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This is a horror story. There may be some scenes that will be uncomfortable for you. If you think you won't be able to read it all, don't continue.

The story will be affected by your choices. You will play as various contestants. You can save all characters. You can kill all characters too. It depends on your choices who will survive. Choose wisely.

For many choices there will be "Take a third option", which is the equivalent of custom choices. You come up with what the characters will do then.

You may also want to listen to some music for a good climate. ;)

Or read what should be a theme of this story. Or listen too. (Alternatively, it'd be "Come Die With Us")


Total Drama Horror
Mr. Coconut
Mr. Coconut
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Promo Bots
Scuba Bears

Episode 2


Mr. Coconut: Hello, dear viewers. This is a pre-recorded message that will be put by the editors at the beginning of the second episode of the third season of a well-known massacre called Total Drama Horror. Ah, I remember working for the producers for years. When all the hosts died and I was offered to be the next host, I couldn't be more happy. All my dreams came true. I felt appreciated by them. Anyway, I don't know how many deaths already occured, but even if no did, it doesn't matter. The despair of the victims is enough for me. Seeing them in terror is priceless. And it sells well. Back to the topic. Stay tuned for the survivors' escape under the pressure of time! Countdown is still going. The time is slowly ending. The clock is ticking. Tic tac, tic tac!

Beardo, Dave, Ella, Shawn and Sky

  • Playing as: Sky

Your group goes through the long corridor.

Dave: You know guys, I was thinking... Since we're quite a huge group, we need a team leader.

Sky: Sure. Want to be one?

Dave: Oh, no. I have enough of being the one to decide, you know. I was thinking about you. You're the sanest one of our group.

This flatters you.

Sky: Thanks. What about Shawn though? He's got great survivalist skills.

Dave: Nah, I think a sane leader would be better.

Shawn: Come on, dude, you need my skills. Like you needed them when you were hurt.

Dave: I told you I chose Sky because I was sure she'd be more delicate.

Shawn: Come on, man, I would be delicate too.

Dave: Sorry. I trust females more when it comes to hospitalization. No hard feelings, right?

Shawn: OK.

Ella: Guys, why don't we sing a song so our escape could be less scary?

Dave: I don't really sing.

Shawn: Me neither.

Beardo: I...I'm better at beatboxing.

Dave: Hey, you actually said something. You're making a progress.

Beardo: I said something earlier, too. I thanked you for saving me.

Dave: Oh, right. I forgot. Well, you're welcome.

Ella: Don't worry guys, you do not have to sing if you don't want to. I'll do. May I?

Dave: This is ridiculous.

Sky: Dave, let's allow her to sing if she wants to.

Dave: Fine. Ella, you can sing.

Ella: Yay!

But before the princess wannabe can sing, you stand in front of some other door. It opens by itself. And a bear with snorkeling equipment appears.

Shawn: Bear! Everyone, pretend to be dead!

Sky: I doubt we can avoid it like that.

Dave: Of course we can't. We must fight it! Let me do this! It's my chance to impress Sky! Wait, did I say that out loud?

Sky: "Awkward..."

Shawn: I think I can fight it too, you know. After all, it's kinda like a zombie, isn't it?

Dave: No, it's not.

Ella: Are you sure we have to fight? Perhaps I could tame it down with a song? Animals always love it when I sing.

Dave: Well, Sky, our unofficial leader? Who should try?

Who should risk their life for the team?

  • A - Dave - he wants your approval.
  • B - Ella - her singing can tame down animals.
  • C - Shawn - he has great survival skills.

Sky: Dave, I know you want to impress me, but I can't allow you to fight it. Not with your injury.

Dave: Aw, you care about me.

Sky: Ella, you can't go either. You said your singing works on animals. But it's not an actual bear.

Beardo: Wait, how do you know that?

Dave: Maybe because bears walk on all four and don't wear snorkeling equipment?

Sky: Yep. That's why.

The beatbox guy makes a sound that suggests he's ashamed.

Sky: I guess that leaves you, Shawn.

Shawn: Thanks, I'll finally prove myself!

The hobo-looking guy exclaims and runs towards the bear.

Shawn: Always aim for the brain! HEADSHOT!

He screams, headbutting the bear. It makes him lose consciousness, as the bear's skin was suspiciously hard. Fortunately, this also makes the bear fall down on the floor and lose its eyes. It points its front pawns forward and starts shooting with bullet-claws. However, since it's lying on the ground, it shoots in the direction of the ceiling, which makes a bit of it fall down and smash its head. It reveals the bear was just a robot and it stops working, apparently being too smashed to function properly.

Ella: Excellent job, Shawn!

Dave: Tell him that when he'll wake up.

Sky: We'll have to carry him. Dave, you won't do it due to your injury. Ella, I believe you'd be too weak. Beardo, you and I will carry him until he wakes up.

Beatboxer makes a "good idea sound" and gives you a thumb up. You both take Shawn by his shoulders and start carrying him. Due to his appearance, he looks as if he was drunk. You continue going forward, hoping there will be no more surprises, especially not when Shawn's unconscious.


  • Playing as: Samey

You're going through the corridor. You're still being hunted by the thoughts about what you've done.

Samey: "I did the right thing, right? She was evil. She was unredeemable, right? If I let her live, she'd kill me instead, right?"

Finally, there is something that stops your feeling of guilty. A robot resembling the host of the first season.

Promo bot: Total... Drama... HORROR!

Samey: "If Amy was a mole... would that thing really kill her? Maybe if I pretend to be her..."

What do you do?

  • A - Go back to Amy, cut off her mole and hold it on your face, pretending to be her.
  • B - Just cover the place where Amy had a mole and move past the robot.
  • C - Move past the robot in a way to make it only see your left side (the one where Amy didn't have a mole).
  • D - Use Promo Bot's dotted eye as your mole.

Samey: "Maybe it won't notice if it'll see my left side only?"

That's the easiest solution you came up with. You keep going forward as close to the right wall as possible, so the robot won't notice your missing mole. Suddenly, it speaks.

Promo Bot: What are you doing?

Samey: Huh? You talk?

Promo Bot: Of course it does. Well, actually we do. You can just hear us through the walkie-talkie installed in its mouth.

Samey: The producers?

Promo Bot: Yes.

Samey: What do you want from me?

Promo Bot: Nothing. Just to ask what the hell are you doing? It looks weird.

Samey: Well, I don't know what you're talking about. I just... keep walking.

Promo Bot: You don't want us to see your missing mole, am I correct? You know it's pointless, right? We watch the footage live. We know you killed Amy.

Samey: "Oh, crap, I should've known."

Samey: So... I'm in trouble?

Promo Bot: Not yet. We gave you that decision and we're quite impressed you actually did this. But we made a deal with Amy. We'd kill you with this robot either if she allowed us after you'd save her or, in case you actually killed her, only if you attacked it.

Samey: Wait, why are you telling me that?

Promo Bot: Because you're close to the exit and you didn't attack the robot. Congratulations. But the worst is still ahead of you. You see, killing her has consequences. Sure, she could've killed you if you saved her. But now that you didn't you have other people to worry about.

Samey: What do you mean?

Promo Bot: Oh, you'll see. Let me just say that with no Amy around you'll be easily blamed for her sins.

Samey: "Oh, crap. Great, Amy puts the blame on me even after her death."

Nonetheless, you reach the exit of the corridor and enter another one. The feeling of guilt is now replaced with the feeling of worry about what's coming to you.

Jasmine and Rodney

  • Playing as: Rodney

You keep walking through the corridor. You try to break the awkward silence.

Rodney: So, uh... do you... Do you like stuff?

Jasmine: Don't talk to me.

Rodney: Come on, I told you I had no choice. I couldn't reveal my role earlier, that'd be a suicide!

Jasmine: It's not that, I just want to be careful. Something may appear any second.

Rodney: Oh, right. You're so smart.

You say, smiling at her. You're kinda happy that the other guy isn't with you. At least now you have more chances with the girl. You wake up from daydreaming when Jasmine stops.

Jasmine: Lazers!

She's correct. There are multiple red lazer lines ahead of you. You look around. Nothing to turn them off.

What do you say?

  • A - "Ladies first. I've got your back."
  • B - "I'll protect you and go first."

Rodney: I'll protect you and go first.

Jasmine: I don't need to be protected, I can protect myself.

Rodney: I know, that's why you're amazing. But still, I insist.

Jasmine: Fine.

You go through the lazers first, but your massive body is way too huge. Part of it already touches one of the lazers during your very first attempt to avoid them.

Rodney: "Crap, this won't impress her."

This sets off an alarm. The alarm soon ends as some secret door is opened. A robot resembling the first host of this deadly game emerges.

Promo Bot: Total... Drama... HORROR!

Rodney: Don't panick! I said I'll protect you and I will. Hide behind me!

Jasmine: Are you sure? I'm quite tall, you know.

Rodney: I'm tall too.

Jasmine: Fair enough.

The girl hides behind you and follows your moves. The robot suddenly speaks.

Promo Bot: Seriously? You too? What is wrong with you people?

Rodney: Huh?

Promo Bot: Rodney, did you forget about our deal?

Rodney: Deal? What deal?

Promo Bot: We wouldn't kill your companions if you decided to protect them. We'd kill them only if you'd throw them at this robot.

Rodney: Oh. I actually forgot. Hehe.

Jasmine facepalms. Nonetheless, you two leave safely and enter another corridor, with no robots to be seen.

Beardo, Dave, Ella, Shawn and Sky

  • Playing as: Dave

Your group goes through the second corridor and finally reaches another door.

Shawn: Beware, it may be a trap!

Sky: I'll open it.

Your crush exclaims and opens the door. She looks around.

Sky: I don't see anything, but if something suddenly emerged, I'd kick its butt!

She promises, showing her kickboxing move. This causes her shoe to slip off and hit a TV screen at the end of the room.

Sky: Oops. That was probably important.

The whole group gets inside. Sky puts her shoe back.

Shawn: Well, if that was another message to us, we're screwed.

Dave: Let's see if we can leave this place without it.

You say, while looking at a ladder that reaches to some exit on the ceiling. You try to open it, but it's hard to do when you have only one finger in one of your hands.

Shawn: Here, allow me to do it.

Dave: Wait, what if it's a trap? That TV screen was probably here for a reason.

Shawn: That didn't stop you from trying.

Dave: I admit I just wanted to show off. And it's not like I'm useful with my injury.

Sky: Dave, don't say that. But you're right though. We need Shawn's survival skills.

Beardo: Maybe I can try? I'm pretty strong and I wasn't useful so far.

The big guy says with a sad tone of his voice.

Dave: "I actually feel sorry for that guy. I mean, I know how he feels. I couldn't contribute too much due to my injury either."

Who should try open the exit?

  • A - Beardo - he volunteered.
  • B - Ella - she also didn't do much so far.
  • C - Shawn - he's still strong enough and can defend himself from potential danger.
  • D - Sky - she's flexible, she'd avoid the danger.

WAIT, before anyone dies let's recap the events so far, shall we?
Status of TDH3



Causes of deaths.

Credits for the amazing work to JoeCling

Dave: I think Beardo should go. He willingly volunteered. Plus, I know how it feels to feel useless.

Beardo: Thanks man. I. Won't dissapoint. You.

Shawn: Don't jinx, man.

Ella: Look at the positive side. Maybe he won't jinx us and instead predict the future?

You facepalm yourself, although princess's optimism kinda inspires you.

Ella: Be careful, Beardo!

The big guy climbs up the ladder and opens the exit with ease. He puts his head out and looks around.

(A.N. Just so you guys can imagine it, this is how the exit looks like.)

Shawn: Do you see anything? Anything dangerous?

Beardo: No. But I. Have found something. Better.

Ella: What is it?

Beardo: Food.

You're happy when you hear this. You don't remember when was the last time you ate something. But you guess you haven't eaten anything for three days, like the two previous casts.

Beardo leaves, followed by Ella and Shawn. Sky stops you before you can start climbing.

Shawn: You guys comin' or not?

Sky: Give us some private time. Enjoy your dinner in the meantime.

Shawn: Oooooooh, I get it. Sure, I won't interrupt you two.

The hobo-looking guy leaves. It's just you and your crush, Sky.

Sky: Dave, there's something important I want to tell you.

Dave: You have a boyfriend?

Sky: I already said that earlier.

Dave: Oh, right. Now I remember. You said you were watching horrors with him.

Sky: But that's not what I wanted to tell you know. I...

Dave: You're going to break up with your boyfriend because the bonding during the tragic situation connected us more?

Sky: What? No! Dave, just listen to me and let me finish!

Dave: Alright, sorry. I'm listening.

Sky: Dave, I... I'm a mole.


Sky: Shhh! Not that loud! I'm telling you because I know you like me and because you deserve to know. After all, you saved my life.

Dave: Why? Why are you...

Sky: Remember Jo from last season?

Dave: Yeah, I guess. You don't forget about things related to such a massive massacre that easily. Especially when you know you were among those who signed up for the show before they knew what it really was.

Sky: My reason was exactly the same as hers. I don't want to kill. But I'm an athlete too. And I dream about becoming an Olympian in the future. I needed those privilages. I needed to make sure I leave in one piece. I know there are Olympics for invalids, but not only I wouldn't even know if I'd survive if I weren't a mole, but also Olympics for invalids aren't as fair. There are various ways of being an invalid person. For someone it may be easier to win, for someone else harder.

Dave: This all sounds convincing, but there's one thing that bugs me. If you're a mole then why could you die in the first round?

Sky: Well, I could and couldn't at the same time.

Dave: Huh?

Sky: It's complicated.

Dave: Then explain it to me!

Sky: Fine. You see, producers don't like nice moles who don't do the job as they should. A person who became a mole only to get some advantages but not to kill? They hate people like that! Which is why they decided to punish me for my strategy. But at the same time, not to make it an overkill.

Dave: I'm afraid I still don't get it.

Sky: It's simple. Yes, I had a chance to die. This was my punishment, but also a way to hide my true role. And they agreed to help me survive. After all, I was still a mole, right? So they put crazy people as my fellow carousel victims. And they put you, a person impatient with wacky people, as the one who'd decide our fate. Me being the only completely sane person, as well as being the type of girl you like, basically gave me a free pass. Frankly, they predicted you'd save me and Shawn. They weren't sure about the others though.

Dave: I guess it all makes sense now. Wait, so where the other moles tested like that too?

Sky: I don't know. Just like in previous seasons, the moles don't know each other. But I guess if they hated someone who was chosen to be a mole, then it's possible.

Dave: I see. Well, thank you for being honest with me.

Sky: So... Now that you know... What are you going to do?

What is your response?

  • A - "I'll keep it a secret."
  • B - "You should let the others know."
  • C - "I'm afraid I'll have to lock you here."

Dave: You should let the others know.

Sky: Are you sure?

Dave: Yeah. If we kept it a secret but they somehow found out, they could lose their trust in us. I'm sure they'll appreciate your honesty. Plus, you're one of the nicest moles so far.

Sky: Thanks.

Dave: Not to mention that the footage of this game will be sent to public eventually. I bet a video of you confessing your secret to me would be included so they'd find out sooner or later. If they survived that is.

Sky: You're right. I'll tell them!

You two leave the underground bunker, basement, labolatory or whatever it was. You join the rest of your team.

Shawn: Finally! We left you some food.

Beardo: So... You and Sky, huh?

Dave: What? No, no, no. We were just talking.

Shawn: Suuuuuuure.

Dave: But that's true. In fact, she wants to tell you what she told me. Am I right, Sky?

Sky: Yes.

Your crush confessed her role to the others, like she did to you earlier. You're quire proud she listened to your advice.

  • Playing as: Shawn

Beardo: Oh, no!

Shawn: A mole? We're in danger!

Dave: Come on, she's a nice mole.

Ella: That's true. She said she has no intent of killing anyone. And I firmly believe her. She doesn't seem to be the murderer type.

Shawn: Exactly, that may be a trap! People turning into zombies also may not look like murderers... until they're fully transformed!

Beardo: So what should we do?

Shawn: We should decide as a team.

Dave: Great. I vote not to make a huge deal about it.

Shawn: Sorry buddy, but your vote doesn't count.

Dave: Why?

Shawn: She told you earlier. How can we be sure you're not working together. After all, you're into her. Love makes you do crazy things.

Dave: What?! Of course we're not working together!

Sky: Dave, calm down. It's alright, let the others decide.

Ella: I vote to let her stay. I do not perceive her as a villainous person.

Beardo: I. Do not know. I usually. Warm up to. My friends. But I also. Fear being. Betrayed by them. I vote to. Make her just go. A different way. Before she. Betrays us.

Shawn: Alright, then I'm the deciding vote.

What's your vote?

  • A - Let her stay.
  • B - Make her go away.

Shawn: I vote to... Let her stay.

Dave: Whoa, after what you've said I was afraid it'd be quite the opposite. I was ready to leave along with her.

Shawn: It's true, I still don't trust her fully. But that's why I need to keep my eye on her. And I barely sleep anyway so I'm good at keeping my eye on the others.

Sky: Great. So let's go now. I don't know how many boats and groups there are. It's better if we go. Everyone has already finished eating, right?

Beatboxer makes the classic TV shows' "right" sound.

Dave: Should we vote for whether we should immediately head to the boats or go for the supplies? I mean, that's what they did in both previous seasons.

Shawn: That won't be necessary.

Dave: Huh?

Shawn: You see that mountain over there? I bet you do, it's huge and it's really close.

You show your friend a huge mountain, not too far away.

Dave: What about it?

Shawn: Do you see that sign at the bottom of it?

Dave: Now I do. What about it?

Shawn: It says "Go uphill for the supplies".

Sky: What if it's a trap?

Shawn: We should still try it. We don't know how far away from civilization is this island. We need maps and fuel. Also something more to drink and eat if possible.

Sky: Good call. Let's go then.

Everyone: Yeah!

And so your group leaves.

Jasmine, Rodney and Samey

  • Playing as: Samey

You're at the end of the second corridor. Surprisinly, there were no Promo Bots this time. You open the door and enter a whole new room. It appears there is an elevator at the end of it.

Samey: "Could this be... and exit?"

You see two people standing in front of some TV screen hanging at the wall near the elevator. You decide to come to them. After all, the more survivors the better.

Samey: Hi. My name's Samantha, but you can call me Sammy.

Jasmine: Wait, don't move!

Samey: Huh? Is there something wrong?

Jasmine: Why are you alone?

How do you answer?

  • A - "My companion already died." (say part of the story)
  • B - "I killed my companion." (say the truth)
  • C - "Some robots killed my companion by the way here." (lie)
  • D - "It's too traumatic for me to talk about." (avoid the answer)

Samey: My companion already died.

Jasmine: Is that all you wanna to tell me?

Samey: What do you mean?

Jasmine: You obviously hide somethin'!

Samey: Why are you so suspicious? Plenty of people lost their companions in this game.

Jasmine: But not all of 'em are koalas!

Rodney: You mean moles?

Jasmine: Yeah.

Samey: Why do you think I am the mole?

Jasmine: The way you answered... You are obviously hidin' somethin'! Too bad for you, we already know!

Samey: Huh?

The two move aside. They were so tall that you couldn't see what was on the TV screen on the wall. Now you can. The screen displays pictures of several people under a text labelling them as "the moles". Some librarian-like girl in glasses, some short female, some short, weird looking guy with dyed hair, the giant guy who's standing with you right now and... your sister.

How do you defend yourself?

  • A - "I'm really not a mole!"
  • B - "I already told you, a lot of non-moles lost their companions too."
  • C - "Pay attention to the details (mole)."
  • D - "So why aren't you against this giant guy?"

Samey: Pay attention to the details.

Jasmine: Huh?

Samey: Look carefully on the screen. That girl who looks like me is my twin sister. Ironically, you can tell us apart by a mole. She has a mole on her right cheek. I don't.

Jasmine: Maybe the screen's just dirty there...

She tries clearing it, but a mole on Amy's cheek is still visible.

Jasmine: Maybe you somehow hid yours.

She now touches your cheek with her hand.

Jasmine: Hmm, I guess there's no need to doubt you. Sorry.

Samey: No problem, I was already warned I could be blamed for her sins.

Rodney: I wouldn't doubt you anyway... I'm a mole myself.

Samey: Speaking of this, why were you so against me, but not him?

Jasmine: Cuz he's my companion. I got to know him. I know he had egoistic but good intentions behind his choice.

Samey: What was it?

Rodney: Finding true love.

Samey: That's beautiful, but I'm afraid people don't really think about love in this kind of situations.

Rodney: But in previous seasons there were some people attracted to someone...

Samey: Yeah, attracted. Nothing too serious at that moment. From what you said it appears you're looking for a girlfriend for the rest of your life.

Rodney: That's right. Oh, we've just met you and you already know me so well. There's a great connection between us. Jasmine, I'm sorry. I'm afraid I have to break up with you to give me and Sammy a chance.

Jasmine: We never were together to begin with.

Rodney: Oh. I guess that makes our break up easier.

Samey: Now I see why you don't suspect him even though he's a mole. Anyway, what should we do now?

Jasmine: Well, I guess we would vote for whether we should keep you with us, but since you gave us a good evidence... I think we're alright now. We can all leave this place.

You all leave through an elevator. You see some food outside. You eat and drink together.

Rodney: Too bad both of you couldn't make it here.

The big guy says, mourning your sister's death.

Rodney: Wait a second... if she was a mole... How could she die?

How do you respond?

  • A - Explain what happened.
  • B - Lie that she sacrificed herself to save you from a Promo Bot.

Samey: Well, since you trusted me, I guess I can tell you. My sister bullied me for my entire life. For our challenge I got a choice to either fight for justice by stabbing her to death or to let her live. I don't know why the producers would let her risk her life if she was a mole. Maybe she wanted to kill only me and it wasn't enough for them? Or maybe that's because she was very confident I wouldn't do this...

Rodney: So you're a murderer? I'm sorry, I'm coming back to Jasmine now.

Jasmine: I was a murdered too, remember? I let Topher die. You also contributed to his death by not revealing you couldn't die earlier.

Rodney: I told you the producers would kill me if I did!

Jasmine: That's my point. We've all been tricked into doin' somethin' we wouldn't do in our regular life. So let's not judge each other and move on.

Rodney and Samey: Yeah!

Samey: So where are we going now?

Jasmine: If you watched previous seasons, the choice is simple. For the supplies. And that nearby sign says the supplies are on this nearby mountain.

Samey: What if it's just a trap?

Jasmine: We should at least try. Let's go!

Your group finish eating and heads towards the mountain that is very close.


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