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This is a horror story. There may be some scenes that will be uncomfortable for you. If you think you won't be able to read it all, don't continue.

The story will be affected by your choices. You will play as various contestants. You can save all characters. You can kill all characters too. It depends on your choices who will survive. Choose wisely.

For many choices there will be "Take a third option", which is the equivalent of custom choices. You come up with what the characters will do then.

You may also want to listen to some music for a good climate. ;)

Or read what should be a theme of this story. Or listen too. (Alternatively, it'd be "Come Die With Us")


Total Drama Horror
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Episode 1


A pre-recorded message plays. The view shows some control room. There is a coconut with a painted smile lying on the chair. A voice can be heard with a tone similar to that of Jigsaw from the Saw series.

Mr. Coconut: Hi. Welcome to the third season of Total Drama Horror. You thought the show was already over since all of the hosts died? You couldn't be more wrong. My name is Josh too. But you can call me Mr. Coconut. So far I've been working as the producers' intern. I've talked with them and we came to certain agreements on how I should host the show. However, to keep further information about my true identity a secret, let's just continue and see who will survive and who will die. On Total... Drama... Horror 3!

Theme Song plays

Beardo, Dave, Ella, Leonard, Shawn, Sky, Sugar

  • Playing as: Dave

(A.N. This trap is a slightly modified version of the "Carousel Trap" from Saw VI. Watch the clip here or read about it here.)

You wake up. You're in some futuristic-looking room. You're sitting on a chair in front of a table. You can see a plasma TV hanging on the wall. There's a remote on the table, along with some weird metal box and some button.

Dave: "Huh? I don't even watch TV. It's full of stupid, cartoony, crazy shows."

You then notice a the grates in the middle of the room. A shotgun is attatched to it. Behind it, there is some carousel with six people chained to it.

Dave: Who are you guys? Can anyone tell me what is going on here?

Sky: I wish we knew.

Sugar: What? He was takin' so long to wake up and he ain't know why we're here?!

Shawn: Come on, he still woke up earlier than some others.

Soon the guy with huge afro and beard wakes up, followed by some guy dressed like a wizard and finally a girl dressed like a princess.

Dave: "Some of those people would fit those cartoony shows that made me stop watching TV."

Sky: Excellent. Everyone woke up. What do we do now?

Shawn: We're searching for clues, obviously.

Sugar: We can't. We're chained, remember?

Dave: Well, I have a remote and there's a TV. Maybe we'll get some information.

Sugar: Great. Do you have a key to free us though?

Dave: No. So let's hear it.

You play the TV. You can't believe your own eyes. You see a coconut with a painted smile, lying on the chair. There's some pre-recorded voice giving you instruction.

Dave: "What the hell is this?"

Mr. Coconut: Hi. I'm Mr. Coconut. This is a pre-recorded message so you better lis...

Sugar: A talkin' coconut? Am I in heaven?

Leonard: It's a miracle! Marvellous!

Ella: Fabulous!

The hairy guy just gives a thumb up of approval.

Dave: Shut up, all of you! It's pre-recorded! We MUST listen to it! There may not be another chance!

Sugar: Fine!

Mr. Coconut: ...especially you, David. You're the master of ceremony today. You see, the world is filled with weirdos. I bet you know it better than anyone else. Even with your germaphobia you're like one of the most normal people on Earth. Those weirdos are just wasting air, aren't they? As a sane person, today you'll decide which wierdo deserves to live. Of course you may try to simply save them. They may try to escape on their own too. But I do not advice that. If you wanted to ruin our entertainment, we'd just kill you via a severe electric shock from the collars all of you are wearing on your necks. So you better play according to the rules.

Dave: "I'm definitely not stupid enough to commit suicide like that."

Mr. Coconut: You see that button on the table? The carousel will spin several times. Each time it'll land on one person. A pre-recorded description of that person will play according to pre-chosen order to help you decide. If you'd feel like they're too weird for this world, press the button and the shotgun will shoot them. If you'd feel like they may actually be useful in helping you to escape this place, keep them alive.

Ella: Yay, he can save all of us!

Dave: Shush!

Mr. Coconut: However, there is a catch. I predicted you could try to act like everyone's hero. That's why this metal box is here. Put your right hand into it. Every time you'll save someone, the blades inside it will cut off one of your fingers. Since there are six chained victims, saving all would mean losing the entire hand. Look around. There's nothing to help you stop the blood. Once the game will end, the doors that trap those six will open. So will the door leading to the next room. You won't find any medical help there either. Instead, you'll only find a key to free those six from the chains. So all in all, I recommend you to choose carefully who you want to save. The more people you'll save the more blood you'll lose and the earlier you'll die from blood loss. Fortunately for you, there is a mole among them. They wouldn't be killed, would they? You could prevent at least one injury. Choose wisely. Good luck, David.

Dave: "Crap. Now I don't know if I'd rather be here or be one of them..."

The carousel starts spinning around. After ten seconds of the six victims' screams it finally stops. The person on whom the shotgun is pointed at is the princess wannabe. The TV soon automatically plays another video.

Mr. Coconut: This is Ella. She's like all those classic Disney princesses. Her heart is so pure... possibly too pure for this cruel world. Her singing is nice to listen to though. What's your choice? You have twenty seconds to decide.

What do you do?

  • A - Sacrifice Ella.
  • B - Spare Ella.

Ella: Please, prince David! I'm begging you. Don't kill me. Spare me and be my prince!

Dave: "Uh, she's too kind. I can't kill someone so sweet. I wonder why her singing was mentioned though."

You put your right hand into the box. You keep your left hand around the button. You don't press it though. As a result, the blades inside part of the box fall down and cut off your pinky. You feel a severe pain.


Ella: I am so sorry that I caused you harm, prince David. I beg you to forgive me.

Dave: Whatever. It's not like it's your fault.

You say, trying to keep your thoughts away from the pain you feel. The carousel spins once more. After ten second of everyone screaming, it finally stops. Ella was screaming too despite being already safe.

Dave: "Apparently she can't stand the horror. I can't blame her."

The girl at whom the shotgun is now aimed at looks very pretty. You like her style. Another pre-recorded message automatically plays.

Mr. Coconut: This is Sky. She may be small, but she's very athletic thanks to being into sports, unlike you, David. She's also the sanest one of the group. Athletic and sane girl? Quite your type, isn't it? What is your decision? Life or death? You have twenty minutes to decide.

Sky: Please, don't let me die. I can be useful, you know.

Dave: "Is that even a question? A sane and athletic girl? If anyone has to be saved here, it's gotta be her. No doubt."

You don't press the button again, which costs you ring finger.


Dave: "Thankfully, I have another ring finger... Wait, am I seriously thinking about it now?"

Sky: Thank you so much, Dave! I really appreciate that. I owe you one.

The carousel spins again. Everyone screams, including Ella. Only Sky doesn't, being reliefed she's now safe. After ten seconds, the carousel stops. The shotgun now aims for the guy in wizard costume.

Dave: "Huh? Who dresses like that?"

The TV automatically shows another pre-recorded message.

Mr. Coconut: This is Leonard. He's one of the biggest weirdos of the group. He's not just a LARPer or a cosplayer. He truly believes in his "magic powers". Pretty childish of him, isn't it? What is your choice? Life or death? You have twenty seconds to decide.

Leonard: What the?! What's not to believe in my magic powers?!

Sugar: A real wizard? Awesome!

Dave: "Huh?"

What do you do?

  • A - Sacrifice Leonard.
  • B - Spare Leonard.

Dave: I'm sorry, but from the description it sounds like you wouldn't be really useful in escaping this place. I have to do this.

Leonard: What?! That was obviously rigged against me by my foes!

You press a button. The shotgun shoots the wizard wannabe. He dies immediately after. He's not sitting anymore. His upper half falls on his laps. His cloak is dirty in blood.


Dave: A guy who's been framed in deciding who's worthy to stay alive? That guy clearly wasn't.

The girl doesn't argue anymore as the carousel spins once again. After ten seconds of screams, this time excluding already safe Sky and dead Leonard, the machine stops. The shotgun points at the huge hairy guy. Yet another pre-recorded message is automatically played on TV once it's his turn.

Mr. Coconut: This is Beardo. He's rather shy. He's also one of the biggest weirdos in the group, being silent most of the time and usually using sound effects instead of words. He warms up to his friends if they give him a chance though. What's your choice? Life or death? You have twenty seconds to decide.

What do you do?

  • A - Sacrifice Beardo.
  • B - Spare Beardo.

You look at the guy. He's so panicked. His mouth shakes so much he can't even make a sound effect that he was said to be an expert at. He's also sweating out of stress.

Dave: "Quickly warms up to his friends, he said. Loyalty could be valuable. I guess I can let him live."

You don't press a button. Although you saved your middle finger last time, this time it's cut off.


The pain becomes more and more extreme and there are more and more sources of it.

Beardo: Phew. Th-thank you.

The carousel spins once more. This time, half of the victims don't scream. An already saved Sky and Beardo and already dead Leonard. After ten seconds, the torture machine finally stops. This time the shotgun points at the last female remaining. The pre-recorded description automatically turns on.

Mr. Coconut: This is Sugar. She's very egoistic and focused on her looks. She's also very stupid. We had a hard time to make her understand it's not just some original pageant show. But she's also very brave, she can do things others would fear. What's your choice? Life or death? You have twenty seconds to decide.

Sugar: Oh, crap, I'm too young and hot to die!

What do you do?

  • A - Sacrifice Sugar.
  • B - Spare Sugar.

Dave: "Wait... "We had a hard time to make her understand"? They've talked with her? Does it mean..."

Dave: I am sorry...

Sugar: What?! You better not...

Dave: I figured out you are the mole. That coconut mentioned "they" were talking with you. They obviously asked you to be the mole. Your description also fits someone who's a mole.

Sugar: It ain't what you think...

But it's too late for arguing. You realize you have no time and quickly press the button before it'd be too late. The shotgun shoots the girl who you believe is a mole. This causes the upper half of her body to fall on her laps, like Leonard's earlier. The blood is spreading on her body.

Ella: This is so terrible, I cannot look at this!

Dave: What? I was sure she was a mole! I thought she wouldn't be shot and I'd just prevent one more injury for myself. Can moles actually die this early?

But you don't have the time to gather thoughts as the game continues. One final spin and only two people screaming left. Ella, who screamed the entire time, being unable to stand the horror of the situation, and the last guy remaining for the game. The carousel obviously stops at him. And then the final pre-recorded description is automatically played.

Mr. Cocconut: This is Shawn. He's also one of the weirdos. He believes in zombie apocalypse. Apparently he watched way too much TV in his childhood. However, his weird gimmick has proven to be useful for him, as he learned practical survival skills thanks to his fear of the undead. What's your choice? Life or death? You have twenty seconds to decide.

And as such the last pre-recorded message ends. You look at the guy.

Shawn: He was right. If you want to survive a zombie apocalypse, you need to learn how to survive.

What do you do?

  • A - Sacrifice Shawn.
  • B - Spare Shawn.

Dave: "A survivalist? He's as much useful as that athletic girl, if not more."

You don't press the button. The blades inside the box cut your finger for the one last time. You lose your index finger.


Shawn: Wise decision, man. I'm so proud of you.

The challenge ends, as the grates and the door to the next room open, as the voice promised. You look at your hand.

Dave: "At least I saved my thumb."

You need to hurry though. You still have four holes after your lost fingers from which you lose blood. You run to the new room. It's not just a room, it's a whole new corridor. However, you decide not to run away.

Dave: "I need them. Especially that athletic girl... and that survivalist guy."

You grab the key that you found hanging on the wall and go back. The grates are now opened too, so you enter other victims' part of the room and unlock them from their chains. The key fits to all keyholes.

Sky: Yes, we're saved!

Shawn: Not exactly. We still have to escape, remember?

Sky: Oh, right.

Ella: But first we must help prince David. He saved our lives and he's still seriously injured! I wish I knew how to help him, but unfortunately I'm unexperiences when it comes to such serious injuries because I cannot stand the sight of blood.

Sky: Well, as an athlete I've learned something about curing injuries so I could heal myself all by myself. I've also seen such situations watching horrors with my boyfriend.

Dave: "Boyfriend? Why do all the best girls always already have boyfriends? Whatever, traumatic experiences connect us more. Maybe I still have a chance?"

Shawn: I've obviously learned something about curing injuries too. It's one of the basic stuff when it comes to survival. Plus, in a lot of zombie movies they had to cut off their limbs after having them just bitten by the undead.

Who should help you?

  • A - Shawn
  • B - Sky

Dave: Thanks, but I think I trust Sky more. Don't get me wrong, I just think she'd be more delicate about it.

Sky: Thanks. I'm honored to be able to pay you for saving my life.

Shawn: Well, that's your choice. First, you'll need to...

Sky: Cauterize the wounds. I know, I can handle it. Let's see.

The girl looks around for something that could be useful.

Sky: That hot steaming pipe from the corridor where you found the key. That should work.

Dave: Sounds fine to me.

Your group enters the corridor.

Sky: Dave, press your wounds against the pipe.

You do it. It hurts a lot.


Sky: It's OK, Dave, the worst part is over. Now we need something as a bandage.

She rips off the sleeves of your shirt and ties them around the wounds from the missing fingers.

Sky: This should work, at least for a while. We'll give you better medical treatment once we'll escape.

Dave: Thanks.

You say as your group goes further into the corridor.

Max and Scarlett

  • Playing as: Max

You wake up and see some futuristic surroundings around you. Your memories come back quite quickly.

Max: "They kept their promise. They really found me a top level secret lair."

You're in some room. There is a giant computer with giant panel control and a chair in front of it. On a chair lies some coconut with a painted smile. Some already awaken girl is standing next to the chair.

Scarlett: Greetings, my new companion. It's a pleasure to meet you, although I would say it would be more of a pleasure if circumstances were different.

Max: Huh?

Scarlett: I'm Scarlett.

The girl says, visibly iritated.

Max: Name's Max. Keep that name in mind as you'll bow at the sound of it in the future!

Scarlett: I see you have some big plans for the future.

Max: Indeed. I was given a chance to create a total chaos here.

Scarlett: I see...

Max: Wait a minute... How dare you wake up before me?! It makes you look superior to me! and of course you're inferior! You're just a sidekick!

Scarlett: Pardon?

Max: I was given a chance to fulfill an evil plan of a truly evil people. Who are obviously still inferior to the evil genius of mine!

Scarlett: Alright, I understand. You're saying you were given a role of a mole, am I right?

Max: Correct.

Scarlett: What a relief. At least I do not have to pretend anymore...

Max: Wha...

The girl takes off her glasses and lets her hair down. Her hair now looks like a classic drawing of a Christmas tree, except in the color of fire.

Scarlett: You see, you're not the only one who was assigned to be a mole. This is the real me...

Max: I knew you're my sidekick. You wouldn't be in this room with me if you weren't. Now move aside and let the true mastermind do his evil scheme.

Scarlett: With pleasure...

The girl says and smirks. She takes the coconut from the chair and throws it at your face. By the time you regain consciousness, she's already sitting in front of the giant computer.

Scarlett: You should be happy I have decided to wait for you so you could witness my moment of glory.

She says and presses some button. You didn't see which one exactly. Even if you did, there were too many of them for you to memorize which one it was.

Computer: Pahkitew Island's self destruction in... one hour.

Scarlett: Muahahahaha!

Max: You imbecile! You set off self destruction mode while we're still on the island?!

Scarlett: There's one escape pod nearby.

Max: Oh, alright. Glad you decided to do the hard work. But it was MY moment to shine!

Scarlett: Oh, please. I've already figured out you're too incompetent to do this. You wouldn't have memorized all those buttons and their functions. And for me it took a short time to learn it.

Max: Waking up before me? Throwing a coconut on me? Stealing my time to shine? Calling me incompetent? I've been patient with you so far, but this is far too much! Prepare for a punishment!

Scarlett: No. You prepare for a punishment! Your incompetence is seriously insulting for the human race.

The girl says and presses some other button. Some secret door open and a bear with some snorkeling equipment appears.

Max: I am not afraid! For I am a mole and I cannot die in the first round!

Scarlett: Are you sure? Would you like to put your money on that? Or your life?

The bear comes closer and closer to you. You're defensless. The only thing you have is the coconut with which you were hit in the head earlier.

Max: "Wait a minute... I've got a brilliant idea!"

  • A - Throw the coconut at Scarlett's head.
  • B - Throw the coconut at Scuba Bear's head.

Max: Evil attacks!

You take the coconut from the ground and throw it at the bear's head. It partly damages its forehead and causes its eyes to fall out.

Max: "Ew!"

However, the most damage is done to the coconut, which is now split in two halves. A scream emerges from the bear's jaw.

Scuba bear: You ungrateful bastard!

Max: What? It talks?!

The girl facepalms.

Scarlett: Didn't they tell you...

Suddenly, the bear puts its right front pawn ahead, pointing at you. It shoots its claws. Apparently they work like bullets of a gun. You're hit with all four of them, mostly in the stomach, but also your face. You feel intense pain and fall on your knees.

Scarlett: Hah. Who's the one bowing to the superior one now, huh?

You fall from your knees on the ground.

Max: Time for evil... to say goodbye.

Fortunately, the pain stops shortly after. Forever.

Scarlett: I must admit it, you did a good job. The scene was amazing to watch. I guess I can stay for a little longer to watch those pathetic human beings desperately fight for their lives prior to leaving in my escape pod.

The girl says and presses some button. It shows her the footage of all cameras that currently record the other victims.

Amy and Samey

  • Playing as: Samey

You wake up. You're in some weird, futuristic-looking room. You don't remember how you ended up here. You notice the room's almost entirely empty. There are just some pipes everywhere, a plasma TV in the middle with a remote and a knife lying underneath it. There's also your sister, Amy, tied by her limbs to the wall.

Samey: "Weird. I bet people would rather torture me, not her. Everyone thinks she's the amazing one."

Your thougts are interrupted by your sister's screams.

Amy: OMG, finally! Do you have ANY idea how long I had to wait for you to wake up?! Do you know how uncomfortable is to be in this position?!

Samey: I don't...

Amy: Exactly! You don't! You should've been here instead of me!

You say nothing. What's the point of arguing with her? You never win anyway.

Amy: Just untie me already! Quickly!

Samey: Wait, there's that TV and remote in the middle... I think it's it includes some kind of message for us.

Amy: Then don't think! You're not good at it! And if anything, I came up with it first.

Samey: "Well, she woke up first, so I won't argue with that."

You turn on the TV. Some pre-recorded message is played. You see a coconut with a painted smile lying on the chair with some recorded scary voice talking.

Mr. Coconut: Hello, Samey. Oh, where are my manners? Hello, Sammy. I gotta admit I was touched by your story. You described it in the contract under "What do you dislike?" section while signing up for Total Drama Island two years ago. Remember? The way your sister tortured you throughout your entire life really hurt me. Shaving off your hair so the others would tell you apart, taking credit for your ideas, blaming you for her mistakes, especially to make the parents punish you instead of her, flirting with boys you like and emberrasing you in front of them, stealing your swimsuit at local swimming pool... This isn't how a sister behaves like. This is how a monster behaves like. A monster like me. However, there is something that makes me different from your sister. I allow justice to happen. For this challenge, you get the ultimate choice. You can kill the one who made your life a living hell with the knife lying on the ground. Don't worry, her limbs are tied solidly to the wall, she won't be able to defend herself. You can also spare her, using the knife to cut off the ropes instead. Life or death. Decision is yours.

The message ends. You think about your choice.

Amy: Come on, we both know you'll save me. Just hurry it up already!

What do you do?

  • A - Kill Amy.
  • B - Spare Amy.

You think about all the times Amy has tormented you throughout your whole life. You remember all the examples mentioned by the coconut host.

Amy: Hurry up, I know you don't have the guts to kill me!

Samey: "She thinks I can't do it? I'll show her! I'll show her that I can be strong! And I'll fight for justice!"

You grab the knife, come to your sister and begin stabbing her in her chest.

Amy: What the hell are you doing?!

Samey: Justice.

Amy: You actually have the guts to kill me?! Impossible!

Samey: You've had it coming for years. If that's the only way, then I must do it...

You say, albeit crying. You always dreamed about punishing your sister, but you didn't actually want it to be that drastic method.

Amy: Fine, kill me if you want! I'd do the same. And you're making a huge mistake!

She threatens you while you continue stabbing her in the chest. She's much weaker now though.

Amy: mole. If I die, they're going to think you are a mole.

Samey: Why?

Amy: You'll see.

Your sister is clearly too weak to explain it. Her behaviour suddenly changes when she realizes she's about to die for real. She makes a "Forgive me" kind of facial expression. But it's too late. One stab, directly in the heart, finished her off. You realize you should've aimed for the brain to shorten her suffering. Just in case, you stab her in the forehead to damage her brain too, so she wouldn't have to suffer.

Samey: Forgive me, too. I didn't want to end it this way. But you seemed unredeemable. And I was afraid you'd kill me first in this psychotic game.

You say to the corpse of your sister, hoping she could still hear that. When you finish your monologue, a door to some corridor automatically opens behind you. You continue your journey, hunted by the thoughts of what you've just done.

Jasmine, Rodney and Topher

  • Playing as: Jasmine

(A.N. This trap is based on the classic Saw's traps parody from "Until Dawn" game. You may want to watch that part to understand it better.)

You wake up. Your vision is still blurry, but fortunately, it soon comes back to normal. You head hurts as if you were fighting with someone.

Jasmine: "Was I fighting a kangaroo or somethin'?"

You look around. You're in some futuristic place. You've never seen such place in your birth or your new country. You see the grates, splitting the room in two. Behind them, there are two boys tied to the wall by their arms. One is very huge, just like you. The other one is really handsome. The bigger one is already awake.

Jasmine: What the...?

Rodney: Oh, hi. Glad such a beautiful lady like you finally woke up.

Jasmine: Are you flirtin' with me in this weird situation? What is wrong with you?

Rodney: Sorry.

The awkward silence is fortunately interrupted by the handsome guy waking up.

Topher: Huh? Where am I? What is going on? Am I going to die? Who'd want my death?

Rodney: Yay, we're all here.

The guy says cheerfully, although you can sense some jealousy in his voice after the other guy woke up.

Jasmine: Now that we're all awake, I gotta look around for clues.

You say and look around carefully. You immediately notice a plasma TV and some machine with a circular saw. You also find a remote to the TV. You don't think twice and turn it on. Some pre-recorded message is played.

Jasmine: "Why is there a coconut?"

Mr. Coconut: Hello, Jasmine. You're such an experienced survivalist. I just couldn't let you die this early. But I wonder if your skills will be enough to survive the entire game. Anyway, as I said, I didn't want to let such amazing woman like you die so early, so instead you'll be the mastress of the ceremony. You see, last season provided a rather old example of a damsel in distress being saved by her hero. But this is twenty first century. And feminists would complain about our methods. So this time, we changed that archetype. This time boys are in danger and can be saved only by a girl, you. Of course, save them only according to the rules of the game, otherwise we'll kill you with an electric shock from the collar you're wearing on your neck. It's quite a fashion trend, you know. Everyone's wearing them now. Anyway, ou can choose to save only one of them. A farmboy who's awkward around girls and falls in love easily or the narcissist who cares about his looks only? The other one will be killed with this circular saw that you'll turn on by pulling the ladder either to the left, to kill Rodney, or to the right, to kill Topher. You decide whose life is more worthy and who'd be a better companion during our escape. Good luck.

Jasmine: "Oh, crap. Very responsible task."

Rodney: Please, save me! I promise I'll be very loyal to you.

Topher: Pfft. No chances, bro. Who can say no to THIS face?

Who do you sacrifice?

  • A - Rodney
  • B - Topher

Jasmine: "That guy is so confident... Either he's really arrogant or... he's the mole and can't die!"

You pull the ladder to the right, sending the circular saw towards Topher.

Rodney: Yes! She chose me! It's true love. Love on the first sight.

Topher: What the hell?! What did I do to you?! You prefer that creep over me?! Are you out of your mind?!

The handsome guy complains, but his screams are soon interrupted when the circular saw reaches his body and cuts it in half. The bottom half falls down, with some insides being visible and some even falling out. Blood spreads around the area and also falls down from the upper half of Topher's body. The farmboy can't stand this sight and closes his eyes. You feel like you're about to vomit.

Jasmine: WHAT?! I thought he was a koala and couldn't die! He was so confident! I didn't want to kill him!

When the door to the boys' part of the room opens (along with the door to the next corridor), you enter and untie the farmboy from his trap.

Rodney: Does it mean you didn't choose me because you liked me more?

He says, about to cry.

Jasmine: No, I just didn't want anyone to die.

Rodney: Too bad I didn't know it. Because, you know... I'm the mole and I couldn't die. That machine would stop right in front of me

Jasmine: Wha...

Rodney: Moles get all those privilages and things to survive... I thought if I had them, girls would like me more and I could be their hero, saving them with all of those.

Jasmine: Why didn't you say that earlier?! You'd spare this guy's life!

Rodney: I wanted to see which one of us you like more...

Jasmine: You're impossible!

Rodney: Plus, they said I'd be killed with electric shock if I did.

Jasmine: They?

Rodney: The producers, of course.

Jasmine: Fine. Let's not waste this guy's death and try to survive.

You say, entering the recently opened corridor and being unable to look at the corpse of the guy you just killed.

Rodney: I like when the girl takes charge.

The mole says, following you.

Jasmine: Shut up!


The evil genius sits in front of the giant computer screen. She finished watching live footage from the other traps.

Scarlett: Ah, five deaths already occured? Well, six, including that mascot of a host. This is exciting. That makes this game already way more interesting than the previous two seasons. I can't help but wonder if at this rate anyone is going to survive. Probably only me. Haha. Hahaha. Muahahahaha!


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