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This is a horror story. There may be some scenes that will be uncomfortable for you. If you think you won't be able to read it all, don't continue.

The story will be affected by your choices. You will play as various contestants. You can save all characters. You can kill all characters too. It depends on your choices who will survive. Choose wisely.

For many choices there will be "Take a third option", which is the equivalent of custom choices. You come up with what the characters will do then.

You may also want to listen to some music for a good climate. ;)

Or read what should be a theme of this story. Or listen too. (Alternatively, it'd be "Come Die With Us")


Total Drama Horror
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Episode 2


Chris: Hi, my dear victims. I mean, contestants. First of all, this is a pre-recorded message. I won't be able to talk with you this time. And it'll play only once. So listen carefully to not miss any important thing. Let's start with the very beginning. You may or may not remember some of this. Producers have came up with an idea for a new reality show. However, none of the networks pitched up our ideas. But we didn't give up. We made it even more brutal! We saved money for everything. We planned and did everything in secret because technically we had no right to do it. Especially if anyone found out how "original" our new plans were. Anyway, an advertisement for our show has been posted online. Interested innocent people found out about our original idea. You were amongst them. You signed contracts where you described what you like and don't like so we could fit the traps for you. You sent us your audition tapes. And finally, as I already said, you were amongst the unlucky ones who were chosen. We told you to pack your bags and sent you an address where to go. In order to look professional, we rent some small yachts. You all arrived on them. But on your way, we gave you some pills. The pills made you asleep. We repeated it over the course of several days. Why? You see, we knew the government could easily track us once we started. Some of the traps were meant to potentially make at least one of you stuck there. If the government found you on time and rescued you, where would be the fun of that? During the course of those give or take three days, we gave you water only. Once you were trapped, you didn't even have the water. This was meant to let the ones who were stuck in their traps die out of starvation and dehydration before the cops could rescue them. Only one victim ended up stuck in his trap. But it was worth it, as he can still die before being rescued.

But if you're here it means you survived your first challenge. You earned your freedom. Sort of. Now you have to use it. You also earned the right to wisdom, which is why I explained you what happened in case your memory isn't fully back yet. Those pills caused you to lose short-term memory and as a result you didn't remember most recent events of your life.

Anyway, look around you. You've been given some food. At this point you're very weak due to starving. You can trust me and eat it or, judging by your first tests, don't trust me and leave it. But if I were you I'd eat it. You need some strength to survive the second round. What's second round?

As I said, you're free now. The only thing left for you is to find a way to escape from the island. You're now deep down in the mine of our island. There are only two exits. One is an elevator. One is through the mine carts. They go to the other exit. Of course, the mine will be a labyrinth for you. All of you have been given a small piece of map. Of one and the same map. You can try searching for the exit alone, hoping you'd find it eventually. You can team up with the other survivors you may find on your way. The more pieces of map the better, right? Well, not exactly.

There are some survivors working with us. Let's describe them as moles. How can you recognize them? It's simple. The first challenges were rigged in their favour. They couldn't die. Sure, some of the traps could kill only one person. But at least any of you could fell victim to them. Moles on the other hand couldn't die no matter what. They'll be also trying to sabotage your chances of leaving this place. Why? Well, they were provided with some privileges and will escape sooner or later anyway. Unless you'd kill them first. I won't mention how many moles are around you. What's the point? There's a chance you won't even meet all the other survivors while trying to escape. I'll just say that 1/8 of you are the moles.

Or 1/6. Our newest mole has been actually tricked into his role. He's not even aware he's working for us now. You see, he drank some poisoned water. The poison has severely damaged his brain to the point of complete amnesia. He forgot everything. He's like an animal now. He only follows his instincts to survive now. Kinda like you. But at least you wouldn't eat the other human, would you? You may recognize him by his animal-like movements, even paler than before skin and red eyes. He also started to quickly lose his hair after being poisoned. Guess he'll look like a zombie once you'll meet him.

But he's not the only threat you may face on your way. We've also bailed a certain killer from the prison. He was very thankful for his freedom. Unlike some of you. He agreed to help us make our game more interesting by doing his hobby - killing. He'll be hunting for you in the mines, just like the poisoned semi-survivor I mentioned already. Be careful while going through the mine. The killer has a chainsaw and a hook. He can kill you withing seconds.

If you'll manage to somehow leave the mine alive, you'll face some natural threats in the form of wild animals. Bears, crocodiles, shark, even Sasquatchanakwa. They can all kill and eat you. And unlike us, you don't have a gas that you can use to defend yourself by making them fall asleep. Anyway, once you'll get out of the mine, it'll be your own choice. You'll decide how to escape from the island. That is if the wild animals won't kill you before you'll reach the end of the shore.

Sounds much easier than your first challenges, huh? Good luck! Oh, I almost forgot to mention traps. They are placed in some areas. Well, you better don't walk into them or it'll be like a repeat of your first challenges. Hahaha. Over.

Theme Song plays


  • Playing as Duncan

You wake up in some dark and dirty place. You feel as if you were sleeping on some rock. It turns out you were. You feel you have something in your hand. The hand that was injected with the small portion of poison. You're happy to feel it's something else this time. It's a remote. That makes you less happy.

Duncan: "Oh, crap. Not this again! Wait, where's Tyler?"

You feel something in your left hand too. It's some piece of paper. You notice a torch on the wall. Its fire makes the view at least a bit brighter so that you can see the nearest surroundings. You take the torch with you.

Duncan: "This should come in handy, I guess."

You see a TV screen in front of you. You turn it on.

Duncan: Dude, what the hell?! Where is... Oh, it's pre-recorded this time.

You hear the entire message, but it was so long you're not sure if you remembered all the important details of it.

Duncan: "F**k. I should be a better listener."

You see some food lying on the ground (on the plates) by the TV.

Duncan: "After that adventure with antidote trap I'm not so sure if I can trust Chris. On the other hand, I'm starving!"

What do you do?

  • A - Eat.
  • B - Leave the food.

Duncan: "What the heck, it's better than dying out of starvation!"

You eat some bread, an apple and drink some water. You do it very quickly as you were super hungry and thirsty. You don't feel much difference.

Duncan: "Guess it wasn't poisoned. Or it was a small dose of poison."

You take the torch you were holding earlier and decide to go ahead. Your piece of map doesn't show your surrounding area, so you can only hope to find someone quickly. Suddenly, you see no ground ahead of you. It goes down. The wall isn't too high and is formed in a way that you could safely go down. You decide to go down, but then you see someone down there. The fire of your torch is not enough for you to recognize who that person could be.

Duncan: "On one hand, it could be the killer or that poisoned guy. On the other hand, it could be another survivor with an useful piece of map."

What do you do?

  • A - Go down to that person.
  • B - Scream "Hey, who are you?".
  • C - Wait.
  • D - Leave.

You decide it's best to scream to him. If it's that poisoned guy, he won't answer.

Duncan: Hey, who are you?

The person turns around and comes to the wall. On all four.

Duncan: Crap!

You start running away, but as you've already noticed, the wall was small and formed in a way that allowed going down and climbing up to be easy. Thus, Ezekiel climbs up quickly and starts chasing you. He's closer and closer to you.

Duncan: "Didn't this guy starve too? How the heck is he so fast?"

And then you realize he could've been given some food too. And even if not, you're his food now. Starving makes him run after his prey fast. He jumps on you. You drop your torch. You try to reach it, but it's too far away. After eating something earlier you feel stronger, but you're still weak and unable to fight back properly. You only manage to push him a little, but he jumps back on you. He scratches you and bites you several times. He even bites off a bit of your skin.

Duncan: Ahh!

Then he tries to choke you. Fortunately, you wear a choker with spikes that hurt him. But he doesn't give up. He holds your neck a bit above it and below your chin.

Duncan: "I should've worn even bigger choker."

Then he throws you at the wall. The spikes of your choker are stuck in it. You hit the wall hard with your your head, which makes you unconscious. Thus, the pain soon disappears. Forever.

Katie, Leshawna and Sadie

  • Playing as: Sadie

Katie: OMG, Sadie. The food was so tasty.

Sadie: Ikr? The food was so tasty that I can't even.

Katie: That message was so long tho.

Sadie: Ikr?

Katie: I couldn't remember all of it.

Sadie: I couldn't either.

Leshawna: Shut up you two! Imma tryin' to read the map here!

Katie: Sorry.

Sadie: Yeah, so sorry.

Leshawna suddenly stops.

Katie: Why did we stop?

Sadie: Yeah, why?

Leshawna: There is a tunnel we can go through on the left. And there's the underground lake on the right. Our map ain't showing this area.

Katie: Oh, no! How will we decide which way to go?

Sadie: I know. Let's throw a coin! Or spin the wheel!

Leshawna: Except we don't have any of those.

Sadie: Oh, right.

The three of you look around. There is some blood path on the way. It's hard to tell whether it leads to the tunnel or to the water, as all the blood tracks in the shape of feet are deformed by even more blood around them.

Leshawna: Well, I know which way I wanna go. Water. I need some contact with water to regain some strength.

Katie takes you aback.

Katie: I think we should go the other way. Three's a crowd. What if she'll destroy our friendship?

Sadie: But she has the map...

Katie: We'll find a way out anyway! We're smart! And what if she's the mole?

Sadie: Wouldn't she die if she chose to save us? She only survived because she took off her collar.

Katie: How do we know it wasn't a trick? How do we know she'd be shocked? And why wasn't she shocked when she was taking off her collar?

Sadie: Hmm... Anyway, I think we should go with what would be a smarter choice. Not just the other way than Leshawna.

Katie: OMG, Sadie, that was so smart!

Sadie: Thank you.

Katie: So which way do we go?

Which way do you choose?

  • A - Through the tunnel.
  • B - Through the tunnel. Convince Leshawna to go with you.
  • C - Through the water with Leshawna.

Sadie: "Come on, Sadie. Think! Think!"

Sadie: Through the tunnel.

Katie: Why?

Sadie: Because... look at the blood path. If something came from the water to the tunnel, would it be still blooding?

Katie: I guess not.

Sadie: Exactly. Which means whatever or whoever left that path of blood went to the water.

Katie: What about Leshawna? Should we warn her?

Sadie: Of course! She has our map!

You start screaming.

Sadie: Leshawna! Come to us! Something may be in the water!

The girl is already some steps in the water. She looks back at you two.

Leshawna: Huh?

Sadie: Whatever was bleeding must have went there! It may still be in there!

Leshawna: You're right. What was I thinkin'? Thanks for tellin' me, girl!

She turns around and starts coming back. When she's almost at the shore, something trips her and drags back into the water. She drops all pieces of the map, but fortunately they all land on the ground rather than in the water.

What do you do?

  • A - Run for your life.
  • B - Take the map and run for your life.
  • C - Help Leshawna.

You feel a boost of adrenaline in your organism. You run in Leshawna's direction as fast as you can and jump on the creature that is dragging her to the water. It works as the mysterious figure stopped.

Leshawna: Thanks, girl! I though I was a goner.

Sadie: I bet you'd do the same.

Katie: Sadie! Leshawna! Run!

Sadie: Oh, right.

You two start running in the tunnel's direction. Leshawna grabs all three pieces of the map by the way.

Katie: Sadie, that was amazing!

Leshawna: Yeah, looks like we lost it!

You blush. Compliments make you feel happy. But the happiness doesn't last long as the three of you soon find some boy's corpse. It's stuck in the wall of the tunnel due to the spikes of the choker the guy was wearing. You cover your eyes not to look at the guy. His clothes are shredded. His head was smashed so hard against the wall that the skull and the brain were visibly damaged. A lot of the guy's skin and muscles were eaten, leaving some parts of his body to remain as the bones only.

Katie: Ew, disgusting!

Sadie: Ikr?

Leshawna: Stop complaining! He may still have the map.

Your newest companion starts checking the dead boy's pockets.

Sadie: Ew. Have some respect for the dead ones!

Fortunately for the three of you, the guy still had his piece of map in one of his pockets and it remained readable despite his encounter with whatever killed him. His piece of map was only shredded in some places.

Katie: Who or what do you think killed him?

Leshawna: Same thing that tried to kill Shawnie. That poisoned dude. I doubt the killer would eat someone alive.

And then all of you hear some footsteps. They become louder and louder. You all stand still in fear.

Harold, Katie, Leshawna, Sadie, Trent

  • Playing as: Trent

You two run into some three girls out of sudden.

Harold: Sorry, gorgeous.

Leshawna: You're flirtin' right now?!

Harold: I said sorry. Gosh!

Trent: Ew, what happened to this guy?

Harold: And what does it look like, Trent? His brain was smashed and he was eaten. Not entirely, but mostly.

Katie: Trent, is it? Nice to meet you.

Sadie: Totally nice.

Katie: You wanna join us?

Leshawna: Yo, girls, calm down! We dunno if they ain't the moles! We're not lettin' moles on our team!

Harold: And how do we know you aren't the moles?

Leshawna: I asked first!

What do you say?

  • A - "Fine. We don't have to be in the same group."
  • B - "Hey, we have two pieces of map. And you've got four. Working together would be more effective."
  • C - Describe how your trap worked.

You decide to interfere.

Trent: Hey, we have two pieces of map. And you've got four. Working together would be more effective.

Leshawna: Not even tryin' to convince us? Tryin' to bribe us with your pieces of maps? These two are moles, I CALLED IT!

The girl takes your two pieces of map from you, grabs the hands of her companions and runs away with them. It happened so fast that you were too shocked to react on time.

Harold: Hey! Give us back our pieces of map!

Trent: Stealing someone's pieces of map? She clearly sabotages our chances of survival. She's the mole!

Harold: Why do I always end up attracted to mean girls? Gosh! I'm an idiot!

What do you do?

  • A - Continue walking to the direction you were heading, but without your pieces of map.
  • B - Chase after the girls to get your pieces of map back.
  • C - Chase after the girls to prove you're not a mole.

Trent: Dude, we gotta catch up to them!

You two start chasing after the girls. Harold falls behind a bit due to being physically weak. But the adrenaline allows you to catch up to the trio.

Trent: Hey, that was unfair. You didn't even give us a chance to explain anything!

Thankfully, the girls stop running.

Leshawna: Well, instead of explaining why you're apparently not moles you decided to bribe us with your pieces of map!

Trent: Because I thought you wouldn't believe us no matter what!

Leshawna: Why didn't you at least try?

Trent: Alright, my bad. Give us a chance now! We're not the moles! Chris said that the moles had no way of dying. We both were in some machine where we had to hold our breaths for 30 seconds, and if we couldn't hold our breath, we would get our stomachs crushed by these large clamps that were around them. How can you survive that?

Leshawna: How can we know the machines weren't rigged?

Harold finally appears.

Harold: If the machines were rigged, it'd be easy to see the mole was only pretending to be scared, knowing they can't die. I've seen a genuine panic on Trent's face. And he did struggle to hold his breath.

Trent: Yeah, same about Harold. I won't forget the frightened look on his face and how we had problems holding his breath since the middle of the challenge.

Leshawna: But we weren't there. How can we know you're not lyin'?

Harold: Think about it. It would be very useless to put the moles in the same group. Especially if it was a group of the moles only. In order to sabotage, they need to be spread over several groups.

Leshawna: That actually does make sense. Let's say we believe you. For now.

Trent: Your turn.

Leshawna: Excuse me?

Trent: We proved we're not the moles. At least we hope we did. Now it's your turn.

Leshawna: Well, these two are too stupid to be murderers.

Sadie: Thanks.

Katie: Hey!

Leshawna: Besides, I had the choice to kill one of 'em by choosin' which way an electric saw had to go. If I didn't, I'd be shocked to death with the collar I was wearin'. If I tried to come to them to save them, I'd be eaten alive by a shark that was in the hole.

Harold: Sounds legit to me.

Trent: Wait, how do we know the electric saw wouldn't stop anyway? Also, I bet you wouldn't be that stupid to jump into shark's mouth. But what about the collar? How can we know you would be shocked if you gave up? From what I see that was the only danger to you in the challenge. I see they're both are here and you aren't dead, so...

Katie: Now that you point it out, she wasn't shocked while trying to take it off...

Sadie: Oh, no. You don't mean...

Leshawna: What?! That's ridiculous! I dunno why they didn't kill me when I tried to outsmart the challenge! Maybe they were just impressed.

What do you decide?

  • A - Force Leshawna to leave the group.
  • B - Let her stay.

Trent: Alright, doesn't matter. You're staying in our group. Safety in numbers, right? And we need as many pieces of that map as possible. We'll have an eye on you and you won't be holding the map. Everyone's fine with that?

Everyone agrees. Leshawna does so reluctantly, but she still seems more relieved.

Trent: Harold, you're the smart one here. Read the map.

Harold: Looks like two pieces fit to each other.

Katie: Yay! Those are our pieces!

Sadie: Double yay!

Harold: The other piece you had was one corner. My piece was another corner. Trent's piece shows something in the middle, I guess. And that partly shredded piece shows the exit, but I'm not sure where it goes. We're still missing too many pieces.

Trent: Hey, look at the bright side. We still have many. Where do we go now?

Leshawna: Definitely not comin' back where we came from. There was somethin' in the water!

Trent: Well, we chose one of the tunnels. I guess we can always try the other one.

Your new group leaves, with Harold leading the way.

Geoff and Gwen

  • Playing as: Gwen

Gwen: I tell you, eating is a bad idea! We can't trust him!

Geoff: Come on, Gwen. We need to eat too. And I bet he didn't poison the food he gave to everyone.

Gwen: What if only our food is poisoned as a punishment for outsmarting our challenge? Or only the food of one survivor per each group?

Geoff: Well, I can sacrifice and try both. Are you sure you don't wanna eat anything?

Gwen: Fine, I'll eat. I can't let myself to be weak due to starving. But only some of it. If there is a poison in there, at least I'll be exposed to less of it.

Geoff: Sure.

You two eat the food.

Gwen: What about that part about the moles?

Geoff: I know I'm not a mole. And I bet you're not either.

Gwen: Hmm... That saw was closer to you... You wouldn't have died anyway and my chances of survival depended on your choice...

Geoff: But if I cut off my hand, I'd lose so much blood that I'd die, wouldn't I?

Gwen: Maybe they'd give you some medical treatment? Alright, I'm overreacting. You were truly panicked. And I doubt they'd help you. You're right, you'd probably die out of loss of blood.

Geoff: Alright, let's use our map then!

Gwen: We only have two pieces. And neither of them seem to show the corridor we're in currently.

You look around. Behind you there's only a wall and the TV on which you watched the pre-recorder message. In front of you there are two corridors. One is completely dark. The other one has torches on the wall that make the visibility good enough.

Geoff: You're the horror expert here. Which way do we go?

Which corridor do you choose?

  • A - Bright one. "If someone was there to set up the torches, it must lead to the exit eventually. Dark one may lead to unvisited areas."
  • B - Dark one. "If it's dark, probably no one was there to set up anything, so possibly no traps and threats."

You think for a while.

Gwen: Hmm... Bright one. If someone was there to set up the torches, it must lead to the exit eventually. Dark one may lead to unvisited areas.

Geoff: Good point, no need to go through unknown areas for hours.

Gwen: Yeah, we just have to be aware of the traps.

Heather and Lindsay

  • Playing as: Heather

Lindsay: So... Are we gonna eat?

Heather: Yes. I don't know how about you, but I'm not starving to death.

Lindsay: Wait, what if it's poisoned?

Heather: What do you suggest then, genius?

Lindsay: We can eat half of our and half of each other's food. It'd be fair.

Heather: What's the point?

Lindsay: I don't trust you.

Heather: Really? Why is that?

Lindsay: I'll tell you, but we should eat first.

You two eat according to Lindsay's plan. She observes you carefully.

Lindsay: Guess there was no poison in there. Or it's not bad when only half of poisoned food is eaten.

Heather: What do you mean?

Lindsay: Kyle mentioned moles. I'm sure he poisoned the food, but left the moles' food. And I'm sure you're one of the moles!

Heather: What? Why?

Lindsay: Because our trap could kill only one person.

Heather: I bet it'd kill more than one if the door was closed and opened again.

Lindsay: Why would anyone do that?

Heather: Fair point. But Chris mentioned some traps could kill only one person. I was just lucky I panicked and theorized, ok?

Lindsay: Exactly... Too lucky...

Heather: Hey, I could die too if I went first. I was lucky you wanted to prove yourself.

Lindsay: If you could die, why were you so against leaving the room? It was as if you knew something was going to happen.

Heather: You don't see TV screens being turned on by themselves everyday, do you? I thought it was obvious someone was outside and I just didn't want to risk my life.

Lindsay: It still sounds suspicious. How can I know your theory was a theory and not just an excuse?

What do you say?

  • A - "Fine. You don't have to trust me. Leave me if you want."
  • B - "Fine. I don't trust you either. I'm leaving you."
  • C - "We don't have to believe each other, but we need to stick together to have better chances of leaving this stupid place."
  • D - "You don't have to believe me. But you still need my piece of map."

Heather: We don't have to believe each other, but we need to stick together to have better chances of leaving this stupid place.

Lindsay: Good point. But as soon as we get out of here, I'm calling the police. They'll find out if you're a mole or not.

Heather: Fine. Let's check out if our map shows something useful.

You two show each other your pieces of map. It looks like your pieces match, but don't show your current area. You two start going forward. You're happy the torches are on the walls. If they weren't, you'd have to take them for the entire journey.

Beth and DJ

  • Playing as: DJ

DJ: Ugh, I hate this place! It's so dark in here! I don't like when it's dark.

Beth: Hey, at least we have the torches with us.

The girl looks at you.

Beth: Or at least I do.

DJ: What? I'm afraid of fire too. I ain't touchin' any torches!

Beth: Well, at least we've got something to eat this time. I'm happy I freed my mouth. I wouldn't get to enjoy it if I didn't.

DJ: Maybe it'd be for the better. What if the food was poisoned?

She looks at you again to comfort you.

Beth: I doubt they'd poison all of us at once.

DJ: I hope you're right.

Suddenly, the girl screams out of pain. Her foot got stuck in a bear trap chained to a huge rock.

Beth: Perfect! Trapped again! How didn't I notice that?

DJ: It's my fault. I distracted you.

Beth: No, it's not. I should've paid attention. And it was the fault of someone who left this trap here.

What do you suggest?

  • A - "I'll go for help for you."
  • B - "I'll search for something useful around here."
  • C - "I'll get your foot out of this trap myself."

DJ: I'm gonna search for somethin' useful 'round here.

You take her torch despite being scared of the fire and start looking around for something useful to get Beth's foot out of bear trap. After a while of searching, you find some big stick. You decide to use it. You put it into the bear trap and try to open the trap with the stick. Shockingly, it works.

Beth: You saved me!

Out of sudden, you hear someone at the end of the corridor.

Killer: Ugh, I hate dark places. But I heard some voices here.

You two panic.

What do you do?

  • A - Put out the fire of your torch and stand still.
  • B - Put out the fire of your torch and hide behind a rock.
  • C - Run away in opposite direction.
  • D - Take fourth option.

Beth appears to not know what to do, so you take charge. You show whisper to her to stand still and put out the fire of your torch. But the killer took one of the torches from the walls at the end of the corridor and entered the dark place. He came closer, but you thought it'd be the best not to make any sound to reveal your location. But the killer finally found you two.

Killer: You're such cute couple. But why are you going to lose your heads for me soon?

He jokes as he turns his chainsaw on and cuts off your and Beth's heads.

Beth and DJ's heads fall down and bounce off once. The killer is amused by his joke and picks up the heads, watching their necks separated from the rest of their bodies. He enjoys the views of their flesh and bones being visible. He then throws them back on the ground.

Killer: Ok, that's enough. I've luckily found someone here. Time to come back to the bright areas.

Bridgette, Geoff and Gwen

  • Playing as: Bridgette

You're running through the corridors of the mine, hoping the killer or the poisoned survivor won't kill you if you'll be fast. Suddenly, you bump into two people.

Bridgette: Nice to finally meet some other survivors.

Your greeting is not welcomed warmly though.

Gwen: Cool. Where is your partner though?

How do you respond?

  • A - "I didn't have a partner. I was in a challenge alone." (Lie)
  • B - "He died by the way." (Lie)
  • C - "He died in our first challenge." (Hide part of the truth)
  • D - "A woman in hazmat suit locked him back in our trap." (Say the truth)

Bridgette: A woman in hazmat suit locked him back in our trap.

You say the truth but it doesn't seem to convince the goth girl.

  • Playing as: Gwen

Gwen: Woman in hazmat suit? Wasn't she one of those guys who dragged us here? I doubt they were allowed to interfere with our "tests". Unless... YOU'RE THE MOLE!

Geoff: Oh, crap! What do we do now?

What do you do?

  • A - "Let her stay, we'll have an eye on her."
  • B - "Kill her. She's the mole."
  • C - "Let her live but don't let her join our group."

Gwen: Let her stay, we'll have an eye on her.

Geoff: Phew. I was afraid we were gonna kill her.

Gwen: I thought about it to be honest. But we need more pieces of map.

The new girl tells you her name and you give her yours. She then passes you her piece of map. It appears her piece matches with Geoff's and shows the surrounding area. You go ahead according to the map.

Harold, Izzy, Katie, Leshawna, Trent and Sadie

  • Playing as: Katie

Your group keeps walking and suddenly approaches some stranger. It's a girl who looks like teenage female version of Tarzan. She's covered in blood up her waist. Leshawna stops your group.

Leshawna: Don't move! Prove you ain't a mole!

Izzy: Mole? Hahahaha! That is a funny word, isn't it?

Leshawna: Prove it!

Izzy: When?

Leshawna: NOW!

Izzy: Why?

Leshawna: You're alone and you're covered in blood!

Izzy: In alternate dimension you are covered in blood!

Leshawna: Was that even a point?

Trent: Guys, we have so many pieces of map. We could use one more.

Leshawna: But she's clearly a mole! She's not even defendin' herself!

Trent: Hey, you didn't give us a chance to defend ourselves earlier either, did you?

Leshawna glares at the musician.

Leshawna: What do you guys think?

What do you do?

  • A - "Let her stay, we'll have an eye on her."
  • B - "Kill her. She's the mole."
  • C - "Let her live but don't let her join our group."

Katie: Let her live but don't let her join our group.

Sadie: OMG, Katie, that was like totally smart!

Katie: Ikr? Now we both were smart today... or tonight.

Sadie: Yay!

Katie: Double yay!

Leshawna: Yeah, as you heard. We cannot let you join us. You're covered in blood but you ain't injured. You're clearly a mole. You can give us your piece of map if you want to tho.

Izzy: Are you kidding me?

Leshawna: Fine. Then just go in the opposite direction.

Your group goes away in the direction you were heading so far. You feel a bit guilty about your choice though and it is too much for you to turn around and look for the abandoned person one last time.

Katie: What if she didn't kill anyone and was just unlucky to have some friend's blood fall on her?

Izzy stands still for a while, observing the group that left her. She didn't take being rejected well. Once they were enough in the lead not to notice her, she started following them.

Blaineley and Josh

Josh: Did you pack everything?

Blaineley: Yes.

Josh: We're ready?

Blaineley: Yes. You know which way to go?

Josh: Yes, I remember it.

Blaineley: Great. I don't see any cops yet. Looks like we made it on time.

Josh: Phew. But I'm not sure if I want to see Chris after all of that.

Blaineley: Yeah, me neither.

Courtney and Owen

  • Playing as: Owen

You wake up. This time the girl woke up faster than you.

Courtney: Ugh, finally! Do you know how long I've been waiting?!

Owen: You were waiting for me? Aw, that's sweet!

Courtney: Yes, I've been waiting because I wanted to ask you an important question.

You notice the food lying on the plates on the ground.

Owen: Sweet mother of Teresa! There's some food!

Courtney: It's mother Teresa. And carefully! This food may be poisoned. Let's watch the tape first.

Owen: Cool.

You take the remote from the ground.

Courtney: But first, I would like to ask you how is it possible that we both have all of our limbs. Unless you cut off your... manhood. But I doubt it'd weight enough.

Owen: Um, thanks? Well, I used some sausages that I sneaked, remember?

Courtney: Oh, right, now I remember you wanted to use them. Wait, weren't we prohibited from cheating?

Owen: Um...

You turn on the TV, hoping she'd pay more attention to it. You begin to sweat while watching it.

Owen: Why, Chris? Why? It's already super hard. Why to make it even harder?

The pre-recorded message ends.

Courtney: I think I've seen enough.

Owen: What do you mean?

You ask, sweating more than earlier.

Courtney: I bet you would have no problem if we cut off my limbs. But when I was about to cut off yours... you knocked me out! And used sausages. I didn't have any of my belongings with me. So I doubt we were allowed to have them. And you weren't punished for cheating. You're clearly a mole!

How do you respond?

  • A - "I would have a problem if I cut off your limbs."
  • B - Run away.
  • C - Confirm it.
  • D - "I had no choice..."

Owen: I had no choice...

Courtney: Oh, you HAD a choice! And you chose to be the mole! But you won't sabotage ME!

She exclaims angrily. She takes the closest torch and throwing it at your stomach. It burns you a lot. You jump on your stomach, hoping the contact with the ground would put out the fire. It does, but it burned a lot of your skin. Before you can react, Courtney comes back with another two closest torches. She throws one of them at your head, burning your hair and scalp, and the other one at your feet, which burns them with your every move. The fire goes up your legs. You kneel on the ground, but it only puts out the fire from one side of your legs.

Owen: But... but I couldn't refuse... and I had the map of the entire mine in my pockets...

Courtney: You're telling me this NOW?!

You don't defend yourself anymore. The fire on your head has already completely burned off your scalp and started burning off your brain. You die immediately when it happens.

Courtney puts out the fire from Owen's corpse... or at least his legs, hoping to find the entire map of the mine he mentioned. She searches through his pockets visibly disgusted. Unfortunately, majority of it is burnt off and the rest is in ashes.

Courtney: Ugh! Well, at least I can eat his sausages. They're really warm now.

She says and leaves Owen's corpse, partly proud of herself due to defending herself from a mole, and partly mad at herself for letting the entire map be burnt and being left with only her one piece.

Cody and Eva

  • Playing as: Eva

You two have already started your journey and walk together in an awkward silence. From time to time, the boy looks at you with his only remaining (left) eye.

Eva: "Ugh, I HATE awkward silence! If he doesn't want to, I'M GONNA BREAK IT!"

What do you say?

  • A - "Looking nice with his eyepatch on your right eye."
  • B - "It was pretty brave of you to allow me do the surgery on you."
  • C - "You had a key to my trap, so... Are you a mole?"
  • D - "I wish I have hurt you more. I hate weak, scrawny guys like you."

Eva: It was pretty brave of you to allow me do the surgery on you.

Cody: Hey, thanks. I don't hear that very often.

Eva: Maybe that's for the better. Who would want to go through such things often?

Cody: Good point.

Eva: Good idea to eat that food too.

Cody: Thanks again.

Eva: I'm sorry you lost your eye because of me.

Cody: Hey, I know you panicked under the pressure of being a walking time bomb. I'd panic too, it's my worst fear.

Eva: I thought I don't fear anything. But now I'm sure I fear losing my life.

Cody: True. That's my current worst fear too.

And then you two encounter someone on your way.

Bridgette, Cody, Eva, Geoff and Gwen

  • Playing as: Cody

The goth girl that you already consider hot looks at your face. She clearly noticed your eyepatch.

Gwen: Oh, no. What happened to you?

How do you respond?

  • A - "This girl accidentally cut it off while trying to get a key from underneath my skin under my right eye." (Say the truth)
  • B - "I lost it in our first challenge." (Hide part of the truth)
  • C - "I lost it in a trap in our first challenge." (Lie)

Cody: I lost it in our first challenge.

Gwen: Oh, no. Tell us what happened.

Cody: "Crap."

What do you say?

  • A - Describe your trap. (Truth)
  • B - Describe your trap. (Lie - Custom choice: What happened that Cody lost his eye?)
    • " My trap forced me to cut open my face. But, as you can see, I accidentally cut off my eye. The important part is that Eva and I ended up alive." - by RBW
  • C - "I don't want to talk about it. It's too painful for me."

Cody: My trap forced me to cut open my face. But, as you can see, I accidentally cut off my eye. The important part is that Eva and I ended up alive.

Bridgette: I believe him. After all, my trap caused my teammate to die.

Geoff: And he said it so confidently.

Gwen: Alright, we believe you. You two can stay in our group. Give me your pieces of maps though.

Cody: OK.

You two do what the goth girl told you. Eva was clearly annoyed that she had to give someone her piece of map. However, she still looked at you, visibly happy because of what you did.

Cody: "Phew, that was a close one. If I told them the truth, they most likely wouldn't let her join the group. And knowing her, it wouldn't end well."

Gwen: Wow, glad that we met you two. Looks like your piece shows a way to the exit!

The whole group cheers and starts following Gwen.


Meanwhile, Tyler is still standing with his hand stuck in the antidote trap. He's extremely tired now due to not getting anything to eat for days and to drink for a day.

Tyler: Ugh... Where... Is... He?

The jock asks himself out loud, barely opening his mouth.

Tyler: Maybe... something... bad... happened... to... him...

He begins to lose his faith in getting help despite loyally waiting for Duncan thus far. He considers sacrificing his hand, but realizes he's too weak to do this now and that with apparently no one around to give him medical help after losing a hand, it wouldn't be a good idea.

Tyler: I... have to... wait... I... must... wait...

He mumbles while falling asleep.

Alejandro and Sierra

The Spaniard and ex-uber fan of Chris McLean woke up as the last group due to being exposed to the gas as the last ones. They've already watched the pre-recorded message.

Alejandro: You don't want to eat, chica?

Sierra: No, there's something bugging me...

Alejandro: What is it?

Sierra: I almost killed you. Almost. But then you fought back. And yet... We're both still alive. Despite our challenge's rules. How is that possible?

Alejandro: What are you suggesting, seniorita?

Sierra: I'm saying that you're a mole Chris was talking about!

Alejandro: What? How dare you?! You almost killed me, but I managed to fight back. And then Chris didn't let me finish you off! I bet you are the mole because I wasn't allowed to kill you.

Sierra: What? Nonsense! I know I'm not a mole and we both left our challenge alive. You must be a mole!

Alejandro: Are you sure though? Chris said that gas made us forget most recent events. Maybe you forgot that you agreed for this role?

Sierra: I do remember that before our challenge he said I refused something because I was too moral. That's the proof! I was apparently offered the role, but I refused!

Alejandro: Fine. I'll prove my innocence too. I'll eat the food. If it'd be poisoned, it would end badly for me.

The Spaniard eats half of the food and leaves the rest for Sierra. She observes him carefully.

Sierra: No, thanks. I'm not hungry.

Alejandro: Are you sure, seniorita?

Sierra: Yeah.

Alejandro: Fine, I'll eat the rest then.

He does as he said.

Alejandro: And now, let's go.

The two stand in front of two different corridors. One is absolutely dark, one is enlightened with the fire of the torches on the walls. The Spaniard observes them carefully, trying to see what's inside from the place he was standing in. He then comes up with an idea.

Alejandro: The light corridor. Easy. It must lead to the exit eventually.

Sierra: Or to another trap. And I'm not going near the fire with you, MOLE! Do what you want, but I'm doing the exact opposite.

The girl enters the dark corridor. The Spaniard takes a torch from the wall of the light tunnel and follows her.

Alejandro: Chica, you need some light in this corridor. You can't see anything.

Sierra: But I can clearly see that you're a mole! And that you and fire mean problems from me. So thank you, but I'm not using...

She takes one more step ahead to get away from Alejandro and falls down into abyss. After a few seconds Alejandro hears the noise of a body falling hardly on the ground.

Alejandro: That's what you get for trying to kill me! And to think not warning her that I saw the ground was ending before her was enough. I thought she'd notice. Hahahaha.

The Spaniard says, celebrating his successful revenge and going back to the light corridor.

A giant man walks by.

Killer: Oh, great, another victim.

He kicks the lying girl.

Killer: Meh, she's already dead.

He looks up.

Killer: But she must have fallen from there.

Alejandro, Courtney, Heather and Lindsay

  • Playing as: Alejandro

You finally reach the end of the corridor. It leads to some larger square . There are several other tunnels around. It appears you're in the middle of them all.

Alejandro: "Alright, time to check the map. It's great to have entirety of it."

You check your position on the map. All of sudden, you hear some footsteps. You hide your map, remembering which way to go and checking on your special secret GPS where is Ezekiel.

Lindsay: Whoa. This place is like the middle of the universe!

Heather: Cool, which way now, genius?

Lindsay: Hey, look over there! I see some handsome guy!

Heather: Handsome guys are only troubles. Come on!

Lindsay: You're just jealous I saw him first.

The blonde girl comes to you.

Lindsay: Hi. I'm Lindsay.

She introduces herself, blushing.

Alejandro: My name's Alejandro.

Lindsay: Alejandro. What a lovely name. I could repeat it all day.

Alejandro: Please do.

The girl smiles flirtatiously. The other girl with Asian appearance, barely wearing any clothes and with long black hair comes to you two. She's already got your attention.

Heather: Ok, Lindsay, that's enough. You were supposed to use your brain for a change. Which way do we go now?

Lindsay: I don't know. Ask Jalapeno. He's so smart.

Heather: Hi, Jalapeno.

Alejandro: It's Alejandro.

Alejandro: "Ugh. At least she didn't call me Al."

Heather: My name is Heather. But don't bother to remember it. I'm sure you won't live long enough to remember it.

Alejandro: I appreciate your optimism, chica.

Heather: Don't call me...

Your trio hear someone in the distance. Another girl appears at the place. She's wearing very formal clothes, as opposed to the stripperiffic girl you've just met.

Alejandro: Another gorgeous woman? What a lovely day!

Heather: Yeah, except the traps, the mine, the killer, that poisoned guy...

Courtney: Hi. I'm Courtney. Can I join your group?

Alejandro: Why not?

Courtney: I would say it's nice to meet you, but given the circumstances...

Heather: Whatever. Hey, our new group, let this bubble brain decide where to go now.

Lindsay: How can I know? Our map doesn't show this place. But I'm sure Alexandro can think of something.

Alejandro: Hmm... Have you checked all the corridors by the way?

Heather: We did, thanks to that Lindsiot over here.

Lindsay: You're welcome.

Courtney: I didn't. But there's no reason to come there.

Heather: Why?

Courtney: I... I met someone dangerous there.

Alejandro: I see. That's why you're wandering all alone. Well, looks like only two corridors are left. Let's start with the one on our left.

Courtney: Wait! It's so dark there. Maybe we shouldn't all go in there at once.

Alejandro: What do you suggest, seniorita?

Courtney: Let's send only one person there, to check if it's safe.

Heather: But who'll be stupid enough to do this?

The Asian looking girl looks at her blonde companion.

Lindsay: What? No way! It's so dark that I can't see if the killer or that poisoned guy is there.

Heather: You'll use a torch.

Lindsay: Well, maybe you'll go then?

Heather: Maybe the creator of the idea?

Courtney: What?!

Alejandro: Alright, no reason to argue. I've already decided.

What is your decision?

  • A - "I'll go!"
  • B - "Courtney will go. She was the one who came up with this idea."
  • C - "Heather will go. I can't stand the way she treats Lindsay."
  • D - "Lindsay will go. After all, she wants to prove she's smart, doesn't she?"

Alejandro: I'll go.

Lindsay: You're so brave.

Courtney: Such a gentleman.

Heather: Whatever.

Since you chose the bright tunnel after taking your revenge on Sierra in the dark one, you left your torch there. You take a new one from one of the walls and go inside another dark corridor. After about a minute of walking the fire of your torch makes you notice someones' face in the dark.


You feel scared of the jumpscare.

Killer: Oh, wait. You're one of them.

Alejandro: Shh. Not that loud. I may have walked here for like a minute, but my new companions may still hear you. What are you doing in a dark corridor? I thought you were meant to walk around the bright ones.

Killer: I've once heard someone's voices and killed two victims. Then I left, but because I couldn't find anyone for a long time, I decided to check on some dark place again. I found some girl, but she was already lying dead.

Alejandro: I assume you're talking about Sierra.

Killer: Wait, did you kill her? Don't steal my job!

Alejandro: I had to, she figured out my role.

Killer: I see. Anyway, I realized she must have fallen from above.

Alejandro: Correct.

Killer: So I decided to use a shortcut to find new victims.

Alejandro: And you succeeded.

Killer: You don't count. I'm not allowed to kill you.

Alejandro: I was referring to my new "friends".

Killer: Alright. Start running away. I'll be running slower, but when I'll see them, I'll be running in full sprint. Make sure you won't be behind your group so it won't look suspicious when I won't kill you.

Alejandro: Deal.

You start running back the corridor. When you reach the end and see the girls, you just scream "Killer!" and keep running in the direction of the last unchecked tunnel. The girls decide not to waste time and start running after you. The killer soon emerges from the corridor you've left and runs after your group.

Blaineley, Chef, Chris and Josh

Blaineley: Phew. Made it.

Josh: You're going to pay us for this, McLean!

Chris: Relax. Turns out you didn't evem have to leave that quickly.

Blaineley: What?!

Chris: My friend from Area 52 called me through some secret line. Turns out he somehow manipulated the address of our IP and the cops went to some incorrect place. Funny, isn't it?

Josh: Why didn't you tell us?!

Chris: I had fun watching you two on cameras leaving in such a hurry. Hahaha.

Blaineley: Ugh! I'd kill you if I could!

Josh: Me too. You're happy we had a deal.

Chris: I know. I'm just so lucky. Speaking of deals, Chef, did you see it? I told you that Spanish guy was the best choice.

Chef: I recommended him!

Chris: Whatever, it was still my decision.

Chef: So when are the cops comin'? Will they ruin the fun?

Chris: Well, they're gonna find out our actual location sooner or later. But looks like they're occupied for some time. Hahaha.

Chef: What if some IP genius finds out before they'd check the place?

Chris: They're already checking the wrong place. And relax, my friend sent them far away from here. Even if someone tells them now, we'll have enough time to finish our game.

Chef: Good. You're really lucky to have such friend. Otherwise you'd ruin it all and be screwed.


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