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This is a horror story. There may be some scenes that will be uncomfortable for you. If you think you won't be able to read it all, don't continue.

The story will be affected by your choices. You will play as various contestants. You can save all characters. You can kill all characters too. It depends on your choices who will survive. Choose wisely.

For many choices there will be "Take a third option", which is the equivalent of custom choices. You come up with what the characters will do then.

You may also want to listen to some music for a good climate. ;)

Or read what should be a theme of this story. Or listen too. (Alternatively, it'd be "Come Die With Us")


Total Drama Horror
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Episode 1


Blaineley: Welcome to the second season of a well-known and remembered deadly reality show - Total Drama Horror. Today's a one year anniversary of the previous season of this tragic event where 4 contestants survived and 20 died. We're going to celebrate it by putting in danger another bunch of victims who didn't qualify for the first season, but sent us their audition tapes before they found out in the news what this game really is. Watch as we'll make sure our new victims will have even harder time than the last cast! For example, the police isn't coming to rescue them, as unlike Chris, I'm not that dumb to upload the footage online live. Stay tuned and see who will survive and in what horrific ways the others will die. On Total...Drama...Horror...2!

Theme Song plays

Jo and Scott

  • Playing as: Scott

You wake up. Everything is still blurry.

Scott: "Ouch. I haven't felt such pain in my head since the last time the chickens inside my pillow bit me."

Jo: You're awake now? Good.

You see a very tomboyish girl in front of you.

Scott: "Is she... wearing sweatpants?"

You look around. The grates surround you. You're in some small cage.

Scott: "Now I know how my animals feel."

Scott: We're in a prison?! I swear I'm innocent!

Jo: Relax, freckle face. It's just a set. You can't tell a difference between an actual and artificial jail?

Scott: Well, you can't blame me. I've never been to either.

Jo: Shh! Someone's coming.

A man in hazmat suit walks into the room and turns on the TV.

Blaineley: Congratulations, you two. You are the first victims... er, I meant contestants of the second season of Total Drama Horror!

Jo: Wait, what?! Oh, no! I heard about it in the news!

Blaineley: Who didn't? It was such a tragedy. Now it can be your tragedy. Oh, two mean and strong players. That's a true match. In order to survive your trap you have to kill your opponent.

Jo: Or we can just outsmart our trap, like a lot of those guys did.

Blaineley: Sorry, not this year. We learned from our mistakes. In order to encourage you to take part in our game, we put electric collars on your neck. I'm sure you don't know about it, but one of the co-hosts died due to this thing after he did something against the rules. Same can happen to you.

Scott: Welp, we're screwed.

Jo: So what do we have to do?

Blaineley: I'm glad you asked. You see those pistols lying right next to your feet? Shoot your opponent! First one wins. Duh. We could've used western setting for this, but I decided to go with a set more fitting for you.

Jo: And what was that supposed to...

Blaineley: START!

The TV screen turns static. The man in hazmat suit downside turns it off. He speaks to you, with his voice being muffled due to wearing the hazmat suit.

Josh: Try to shoot me and you're electrocuted to death. Got it?

Jo: Crystal clear.

You notice the guy temporarily took the tomboy's attention for a few seconds, so you quickly grab your pistol and point it at her.

What do you do?

  • A - Shoot Jo.
  • B - Don't shoot Jo.

You take the pistol but you hesitate to use it. In the meantime, Jo grabs hers, points it at you and presses the trigger.

Scott: I'm... alive?

Jo: What the heck?! It's not even working!

Scott: Wait, if my memory is correct that means...

Jo and Scott: YOU'RE THE MOLE!

Jo: No, you're the mole! I couldn't kill you!

Scott: Oh, yeah? Let me try mine.

Jo: Not on me, please.

You point at the floor and pull the trigger. Nothing.

Scott: What the heck is going on?

The man in hazmat suit turns on the TV.

Blaineley: Congratulations, you both made it!

Jo: Wait! He's a mole! I couldn't even kill him!

Scott: I couldn't kill her either!

Jo: If I agreed to being a mole, I would remember.

Scott: Maybe you lost that one memory? Their gas caused temporary amnesia last time.

Jo: Then maybe you forgot about it! We can't both be moles!

Scott: Exactly! Which is why you have to be one!

Jo: What? At least I tried to kill you! You didn't as if you knew the truth!

Scott: Oh yeah? And maybe you did it because you knew you couldn't die?!

Blaineley: Stop bickering like young kids, you two! You both made it. Hooray. Josh, take care of them.

Josh: At your service.

The man in hazmat suit turns off the TV again and releases the gas that makes both of you fall asleep. The girl speaks to you as she's falling asleep.

Jo: I'll have an eye on you, ginger head!

Scott: Right back at ya.

Mike and Zoey

  • Playing as: Mike

(A.N. This trap is a slightly modified version of The Bedroom Trap from Saw IV. You can also watch it here. The trap itself starts around the 6th minute.)

You wake up. After your vision becomes clear enough to see your surroundings you become terrified. You see a pretty girl chained to some machine on a bed. It also appears you are in some artificial room. Like a film set. Then you turn around and see a man in hazmat suit. He turns on the TV screen. You see a woman you recognize from somewhere. The man then leaves the room through the artificial door.

Mike: "Last year's tragedy at Camp Wawanakwa..."

Blaineley: Beautiful day, isn't it, Mike? A beautiful girl lying on the bed in a room with you. Isn't she very pretty?

Mike: She is. What's your point?

You notice the girl blushes.

Blaineley: Come on. I know you desire her. You can have her. She's unable to defend herself.

Mike: You want me to do WHAT?! And on camera?!

Blaineley: Think about it. In fact, she'll be even more defenseless soon. This machine is going to tear apart all of her limbs. Well, except for the head. Think about the opportunity then! And after a while she'd be even more defenseless, dying due to the amount of lost blood. You could have her even easier, unless you're not into necrophilia.

Mike: You're seriously sick!

Blaineley: Hey, I wasn't the one who came up with this challenge. Anyway, she's your classic damsel at distress. She needs her hero. Her prince who'd save her.

Mike: It's twenty first century. What you say is...

Blaineley: I thought you both liked romantic stories. It'd be better for her if you did.

Mike: Alright, so how do I save her?

Blaineley: Oh, just a tiny favor. Hit your head hard against the floor.

Mike: What?!

Blaineley: The walls aren't real. They're not hard enough for you know what to happen.

Mike: You want me to do WHAT?!

Blaineley: What you heard. Hit your head hard against the floor. Remember the last time it happened? I'm sure you do. It changed your life completely. It also allowed your family to find out about your "condition" after the psychiatrist told them.

Zoey: Did she say psychiatrist?

Blaineley: Mike, you know why it's very dangerous of you to do. But at the same time you want to protect this girl, don't you? That's why it's a challenge! It's not supposed to be easy.

Mike: What if I find another way to save her from that thing?

Blaineley: Good luck with that. Not only there's nothing around that could help you, but we also learned from our past mistakes. We won't let you outsmart challenges anymore. Did you notice that electric collar on your neck? If you'd attempt to outsmart the challenge, you'd die. But as I said, that'd be impossible anyway. Hitting your head is much easier to do, isn't it? You've got a minute to do it or I'll press a certain button that will turn on her trap and tear her apart. That's all. Over.

The screen turns into static.

Zoey: Oh my God, please! End this madness! Help me! Please!

Mike: I wish I could, but...

Zoey: What's hard in hitting your head? Do it! I'm begging you!

Mike: "If only I could tell her... I'm too stressed to do this."

What do you do?

  • A - Hit your head hard against the floor.
  • B - Give up.

Mike: "Man, this is so hard..."

Mike: Hey, what's your name again?

Zoey: Zoey.

Mike: Zoey, I have to confess why this choice is so hard for me.

Zoey: Quickly!

Mike: You see, I have multiple personality disorder. Long story. One of my alternate personalities is super evil. I thought I got rid of him last time, but he can be brought back if my head is hit hard. As you can see, it's a risk. But I can't let you die. Watch out for me later. He may not be present the entire time, but if you notice I act evil, be prepared to even kill me.

You explain and hit your head hard against the floor, losing consciousness.

Mike's hairstyle changed a little bit after the incident.

Zoey: Phew, it's over. Thank you, Mike! Thank you, thank you, thank you! And nice new hairstyle.

Mike: Shut up, b**ch!

Zoey: Oh, I see what he meant now.

Blaineley suddenly reappears on the screen.

Blaineley: Nice to see you again, Mal.

Mike: I'd say the same, but I don't really like anyone, so...

He looks at the pretty girl on the bed and her trap.

Mike: Is she my prize?

Blaineley: You wish. Mike completed the challenge and won the semi-freedom for both of them. Josh has to free her now before someone accidentally presses this button.

Mike: Perfect. Just perfect.

Blaineley: Relax. At least he didn't really have a choice. Illusion of a choice only.

Mike: I wish he wasted this illusion and killed that girl. That'd be great and ruin him emotionally. Hahahaha.

Blaineley: Anyway... Josh!

The man in hazmat suit comes through the door of the set again and releases some gas that makes both Mal and Zoey fall asleep. He then frees Zoey from her trap.

Brick and Lightning

  • Playing as: Brick

You wake up. You're on some kind of court. It looks more like a film set though. You see some muscular guy standing next to some machine. After your vision becomes less blurry, you realize what that thing is.

Brick: "Ball thrower machine..."

You also think you can recognize the boy.

Brick: "Isn't he some sports star? Or is he just similar to some sports star?"

And then you notice some person in hazmat suit.

Brick: "Oh, no, it looks like the scenario as in... the tragedy at Camp Wawanakwa!"

Josh: He woke up. You can finally turn on the TV.

The guy says, handling the muscular boy a remote. Oh, right. There's also a plasma TV some meters away from you to your left.

Lightning: Awesome! Let's start the sha-game!

The TV is turned on.

Blaineley: Oh, Brick and Lightning. Two boys with meaningful names. Two strong athletic boys. You may both be sporty, but sport may turn out not to be healthy for one of you soon. Hint: It's not going to be Lightning.

Lightning: Woo! Lightning strikes!

Blaineley: Brick, you possibly have already noticed that you are tied to a pole.

Brick: "Oh, right. That's why I couldn't move."

Blaineley: It's hard in the ground and you are tied up hard too. Don't bother to untie yourself. Even if you succeeded, we'd kill you with a severe electric shock from that collar you're wearing on your neck. Lightning too if you convinced him to untie you. But let's face it, you wouldn't.

Lightning: Lightning's too sha-amazing to die!

Blaineley: Anyway... the ball throwing machine will be soon throwing some heavy balls at you.

Lightning: Ahahahahahaha.

The boy gets slapped by the man in hazmat suit.

Josh: Be serious or we're gonna kill you too.

Lightning: Lightning's sha-sorry.

Blaineley: Anyway, this doesn't look that bad, right? Well, it's for sure painful. If some ball hits you in the face or groin area... Ouch! In such case you can only hope some ball will quickly hit you in the head, badly damaging your brain and ending your suffering.

Brick: This is sick and not welcomed in sport environment!

Blaineley: Whatever.

Brick: So how do I survive? Because I'm sure there's something I can do.

Blaineley: Something Lightning can do, actually. But he's very... egoistic.

Lightning: You'd be egoistic too with muscles like Lightning's.

The boy proceeds to kiss both of his muscles.

Blaineley: Yeah... He can turn the machine off any time. And that's why it's a challenge. It'll be hard to convince someone who cares only about himself and treats this like some game he has to win. Good luck!

Lightning: Correct. It's some deadly game and Lightning just HAS to win!

Brick: "Oh, no. Not the challenge about convincing someone. It didn't end well last time."

How do you convince Lightning?

  • A - "This isn't moral."
  • B - "This isn't"
  • C - "What would your father say?"
  • D - "I've won some trophies. If you save me, I can give you them."

The machine is turned on. First ball hits you in the face. It really hurts your nose.

Brick: Ouch!

Lightning: Hahaha.

Brick: Lightning, is it? Listen...

The second ball hits you in the groin. You scream like a little girl.

Lightning: Haha. Guess Lightning's more manly than you!

Brick: Let me tell you something, sir. Ouch!

This time your chest. It's a bit harder for you to breath now.

Lightning: Ouch? You won't convince Lightning with an ouch!

Brick: No, I meant... This isn't!

Another one hits your knee.

Lightning: Who cares about fair play on a game like this?! It's not a sport, it's life or death game! And Lightning has to win!

Next ball hits you in your Adam's apple. You can barely speak after this, so you fail to try to convince Lightning once more.

Brick: "At least end the suffering, please."

And finally comes a ball that hits you hard in the forehead. You lose your consciousness. You don't get to ask anyone if it damaged your brain. Ever.

The hostess reappears on the TV screen.

Blaineley: Congratulations, Lightning. You've won this round.

Lightning: Yes! Lightning loves winning!

Blaineley: Josh, remember to hide the corpse.

Immediately after the TV is turned off and Josh releases the gas to make the sportsman fall asleep.

B and Dawn

  • Playing as: B

You wake up and look around. It appears you're on some stage for a fairytale. movie. You wonder what you're doing here since you never talk or sing. And then you see some girl tied to some table.

(A.N. This trap is based on the "rat scene" from 2 Fast 2 Furious.)

Then you see a man in hazmat suit holding some rat, a metal bucket and a blowtorch.

Josh: You're both awake now. Turn on the TV. The remote is in one of your pockets.

You search through your pockets and find a remote inside one in your jacket. You then do as the man told you.

Blaineley: Hi. You two are an interesting due, you know? If opposites attract, you should be a couple. Unless you'll both die earlier. Anyway, our trapped heroine loves the nature. But she apparently forgot the nature can be dangerous, even for her. Dawn, you can somehow talk to the animals, but I doubt they'd listen in fear. Soon this man is going to put a rat on your stomach and cover it quickly with this metal bucket. He'll start heating it up with his other hand using his blowtorch. I think you can predict what the rat would do to free itself and avoid being burned alive, can't you? It'll eat its way through your stomach. You can try turning to one side to make it fall, but it wouldn't work. You're tied hard. And even if you did, you'd be killed with an electric shock from the collar on your neck for attempting to outsmart the challenge.

Dawn: You devious monster!

Blaineley: Now onto B. He loves technology. But technology can be dangerous too. You see, B, you can attempt to save Dawn by just fighting with this man in hazmat suit. But remember he's holding a blowtorch. That'd be kinda one-sided battle, wouldn't it?

You nod.

Blaineley: Can't wait to see your ironic deaths. Dawn, I bet you can predict the result.

Dawn: Well, my powers don't work that well under pressure...

Blaineley: Well, too bad. Don't care. Bye.

The TV screen turns static. The man does as the hostess said. He places the rat on the girl's stomach, quickly puts a metal bucket on it, preventing it from running away, and with one hand takes the blowtorch lying on the table and starts heating the bucket up. The rat starts making noises.

Josh: Don't worry. As soon as it makes noises it means it's not biting your skin off.

Dawn: Ugh, I can't communicate with it when I can't see it and when it's scared! B, help me!

You look at the man's blowtorch.

What do you do?

  • A - Fight the man.
  • B - Give up.
  • C - Throw the TV at the man.

Dawn: Quickly, B! It bit me!

You're not called a smart guy for no reason. You immediately run towards the plasma TV on which you've just watched the message.

Blaineley: Hey, what are you doing?! Put it down!

You throw it at the guy in hazmat suit. The TV screen breaks and the man falls down. He drops his blowtorch and the bucket. The rat runs away from Dawn.

Dawn: Phew. You saved me!

Josh: What the f**k, man?! I wouldn't harm you either way! That's why Blaineley said it'd be one-sided!

Dawn: Wait, does that mean... You're a mole?

You start sweating. You want to say something, but the man stands up and releases the gas, causing both of you to fall asleep.

Anne Maria, Dakota and Staci

  • Playing as: Anne Maria

(A.N. This trap is based ooff of Public Execution Trap from Saw VII. You can read about the details here or watch a clip to see how it works here.)

You wake up and look around. You're on some stage for a talk show. It's not as great as you think as you soon see some weird table and a huge circular saw on it that is aimed at you.

Anne Maria: "Screw it, I'm outta here."

You try to leave, but it turns out your hands are chained to the table. You see some blonde girl at the other end of the table. You can't believe your own eyes.

Anne Maria: OMG, you're Dakota Milton!

Dakota: Yes, I am.

Anne Maria: You know what we're doin' here?

Dakota: At first I thought I was kidnapped for ransom. But when I saw this machine I thought I was wrong. It looks exactly like the tortures from last year's tragedy at Camp Wawanakwa. Ugh, why did I sign up for this show?!

Anne Maria: So... what are we doin' now? We can't escape!

Dakota: We're waiting for the last girl to wake up.

Anne Maria: Last girl?

Dakota: Look upside.

You look upside and see a third girl, who's still sleeping. She's restrained to a large, hanging board. There is a third circular saw on a large pivot in the center underneath her.

Anne Maria: Hey, you! Wake up!

It shockingly works and your scream wakes the third girl up.

Staci: Huh? Were am I?

Dakota: In some torture room with circular saw.

Staci: I see. My great, great, great, great grandfather John invented circular saws. Before him, there were no such torture rooms.

Dakota: What?

Anne Maria: So if it hadn't been for him, we'd be saved?

Staci: What? No. Someone else from my family would invent it eventually. My family's history is full of great inventors.

Anne Maria: So you're adopted, I guess.

The blonde girl laughs at your remark. You're happy to have made Dakota Milton laugh. Suddenly, some man in hazmat suit walks on the stage and brings some plasma TV with him. He turns it on and goes to the backstage.

Blaineley: Hello, ladies. Are you comfortable in what apparently is an invention of this girl's ancestor?

Dakota: Um, no?

Blaineley: Good. You two on the ground level. Anne Maria and a famous Dakota Milton. You're both fame mongers. You signed up for Total Drama Island to get some screen time and fame. Unfortunately, it brought you to this. Being a fame monger can be dangerous, isn't it? But hey, you made it onto the second season of this show! That's something. Now you can try to have the most screen time possible by attempting to survive. Naturally, if you die early your screen time will be limited. You both love being on camera, right? Fight for it! There can be a place for only one fame monger here. Just push forward harder than your opponent and the girl who may potentially steal your camera time dies. Unless you'd come to conclusion that you prefer to be around someone who shares some similarities with you. Then you have the third victim who doesn't really care about fame. Unless it's a fame for her family. She tends to lie a lot, especially about their achievements. So if she believes her family invented circular saws, let her die at their so called invention. That'd be a huge irony for her family. You know, if it was truth. Anyway, do nothing and she gets killed instead. Good luck about the choice, girls!

The screen turns into static. You start quickly thinking about your choice before your idol, Dakota Milton, will.

What do you do?

  • A - Push forward to kill Dakota.
  • B - Give up.
  • C - Suggest doing nothing.

Anne Maria: Dakota, I... I can't kill you. I'm like your biggest fan. Evah!

Dakota: Aww, thanks! I can't kill my fan.

Anne Maria: So how 'bout doin' nothin' and and killin' that liar instead?

Dakota: With pleasure.

Staci: WHAT?! Why don't I get the choice?

Anne Maria: Sorry, girl. You ain't me or Dakota Milton.

Dakota: And you're not my fan either.

Staci: But... but... I am your fan!

Dakota: Oh, really? What's my last name?

Staci: Um... I know, I know... Um... Hilton?

Dakota: It's Milton.

You can sense your idol being irritated.

Anne Maria: "Phew, at least I remembered her last name."

You two continue doing nothing and the platform to which Staci is tied goes lower and lower. When her stomach is about to reach the circular saw, the machine stops.

Anne Maria: What the...

Dakota: Ok, I'm like seriously confused right now. Can someone explain what just happened?

The hostess reappears on the screen.

Blaineley: Oh, it's simple. You've just won.

Anne Maria: But that girl ain't dead!

Blaineley: So you want her dead? You horrible human being!

Anne Maria: What?!

Dakota: But the rules...

Blaineley: Rules? What rules? Josh, silence them!

The man in hazmat suit returns on the stage and releases some gas that makes all of you feel like going to sleep. Before you fall asleep you realize what that meant.

Anne Maria: We're gonna get you, rat!

Dakota: I think that role was described as a mole.

Anne Maria: Whatever.

Staci: What? No!

But the conversation stops as all three of you fall asleep.

Cameron and Sam

  • Playing as: Sam

You wake up and look around. Some hospital setting.

Sam: "Oh, no. What happened to me?"

But then you notice it's not an actual room. It's just a film set. You stand up and notice some scrawny boy in a huge bubble. He's still sleeping.

Sam: "Too bad. Maybe he would know what's happening. He looks like someone who's used to hospital setting."

Fortunately, you don't have to wait too long for him to wake up. He immediately start asking questions, with his voice being muffled due to him being inside of a bubble.

Cameron: What? I'm in a bubble again? Last time I remember I was outside of it! Did something happen to me?

Sam: No idea, man. But check this out. It's not an actual hospital.

Cameron: And what's that pipe connected to my bubble doing?

Josh: Oh, you'll find out soon.

Says some man who enters the set. His voice was muffled too due to being in hazmat suit. He brings some plasma TV with himself and turns it on. Some attractive woman appears. She looks like a celebrity.

Sam: Wait, didn't she take part in that tragedy last year? Oh, no..."

Blaineley: Ah, Cameron and Sam. What an interesting duo. Two nerds. One if science nerd, one is video games nerd. Neither of you are too healthy. You shouldn't be shocked why we chose hospital setting for you two.

Cameron: Why am I back inside a bubble? I remember I left it when my mother couldn't afford the air for it anymore.

Blaineley: And when was it?

Cameron: Some time before I signed for that one show. That's why I needed the money. Wait a minute... that show!

Blaineley: Exactly. You may haven't qualified for the first season, but the show didn't forget about you. We were moved by your story. We're going to help you. If you'll survive this nightmare, you won't need a bubble anymore. If you don't, well, your mother won't have to pay for it anymore.

Cameron: That's cruel and inhumane!

Blaineley: I know, right? You're welcome. Anyway, what used to help you survive so far may kill you this time. You see that pipe connected to your bubble? When I'll finish explaining the rules your bubble will start being filled with water. If it fills entirely or at the very least above your height, and let's face it, you're rather short, you will drown.

Cameron: What?! How is it connected to survival?! I can't even do anything!

Blaineley: You're right. You can't. This bubble was designed in a way that it can be opened only from the outside. And that's why there's another unhealthy nerd here to help you. Your life is at his hand. At the hands that are very precious to him.

Sam: Are you trying to insinuate something?

Blaineley: Allow me to explain. Sam is very dedicated to playing video games. My assistant, Josh, has brought an axe with him. In order to prevent our bubble boy from drowning, the video game addict must allow Josh to cut one of his hands. Why? Because it's a real challenge for someone as dedicated to playing video games as him. It'd be way harder to play a lot of your favourite video games with lack of one hand, Sam. Maybe even you wouldn't be able to play any games. But don't worry about an injury though. You have a lot of medical supplies to prevent you from dying out of blood loss. You're in hospital setting after all.

Sam: That's dumb. I can just steal the axe and poof that guy's bubble.

Blaineley: Technically, you could. But I don't recommend doing that. That'd ruin the fun and we'd have to punish you by killing you via severe shock from the electric collar you're wearing on your neck. That's it, no outsmarting challenges this year! Besides, outsmarting challenges is cheating. You don't like to cheat in games, do you?

You gulp.

Blaineley: I understand it's a hard decision for you. The cost of someone's life or your hobby. Take all the time you need. Be fast though. If you'd think for too long, Cameron is going to drown. Good luck!

Sam: "Sweet mother of Onions, this choice is super hard level!"

What do you do?

  • A - Sacrifice your hand.
  • B - Give up.

Sam: I'm sorry, dude. I'm nothing without video games. Losing one of my hands would mean the end of playing majority of the games or at least the end of my super high scores. Without my hand I'd lose the only job I could get in the future. How could I review the games objectively if they'd be harder for me due to my imperfection?

The water already reaches bubble boy's knees by the time you finish your explanation.

Cameron: WHAT?! Do you hear yourself?! You can't let me die!

Sam: Again, I'm sorry, man. I don't have a choice. I'm doing it very reluctantly though.

Cameron: Nooooooooooooooooo!

You watch with guilt as the water reaches higher and higher level. After a while Cameron tries everything in his power to keep his face above the water's surface. Soon after it fills the entire bubble and he struggles to catch a breath. His suffering quickly ends and you see his body starting to float lightly. You realize what it means.

Sam: "Oh, no. I'm a killer. In the real life..."

The hostess reappears on the screen.

Blaineley: I'm so proud of you. I knew you'd fail to save him. You can be a superhero in games only.

Sam: I didn't have a choice.

Blaineley: Oh, you did. After all you wouldn't die either way.

Sam: But the injury would ruin my life if I survived this horrific game.

Blaineley: Whatever. I don't care. Josh, you know what to do with the winner and the loser of this game.

Josh: Of course.

The man spreads some gas that makes you fall asleep.

Blaineley and Josh

Several hours later the hostess contacts Josh through his earphone.

Blaineley: Is everything ready?

Josh: Almost. Every alive survivor was taken. We got rid of the corpses of the dead ones.

Blaineley: Two dead ones in a 13 members squad. That's already good.

Josh: I know, we're off to good start.

Blaineley: Has everything been cleaned already?

Josh: The interns finish packing the traps. There wasn't too much blood or chaos around, so they didn't have much to clean. I guess introducing those electric collars helped.

Blaineley: I knew it was a smart idea to base them on ours.

Josh: I'm happy the producers lend us their interns. Cleaning this would take me much longer if I had to do this alone. And thanks to them we'll be leaving soon. The bodyguards aren't even suspicious of what we were doing.

Blaineley: I told you the excuse of recording a horror movie was a good idea.

Josh: You were right. Too bad this film lot wasn't abandoned yet though. It'd make it even easier.

Blaineley: Don't complain, it was easy enough. And bring them here already. I can't wait for the next part! I've already recorded automatic message for them.


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