Hi. This blog is an announcement of My Season of RR - basically RR 2. I know what some of you may think - I haven't even finished My Season of TD yet. Well, I need to think ahead to plan plots etc. The first step is the cast and here I met some difficult choices I hope you'll help me with. But let's get slowly started.


After the success of Total Drama: Chef Edition (aka My Season of TD), Don became jealous and felt he needed to promote his show better. To do this he decided to make the second season of RR with a lot of TD veterans (he asked the producers for permission to have contestants from a different show), RR returnees and completely new pairs.


TD veterans

These are pairs where both contestants are from TD:

Alejandro and Heather - Strategists

Why RR 2? They want to prove you can win this show with strategy. They also want to prove they can be great working together.

Amy and Samey - Twins

Why RR 2? Just like in Chet and Lorenzo's case, their parents forced them to compete together, hoping they'd resolve their conflict for good.

Beardo and Harold - Beatboxers

Why RR 2? Since Leshawna decided to choose to compete with her cousin, Harold chose someone else to compete on RR alongside her. He and Beardo met at one of the parties, and realized they share their love for beatbox.

Bridgette and Geoff - Aftermath Hosts

Why RR 2? Geoff wanted to compete with Bridgette in the first season, but she was busy at the time. This time she's available, so they decided to take the chance, especially because last time Geoff did really great.

Cody and Sierra - Stalkers

Why RR 2? Sierra became a huge fan of this show, just like she is of TD. She wanted to compete on RR, as she already got a chance to compete in TD. Meanwhile, Cody enjoys being famous. They stayed in touch after TDWT, so they decided to team up.

Dakota and Sugar - Peagant Queens

Why RR 2? They both met at one of the peagant shows they participated in. They recognized each other from different seasons of Total Drama and decided to team up for upcoming second season of RR to get more screen time.

Eva and Jo - Gym Partners

Why RR 2? They met on Total Drama: Chef Edition where some sort of villainous friendship formed between them. They've been going to the same gym together ever since. When they heard about RR's renewal, they knew this season was meant for them.

Izzy and Owen - Goofballs

Why RR 2? Owen decided to comete with his old girlfriend after Noah decided to compete with Emma this time, so the competition would be like a double date for them. They also make sure Emma and Noah focus on the competition and don't have any problems in their relationship, like Kitty and Owen did in the first season.

Katie and Sadie - BFFFLs

Why RR 2? It's been a long time since they competed in TD for the last time. They decided to try their chances in RR instead, as with the show's format, they can be on the same team together all the time.

Lindsay and Tyler - Chick & Jock

Why RR 2? Tyler loves competing in reality TV shows and decided to choose one where he could compete with his girlfriend.

Rodney and Scott - Farm Boys

Why RR 2? Rodney and Scott both live on farms in the same neighborhood. Despite his evil personality, Scott has always been an idol for Rodney, especially after he found a girlfriend on Total Drama, something Rodney has been always dreaming about. After Scott found out that Rodney competed on TDPI and after they heard the theme of the next season for RR, they decided to team up. Scott to win the money while Rodney to win the heart of the girl of his dreams.

RR returnees

Carrie and Devin - Lovebirds

Why RR 2? They decided to compete once again now that they became an official couple. They also wanted to make up for their irregular elimination from the first season.

Ellody and Mary - Geniuses

Why RR 2? They felt like they didn't have a chance to shine in their first season, getting even less attention than the first eliminated team. They've learned from their mistakes and are ready to improve.

Emma and Noah - Snarkers

Why RR 2? They decided to come back to the show where they became a couple, this time competing together.

Gerry and Pete - Tennis Rivals

Why RR 2? They didn't get enough sponsors after competing last time and believe they didn't have enough time to show their full potential. Gerry also wanted to make up for costing them the race last time and make Pete lose for them this time so the latter will finally stop mocking him for losing the show.

Jacques and Josee - Ice Dancers

Why RR 2? They're always ready to perform for their fans. And they feel like they need to improve their ranking since the last time where they ended up coming in their hated third place.

Jen and Tom - Fashion Bloggers

Why RR 2? They want to promote their blog as much as they can. They also want to create their own website, not just a blog, and they need a help to do so, which they want to get via promoting their plans on TV.

MacArthur & Sanders - Police Cadets

Why RR 2? As soon as they heard Ice Dancers return, they decided to join, knowing they're the only team that can stop them.

Other teams

Following is a category for teams that include at least one character who hasn't been a contestant before. Depending on which versions get the most votes, some of the aforementioned teams may also belong to this category.

Ashton and Shelley - Tennis Couple
White Ellody

Bakcground characters I decided to dub as Ashton and Shelley.

Why RR 2? Shelley wanted to appear on TV after the negative way Devin and Carrie portrayed her in the first season. She is ready to take revenge on them with her boyfriend, tennis instructor, Ashton.

Blaineley and Josh - Celebrity Manhunt's Hosts / Reporters

Question #10: Which of the given ones should be their team name?

Why RR 2? After their shows failed, they decided to try anything to still be on TV. As reporters, they love travelling. They're ready to get dirt on the fellow competitors as well.

Chef and Chris - Total Drama Hosts

Why RR 2? Chris was jealous that the second season of The Ridonculous Race may become even better received than any of Total Drama seasons. He wanted to replace Don as a host, but the producers refused. Thus, not to allow the viewers forget about him and his show, he decided to compete with his co-host to steal as much screen time as possible.

Dawn and Sunset - Father and Daughter
Dawn's Audition Tape

Dawn and her father recording the audition.

Why RR 2? Dawn hopes competing alongside will make her father accept her new boyfriend.

DJ and Momma - Mother and Son

Why RR 2? DJ's mother doesn't accept his girlfriend, finding her too weird for her son. DJ wanted to make her change her mind by having their and his girlfriend's teams competing together as an alliance.

Emily and Wade - Henchmen
Shh Owl

Revenge of the minors indeed.

Why RR 2? They are grandfather and granddaughter. Wade worked for years as a butler, while Emily worked long at Canadian airport and at Burj Al Arab. Both became sick of working for rich people and decided to sign up for the show to win and money and enjoy a long vacation.

Note: The butler's name, Wade, is a reference to a fanfiction called "Total Drama: Revenge of the Minors"

Sky and Skyler - Athletes

Why RR 2? Sky loves competition and winning. She wanted to compete with her boyfriend, Keith, but decided to take a short break from boyfriends after all the drama in Total Drama: Pahkitew Island. She decided to participate with her equally athletic sister instead.

That's it. I had even more ideas, but keep in mind there are already freaking many characters. I had to cut some teams such as Eva and Jo (due to already getting enough screen time in My Season of TD, as well as Sky and her sister being the athletic females) and Jasmine and Shawn (their survival experience is good for TD's theme, by what to use it for in RR?).

Make sure to answer the questions in the comments. Of course, some of them are only for one of the options, so you don't have to answer all of them if you chose a different one. But make sure not to forget the number of the question, so I could see which option gets the most votes.

The blog will be updated, revealing the final cast, once the voting will be over.

I'll be inactive on the wiki for a few days, so the voting should get enough votes by that time (or maybe even will last longer).

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