Hello everyone! Originally, I wanted to make a blog post about something else...something that would include TDPI contestants. But since I decided to stay away from the spoilers (as much as I can) and I know too few things about them I decided to give it up, at least for now, and write about another topic. This is something that many people have already written about -  Which eliminations are the most unfair? Well, time for my opinion.


  • Eliminations that were caused by the main antagonist won't be counted. I mean, sure these ones are unfair too - usually their victims end up being framed (like Trent or B), manipulated or blackmailed (like Gwen or Mike) - but there would be too many unfair eliminations then, and it was actually interesting part of antagonists' plot. Also, for me it depends on who is the antagonist. I wouldn't mind being eliminated by Heather, Courtney or Alejandro, but Justin, Scott or Mal?! No way!

So, let's start:

Total Drama Island

Not So Happy Campers - Part 2

Well, technically Ezekiel kinda deserved it. But the reason why was he eliminated is kinda dumb for me. Only one stupid sentence drastically changed the last part of the last pre-elimination scene and caused a conflict between him and the Killer Bass (especially females). Plus, Courtney deserved it more and, unlike in Ezekiel's case, it wouldn't be caused just because of one stupid sentence.

Not Quite Famous

Ok, so you possibly wonder why this one is listed. Didn't I wrote that I won't include eliminations that were caused by the antagonists just a few sentences before? And Justin's eliminations was caused by Heather - the main antagonist of the first season. WTF?! But no! I don't mean that it was caused by an antagonist. I mean, just count the score! Screaming Gophers should have seriously won! They had more points! And Chris never said that the challenge was about who receives the maximum points wins for their team! So, unfair victory, unfair defeat and thus, unfair elimination.

Phobia Factor

Once again, Courtney deserved it more. She lost the challenge for her team as she could have won the most points. But instead, Bass decided to eliminate the guy with the weirdest fear ever.

Who Can You Trust?

What's so unfair about this one - you'll ask. Well, the reason why Sadie was eliminated was good but it was kinda random. And there's something else, something much more important. DJ lost the final challenge by breaking the rules. Plus, he and Geoff could have won it if it hadn't been for DJ. So, he pretty much deserved it more than Sadie who was basically just being there since Katie's elimination.

Basic Straining

Irronically, when Courtney's finally eliminated it becomes one of the most unfair eliminations. Harold rigged the votes to take revenge on his worst enemy. Chris knew about it and we, the viewers, knew about it too. Why wasn't Harold disqualified for something like this?

Hide and Be Sneaky

This is one of the eliminations that are unfair because of how big mysteries they are. So 3 people voted for Duncan, 3 for Owen and 4 for Bridgette. At least that's what you think before Geoff says he didn't vote for his girlfriend. However, some people say he lied because of his confessional scene in the next episode. Yet on the other hand, some people say he couldn't lie - no one would want to be punished like Geoff for something they haven't done, as it means he voted along with the other guys from his alliance. So did Geoff lie and voted for his girlfriend? Or did he just say so so Bridgette won't be mad and acidentally get punished for something he hasn't done? Or maybe somebody else changed their mind and voted for Bridgette too? But who? I think it could be Izzy as I don't believe she would be able to vote for Owen, even despite their relationship hasn't even started yet. So, the elimination doesn't make sense (at least when you look at it for the first time) and that's why this elimination was unfair.

That's Off the Chain!

Ok, I understand that the last one on the finish line is automatically eliminated and Lindsay was the 2nd and the last one. But wanna know why it's unfair? Wait, everyone knows why, I guess. Owen and Duncan haven't even finished the race. DJ, Geoff and Gwen were eliminated in the first round. Plus, Izzy and Leshawna haven't even competed this time. I don't see a reason why there couldn't be a regular voting instead. Lindsay lost only to Heather!!!

Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon

Geoff's elimination is unfair for the same reason as his girlfriend's. It was clearly done so the main antagonist will make it to the semi-final. I mean, I can why Duncan and Heather voted for him, but Leshawna and Owen?! They voted for him because being nice is being a threat. Aren't they nice too? Don't they like nice people? But maybe Leshawna was just jealous of Gwen's new best friend. But that sill leaves Owen. And don't get me even started at Gwen's being unfrairly in the bottom 2 again, as the only persons left who could vote for her were Geoff and Gwen herself.

Haute Camp-ture

One of the most unfair eliminations and I possibly don't have to explain why. The contestants (and a parrot) kept accidentally saying Leshawna's name. And it all started with Katie and Sadie who accidentally voted for her because they like her and they miss her. But everyone knows that if it hadn't been for this accident, Heather would've be gone. Another poorly-written elimination that was clearly created just to keep the main antagonist in the game. I understand writers want the main villain to make it far, but making such lame eliminations like this one doesn't help. I enjoyed this scene, though.

Are We There Yeti?

So, Duncan's eliminated only because of his conflict with Chef?! What the... Owen deserved it more, as he lost for the guys! At least make Gwen and Heather vote for him because he's a threat, or something!

Total Drama Action

Million Dollar Babies

Wanna know what's so unfair in this one. This was supposed to be one of the most shocking eliminations in TD history. So, after watching this episode you thought that Leshawna's obviously going home for the whole "SPA lie" and her comments about the others. However, Heather's eliminated instead. But for what?! She just stayed there for the most time this season! Being eliminated just because she's universally hated for her actions from previous season?! At least let her be eliminated for something she's done in this season! And if Leshawna wanted Heather to be her friend and Harold likes her (at times) and all of them hate Duncan, then why couldn't they vote for Duncan?!

Rock n' Rule

I think I don't even have to explain this one. Lindsay accidentally voted for herself instead of Duncan. It's just clearly unfair that Chris didn't count her real intensions.

Total Drama World Tour

Can't Help Falling in Louvre

Once again Lindsay's elimination? What's wrong with her eliminations?! Lindsay's outfit could be weird but she at least tried during the tie-breaker. DJ just used his own shirt. I know it was done for comedy and I really enjoyed it, but it was really unfair for Lindsay.

I See London...

Just like in Not Quite Famous. The challenge was about to find Jack the Ripper, not Duncan. Thus, Team Amazon unfairly won. I know the most important characters from this season were on this team and they couldn't be eliminated now, but really? Couldn't they make it a non-elimination episode as both teams found somebody?

Greece's Pieces

No, I don't mean that an intern was eliminated, especially because he was back in the very next episode. I mean this was the only fake elimination that wasn't prepared. Do you know what I mean? Chris openly admitted he kept Duncan for love triangle drama. I know it's for plot but this means he should have been eliminated.

Awwwwww, Drumheller

Ok, I enjoyed this scene. But Chris disqualified Sierra only because she destroyed the plane, even despite she won invincibility. Alejandro should have been eliminated.

Hawaiian Punch

Alejandro's ending

This was so OOC for Heather to not even look at a dummy. This was a terrible way for Alejandro (and anybody else too) to win a season. Just because of an accident of another finalist? Even despite she copleted the challenge? And we're talking about the finale. Something like that could work in the earlier episodes, but here?! The final elimination should be serious. Plus, Heather already had her downfall in the fist season and this ending seemes to be her 2nd karma.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste

It was a perfect karma for Anne Maria. But we all know that if Chris gave her enough time to say anything after he explained it wasn't a real diamond, she would change her mind.

Total Drama All-Stars

No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition

What's wrong with Heather's eliminations?! Once again very OOC for her. Too predictable. Heather could save her from being eliminated couple times, for example by taking the immunity idol with her or by winning the challenge for her team. But no! I understand that Alejandro had to take revenge on her but this just causes another unfair elimination.

Suckers Punched

So you want me to believe that the most serious villains just listened to Cameron and eliminated Sierra? The problem is that they're villains. They're strategic. Duncan always makes it far and is a huge threat. Can you tell me why wasn't he chosen to be eliminated?!

So, that's my opinion. Do you agree with me? Maybe you have other examples of unfair eliminations? Maybe you want to count eliminations caused by the main villain? Feel free to comment!