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This is a horror story. There may be some scenes that will be uncomfortable for you. If you think you won't be able to read it all, don't continue.

The story will be affected by your choices. You will play as various contestants. You can save all characters. You can kill all characters too. It depends on your choices who will survive. Choose wisely.

For many choices there will be "Take a third option", which is the equivalent of custom choices. You come up with what the characters will do then.

You may also want to listen to some music for a good climate. ;)

Or read what should be a theme of this story. Or listen too. (Alternatively, it'd be "Come Die With Us")


Total Drama Horror
Mr. Coconut
Mr. Coconut
Promo bots avatar
Promo Bots
Scuba Bears

Episode 3


Scarlett: What?! Are those parodies of human beings kidding me?! No deaths in such a long time?! If only I controlled those robots! Why are the producers controlling them anyway!?

Suddenly, the door to the control room open. Someone walks in. It's the host in his human form.

Scarlett: YOU! What are you doing here?! This place is now mine!

But Scarlett's complains quickly end as the host knocks her out with a half of Mr. Coconut. While she is unconscious, he blocks her nose and mouth with his hands, successfully choking her to death.

Computer: Pahkitew Island's self destruction in... 30 minutes.

Beardo, Dave, Ella, Shawn and Sky

  • Playing as: Shawn

Your group keeps going through the path leading to the top of the mountain.

Dave: I can't believe this. We're so close. I'm starting to believe we actually have a chance to survive.

Ella: That is it. We need positive approach. And what's a better way to remain positive than to sing? Do you want me to sing for you or would you like to sing with me?

Beardo: Or maybe. I should make. Some motivational. Sounds.

Shawn: This won't be necessary, we're close enough anyway.

Suddenly, a robot resembling the very first host appears.

Promo Bot: Total... Drama... HORROR!

Dave: What the...

Sky: Not again...

Ella: This time it's even worse. It reminds me of that horrible person!

Sky: Don't worry, I think I can kick it.

Ella: Or perhaps I could sing to it? I know it's a robot controlled by the producers, but even their hearts should soften upon hearing my song.

Dave: You have way too much faith in people.

Beardo: Maybe I can. Help. I wasn't. Useful too often. You know.

Shawn: Well, I was the one who defeated a robot last time...

Dave: Shawn, you already proved you have great survival skills. This time you decide.

Who should risk their life to save the group?

  • A - Beardo - he wants to be useful again.
  • B - Ella - she believes her song will soft producers' hearts.
  • C - You - you've already defeated a robot with ease once.
  • D - Sky - she has some sick kickboxing moves.

Shawn: Alright. Then I'll do it. I've already saved us once.

Ella: Be careful, Shawn! You lost your consciousness back then.

Shawn: As long as there aren't any more of them around, it should be alright.

You start running towards the robot that gives you the creeps.

Shawn: HEADSHO...

But the robot punches you with its fist. You fall on the ground.

Promo Bot 3.0: Ah, silly Shawn. We've learned from your moves last time.

The producers say to you through the robot. It points its fist at you and then shoots you with its fingers-bullets. You feel an intense pain and see you're losing a huge amount of blood.

Shawn: "Oh, crap. That'll be hard to heal..."

But soon you don't have to worry about healing anymore. You don't have you worry about anything anymore.

  • Playing as: Sky

Ella: That is too terrifying! I cannot look at this! Those producers certainly need a change of heart through my songs!

Promo Bot 3.0: So... Who wants to be next?

Dave: Sky? You're the next most useful person. You should be the leader and decide who goes now.

Sky: Are you sure?

Dave: Yes.

Sky: Alright, then I'll decide. I think...

Who should risk their life to save the group?

  • A - Beardo - he wants to be useful again.
  • B - Ella - she believes her song will soft producers' hearts.
  • C - You - you have some sick kickboxing moves.

Sky: Well, Beardo wanted to be useful again... So... I guess we should give him a chance.

Beardo: Yes! I promise. Not to disappoint. You guys.

You hope your decision was right. You didn't want to be responsible for someone's death. You agreed to be a mole only to prevent any potential injuries, after all. You witness how Beardo runs towards the robot. At first in slow motion to confuse it. And then he jumps at it with all the power he's got. His jump was so strong that both he and the robot fall off the edge of the mountain. You were already so high that you knew what his fall meant.

Sky: "He sacrificed himself for all of us... He indeed does warm up to his friends quickly..."

Ella: This is too tragic! We lost another two friends so fast.

Sky: This is my fault...

Dave: Come on, Sky. You couldn't predict it'd end like this. And it sort of worked.

Sky: Let's not waste their sacrifices! Come on, let's go!

Dave: See? That's the spirit! I told you you'd be a great leader.

The remaining three of you continue walking uphill, hoping no more robots will appear on your way.

Jasmine, Rodney and Samey

  • Playing as: Jasmine

Your trio keeps going uphill.

Samey: It was a good idea to use a shortcut, Jasmine.

Jasmine: Thanks. I told ya the bears' cave would actually be empty. I doubt bears would live so high.

Rodney: Uh, are you sure?

Jasmine: What do you mean?

The big guy points forward. A bear appears on the path ahead of you after flying here on a jetpack.

Jasmine: Bears wearin' a jetpack don't count. Obviously.

Samey: I doubt it's an actual bear.

Jasmine: Yeah. They don't wear jetpacks.

Samey: Another robot?

Jasmine: Most likely.

Samey: So, Jasmine, our unofficial leader, who should take care of it?

Who should risk their life to save the group?

  • A - You - you're tall and strong.
  • B - Rodney - he's tall and strong and determined to save the girls.
  • C - Samey - she's the new member of the group, she should prove her worth.

Jasmine: Rodney should try. He's tall and strong. And he's a mole. Besides, you said earlier you wanted to protect the girls, right?

Rodney: Finally a chance for me to shine!

The big guy says and, encouraged by your choice. runs into the robot with all his strength. The force of the impact was so strong that, just like in Beardo's case, it made both him and the Scuba Bear fall off the mountain.

Samey: Oh, no!

Jasmine: I guess he really did save us.

Samey: Should we check if he survived?

Jasmine: There's no time. There may be limited number of boats. Plus, I doubt he survived this fall. We're too high above the ground. Let's not waste his sacrifice and go!

Samey: Sure!

You two continue your journey, hoping there will be no more robots on your way.

Dave, Ella, Jasmine, Samey and Sky

Dave, Ella and Sky reach the top of the mountain from one side. They notice the supplies, including maps (of the island and nearby seas), compass, fuel for the boats, some food and drinks). Right when they're about to head towards them, Jasmine and Samey appear.

Ella: Hello there, fellow survivors. It is certainly nice to see someone else managed to avoid death.

You notice a familiar figure amongst the newly met group. It's a mole!

Jasmine: You know you have a mole among you, right?

Dave: Wait, how do you know?

Jasmine: There was that screen that showed all the moles.

Sky: Yeah, there was. Right before the exit. Remember when my shoe fell on it and broke it? It wasn't an accident. I just wasn't ready to tell you guys. And I wanted to tell you myself, not let something else do it for me.

Dave: Anyway, yes, we were aware.

Ella: And we actually let her stay with us. Sky is a person with pure heart. Remember Jo from last season? Just like her, she only agreed for the role of a mole to avoid injuries because she dreams about being an Olympian.

Jasmine: I see. So she indeed appears to be trustworthy.

Ella: Now that we are here together, we shall all team up and escape as one team.

Everyone: Yeah.

Jasmine: Now let's grab those supplies!

Topher: Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh! Not so fast! First you have to come through me!

The handsome guy says, flying on the jetpack and landing right in front of the supplies.

Dave, Ella, Jasmine, Samey, Sky and Topher

  • Playing as: Jasmine

Jasmine: YOU?! But... How?!

Dave: You know him?

Jasmine: Yeah, he was with me and one other guy during our first challenge. But... he died!

Ella: What? We're seeing a ghost then?

Dave: Ghosts don't exist and wouldn't use jetpacks.

Topher: Enough! I didn't die, obviously.

Jasmine: But Rodney and I saw you bein' cut in half with a circular saw! Your bottom half fell down! Your insides were visible!

Topher: Ah, the TV's magic is beautiful, isn't it?

Jasmine: How could you fake THAT?!

Topher: I see you aren't "Until Dawn" fan. Good for me. If you or Rodney were, you could find out my true plan. You see, there was a hole in the wall. I just put my head through it. It's like those walls with holes for heads for pictures at theme parks. The rest of "my" body was fake. Just some mannequin filled with pigs' insides. Because, you know, pigs' insides resemble humans' a lot.

Sky: I see. So you were another mole?

Jasmine: He wasn't on the screen showin' the moles...

Topher: A mole? Please! That's insulting to me. Do I look like a mole? Why should I be a lame mole? No, I'm something more. I'm the HOST!

Everyone: WHAT?!

Ella: You were the voice behind that coconut?

Topher: Yes. Now pardon me for a while, I believe I owe some explanation to the viewers. They got tricked more than you, you know. I told them that I was working as the producers' intern and that my name was Josh. That thing about the name was a lie. Josh was an intern, but he quit due to feeling guilty. So we killed him. I used his name because we hate him for that reason and I had to keep my identity a secret for the surprise. That part about me being an intern was true though. I was working as the producers' intern for years now. I was amazed by their work since my childhood and I've always dreamed about working for them. That's how I got my very special role. After all the hosts died, producers needed new one. I volunteered. But I didn't want to be just a host. I admired producers' idea for the show. I wanted to experience it as a contestant too. Of course, due to my important role, I couldn't die. This is why my death could only be fake.

Jasmine: This explains everything.

Topher: No, not everything yet. One more explanation for the viewers. Statistics and summary tables also included false information. If it didn't, you'd know that I survived too early. Descriptions of the deaths were also worded in a way not to lie but to avoid mentioning me. For example, if Jasmine saved me, I wouldn't enter control room and wouldn't kill Scarlett. That's why she died due to killing the host earlier. It wasn't due to Max causing Mr. Coconut to be ripped in half. It was my death that decided her fate.

Jasmine: Speakin' of which... What would happen if I saved you and chose to sacrifice Rodney instead?

Topher: The saw would stop right in front of him, as he already told you.

Jasmine: I meant your plan. What if you didn't "die"?

Topher: Oh, I was prepared for this too. The lights in the room would go off for a while. An intern wearing night vision goggles would emerge from the hiding, free my fake body and tie me to the wall. He'd also put some pieces of wood behind the wall so you wouldn't notice the hole in it. I bet you wouldn't bother to check for the hole due to emotions anyway.

Jasmine: I guess that's true. You had everythin' well prepared.

Topher: That's also why we didn't really care about the moles this season. We had me. Host is way more important. Although there were more reasons. Firstly, we had 5 moles and me as a host. That's almost half of the cast working for the producers. We didn't have to care that much for them to survive. Secondly, this cast was so weird. Sky only agreed to be a mole for egoistic purposes and didn't plan to kill anyone, so we decided to give her a punishment. Max was an imbecile. Amy only wanted to kill her sister, so we decided to punish her as well. Rodney wanted to protect the girls. He was lucky he was in a challenge with me and I needed to be in a challenge with a mole so I wouldn't be suspected. Only Scarlett was competent enough. But she was too full of herself. Plus, I knew she'd attempt to kill me once I entered control room. Too bad for her that you didn't save me, Jasmine. If you did, I wouldn't have come in there and our only great mole would survive. But whatever.

Samey: I guess the robots wouldn't kill you either.

Topher: Yep. Especially if Rodney protected me too back in the lair.

Dave: But why? Why all of this?

Topher: Oh, you don't enjoy that feeling of despair? Victims in danger? With their lives being threatened?

Dave: Of course I don't!

Topher: Well, too bad for you. Cause there are two more things I should tell you. Firstly, Scarlett activated lair's self destruction mode. The explosion will be so huge that it'll destroy the entire island. You have...

The host checks on his watch.

Topher: ...20 minutes left. That's not a lot considering you have to run down the mountain, reach the boats and swim to a safe distance. Too bad you don't have an escape pod like Scarlett and Max did. Or a jetpack like I do.

Ella: Putting all of us in such danger? You are a monster!

Topher: I don't care what you think. I've just made the most interesting season yet. So many twists! Previous hosts could only wish they had my ideas!

Sky: So what else did you want to tell us about?

Topher: Oh, right. Since you don't like dying, there's one more thing you may not enjoy.

He puts some device out of his pocket.

Topher: See? I have a special device to kill you whenever I please. I have buttons with faces of all of the victims. Well, except for mine of course. When I press a button with your face, you're going to be electroduced to death. You're all still wearing those collars, remember?

Jasmine: "Oh crap. We do. I forgot about them."

Dave: Wait, that's stupid.

Topher: What did you just...

Dave: I mean, what if it fell out of your pocket and you got caught?

Topher: I wouldn't worry about that. There would be small chances someone would grab it before me. And even if someone did, they'd be confused enough for me to retrieve it quickly and kill them.

Dave: Okay... But it's still dumb. What if you pressed someone's face accidentally?

Topher: I wouldn't. Sure, the device uses touchscreen. But I have to log in in order to press it. After not using it for a while, the session automatically ends. Plus, I keep it in glass package so I wouldn't accidentally touch the screen.

He says, removing the glass package and preparing the device.

Topher: I can't believe this. This scene will go down in history. I'll become more famous host than the previous ones! Too bad you can't live to see how famous I'll become.

Everyone: Huh?

Topher: You know too much.

Dave: Viewers will know it too.

Topher: But the viewers aren't here to potentially kill me, are they?

What do you do?

  • A - "Can you reveal us all the moles?"
  • B - "I love you. You're plan is so amazing. You deserve your fame."
  • C - Steal Topher's killing device.
  • D - Steal Topher's jetpack.
  • E - Attack Topher.
  • F - "Can you tell us about your life more?"

Jasmine: "Obviously attackin' him won't be effective due to that thing. I need to make him lose his focus. Like he, and we all, did when he was explainin' all those things."

Jasmine: Can you tell us about your life more?

Topher: Ha. Haha. Hahaha. Hahahahahaha! You think I'm that stupid? I should be insulted! Not only I'm on TV, but also you'd make me off guard on purpose.

The guy says, logging on his device with a very short password, and pressing the buttons. Since there are five of you, he does it with with all his fingers at once. You feel a pain caused by electricity going through your body. You can see the others feeling it as well. But soon, you all stop feeling it. You don't feel anything. Anymore.


Topher: Haha. Hahahahaha! Hahahahahahaha! This whole year spent on planning every single detail. It finally paid off! Finally! I'm not only the mastermind host or the star. I'm also the sole survivor! Muahahaha!

The host laughs as he flies away on his jetpack. He soon gets a call from the producers.

Producer: Congratulations, Topher. Your plan was so good it could not fail. You earned your freedom.

Topher: Freedom? But... But I want to stay with you in your secret hiding place!

Producer: Fine. However, I must warn you. We got used to the trend of having a new host every season. Next season will feature a whole new host as well. You can be still working as an intern though. You have always been our most loyal intern.

The host is clearly jealous at the thought of being replaced.

Topher: Of course... with pleasure.

He says, albeit with a sad tone of voice.

Producer: Over.


Reporter: We are very sorry to inform you that several days ago yet another footage of the third season of a massacre called Total Drama Horror has been posted online. Unlike the previous two seasons, this one showed a very recent event immediately. Unfortunately, aside from a host who also played a role of the victim, no one has survived the bloody event again. What's even worse is that the island has exploded ten minutes after the end of the last scene of the footage. We sent the police at the place from which the footage was shown. However, the island was already blown up. Thus, it was impossible to collect the corpses of dead victims for their families to bury them. We are sending our condolences to the families of everyone who died in the tragedy.

Unfortunately, the host, who was the only person to make it out alive, has never been caught. It is believed he joined the men behind it all, the producers, in their secret hiding location. Further details about the location remain unknown.

There are however good news. We have been sent an information that there are only two people left who have signed up for the show several years ago prior to knowing its true nature. We are positive a whole new massacre will not be organised just for them, which means they are more than likely to be safe and that the deadly games will not be repeated ever again.


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