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This is a horror story. There may be some scenes that will be uncomfortable for you. If you think you won't be able to read it all, don't continue.

The story will be affected by your choices. You will play as various contestants. You can save all characters. You can kill all characters too. It depends on your choices who will survive. Choose wisely.

For some choices there will be "Take a third option", which is the equivalent of custom choices. You come up with what the characters will do then.

You may also want to listen to some music for a good climate. ;)

Or read what should be a theme of this story. Or listen too. (Alternatively, it'd be "Come Die With Us")


Total Drama Horror
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Episode 3


Josh: So, who do you think will survive?

Blaineley: Let me see... Last time it was the daters, chill dude and a psycho. If that was to continue, the daters would be Mike and Zoey. The psycho could be either Lightning, who believes he has to win this game by killing others or Mike's alternate personality, Mal. In this case, there could be even less survivors this time. Not sure about chill dude though. Maybe B because he's so quiet?

Josh: So you think the history will repeat?

Blaineley: I don't think so, actually.

The hosts check the footage on one of the monitors.

Blaineley: They're coming! Josh, get in position!

Josh: Relax, there's plenty of time until they...

Blaineley: Just go!

Theme Song plays

B, Jo, Lightning and Scott

  • Playing as: B

The athlete begins running even faster when he notices he grates of the Fun Zone in the distance. Soon after he stands in front of the exit.

Lightning: Sha-yeah! Lightning's first! Lightning strikes!

Suddenly, he hears a voice behind him. Some ginger boy with freckles and a masculine female are coming.

Scott: Who's Lightning?

Lightning: Me, of course! How can you not know the Lightning?!

Jo: Why do you keep referring to yourself in the third person? Are you repeating some nickname of yours to make everyone forget your emberrasing first name or something?

Lightning: Shut up, that's not your business!

Jo: Yep, that's definitely it.

You notice the grates of the Fun Zone. This gives you hope. You run faster and meet three other people who are already standing by the exit.

Lightning: What the...!? Three people already!? But Lightning was supposed to be first!

Jo: Huh?

Scott: Doesn't matter. What matters is how do we open the grates?

Lightning: Oh, that ain't a problem for Lightning. The moles got special cards to put in front of that monitor over there so the grates will open.

Jo: So you're one of the moles?

Scott: And you're the other one.

Jo: No, I'm not! You are!

Lightning: You better not be the moles. Lightning has to leave first so Lightning can win. If you ain't the moles, Lightning will just leave ya.

Scott: Harsh.

Lightning: Hey, someone will for sure come for ya later. But if you're moles, Lightning will have to steal your cards so he could leave ya here and so the moles won't open the grates with their cards.

Jo: Harsh and dumb. We outbumber you. How would you want to fight with all of us?

Scott: I don't know, he may be right. Maybe it's better to leave the moles here...

Jo: You say as if you weren't...

The tomboy attempts to say, but is interrupted.

Scott: That girl over there...

Lightning: Which girl? Lightning doesn't see any girls.

Jo slaps the jock.

Scott: As I was saying, she's definitely a mole. I couldn't kill her in our first challenge.

Jo: I couldn't kill you either. And that shark didn't kill you. I'm sure he wasn't allowed to kill the moles, like that psycho killer last time.

Lightning: So that makes two moles already.

Jo: What? Two moles in the same group? Remember that nerd's theory from last season? It would be dumb to put the moles in the same group because they should be spread more to have more potential victims.

Lightning: Lightning doesn't care. You two smell moles for Lightning. What about you, silent guy?

Scott: I don't trust him. "Beware the quiet ones" indeed.

What do you do?

  • A - "..."
  • B - Show your memorial of Dawn.
  • C - Shake your head to say you're not a mole.
  • D - Suggest a body check.

You think how a silent person like you can defend yourself from false accusations. You remember Lightning mentioned the moles have a card to open the grates. You don't have one. You begin touching your clothes and show Lightning to come to you to suggest a body check.

Liightning: What is this weird suggestion?

Jo: I think he meant a body check. You know, to check if he has the items the moles have.

You nod to show this was what you meant.

Lightning: Good idea. Lightning's ideas are always the best!

Lightning starts touching you to check whether you have any items in your countless pockets. It feels really uncomfortable. But it was worth it, as the guy finds out only a memorial of Dawn.

Lightning: Yep, he's clean.

Jo: What is that thing he had.

Lightning: Some useless piece of trash.

Jo: I wanna see.

The girl takes a piece of bark and reads what was written there.

Jo: It appears his partner died. But since he's clean, we can assume he didn't kill her.

You sigh in relief.

Lightning: Cool. Since he's clean, Lightning can start with him.

The jocks says, slapping you so hard that you fall on the ground and lose consciousness.

  • Playing as: Jo

Lightning: As for you two...

The athlete is interrupted by the shark arriving at the place. It notices something and jumps on you angrily. You can feel it takes something out of your hood. It's a giant tooth.

Jo: Scott!

Scott: Hehe, you didn't even realize when I put it there when I patted your shoulder. You see, I saw he was near us when we were sleeping, so I knocked him out, stole his tooth and wanted to frame you in case you weren't a mole. But I'm fine with either result, at least I proved you are a mole too. Becuase you were right, Fang and Larry were trained not to attack us. Their trainers exposed us to them so they could remember our smell. But since you're a mole, I'm sure you remember that.

Jo: "Crap, he's caught me."

The shark is very furious at you and clearly tries everything in his power to prevent himself from attacking you. He clearly wants to attack something out of anger of losing his tooth to the mole he cannot attack. And then he notices an unconscious non-mole lying on the ground.

What do you do?

  • A - Defend B.
  • B - Stay out of it.

Fang jumps on B and starts dragging him away from the group of moles. You don't do anything, being too afraid of him. After all, he was really angry with you for having his missing tooth with you and he didn't understand you were framed. The other moles don't do anything either. After Fang and B disappeared behind the bushes, you can hear B's scream.

Jo: "Wait, so he can scream, but he can't talk?"

The screams become more and more intense and finally stop. You know what it means.

Jo: "He ate him alive..."

You feel about to vomit after this thought crosses your mind.

Lightning: Awesome! One less opponent for Lightning!

Jo: "Ugh, how sick is that guy? I wonder if there's anything that'd make him sensitive."

Jo, Lightning and Scott

  • Playing as: Scott

Lightning: Anyway, give your cards to Lightning.

Jo: Why should we...

Lightning: Just be happy Lightning's leavin' ya with your lighters.

Jo: Lighters?

Scott: Jo, you've been already caught. You don't have to pretend you're not a mole anymore. You know we've been given cards to open the grates and lighters to defend ourselves from the wild animals behind the grates.

Jo: Oh, right. I forgot.

Lightning: Remember, no tricks! If you're gonna try to burn Lightning alive, he's going to run up to you and hug you so we'd die together!

What do you do?

  • A - Give Lightning your card.
  • B - Throw your lighter at Lightning and keep your card.

Scott: Fine, I don't want to risk my life."

Jo reluctantly handles the jock her card. When you realize you'd be the only one whom a burning Lightning would chase after, you decide to give him your card too.

Lightning: Nice doin' business with ya.

The jock says and puts his card in front of the screen. The grates open. He leaves and quickly closes them from the other side using his card again. You can hear him shouting "Lightning's first!".

Scott: So what made you do that?

Jo: Same what made you did it. I didn't want to risk my precious life. Also, he said he was first here, remember? Maybe there will be one more mole.

Scott: Last time there were only three moles. Fourth one wasn't an official one and was in condition that wouldn't help us.

Jo: Guess we'll have to climb up then.

Scott: Are you kidding? The grates are way too high!

Jo: Shh! Someone's coming!

Anne Maria, Dakota, Jo, Mike, Scott, Staci and Zoey

  • Playing as: Mike

Zoey: Phew, made it!

Mike: Told you to take the shorter way.

Anne Maria: So what do we do now?

Staci: Hurry up! Something's wrong with Dakota. She attempts to escape from us. I'm afraid we don't have enough strength to hold her for too long.

Your group notices other two survivors.

Zoey: Hi, nice to meet you two. Do you happen to know what we're supposed to do to leave? If not, that's okay.

Jo: Actually, we do. The moles were given special cards to put in front of that monitor over there to open the grates.

Zoey: If you're still here, I guess you're not moles then. Fortunately, we have a mole on our team.

Anne Maria: Even two of them.

Staci: I told you I'm not a mole! I'm being framed.

Zoey: Mal?

Mike: Called me, honey?

Zoey: Can you open the grates for us?

Mike: Oh, definitely not. I'll open it only for myself. I could consider opening it for the other moles too, but since there aren't any around...

And then you hear some noise. It's far away in the distance, but it quickly comes closer and closer to all of you. Soon you can not only hear but also see the source of the noise. It's Larry.

What do you do?

  • A - Throw your lighter at Larry to burn it and save the group (Mike).
  • B - Use your card to escape alone after knocking out the others (Mal).

Larry comes closer, roars and leans towards your group. But something strange happens to you. You quickly lose control of your body.

Mike: "I guess seeing Zoey...em, my friends in danger caused me to be back. Nice. Now I have to save them!"

Zoey: Mike? Is it you this time?

Mike: Yes. It feels great to be finally back. Although I'd feel greater if I could save you... guys. But I don't know how.

Zoey: If I remember correctly, Mal had a lighter thanks to being a mole...

Mike: I see. I can burn this giant plant!

You search your pockets and find a card and a lighter. You turn the lighter on and throw it at the gigantic venus fly trap. The fire quickly spreads around its entire body. You all run away to a safe distance. The plant is soon mostly burn and only a few small pieces left and fall on the ground. They're covered in ashes. Witnessing the plant's death and the fire it started made you feel as if you were losing control of your body.

Mike: "No! I've just returned!"

Mike: "Yes! Finally back again! And I can see a beautiful view of a burnt plant."

Meanwhile, Dakota appears to have entirely gone feral. Her hair also started falling off. She jumps on Anne Maria, making some animal noises.

Mike: "Alright, where were we?"

Zoey runs to you and hugs you for your heroic act. You knock her out.

Staci: What the...?!

Jo: Huh?!

You then knock out Staci. You come to Anne Maria, who's struggling to defend herself from feral Dakota. You knock out both.

Scott: Hey, you don't have to knock out us. We're moles, just like you. Didn't you consider letting the moles out?

Mike: I did, but I need more proof than just empty words.

Jo: Well, we gave our cards to another mole, who threatened us. But we still have our lighters. You can do a body check if you want.

You do it, just to be sure. The tomboy was telling the truth. You put your card in front of the monitor and leave with the two. You then close the grates from the other side so the non-moles won't be able to leave. You can see that Zoey had already regained consciousness and had a tearful face as you closed the grates. You then break the card, just in case Mike returned at this moment to save them by using the card.

Mike: "Perfect."

You catch up to the two moles you've just met, whistling your favourite tune.

Jo, Mike and Scott

  • Playing as: Jo

Scott: I must say I'm impressed. That was a perfect way of sabotage. I'm sure there aren't more than four moles, which means they're stuck in there forever.

Mike: Thanks. But I have suck-ups.

Jo: "Ugh, these two are way too much! If only I still had my card..."

Scott: Hey, Jo! Are you comin' with us?

Jo: Yes, yes! I just... needed to catch my breath after all this.

Scott: Cool. So maybe want to decide where do we go. The hosts told us there is a boat. But remember the last season? One group went for the supplies first. The footage didn't show if they succeeded, but the news said two of them survived, so I guess they did. What do you think?

What do you decide?

  • A - Go straight to where the boat is.
  • B - Find some hosts' secret location to go for the supplies.

Jo: I think you're right. We should go there.

Mike: Perfect. I was heading there anyway.

Jo: Do you know where it is?

Scott: Don't you remember? We met the hosts there before the game even started? Although we were conscious only inside, I managed to see the outside while falling asleep due to that gas. It's that mountain in the shape of skull.

Jo: Skull mountain, there we go!


  • Playing as: Lightning

You keep running through the path visible on the ground.

Lightning: Sha-zoom! Sha-boom! Lightning's gonna be the first one to escape! Sha-yeah!

All of sudden, an obstacle on your path appears. It's a wooly beaver.

What do you do?

  • A - Throw your lighter at the wooly beaver to burn it alive.
  • B - Run past it.
  • C - Climb up a tree.

You're not scared though. Who's that beaver compared to your muscles?

Lightning: Ha, ha! Stupid hamster! No one can stop the Lightning! Lightning's still gonna be the first one to escape this island!

You run past the giant animal. However, it chases after you. You run with all the energy your athletic body has got, but the animal is still faster and manages to not only catch up to you, but also to jump on you. Its wieght crushes your bones, but it's the least painful thing you feel. The wooly beaver soon starts biting off and eating your limbs. After feeling your blood, some more wooly beavers appear. Some start fighting with each other for a piece of your body. Meanwhile, you pray one of them will finally bit off your head or other important part of your body so you'd finally stop feeling the intense pain.

Lightning: "But Lightning was supposed to be the first one to esc..."

You say with a sadder tone of your voice than ever in your life, even than when you let your great father down. But you don't get to finish the sentence in your head. One of the wooly beavers finally does you a favor by biting off your head, which quickly kills you.

Anne Maria, Dakota, Staci and Zoey

After Staci wakes up, the trio starts wondering what to do.

Zoey: So what are we going to do? We can't climb over. And what are we going to do with Dakota? If we leave her like that, she's going to eat us alive, like that guy from last season.

Annie Maria: I dunno, hon. I'm not the person who comes up with useful ideas.

Staci: Don't look at me either. No one ever listens to me.

The liar says with her memories causing her to be tearful.

Anne Maria: Okay, okay. Fine. I believe you. You really weren't a mole.

Staci: You really mean it?

Anne Maria: Yeah, your tearful tone convinced me. And if you were a mole, I bet you'd already leave the "Fun Zone". I'm sure Dakota would believe you too.

The finally trusted liar smiles. And then Dakota also wakes up. Her facial expression says she's even wilder now. She starts growling and roaring. And then she jumps on Anne Maria and attempts to bite her.

Anne Maria: Don't eat me! I am... was your fan!

The other two girls run up to them and take Dakota's arms, trying to hold her with all the strength they had left.

Staci: I'm not sure how long we're going to hold her.

Zoey: Hopefully long enough for Mike to switch back to himself again and save us.

But Mike doesn't seem to come back for a while. Someone else comes to the girls instead. It's Fang, who was brought here by Dakota's animal noises. He enjoys the sight of four more preys. He runs up to Staci and Zoey, who are holding Dakota. He does so quietly from behind, so the girls don't even notice. He immediately bite Staci and Zoey's head so they wouldn't run away. However, as soon as the dead girls let a feral Dakota go, the latter jumps back on Anne Maria and attempts to bite her again.

Anne Maria: Someone help! Mike, was it? Come back!

Ironically, it's Fang who helps her by biting off Dakota's head. Anne Maria tries to run away, but the shark is faster, blocks her way and bites off her head too. Once all the preys aren't moving anymore, Fang begins to eat their whole bodies.

Jo, Mike and Scott

  • Playing as: Scott

Your group keeps running. Apparantly you're going on the mountaing from its back side since the ground is higher and higher. Eventually, you reach a part where you have to climb. You do. While climbing a herd of Stymphalian Canadian geese approaches your group.

What do you do?

  • A - Throw a lighter at one of them.
  • B - Continue climbing.
  • C - Stand still.
  • D - Throw a rock down.

Scott: Stand still!

You exclaim and do your best not to move a muscle. You can feel one weird geese is flying right behind you. The pressure is high, but eventually all of you manage to stand still long enough for the geese to lose interest and fly away, looking for another prey.

Jo: Phew. Hey, stinky breath, how did you know it'd work?

Scott: It always worked with normal geese on my farm.

Your trio soon finished climbing and sees a cave that is an entrance to the skull mountain from its back side. Although a bit uncertain, you all go inside. The tunnels are lightened with torches on the walls, like in the mine in the previous season. The tunnel eventually leads you to a control room. There's someone waiting inside...

Blaineley, Jo, Mike and Scott

  • Playing as: Mike

It's Blaineley. And she's holding a gun.

Blaineley: Stop right there!

Scott: Wait, where's Josh?

Jo: It's a trap!

Blaineley: It's not your business where he is! You're probably gonna find out anyway. That is, if you'd come out of here alive. But I bet you won't.

Mike: Why so sure?

Blaineley: I'm holding a gun. You have only your lighters. I can put out the fire before it'd get too big. Besides, you don't even have your lighter, Mal. You already used it.

Mike: F**k, she's right.

Blaineley: Why are all of you here anyway? You're the moles. Just get on the boats!

Jo: You think we haven't watched the footage of the last masacre? We need supplies to leave!

Scott: And we didn't get too many privilages. Only cards and lighters. That's not too much.

Mike: And I don't know how about them, but I don't really work for anyone. Others work for me!

Blaineley: Oh, I'm sure Jo knows something about it. After all, she said she agreed for this role only to get the moles' privilages.

Scott: You did?

Jo: Can you blame me? I don't enjoy killing. I just didn't want my body to get hurt and having some privilages seemed like a good idea. As an athlete, I have to care about my physical well-being.

Scott: I see. Well, I agreed for it so I could sabotage some people. I love sabotaging. But I didn't want to actually kill anyone.

Jo: But you put that shark's tooth in my hood to make it go after me!

Scott: I kinda suspected you were a mole, remember?

Blaineley: Enough chit-chat! Don't do anything stupid or I'll kill all of you!

What do you do?

  • A - Take one of the torches from the corridor and throw it at Blaineley.
  • B - Take Jo and Scott's lighters and throw them at Blaineley.
  • C - Move slowly towards the supplies at the table and run away.
  • D - Try to reason with Blaineley.

Suddenly, you have a crazy idea that just might work.

Mike: "Torches seemed pretty useful last season. And I love a huge fire."

You leave the control room and enter the corridor lightened only by the torches on the walls. You can hear the others' voices from behind.

Scott: What is he doing?

Blaineley: I guess he switched back to Mike, who chickened. But hey, good for him that he gave up. What about you two though?

You take two torches, just in case. You then continue your plan as fast as possible, so Blaineley wouldn't have a time to react. You jump back inside the control room in a hurry and immediately throw both torches at Blaineley. She drops her gun out of shock and begins to try to put out the fire, but to no avail. The fire from the torches is way bigger than the one lighters could cause and it makes the fire spread on Blaineley's body very quickly. Her attempts at putting out the fire soon end due to deadly burns from the fire.

Mike: No one messes with me, b**tch! We earned those things.

Your trio grabs the maps, some food, drinks and some fuel for the boat and run away, wondering about the whereabouts of the co-host.

Jo, Josh, Mike and Scott

  • Playing as: Jo

Your group keeps running through the forest with the supplies. You meet several wild animals by the way, including some giant beavers. Fortunately, the fire of your and Scott's lighters keeps them away from you. After some time, something unbelievable happens. You finally reach the beach. There are no boats though so you keep going through the beach, hoping you'll eventually find an useful boat. After some more time, you finally do. But you can see someone's on the beach, right in front of two boats. It's the co-host, Josh. He's guarding them.

Josh: Congratulations, you're the only ones who are still alive and the only ones who reached me.

Mike: Cool. Now move aside!

Josh: Sadly, I can't let you pass me that easily. Not only because you killed my co-host, but also because this season was meant to be harder. We couldn't let the only difficulty for the moles being the distrust of the others. No. Moles' privilages only allowed them to survive their first challenges and get two useful items this time. But being a mole doesn't mean we'll let you leave the island. That's what I'm here for.

Mike: Cool, but seriously, move aside! I've already killed Blaineley, I can kill you too.

Josh: What a brave gentleman. I wonder if Mike would be so brave too. Especially now that Zoey's not around him. He seemed to like that girl. But hey, you locked her inside the Fun Zone. And Fang ate her alive. It must be a downer, huh, Mike?

Scott: I'm confused.

Scott may be confused, but you are not. You remember Zoey's conversation with Mike/Mal back in front of the grates of the Fun Zone before he killed Larry. You do the math.

Jo: "So it's like two people in one, right?"

The mention of Zoey appears to have some weird affect on Mal. He clearly fights with himself and gasps for air.

Mike: Huh? What happened? Where's Zoey?

Jo: Long story.

Scott: Long story short - we're the only alive ones left.

Mike: What?! Noooooooooooooooooooo!

Josh: Are you finished? Can I finally kill you? Good.

What do you do?

  • A - Bring back Mal.
  • B - Throw your and Scott's lighters at Josh.
  • C - Throw your and Scott's lighters on the sand right below Josh.
  • D - Ignore Josh and get on the boat.

Jo: "It doesn't seem like Mike would be much of an use and I'm not sure if I know how to bring Mal back..."

You decide to take action yourself. You take your lighter from your pocket and takes Scott's as well. Having to search through his pockets makes you feel disgusted. Josh on the other hand is so shocked by what he sees that he stands motionless. You use the opportunity and throw your and Scott's lighters at his head. Josh's still a bit too shocked to react, but the burns make him come back to reality. He immediately puts out the fire from his hair with his hands.

Josh: You b**tch! NOT THE HAIR!

The only remaining host exclaims, pulling the trigger on his gun and shooting you right in your face. Before you die, you can hear two other shots. Since there were no more, you guess he didn't miss.

Jo: "I'm sorry, guys."


The only remaining person on the island gets a call from one of the producers.

Producer: Josh, how do I say this? It was very... unprofessional of you.

Josh: Huh? What? Why?

Producer: Only Jo made a mistake. You should have killed her companions before her and wait a little before killing her to make her feel extremely guilty.

Josh: WHAT?! As if I allowed her to have the time for another action to potentially kill me! Plus, I'm sure she heard the shots before she died.

Producer: But did she know they died? That's the problem. We're not in her head. We don't know that. You've wasted a great opportunity for such dramatic tension. In the final scene. We are very disappointed with you.

Josh: You'd do the same if you were me!

Producer: This isn't a valid point since you do not know that. We're also displeased with how you weren't eager to cooperate with the moles this season. We enjoyed making this season even harder, but the moles didn't have too big chance of survival.

Josh: Still bigger than the others.

Producer: We're very sorry, but we are forced to punish you for your mistakes. Permanently. And to make up for a missing opportunity, we're going to include the moment of your death in the footage that we'll send to the public.

The host doesn't say anything. He's too scared and doesn't even have enough time to say anything before the collar on his neck electroduces him to death.

Producer: That's what happens when you wear a collar longer than the victims. Over.


Reporter: I am very sorry to announce that the massacre that took place on Camp Wawanakwa last year has been repeated, this time on a film lot and another island that, as the police found out, was nearby to the previous one. Footages from this year's tragedy could be seen online since a few days. However, the government took them down once again, although it's unknown if anyone made copies of them and would post them again. The police tracked IP adress from which they were sent and thus found out a Boney Island, but found no one at the time. As was written online by the uploaders, the footage comes from half a year ago. Less victims were involved this time. Unfortunately, none of them managed to make it out alive this time. We're sending condolences to the families of all the victims.

Although the real men behind it all remain well-hidden and their true identities remain unknown, both hosts of this year's tragedy have been killed too. Families of other people who signed up for the show one year ago, but didn't qualify are worried now. However, they are calmed down by the fact that all of the hosts so far have been killed and that the producers of the massacre are unwilling to show their faces, thus being unlikely to host another season. We firmly believe and hope that this means the history won't repeat itself once again.

Scientists were also considering giving a mutated shark special medical treatment to bring him back to normal. The idea was eventually dropped since the shark's current condition doesn't seem to endanger its life and its ability to walk on land would endager the life of those who'd come for him instead. Additionally, the shark is stuck in a closed area of the island, called "Fun Zone", which means it won't escape and endanger the life of the others.

That's it from my part. Let's now hear what the victims' families have to say.


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