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This is a horror story. There may be some scenes that will be uncomfortable for you. If you think you won't be able to read it all, don't continue.

The story will be affected by your choices. You will play as various contestants. You can save all characters. You can kill all characters too. It depends on your choices who will survive. Choose wisely.

For many choices there will be "Take a third option", which is the equivalent of custom choices. You come up with what the characters will do then.

You may also want to listen to some music for a good climate. ;)

Or read what should be a theme of this story. Or listen too. (Alternatively, it'd be "Come Die With Us")


Total Drama Horror
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Episode 3


Josh: If only Alejandro's a useful traitor, or as you refer to them, a "mole", then why did you choose the other ones?

Chris: We wanted more ones suitable for the role of the moles. We've also asked Courtney, Duncan, Eva, Heather and Sierra. The latter because we knew she's an absolute fan of me and thought she could blindly follow my orders. And the others because they all seemed to be tough and egoistic enough. But turned out they were all too moral.

Josh: But why Izzy and Owen?

Chris: We needed someone else in the place of those who refused. Izzy is so crazy that she appeared to be a good candidate. And turns out she is! Just take a look, she has some plan for the group that rejected her!

Chef: It doesn't mean she'll succeed.

Chris: Meanwhile, our informant found out Owen's mother was so sure that her son would win the reality show they believed he signed up for that she spent $50,000 on a cheese cellar. We told Owen about it and offered to pay his family's debt in order to blackmail him into agreeing to this role.

Blaineley: And it worked.

Chef: Maybe it worked, but I told you that guy was too soft. And he's already shown he was the worst mole!

Chris: I don't care. I won't miss him. We still have two other great moles. Well, three. One doesn't even know he's a mole. Once again, thank you Blaineley.

Blaineley: Don't thank me. Thank my charm and his stupidity and naivety.

Chris: Anyway, let's watch some more.

Chef: I hope you're not uploadin' the footage live again.

Chris: Are you crazy? I won't repeat my mistake. It pains me, but we'll wait to gather all the footage before we'll show it to the public.

Theme Song plays

Harold, Izzy, Katie, Leshawna, Sadie and Trent

  • Playing as: Leshawna

Your group enters some new room. All of you immediately notice some kind of a throne in the middle of it.

Leshawna: "Guess that killah has a big ego."

You come closer to the throne. You don't notice Izzy, who's spying on your group from the entrance to the room. You look around for a while and find something, which almost causes you to drop some tears out of happiness. Mine carts.

Leshawna: Everyone, look! Mine carts!

Trent: Didn't Chris say they lead to the exit of the mine?

Harold: I don't remember, but I'm sure they do. It'd be logic.

Your group decide to use the mine carts to potentially leave this horrific place.

Katie: Yay, it's going to be like a rollercoaster ride!

Sadie: Yay! I love, love, love rollercoasters!

Leshawna: Hurry up or help me push the carts!

Harold and Trent help you push the carts. Izzy sneaks closer to your group without being noticed. No one notices she took off her skirt, leaving her in panties and... a bomb. No one noticed when she took off the bomb either. The carts finally start moving.

Leshawna: Quickly! We don't want to miss the ride!

You immediately get on a cart, along with the guys. Suddenly, something hits you. Literally. You hold the object.

Harold: It's a bomb!

What do you do?

  • A - Throw it away.
  • B - Try to defuse it.

Leshawna: We should try defusin' it. If I threw it away it still could be a danger.

You look at the bomb. Sadly, you have no idea what to do to defuse it.

Leshawna: I ain't defusin' no bomb. I don't know how!

Harold: Well, obviously you don't. There are various models of a bomb. Without having the plan of its design you can't do anything.

Leshawna: Really? Oh, crap.

Harold: Well, it's obvious you have to cut some wire, but we don't know which one would be the correct one. I see four wires. I can only assume one of them would defuse the bomb, one would do nothing, one would make the countdown go faster and one would just make the bomb explode earlier. However, it's just an assumption.

What is your response?

  • A - Throw it away.
  • B - Wait until the countdown is low and then throw it away.
  • C - Leave it in the cart and get out of it.
  • D - "We should still try anyway."

Leshawna: We should still try anyway.

Harold: But how am I supposed to...

Leshawna: I believe in you, Harold!

The nerdy guy seems to be very motivated by what you said.

Harold: But remember, if something bad happens, it was your decision.

Leshawna: I know, I know.

The boy looks at the bomb carefully. He cannot guess which wire to cut, so he bites off one of them with his teeth randomly. It's the last thing you remember.

Meanwhile, Izzy sees the explosion. She was on the track, ready to run after the mine carts if you threw the bomb away. Now she's running away from the explosion to some safe place. The strength of the explosion throws her away a bit and slightly burns her back. It's a very minor injury though.

Izzy: Muahahahaha! Boom-boom! Explosivo has a loco for boom-boom!

The girl then goes in the direction of where the mine cart was heading to check out if the group died for sure. The explosion caused a cave-in which left some rocks on the ground by the way, but she managed to get to the mine carts, which were now lying on the side, thrown away from the tracks. The first and third cart (the middle one was empty) were filled with blood and some parts of the victims' bones and insides. So was the surrounding area. However, what left after the five dead were mostly the ashes.

Izzy: Good. My kill count is huge enough, I think. I guess I can leave now.

She says, heading towards the exit. The cave-in however blocked the exit. Izzy tried to move the rocks blocking it, but failed.

Izzy: Well, I guess I'm heading to the other exit then.

She says, checking her entire map for which way to go now.

Bridgette, Cody, Eva, Geoff and Gwen

  • Playing as: Bridgette

Your group walks around.

Gwen: Ugh, I think we were going in a circle!

Eva: Told you not to choose that corridor.

Geoff: Relax, I'm pretty sure we're going the correct way.

You suddenly stop as you notice a hurt gopher on your way. The others stop too, but it's because there are two corridors you can go through.

What do you do?

  • A - Help the hurt animal.
  • B - Leave the hurt animal.

Bridgette: Here, my little animal friend. I'm going to help you.

Gwen: What are you doing?

Eva: Come back to the group!

Geoff: Bridge, be careful!

Bridgette: I can't leave a hurt animal like that.

You come to the hurt gopher. It's lying on the ground right in front of the entrance to the dark corridor. You lean towards it to take a closer look. One of its pawns' seems to be broken. It also appears to be... bitten.

Bridgette: Oh, no!

You smell something disgusting and feel someone's breath on your face. Out of sudden something jumps on you. It's the zombie-looking poisoned victim. He puts his hands on your nose and mouth to prevent you from breathing. You take his hands with yours and try to push him away, but he's stronger. After all, he ate more than you did in a long while. The other members of your group stand motionless out of fear, not knowing what to do. You see that Cody wet his pants. Finally, it's Geoff who decides to react.

Geoff: Bridge, I'm coming to save you!

He runs into the poisoned guy, but he trips Geoff with his leg. You see that Geoff stands up soon after. However, you are still struggling to catch a breath. Geoff runs into the Gollum look-alike and this time succeeds in pushing him away from you. Unfortunately, it's too late for you. You couldn't breath for too long.

  • Playing as: Cody


You feel sorry for the guy. You predict you'd feel the same if the poisoned guy choke Gwen. Geoff's grief doesn't last long, as after noticing his first victim is already dead, the zombie guy jumps on him. You want to do something, but at the same time you're too scared to interfere.

What do you do?

  • A - "Run away!"
  • B - Take a torch from the wall and throw it at Ezekiel.
  • C - Take the hurt gopher from the ground and throw it at Ezekiel, hoping it'd distract him.

You notice the hurt gopher that Bridgette wanted to help earlier and that is still lying on the ground near to Ezekiel and Geoff.

Cody: "Forgive me, little fella. I can't let another person die!"

You run towards it, take it from the ground and throw at Ezekiel's face. He turns around, growls, leaves Geoff alone and runs into jumps on you. The force of the jump makes you fall on the ground. You hit the ground with your head, which makes you fall unconscious.

  • Playing as: Geoff

The poisoned victim notices how Cody lost consciousness. This gives him an idea to attack. He grabs his head and with all his strength smashes Cody's head against the ground. You're standing not too far away, so you can notice Cody's damaged head, skull and even part of his brain.

Geoff: "Oh, God! He only wanted to help me..."

Eva: No more heroism! RUN!

The girls start running into the bright tunnel.

What do you do?

  • A - Take Bridgette's corpse to bury her.
  • B - Run away.

Geoff: "I wish I could bury these two. They deserve it. But I don't want to join them!"

You think while running away from the non-official mole after the girls from your group. He's still chasing you, being not too far away.

Alejandro, Courtney, Eva, Ezekiel, Geoff, Gwen, Heather, Killer and Lindsay

Alejandro, Courtney, Heather and Lindsay run into some entirely new room.

Alejandro: Run! I see the elevator at the end of this huge place!

Courtney: It cannot be possible!

Heather: It better be!

Lindsay: We're saved!

The killer runs into the room as well.

Killer: Not yet! Muahahahaha!

The group hears someone from the corridor on the side of the room. Three other survivors run into the room and notice the elevator as well. They're being chased by Ezekiel, who's running on all fours. The first group enters the elevator.

Alejandro: There's some lever! Quickly, Courtney, pull it!

Courtney: Shouldn't we wait for those guys?

Alejandro: And the killer and the zombie guy? No way!

The Spaniard exclaims and pulls the lever himself. The elevator is starting to move up.

Eva: Wait for us!

Alejandro: Sorry, this elevator is for 8 people max.

Gwen: Guess we're lucky we've just lost two companions then. There's enough space for all of us!

The trio is right by the elevator when it's getting higher. But so is the killer.

Killer: So sad they didn't wait for you. But now prepare to die!

He shouts, turning on his chainsaw. However, the poisoned Ezekiel jumps on him. He drops his chainsaw. He's still stronger than Ezekiel, so he manages to push him off and reach for his dropped chainsaw that is still turned on. He cuts the Gollum-like beast in half. His insides, such as intestines, are popping out of the cut parts of his body from both of its halves. The bottom half immediately stops moving. The upper half is still trying to reach him, but quickly dies as well due to losing too much blood.

Killer: I'm not allowed to kill the moles, but you weren't an official one!

The trio stays motionless in a shock after witnessing the scene of two threats for the contestants fighting with each other. The elevator is already above them, but Eva throws Geoff and Gwen up. They manage to get into the elevator. They lean forward and put their hands in Eva's direction so that she could jump. Fortunately for her, the elevator of the mine is very old and is moving very slowly, so it's at a height that she can still reach after jumping, although she needed to jump higher than ever. She managed to grab Geoff and Gwen's hands, who then pulled her inside the elevator and locked the small grate that works as its door.

Eva: Phew, made it!

The killer starts shouting from the underneath, as the elevator is now too high for him to reach it, even after jumping.

Killer: F**k! I almost got them! Curse you! You can be happy now, but I'm gonna get you anyway!

Alejandro, Courtney, Eva, Geoff, Gwen, Heather and Lindsay

  • Playing as: Gwen


The Hulk girl shouts at the new group members.

Alejandro: Huh?

Eva: WHY DIDN'T YOU WAIT?! I almost died! These two almost died too!

Courtney: Don't look at me, I actually wanted to wait for you.

Alejandro: So we were supposed to wait for the killer and that freak to enter the elevator too? No, thanks.

Gwen: That sounds convincing, but I still predict you're a mole. Sabotaging the others' chances of survival like that?

Alejandro: That's true, I am a mole.

Everyone gasps at the revelation. No one predicted he'd confirm it so easily. Not even you.

Eva: Name one reason why I shouldn't throw you back in there!

Alejandro: It's easy. Because I have a map and there is another exit anyway. I'd leave this place sooner or later. And the killer himself just said out loud that he wasn't allowed to kill the moles. The only threat for us was Ezekiel. That's the name of that poisoned zombie-like guy by the way. But we still had special GPS to locate his position. And now he's dead anyway. So tell me, what would you achieve by throwing me back there?

Eva: You wouldn't follow our group!

Alejandro: I know exactly where I'm heading. I won't join you, but you can join me.

Eva: Join a mole?! No way!

Geoff: I don't know. If he's a mole, he should know which way to go...

Alejandro: Correct. But only I was given such privilege. They sprayed me with a gas just so I wouldn't be too suspicious on the recording of my first challenge and reveal my role too early. But I know how to leave the island. And I'm the only mole who does.

Heather: Really? Why is that?

Alejandro: Because the only other moles, besides the unofficial zombie one, was a crazy girl and some nice guy blackmailed into it.

Courtney: Owen...

Gwen: Huh?

Courtney: My partner from the first challenge.

Alejandro: Moving on... I was the only mole they fully trusted. They knew I wouldn't fail them. So I was the only mole to learn how to leave the island. For the other moles the real challenge of survival begins here. They don't have any maps or GPS anymore.

Gwen: And you're telling us all of this because?

Alejandro: Because I want to redeem myself.

Heather: What?

Alejandro: Simple. There are cameras in the mine and on the island as well. I'm sure the public already knows I'm a mole at this point. And if the cops find me, I'd get arrested for what I did. So I want my punishment to be less drastic. And as a result, I would like to guide you the way to leave the island with me.

Gwen: And we're supposed to believe you now?

Alejandro: You don't have to. It's your choice. No one's forcing you to go with me.

Geoff: Gwen's the horror master here. I'm going to do as she'll decide.

Gwen: Hey, you were great too. If it wasn't for you, I would still be stuck in that bathroom.

Geoff: So what do we do?

How do you respond?

  • A - We need to find some buildings in which the staff was living. There must be something useful there.
  • B - We need to find the beach and some boat to leave the island.

Gwen: We need to find some buildings in which the staff was living. There must be something useful there.

Geoff: What exactly?

Gwen: You know, some maps, etc. We can't get on a boat without knowing where is the closest civilization.

Alejandro: I assume you are going with me then. This is exactly what my plan is.

Gwen: No.

Alejandro: Why?

Gwen: Because you're still a mole. I'm sure you'd kill the ones who;d go with you.

Alejandro: But there's something you need to know. There is indeed a building on this island where the staff lived. It's called Playa Des Losers. However, they planned to leave it and go to their other secret location outside this island once the third round of our game would start. I'm sure they took all the maps with them. Same about food and the other needed things.

Gwen: Yeah, we're not falling for that. We're going to find that Playa place.

  • Playing as: Lindsay

Heather: I don't know, I trust him. I can feel he's saying the truth by looking at his gorgeous eyes.

Lindsay: Didn't you say that handsome guys are a trouble?

Heather: This one must be an exception.

Courtney: I agree. I'm going with him.

The Asian girl glares at the preppy girl, thinking she agrees with her that Alejandro is hot.

Alejandro: So we're splitting in the groups in which we were before?

Heather: Lindsiot? What about you?

You feel kinda conflicted about which plan to choose. Both sound convincing.

Lindsay: Um... I promised myself to listen to my brain this time...

Heather: Oh, God, please no.

Lindsay: And my brain tells me to...

What do you say?

  • A - "...go with Alejandro's group to the other secret location. It may be the last chance to leave the island."
  • B - "...go with goth girl's group. Gwen, was it? I don't trust a mole and that's a certain place with something possibly useful."

Lindsay: ...go with goth girl's group. Gwen, was it? I don't trust a mole and that's a certain place with something possibly useful.

Heather: What the hell, Lindsay?! You're going with people you've just met?! There may be a mole among them!

Lindsay: Potential mole vs. certain mole... You do the math.

Gwen: Wow, that was actually really smart of you. Good job.

Lindsay: Thanks. And Heather, you chose to go with him just because you like his eyes? Again, didn't you say earlier handsome guys are trouble?

Heather: Doesn't matter. Just go already.

Alejandro: Are you sure about your choice though? You don't know where to go.

Gwen: We'll find our way sooner or later.

Geoff: Yeah!

You leave with your new group and head to the forest.

Alejandro, Courtney and Heather

  • Playing as: Alejandro

Alejandro: Alright, let's go then. Let me lead the way.

Courtney: Wait! One more thing.

Alejandro: What is it, chica?

You notice the Asian girl glares at Courtney after you said this. It flatters you.

Courtney: This elevator has that lever you have to pull for it to move up or down. I don't know who was the idiot to design this.

Alejandro: That was most likely done in order to keep the strangers outside the mine.

Courtney: Strangers on a deserted island?

Alejandro: Right. More likely to decrease our chances of leaving.

Courtney: That's exactly what I wanted to talk about. Shouldn't we pull the lever so the elevator goes down and other potential survivors can use it to escape?

Heather: What about the killer? He was there a moment ago and he may use it too.

Courtney: Some time has passed since we started discussing where to go. I'm sure he wasn't patient enough to wait there. I vote for letting the other potential survivors use it.

Heather: I vote against it. The killer may still be down there. Or at least close enough to notice it came back.

Courtney: Alejandro, looks like you're the deciding vote.

What is your decision?

  • A - "I vote for it."
  • B - "I vote against it."

Alejandro: "I want a redemption after all."

Alejandro: I vote for it. We shouldn't be responsible for someone's death out of starvation.

Heather: What?!

Alejandro: Alright, we're going. Courtney, pull it and catch up to us. I guess we'll be by the exit of the time by then.

(A.N. They were still inside the mine in front of the elevator. Watch A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste for further reference.)

The preppy girl goes back inside the elevator, pulls the lever and quickly leaves the elevator. It didn't took long, so Alejandro and Heather aren't that far away. She walks towards them in a normal pace.

At the same time, Chris gets a call through his earphone.

Killer: So I've been waiting here because the echo allowed me to hear their conversation. And then the elevator comes back, as they chose. Should I leave?

Chris: Well, the only person still in the mine is a mole, so yeah. Go torment the others in the forest. Also, make sure to let Izzy use the elevator later too. The other exit's blocked. And the more potential threats for the surviving contestants, the better.

The killer does as Chris instructed him to, leaving the elevator for Izzy to use. When he gets out of the mine, he can't see any survivors around, but he decides to walk into the forest, hoping he'd find someone on his way eventually.

Eva, Geoff, Gwen and Lindsay

  • Playing as: Eva

Your group was wandering through the forest for a long time. Suddenly, the group stops. You hear something in the bush. This something comes out. It's a bear.

Eva: I wish Cody was still here. I'm sure he'd be brave enough to fight it.

Gwen: But he's not here anymore. What do WE do?

What do you suggest?

  • A - "Climb the trees!"
  • B - "Run away!"
  • C - "Kill the threat!"

Eva: Kill the threat!

Geoff: I don't know... Last time I attacked a beast I almost died.

Eva: Fine, I'll do it myself!

You exclaim and run into a bear, punching it twice. It growls and pushes you with its upper pawns. You fall on the ground. It starts clawing your skin. You feel an intense pain. You're too weak to fight back.

Eva: "I wish I had eaten more."

It starts biting you as well. After some time of getting clawed out of your skin alive, you stop feeling the intense pain...

Geoff: She was as brave as Cody. Why does everyone who attempts to save us die?

Lindsay: Ok, who is Cody everyone talks about?

Gwen: No time to explain. Run!

The trio starts running away from a bear that is busy clawing a dead Eva. After it's done attacking, it starts eating her corpse.


Izzy finally enters the last room. She notices both halves Ezekiel's corpse on the ground.

Izzy: Oh, so that's why the GPS was showing he was in one place for a long time. I was afraid he lost the collar. Wait, am I talking to myself? Hahahaha!

She then notices the elevator at the end of the room.

Izzy: Oh, cool, someone left the elevator for me. Guess the killer already left the party if I didn't meet him. I wonder how many people he killed. I bet I'm better than him. Wait, I started talking to myself again. Hahahaha!

Alejandro, Courtney and Heather

  • Playing as: Alejandro

Alejandro: There we go. The dock of Playa Des Losers. Too bad Gwen's group didn't join us. My shortcut would allow them to reach this place faster.

Your group sees the boat.

Alejandro: Alright, the boat they left for me as their sanest and most trustworthy mole. I was afraid we'd have to use a canoe instead.

You get on the boat. Right at the moment when the killer appears at the dock.

Killer: Got ya! This time you won't escape!

Heather: See? I told you it was a bad idea!

You turn on the engine. Heather gets on a boat too. Courtney, who was a bit behind you since she chose to pull the lever to let the others use the elevator is still running to the boat. The killer is running a bit behind her.

What do you do?

  • A - Escape and leave Courtney.
  • B - Wait for Courtney.

Alejandro: I'm sorry, Courtney!

Courtney: WHAT?!

You decide not to wait for her and drive away. Courtney's left on the dock.

The killer catches up to Courtney and cuts her in half with his chainsaw. This time vertically. Courtney dies immediately after her brain is cut in half. Her right side falls on the dock to the right and the left side falls on the left.

Killer: Fine, you can escape! At least I killed her!

The killer says and goes back.

Heather: What the hell was it?!

Alejandro: I couldn't take the risk, chica. He was too close to her. If I waited for her, he could enter the boat too. I couldn't let him kill you. I just couldn't. The moment I saw you... Forgive me, I'm saying too much.

Heather blushes and her mood changes completely from being panicked just seconds ago.

Heather: So where are we heading?

Alejandro: To the other island...

Geoff, Gwen and Lindsay

  • Playing as: Lindsay

Lindsay: We made it! YAY!

Geoff: Can't believe we did it! Woo Hoo!

Gwen: It's not over yet. Remember we need to leave the island. We have to search for some maps or anything that'd tell us how how to find the nearest civilization and go back home. I hate to say it, but let's split up. I'll look around the first floor. Geoff, you'll search through the ground floor. (A.N. or second and first floor, depending on your country's system) Lindsay, you'll check what's behind the building.

Geoff: On it.

Lindsay: Got it.

Your group splits up. You go check what's behind the building.

Lindsay: A swimming pool! Yay!

You come closer to it. Suddenly, someone emerges from the water.

Izzy: Boo! Hahahaha!

You scream, not being prepared for a jumpscare.

Lindsay: Who are you? What are you doing here?

Izzy: I'm Izzy and I decided to swim because I got really dirty lately.

You look at the water. It's still dark so you can't see it colour clearly, but it appears to be dark-reddish.

Lindsay: Did you take part in that madness that is going on?

Izzy: Yes, but I was lucky to survive.

Lindsay: How'd you get in here?

Izzy: Oh, after I left the mine I took a shortcut and was swinging on some vines to avoid the bears.

Lindsay: Good idea. We lost one member to a bear.

You say about to cry and shivering due to fear at the thought of what you witnessed back there.

Izzy: I think we all did.

Killer: I hear voices!

Some giant man suddenly appears. You've already seen him. The psycho with a chainsaw and a hook.


Izzy: Oh, cool. I hear voices too. Maybe they can talk to each other?

Killer: Not now, Izzy.

Lindsay: Why does he know your name?

Izzy: Oh, we're pals, aren't we?

Killer: I wouldn't call us pals.

You feel like it's enough of talking. The man is coming closer and closer so you decide to run away. Izzy apparently doesn't.

Where do you run?

  • A - To Geoff (ground floor).
  • B - To Gwen (first floor).
  • C - In the forest.
  • D - On the beach.

Lindsay: "That goth girl seemed pretty badass. I should run to her. Maybe she'll save me."

You think as you keep running on the first floor. You're running upstairs despite what your mother was always saying about running on the stairs. You open the door. You're on the first floor. You look around for Gwen and finally find her.

Gwen: Bad news, Lindsay. Looks like they left and took everything. There's nothing useful to escape here.

Lindsay: Gwen! The killer! He found me!

Gwen: What? How?

Lindsay: I don't know, he just did!

You notice Gwen's face becomes even paler than it already used to be.

Gwen: Lindsay, behind you!

Lindsay: Huh?

Suddenly you feel a horrific pain in your stomach. You look down. It's hard for you to see it because of your huge boobs.

Lindsay: "Maybe I shouldn't have had my boobs done."

But then you notice it. A chainsaw goes through your stomach. You turn around. The killer smiles at you deviously. You fall on the ground and begin to split out some blood out of your mouth. The killer ends your suffering by stabbing you in the head with his hook, doing a deadly damage to your brain.

  • Playing as: Gwen

Killer: A little hook in the brain for a little bubble brain.

You stare in shock at the view of Lindsay being killed in such horrific way a few meters in front of you.

What do you do?

  • A - Attack the killer.
  • B - Jump out of the window.

You don't want to end like Cody or Eva who died after attacking the threat, so you decide to use your only way of escaping. Jumping out of the window. You quickly open it and jump. You land on a hard floor. Everything hurts you and your face is bleeding, but you're still alive.

Gwen: "I knew jumping out of the first floor would be nothing for me."

You see Geoff through the window and he sees you. You show him with your hands to run away. He immediately does. And then something heavy falls on you. Your face lands on the floor once again. You feel like you broke your nose.

Killer: Oh, sorry I caused you to have a painful landing. Here, allow me to end you pain.

Gwen: "End? I think I'd rather live with pain..."

That's your last though as the killer grabs your head and turns it around. 360 degrees. It rips your head apart and kills you in the process.

  • Playing as: Geoff:

Geoff: "Oh, God, oh God! Where do I go? Where do I go?"

Where do you run?

  • A - To the forest.
  • B - On the beach.

Geoff: "I can for sure hide somewhere in the forest."

You keep running away from the psycho killer, who's still running behind you. You feel weak, but the adrenaline allows you to keep running for quite some time. Suddenly, you run into a bear. It growls, being visibly angry. You come up with an idea. You wait a little and when the killer is right in front of you, still running forward, you move aside. He runs into a bear, like you did earlier. You don't waste time and start running away. The killer kills the bear, cutting off its head before it could attack him. You find a safe place to hide in some cave. You hope the killer won't find you here. You can hear his voice somewhere in the distance.

Killer: You can run, but you can't hide!

You decide to wait a long time before you'll leave the cave to make sure the killer won't be around.

Alejandro and Heather

  • Playing as: Heather

You're coming to some other island. A huge skull-shaped mountain in the middle of it terrifies you.

Heather: "It means we're doomed, doesn't it?"

You two finally reach the shore and go on the beach. The Spaniard stops you.

Alejandro: Their base is in that skull. They have maps, food and other needed things we'd need to survive and escape.

Heather: Perfect.

Alejandro: Heather, I want you to know this is a dangerous mission. Non-moles aren't welcomed here warmly. In fact, I'm the only mole they trusted enough to tell about this place. It is a top secret place and if they'd find anyone else here, they would kill them. They can kill me too if they'd find out the true reason I came here. Remember this is your decision. You don't have to go with me if you don't want to.

What is your response?

  • A - "I'll go with you anyway. What if something happens to you? I can't leave you alone."
  • B - "Alright, I'll wait for you here. Come back soon, please."

Heather: I'll go with you anyway. What if something happens to you? I can't leave you alone.

Alejandro: I'm flattered. As you wish. But you may regret this choice.

Heather: Where exactly are we going?

Alejandro: To the skull that I mentioned. We need some maps, food and fuel so our boat won't stop on the way to home. They keep all these things in the heart of Boney Island - that skull in the middle. Its eyes to be exact. They have their secret place there when they were going to watch the rest of what was happening at Camp Wawanakwa after they left the island.

Alejandro, Blaineley, Chef, Chris, Heather and Josh

  • Playing as: Alejandro

You two sneak your way through the forest and through the corridors inside "skull mountain". You've noticed lack of the producers on your way.

Alejandro: "Not that I mind, but where are they? Is there any other secret place I don't know about?"

Finally, you're near the door to the control room. You give Heather signals with your hands to hide behind a rock. You come to the door and spy on what's happening inside.

Chris: Please, let me!

Chef: No! Haven't you learned anythin' from last time?!

Chris: But we can't come back on Camp Wawanakwa any time soon. The police can be there any minute! And I want to show the public those gruesome deaths! We HAVE TO send them from here!

Chef: What part of a "secret place" ya don't understand? We already had to leave Wawanakwa because of ya!

Blaineley: Yeah, you're so lame. I would be much better host than you.

Chris: Shut up!

Chef: Anyway, we ain't sendin' no videos yet! You have to be patient!

Chris: Oh, yeah? Make me!

Chef: I will.

What do you do?

  • A - Interfere.
  • B - Remain hidden.

Alejandro: "This seems serious. My brain is telling me not to interfere."

The giant cook pulls out a gun and points it at the host.

Chris: What?!

Chef: What you see. If you won't be patient enough, I'm gonna make you patient enough! Patient forever!

Chris: You wouldn't dare. You don't have the guts!

Chef: Then see.

The giant man pulls the trigger. You cover your ears after hearing the loud noise. Then you see the host. His chest is bleeding through the hole left in his heart.

Alejandro: "Did he even have a heart?"

Blaineley and Josh stand up from a sofa on which they were watching the footage of the cameras on Camp Wawanakwa. They stand in shock as the dead host falls on his knees in front of Chef.

Chef: Too late to beg for mercy.

Then the host's corpse falls down entirely, with his face landing on the ground.

  • Playing as: Chef Hatchet

You notice Blaineley and Josh are still standing motionless, cuddling each other out of fear for not sharing Chris's fate.

Chef: I've had enough of that jerk's attitude. We went through s**t because of him!

You see they feel slightly better, knowing they didn't do anything to annoy you. Suddenly, you get a call through your earphone. It's from the producers. Even you fear that voice...

Producer: We've witnessed what has just taken place, Mr. Hatchet. Your action has been quite shocking. We must ask whether you intend on quitting your hosting job. Because that's what it looked like.

How do you answer?

  • A - "Yeah, I wanna quit. I've had enough of this f**kin' show.
  • B - "No, I don't wanna quit. I just didn't want that idiot to continue hostin'.

Chef: No, I don't wanna quit. I just didn't want that idiot to continue hostin'.

Producer: Well, in such case I am very sorry to crush your dreams, Mr. Hatchet. Remember your collars? I am positive you do. You are still wearing one. Must I remind you that you were given them in the first place in order to avoid conflicts between the hosts so that the game could've been continued without any difficulties? Murdering the other host goes against the rules, which you have agreed for, Mr. Hatchet.

Chef: "Oh, f**k. I was so pissed at Chris that I forgot."

Producer: I am certain you are aware of the punishment that is awaiting you. It won't be waiting long, fortunately. In fact, it comes right at this second.

You feel a severe shock in your whole body coming from the electric collar you are wearing on your neck. It becomes more intense and more painful. The pain lasts until your heart can't take anymore of it.

  • Playing as: Alejandro:

Blaineley and Josh watch in shock as the co-host is punished and his corpse falls on the ground, opposite to Chris's. The two other co-hosts get a call as well.

Producer: Pardon my language, but I must ask... WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING? You shouldn't be watching this scene! You should be checking the monitors! That party guy escaped from the killer! Be useful for something and Find where he went on your f**king cameras so that you can inform the killer about his position! And find where's that mole who escaped with a girl! He was heading to this island, which means they may already be here! That's an order. Thank you.

The two remaining co-hosts immediately come back to their duties after hearing one of their bosses screaming at them like that. They sit back on the sofa and stare at the screens.

Josh: None of our cameras recorded where the party dude went. Our cameras can rotate around the objects they are placed on so we can have less cameras to record more area. Perhaps one of them was facing the other way at the time?

Producer: Then think of something! And find that mole for sake's sake!

You notice some maps, food and fuel to boats on a table at the end of the control room. The sofa on which Blaineley and Josh are sitting is in the middle, but it's placed sideways to the door.

Alejandro: "Ugh, I still need those maps, fuel and some food. Maybe if I sneak quietly enough and behind the sofa, they wouldn't notice me?"

What do you do?

  • A - Sneak for needed equipment.
  • B - Leave.

You do as you thought. You start crawling to the table at the end of the control room. You hide some food in your pockets, take a map that shows how to go back to the nearest city and take some fuel for your boat in case it stopped working in the middle of your way back home. And then Blaineley and Josh get the call.

Producer: You imbeciles! Are you blind or deaf?! One of the moles is inside the room and steals the supplies! Stop him!

The two co-hosts stand up and see you. You stand up too. They're still shocked, but they'll soon react.

Alejandro: "Think Alejandro, think!"

And then you remember the loud noise of Chef's gun. And the producer scaring Blaineley and Josh so much that they immediately came back to watching the recordings.

Alejandro: "They forgot about the gun!"

You look at Chef's corpse. His gun is lying on the ground right next to his hand.

What do you do?

  • A - Get the gun to protect you and leave.
  • B - Run away with the supplies.

You take the fuel with your left hand so you're holding a map and the fuel with it (the food is in your pockets) so your other hand can be free. Then you run to Chef's corpse, lean forward and grab the gun with your right hand.

Alejandro: Not so fast! Don't you dare to move.

Blaineley and Josh are both shocked and scared.

Alejandro: And now you'll let me leave. I'm slowly leaving this room.

You say as you're going through the door.

Alejandro: That's it. And now you'll let me escape from this island.

Blaineley: You can escape, but you remember you can't tell anyone about this place, right? If the police finds out, the producers will find your family and kill every single one of them!

Alejandro: I remember the deal. I know I can't tell the police about it. And I'll keep my word. I don't want any one from my family to get killer. Maybe except for my brother, José. Anyway, goodbye.

You run to Heather and tell her to follow you. You two start escaping the "skull mountain".

The co-hosts get a call again.

Producer: You imbeciles, you let him escape!

Josh: Oh, yeah? Were we supposed to let him shoot us?

Producer: Just grab your own guns and follow him!

They do as they were instructed to.

Alejandro and Heather

  • Playing as: Heather

You're running away from the two co-hosts who now also posses the guns. You still feel weak after barely eating anything in the last 3 days, but the adrenaline helps you remain strong enough to keep running. You finally reach the boat, turn the ending on and drive away.

Heather: Ha, suckers!

Alejandro: Heather, I must warn you about one last thing.

Heather: What is it?

Alejandro: As I've already said, this place is top secret. Even more so than Camp Wawanakwa on which all this madness took place. When they told me about this place, they put emphasis on its secrecy. I was threatened that if I tell the police about this place, the producers will find my family members and kill them. After all, they have our addresses on our contracts.

Heather: So we'd need to move out and we'd be saved.

Alejandro: No. The producers are really influential persons. They have their people around our locations now. They'd spy on us and find out where our family is going. They'd kill our family sooner or later, but most likely even before moving out.

You gulp.

Alejandro: So you must promise me not to tell about this place to anyone, especially the police. For your and your family's well-being.

Heather: Not that I like all of my family members that much, but ok, I promise.

Alejandro: Excellent.

And then you see something which almost brings you to tears. Some helicopters and ships coming to Camp Wawanakwa.

Heather: Police!

What do you do?

  • A - Drive back to Camp Wawanakwa.
  • B - Continue driving back to home.

Alejandro: Meh. Do you want to confront them? We've got all the equipment we need to come back home. And they'd be asking thousands questions. Besides, I'm sure I'd get arrested for my role.

Heather: I guess you're right. Let's go back home unnoticed then.

You two drive away on your boats.


Officer 1: We've found a survivor!

Izzy: Oh, hi officer! Long time no see.

Officer 1: Oh, no. Not you.

Izzy: Yes, me! Muahahaha! You thought I'd actually die in this?

Officer 2: Sir, we've found some man with a chainsaw and a hook near the hotel. We believe he must have been involved in this and, judging by his appearance and weapons, be one of the killers.

Officer 2: Of course he's a killer! He's been in jail not too long time ago. And he didn't seem like he wanted to improve. He only left the jail because he was bailed by someone very influential.


The party guy hears the helicopters. He's still afraid to leave the cave until he hears more voices. Once he does, he immediately runs off, right into one of the cops.

Geoff: Did you find him? Did you arrest him?

Officer 3: Who?

Geoff: The killer! The dude with a chainsaw and a hook!

Officer 3: Yes, we've already caught him.

Geoff: Oh, thank God.

Officer 3: Do you know where we could find any other potential survivors?

Geoff: No. At least none that I knew. Everyone from my group died!


The cops have firstly investigated areas closer to the beach, including Playa Des Losers, the cabins, the main lodge, kitchen and a bathroom. After several hours they've reached all locations hidden somewhere in the middle of the island, including Art and Craft Center.

Officer 2: Oh my God! Sir, we've found another survivor!

Officer 3: He appears to be stuck. Should we cut off his hand or cut off the part of the trap that has trapped him, forcing him to wear that thing on his hand at least until surgeons would cut it off without injuring the hand?

Officer 1: You can cut off his hand. It doesn't matter anymore.

Officer 2: What?

Officer 1: Take a look at him. He's not breathing. He's not one of the survivors. He already died. I'm not an expert, but it looks like he died out of dehydration. We should take his corpse so his family can bury him though.


Josh: Tonight's breaking news. It's been over half a year after the tragic murders that took place on Camp Wawanakwa. We're broadcasting newest information about the event. At first it was believed that only two victims have survived the massacre. However, the other two victims' families have confirmed their family members came back home in one piece a week later, increasing the number of survivors to 4, two males and 2 females. It is still a small number compared to the 24 that originally were involved in this, as we could've seen over half year ago during the host's online live streams. All of the survivors have gotten the care of psychologists helping them to deal with the traumas after the horrific events they've taken part in.

The people responsible for all of this haven't been caught, although as the two newest survivors said, two of them have been killed by the other staff members. The remaining two and the producers haven't been caught and their current location remains unknown. Our police does everything in their power ever since to find them.

However, several days ago we've been given more footage. The footage has been steamed online from the very same place it took place on, Camp Wawanakwa. It appears whoever sent this, left the island again, as no one has been found on there. The new footage showed us the victims attempting to leave the mine and the island itself.

It also showed some new information we haven't known so far. Two of the survivors were moles, working with the staff responsible for the massacre. The judges at the court have agreed that they should take responsibility for their actions. However, the fact that their lives were in danger too and that they thought they would be killed if they hadn't cooperated have made their punishment lower. One of the moles was willing to cooperate and has been shown on the footage to try to help some of the survivors leave the island and even succeed in one person's case. However, he is still not willing to share information about the still unknown staff members and their secret location. For this, committing one murder and being responsible for another murder, he was sentenced to one year in jail. The other mole has been sentenced for 6 years in jail, as she has been responsible for the death of six victims and didn't want to cooperate with the police at all. She was however sent to a special mental hospital for the prisoners instead of an actual jail, as the psychologists have stated her mental state was unstable.

It also showed the killer responsible for some of the deaths. He's been caught by the police back when they first arrived to the island. Due to his past criminal record and heavy involvement in the massacre, the killer has been sentenced to spend the rest of his life in jail.

The police has picked all the corpses that remained, especially after the reveal of the new places to find them once the footage of leaving the mine and the island has been uploaded online. Not all families were lucky for their children to survive in one piece and as such not all of them got to bury their children. They still had symbolic burials.

We are also reminding you once again that the reason one of the moles agreed for his role was being blackmailed due to his family being broke. The victim was dead and several months have passed, but you can still help his still broke family on We are going to display the further link on the screen.

(The link appears on the screen.)

The surviving victims have all agreed to stay away from reality shows for the rest of their lives. This has started a huge debates about the danger of reality shows, especially the ones that are being promoted online, but aren't officially confirmed by the networks. The topic of whether or not to let the larger public watch such gruesome deaths has been largely discussed about back then and we are going to talk about it once again after the commercial break.

(Commercial break starts. Josh remains on the seat awaiting for the special guest he was going to interview.)

Josh: "Poor people. They have no idea what's coming next time!"


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