Hello everyone! You may have noticed that I was planning to write my own elimination order for a while. If not, I recommend you this blog. Anyway, now it's a time for what we've been waiting for. But before I begin let me say something:

  • My Season will be written in the form similar to my "My Way" series. The episodes will have their own sandboxes.
  • "Losers" section will be added, just like in TDWT's case because My Season features three teams.
  • "Challenge" section will be added to give you an idea of what the challenge was (if you wouldn't have time to read it on the episode's page).
  • On my announcement blog, you could figure out who's going to be eliminated first. I also decided to give you some hint who will the eliminated second. The decoded sentence said: You think this sentence will tell you who's going to be eliminated second? Ha, you wish!. It didn't include any names, but I figured out it could be interpreted as a hint as well so I made a contest. What's the answer? Well, you're going to find out, but no one has guessed it. I know it was hard, I wish I could've given you a better tip to solve it but it would be too easy then. Anyway, congratulations for Dinopoke10, GWEN+TRENT FOREVER, LlewellynIsAwesome!, Raised By Wolves, and Shengdawg for trying! :)

Note: Credit for the episodes' titles to Raised By Wolves (episode 1) and GWEN+TRENT FOREVER (episodes 2, 4)! :)

One more thing - be careful while scrolling this blog down! In order to avoid spoilers before reading an actual episodes, I advice you to search for the links to them on other of my pages. My Season's navi is on all My Season-related pages. You can then come back here and say in the comments what you thought about the episode.

So let's start it, shall we?

Episode 1

  • Winners: Sneaky Snakes
  • Losers: Bickering Bats
  • Bottom 2: Dave and Sky
  • Reason of being in the bottom 2: Some of his teammates were afraid he'd keep sabotaging Sky nad thought he was useless for the team.
  • Eliminated: Owen and Sky
  • Reason of being eliminated: Owen came in last place in the race that determined the teams, causing him to be automatically eliminated without being placed on any of the teams. Dave convinced some of his teammates to vote for Sky due to her athletic skills being a threat, wanting to take a revenge at her.
  • Votes:

Comment: The reason why Owen is eliminated is because the origins of My Season reach the times before TDAS premiere. I was sure he would be in and he was very overused at the time (I understand the love triangle drama makers and the most classic villain in TD, but him?). Although I grew to like him more again after RR, his role here would be repeated role of the spin-off and he always makes it far, so let the others be in limelight for a change. Meanwhile, Sky is out because the plot demands it and she was a finalist last time. Besides, in TDPI Dave's revenge didn't work, but here it did. I think it's fair now.

Episode 2

  • Winners: Sneaky Snakes
  • Losers: Bickering Bats
  • Bottom 3: Amy, Tyler, and Dave
  • Reason of being in the bottom 3: Amy tripped Tyler, causing him to have a painful landing and losing conciousness. After he regained it he ran into his team's landmark, accidentally destroying it.
  • Eliminated: Dave
  • Reason of being eliminated: Most of his teammates couldn't stand his constant complainings. Jasmine also wanted to avenge Sky's eltimination.
  • Votes:

Comment: Well, without Sky, Dave became kinda useless. Also, in this way both Sky and Dave get some karma, as both are at fault for what happened between them. It also makes Dave's revenge work, unlike in TDPI, but still be punished for his actions. I wanted to give him some friends though. He couldn't stay longer also because, as you can see, he would cause some chaos in relationships and alliances because not all of them voted for him.

Episode 3

  • Winners: Sneaky Snakes
  • Losers: Furious Flamingos
  • Bottom 3: Beardo, Trent, and Justin
  • Reason of being in the bottom 3: Beardo helped Amy and Samey after their speakers have been sabotaged, causing him to be disqualified due to technically already performing his talent. Trent helped Ella, however, since he already performed in Not Quite Famous they were disqualified as well.
  • Eliminated: Justin
  • Reason of being eliminated: The "Friendship alliance" teamed up not to vote for Beardo or Trent, and voted for Justin instead, who trying to prove why he deserves his old attention, insulted every of his teammates.
  • Votes:
  • Comment: Justin's role was to be a fodder, comic relief, and a villain of the Furious Flamingos. However, because his team consists of nice characters he was an obvious target for elimination. The point of him in My Season was to be ignored and valued less than the others. I decided to give him sort of a happy ending however with him still being important in the modeling business, which is something even Alejandro didn't take away from him.

Episode 4

  • Winners: Bickering Bats
  • Losers: Furious Flamingos
  • Bottom 2: DJ and Katie
  • Reason of being in the bottom 2: DJ was mad at himself for how his fear of heights caused his team to come in last place. He also didn't blame Katie for Trent's accident.
  • Eliminated: Trent and Katie
  • Reason of being eliminated: Katie approached Trent out of nowhere at the roof of the hotel, scaring him, and accidentally causing him to falll to the ground. His injuries made him leave the show, while the incident causes Katie to be voted out after their team lost.
  • Votes:
  • Comment: Some of you possibly predicted Katie will be the one going home this time. But did you predict the other eliminated one as well? Hm, I guess not. But don't worry about him, Trent was shown to be a quick healer. Of course, I'm trying to be more realistic, but he's still a quick healer.

Episode 5

  • Staci comes in as she tells what she wants to talk about is veeeery private. She sees a crying Ella on her bed and Dawn explains that the fairytale princess can't sleep and can't stop crying tonight due to her prince's elimination, or a way, in which he was eliminated to be more exact. She adds that reminding Ella that Trent is a quick healer doesn't help. Nonetheless, she tells Staci to continue. Staci reveals that, while going to her teammates to wish them good luck and show them her support (the idea which she dropped because she realized they'd think of it as a lie), she saw Eva sabotaging Amy and Samey's performance in Playa's Got Talent by destroying the speakers on the backstage. She adds she wanted to confess this to someone because she believes she discovered a potential main antagonist of the season and wants to get rid of the female bully as soon as possible. She tells Dawn she chose her because she knows no one would believe her and Dawn is the only one capable of checking if it's true. Dawn confirms she is in fact capable of doing so, checking both Staci and Eva's auras. She immediately does it (she checks only Staci's so far) and realizes that Staci is actually telling the truth. Staci begs Dawn to warn the others because she is aware of the fact that if she did it herself not only no one would believe her, but it would also most likely backfire and she'd be the one sent home instead. Dawn really doesn't know what to do as she wanted to stop with all the supernatural stuff to not creep anyone during the game (although she made a few exceptions so far). As soon as she mentions her superpowers, Ella comes to them and asks Dawn to check if Trent is fine. The moonchild tells Staci she'll try to help her and immediately does tarrot to calm her friend, Ella. She says Trent has a hard time now, but a happy ending is waiting for him. That's however all Dawn can say, which disappoints Ella a little, but also calms down at once.
  • At the same time, Duncan can't fall asleep either. He keeps wondering why, even despite he's been in jail for a while, no one takes him seriously and he keeps losing to his enemies. He realizes it started sometime at the beginning of Total Drama All-Stars and that the only people he can count on now are Jo and Eva. He plans to prank Harold big time, using an old method of dragging his bed outside, stripping him, and leaving him naked in front of the girls. However, he finds it much harder to do all by himself and wishes DJ and Geoff would help him. He tries to move Harold's bed with all his strength, but he fails and falls. Luckily for him, Harold is in a deep sleep and doesn't hear anything. As the delinquent lies on the floor he notices something... an immunity idol lying on the ground under Harold's bed. He immediately grabs it and goes on one of the highest floors of the hotel (it has 12 floors) and hides it in a flowerpot.
  • DJ is awaken early in the morning by knocking to the door. Being so tired due to also having troubles sleeping that night (his empty room reminded him of what happened to Trent yesterday, he checks the clock and it shows 6 AM. He opens the door and sees Brick who's ready to take the mama's boy on their first training. They go outside where DJ has to do some physical activities (I mean exercises, you perverts! :P). Jo and Harold come along, planning to do the same thing. When Jo sees Brick training someone, she makes sure exercises for Harold will be harder. This doesn't work well as Harold is just unable to do them, which makes Brick grin at Jo for her training style. Angered, Jo tells Harold she'll train him in the hotel's gym where the real sportsmen train and the two leave. DJ asks Brick why they didn't go to the gym, but Brick tells him that as the real men they can train anywhere they want, just like soldiers. He then tells DJ how his military training looks like, which makes DJ think he wouldn't be a good soldier. Brick comforts him and tells him it's enough for today. DJ comes back to his bed, but once she lies trying to fall asleep again, he is awaken by Chef's announcement.
  • The contestants gather outside of the hotel again. An angered Chef Hatchet comes to them. In a confessional recorded earlier, Chef reveals he's annoyed by the fact that with only two more warnings he'll lose his job, as he started to like the role of a host of ALL episodes. He's also annoyed by the producers' decisions which he has to tell the contestants about. Back in front of the entrance to the hotel, Chef shows the contestants a new secondary confessional - a portable bathroom from The Sand Witch Project and The Aftermath: IV. The reason for the introduction of the new confessional is said to be the fact that contestants had to wait so long to use the only one avaiable so far due to the number of contestants in the season. With more confessionals, the contestants' confessions are provided to be more private, as less people will be standing in a line or walking nearby to overhear something (and if you're curious the main confessional is similar to the main confessional of Total Drama World Tour - a small bathroom. The contestants have also two big bathrooms, one for men, one for women, on each floor, which is where they're taking showers. However, every room has its own toilet and a shower, so it's actually contestants' choice where they want to take a shower.).
  • Eva is the first contestant to use the portable bathroom confessional, complaining that it stinks.
  • Gwen is the second one to use it. She admits she's worried what today will bring for her because most of the fifth episodes of the series were unlucky for her so far, as she was either humiliated or had to break up with her boyfriend. She adds that Broadway Baby! was so far her best fifth episode of a season, but it was only because she didn't do much.
  • Harold uses the new confessional next, stating he wishes the challenge will be more academic than physical, as he's exhausted after a morning training with Jo.
  • Staci also uses it and admits she likes the idea of having two confessionals at once, as it gives her a feeling of more privacy to talk about "her problem" (she calls it like that on purpose because Jo was outside, wanting to record a confession too).
  • It in fact works as Jo ignored what she heard, believing Staci was talking about some medical problem. Jo says in her confessional she's going to prove Brick she's much better trainer than he is, torturing Harold as she wants by the way. Her confessional is however interrupted by Chef, who scolds the contestants for overusing the new confessional right at the moment of its introduction. This makes Emma sad, as she wanted to record a message too, but Noah tells her it's even better because you have to choose what you're saying wisely, as otherwise it can be used against you. He also reveals this is why he uses the confessional so rarely. Anyway, Chef now switches the topic to the new challenge. He says that because the previous one caused one contestant to be severely injured, the producers decided to let the contestants have a safer challenge this time, which is one of the things that annoyed Chef today so much.
  • Challenge: A simple quiz about the facts from the previous seasons. However, it doesn't include The Ridonculous Race, as it is a completely different reality show, which leaves Emma sad, as it means she has the lowest chances of all. Contestants who'll answer correctly will make it to the next round and the person to last the longest will win for their team. No reward because this is too easy challenge (Chef in fact complains it shouldn't be even called a challenge at all). Each team will be asked questions separately. Contestants will have less and less time to think of an answer with each new round to make it harder. There will be also breaks before each new round of the game while the eliminated contestants will get to watch the rest of the quiz in a Peanut Gallery (basically looking the same as in TDAS, except way bigger and wider). Some questions will also be specifically chosen for the contestants to tease them.
  • In the confessional (the new one, of course :P ), Beth says she's happy of the new challenge, as she has a huge knowledge about the contestants, refering to how it once helped her in the challenge, and saying she can grab Lindsay's attention like Tyler did last time.
  • Tyler on the other hand is worried in the confessional, knowing Beth would most likely perform great and undo his hard work at reuniting with Lindsay from the last episode.
  • Harold is as much happy as Beth in the confessional, stating this is the type of the challenge he wished for after a morning training with Jo (and later Eva), as it doesn't require any physical activity other than trying your best to make your brain cells work to remember all the facts from Total Drama.
  • Ezekiel is shown in the confessional to be as sad as Tyler, lamenting how, despite watching the previous episodes carefully to avoid repeating some past mistakes, he still doesn't know the other contestants that much.

Round 1

(Since it may be long, I decided to divide the text into rounds of the challenge.)

  • Contestants gather at the positions like the ones from Fifteen to One, except they have only one "live" (because the game would last for too long if they had more). First team to be asked questions is the Furious Flamingos as a punishment for losing the last challenge. Chef decides to use the alphabetical order while asking questions, which means B is the first one to be asked. Chef asks: "List all of the smartest contestants from Total Drama, counting either being Book-smart or strategy-smart". Naturally, B doesn't answer, although it is visible he really wanted to (he's also shown to be sad in the confessional after this), and is the first contestant eliminated. Since he didn't answer, the question goes to Beardo. He lists off Cameron, Harold, Noah, and Scarlett. He is however eliminated for not listing all of them, as he forgot about Brainzilla.
  • Next question - "How old was each generation cast while being introduced?" - goes to Brick, who correctly answers "16". Dawn also answers correctly to her question ("List all the animal-loving contestants of TD"), listing herself, Ella, DJ, and Bridgette. In the confessional recorded during the break, she says she attempted to see what the future will bring after her conversation with Staci, and saw that some boy who goes by his initials is meant for her (for Dawn, not Staci). She admits she at first thought it means B, but her question in the challenge made her realize she shares something in common with DJ, and caused her to start thinking about that fate.
  • DJ has to "List all the contestants with supernatural powers". He answers with Dawn only, noticing her moonchild behaviour actually creeps him out a little. He is however also eliminated for not listing Izzy who was able to see Mike inside his conciousness through Mal's eyes.
  • Ella is then asked "Who on the show has singed the most?". She happily answers that it was her. However, she's eliminated too, as TDWT songs and minor songs had to be counted as well, making Heather is the one who singed the most in the series, which surprises both of the girls.
  • Ezekiel's task is to answer "Who of the first generation cast has never been a part of any alliance yet, including all legal and illegal ones?". He automatically lists off Eva, Katie, and Sadie. However, he's also eliminated for not mentioning Trent, who's also never been a part of any alliance. He tries to argue with Chef that Trent's relationship with Gwen technically meant they were in an alliance, but to no avail. The mention of her past relationship with the cool musician causes Gwen to remember in the confessional their good times from TDI, and wishing him to get well soon.
  • The last person of the team to be asked a question is Staci. She has to "List off all the main antagonists of TD". Chef in fact winks at her while asking the question, being aware of what she knows about what Eva did in this season. Staci really wants to reveal Eva's new antagonistic nature, but she quickly remembers she can only list the facts from past seasons. She thus lists off Heather, Alejandro, Courtney, Scott, Mal. She stops for a second here, and adds Justin to the list uncertainly, but wants to mention his role just in case she wouldn't list off all of the antagonists. She also doesn't know who to choose from TDPI cast, so she lists both Scarlett and Sugar. This ends up working well for her, as she qualifies for the next round.
  • Now it's the time for the Sneaky Snakes to answer the questions for coming in second in the previous challenge. The first one to be asked a question is Alejandro, who has to answer "What was the first ever antagonistic deed done by an antagonist of the series?". He states that while Heather forming an alliance with Lindsay and Beth wasn't technically an antagonistic idea, turning Eva's team against her to vote her off was for sure. The answer is accepted. The answer causes Eva to glare at Heather after bringing up that act and states in the confessional that while she plans to have a revenge in this season on everyone who have wronged her, Heather deserves a special one.
  • Next one is Anne Maria, who has to "List off every contestant who has ever quit the competition". She admits she has no idea, as she has watched only a few episodes of TDWT and it was only after being forced to do so. So she only says her own name. Thus, she is eliminated from the challenge. Dakota laughs at her loss, but the Jersey Shore reject tells her to shut up, as she'll most likely screw her question too.
  • Meanwhile, Courtney has to... "List off everyone who sews their own clothes". She becomes furious and asks Chef if he's serious, as it is too trivial question and the answer has never been revealed within the show itself. Chef tells her she could've read the Total Drama Wiki to gain the knowledge required (Katie and Zoey), but since she didn't, she's out. Duncan laughs at her loss too, while Gwen smirks. Both receive a death glare from the C.I.T.
  • Dakota has to answer "Which contestants worked as Chris' interns, or at least had a very similar role?". Dakota says it was her, remembering the times she had to work for Chris, and Owen, remembering his role as a mole in TDA. However, she's eliminated for not listing off Ezekiel and the several times Chris has used him for the challenges, especially in I See London..., where the two even had an official agreement. Not mentioning him, makes Ezekiel a bit sad that he's forgotten, but also happy, as it means he has a chance to make it far in the game going under the radar. Meanwhile, Anne Maria laughs at Dakota's loss out loud.
  • Duncan has to answer "Who has competed in the most episodes?". He quickly says it had to be him because of how far he always makes it, and is shocked to learn it was in fact Heather. As a response, Courtney laughs at his loss too, and tells him he shouldn't have that big ego.
  • Eva then has to "List off all people who have mutated in some way on the show." She quickly lists off Ezekiel and Dakota's names. However, she's eliminated for not mentioning Josh, who also mutated and hasn't been seen ever since. She becomes furious and screams the quiz should've been only about the contestants, but Chef doesn't listen to her and continues as the security guards of the hotel put Eva in a straitjacket again.
  • Gwen has to answer "In which episode Courtney and Duncan broke up?", with Chef adding that it's because she seems to not remember that. Gwen however has learnt from her past mistakes and says it was officially in The EX-Files, which allows her to continue the game.
  • Harold has to "List off each female that was shown at least partially nude on-screen". The question's easy for Harold, and he immediately correctly lists off Heather, Izzy, and Leshawna.
  • Heather has to "List off everyone who has lost some of their teeth in the show". This ends up too much in-detail trivia for her and she lists the only ones she can remember - herself, Alejandro, Chris, and Justin. She then screams and protests it was too unfair question as she is told she's eliminated from the challenge.
  • Jo has to "List off every single moment someone stood up to their bully". She lists off Beth stadning up to Heather, Lindsay doing the same, Harold and Cody doing so to Duncan, Cameron doing so to her, and Samey doing so to her sister (which annoys Amy in the background). She's eliminated however as she didn't include all of them, like DJ standing up to Chef or Beth standing up to Courtney.
  • Scott is the last one from his team to answer a question. He has to "List off everyone who has found an immunity idol". He quickly lists his, Heather, and Alejandro's names. He also becomes irritated by the fact he still doesn't know who has the idol this time.
  • Finally, it's the time for the team that won last time, the Bickering Bats, to answer. The first one is Amy who has to "Say the name of the fruit that caused her downfall". She admits that she doesn't remember that and is really angry when something related to Samey causes her to be eliminated from the challenge.
  • Beth then has to tell "In how many episodes Lindsay competed without Tyler?". She immediately knows it's 21 from TDA, 0 from TDWT, and 1 from TDAS. She then quickly adds it was 11 in TDI, and says the overall sum of the episodes - 33. Lindsay is shocked she knew such thing, while Tyler looks at her suspiciously. Nonetheless, she's right and she gets to compete in the next round.
  • Emma has to tell "Who was Noah's best female friend on the show?". She quickly answers it was Izzy, and is shocked she managed to make it to the second round.
  • Jasmine has to tell "Who's the tallest contestants of all?" and she says it's her. Chef wants to eliminate her, as it was in fact Dakotazoid, but Jasmine corrects him the question was "who is, not who was", which makes Chef allow her to make it to the next round.
  • Lindsay gets an extremely hard task of having to "List all the incorrect names she gave to the other contestants on the show". She doesn't remember any of them and is eliminated from the challenge, which doesn't shock her teammates.
  • Noah's question is "What are Owen's favorite foods?". He admits ashamed that he knows only some of them, and begs his friend to forgive him in the confessional. He's also ashamed Beth got it right in Mutiny on the Soundstage while he failed after his so long friendship with the Big O.
  • Samey has to "List off all known names of the contestants' relatives". She sighs as she doesn't know the answer and joins the Peanut Gallery where Amy's waiting to mock her performance in the challenge. Jasmine however threatens her that if she'll dare to do this, she'll personally drop her from the hotel's highest floor.
  • Shawn has to "List off every of DJ's phobias". He doesn't remember all of them, and tries to guess at least one of them are zombies. But this is not enough, and he's eliminated.
  • Tyler is the last one who has to answer the question in this round. His question is "In how many episodes Lindsay competed without Beth?". He tries to count them in his head within the 10 seconds the contestants got for their answers in this round while Lindsay wonders why Beth and Tyler got such questions. Tyler knows it was 0 in TDA, 9 in TDWT, and 1 in TDAS, but fails to count the episodes from TDI. It leaves him sad, as Beth has a chance to impress Lindsay with her great performance in the challenge again.
  • Chef then announces a short break before the second round, during which Dawn asks if her behaviour really creeps DJ out. He asks her how she knows about this, and she admits she sensed it. She also scolds herself in the confessional for overusing her supernatural powers in this episode. He tells her he feels sorry for this and promises her to try to not be scared by her odd behaviour.
  • Meanwhile, Ezekiel is aware of the fact that he and Staci are the only members of their team to not belong to any alliance. He knows the others possibly won't accept him as their alliance member, so he just tries to befriend somebody and starts with the other introverts of the team, B and Beardo, who are hanging out together. He asks them what other questions they think may also be asked, and the three start having a conversation for the entire break (with B using body language).
  • Lindsay asks Beth and Tyler if they have any idea why their questions sounded like that. They pretend they don't know, but glare at each other when Lindsay turns around. When Chef calls the contestants to come for the second round of the quiz, Beth starts questioning if doing great in the challenge was a good idea, as Tyler now has the time to sit with Lindsay in the Peanut Gallery while she doesn't. She thus plan to win the challenge to make Lindsay pay some attention to her again. Meanwhile, Lindsay thanks Tyler for the help in the previous challenge again, while sitting in the Peanut Gallery, and admits she's been thinking about it ever since, and that she regrets breaking up with him, and also states she doesn't even remember why they did it. Tyler reminds her it was because she forgot his name in front of his parents, but admits he also wanted to make things up with her again. They kiss each other and become an official couple again.

Round 2

  • (Still in the game: Alejandro, Beth, Brick, Dawn, Emma, Gwen, Harold, Jasmine, Scott, and Staci.)
  • Chef admits that the producers called him to say that the challenge is taking too long, and they have to finish it faster. He announces only a few questions will be asked in this round to eliminate only three people. The questions will also get harder, and the contestants have only 5 seconds to come up with the answer now. The first answer is for everyone and the person to get the answer right will choose who should answer next. Some of the unanswered questions from previous round might appear. First question - "Who is the shortest contestant?". Jasmine correctly answers it's Max and chooses Scott.
  • Scott's question is "Which female has armpit hair". Scott has no idea, but he remembers Heather was shaving in Hook, Line, and Screamer and guesses it's her. Chef corrects him it's actually Eva, leaving Eva ashamed in the Peanut Gallery, and Heather glaring at Scott.
  • Since Scott didn't answer correctly, Jasmine gets to choose another victim and she chooses Alejandro. His question is "Who's as flexible as him?". He has no idea and tries to guess it's Sky, but Chef says the answer was meant to be Tyler.
  • Jasmine gets to choose once again. Her teammates (minus Amy) are cheering for her, as it means she has a chance to eliminate the last person from this round. She chooses Staci, believing she'd lie instead of giving a correct answer. Staci's task is to "List off all of Total Drama contestants who are claustrophobic. Staci actually answers with ease - Gwen and Jasmine.
  • Staci then gets a right to choose the next victim and chooses Emma, believing she has the lowest knowledge about TD of all the remaining contestants. Emma's task is to "List off all the "Scrappies" of Total Drama". She gets Katie, Sadie, Ezekiel, Mike, and Zoey right, but she has no idea about the others. Chef says she was close, as it would've been enough if she just added Leonard to the list. Thus, she's the last contestant to be eliminated in this round. Chef announces another break and says the next round would be the final round.
  • Ezekiel once again talks with B and Beardo, hoping they'd convince the rest of the alliance not to vote for him. However, he knows there most likely would be a double elimination and is aware of the fact he's most likely going home with Staci in case their team loses.
  • Beth sits with Lindsay and Tyler to spend the entire break with her friend. She begins to have a girl talk with Lindsay, which leaves Tyler wasting all the time of their break with Lindsay. He reveals in the confessional that he's however happy Beth made it to the final round, as he'll get to spend even more time with Lindsay alone (well, along with the others in the Peanut Gallery, but without anyone who'd talk to her other than him). Meanwhile, Beth admits in the confessional she at some point considered to throw the challenge to spend more time with Lindsay by sitting with her in the Peanut Gallery, even along with Tyler, but the format of the second round didn't allow her to do so. And now that she made it to the final round, she plans to win even more than before and later celebrate it with Lindsay, even if she'd like to do so along with Tyler.
  • In the confessional, Gwen begins to think this fifth episode was actually great for her, as she made it to the final round. She however becomes worried that she may still screw up and her team may still vote her off for this.

Round 3

  • (Still in the game: Beth, Brick, Dawn, Gwen, Harold, Jasmine, and Staci.)
  • Chef says in this round there might be only even only two questions asked. The first contestant to get it right will win for their team. However, if someone volunteers to answer, but they doesn't answer correctly, they'd be eliminated from the challenge. Also, there will be only 3 seconds to think of an answer this time, so contestants have to think twice before trying to win for their team. The potentially final question is "Give an example of an antagonistic deed that wasn't mentioned in the earlier questions". No one at this point remembers which antagonistic deed was already mentioned (Heather's first), so no one volunteers to answer for a while. However, Staci feels like Tyler in Greece's Pieces, she presses the button on her position to volunteer to answer and, also due to the only 3 second given, screams the only antagonistic deed that is stuck in her head at this point - she reveals she saw Eva sabotaging Amy and Samey's performance in the talent contest by breaking the speakers on the backstage. Everyone gasps and stares in shock, while Eva and Jo glare at her. However, after a short silence, everyone goes back to normal, assuming Staci lied as she always does. Chef even responds with "Yeah, riiiiight." (trying to cover up for the potential main antagonists of the season) and adds that while it was interesting lie to hear, she had to give an example of an antagonistic deeds from the previous seasons only and that she's thus eliminated. No one notices Eva and Jo glaring at Staci all the time, especially on her way to the Peanut Gallery.
  • Gwen wants to volunteer to answer the question, but Chef tells her they had too much time to prepare now and that a different question will be asked. The final question is... "What color was Courtney thinking of at the moment Duncan was asked this question in Mutiny on the Soundstage?". Naturally, only Courtney knew the answer, but she was forbidden from prompting. In fact, she was threatened to be automatically disqualified from the competition if she revealed the answer, which made Duncan, Heather, Jo, and Anne Maria encourage her to do so. She however remained silent, although it was as hard for her as it was for Tyler in Greece's Pieces and Staci about a minute ago. Beth tries to remember as it was the question that helped her catch up to Duncan in that episode. And she finally does, answering "Burnt sienna". Thus, Beth wins for the Bickering Bats as he had planned. However, it is still not over, as the remaining contestants (who aren't from Beth's team) have to compete for the second place now. The very final question for the second place is... "What was the name of Chris' boy band?". Gwen recalls Sierra revealing it in Broadway, Baby! and everyone laughing at it hard. She answers, trying to prevent herself from laughing at Chris' past, that it was called Fame Town. This answer makes the Sneaky Snakes gain another safe, second place, and the Furious Flamingos be the losers for the third time in a row.
  • Beth says she was really happy to win the challenge thanks to her huge knowledge about the other contestants, while Gwen states in the confessional that it was her best fifth episode so far, even despite how stressful it was.
  • As everyone leaves, Dawn calls her alliance meeting (now including Brick thanks to his alliance with DJ) in the place Eva and Jo wouldn't find them - the library of the hotel. She confesses to her allies that she saw thanks to her aura reading powers that what Staci revealed during the challenge was true. She in fact checked both Staci and Eva's auras today. She also found out in Eva's aura that it was Jo who convinced her to "have her revenge." DJ is a little creeped out by this (by the way Dawn found out it was true), but tries to stay calm. Dawn however tells them that as much as it's helpful to have Staci on their side against both Eva and Jo now, they should actually vote for her tonight. When Brick asks why, she states she has learnt from her past mistakes and now she knows they shouldn't reveal they know who's the main antagonist, as it could backfire on them and get them eliminated instead. B nods, agreeing with this. Although Brick suggests telling about it to everyone by someone other than Staci to let their team vote Eva and Jo on the next occasion, Dawn tells him they should not, as the other team may not believe them and think they're just trying to get rid of their strongest team members. Thus, she suggests being against Eva and Jo in secret. She also reminds everyone that taking down Scott is also their priority. She also adds this is the great opportunity, as Eva and Jo don't know that anyone besides Staci knows about their new antagonistic selves, which is the main reason they should vote her off, to make them believe they're safe while in fact they won't be. She also forbids everyone from admitting to anyone they are aware of Eva and Jo's true selves until the merge (in case they'd last until then).
  • Meanwhile, Staci is sure her new friend Dawn convinced everyone she was right and votes for Ezekiel due to him being the only one beside her to still not be in their "Friendship alliance." Ezekiel on the other hand votes for Staci for the similar reasons, as well as because he believes Staci's "lie" costed them the challenge.
  • Votes:
  • Chef reveals that while several double eliminations are planned for the season, they won't happen as long as the person with second most votes against them gets only one vote, which means Ezekiel's safe this time and Staci will be the only one to leave. To make the Flamingos lose both members fairly, as the double elimination was in fact planned for this episode, Ezekiel is ordered to immediately (meaning NOW - aka he won't get to see the rest of the elimination ceremony, as it isn't his team anymore) switch teams to the Sneaky Snakes.
  • Staci asks why she was eliminated, as she thought Dawn explained the whole thing to the alliance. Dawn says, visibly sad, that Staci had to be sacrificed so Eva and Jo would have a feeling of being safe while in fact their alliance will plot their downfall. Staci is sad, but she says she understands the decision and that she is happy to be such an important element of their plan against the main antagonists.
  • In the new (because it's now less used, as it's outside of the hotel) confessional Dawn sighs in relief that they didn't tell about anything to Ezekiel and that he had to immediately leave the Hall of Losers, as now that he was switched to the Snakes he could easily ruin their whole plan of plotting against Eva and Jo in secret. She says that sometimes the fate is really helping her.
  • Meanwhile, in the old confessional, Ezekiel says he's happy to be switched to the Snakes' team, as he was the only one outside of B and Dawn's "Friendship alliance" and he'd be the next one out (in fact he'd be eliminated tonight if he got one more vote), as well as because the Snakes have lots of conflicts, which may allow him to stay under the radar. He also believes he desperately needs an alliance and plans one with his old crush, Anne Maria.
  • Chef then signs off the episode, facepalming himself first, as he thought Ezekiel knew about the whole thing too and, due to his naivety, could easily, either accidentally or not, tell Eva and Jo about the Flamingos being aware of their true nature. This was the reason why he wanted Ezekiel to go to the Snakes team (as well as why he decided to switch him to this team) as soon as possible. After he finishes lamenting how his plan backfired, the producers call him that he clearly favors some contestants over another, which is why he gets the second warning. Chef quickly comes back to his role as a host and signs off the episode, asking how the Snakes will be doing now that they have even one more member than they had at the beginning. He also asks how will the "Friendship alliance" try to sabotage the main antagonists, and whether Harold will realize his immunity idol was stolen.
  • Exclusive clip: The clip shows that Staci took her elimination shockingly well. She repeats she's happy to have such an important role in the "Friendship alliance's" plan. She also says she doesn't mind because it's the farthest she's ever made on Total Drama. She also adds being untrusted and this playing the role in her elimination has taught her this time to finally stop lying and be an honest person.
  • Comment: Finally, we reached more of the main plots of the season. Also, with the elimination of Staci, all of obvious fodders of the season are gone. Who do you predict to be eliminated now?

Episode 6

  • Dawn admits in the main confessional that she regrets voting off Staci, but adds it was needed for the strategy.
  • Beth, Lindsay, and Tyler celebrate Beth's victory for their team from the last challenge in the evening in the girls' room. They drink a lot of... soda ( ;) ) and talk, ocassionally cheering for Beth. At one point they have a group hug during which, when Lindsay's not looking, Tyler and Beth glare at each other. When Lindsay goes to the bathroom, Beth and Tyler ask each other what they're trying to do with Lindsay. Being annoyed by this question, they officially declare a competition for Lindsay that they were unknowingly to each other doing as of late anyway.
  • Since Ezekiel's now on the other team, his roomate, Brick, is allowed to move to the other room. He chooses to share a room with DJ, who lives in his room alone since Trent's elimination. After moving in, DJ asks Brick if it's unmanly of him to be a little scared of Dawn's superpowers. Brick tells him it's ok, but he can always keep in mind that she only uses them for the good now. Brick's statements calms down DJ, who now changes his opinion on Dawn.
  • Meanwhile, Jo reveals in the portable bathroom (let's call it an "outside confessional" for short) that yerterday has taught her to be more careful. She reveals (after making sure no one is around) that her strategy is to keep winning as long as she can, so her team that if full of conflicts can reach the merge with the most members possible so she could use their conflicts against them later. She also says she tries to control Eva's anger, or at least to use it for something useful, like winning the challenge or threatening someone who needs to be threatened. Speaking of which, she takes Harold for a second morning training.
  • Harold reveals in the main confessional he's sick of trainings with Jo after they're done. He adds he wants to stand up to her and Eva and isn't afraid of doing so thanks to his immunity statue.
  • When Gwen wakes up, Courtney glares at her to make her feel uncomfortable. In the main confessional, Courtney admits she's jealous of Gwen's successful performance in the last challenge. She reveals she plans to sabotage Gwen's work now and convince the others to eliminate her, as Gwen's currently the biggest threat of all her enemies remaining.
  • The "Friendship alliance" has another meeting in the library. Samey's also present there, trying to find a book about boosting your self confidence. Beardo waves to her when he notices her around. Ella is still sad after what happened to her prince two episodes ago, so Dawn tells her to actually perform good to make Trent, who's for sure watching the show now, proud. After this, DJ asks what they're gonna do in case their team loses again. Brick suggests voting off someone who would actually deserve it. However, Dawn has a better plan. She suggests not voting at all, so maybe no one would be eliminated until the merge. The others aren't sure if the host would accept it, but agree with this idea.
  • Chef calls everyone through the speakers to come at the beach for another challenge. On their way to the beach, Ezekiel approaches Anne Maria to ask her for an alliance. However, she's too busy admiring Alejandro. She even winks at him flirtatiously, making Heather jealous even more. In the confessional, Heather declines being jealous, stating that she and Alejandro are working together this season, so she doesn't have to worry. Meanwhile, Alejandro admits in the confessional that he enjoys making Heather jealous. Anne Maria also says in her confessional that it doesn't matter that Alejandro is already with Heather, as he can always change his mind. Dakota then steps on Anne Maria's feet and winks at Heather, who gives her a thumb up as a response. Dakota says in the confessional she did it not only because Anne Maria is her enemy and Heather's her friend, but also because she knows how she'd feel if some girl flirted with Sam, especially when she'd be around. Anne Maria glares at Dakota and promises to take both of the girls down. This is when Ezekiel finally gets to offer her an alliance. Although the Jersey Shore reject is grossed out by the home schooled guy, especially after recalling their encounter in A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste, she accepts the offer so her plans to eliminate both Dakota and Heather can succeed. Finally, when the contestants gather at the beach, Chef Hatchet reveals the... Let's say it together! The...
  • Challenge: (I told you to say it together! Not just read it :P ) There were three enclosures with a grate built recently on the beach, each for one team. There are also 33 sheep on the beach. The contestants have to herd the sheep and gather all eleven per one team at their enclosure. The first team to do so wins a dinner full of beef and all kinds of meat avaiable in the hotel's restaurant (or some extra food for vegans). The team that will not complete the challenge at all, or will do it as the last team, will have to vote off two contestants tonight.
  • Jasmine says in the outside confessional that she's optimistic about this challenge, as she's spent a lot of summers on her grandmother's farm in Australia, where there were lots of sheep and rabbits.
  • Gwen on the other hand is shown to be worried in the outside confessional again, recalling how the last sheep related episode ended for her. She tries to cheer herself up, stating how it wasn't because of a sheep. She also says to herself that fifth episode of this season was her best fifth episode so far, so this sheep related challenge may also be better for her than the last one.
  • DJ becomes worried and says in the outside confessional that he's afraid he may have a bad luck with the animals while in the competition again. Dawn senses this and comforts him. He is scared of the fact she knows his thoughts, but is somewhat relieved when he realizes she in fact used her powers to do a good thing. Brick also encourages him to show everyone that he's a real man and isn't afraid of sheep, only for Jo to interfere and try to scare DJ of the possibility of hurting the sheep. DJ thus decides to not compete in this challenge, but Brick tries to convince him to try, as their team has the smallest number of members, with only six members who have to catch eleven sheep.
  • Courtney tells her teammates they need a plan how to catch the sheep quickly, Eva tells her they don't need any plan, as there's twelve of them against eleven sheep. She then runs after one of the sheep, catches it, and throws it into the enclosure.
  • Jasmine admits that with no useful equipment or a dog, herding the sheep will be much harder. She thus suggests to follow Eva's method of catching the sheep. She also says that because there are nine of them, two contestants who will finish the challenge first should catch the two remaining sheep. Shawn is impressed by Jasmine's leadership in the outside confessional, but states he has a much better strategy to win - he decides to imagine the sheep as the zombies, and fight with catch properly to impress Jasmine.
  • Courtney tells the others that they still do need a strategy, but everyone decides to follow Eva's method to not waste the time. Eventually, Courtney decides to do the same and to sabotage Gwen by the way. The only Snakes who don't do the challenge are Ezekiel and Harold, who still try to think of a more effective strategy to win. While spending the time together, Ezekiel asks Harold who he thinks is the best ally on the team, as most of their teammates are untrustworthy. Before Harold can answer, Jo suddenly appears and says she has an alliance with Harold to make him more sporty and more of a man. She adds Ezekiel can join if he wants to. Ezekiel, knowing he's still rather unpopular, decides to take the chance and agrees. When Jo leaves, he confesses to Harold he's happy of the decision because Harold seems to be the nicest of the Sneaky Snakes and a person who could stand him the most. Harold tells him he's also happy to find a friend on this team, but adds that he hopes Ezekiel will be more useful than last time, and that he'll most likely regret agreeing to be in Jo's alliance after she'll make him train hard in the mornings. Harold also tells him they can always betray Jo's alliance in case she'd be too harsh for them, which Ezekiel agrees with. In the meantime, Eva asks Jo why she let Ezekiel, one of the weakest contestants so far, join their alliance, to which Jo responds that it was exactly the reason why, as Ezekiel's naive and easy to manipulate.
  • The last team to begin the challenge is the Furious Flamingos. While Brick still tries to convince DJ to do the challenge and B tries to think of something that would gather all the sheep in the needed place quickly. Dawn decides to use her superpowers to communicate with the sheep and guide them to the grate. Ella decides to do the same with her songs, being happy she has a chance to sing to help her team. They quickly collect all their sheep in the enclosure in this way. Chef is shocked, but he declares the Flamingos the winners of the challenge already. They all cheer after winning and finally breaking their losing streak. DJ is even more convinced that Dawn only uses her powers to do the good things and only when necessary. Chef also adds they all have a free time now and can do what they want. Some of the Flamingos decide to go go to the restaurant of the hotel, read in the library, or rest in their rooms. Only DJ decides to stay nearby to watch rest of the challenge.
  • After some running, Dakota and Anne Maria become too tired, and decide not to run after the sheep like some idiots. After seeing this, Alejandro asks Heather if she really thinks Dakota's a good ally, but Heather once again reminds him she's her friend and he needs her vote too. In the background, both Anne Maria and Dakota start arguing that with 12 team members and 11 sheep only one of them can rest during the challenge. They argue which of them should it be and get into a catfight, which Harold enjoys from the distance. Gwen comments on how the two spoiled princesses are acting ridiculous. Both of the girls state in the confessional that they don't care about the opinion of the "weird goth girl", reffering to how Heather used to call her. Anne Maria also facepalms when she realizes she used Heather's nickname for Gwen.
  • Noah doesn't feel like running either and decides to have a break. However, Emma encourages him to continue, telling him she doesn't want to see him eliminated. In the meantime, Jasmine throws the first sheep to her team's enclosure, with Shawn doing so shortly after her. She wishes him good luck with catching his second sheep, kissing him on the cheek.
  • Meanwhile, Scott suggests to call the sheep, similarly to how he can call pigs. He opens the grate, goes into the enclosure and calls the sheep, but a pig runs into him out of nowhere. In the outside confessional, he states he must've accidentally called a pig again. He asks for help and demands to try again, only for Courtney to laugh at him and tell him harshly to move on and continue the challenge. In the confessional again, Scott reveals he remembers why he couldn't stand Courtney, as she's sometimes too bossy. He also says he felt offended by her when she laughed at his pig calling skill. He adds he thus decides to ditch an alliance with her and stuck with his alliance with Alejandro, Heather, and Dakota, but admits he's too afraid of telling it right to Courtney's face.
  • In the meantime, Eva opens the grate, holding three sheep at the same time, and throws all of them in. When she notices Dakota, Anne Maria, Harold, and Ezekiel doing nothing, she starts to run after them, ready to beat them up for laziness. When Jo notices her team's incompetence, she decides to sabotage the Flamingos' work. She makes sure no one sees her and quickly opens their grate, which causes all the sheep to run away. She however doesn't know that DJ saw it from above (the beach is a bit below the regular ground, like in Camp Wawanakwa). Thus, Chef announces through the speakers that the Furious Flamingos' sheep have run away and they need to catch them again, despite already winning. The Flamingos all sigh and run to the beach again. Brick calls it a Chris-like move from Chef in the outside confessional, being sure he did it only because they finished the challenge so fast. When they arrive at the beach, they see that DJ has already gathered three sheep in their team's enclosure. Brick tells him he's proud of him to overcome his fear of hurting animals. DJ tells the other that he saw it was Jo who unlocked their grate, causing the sheep to run away, which doesn't really shock anyone. Dawn and Ella run to repeat what they've already done. Brick suggests he and DJ can guard the grate this time.
  • Meanwhile, Tyler throws third sheep for his team. Lindsay compliments his strength. Upon hearing this, he catches the sheep she was running after, and throws it to the enclosure. Lindsay thanks him by kissing him. Beth sees this and loses her focus, which causes her to trip. As her sheep runs away, Tyler runs after it, catches it, and throws the fifth sheep for his team in their enclosure. Soon after, Jasmine and Shawn do the same.
  • Thanks to Dawn and Ella's good relationship with the animals, as well as thanks to DJ overcoming his fear, the Furious Flamingos quickly finish the challenge, becoming the winners again. This time they decide to stay to guard their grate.
  • Emma says that running after the sheep like idiots is uneffective. She notices Eva still running after Dakota, Anne Maria, Harold, and Ezekiel. It gives her an idea to run after the sheep in a way that would make them run towards the grate. She tells her teammates to do it, but the remaining Snakes hear the idea as well and decide to follow it too. Shortly after, Emma, Alejandro, Heather, Jo, Courtney, and Gwen all add one more sheep for their teams.
  • Noah manages to find a lazy sheep. He picks it up and carries it to the grate, improving his team's score. The only Bickering Bats who haven't caught their sheep yet are Amy and Samey. Meanwhile, there's only one sheep remaining for the Sneaky Snakes. While running after it, Duncan and Scott jump to catch it and accidentally hit each other. Duncan mocks Scott, asking him if this is how he flirts with Courtney and the pigs. This results in Scott punching Duncan in the face and continuing the challenge. Alejandro, Heather, and Jo all intimidate the sheep to make it run in the correct direction. However, when it runs to Gwen and it's her turn to scare it towards the grate, Courtney doesn't want to allow her get all the glory for winning again, and shoves her. The sheep is scared by the action and runs in the opposite direction, making Alejandro, Heather, and Jo glare at Courtney.
  • Meanwhile, Samey gets closer and closer to the grate. Amy tries to scare her that she'll fail and lose the challenge for their team. Beardo sees this and tries to cheer Samey up. He also runs to them, waits to be right after them, and makes some loud sound effects. This make the sheep to run even faster and, when Jasmine opens the grate, run into the enclosure. Samey thanks Beardo again and states in the outside confessional it's really nice of him to help her so often, but adds that she hopes his team won't be mad at this. Amy however scolds Beardo, as he's just scared her sheep away in the opposite direction. The two remaining sheep meet and stop. So do Amy and Jo when they run to them. Jo picks up her sheep and Amy does the same. However, Amy drops it when it pees on her. Jo laughs at the evil twin. This however causes her to not notice a small rock in front of her, which causes her to trip and drop her sheep too. Gwen wants to make up for her previous fail caused by Courtney and runs to catch the sheep. However, Courtney runs to her to make sure she fails, and trips her. Gwen catches her leg, causing her to trip as well, saying that if she wants her to lose, she's losing as well. In the confessional she reveals she wanted to stay away from the drama this season, but Courtney makes it impossible for her.
  • The two sheep left are free again. Samey runs to catch the sheep to score a point for her team all by herself this time. So does Duncan, wanting to make up for his poor performance in the challenge too. It becomes a race to the grates (nice rhyme, huh?). Beardo, feeling guilty for causing one of the sheep Samey's team needed to run away earlier and accepting Samey's will to do the challenge by herself, decides to help her by making the same sound effects near Duncan. He succeeds in scaring his sheep, which runs away from him in the opposite direction Duncan wanted, and buying Samey enough time to finish the challenge for the Bickering Bats. Chef declares the Sneaky Snakes the losers and tells them he'll be waiting for them at the elimination ceremony. Everyone on the losing team gulps, as due to the tensions in the team, everyone's at risk of being eliminated.
  • The "Antagonistic alliance" discuss who to vote off. Heather and Dakota both agree to vote for Anne Maria. However, Alejandro tells them that she can be useful for them thanks to her crush on him, which annoys Heather. However, Courtney comes to the meeting (which is in Alejandro and Scott's room by the way) and asks Scott to leave. He does so reluctantly. She orders him outside to vote for Gwen and to convince his other alliance (which she is a bit jealous of) to do the same. Scott, being too afraid to tell her he quits her alliance, agrees to do so. When he comes back, Alejandro questions if they should kick him out of their alliance due to him clearly allying with someone else. Scott tells them what Courtney wanted, but says they need his vote, and he can show them he doesn't care about Courtney anymore by voting her off along with them. Heather likes the idea, remembering how Courtney used to be attracted to Alejandro as well. However, Alejandro tells her Gwen's much bigger threat for them, as besides a conflict with Heather, she's also liked by Duncan, Eva, and Jo, who also have a second alliance with Harold and Ezekiel as of today. Heather says that despite this, they should vote for Courtney, but Alejandro reminds her that possibly everyone's gonna vote for her.
  • Courtney decides to convince the others to vote for Gwen too. She thus comes to Anne Maria, who, although would rather to vote for Dakota or Heather, agrees to vote for the "weird Goth girl", facepalming when she realized she used Heather's nickname for Gwen again (another nice rhyme :P ).
  • Courtney also comes to ask this the "Jock alliance", who have their meeting at the gym (Duncan was the only one not present due to being in a second alliance with Jo and Eva). Wheh she leaves, Jo tells the others how Courtney's behaviour is annoying her and how Gwen is actually more useful teammate, so they should do the opposite of what Courtney asked them for and vote for her instead. Harold especially likes the idea because of his old conflict with Courtney. Ezekiel then leaves and meets Anne Maria, telling her who his another alliance is planning to vote for, also apologizing her for being on a different alliance without her. Anne Maria says she doesn't care which alliance he is on as long as he's not Heather's or Dakota's ally. However, she becomes confused who to vote for, as she dislikes both of the girls she was asked to vote for this evening.
  • The only one Courtney doesn't ask to vote for Gwen, besides Gwen herself of course, is Duncan because she is aware of his still existing feelings for Gwen. It wouldn't work anyway, as Duncan plans to vote for Scott because of their new conflict.
  • Scott admits in the main confessional that after all of this, he still doesn't feel like voting Courtney off and votes for Gwen, as she wanted him to. But he has no problem with the others doing so.
  • Harold reaches for his immunity idol to bring it with himself at the elimination ceremony just in case. However, he finds it's gone. Since he shares a room with Duncan, he knows who to blame. He swears in the confessional he'll make Duncan pay for this. He approaches Duncan on their way to the Hall of Losers and scolds him for stealing his immunity idol. Duncan laughs at him, trying to say it wasn't him, but can't stop laughing and admits it actually was him who did this. Harold tries to reach for Duncan's pockets, trying to get back his immunity statue, but Duncan knows how to defend himself and shoves him, mocking him that he's apparently into him. Then they appear at the Hall of Losers and it's too late for Harold to get back his immunity idol before this elimination.
  • To add some drama between the Snakes, Chef decides to reveal who voted for who this time, showing it on a TV screen.
  • Votes:
  • Scott glares at Duncan for voting for him. Heather also glares at both Alejandro and Scott for voting against their alliance's will. However, Alejandro tries to defend them by saying they alliance couldn't agree on who to vote off and that Gwen is Heather's biggest enemy. Heather however is not convinced and tells him that Courtney's also her biggest enemy.
  • Jo also glares at Harold after he revealed while voting that he plans to betray her some day, but it simply isn't the time yet. He adds he isn't scared of doing so thanks to his immunity idol (the votes were recorded before everyone met at the Hall of Losers, and Harold went for his idol right before going at the elimination ceremony).
  • Courtney protests on her way to the Elevator of Shame that she doesn't want to be eliminated along with Gwen. Gwen smirks at her saying that she didn't really win this time. Courtney feels even worse when Chef tells them that, as the rules of this season say, in case of a double elimination via voting the person with more votes against them ranks lower place instead of ranking the same place as the person with the second most votes against them. Courtney screams "Nooooooo!" dramatically as she and Gwen take the Elevator of Shame, while Gwen tries to prevent herself from laughing.
  • Chef then signs off the episode, asking if the "Antagonistic alliance" and "Jock alliance" will remain strong after the revealations, whether Ezekiel will end up being useful for his team, and whether Beardo will continue helping Samey in the challenges.
  • In a post-elimination scene, Duncan is shown putting his immunity idol in the same flowerpot after the elimination ceremony. However, after some time, someone grabs it. It is unknown who was it as the editors specially made a close-up on the immunity idol and made the screen blurry to not make it visible whose hand grabbed it.
  • Exclusive clip: There's an awkward silence in the Lame-o-sine. Finally, Gwen mocks Courtney for losing even when the contestant she wanted to eliminate is gone as well. Courtney tells her to shut up, but Gwen suggest that even if they apparently can't get along, they should at least be on neutral terms because, as can be seen, it doesn't end up well for them when they're enemies. Courtney reluctantly agrees, but the two remain glaring at each other. They're so busy glaring at each other that they don't notice they forgot to sit, and when the Lame-o-sine starts off, Gwen falls on the seats and Courtney falls on top of her. She once again tells Gwen to shut up and this time Gwen's the one who agrees.
  • Comment: Some of you predicted it wouldn't be Courtney's season. But did you predict the other elimination as well? Well, I tried to let them leave on a semi-happy ending. Also, who do you think stole Duncan's immunity idol?

Episode 7

  • Alejandro tries to apologize Heather for voting differently than their alliance on her way to her (and Dakota's) room, but she closes the door right in front of him, refusing to listen to him. Alejandro feels a little better when Dakota is coming because it means Heather will have to open the door. However, she does it and closes it again very fast. Alejandro tries to speak to her anyway, but she tells him not to bother her and Dakota. Duncan comes and laughs at Alejandro's love problems until the Spaniard reminds him how his relationships with Courtney and Gwen ended. Duncan tries to argue, saying he doesn't care about Courtney anymore, but Alejandro reminds him he still cares about Gwen, who's just been eliminated, ruining his chances at reuniting with her. Duncan comes back to his room annoyed, where Harold glares at him for stealing his immunity idol. Duncan goes to the main confessional and says that stealing Harold's immunity idol was the only positive thing that happened to him as of Total Drama All-Stars.
  • Meanwhile, Scott uses the outside confessional because no one's using it at this time (it was a night). He shows the immunity idol and explains how he stole it from Duncan - he noticed Duncan waited for everyone to leave the Hall of Losers and used the Elevator of Shame to go to the highest floor where no one, not even the crew of the show lives. He followed him in the next elevator. When he reached the highest floor, he got to see Duncan hiding something in the flower pot. He hid behind a huge flower pot and waited until Duncan left the floor. He came to the flower pot in which Duncan hid something and almost screamed in joy when he saw it was the immunity idol. He also reveals he keeps it in his boxers, so no one, especially his roomate won't find it. He complains about it being uncomfortable for him though.
  • At the same time, Beth uses the main confessional, saying she needs to needs to spend as much time with her friend as she can, not allowing Tyler to get to steal some of that time from her. When she and Lindsay are lying on their own beds in their room, trying to fall asleep. Beth suggests they should have a girls' night next time. Lindsay however says she already promised Tyler to spend that time with him and adds it's even unknown if they're all going to last till the next night, as well as that she's too tired to have a girls' night this time. Beth says she understand it, secretly being annoyed. She wakes up early to record a confessional to say that Lindsay's words this night made her realize not letting Tyler is not enough and that she needs to have him voted off. She says she's happy, pointing out that due to Tyler's clumsy nature it wouldn't be hard to do.
  • Just when Beth leaves the confessional, Chef calls wakes up the contestants and tells them to go to the restaurant of the hotel for another challenge. The sound of sighs and complainings can be heard on all three floors where the contestants live (from 1st to 3rd floor, one per each team). On their way to the restaurant, Brick once again congratulates DJ for overcoming his fear in the last challenge and says that if he'll keep behaving this way, he soon won't even need their alliance. However, DJ says that while he may not need Brick's advices in the future, he'll definitely need their alliance in the competition. When the contestants arrive at the restaurant, Chef tells them the...
  • Joke: Why a chicken cross the road? Nah, kidding. He announces the challenge, of course, which is another cooking one. Contestants will have to prepare 3 dishes - a breakfast, dinner, and a dessert. They will be given 2 hours to think of the dishes and prepare them. However, to avoid bias or potential favorism of some team, random people were allowed to be the guest at the hotel this time to taste the contestants' meals (as only contestants, crew of the show, and the staff of the hotel are allowed to live there for the duration of the competition). They will judge their meals. The team with the best score will win the prize of eating delicious breakfast, dinner, and a dessert in the next day (Chef says they'll for sure like it during the next challenge). The team with the lowest score will have to vote off two contestants.
  • The contestants go to the hotel's kitchen. Brick suggests his team should work in pairs, two people per one dish. He volunteers to prepare some dinner that includes meat. However, Dawn reminds him to remember about the vegans. Brick agrees, but says they should cook something for both the vegans and the meat lovers, like him. He asks if it'll be allowed, as they were supposed to cook only three meals. However, Dawn says they will because they will have a breakfast, dinner, and a dessert - the three meals needed. then asks if it'll be ok with the others to work alone as a result because there are only six of them and two types of meals. Everyone agrees, especially DJ, who's also a vegan. Dawn smiles when she remembers they share this in common. Following is a list of meals they'll prepare:
    • DJ (vegan breakfast): a Jumbo Chickpea Pancake.
    • Dawn (vegan dinner): a Curried Coconut Quinoa and Greens with Roasted Cauliflower. .
    • Ella (vegan dessert): a Sinless Sticky Toffee Pecan Pudding.
    • Beardo (breakfast): a Smoked salmon toasts.
    • Brick (dinner): a Tamale Pie.
    • B (dessert): Chocolate-Mint Bars.
  • The Sneaky Snakes don't get along that well though. Heather and Jo naturally compete for the leadership of their team. That is until Jo realizes she isn't the best at cooking. She lets Heather be the chef again. Alejandro, still annoyed at Heather, suggests he should be the chef instead, and they should cook some Spanish dishes. Since Jo wants to annoy Heather in some way, she agrees. So do Eva and Anne Maria (who also prefered Alejandro as the chef due to her attraction to him). Harold however protests, saying most of them doesn't know how to prepare Spanish dishes. So does Ezekiel, being a little jealous of Anne Maria's attraction to the Spaniard, and naturally Heather. Dakota votes for Heather, Scott for Alejandro, and Duncan says he hates both. This makes Alejandro gain majority of the votes, especially after Eva threatens Ezekiel and Harold to change their votes, even despite majority of the votes being for Alejandro anyway. Alejandro then decides to choose the teams (and gives them ideas for the Spanish dishes) based on the conflicts to make more drama happen and be potentially safe during elimination in case of losing. He choses Anne Maria and Dakota for himself to spite Heather, Duncan and Scott, and when he's about to choose Heather and Jo as the next team, Jo stops him, saying she'll cook with Eva, Harold, and Ezekiel. Although she doesn't admit it, Alejandro realizes she's in an alliance with them. When he tries to protest, as one of the mini-teams will be too big, Eva threatens him to punch his face. Alejandro explains in the main confessional (that is on the ground floor (1st floor, depending how it's counted in your country)) he had to agree, as she left him no choice, bringing up his family code, Never the face, again.
    • Duncan, Heather and Scott (Spanish breakfast): Pan con tomate.
    • Alejandro, Anne Maria, and Dakota (Spanish dinner): Chicken ‘paella’.
    • Eva, Ezekiel, Harold, and Jo (Spanish dessert): Spanish Flan.
  • Meanwhile on the Bickering Bats, two contestants are arguing for the leadership again. Jasmine says she heard Alejandro's ideas for Spanish meals, and suggests their team should go with something Australian. Emma on the other hand wants to have something Asian. Noah butts in and suggests they can use both ideas. However, in the main confessional, Emma complains Jasmine must be out of her mind, as Asian cuisine is more popular. The girls reluctantly agree. Jasmine then decides they should split into 3 teams consisting of three contestants each. Of course, she chooses Shawn and Samey for her team. Lindsay hugs both Beth and Tyler, cheering. Noah and Emma sigh as they realize they're left on a team with Amy. Lindsay however has no idea for a dish. Tyler suggests they should go with something Asian, like his friend's team did, while Beth says they should follow Jasmine's idea and choose Australian cuisine. Lindsay has no idea whose she should support. She asks the only person who hasn't stated her opinion yet, Amy, to help her choose. Amy tells her to "get bent", but tells her to choose Asian cuisine, as she knows it more, and possibly so does Lindsay. Thus, Lindsay follows Tyler's suggestion, much to Beth's annoyance. Emma gives them an idea for a dish. Jasmine suggest that since dinner's the biggest of the meals, it should be the Australian meal, as there will be two Asian dishes. Emma reluctantly agrees, and whispers to Noah that having to work with Amy gave her an idea to prepare Yu Za Kuei, which translates to Deep Fried Devils.
    • Amy, Emma, and Noah (Asian breakfast): Deep Fried Devils.
    • Jasmine, Samey, and Shawn (Australian dinner): Australian Meat Pie.
    • Beth, Lindsay, and Tyler (Asian dessert): Cassava Buko Bibingka.

(Man, I'm getting hungry writing this episode. You can google those dishes if you wish, or you can even search for more.)

  • Meanwhile, Harold and Ezekiel notice they're doing all the work, while Eva and Jo do nothing at all. Harold points this out, but Jo tells him sport is their forte, not cooking. The nerdy boys try to protest, but Eva threatens to beat them again, so they stop.
  • Amy also doesn't do anything. She admits to her partners that she can't cook, but adds she's still much better cooker than her sister and adds she's happy she finally doesn't have to work with her. Emma scolds her for the way she treats her sister, but Noah tries to calm her down and make her focus on the challenge again.
  • Heather stares at Alejandro from time to time, visibly annoyed, even despite she denies in the main confessional having a problem with Alejandro choosing her enemy who's attracted to him and her friend as his own partners. However, her mood improves when she notices Dakota and Anne Maria also do nothing and Alejandro has to do all the work alone.
  • Naturally, contestants who had to prepare breakfasts and desserts finish earlier than the ones who had to cook a dinner. Some of the members from the Furious Flamingos decide to help their teammates with the dinner, while some stay to watch the finished dishes not to let Jo repeat what she did in the previous episode. Other teams, especially the Snakes don't use such teamwork though.
  • When the dinner's finally ready, Jo mocks Dakota and Anne Maria for doing nothing in the challenge. Anne Maria, as annoyed as Harold and Ezekiel, throws the dinner prepared by Alejandro at her face and insults her. Dakota shockingly sides with her, saying "Yeah!" and using her own insult, while Alejandro screams "Nooooooo!" in the background, knowing they don't have enough time to cook the dinner again. However, Anne Maria tells Dakota that only she can use her insults, and throws the plate at her. When she sees this, Heather throws her team's pan con tomate at Anne Maria and facepalms after she realizes what she just did. Heather then runs away from the wrath of Anne Maria, who's chased by Dakota, who's chased by Jo. Duncan laughs, which causes Scott to glare at him and reminding him it means their work was wasted. The remaining Sneaky Snakes try to prepare the wasted dishes again in the time that was left remaining.
  • Noticing a food fight of the other team, Amy tries everything in her power to prevent herself from throwing food at Samey not to cost her team the challenge. However, she's eventually unable to do so and throws her team's Deep Fried Devils at Samey's head. Noah prevents Emma from beating up Amy, while Samey says she doesn't mind being covered in the "Devils", as at least it means Amy's going home if their team loses. Her team agrees with her and right in front of Amy decides to join forces of their alliances to help Samey finally get rid of Amy. The evil twin gulps as she realizes that her only vote won't cause a double elimination and she'll be unable to convince anyone to vote for Samey at this point.
  • Although agreeing with Samey, Beth suggest they can have a little fun by having a small food fight, using only a bit of their Cassava Buko Bibingka. Tyler agrees, however Lindsay stops them both, saying that their team has already wasted one dish and she doesn't want to see them eliminated like Amy.
  • Finally, the time is over, and the Snakes aren't even in the middle of preparing two lost meals again, not to mention the Bickering Bats. As they were the first team to finish the challenge, the Flamingos get to give their dishes to the guests first. None of Dawn's teammates is surprised when it's revealed Laurie and Miles from The Ridonculous Race have been invited by the crew of the show (as they didn't have enough money to be the guests of the hotel) to be one of ten guests who'll judge the teams' meals. Dawn on the other hand compliments her super senses in the main confessional. Back in the restaurant B gives her a thumb up, and so does DJ. The guests choose the meals they prefer and give a ranking of 8/10, for each. The Vegans especially thank Dawn for thinking of people like them and admit they saw their great teamwork in the kitchen, which they give them two bonus points for, making the Furious Flamingos score a perfect ranking of 10/10. However, Chef comes in and asks the producers if preparing six dishes is allowed. Dawn tries to argue that they did have three meals, a breakfast, dinner, and a dessert, anyway, and just had two varations of each. Producers say that in this context they're allowed to win. Chef says he's a cook, not a mathematician again.
  • Next are the Bats, who present one dish less than was planned as a result of Amy's dislike for Samey. While the Australian dinner and Asian dessert get a ranking of 8/10, the lack of the breakfast causes them to currently come in second place. They get one bonus point from the Vegans for using a cuisine of more than one culture. On their way back, Beardo tells Samey she looks "delicious" with the "Devils" on her head, but quickly blushes when he realizes what he just said, causing Samey to laugh a little.
  • The Sneaky Snakes have only one dish left, so they already know the results. Because of this no one want to go to the restaurant to show the judges their only meal. Finally, Harold decides to do so, being one of two people who prepared it. However, Duncan stops him, saying he'll be the waiter for his team. Jo tells him to be careful as she doesn't want to have a member of her alliance eliminated. She facepalms just like Heather did earlier after she realizes she said it out loud, making Harold and Ezekiel know about her and Eva's other alliance with Duncan. The nerdy boys are mad, while Alejandro smiles, being happy of the amount of drama he managed to cause today. The Snakes' dessert alone gets 10/10 points, but the overall works gets 3/10. Although the Vegans want to give them one more point out of pity when they hear that's the only dish they have, they know it'd be unfair. Thus, Chef announces the Flamingos will enjoy their reward tomorrow, while the Snakes will have to vote off two teammates. Samey however sighs a little at the thought of losing a perfect chance to get rid of her sister.
  • Alejandro comes to Heather and apologizes her for voting differently than her last time, especially after their plan to work together to avoid their past mistakes from Total Drama All-Stars. Heather accepts the apology, saying that in fact half of the alliance voted differently, the alliance didn't even agree who to vote for, and at least he wanted to get rid of her mortal enemy, Gwen. The two make up and make out, leaving Dakota shocked they made up so fast and Anne Maria annoyed due to jealousy.
  • In Alejandro and Scott's room, the "Antagonistic alliance" talks about who to eliminate this time. Alejandro says they should break one of Jo's alliances becaue with both of them and Ezekiel's alliance with Anne Maria, they have six members against only four of them. Scott suggests to vote for Duncan and convince Harold to do the same. This time the whole alliance agrees. Alejandro comes to Harold when he meets him in one of the halls and tells him his alliance plans to vote for Duncan. Harold admits it's tempting for him, but says he should be loyal to his alliance and Jo and Eva wouldn't vote for him. Alejandro still tries to convince the dweeb, reminding him of how Eva and Jo used him and Ezekiel in today's challenge and how they kept their other alliance with Duncan as a secret from them. Although Harold doesn't trust Alejandro, he's convinced enough.
  • Upon the meeting of "Jocks' alliance", Harold asks Eva and Jo why Duncan's not present with them if his alliance with them isn't a secret anymore, and tells them to redeem themselves and vote for him. The tomboyish girls are annoyed, but Jo agrees and tells Eva to do the same. In a confessional recorded later in the outside confessional, Eva asks Jo why they did this, to which Jo says that not voting for Duncan would mean they'd lose two allies and an ally of one of their allies. After this, Eva agrees with her. Back on their alliance's meeting, Jo tells Ezekiel to convince Anne Maria to vote for Duncan too, to prove they don't care about him as much as they do for Harold and Ezekiel. Ezekiel agrees. Although Anne Maria would rather vote for Dakota, she knows she won't eliminate her with her single vote, and decides to join the others. As a result, the voting this night is almost unanimous.
  • Duncan goes to the highest floor for his immunity idol just in case, but is terrified to find it gone. He goes to Harold and accuses him of stealing the idol that he stole from him. Harold however swears he didn't, but laughs at the irony of Duncan's situation.
  • Votes:
  • Chef announces that, despite the double elimination planned for this episode, only Duncan will be eliminated because Scott got only one vote against him. However, also because of the double elimination that was planned, he orders Scott to switch teams to the other losers of this episode, the Bickering Bats, to let their team lose two members fairly. Scott complains in the main confessional, as there are much less conflicts to gain advantage of on his new team, and he has no ally there yet. He tries to comfort himself that at least he still has the immunity idol. However, he enjoys the sight of Duncan entering the Elevator of Shame to leave the show this time.
  • Chef then signs off the episode, asking if "Jocks' alliance" will forgive each other as soon as "Antagonistic alliance" did, if the Snakes' losing streak will end, and what new dramas will Scott cause on his new team.
  • Exclusive clip: Duncan says he kinda had it coming for stealing someone else's immunity idol. However, he's still sad after all bad things that have been happening to him since Total Drama All-Stars. He even drops the tear as he thinks about how unlucky he became. When he realizes it, he threatens the cameraman to give him the camera and tries to defend himself that he dropped a tear only because he farted and the smell was as bad as Owen's farts. This fails as the cameraman only laughs at him, leaving him even more depressed.
  • Comment: I know some of you wanted to see Duncan gone before Gwen and Courtney. But I think it's obvious he had more potential plot wise. At least he's eliminated right after them. And to make you feel better, in the very first version of My Season, he was supposed to be eliminated in the only triple elimination of the series with them. I also tried to make you sympathize with him a little because he's really disliked nowadays.

Episode 8

  • Challenge: Record a commercial for one of the sponsors of the show.
  • Winners: Bickering Bats
  • Losers: Sneaky Snakes
  • Bottom 3: Jo, Anne Maria, and Dakota
  • Reason of being in the bottom 3: Jo actually didn't get a single vote against her, but her decision that contributed to the Snakes' loss was acknowledged by Chef who placed her in the bottom 3.
  • Eliminated: Dakota and Anne Maria
  • Reason of being eliminated: They couldn't remember their lines for the commercial. In the take that was chosen by Jo for the contest, they got in a catfight after insulting each other's performance.
  • Votes:
  • Comment: To be honest, I wanted Anne Maria lose to Dakota, but given how the alliances looked like at the moment, she couldn't get majority of the votes. Also, surprised? The contestants that are being eliminated lately all have at least one important plot, if not more. This means no one's safe now. ;)

Episode 9

  • Challenge: A football/soccer match.
  • Winners: Furious Flamingos
  • Losers: Bickering Bats
  • Bottom 3: Amy, Beth, and Tyler
  • Reason of being in the bottom 3: Amy is the most despised teammate due to the way she treats her sister.
  • Eliminated: Beth and Tyler
  • Reason of being eliminated: Scott used their conflict to save himself and Amy from elimination and tricked them into making a campaign against each other. Tyler also performed poorly in the challenge, while Beth lost the tie-breaker for their team.
  • Votes:
  • Comment: I gave them a plot that I enjoyed writing, but the problem is Lindsay and Tyler hooked up quickly and their plot got repetitive. I also wanted to maintain a tie between them. They also had to be eliminated now for the overall elimination order to look the way it will. Also, to keep some villains for longer. And to be eliminated in the episode with the same number as Lindsay was eliminated in previously.


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