Hi. I'm Art and this is my new blog series. It is a fanfiction meant for you to take part in. It's basically like CYOA or any games where your choices influence the plot.

Also, consider this some alternate timeline to Total Drama as contestants (minus several exceptions like Katie and Sadie) don't know each other. Also, no RR contestants since the producers and host of RR appear to be less sadistic than producers and host of TD.

Total Drama Horror
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This is a horror story. There may be some scenes that will be uncomfortable for you. If you think you won't be able to read it all, don't continue.

The story will be affected by your choices. You will play as various contestants. You can save all characters. You can kill all characters too. It depends on your choices who will survive. Choose wisely.

For many choices there will be "Take a third option", which is the equivalent of custom choices. You come up with what the characters will do then.

You may also want to listen to some music for a good climate. ;)

Or read what should be a theme of this story. (Alternatively, it'd be "Come Die With Us")

Episode 1

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Justin (Total Drama Action)
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Chris: Hi. I'm Chris McLean. You may know me from several SUCCESSFUL TV shows. Producers and I pitched up an idea for a new reality show, but the networks refused to accept it. They said it was too brutal. Can you believe it? But we didn't give up. As a revenge, we came up with even more sadistic idea! We prepared everything in secret and posted an online advertisement for our new show. Too bad they didn't know what they got into. We injected them with chemicals to make it easy for us to place them in our secret place. Watch a lot of teenagers fighting for their lives! Who will survive? Who will die? Find out soon! On Total...Drama...Horror!

Theme Song plays

Beth and DJ

  • Playing as: Beth

You wake up in a room you don't recognize. You see a muscled man right in front of you, in a distance short enough for both of you to reach each other. You notice his eyes are sewn. It disgusts you. You notice his arms are chained behind his back to a pole. You feel sorry for the guy. You want to come to him, but you notice your legs are chained to another pole. You try to speak to him, for some reason you can't even open your mouth. You touch it with your hands and find out your lips are sewn too. The man is moving slightly. Unable to open his eyes and feeling his arms are chained, he starts screaming for help. Suddenly, a TV in the room turns on.

Chris: Hi victims. Welcome to my game you signed up for. All you have to do is to survive. Pretty simple, huh? Well, the other person you're stuck with may try to make it harder for you. Don't let them ruin your chances! Good luck!

DJ: What?! There's someone else in this room?

You're silent, knowing the message could scare the guy. But you know you have to do something. Unfortunately, you're unable to talk to him and tell him you have no bad intentions. You start looking around for something useful. You notice a knife lying on the ground right between you two. You reach for it slowly so the guy doesn't hear you. You manage to grab it and wonder what to do with it. Suddenly, you notice the guy has a key on a necklace around his neck. You have it too. You try opening the chains that hold your legs with your key, but it doesn't fit. Apparently you have each other's keys. You slowly come closer to the boy. Unfortunately, he hears you this time. He starts blindly kicking in various directions, trying to defend himself from a potential attack.

What do you do?

  • A - stab him in the leg that is about to kick you.
  • B - dodge the kick and stab him in the chest so he won't be dangerous for you.
  • C - Try to open your mouth with the knife.
  • D - Take fourth option.

You get kicked. You move a bit aside and decide to remove the strings with which your lips are sewn together using the knife, so you can talk to the stranger. You do it slowly and without any mirror to look at your face, but it doesn't hurt you as much as you thought. You're still blooding a bit though.

Beth: "Guess I should be happy I don't have as prominent lips as the other girls." (lines in italics are thoughts)

Beth: Don't worry. Please calm down. The guy on TV said we'd be a problem for each other, but I'm a nice person. And I'm sure you mean well too.

DJ: How can I trust you? How can I know you ain't gonna kill me?

Beth: I'm stuck in here, just like you are. I don't even know where I am and how I ended up being here. I know that man said we should be wary of each other, but let's try working together so we can both be alive.

DJ: What do you mean?

Beth: Listen, your arms are chained behind your back. My legs are chained too. And it looks like we have keys to free the other one on our necks. You have your eyes sewn and I had my mouth sewn. That's why I didn't say anything earlier. I've just managed to open my mouth with a knife...


What is your reaction?

  • A - Offer to open the guy's eyes with your knife.
  • B - Offer to free the guy's arms with your key.
  • C - Calm down the stranger, grab his key, free yourself and leave.
  • D - Take fourth option (Calm him down, offer to open his eyes, then offer to free his arms - by Blue and Geo).

Beth: Yes. I found it on the ground. But I told you I'm nice and I want both of us to survive. I only used it to unlock my lips. I swear I'm not going to harm you.

DJ: I ain't sure...

Beth: How can I prove it for you? Oh, I know. You can't be sitting here blind. I'm going to slowly come to you and remove the strings with which your eyes are sewn, ok?


Beth: Do you want to be blind for the rest of your life?

DJ: I guess I have no choice then...

Beth: I'll try to make it the least painful as possible. Hey, at least I can see your face. I had to open my mouth without seeing if I do it correctly.

The guy gulps.

Beth: I'm slowly walking towards you... I'm putting a knife near your eye... carefully...

Suddenly, the brickhouse guy kicks the knife out of your hand. It's too far away and you're unable to reach it now.

Beth: What was that?! I'm trying to help you!

DJ: I'm sorry. I just hate the pain, ok?

Beth: I understand, but you kicked the knife out of my hand and now it's out of my reach. Allow me to grab your key so I can free myself and open your eyes.

DJ: How can I know you ain't gonna just leave me?

Beth: I promise I won't. Besides, what's the point of leaving alone? I don't even know where to go. Safety in numbers.

The guy lets you grab his key. You sigh in relief as your theory that you have the keys to free each other is confirmed when his key fits to your chains and frees your legs. You take the knife from the ground and try once again.

Beth: I may be free now, but it still requires you to stand still. Think about something you love, ok?

DJ: Ok, ok. I'm gonna think about my momma. Damn, she was right when she told me not to audition for this show.

You manage to successfully cuts the strings with your knife this time. The guy finally opens his eyes.

DJ: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I finally can see again! You're my hero!

You blush as it's the nicest thing any boy has ever said to you.

Beth: That's not done yet. I still have to free your arms.

DJ: Why didn't you do that first? It'd be less scary than unlocking my eyes.

Beth: Maybe for you. I was worried you'd stab me in panic if I tried to help you and I was sure you wouldn't be able to do it yourself. Or that you'd harm your eyes if you tried to.

DJ: Sounds legit.

You open the guy's chains. He hugs you, thanking you once again.

DJ: What do we do now?

Beth: Simple. We leave.

It turns not to be as simple as the doors are locked.

DJ: Oh, come on! All of this and now we can't even open the doors?!

Beth: I guess they wanted us to feel guilty if one of us decided to leave the other...

You two start looking around for something useful. The only thing in the room besides the poles and chains is the table.

DJ: Momma, why can't you be here?! You'd know what to do!

The guy starts mourning, looking upside. Suddenly, he notices a key on a rope attached to the ceiling. He shows you what he found.

Beth: See? I told you teamwork is the key. We wouldn't be able to reach it alone.

You stand on his shoulders. Fortunately for both of you, you are high enough to reach for the key. You take it and open the doors. However, a giant man is blocking the exit. He's wearing an hazmat suit. He turns something on, leading to a gas leak. Everything becomes blurry. Your roommate falls on the ground. You fall on him. You can hear the mysterious man saying something, but it's muffled.

Chef Hatchet: Congratulations, suckers! You made it to the second round.

Geoff and Gwen

  • Playing as: Geoff

You wake up. Your see everything clearly soon. You look around. You're in some ugly bathroom. You notice some dark clothed girl on the other side. Her left ankle is handcuffed (ankle-cuffed?) to a pipe. You stand up and go to help her, but you notice your right hand is handcuffed to a pipe too.

Chris: Good evening, my dear victims. I see from my cameras that you both finally woke up. Anyway, you wanted to play a game. And now you got it. Your game is a true taste of your characters. You see, the only way for you to leave is to make a sacrifice. There is a saw on the ground. It is closer to Geoffrey for a reason...

Geoff: My name is Geoff.

Chris: As I was saying, the saw is closer to Geoff for a reason. Let's see if our Geoff can be as chill in the face of danger as he usually is. Remember Geoff, you won't be able to high five anyone anymore. And I know you're right handed. Gwen, I know you'd possibly be able to do this, but you know you wouldn't be able to run without one feet. Good luck for both of you anyway!

You reach for the saw. You get an idea and try to cut the handcuffs with it.

Gwen: It won't work! They're made of steel!

Geoff: Ugh, I don't know if I can do this...

Gwen: It's sick! How can we know there will be something to prevent us from losing too much blood?!

What do you do?

  • A - cut off your right hand to free yourself.
  • B - throw the saw to Gwen so she'll free herself.
  • C - take the third option (We could just use the flat end of the saw to try and unscrew the handcuffs off, if that doesnt work for some reason, THEN we cut off Geoff's hand. - by Geo).

Geoff: Alright, I'll do it. There goes a chance to high five someone or to masturb...

Gwen: Geoff, is it? Listen, there's gotta be another option! You'd lose too much blood! Think! We can cut the pipes or... try to rub it hard enough to bend it...

You've already used the flat end of the saw to unscrew the handcuffs off and succeeded by the time she finished talking. The girl has just noticed your hand is free.

Geoff: Huh? Oh, good ideas. Or do this.

Gwen: Do what? I'm sorry I was thinking about what to do at the moment and I didn't pay attention to what you did.

What do you do now?

  • A - tell Gwen how you freed your hand, giving her a saw.
  • B - throw the saw to Gwen and leave the bathroom.
  • C - Leave the bathroom with a saw and leave Gwen behind.
  • D - take fourth option.

Geoff: You can use the flat end of the saw to unscrew the handcuffs off. Here, take it.

Gwen: Thank you. For a moment I was scared you'd leave me here to rot.

Geoff: Are you kidding? I would never!

Gwen frees her hand thanks to your advice and your saw.

Gwen: Wow, I've watched countless horror countless times and I didn't come up with this. And I didn't predict you'd outsmart me.

You feel offended.

Geoff: Wait, what was that supposed to mean?

Gwen: Oh, nothing. I just... you don't seem like... you know, the person who's into horrors. I'm sorry if it sounded offensive. I pretty much suck at this whole social stuff.

You forgive her and actually feel sorry for her.

Geoff: It's okay, dudette. No one is perfect at everything. And I can give you some tips on how to chill.

Gwen: Maybe later. We need to get out of here! Hmm... We can use this saw to cut a whole in the door or...

Geoff: Or simply open it.

You say, opening the door with ease.

Gwen: Oh yeah, you can do that too. Another point for you. But I have great ideas as well. I say we should keep the saw. We don't know who we'll meet next...

Right when she finishes her sentence, a giant man in hazmat suit appears and causes some gas leak. He hits Gwen to make sure she won't try to defend herself with a saw. Extremely annoyed and motivated with adrenaline, you jump at him, trying to punch him, but the gas makes you feel too weak shortly after. The man shoves you to the ground and grabs your leg. You feel he's dragging you somewhere. And then you fall asleep.

Chef: Exactly, that gruesome chick was right. You've got NO IDEA who you're gonna meet! Muahaha!

Heather and Lindsay

  • Playing as: Lindsay

You wake up in a room inside some wooden shack. You look around. The room is empty and there is only a wooden table in the middle with a TV screen on it. The windows are boarded-up. And then there's some Asian girl with long legs, long black hair that you think are nice and shoes that you consider tacky.

Heather: Finally! I couldn't wait when you'd finally wake up! What took you so long?!

Lindsay: Huh?

Heather: Nevermind. I wanted someone to help me escape.

Lindsay: Escape?

Heather: Just look at this! Two hot girls trapped in some rusty place. I sincerely hope no one did to us what I think they did.

Lindsay: And what do you thi...

Suddenly, the TV screen turns itself on.

Chris: You're both finally awake. Great. the task for you is to escape. Simple as that. Remember that on your way, you'll meet some opponents. Keep in mind that the less competition the earlier you'll be the sole survivor.

Heather: So you basically want us to kill each other? No way! That's low, even for my standards!

But the screen turns off before the host could answer.

Heather: There must be someone outside with a remote. TV screens don't turn on and off by themselves.

Lindsay: Maybe this TV screen is hunted!

You scream at your own thought. The girl you're stuck with facepalms. You look down ashamed, knowing you must have said something stupid. You often do. Luckily, this makes you notice a key on the table.

Lindsay: Hey, look what I've just found!

Your roommate is not impressed and responds sarcastically.

Heather: Good job, bubble brain. Let's go outside to that creep with a remote.

Lindsay: Are you sure there is some creep with a remote outside? The windows are boarded-up. It's impossible to see through them!

Heather: Listen, I'd personally love to get away from you and this messy place, but can't you see how weird it is? And doesn't it sound too easy for you?

Lindsay: I'm... not sure. I'm not the smart one. I never was the smart one...

You say sadly and memories of the other girls laughing at you for all the stupid things you said in your childhood appear in front of you.

Lindsay: You know what? I'm sick of being the stupid one! I'll prove you I can be smart too! I'll prove my worth!

Heather: Alright, whatever floats your boat. What's your idea then, genius?

What do you do?

  • A - Open the door with your key.
  • B - Look through the peephole.
  • C - Give the key to Heather.
  • D - Take fourth option.
    • We use the peephole, but we keep some caution while doing so. Don't stick your face up against the door and risk immediate injury. Be careful and cautious when doing so to prevent a potential injury. Even if there is an injury there, it could possibly be less severe if Lindsay keeps a bit of distance between herself and the door. - by RBW

Lindsay: Watch me!

You come to the door, but keep a fairly safe distance from it, and look through the peephole.

Lindsay: I can't see anything.

Heather: What? Let me try!

She shoves you aside and looks through the peephole, but sees only a black space.

Lindsay: Did the world outside turn all black?

Lindsay: "Oh, no! I did it again! I said something stupid!"

Heather: This obviously proves my theory. Someone must be standing outside in front of the door and blocking the view from the peephole with their finger or something.

Lindsay: Oh, no! What do we do now?!

Heather: Hey, don't look at me. You wanted to be a genius here.

You think she's right. After all you want to finally prove you're capable of thinking rationally too.

Heather: Good luck of finding anything useful to defend yourself from a creep in a room with a table and TV screen only.

Lindsay: "Table...TV screen...table...TV screen... She's a genius! Wait... I'm a genius!"

You think happily and exclaim...

Lindsay: I know what we have to do!

What do you do?

  • A - Stand on the sides next to the door, slowly open it with your hand and throw a table (Lindsay)/TV (Heather) screen in front of you.
  • B - Stand on the sides next to the door, put a table/TV screen in the way, and slowly open it with your hand.
  • C - Take third option.

You start speaking quietly so a potential stranger doesn't hear your plan.

Lindsay: I'll take the table, you'll take the TV. We'll stand on the opposite sides of the door. I'll slowly open it and then we'll throw our objects at the stranger outside.

Heather: Wow, that's actually... Really smart. Except maybe open the door as fast as you can. We don't want that creep to notice we're leaving.

Lindsay: Good point. See? We're a good team!

The Asian girl doesn't look as happy as you and responds sarcastically.

Heather: Yeah, sure.

You take the table, she takes the TV. You stand on the left side to the door, she stands on the right side. You grab the doorknob. Once you do, you once again talk quietly to your roommate.

Lindsay: On 3. 1...2...3!

You try to open the door, but you can't.

Lindsay: Oh, no! We're stuck here! We're gonna die out of hunger!

Heather: You only tried to push it, genius. Try pulling it now.

Lindsay: "Oh, come on! Not again! Not after I finally came up with something smart!"

You quickly pull the door in your direction with your left hand and throw the table outside with your right one while the girl throws TV screen. Right when you do this you hear a shot from a gun. The bullet breaks through the TV screen and gets stuck in the table. You're standing behind the door because it was pulled in your direction, so you don't see what happened yet. You prefer not to check.

Lindsay: You were right. There really is someone there. And they've got a gun!

Heather: If you weren't behind the door you'd actually see there is no one out here. Come here, check it out.

You walk outside with the girl. You see there was some plug glued on the peephole, which is why you couldn't see anything through it. You see some rope tied to the doorknob on the external doorknob. You follow where it goes. It goes upside, over the ceiling, and finally reaches a gun, being attached to its trigger. As a result, the gun is held in mid-air, at the height of your face.

Lindsay: Wow, I'm so lucky you panicked about some stranger. Otherwise, I'd totally open the door without looking through the peephole first and be shot!

Heather: I totally didn't panic, ok? I was just...

Lindsay: It's ok to be was your name again?

Heather: Heather.

Lindsay: No, I'm not Heather. I'm Lindsay, silly. Oh...

You facepalm yourself.

Heather: Wait a minute... There still must be someone around! We didn't even have a remote to turn the TV on and off! My theory still stands.

Suddenly, a giant man in hazmat suit emerges from behind a wall. He immediately throws something at you two that causes a gas leak and makes you both fall asleep.

Chef: You were right, mouthy girl. You're way too observant. But I couldn't do it without a tiny hole in the boarded-up windows.

The giant man in hazmat suit gets a message through his earphones while dragging the two most recent survivors.

Chef: I hate my life. What this time?!

Chris: Just wanted to inform you you'll finally have a short break. Judging by who's waking up now, the challenge will take place in Josh's area. At the Arts and Crafts Center.

Chef: Phew, thank goodness. Over.

Duncan and Tyler

  • Playing as: Duncan

You open your eyes. Everything's blurry. Your head hurts more than after your crazy parties.

Duncan: "What the... Was I fighting with someone?"

You notice a guy in red tracksuit. He's still asleep, but you hope he'll remember more than you.

Duncan: Wake up, red shirt!

You slap him in the face. Shockingly, it helps to wake him up.

Tyler: I'M AWAKE, MOM! ... Huh? Who are you?

Duncan: Name's Duncan. I'd say it's nice to meet you, but after looking around...

You say, pointing out at a huge hole in the ground.

Tyler: Hi. My name is Tyler. What are we doing here?

Duncan: No idea. Possibly we've been partying too much.

Tyler: Yeah. Wait, I don't party.

Duncan: Really? Why?

Tyler: I don't have any girlfriend to go to a party with. Every girl back home thinks I'm a loser...

Duncan: Aw, I'm sure you're gonna find some girl here, man. But I'm not into sad stories, so... Later, loser.

You try to open the door, but both pushing and pulling doesn't work.

Duncan: Well, that's just perfect. We must've been partying way too hard if someone locked us here.

Tyler: I told ya I don't party.

Duncan: Maybe after some weed you did.

Tyler: I don't smoke weed, either.

You roll your eyes. Guys like him are losers in your book. Usually.

Duncan: Well, if we're going to be stuck in here for a while, we can at least watch something on TV. Fancy to watch some romantic movie?

You ask mockingly. The guy doesn't get your mockery though.

Tyler: Yeah, with pleasure!

You turn on the TV. It shows some guy with a 5 o'clock shadow.

Duncan: Meh, I'm switching channels.

For some reason you cannot switch channels.

Duncan: What the heck!? Why can't I switch channels?!

Chris: I'm happy you'd love to watch me, Duncan.

The person on the screen used your tone of sarcasm.

Duncan: Whoa, it talks to me?!

The man is less than happy to hear such a thing.

Chris: I don't like your tone, young boy. I'll say it quickly so I won't have to listen to you again. You're stuck The door is solid. Your only way out is by getting the key from the hole in the ground. But be careful, it's filled with syringes. The syringes are filled with a poisonous chemical substance. It's not that bad in a little amount, but since there are thousands of them in that hole... Fortunately, there's a box with an antidote inside. You'll only have to put your hands through the holes to take it. It's right next to the hole, so the poison shouldn't kill you by the time. Anyway, good luck choosing that unlucky one! I'm out!

(A.N. Just so you can imagine "the hole" properly, it's more like a pool or a grave in the ground. Watch Needle Trap from Saw 2 and you'll know how it works)

The screen switches to static. You turn off the TV due to not being able to watch anything.

Duncan: Thousands of syringes with poison and only one antidote? Sounds suspicious.

Tyler: So... which one of us is going to dive into a hole full of poisonous syringes?

What is your choice?

  • A - "It's alright, I'll do it."
  • B - Throw Tyler into the hole with syringes.
  • C - Take the syringes out of the hole, one by one.
  • D - Take fourth option.

Duncan: I don't know how about you, but I never do what I'm being told to do. Well, not always at least. Let's take the third option and simply take the syringes out of the pit.

Tyler: But dude, the host said there are thousands of them! And I'm sure the key is somewhere on the bottom.

Duncan: So you'd rather taste the poison?

The jock in red shakes his head.

Duncan: I knew it. Come on, help me. It'll be twice faster than if I did it alone.

Tyler: Okay.

Chris: What?! What's up with those guys outsmarting my challenges?!

The host gets a call on his earphone.

Josh: Should I take them out?

Chris: Nah, I'm leaving them there. They'll find the key sooner or later. Or die out of starvation trying. Ugh, why didn't anyone else wake up yet?! Wham am I gonna do now?!

The host spots some contestant waking up.

Chris: Finally! I don't want to watch these two jocks taking out the syringes for hours!

Harold and Trent

  • Playing as: Harold

You wake up in some room. You don't recognize it at first because everything you see is blurry. When you can see clearly again, you see the room is very big. Although all the furniture has been removed, you believe the room is a kitchen as you notice a walk-in freezer. You stop looking around and pay more attention to the fact that you're trapped in some weird machine. And that some cool-looking guy is trapped in one as well. That guy was already awake by the time you woke up.

(A.N. I'm too lazy to describe the trap, so just watch this scene from Saw VI)

Trent: Dude, where are we? What is this?

Harold: GOSH! I have no idea. The last thing I remember is... um... a boat. Some yacht maybe...

Trent: Lucky you, the last thing I remember is going to the address given by the producers of some new reality show... Now that I think of it I believe I remember some boat... or a yacht as you said.

Harold: Reality show? GOSH! We agreed to participate in such show?

Trent: I for sure didn't agree for such things. I don't recall any mention of it in the contract. My dad didn't find anything suspicious either. And he's a lawyer! Anyway, sucks to meet in such terrible situation. My name's Trent.

Harold: Hi Trent. I'm Harold Norbert Che... Alright, Harold's enough.

Trent: Yeah. Especially since we possibly won't get to live for long.

Harold:' It looks like a trap I saw in some movie. I don't remember its name though.

Trent: Dude, you literally just said the name of it.

Harold: I did? Awesome!

Suddenly a woman in hazmat suit rolls a TV screen to the kitchen. She turns it on with a remote and leaves.

Chris: Well, I can say the name of it, Doris.

You feel embarrassed at the man putting emphasis on one of your names.

Trent: Who's Doris? I thought Your name was...

Chris: No time for it now. And maybe never. We'll see. Anyway. your challenge is indeed based off of a certain one from a movie. But fortunately for you it's easier. You just have to hold your breath for half a minute. You see, you're both into music and you both love to sing and would love to perform a concert some day. You should train your not to breath too often so it won't get in a way while singing. 30 seconds seems a lot, especially for someone who didn't get to train before, but it's not actually as bad as you think. You should be thankful I help you with your music career. Brace yourselves! The challenge starts... Now!

The screen turns into static. You and the other musician guy start holding your breaths and struggle to prevent yourselves from breathing.

This time, it's a special choice for you, the voters. To keep your character alive, don't comment on this blog for 24 hours (my first comment that I'll post soon is an exception). Check my contributions or the date of updating the blog to know when exactly the deadline ends. Good luck!

You took a long breath when Chris said "starts" to be able to hold your breath for longer. It helped a lot, but you still struggle to prevent yourself from breathing. You look at the other musician guy. It seems much easier for him. Although he clearly starts having problems during the last five seconds. You barely hold your breath at the time. Every second seems like eternity for you. Finally, a woman in hazmat suit comes back and presses some button, saying the challenge is over. You two take long breath again and are happy you can finally breath normally again.

Harold: "GOSH! This "challenge" was so hard. Whoever came up with this is an IDIOT!"

Trent: We did it, man! Phew, what a relief. For a moment I thought I was a goner.

Harold: I thought I'd die around the time of the middle of this... "challenge".

Trent: I'm so glad we both made it. Always nice to meet someone else interested in music.

Harold: Speaking of which, can you finally release us from this crazy thing? We've completed the challenge and so far you only turned it off.

Blaineley: Oh, I WILL release you from it.

Says the woman and causes a gas leak that makes you and your new friend to fall asleep.

Bridgette and Noah

  • Playing as: Bridgette

You wake up, feeling cold. You're surrounded by some huge things. You can't recognize them at first, but when your vision becomes less blurry, you can tell you're surrounded by meat. You realize you're in a walk-in freezer and that's why you felt so cold.

Bridgette: "A vegan surrounded by meat? Someone thinks they're so funny."

Suddenly, you hear some noise. You see an Indian-looking preppy boy waking up and slowly standing up.

Noah: Where the heck am I?!

Bridgette: Inside a walk-in freezer. That's all I know.

Noah: Well, that's just great. I don't know how about you, honey, but I'm leaving this place.

He walks towards the door and tries to open it, but it's locked. He finds a remote on the floor right in front of the door.

Noah: Gee, I wonder whose smart idea it was to put it here. We're lucky I didn't accidentally step on it.

You find a TV screen between some hanging pieces of meat.

Bridgette: Over here. Turn it on.

He listens to you and turns on the screen. A man with black hair and gray highlights speaks.

Chris: Hey, what a nice coincidence. You both woke up right after the victims whose challenge was right outside of this door finished their challenge. Chef had a perfect timing injecting you with those pills...

Bridgette: Pills? What pills?

Chris: Nevermind. That's not important right now. The most important thing for you is to survive. You see, you're already stuck in a very cold place for some time. And the water can only make it worse for you. As a surfer, Bridgette for sure is aware of the fact that water can be deadly.

Bridgette: Yes, I am. But what does it have to do with...

Chris: Look upside. You'll notice certain element that doesn't belong to walk-in freezers. We installed a shower here. In fact, shower bars are attached to the ceiling all over this place, to make sure you'll be watered no matter what. But don't worry, it's not a death sentence. You can actually avoid a terrifying fate of being frozen alive thanks to the key to the door hidden somewhere here. I'll give you 2 minutes. That's actually a lot. Find it and you're free. Fail and it'll be the last shower of your life. Good luck, my dear victims.

The screen turns into a static.

Bridgette: What the heck is going on here?! I remember I signed up for a reality show, but it was never mentioned it'd be so sadistic! Who would allow such cruel show anyway?

Noah: Excellent point, honey. Which is why we should do nothing.

Bridgette: Excuse me? Do you want to commit suicide?

Noah: It's a reality TV show, right? They wouldn't kill us like that on TV, especially because we're contestants. We make this show. I bet he was bluffing to record some true emotions of contestants in a panic attack. But I'm a stoic and nothing can move me. Especially when I'm sure it's all fake.

What do you do?

  • A - Convince him to help you find the key. The more helping hands the earlier you'll find the key.
  • B - Leave him and search for the key alone. You don't want to waste precious time.
  • C - Take third option.

Bridgette: Fine, I don't want to waste my time convincing you to help me.

Noah: Smart move, honey.

You say and immediately look at the floor. There's no key lying on the ground.

Bridgette: Ugh! This is useless! Can you at least give me some kind of an advice where you think I should search around?

Noah: My ethnicity is Indian-Canadian. In most parts of India, cattle is considered sacred and you cannot kill it. Yet we have its meat here. Hmm... Do you fear meat?

Bridgette: I don't. But I'm a vegan and such view disgusts me.

Noah: Well, then I suggest you should look around near these pieces of meat. There's something against it related to both of us and that's possibly why they chose this specific kind of meat.

Bridgette: What about the shower bars on the ceiling? They are important part of the challenge and a part that would kill us. They could expect we wouldn't search for the key on them.

Noah: I don't know, I'm not playing this dumb game, remember? It's your choice.

What do you do?

  • A - Search through the hanging pieces of meat.
  • B - Search on the shower bars on the ceiling.
  • C - Take third option (can't choose both, there's not enough time left).

Bridgette: You know what? You're right, it'd be a too big coincidence.

You look at all the pieces of meat hanging in the freezer. None of them appears to be cut, so the key for sure isn't inside. You realize this means the key must be on top of one of the pieces. You don't have anything to cut the ropes tying them to the ceiling. You don't have any chair to stand up on them. Running out of ideas and being short on time, you decide to climb on top of one of them. It falls down, but you see there was no key on it. You try once again, this time succeeding on staying on top. From this point of view, you see that the key indeed is on top of one of the cattle meat bits. You start jumping from one to the next one and grab the key. You run to the door, hoping you'll make it before "shower time". Noah doesn't run, but walks in steady peace towards the door. You finally leave the walk-in freezer. Once you do, Blaineley closes the door behind you.

Blaineley: I shouldn't interfere in the results, but what exactly did he do to deserve freedom?

You want to say something, but you're shocked to see a woman in hazmat suit closing the door right behind you, apparently interfering with the sick game you're taking part in now.

Blaineley: Think about it. He was dragging you down. It's a game for the fittest! A game to reveal the sole survivor!

How do you respond?

  • A - Open the door anyway. "I'm a nice person. And he still gave me an useful advice."
  • B - Lock the door with your key. "You're right. He's done nothing to deserve this."

Bridgette: I'm a nice person. And he still gave me an useful advice.

You exclaim, opening the door. Noah is right behind it.

Noah: Phew. For a minute I thought you'd actually lock me here.

The woman in hazmat suit gets a call through her earphone.

Chris: Blaineley, listen. I know she chose differently, but we have too many survivors. We need to remind the viewers it's a life or death game! That guy clearly did nothing to deserve to live. He wasn't even chained or something. Do anything it takes! But remember Bridgette earned her "freedom".

Blaineley: Got it.

The woman sprays you with some gus that make you feel like you're about to fall asleep. You fall on the ground. She takes your key and pushes Noah, who also became sleepy, back inside the freezer. She locks the door. She looks at her watch.

Blaineley: 3...2...1...

Suddenly, all shower bars are activated. Noah becomes completely wet within seconds. Not only the contact with water makes him regain consciousness he almost lost, but also makes him feel even colder. Adding the fact that it was a cold water, he feels the cold thrice more. It is so freezing cold that it becomes painful for him. His skin quickly changes color due to the freezing atmosphere. He starts screaming for help.

Noah: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! Help me! Help me! Please, I'll do anything!

The woman talks to him through the door.

Blaineley: That's what happens to those who don't bother to play our game.

You hear his screams. He sometimes screams for help, sometimes just out of pain.

Bridgette: "I wish this gas would've made me fall asleep already so I wouldn't have to listen to this."

His screams are so painful that you can't help but feel guilty you were unable to help him.

Bridgette: "If only I was strong enough to fight against this sneaky woman..."

Suddenly, the guy stopped screaming. You realized what it means. And then you fell asleep.

Katie, Leshawna and Sadie

  • Playing as: Leshawna

You wake in inside some wooden shack. You see a lot of fishing stuff around, such as fishing rod and a hook, artificial shark's jaw, paddles, a chest, lifebuoy. You realize you must be in some boathouse.

Leshawna: Why do I feel as if I gave someone a high five with my head?

You see two girls in the same clothes and very similar hairstyles on the opposite side of the shack. They're both still asleep. You run to them, but you stop as you see a hole in the ground. It goes righ from the wall to your left to the wall to your right. It is too huge to jump over it. Not to mention you notice a shark in it. You also notice some machine. It appears as if an electric saw was attached to its own ski lift that is attached to the ceiling of the boathouse. The two girls finally wake up.

Leshawna: "Wait, did these two wake up at the same time?"

The girls start screaming for help.

Katie: Help us!

Sadie: Help us, please!

Katie: We're too young to die!

Sadie: We're too pretty to die!

Leshawna: Ok, ok. I'm gonna help ya.

You notice a remote on the saw with a piece on paper and some writing on it that says "Play me". You look around. Nothing. You turn around and you see a huge plasma TV screen. You turn it on.

Chris: Good evening, my poor Leshawna. Why poor? Oh, my other victims are trapped in duels. And most of them can decide about their own fate. You can decide about three people's fate.

Leshawna: I'm listenin'.

Chris: Ah, lovely Leshawna. Always so bold. Chef had to fight with you to knock you out and force you to swallow the pills while you were unconscious.

Leshawna: What did you just say?!

Chris: Anyway... I know you had a hard childhood. The white kids often made fun of you and discriminated you because of your skin color. The black kids often laughed at you and discriminated you because of your size. You grew to ignore it and it was one of the things that made you a bold girl you are now. But it wasn't so easy in the childhood, was it?

Leshawna: Ok, how do you know...

Chris: You said it in the contract that you signed. The part under "What do you hate the most?", remember?

Leshawna: Now I do.

Chris: Let's see what insulted you more. The girls whose limbs are tied to the wall are basically identical. Same personality, same clothes, same hairstyle, same interests, etc. There are only two major differences in their appearance. One is dark skinned but slim. One is pale, but fat. In a moment we will see which insults from childhood hurt you more.

Leshawna: And how do you want to see that?

Chris: You see this machine? I'll turn it on soon. Once activated, the electric saw will turn on. The machine will go forward. Then you will decide whether it will turn left or right. You'll do it by turning the stick on the machine to the left or to the right.

Leshawna: Pfft. That's easy! I won't touch it and I'm gonna save these two.

Chris: Sure. But I don't recommend it. Did you notice the electric collar on your neck? I want someone to die for an interesting show! If you won't kill one of them, I'll kill you, shocking you with 150 mA. Coming to save them yourself would result in the same shock. But I'm sure you wouldn't want to fight with that shark to do so. I promise you that we'll come for the one saved, or the ones if you'll commit suicide by your choice. So all in all, you either kill one of the strangers or yourself. Good luck!

Once the screen turns static, the machine and electric saw are activated. The machine slowly comes forward, to the direction of the girls.

What do you choose:

  • A - Sacrifice Katie.
  • B - Sacrifice Sadie.
  • C - "I refuse to kill any of them!"
  • D - Try to take off your collar with something (custom choice: with what?) - with a hook, suggested by RBW
  • E - Come to them to untie them yourself.

Leshawna: "I ain't gonna let anyone die! That's for sure!"

You realize you can save everyone's life if you manage to take off your collar. You look around for something useful. Among the present objects, a fishing hook seems to be the most helpful. You try to break the collar with it, but it doesn't work. You touch the collar with your hands. You find a keyhole. The screen suddenly turns on again and shows a familiar figure of a man you already began to hate.

Chris: Don't bother looking for a key to that collar. You think I'm that stupid? Obviously it's nowhere in the boathouse.

You decide not to check whether the man is saying the truth. You put the hook into the keyhole and turn it around. Shockingly, it works and you're free.

Leshawna: So what now?

Chris: What?! Well... I'd complain about my victims outsmarting my traps way too often, but unlike certain someone, you actually impressed me. I'm going to accept your sneaky way of letting everyone of you live. But I have one more reason for it. Josh, explain it to her later if you will. McLean out.

Suddenly something is thrown into the boathouse. It lands right under the two tied girls. They immediately fall asleep. You try to run away, but the door is closed. You fall on the ground, extremely sleepy. A man in hazmat suit opens the door and grabs you.

Josh: You see, Chris was not only impressed. He also knows all of you. These two are very close with each other. In the face of a danger, they'd team up, leaving you behind or killing you instead of the other one, not wanting anyone to interfere to their friendship.

You gulp. And then you fall asleep.


  • Playing as: Ezekiel

You wake up. You still don't feel very well. You look around. You're in some dining area. You're sitting on a chair at one of two huge tables. You hear someone's steps. A female sits with you and brings some food. She looks very pretty. You're uncomfortable around the girls and you don't know how to talk to them, so you're just sitting silently. Fortunately, she speaks up first.

Emily: Hi, I'm Emily. You still don't look well. Here, I brought you some food and water to make you feel better.

Ezekiel: What happened to me, eh?

Emily: You're not a social butterfly, are you? You fainted and lost consciousness after you saw how many contestants will compete on this show.

Ezekiel: Are you one of the contestants? You don't look like that guy from the advertisement...

Emily: I'll take that as a compliment. No, I'm not a contestant. I work at the medical center here. That's why I brought you some food. To get some vitamins that will help you recover.

What do you do?

  • A - Eat the apple.
  • B - Eat some bread.
  • C - Drink some mineral water.
  • D - "I'd rather have a fizzy drink than a mineral water, eh."

Ezekiel: Thanks, eh. I think the water will help me the most.

You drink a bit. It tasted weird. But you felt like you haven't drunk or eaten anything for a while, so you continued drinking until the bottle was empty.

Emily: Guess you were really thirsty.

Ezekiel: Yeah, I guess. But I don't feel any better. I think I actually feel worse, eh.

Out of sudden your vision becomes blurry again. You put your head on the table to prevent yourself from fainting. And then you lose consciousness again.

The woman goes back to the kitchen and reaches for her earphone that she had hidden so Ezekiel wouldn't notice it.

Emily: He did it.

Chris: I told ya. I knew he would. He's so antisocial that he hasn't learned some important life lessons, like not to take anything a stranger gives him. I kinda can't blame him though. You were so convincing, Blaineley. Thankfully, he didn't remember that none of them actually got to meet each other prior to our game. One question though. Why Emily?

Blaineley: Oh, I just know someone with that name. The girl is universally liked and everyone trusts her so I went with her name. And I had to change mine. I'm a famous celebrity after all. Even such no-life like him had to hear about me.

Chris: I sincerely doubt it, Blaineley. He's too much of a no-life to have heard about any of us. But sure, anything to make our plan succeed.

Blaineley: Speaking of which, it was hard to poison mineral water. But I put so much poison in there that he will be ready for the second round.

Chris: Perfect! He's gonna be the star of the second round! I should thank him for his choice, but I bet he wouldn't understand anymore. Anyway, good job, Blaineley. Once again. Now place him in there.

The woman puts on her hazmat suit and drags him.

Blaineley: At least I'll save some of the gas. That poison really came in handy.

Cody and Eva

  • Playing as: Cody

You wake up. You're on the ground. You realize you're touching grass. You look around and see you're on a cliff. You notice a remote in your right hand.

Eva: What are you waiting for?! TURN THE TV ON! You have no idea how long I've been waiting for you to finally wake up!

The girl shouting at you scares you. Not only she's muscular and aggressive, but also has some scary thing attached to her. Being too afraid of her you do what she says and don't even question why she waited with turning the TV on for you.

(A.N. this game is a slightly modified version of Venus Flytrap from Saw II. Read here for further details.)

Chris: Ah, what an interesting duo I see. On one hand a strong and independent woman. On the other hand a physically weak Casanova wannabe. Eva, as a sportswoman you need to care about your physical well-being. The two heavy masks filled with spikes will close in 5 minutes. The spikes will make several holes in your head. That'd be too major imperfection for an athlete like you. Not to mention the force with which the masks will close. Cody, you also need to care about your physical well-being if you want to finally score some girl. Let's see how good you're at with flirting by the example of our dear Eva here. But it shouldn't be a problem for you to be wanted by her. You have something she needs. A key that will unlock her from her trap.

Cody: Cool. Where is it?

Chris: We've opened the part of your skin right under your right eye. We've placed the key there and sew your skin back so it'd be covered and require to be opened again in order to obtain the key. Trivia: Eva is holding a knife. Good luck with your first very serious physical contact with a girl, Cody. Given her aggressive personality, you're gonna need it during your surgery.

The TV screen turns static. You gulp and can feel your own heart beating very fast. The girl slowly comes closer to you with a frightening facial expression.

Cody: "Aw, s**t. I'm screwed."

What do you do?

  • A - Try flirting. "Hey girly, you seem to be so strong..."
  • B - Try the calm way. "It doesn't have to end like this."
  • C - Try to kill Eva before she does any damage to you.
  • D - Avoid Eva.

Cody: Please. It doesn't have to end like this.

Eva: Then like what?! I don't want to die!

Cody: Neither do I. But we can work it out together so that we'll both be alive. I bet you're not a murderer, you just panicked under the pressure. Like I would if I had to defuse a time bomb.

Eva: But I HAVE a time bomb that will crush my skull!

Cody: How about if I got your key myself. I'm really sorry, but I can't help but think you'll kill me with that knife.


Cody: Hey, I said I was sorry. I swear I'll do this quickly.

Eva: Not as quickly as I would. And you seem to be too weak to do this.

Cody: But I'm sure I would be more precise than you. Sorry.

Eva: UGH! I'm running out of time!

Cody: OK, I don't see anything else that could cut off the spikes inside your masks or unlock them, so there's only one possible way to do this...

What do you do?

  • A - Let Eva cut your skin to get your key.
  • B - Do it yourself.

Cody: ...I...I can't believe I'm saying this... but looks like I have no other choice but to let you do this. I'd probably faint if I did this. And I don't even have a mirror to do it carefully.

Eva: Glad to hear you finally made up your mind.

Being stressed due to some time having already passed, the girl runs to you, knocks you out and cuts your skin. She can't stand the sight of so much blood so she does it fast and without being precise. This turns out to be very painful as she accidentally stabs you in the eye and cuts it out.


Eva: Shut up, I almost got it!

She yells, finally managing to correctly take out the key from right under your right eye... or at least from right under where it used to be. She quickly uses the key to unlock herself from her trap.

Eva: Phew, what a relief.

You can see with your left eye that her facial expression changes to be frightened upon looking at you. You're not shocked. The pain and amount of blood you see around you tells you how frightening you must look right now. You're about to vomit when you see your right eye lying on the ground next to you.

Eva: I'm sorry. I panicked under the time pressure and didn't bother to be careful.

She appears to be genuinely ashamed. She looks much different now.

Cody: Great, just great. Now I need help before I die out of blood loss.

But some gas makes you fall asleep and causes you to stop feeling the pain as a result.

A man in hazmat suit comes to sleeping Eva and Cody.

Josh: Ugh, she's so heavy!

While dragging them to their next destination he gets a call through his earphone.

Chris: Wow, that was sick, wasn't it? You know what? It was so sick that he deserves medical help. They both earned their "freedom" so we can at least make sure he'll make it to the second round alive. We can't let him lose too much blood before it.

Josh: Got it.

Courtney and Owen

  • Playing as: Courtney

You wake up in an empty room. It appears it was cleared out of all the furniture. You look around. You see a huge guy near to you.

Owen: Hey, you're finally awake! How awesome. I'm Owen by the way.

Courtney: Ew, were you watching me while I was asleep? Creep!

Owen: I bet you'd do the same if you woke up first. Hehehe.

Courtney: That's clearly not a point.

Owen: Looks like we're stuck in what used to be a kitchen. It sucks kitchen can be used for evil.

Courtney: How do you know it used to be a kitchen?

Owen: I can still smell the smell of food here. Mmmm... An apple and a bread.

Courtney: Really? The only food I can smell are the sausages.

Owen: I also see a door to walk-in freezer, but it's closed. Just like the door to the dining area. And that window where they give you the food. The metal bars that are in there are too hard to be broken. Trust me, I tried.

You check if anything what he said is true, just to make sure. Both doors are closed and the bars blocking the window are indeed to heavy.

Courtney: So how do we get out of here? This room is empty! There's only some plasma TV screen, an electronic balance and an axe in here!

Owen: And a remote. I waited with turning on the TV until you'd wake up.

Courtney: Well, thank you, I guess.

The big guy turns on the TV. A familiar person appears on the screen.

Chris: You're right, Owen. This place used to be a kitchen. It also used to be a place of the challenge for two contestants already. Just like the walk-in freezer. Anyway, you are locked in here with no way of getting out. Trust me, too many contestants managed to outsmart my traps today. I made sure you won't get out. But hey, getting out of here isn't actually impossible. It just demands a sacrifice. My assistant will open it when once you'll put something that weights 20 kg/44,09 Ib. A quick hint. You can put this plasma and axe on it, but it still won't be enough. At least one of you has to make a sacrifice of cutting off some of your limbs in order to release you. Don't worry, after doing so you'll receive a medical help to prevent you from losing too much blood. Also, don't try to be some smarta**es by trying to open the door with the axe. My assistant will expose you to the gas that will make you fall asleep and kill you when you'll be sleeping if you'd try. So good luck! The person who's going to make the sacrifice is going to especially need it!

You two look at each other awkwardly.

Owen: I know I'm fat, but I don't know if I can do this... And I'd lose way more blood than you...

How do you respond?

  • A - "I'll cut off my own limbs then." (Custom choice: Which limbs?)
  • B - Cut off Owen's limbs anyway. (Custom choice: Which limbs?) - left arm, suggested by Epic and RBW
  • C - "We can both cut off our limbs so it'd be fair." (Custom choice: Who'll do it first? Which limbs each one is going to cut off?)

Courtney: You know there is no other choice. You're much fatter than me. And there's no way I'm doing this sacrifice.

Owen: Please don't! We can do it in another way!

Courtney: And get killed for trying to outsmart the challenge? No way!

You take the axe and come to Owen. He grabs your hand and throws the axe to the opposite part of the kitchen.

Courtney: Stop it! The earlier you'll do this the earlier we'll leave this place!

Owen: But I've sneaked some sausages. They should be enough.

He shows you the sausages he kept in the pockets of his trousers. It disgusts you.

Courtney: "How can someone keep their food near their butt?"

Courtney: Wait, why do you have them with yourself? I can't find any of my to-do lists and I always have them!

The guy begins to feel uneasy.

Owen: I... um... My butt must smell so bad they didn't search for anything in my pants.

Courtney: Ew! You're disgusting!

Owen: OK, how about we use our clothes?

Courtney: They wouldn't be heavy enough, even if we put all of our clothes. And there's no way you're seeing me naked!

Owen: I suggest my sausages again then.

Courtney: Doesn't matter. We're not using them anyway. It'd be counted as outsmarting the challenge and we'd be killed for it! Just let me cut off your left arm or do it yourself.

Owen: Why left one?

Courtney: Because I see you're right-handed.

Owen: How?

Courtney: You're holding the sausage with your right hand? Anyway...

You take the axe from the ground and run in Owen's direction to cut off his left arm as quick as possible so he wouldn't whine. However, on your way, Owen knocks you out. You lose consciousness.

Chris: Owen, what the hell was that?

Owen: What? She was about to cut off my arm! And don't worry, I put my sausages on the electric balance. TV and an axe too. It's 21 kg. I guess that's enough?

Chris: Owen, what did I say about trying to outsmart the challenge?

Owen: That we can't...

Chris: Exactly.

Owen: But I thought you said that if she chooses me...

Chris: Alright, alright. I'll accept it. At least you bothered to outsmart the challenge in this case and you knocked out Courtney. If she'll ask, say it turned out I was lying about killing you in case you tried to outsmart the challenge. As for now...

A woman in hazmat suit opens the door and releases the gas that makes Owen sleepy.

Owen: Is this necessary?

Says Owen, barely conscious.

Chris: You know the rules.

The big guy falls on Courtney, asleep.

Blaineley: Ugh, this boy is so heavy!

Chris: Use the excavator to lift them both at the same time. No need to waste the precious time.

Izzy and Justin

  • Playing as: Justin

You wake up. You're in some small place. It's an outhouse. There is some girl with you too. She looks like teenage female Tarzan. You try to ask her countless questions that come to your mind, but something prevents you from opening your mouth. You touch your mouth with your hands. You can feel some device on it.

Justin: "I can't believe it, but I think I'm actually happy I don't have a mirror right now."

Izzy: Oh, great! You're finally awake. We can finally start our play! Hahahaha!

Justin: "What is she talking about?"

Izzy: The man outside told me I have to wait for you to wake up to hear the message. And if I try getting out I'd be killed. But how can I get out? The door is locked! Hahaha! Actually, I'd have my ways... But I'm not letting them kill me!

You stare at her shocked.

Izzy: Anyway, hit it, Chef!

You can hear some message from the outside.

Chris: Hello, my dear victims. Justin, you're really handsome, I can tell you that. But this time your looks may not be enough. I've based off a lot of challenges of the Saw series. What you're currently wearing is called a Reverse Bear Trap. It's Saw's most classic trap. If you watched it, I bet you'd recognize it. If not, all you gonna need to know is that this device will rip off your jaw. Maybe even more of your face. I don't know how strong our Reverse Bear Trap is. The girl you're stuck with is holding the key to your trap. All you have to do is to convince her to release you. Seems pretty easy, huh? Well, you cannot speak right now, so instead of telling her something to convince her, you'll write it. The piece of paper and a pen are lying right under you. Be fast. You only have 5 minutes to think of something convincing to write! And she needs to read it and open your trap on time! Also, one more thing. She's really crazy! Convincing her will be hard. Good luck or you'll never kiss a girl again. Hahahaha.

Izzy: Hahaha! He's so funny.

She looks at you.

Izzy: You're not laughing because your mouth is stuck or because you didn't get it? If you didn't get it, he said it because your jaw would be teared apart. So you wouldn't be able to kiss anyone again. Hahahaha!

You ignore her and think of what to do.

Izzy: What? You're still not laughing? Such a party killer!

Justin: "Ugh. I may die earlier just by being near this girl!"

What do you do?

Write "Hey, Izzy. You should totally give me the key so I can unlock this thing. I have this hilarious joke I want to share with you about how stupid Chef is!" - by RBW

You sit there for some time, trying to come up with what to write. And then you get an idea based on what just happened. You write it as fast as you can and handle the piece of paper to Izzy, hoping she can read fast. You wrote: "Hey, Izzy. You should totally give me the key so I can unlock this thing. I have this hilarious joke I want to share with you about how stupid Chef is!"

Izzy: A joke about how stupid Chef is? Awesome! Tell it! Oh, right. I forgot. You cannot speak now. Write it then!

Justin: "Oh, crap. It didn't go as I planned."

You're not good at math but you try to estimate how much time has passed. You were coming up with what to write for about a minute, then wrote it and then Izzy read it. You think you lost from 2 minutes to 2 and a half. That means up to half the time you've got has passed.

What do you do now?

  • A - Write the joke about how stupid Chef is.
  • B - Do something else (Custom choice: What?).
    • Write: "Izzy! Chef Hatchet said not to unlock me from this trap. But are you really going to let Chef tell you what to do?", suggested by RBW

You decide not to waste time on writing the joke about Chef. You think about something else to write. After some time you finally came up with something. You write it as fast as you can and handle the piece of paper to Izzy. You wrote: "Izzy! Chef Hatchet said not to unlock me from this trap. But are you really going to let Chef tell you what to do?"

Izzy: Hahahaha. What? Chef didn't say that. Chefy has nothing to say around here. Chris does. Or the producers. I'm not sure.

Justin: "Crap, failed again. How can I convince this girl?"

Once again you try to estimate how much time is left for you. Both tries took at least about 2 minutes, which means you have around 1 minute max. Enough to try something else one last time.

What do you do?

  • Write: "Izzy, if you get me out of here I can finally tell you that joke about Chef! It wouldn't fit on paper because it was too long and funny to say!" - suggested by Epic

You think of something in a rush to finally convince that crazy girl. When you finally come up with an idea, you immediately write it faster than the last time. Then you handle Izzy the piece of paper. She reads it. You hope she'd read it faster. You wrote: "Izzy, if you get me out of here I can finally tell you that joke about Chef! It wouldn't fit on paper because it was too long and funny to say!"

Izzy: But you have a piece of paper in A5 format. And you can continue on the other side of the page. Too long jokes aren't funny. And do you really have that long joke? Are you a liar? I HATE LIARS!

You nod your head to show that you indeed have such long joke. She wants you to prove it by writing as much of it as you can.

Justin: "F**k! Perfect! Another wasted idea!"

You try to estimate how much time is left. It took you about quarter a minute to come up with what you said. Then it took you about half a minute to write. And then she read it and answered in about quarter a minute.

Justin: "Oh, no. This means..."

Chef: 3...2...1...

The Reverse Bear Trap is activated. It tears your jaw apart and horribly damages rest of your face, killing you in the process.

Parts of Justin's face fly off, especially from the inside of his mouth. They cover all the walls of the outhouse. A lot of them fall on Izzy.

Izzy: Awesome! Blood bath!

She says, taking Justin's tooth out of her forehead and taking his tongue out of her cleavage.

Izzy: Guess you really tried to kiss me while dying. Hahah.

A large man in hazmat suit releases the gas. It makes Izzy much calmer.

Izzy: Is it really needed, Chefy?

Chef: You know the rules. You cannot know the way to where the second round takes place. And I couldn't open the door if you were as active as usual.

He explains, opening the door. The crazy girl falls on the ground asleep, squashing Justin's eyeball lying on the ground with her foot. The man contacts the host through his earphone.

Chef: Should I clean her before I put her there?

Chris: No. Let her see the effect of her craziness. Maybe it'll give her a lesson. Also, it'll make the survival for her much harder. Who'd trust a person with someone's blood on them? Especially such crazy person.

Chef: I still doubt she's good for this role. She's crazy!

Chris: Hey, you see it worked here. She was immune to anything he wrote to her. And looks like it was even without our promise. That guy really didn't know how to convince her, did he?

Chef: I wouldn't know myself.

Chris: Weird. I know what he always does to convince the girls. He mentioned it in his contract under the part "What do you like?". He likes to convince the girls to do anything he wants by taking off his shirt. Sure, he couldn't take it off with that thing on his head, but I thought he'd rip it off. Guess he valued it too much. Hehe. Or didn't think of it under the pressure. Well, good for me. I was afraid he'd do it and easily escape this trap as a result. That girl may be crazy, but she still easily falls for the hot guys. I'm shocked she didn't fall for me yet.

The two guys share a laugh as Chef drags a covered in blood from her waist to her head Izzy to the secret location where the second round is meant to take place.

Duncan and Tyler

  • Playing as: Duncan

Tyler: Ugh, this is taking forever, dude.

Duncan: Don't complain. You've got better ideas?

Tyler: No...

Duncan: Exa... YES! I think I found it!

You can't believe it. After a long time of searching you finally found the key.

Tyler: Woo hoo! Awesome, dude! High five!

The jock exclaims, high fiving your right hand. A hand with which you are holding a syringe and a key. You feel an extreme pain.

Duncan: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! What the hell, man?!

You hope it was the key, but from the pain you felt you know it's not true. You look at your hand. Tyler accidentally pushed the syringe into your hand. The needle got under your skin.

What do you do?

  • A - Do nothing.
  • B - Get the medical help from the box.
  • C - Make Tyler get the antidote from the box as a punishment.

Duncan: Yo, red face! You caused this, so you'll go get the antidote for me.

Tyler: Alright. I guess that's fair.

The sportsman goes to the box with an antidote. He puts his right hand through one hole and gets it. But when he tries to get his hand back, he screams out of pain.

(A.N. The box with an antidote is based off The Razor Trap from Saw II)


Duncan: What happened?!

Tyler: It's filled with some blades that prevent me from getting out my hand! Unless...

Duncan: Unless what?

Tyler: If I'll get my hand out of here...well...I'll lose it. I'll lose my hand!

Duncan: And my antidote.

Tyler: Yeah, that too. What should I do then?

What do you suggest?

  • A - "I'll open the door and run for help."
  • B - "Sacrifice your hand!"
  • C - "Put your left hand through the other hole. Maybe this one is free and you'll get the antidote."

Duncan: I still have the key. I'll open the door and go for help.

Tyler: Alright. Be fast.

Duncan: I will.

You open the door with your key. You get immediately sprayed with some gas that makes you feel like falling asleep. You see a figure of some man in hazmat suit.

Josh: Finally! I've been waiting so long for you two to finish your challenge.

Duncan: Dude, there's that guy inside. His hand is stuck in some trap. And he has antidote for me.

Josh: I've been informed you were injected with only one syringe of that poison. Chris said it wasn't dangerous in that small amount.

Duncan: Oh, crap. I forgot. Looks like I didn't have to make Tyler get the antidote for me. Now he's stuck because of me.

Josh: And he will be stuck. Unless he'll sacrifice his hand.

Duncan: What?! Can't you just help him?! We've finished this horrific challenge!

Josh: No. Only you did. Tyler is still in there.

Duncan: Fine. I'll tell him to sacrifice his h...

You head to the door, but you fall on the ground, feeling too tired. You hear the man closing the door, but apparently not with a key.

Duncan: "If only that Tyler guy knew he doesn't have to wait for me..."

You feel the man drags you to some place. But you don't know where as you fall asleep on the way.

Chris: Finally! I thought they'd be there forever.

Josh: One of them apparently will.

Chris: Perfect! One more victim who failed their challenge! Be fast, Josh. The last couple will start their challenge soon and they're in your area too.

Josh: Ok. I'll go there now and take Duncan with them if they'll survive.

Alejandro and Sierra

  • Playing as: Sierra

You wake up in some fancy room. In some fancy hotel. And you see a hot guy in front of you. He appears to be a Spaniard.

Alejandro: Good evening, chica.

You're about to squeal. You're in some hotel room with a hot guy!

Sierra: "How is that even possible? No boy ever wanted me. Everyone thought I'm a nerd."

Sierra: Wait, did we...

Alejandro: Oh, don't worry, seniorita. I know it looks very creepy, but nothing has happened.

Sierra: "Yet. I hope."

Alejandro: I've been told to wait for you to wake up to turn on the TV to hear some message for us.

Sierra: "OMG! Are we like... secret agents?"

The handsome guy turns on the TV screen. It shows a figure of a man you know and love.

Sierra: "Am I in heaven?"

Sierra: OMG! It's Chris McLean! I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU! I loved all of your shows, even the ones that lasted only one episode!

Chris: Glad to hear that Sierra, but don't remind me of them. Also, love to see some with such an enthusiasm for this game.

Sierra: OMG, I totally forgot I signed up for your new show! I just had to be here!

Chris: And I just had to choose someone with your passion. Too bad you were still too moral not to agree to...

Sierra: Huh?

Chris: Nevermind, it's good you don't remember.

Sierra: What did I forget?

Chris: Moving on... You're the last couple...

You look at the hot guy.

Sierra: He thinks we're a couple! Isn't that a sign?

Chris: Don't interrupt me, Sierra! You're the last pair...

You still smile after hearing this.

Chris: ... to compete in the challenge. Thus, I wanted your challenge to be simple but entertaining. You see, the room you're in is empty. No furniture. Nowhere to hide. There's only that knife on the ground. The door is closed. Sure, you can escape through the window, but it's my hotel. I have my people here. They'll catch you and kill you if you'd try to escape and skip the challenge. Your only way out is to kill your new roommate. That's why I gave you the knife.

Alejandro: And what if we don't want to kill each other?

Sierra: "Aw, he doesn't want to kill me. Isn't he adorable?"

Chris: Well, enjoy your stay at my hotel then. You'll be in this room until one of you would kill the other one. Sierra, I can see you're already developing a crush on our Alejandro, but if you want to survive I recommend you to put your feelings aside. Good luck to both of you!

Alejandro: I refuse to harm a woman. I have a code. If you want to kill me, go ahead. It'd be an honour for me to die from the hands of such beautiful lady. If not, I am ready to die from the hands of Chris's people with you.

What do you do?

  • A - Kill Alejandro and earn freedom.
  • B - Refuse to kill Alejandro and be killed by Chris's people.

Sierra: I'm sorry. You're so hot and seem nice, but I don't want to die. I have no other choice. I must listen to Chris's advice.

You grab the knife and approach the Spaniard. Despite your strength that you are well-known around your friends, your opponent is equally strong. He grabs your hand and shoves you to the ground. You lose your knife while falling down. He catches it and throws it out of the window. You stand up, shocked.

Alejandro: You little b**ch! You really attempted that! I'll remember that!

He exclaims, knocking you out after hitting you strongly in your face with his hand.

Alejandro: Should I finish her off?

Chris: No. She attempted to do the challenge. She failed, but at least she attempted to do so. I must say she impressed me. Knowing how crazy she can be about the ones she loves, I thought she'd choose to forfeit.

Alejandro: What the hell, Chris?! She could kill me! Why should I let her live?

Chris: I told you we'd protect you. You'll get her sooner or later anyway. And she earned her "freedom", so leave her alone.

Alejandro: Fine.

Blaineley, Chef, Chris and Josh

Josh takes asleep Alejandro and Sierra. He makes sure Alejandro has needed item.

Blaineley: Need some help? You still have Duncan to drag. I've already put everyone from my area there. And we can use the ATV to get there faster.

Josh: Alright. Thanks.

The two leave with asleep Alejandro, Duncan, Sierra on their ATV. Chef goes inside the hotel to visit Chris in the Control Room where he watches all the footage from the cameras. He opens the door slowly.

Chris: Wasn't the last duel thrilling? Stay tuned for even more emotions while watching these innocent guys fight for their lives in the second round! On Total... Dr... CHEF?! Don't interrupt me when I sign off the show!

Chef: Doesn't matter. You'll record it again.

Chris: Um, no. I'm hosting live here. Hehe, sounds ironic.

Chef: Wait, you're WHAT?!

Chris: I'm hosting live. I've sent videos of all challenges live and I've recorded my opening live too. And now I'm trying to sign off the show. LIVE. And you're interrupting me!

Chef: What the hell, Chris?! Are you an idiot?! A f**king idiot?!

Chris: What?

Chef: What did the producers say about uploadin' the footage live?!

Chris: As if I'm going to listen to them.

Chef: You better should. Don't you know what you've done?!

Chris: What?

Chef: Don't you know the government can track our IP address within seconds?! And that they can track down our secret location?!

Chris: But I had to upload them live! We were at risk of the government tracking us down the entire time. What if they stole our footage and never showed it to the public? What if the news confirmed how many victims died before people saw that in challenges? They'd spoil the fun!

Chef: But the government can find us faster now thanks to you!

Chris: I told ya I know someone in Area 51.

Chef: Area 51 is American, idiot. We'd have to deal with Canadian government.

Chris: Oh, s**t. I forgot. What do we do now?! They can be here any time now! And now that you told them they can track our IP address they'll be here even faster!

Chef: Oh, so it's my fault now?! And I'm sure they've already thought of it. I'm shocked they haven't arrived yet! They probably don't wanna a huge arrestin' scene when the people are watchin'. They're probably gonna send a few secret agents to arrest us quietly.

Chris: Guess you're right. You're the army man here. What do we do now?!

Chef: First, stop recordin'! They can't hear our plan!

The host ends his live steam to the Internet.

Chef: Turn off the power in the entire hotel! And tell the others to immediately leave to our other secret location!

Chris: How about you turn off the...

Chef:' DO IT!!!

Chris: Fine.

The host turns off the power in the entire hotel in a hurry while Chef informs the producers they have to immediately leave the island. Producers leave on their yacht first, followed by Chef and Chris on their boat.

Chef: What 'bout Blaineley and Josh?

Chris: I don't care. If they get caught, they at least won't steal my screen time. And they still have their own boat.

The giant man becomes impatient and calls the remaining assistants through his earphone.

Chef: Blaineley, Josh! Did you put these guys there already?

Josh: Yeah, we're leaving the place now.

Chef: Did you give them the food?

Blaineley: Yes.

Chef: Good. Cuz because of this ignorant jerk we all have to escape to the other secret location now! He uploaded the videos online! LIVE!

Josh: What the hell?!

Blaineley: Chris, are you out of your f**king mind?!

Chris: I know, I know. I'm almost a bit sorry. Almost.

Josh: What do we do with the victims who were stuck in their places?

Chris: Only one loser is stuck, so it doesn't matter.

Blaineley: It does! What if the government finds him?! He wasn't in some super hard to find spot!

Chris: Fine, you can take him with that trap to some other place where he'll die out of starvation.

Josh: We don't have time! We don't want to get caught either!

Chris: Hey, the cops haven't arrived yet, have they?

Blaineley: But they can arrive any minute now and we still need to get to our boat!

Chris: You took the ATV...

Josh: F**k you, Chris! We're leaving the island!

Chef looks at the host disapprovingly.

Chef: How can you f**k up so much, huh? I shouldn't have taken you with me. I should've left you there.

Chris: Relax. At least I got to record one last message to all of them. The most important one.


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