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This is a horror story. There may be some scenes that will be uncomfortable for you. If you think you won't be able to read it all, don't continue.

The story will be affected by your choices. You will play as various contestants. You can save all characters. You can kill all characters too. It depends on your choices who will survive. Choose wisely.

For many choices there will be "Take a third option", which is the equivalent of custom choices. You come up with what the characters will do then.

You may also want to listen to some music for a good climate. ;)

Or read what should be a theme of this story. Or listen too. (Alternatively, it'd be "Come Die With Us")


Total Drama Horror
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Episode 2


Blaineley: This time it's a pre-recorder message so I advice you to stay quiet and listen closely, as some important pieces of information are included. I know most, if not all, of you have heard of the tragedy at Camp Wawanakwa last year. Who wouldn't? It was the most talked about topic in the mass media for quite some time and returned every time new information about it was released. Also, I'm sure you paid attention to the event for one more reason. It could've been you as well. You also auditioned for the show. Sure, you were lucky enough not to be chosen for the first season and see what it really is about. But you were still among the contestants who auditioned. Don't think we forgot about you. Our interns kidnapped you during one of what you'd think as a regular days of your life. You may think that now that you've watched the footage of the last tragedy you may be more experienced and know what to do. You couldn't be more wrong! We've learned from the mistakes of the previous incompetent host.

First of all, yesterday was a one year anniversary of the tragedy. We celebrated it by starting our deadly game with tortures. Of course they didn't take place on Camp Wawanakwa. The police predicted something wrong could happen there on the one year anniversary. Which is why we chose a different place where no one would predict something's wrong happening. A certain film lot. Our producers remained unknown and as such, as well as thanks to their job, they had an easy access to the film lot and a believable excuse of recording a horror movie. But just in case bodyguards noticed something, we decided to have only the first round there. Which is why today you're where you are. At the other secret island location. A location where a couple of survivors headed last time. Thankfully for us and their families, they kept the existence of this place as a secret.

Just like the last time, your task is to escape this place. You have it harder though. Last generation of victims didn't really have to escape because our pathetic host caused the police to locate us. What they had to do was basically to survive for enough time to be found. You have it much worse. Videos of this year's tragedy won't be uploaded live. No one knows you're here. Which means you have to escape and come back home all by yourselves.

Like last time, the escape is divided into two parts. Instead of the mine, there is a Fun Zone. A closed area of the island where two mutated creatures live. We mutated them due to exposure to various toxic chemical substances. One of them is Fang, a shark who can walk on the land. The other is Larry, a giant venus flytrap that can eat you alive. They replaced previous threats - wild animals, such as bears, and the arrested killer. If you'll manage tu leave the Fun Zone, rest will be basically the same. Simply escaping the island.

There is one more reason why it's actually harder for you this time. We knew you could easily figure out who was a mole judging by how they could be recognized last time. We decided to make it harder to deduce so you won't be able to fully trust anyone here. Firstly, I'm not going to even hint the number of moles, unlike Chris. I won't do it also because with the cast of 13 victims I can't describe the number as fraction without giving the exact number of the moles. Secondly, in order to make recognizing them harder we decided to design each challenge in a way that allowed one victim to survive no matter what. That's right, moles couldn't be killed, but this time even some non-moles couldn't. You may also wonder why would anyone agree to be a mole after seeing what happened to the moles that survived last time. Well, that's easy. Survival instinct. The moles once again got items that will increase their chances of survival.

Good luck in escaping and trusting the correct persons! Let's officially begin the second round of the second season of... Total...Drama...Horror!

Theme Song plays

Mike and Zoey

  • Playing as: Zoey

You wake up, feeling weak like the last time you woke up. You look around. This time you're in the forest. The boy you've recently met is here too. So is the plasma TV with a piece of paper saying "Play me". You wait until the boy wakes up.

Mike: Huh? Where am I?

Zoey: I wish I knew.

Mike: Oh my Gosh! Zoey, was it? You're alive!

Zoey: Yes, you chose to save me. I've already had the opportunity to meet Mal.

Mike: Oh no. Did he harm you?

Zoey: It sounded as if he wanted to, but luckily he didn't. But how can I know you're not him now?

Mike: I think that gas had some reversing effect. But you're right, it's going to be hard to tell. Mal is my strongest personality. Once he's triggered he can appear and disappear at any time he wants.

The boy searches for something.

Mike: Here, let me give you my necklace. Giving it will be my memory, not his, so he won't know what I gave you.

Zoey: Good idea.

You say, taking the gift from the boy.

Zoey: It's beautiful.

Mike: Now let's do the unavoidable thing.

The guy says and plays the pre-recorded message. You two gulp. This season is meant to be even harder. You look at the food you were given on the plates.

Zoey: Does it mean it's poisonous this season?

Mike: So you want to starve?

Zoey: And you want to risk?

Mike: I'm sure they wouldn't poison everyone. Let's eat part of each other's food. Even if someone's food is poisoned, we'll eat only half of the poison. Maybe it'll safe our lives?

Zoey: I guess it's better than starving to death.

You two eat according to Mike's plan.

Mike: Alright, I think it's time to go.

Zoey: Mike, wait...

Mike: What?

What do you say?

  • A - "I'm afraid I have to kill you for my and the others' safety."
  • B - "I'm afraid I have to go the other way for my safety."
  • C - "I'll keep my eye on you."

Zoey: I'll keep my eye on you.

Mike: Thanks, Zoey.


Lightning eats the food first and then watches the pre-recorded message, although he barely remembers anything from it.

Lightning: If that woman wants Lightning to remember something, she should make shorter videos! Anyway, time to go. Sha-bam!

The muscular athlete starts running through the forest. He runs into Fang.

Lightning: Oh, what's up human shark?

The shark stares at him awkwardly.

Lightning: Alright, no time for chit-chat. Lightning has to win this game!

The athlete then continues running.


Sam wakes up, feeling more tired than ever. He eats the food, although quickly regrets doing so before watching the clip. He then watches the pre-recorded message.

Sam: Welp, looks like the game's on. And it's on hard level this time. Hehe. Wait, who am I talking to? Whatever, I may as well narrate what I'm doing to keep myself calm.

He does as he says, trying to keep his thoughts away from the topic of the death he caused.

Sam: Run! Run! Jump! Duck! Run! Jump!

He notices a humanoid shark behind the bushes.

Sam: Run! Run! Run!

The boy manages to run away before the shark can react to hearing his narrations.

Jo and Scott

  • Playing as: Jo

You wake up. Your vision goes back to normal faster than the last time. You look around and notice some food and a TV screen. Your memories come back faster too. You notice the absence of your opponent.

Jo: "Wait a minute, I didn't kill him. Where is he?"

What do you do?

  • A - Eat your and his food.
  • B - Watch the message without him.
  • C - Eat your and his food and watch the message without him.
  • D - Wait for him.

Jo: "I bet it's a trap and it'd end badly for me if I didn't wait for him."

You wait and wait. Every wasted second feels like eternity. You decide to eat your own food. After a while your opponent finally comes back.

Jo: What took you so long, mole?!

Scott: Relax, there was that humanoid shark near to us, but I took care of him.

Jo: How? With your smell?

Scott: Ha, ha, very funny. With my strength, obviously.

You look at him with facial expression that says you're not convinced.

Scott: Fine, with my smell. Happy? At least I scared him away.

Jo: I can feel that.

Scott: Hey, we've been trapped for at least a day! Possibly three days like the previous victims. None of us took a shower!

The dirty boy looks at the place you where you were sleeping.

Scott: Hey, you waited for me. Awesome! Wait, did you leave me this food because it's poisoned? You're a mole after all.

Jo: What? No! If I wanted to poison you, I wouldn't have waited to watch the message!

Scott: That's not enough to convince me. Eat a bit of the food.

Jo: I can eat all of it if you want to starve.

Scott: Only a bit would be enough.

You eat a bit of the food you left for Scott.

Scott: Alright, that's enough. I don't want to starve. And between you and me, I'd even eat dirt to survive. I eat it when I don't fight for survival too.

Jo: Fascinating.

You two watch the pre-recorded message. And then the humanoid shark comes back.

Jo: I thought your smell scared it away!

Scott: Maybe someone smells worse than I do?

You quickly climb up a tree. The shark approaches Scott and checks his pockets to find something. He apparently didn't find what he was looking for. He visibly wants to attack Scott but something prevents him from doing so and he leaves, although giving Scott a sign that he'll be watching him.

Jo: What? It didn't attack you? You're a mole, I knew it!

Scott: Relax, it was just my smell. And he didn't attack you either.

Jo: I was on a tree!

Scott: I bet with proper arms and legs he can climb up the trees.

Jo: That's not a point.

Scott: Fine. Let's go before he returns. I'll catch up to you soon, I need to pee after the attack of adrenaline.

You walk away a little bit, but stop.

Jo: "Should I...?"

What do you do?

  • A - Turn around and see what he's up to.
  • B - Trust him and don't turn around.

Jo: "No. What if he's peeing for real? I don't want to see him do that!"

The guy soon returns and pats you on the shoulder.

Scott: Thanks for waiting.

Anne Maria, Dakota and Staci

  • Playing as: Dakota

You wake up as the last one of the trio.

Anne Maria: Finally, the sleepin' beauty woke up.

Staci: Help me, she thinks I'm a mole!

You try to regain your memories.

Dakota: "A mole... that girl... Oh, yeah."

Dakota: Well, so do I.

Staci: Oh, come on!

Dakota: I mean, everything you say is a lie after all.

Staci: But I'm not a mole!

Anne Maria: Girl, you're makin' it way too easy.

Staci: I swear I'm not a...

Anne Maria: Yo, Dakota, we should vote for what to do with her.

Staci: Or maybe let's eat something and watch the message as long as we're all here?

The liar says and takes one of the three portions of the food.

Anne Maria: I knew it!

Staci: What?

Anne Maria: You're a mole! The food may be poisoned and you took it as if you knew which one was safe.

Staci: I did it because it wasn't poisoned last time.

Anne Maria: Oh, yeah? What about that unsocial guy's one?

What do you do?

  • A - Eat some food.
  • B - Leave the food.

Dakota: I'm sorry, Anne Maria, I don't want to stare. As a supermodel I know how terrible starving can be like.

Anne Maria: Right. You're so skinny that I guess you should eat somethin', girl.

Dakota: Hey!

Anne Maria: Fine. I'm gonna eat only a bit to avoid too much potential poison.

The three of you eat while watching pre-recorded footage. Thankfully, you're good at multitasking, although you don't remember everything that was said.

Dakota: "Ugh, that food tasted terribly. Worse than anything I've ever eaten. Sure, I eat only the best quality food, but this was way worse."

Anne Maria: Yo, time to vote for what to do with that mole.

Staci: I vote to let me stay with you.

Anne Maria: No way! I vote to kill you so you're not gonna be a problem for anyone.

Staci: That's harsh!

Anne Maria: If you say it is, it means it isn't. Yo, Dakota?

What is your decision?

  • A - "I vote to kill her."
  • B - "I vote to let her stay."
  • C - "I vote to just make her go in different direction."

Dakota: I vote to let her stay.

Anne Maria: What?!

Staci: Yes!

Dakota: It's better to keep her around and have an eye on her. What if we'd need her help or something?

Anne Maria: Fine.

You can sense the annoyance in Anne Maria's tone of voice. You can also hear something big is coming towards the three of you.

Anne Maria: What's happenin'?

It's Larry, the giant venus trap. Your trio doesn't waste time and starts running away. However, it's so huge it catches up to you.

What do you do?

  • A - Continue running.
  • B - Hide.
  • C - Seduce the monster to make it listen to you.

You stop.

Anne Maria: Gurl, what are you doin'?!

Dakota: I have a plan. I'm going to seduce it so it will listen to me.

Anne Maria: What?

Dakota: It always works on boys, so maybe it'll work on a plant too.

Staci: I have good feeling about this.

Dakota: "Alright, but how do I flirt with a plant?"

Dakota: Hi there, planty... You've got really nice roots. And your full lips make you have the face for cover of the magazines.

The beast stopped to listen to you and now it leans towards you. Its mouth comes dangerously close to you.

Dakota: "I should've seen that coming when Staci said she has good feelings about it."

But surprisingly, the monster doesn't eat you. Instead, it kisses you. Its saliva falls all over you. It feels weird.

Anne Maria: OMG, you're all covered in... I hope that's its saliva.

Staci: I think it's just water.

Dakota: No, it is its saliva. Ew!

Larry smiles ashamed.

Dakota: Now be a good flower and go awa... I mean go get me some... wires. I really need them.

Anne Maria: You sure you want to get rid of it? It listens to you.

Dakota: Whatever. I'm not letting it drop its saliva on me again. Let me clean myself with some leaves and let's go.

You do as you said and join the two once you're cleaned. Your skin kinda burns now. You wonder if a saliva of a plant exposed to chemical radiation has any side effects.

B and Dawn

  • Playing as: Dawn

You wake up. The giant guy helps you stand up.

Dawn: Thank you, buddy. I was afraid the nature would ironically turn against me. I'm glad your specialization didn't turn against you either. Although I'm shocked we both managed to survive. It was almost as if the game was rigged.

The guy's facial expression changes from a smile to uneasy look. He points out at the food and then at the TV screen.

Dawn: Don't worry. I can sense positive energy in this food. We can eat it even before watching the message, especially since even if they said it was good or bad, they could've lied.

He becomes kinda scared, but listens to you and eats as well. Later you two watch the pre-recorded message.

Dawn: This is wonderful. Thanks to my ability to communicate with fauna and flora we have bigger chances of survival.

The guy becomes even more scared.

Dawn: Don't be scared. In fact, I should be. You're possibly a mole. Although I don't see any negative energy in you, which seems conflicting.

He stares at you awkwardly.

Dawn: Hmm... We should look around for something useful for you to communicate. I mean, I can understand you, at least partially. But what if we meet someone else and they wouldn't trust you because of your silence?

The guy nods and gives you a thumb up.

Dawn: Alright, we shall find something that will allow you to write what you want to say. This would be slow but effective form of communication. Now what can I use?

You look around.

  • A - Climb up a tree to have a look on a further areas and possibly find something better.
  • B - Pick up some berries and leafs so B will use its juice to write.
  • C - Pick up some leafs a dead animal lying near to the water so B will use its blood to write.

Dawn: "Poor, animal. But I'm so not using its blood as an ink. I don't know if I'd see something more useful from a tree. I guess this leaves the berries' juice."

Dawn: Hang on, B. I have a plan.

You take some leafs from the ground for a paper and collect some berries. You hear B screaming in the distance.

Dawn: "Wait, so he can scream?"

You turn around and see that Fang is coming from underwater.

What do you do?

  • A - Attempt to tame Fang down.
  • B - "Hey, sharky, want some berries?"
  • C - Stand still so it won't harm you.

Dawn: "I must do something! Hopefully my powers to communicate with animals will be enough."

Dawn: You're Fang, right?

Fang turns around and goes in your direction. B stares at you confused.

Dawn: It's my pleasure to meet you. There is no need to be angry, we can all live in love and peace...

The shark jumps on you. Your berries and leafs fall on the ground, but the shark is too focused on attacking you to notice them.

Dawn: "What went wrong? Can't I communicate with mutated animals?"

The shark starts biting off your limbs with its huge teeth. You notice one is missing.

Dawn: "Perhaps that's why he's so angry?"

You try to forget about the intense pain and gather all the energy left in you to say your final words.

Dawn: B, run! If I can't tame him down, no one can! And Fang, I'm so sorry I couldn't help you either...

B listens to you and runs away, although he was visibly feeling guilty about not helping you. Fang bites through more and more of your body with its teeth. The pain stops when he bites through your head, damaging your brain and bites off your head.

B keeps running for his life while Fang is busy eating Dawn. When he feels he's already far enough to not meet Fang again soon, he picks up some berries and a few leafs. The words aren't too readable and leaf turns out not to be the best thing to write at. He rips off a bark from some tree. The words he writes are still not so readable, but if someone looked carefully, they'd read the following:

"In memory of Dawn, the bravest girl I've known and my hero."

Mike and Zoey

  • Playing as: Mike

You two continue walking. It feels like you've been walking around for ages, but you don't mind that much. You started liking spending time with that girl. If only circumstances could be better. Suddenly, you stop.

Mike: Ugh!

Zoey: Mike, did something happen?

Mike: stepped on a rock. Ouch.

Zoey: I don't see any rocks around you. Only the bushes.

Mike: Oh, right. was so angry that I threw it away.

Zoey: Really? You think I'm that dumb? You're acting so suspicious out of sudden. You're Mal!

Mike: Looks like you're not as stupid as I thought. Too bad.

The girl becomes scared and visibly prepares to turn around and run away.

Mike: Fine. What's the point of having my cover revealed. Ugh!

Zoey: Mike? Is that you?

Mike: Huh? What happened?

Zoey: You turned into Mal again.

Mike: Oh, no! He's my hardest personality to control. He can appear whenever he wants to.

Zoey: I know. I've just seen that.

Mike: OK, let's go and hope he's not coming back anytime soon. Through these bushes!

Zoey: Are you sure it's a good idea?

Mike: Trust me.

You two walk through the bushes, but you stay a little behind.

Zoey: Oh, no! Mike, help! I'm trapped.

You lean your head out of the bushes and see that there is a quicksand right behind it in which Zoey got stuck in.

Mike: "Hehehe. Perfect."

What do you do?

  • A - Help Zoey.
  • B - "Hang on, Zoey! I'm coming for help."
  • C - Leave her.

Zoey: Help!

Mike: "Fine. Only to keep my cover."

You rip off a branch from a nearby tree and come by the quicksand. You give the branch for Zoey to catch and pull her with all your strength. It works and she's out of the quicksand.

Zoey: Wow, this is the second time you saved me. I really owe you one.

Mike: "I'll remember that."

Mike: No problem. Glad I could help.

You two continue walking forward.

Anne Maria, Dakota, Mike, Staci and Zoey

  • Playing as: Anne Maria

You notice your idol barely can walk and is pale out of sudden.

Anne Maria: Yo, Dakota, you feelin' good? You're so pale. It's not like you.

Dakota: I... don't feel very well...

Staci: I think we should drag her.

Anne Maria: Fine.

Dakota: Th...thanks.

Both of you grab one Dakota's arm and drag her like a person who was wasted at the party. After a while you meet some other victims.

Mike: More girls? I'm so lucky. Hehehe.

Zoey: Hi. There are three of you? Did someone die?

You check on Dakota. She's so weak she cannot speak right now.

Anne Maria: "This may be a chance to get rid of Mrs. Mole."

What do you say?

  • A - "Yes. That girl is a mole and she killed someone." (Lie)
  • B - "No, we were all together since the beginnin'." (Truth)

Anne Maria: "No, I can't lie. I'm not that mean. And they don't know she's a liar. What if they didn't trust me instead?"

Anne Maria: No, we were all together since the beginnin'.

Mike: Hey, the other girl, is that right?

Staci: Yes, it is.

Zoey: Oh, OK then. Wanna join us?

Staci: Sure.

Zoey: What happened to your friend?

Staci: Oh, nothing. She's just... she just feels sick.

Mike: Really? Is that so?

Anne Maria: No. We're afraid she started to feel sick after that giant plant covered her in its saliva.

Mike: I'm not even asking for details.

Staci: Is that OK with you if we took her with us?

Zoey: Sure. We're not leaving anyone behind. And maybe we'll find some medical supplies for her. Let's go.

Mike: I think I know a shortcut.

Anne Maria: How? Are ya a mole too?

Mike: I'm just... experienced in such journeys. If you follow the path, the journey will be longer. If you use shortcuts by walking across, you'll reach your destination place faster.

What do you do?

  • A - Listen to the guy and use a shortcut.
  • B - Stay on the path, a longer but safer way.

Anne Maria: No way, boy! What you're sayin' makes no sense! I bet you're a mole too!

Zoey: Well, he sort of is, but it's complicated...

Anne Maria: What do you mean, red? And why do you keep around a mole?

Zoey: His alternate personality is clearly a mole. His original, nice personality isn't. I keep him around because I hope I can help him some way and defend him if someone accuses him for his evil personality's actions.

Anne Maria: Wow, that's all dumb. Alternate personality? Do you hear yourself, red?

Zoey: But that's true! And judging by his weird offer, Mal is back again.

Anne Maria: Wait, who's Mal?

Zoey: His alternate evil personality.

Mike: Damn! My cover has been discovered again! Whatever. Time to change again. Ugh!

Zoey: Mike, is that you this time?

Mike: Uh... Yeah, I guess.

Zoey: Alright, we can go. We're staying on the path. Longer but safer way that is!

Lightning and Sam

The athlete keeps running through the forest.

Lightning: Sha-zoom! Sha-boom! Lightning's gonna get first place!

The gamer walks nearby.

Sam: Alright, this game is mine. I'm too tired for running though. Walk! Walk! Walk!

The athlete stops and turns to face the gamer's direction.

Lightning: Huh?

The couch potato notices the muscular guy.

Sam: Oh, hi. Nice to meet another player. I'm Sam.

Lightning: What? There's no way this smelly volatile with ears can beat the Lightning in this game!

Sam: Come on, we can both beat this game.

Lightning: No way! Lightning HAS TO win this game!

The muscular guy shouts, pushing Sam into the quicksand that was near to him.

Sam: Whoa, what the heck?!

Lightning: No one steals the victory from Lightning! No one!

The guy exclaims and runs away. Sam screams for help, but no one is around for a long time. Too long time. Sam drowns in quicksand before anyone could help him.

Blaineley and Josh

Blaineley: See? That guy is so focused on "winning". I told you choosing him for a mole and telling him it's like a game would pay off.

Josh: Yeah, I have to give you that. He's definitely better than that alternate personality guy. I mean, come on! Why does he keep his cover? He already had a chance to kill that girl!

Blaineley: I know right? I expected way more from him. But hey, it's not over yet. His chaotic ways may still show off.

Josh: Hopefully. At least he didn't make Fang lose one of its teeth. I mean, what was the point of that?! Fang would eat non-moles either way! He risked so much, but fortunately Fang is well trained.

Blaineley: Agreed. That guy was the worst. But hey, at least he did something, unlike that girl.

Josh: Yeah, hopefully she does something interesting before this game is over.

Blaineley: Look on the bright side. At least we're going to have another poisoned victim, which means another unofficial mole. This means we have even more moles than the last time despite the smaller cast!

Josh: Yeah, we gotta thank her for making out with that plant.


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