hey, not fair!

Don: That leaves tails for Lorenzo. Hey, intern!

The intern takes off his glove and throws the coin. Fortunately, it's light enough not to land deeply in snow.

Intern: Head.

Chet: Yes!

Lorenzo: Oh, crap. Looks like I really suck at everything...

Chet: Bro...

You want to comfort him, but you know that now it'd be just empty words. The helicopter soon arrives and causes the avalanche. You and the intern who also brings the TV with himself manage to get in on time. Lorenzo is gone in the avalanche soon. While on helicopter, the intern sprays you with some gas that makes you fall asleep. Before you fall asleep, you watch through the windows whether Lorenzo comes out from the snow for as long as you can. He doesn't though.

Jen and Tom

  • Playing as: Jen

You wake up, feeling more tired than after a hard day of work. What you see shocks you. You're at some cliff with your best friend and blog partner, Tom, a plasma TV and some scary figure in hazmat suit.

Jen: Tom, Tom, wake up!

Tom: Huh?

Jen: Tom, do you know where we are?

Your friends wakes up and looks around.

Tom: No. But judging by that person's suit, we must be in some hell.

Jen: OMG, I thought, like, exactly the same thing!

Tom: I knew you would.

Jen: Haha. But seriously though, where are we?

The person in a hazmat suit that you despise so much takes off a glove and turns on the TV.

Tom: Take off more than just one glove! Show us the beautiful clothes you must be wearing underneath!

Jen: Agreed/ This hazmat suit makes you look fat.

Don: Oh, shut up you two. He's not taking his suit off. He needs it for this job.

Jen: Well, I guess it can't be helped then.

Tom: I hope he's wearing better clothes at home.

Jen: Me too.

Don: Will you two finally let me finish? Good! This hazmat suit may actually remind you of something, doesn't it?

Tom: No.

Jen: Not really.

Don: Total Drama Horror?

Jen and Tom: Oooooh.

Don: Good, I see you're familiar with the show. This should make the explanation easier. Your challenge is simple. Just jump of from this Mexican cliff. No, not to the water. It would be less painful. You have to jump off from the other side so you'll jump onto the land.

Jen: But we're in open field. We can just run away.

Tom: Although running makes us sweat.

Jen: Oh, right. I guess we can just walk away really fast.

Don: Actually, you can't.

Jen: Come on, those aren't even high heels! I'm sure I can.

Don: No, you can't.

Tom: He's right, that guy in the hazmat suit would probably catch us. Or at least one of us.

Don: Actually, what I'm trying to say is that this season introduced new rules. One of you IS going to die in the first round. No questions. Doing anything against the rules of the challenge will result in your heads being blown off with the collars you're wearing on your necks.

Tom: Wait, we're wearing collars on our necks?!

Jen: How come I didn't notice?!

You and your friend look at each others' collars due to being unable to see yours.

Tom: They're so ugly!

Jen: I know, right?

Don: Shut up! They may cause your death, so they don't have to be beautiful! Anyway, one more thing. You are going to vote for who should survive. The other one is going to jump and die.

Jen: Wait, one of us must die? This will be tragic for our blog!

Tom: I know, right? Our blog is called "Now trending with Tom and Jen" for a reason!

Don: I honestly don't care. Can we please continue?

Tom: So what if there will be a tie?

Jen: OMG, Tom, this reminds me of a tie that you were wearing at...

Don: Shut up! Don't worry about ties, we thought about that. In case of a tie, the intern is going to choose randomly by flipping a coin. You can also choose the random option yourselves. Everything's clear? Good! Start the voting then!

You and your friend exchange worried looks.

Who should survive?

  • A - I should. I started our blog, it needs me.
  • B - Tom should. He's my best friend and he made many useful changes to our blog, it needs him.
  • C - Let the game decide.

Jen: Tom, we're friends, I can't do this to any of us. And our blog needs us both. I started it but you made so many great changes to it. Random choice is our only option.

Tom: Well-said, Jen.

Jen: Thanks.

Don: Alright, then pick the sides of a coin.

Jen: Umm... head? You know, I started the blog.

Tom: Fine, I'll take the tails then.

The intern takes off his glove and throws the coin. It lands on...

Intern: Head.

Jen: Yes!

But then you realize what it means.

Jen: Crap!

Tom: Crap, indeed.

Don: You know what it means, Thomas.

Tom: I-I can't jump! I'm afraid of heights!

Don: My intern will help you then.

When the intern takes your friend with himself at the edge of the cliff, Tom says his last words to you.

Tom: Take care of our blog, Jen! It needs to survive. Make some changes if you'd want to. Like the name...

Jen: Oh no, Tom! I'm not removing your name from the title just because you'll die. I'll honor you and leave your name in the title!

Tom: T-thanks, sweetie.

He says with tears in his eyes, right before being thrown off the cliff by the intern.

Jen: "At least I could do that for him..."

But before you can grieve for too long, you fall asleep after being sprayed with some gas.

Rock and Spud

  • Playing as: Rock

You wake up, albeit very slowly. As you do, you examine your surroundings.

Rock: "I'm on a stage? With an asleep Spud? And no audience? What kind of concert is that?"

Knowing your friend, you don't hope he'd know what's happening, but you still decided to give it a try and wake him up to ask him what is going on.

Rock: Spud? Spud! Wake up!

Spud: Huh? Five more minutes, mom.

Rock: No, wake up now! And I'm not your mom.

Spud: ...Rock?

Your friend wakes up.

Spud: Whoa, where are we? Did we have a concert? Where did the audience go?

Rock: That's what I wanted to ask you.

Spud: What?

Rock: The questions you've just asked me.

Spud: What questions?

Rock: Ugh! Let's just find someone else who'd tell us what happened, ok?

Spud: Sure, bud. But it had to be a massive party if we're feelin' the way we're feelin'.

This thought kinda cheers you up.

Rock: Yeah.

Don: Unfortunately for you, it wasn't a party. It was kidnapping.

Some man in hazmat suit comes on stage with a plasma TV and some man on the screen talking to you. Unlike your friend, you quickly realize what it means.

Rock: Whaaaaaaa...?! Why are we on this show?! We didn't sign up for that fake one!

Don: The one you signed up was also fake.

Rock: Oh, that explains it.

Spud: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! A kidnapping?!

Rock: Spud, he just explained that.

Spud: When?

Rock: A few seconds before? We're on Total Drama Horror because signed up for another fake show.

Spud: Oh.

Don: Alright, let me explain the new rules of this season. You see, one of you IS going to die in the first round...

Spud: Wait, we're on Total Drama Horror?!

The host becomes impatient.

Don: Does he do that often?

Rock: Yes.

Don: Alright, moving on...

Spud: What?! One of us is going to die?! Why?!

You can see the host became very annoyed.

Don: As I was saying... One of you is going to die and you'll be voting for who should survive.

Rock: But there are two of us. There can be a tie. And we can just run away.

Don: Don't you worry about tie. In case of a tie, the intern is going to choose randomly by turning around and throwing a rock, hehe ironic, isn't it, Rock? Anyway, whoever will be hit with it or will be closer to where it landed survives. You can also vote for the random option.

Spud: Wait, what if there will be a tie?

Rock: He just explained it, Spud.

Spud: Oh.

Don: And you're forced to do as we tell you due to the collars you're wearing on your necks. Do something against the rules and your heads will be blown off.

Rock: That's horrific!

Don: Just do what we say and you'll be fine. That is, if you'd be the one to survive.

Rock: So what's our challenge anyway?

Spud: That's terrifying! How do I take off my collar?

Rock: You can't, Spud.

Don: Yes. As for the challenge, the unlucky one will have to be on the stage when the intern will push all the decorations, lights, speakers and so on. Trust me, once all of them fall on you at once, you'll be crushed to death.

Rock: Ouch.

Don: Kinda ironic way for one of you to go, isn't it? Alright, now that you know everything you can begin the voting.

Spud: Wait, what's the challenge?

Rock: He just explained that, Spud. You'll be crushed to death with all the decorations, lights and speakers.

Spud: Oh.

Don: Ready now?

Rock: Yes.

Spud: Crushed to death?! That's scary!

Both you and the host look at Spud annoyed.

Spud: Ready, I guess.

Don: Cool. Let's start then!

Who should survive?

  • A - I should. I'm afraid Spud doesn't quite follow what's happening.
  • B - Spud should. Thanks to his attitude, he should be immune to the horrors of this game.
  • C - Let the game decide.

You think about everything the previous victims have been through.

Rock: "I don't think I'll be able to come through all this. Spud's delayed reaction and attitude may actually help him not to be afraid of the upcoming horrors."

Rock: I can't believe I'm saying this but... I vote for Spud to survive.

Don: Wow, dude, really? Isn't it like a wasted vote?

Rock: Spud has a chance to actually make it against all the odds. He's the underdog. I would be acting too rational and would be too panicked.

Don: Whatever. Let's hear Spud's vote. Spud?

Spud: What?

Don: Vote, please.

Spud: Vote for what?

Don: Either for you or Rock.

Spud: But what am I voting for...

It appears your friend finally put all the pieces together.

Spud: Oooooooooh. I dunno. Rock, what do you think?

Don: Rock voted for you.

Spud: Then I vote for myself too.

Rock: Spud!

Spud: What? I'm sure you made the right choice. You always do.

Rock: But now I'm gonna definitely die! There will be no fair tie!

Spud: Oh, crap. I change my vote then.

Don: Too late. You both voted for Spud to survive. Rock, stay on the stage and wait for your death. Spud, follow the intern.

You watch as the intern in hazmat suit takes Spud and the TV on the backstage. You stay on the stage, awaiting the inevitable.

Rock: "At least I'll die on a stage, like a true rocker."

And then multiple decorations, lights and speakers fall at you all at once, crushing. You die immediately after one of the speakers crushes your brain.

Laurie and Miles

  • Playing as: Laurie

You wake up and see natural surroundings in a form of a jungle that you, from your knowledge, predict to be Brazilian jungle. You see your friend, Miles, still sleeping next to you. The beauty of the surroundings impresses you.

Laurie: "Am I in heaven?"

But then your peace is interrupted by another thought.

Laurie: How exactly did we end up here?

You decide to wake up your friend, even though that's not too healthy thing to do.

Laurie: Miles? Miles, wake up!

Miles: Huh...Where...are we?

Your friend is amazed by the natural surroundings, just like you were a few seconds ago. But she soon comes with the same important question.

Miles: How did we end up here?

Laurie: I thought you knew.

Don: Actually, both of you will know soon.

A man in hazmat suit emerges from behind a tree with a plasma TV. You can see some familiar face on the screen.

Laurie: That man from the advertisement for this show...

Miles: Those surroundings...

Laurie: Oh, no! Miles, we've been kidnapped! Kidnapped for that horrible, human torture show!

Miles: But... how?

Don: The show you signed up for was another fake show created to gather some new victims.

Miles: Oh... All we wanted was to win some money for charities...And we ended up here...

Laurie: I know, the fate is likely making fun of us. But I don't care because we're on the side of good and we're gonna win eventually!

Don: Really? How?


The host seems actually concerned by your scream.

Don: Wow, don't tell me you're some psycho. Moving on... This season introduces some new rules. One of you WILL die in the first challenge.

Miles: Perfect.

Your friend says sarcastically.

Don: And you'll be voting for who should survive.

Miles: But we can just run away or vote in a way to cause a tie.

Don: Don't you think we didn't predict you'd try to be smart**ses. The collars that you're wearing on your neck will prevent you from cheating. You know, unless you like having your heads blown off.

Laurie: "This becomes worse and worse every second."

Miles: But still, what in a case of a tie? We won't be forced to agree to vote for only one of us, right?

Don: Nope. In case of a tie, the intern will choose randomly by turning around and throwing a rock behind. Whoever will be hit with it or will be closer to where it landed, will win life. You can also vote for this random option.

Laurie: And what exactly are you planning to do, you sociopath?

Don: Hey, don't call me names! Anyway, since you're so in love with the nature... It'll be ironic for you to die in some natural habitat, becoming one with the nature.

Laurie: Huh?

Don: In other words, your potential death will be the most common death this season. Jumping off the cliff. I kinda thought you'd figure it out after noticing you're near the edge of a cliff. Whatever. Start the voting, please.

You and your friend look at each other, worried more than ever in your whole life. One of you is soon going to face a cruelly ironic death.

Who should survive?

  • A - I should. I'm more aggressive and thus more likely to survive later on.
  • B - Miles should. She's calmer, she may get out of this.
  • C - Let the game decide.

Laurie: Miles, we both don't want to die but we also don't want each other to die. Best is to leave it for the fate to decide. I vote for random option.

Miles: I second your choice.

Laurie: I knew you would.

Don: Alright. Intern, do your thing!

The man in hazmat suit turns around, takes a rock, rotates several times so he wouldn't remember where each of you were standing, and throws a rock behind himself. It hits you right in the face.

Laurie: Ouch!

Don: Nice. I guess Mother Earth is ironic for both of you today.

Laurie: Don't you dare making fun of Mother Earth, you psychopath!

Don: Hey, I told you I don't appreciate being called names. Just be happy you'll be alive.

Miles: Laurie, it's alright, let him be. These are the final moments of my life, I don't want you to be angry.

Laurie: Miles...

Miles: Survive this nightmare for me! And for Mother Earth!

Laurie: I-I'll try...

After your goodbye, your friend jumps off the cliff. You don't even want to watch her corpse because it must look scary now.

Laurie: "Hopefully animals will eat her remains so she won't have to stay like that."

Don: Alright, time for you, Laurie.

Laurie: What? But I thought I was supposed to survive...

Don: And you will. Time for you to go asleep though.

With that being said, the intern sprays you with some gas that makes you quickly fall asleep. You do so with Miles's last words still echoing in your head.

Ellody and Mary

  • Playing as: Ellody

You wake up, feeling a headache. You look around. You're on some yacht and your friend, Mary, is with you, still sleeping.

Ellody: "I don't recall something? I find my surroundings unfamiliar? Now this situation is something uncommon for me."

You wonder if Mary knows anything about the situation you're in. You don't wake her up though and decide to wait for her to wake up on her own. Fortunately, you don't have to wait for longer than a minute. This minute still felt like eternity for you.

Mary: Huh? Where are we?

Ellody: This is exactly the type of question I wanted to ask you.

Mary: Some yacht... Did some boys drug us and kidnap us on their yacht?

Ellody: Highly impossible. Boys never even paid attention to us.

Mary: But maybe this one time they did? How else do you want to explain that?

Ellody: I find the sudden break of this regular disinterest in us rather strange. I believe that perhaps we've been kidnapped to do some secret research or experiments for the government.

Mary: Agreed, that's way more likely.

Don: Actually, it's neither the boys or the government that kidnapped you.

Some man in hazmat suit comes in with a plasma TV. A face of someone you should recall appears on the screen.

Ellody: "Think Ellody, where do I know him from?"

Mary: That man from the advertisement for The Ridonculous Race?

Ellody: "That's where I know him from."

Don: Yep, that's me.

Ellody: Oh. no! Given our situation, this means we're in...

Don: Yep, you're among the new victims for the fourth season of Total Drama Horror.

Mary: Now that's tragic. The loss of our wisdom will be a huge loss for the humanity.

Ellody: Exactly. Hopefully, we'll be able to use our smarts to survive.

Mary: We can take over this yacht for example.

Ellody: Brilliant idea, my friend.

Don: Actually, you can't. I'm surprised you didn't notice the collars you're wearing on your necks yet.

Ellody: I guess they'll electrocute us to death?

Don: No. This season they'll blow your head off if you'd try to cheat.

You and your friend sigh. There goes the possibility of an easy escape.

Mary: But what exactly do you understand by cheating?

Don: Well, this season introduced some new rules. One victim IS going to die in the first challenge.

Ellody: Oh, no! This means the loss of the wisdom of at least one of us is inevitable!

Don: Correct. You'll be also voting for who should survive.

Mary: But there is an even number of us. We can just vote for ourselves or each other and cause a tie.

Don: I know. In case of a tie, the fate is going to decide for you. The intern will flip the coin. You can also vote for the random option. And the cheating I mentioned is not voting at all or simply trying to run away.

Ellody: I see.

Don: As for the challenge, you'll have to jump into the water. It's filled with sharks! So yeah, without further ado, let the voting begin!

You and your friend look at each other.

Who should survive?

  • A - I should. I feel like the level of my wisdom excels Mary's.
  • B - Mary should. I feel like her level of wisdom excels mine.
  • C - Let the game decide.

Ellody: I believe the most fair for both of us option among the three choices that we have been offered is the one with the randomly chosen survivor.

Mary: Well said, Ellody, I could not agree more.

Don: Alright, pick the sides of the coin then.

Ellody: Although I believe we both should represent the head side due to our intelligence, I am going to pick it first for myself. Forgive me, Mary.

Mary: Do not worry, my friend. I am fine with picking the tails.

Ellody: Splendid.

Don: Intern, flip the coin already! I'm sick of listening to these two.

The intern does as Don says and takes off his glove, reaches for the coin that he had stored inside and flips it.

Intern: Head.

Ellody: I must admit, I am relieved. However, part of me is still distraught because it means my friend is about to die.

Mary: And what a death it is going to be. Being eaten alive by the sharks? My brain will not remain in one piece, which will indeed mean a great loss for humanity. If only it could survive for some research...

Don: Yeah, we're for sure not gonna check if the sharks ate all of your brain. But I'm sure they will. Anyway, let's proceed with the challenge, Mary!

You watch in horror as your friend jumps off the yacht into the water. The intern drives the yacht away. Even though the sharks don't immediately attack Mary, you can still hear from the far behind her screams of pain. This only makes you feel even more terrified. You're a bit relieved when the screaming stops because it must mean Mary's suffering is finally finished. But even this slight relief is interrupted when the intern comes to you and sprays you with a gas that makes you quickly fall asleep.

Ellody: "Do not worry, Mary. I am going to continue all the research we have been working on together."

Gerry and Pete

  • Playing as: Gerry

You wake up in some dark area. You don't know what's going on, but it's not something unusual for you in this age, so you're not shocked. The location consists of some corridors and you're in one of them. Only the lamps that are placed every now and then on the walls add some light to the place. Thanks to them you notice the dead end of the corridor behind you. And then you notice your longtime friend and a tennis rival, Pete, who's still asleep. You don't even think twice about what to do.

Gerry: Wake up, you old man!

Nothing. You lick your finger and put a it, saliva covered, in Pete's ear.

Pete: Huh?

The man says, but immediately after goes back to sleep. You decide to kick him in order to wake him up. It works.

Pete: What the hell, Gerry?! I was having a good dream! And guess what, you weren't in it.

Gerry: You'll tell me the details later. Now tell me where the heck we are.

Pete: How am I supposed to know? I've never seen this place before, you idiot.

Gerry: Well, neither have I, so I thought you had to know.

Pete: Wait, but if neither of us knows where we are... Does it mean we've been kidnapped?

Gerry: Definitely not kidnapped. Hehe. And why would someone even bother to kidnap us? We're not rich, our organs aren't working too well, and at this age we're not exactly sex slave materials.

Pete: Speak for yourself.

Gerry: Yeah, sure. When was the last time you even...

Don: Alright, gentlemen. That's enough. Let me explain the situation you're in.

Says a man on a plasma TV screen that some person in hazmat suit has just appeared with in your corridor.

Don: You're inside catacombs. And not just some catacombs. Parisian catacombs!

Gerry: Wait, we're in Paris, the most romantic place on the world?

Pete: You for sure didn't choose the most romantic place for a date, Gerry. Hehe.

Gerry: I don't even have feelings for you, you wish I had.

Pete: Yeah, sure. Then why are we in Paris? You're basically cheating on your wife with me. Hehe.

Gerry: If that's how you see it, so you are!

Pete: My wife died several years ago. Not the first time that you forgot. Amnesia much? Heheh.

Gerry: Hey, your memory is bad too. You don't even remember how I beat you in '76. Or you choose not to!

Pete: But you remember so well how I beat you in '77! Hehe.

Gerry: That's because you won't let me forget!

Pete: Hey, you won't let me forget your victories either.

Don: Alright, enough! Let me finish this already!

Pete: Hah. That's exactly what Gerry's wife say when she's doing that with him...

Gerry: Pete!

Pete: What? If I had to be with you every day, I'd also wish I could leave quickly.

Gerry: But we signed for that show...whatever its name was. You'd have to be with me everyday for a while!

Pete: Unless we got eliminated quickly. Heh. Speaking of which... is this weird surrounding...Are we in the race now?

Gerry: Oh crap! We must have overslept. Now we're for sure eliminated!

Don: One of you will actually be "eliminated". Forever.

Gerry and Pete: Huh?

Don: I see I finally caught your attention. Good. Do you remember that show called Total Drama Horror?

Pete: Nah.

Gerry: Not really.

Don: You know, the videos from the massacre where so many people died?

Pete: Hmm... maybe?

Gerry: I dunno, there were a lot of tragedies during our lives.

Pete: Yeah, that's because your life's a tragedy!

Gerry: Says the man whose wife died!

Pete: Hey, I didn't even like her. It's not such a big loss. And you still have to cope with yours. Whose life is a tragedy now?

Don: Before you'll continue bickering again, let me explain everything first.

Pete: Sure.

Gerry: Why not?

Don: Good. The show you signed up for was another fake show created to gather new victims for the new season of the massacre. We have this travelling around the world theme, which is why you're in Paris now. We chose it for you because it was ironic in your case. We kinda wanted to kill you by making you jump off the Eiffel Tower, but it is way too guarded. Same with Louvre. And there could be some witnesses on the bridges. So we chose a less "romantic' way - catacombs. There aren't any witnesses around. Considering your age, we decided not to make you suffer too much and kill you in old school way - by shooting you. Only one of you will be shot though. And you'll be voting for who should survive.

Pete: Easy. I'll just vote for myself.

Your friend says, albeit in a mocking tone.

Gerry: Oh yeah? Then I'll vote for myself too.

You say, also mockingly.

Pete: You can't, you idiot. That'd create a tie.

Don: Don't worry, we are prepared for a tie. The intern will choose randomly by flipping the coin. You can also choose this old fashioned random choice by voting for it. Oh, and don't attempt to do anything stupid. If you try to cheat, the collars on your necks will blow your heads off.

Pete: I completely didn't notice them until now.

Gerry: Yeah, because your vision is so bad. Hehe.

Pete: As if you noticed earlier.

Gerry: I gotta admit you look nice in this collar. Kinda like a dog. Hehe.

Don: Alright, you two wasted enough time already. Just vote and let us end this thing.

Who should survive?

  • A - I should. Pete is most likely going to vote for himself.
  • B - Pete should. We've known each other for so long, I can't kill him.
  • C - Let the game decide.

Gerry: "I gotta be serious before he indeed votes for himself."

Gerry: Pete, for once we must be serious, our lives are at stake. As much as we'd want to vote for ourselves, we better vote for the random option so someone's death will be less of our fault.

Pete: Wow, well said, Gerry. Did you eat some books that you became smart all of sudden?

He asks mockingly.

Gerry: No. I've been surfing something you don't even know hot to operate - Internet.

Pete: Don't joke around, I know you have no access to the Internet.

Gerry: That's true, hehe.

Don: Um, gentlemen? If you'll take too long with your voting, I'm going to penalize both of you.

Gerry: Oh, right. I forgot.

Pete: Not the first time.

Gerry: I vote for the random option.

Pete: Yeah, me too.

Don: Cool. Choose the sides of the coin then.

Gerry: Head, because I'm the head of the two of us.

Pete: Ha, you wish! But fine, I can go with tails.

The intern takes off his glove and reaches for a coin, and then flips it.

Intern: Tails.

Pete: Woo!

Gerry: Guess the luck isn't on my side then.

And then the intern reaches for a gun. Your whole life passes before your eyes. You gotta admit Pete was with you for a long time. You can't believe you're going to lose everything now. And you feel sad for Pete who'll soon experience a loss of his long time friend and tennis rival. But your empathy is interrupted by the shot. Forever.

The intern shoots in the head first. Gerry falls on the ground, feeling the pain. He doesn't die immediately though. In order to shorten his suffering, the intern shoots a few more times; in the heart and in between the eyes. Pete is terrified at the sight of this. Fortunately for him, he is soon sprayed with a gas that makes him almost immediately fall asleep.

Pete: Gerry...


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