Hi. Art here again with another theory blog. In fact, I've made so many theory blogs that I decided to rename them to make them a series, and maybe continue (if I'll have time and remember what others theories I had in store).

In this blog I'll analyze the chances of each contestant coming back in potential future seasons of TD/RR. While the creators don't plan any new season so far, it's possibly just a matter of time, judging by popularity of the show and some unsolved plots.

I know what you may think. What is the point of such blog? Isn't everyone's chance a 50%? Each argument can be used in either way. For example - someone's story was completed? Maybe they're one of the main characters and will get another one? Someone was derailed? Maybe they won't use this character anymore (or at least in a while)? Or maybe they'll use this character anyway, to actually give them some redemption? There are also some complicated cases like the "base breakers." Some characters are loved by younger audience but hated by the older one or vice versa. To analyze their chances I'll also look at what the characters have still to offer, as well as at some trivial things.

Nevertheless, this is the idea for a blog I had for a long time, so let's do this. To make it easier, let's use a scale of a chance of returning.

  • Confirmed - 100% (won't actually be used on this blog because we won't have any info for some time).
  • Very likely - over 75% (will be used for those who have high chances of coming back, but aren't confirmed to do so yet).
  • Likely - 50%-75% (will be used for those who may come back, but there is still something that could prevent them from doing so).
  • Maybe - 50% (will be used for those who appear to have as many reasons for as against returning).
  • Unlikely - 25%-50% (will be used for those who don't have much chance for returning, but there's at least one reason why they may return).
  • Very unlikely - less than 25% (will be used for those whose return seems to be impossible and can be considered almost 0% chance of happening).
  • Disconfirmed: - 0% (will be used for those who were confirmed to never return again).

One more thing. Some characters (like the twins, Katie and Sadie, and RR new contestants) will be analyzed together. Others won't, but some aspects may be repeated for some (i.e. for Alejandro and Heather). Also, keep in mind that anyone might get some new plot, so let's focus on what the characters had to offer so far, and what potential is still left of their already existing plots.


  • Returning status: maybe

Alejandro: So basically the only chance for me to return is to compete either with Heather or José in RR? Sigh.

Let's start alphabetically with our Spaniard. His story seems to be completed. He and Heather finally became an official couple, right? Well, if you look closely, Heather doesn't seem to be so happy with having Alejandro as a consolation prize instead of winning the million at the end of The Final Wreck-ening. However, I wouldn't take it too seriously. It's just Heather after all. And TDAS finale basically confirms Alejandro and Heather are an official couple while out of the competition, so once they came back home, I'm sure they got back together for real.

So yeah, Al's main plot with Heather is finished. What about other plots? Everyone can get a new one. Unfortunately, in TDAS Heather became Alejandro's main, if not only, source of interactions. There were some other minor examples, most notably Mike, but it was all too short for him to have a reason to come back. Let's take a look at the only episodes in which Alejandro appears without Heather. In Suckers Punched, his role is still connected to Heather in some ways. In You Regatta Be Kidding Me, we have a homage to his villain stu status where he narrowly wins after having some difficulties in the challenge, becoming the first individual winner of All-Stars. However, besides a bit of Everyone and Alejandro, he had no major interaction with ANYONE in this episode, not even Cameron or Scott who directly talked to him/mentioned him. The closest to this is Mike, but it's just a brief beginning of their plot. Things get better for him in Zeek And Ye Shall Find, where his plot with Mike becomes more important. However, he is so pathetic in this episode. And it's Alejandro we're talking about! Then he gets a "death in spotlight" in the next episode, where he also meets Heather in the exclusive clip. See what I'm talking about? As of All-Stars Alejandro isn't such interesting character without Heather around. His plot with Mike and automatic elimination of some others were the only reasons he made it so far. What is the conclusion? Alejandro for sure can have plots that aren't related to Heather, but they're not too important or interesting for him to return in another season without her.

This makes me realize that if Alejandro competes again some day, Heather would have to compete as well. As I pointed out, their plot is finished, isn't it? Well, it is in Total Drama. They can try to come up with something new for them. Or... make them similar to Rob and Amber from Survivor even more by... making them return for another season of Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race (if there will be any). What would be the point of that? RR is a different show. Strategy, while also important, isn't enough to win this type of reality show. They could also have a plot of learning how to cooperate with each other. After all, as was seen in African Lying Safari, they can easily succeed while working together. Or they may simply argue like the Daters did, and be the fodders of the season (proving by the way that strategy isn't enough for this type of show). So yeah, they'd be good candidates for 2nd season of RR, but not so good for another season of TD.

Let's also look at some trivial things that may or may not help as well. Alejandro was never seen with Heather in her original hairstyle. Even in Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er! she had her long ponytail. Then again, is it really a reason to bring them back? No.

Another trivial thing is that Alejandro is one of the main characters. He's one of returnees in TDAS finale. While this was meant to finish his plot with Heather (and Mike), keep in mind that the creators love bringing back main characters because they're easy drama makers and have huge fanbases. There's always something new that they come up with for them. Or they can always continue their old plots. Also, keep in mind that he's the best contestant competition wise from World Tour newcomers. One of the reasons Alejandro and Sierra came back for All-Stars was for the sake of having TDWT newcomers compete. This may or may not continue with the next seasons. After all, they're quite a special case. They are a part of the first generation, but didn't debut in the first season, so they don't belong to the original 22 contestants. However, this isn't something of huge importance, especially after having a lot of generations of contestants.

To sum up, Alejandro has equal chances of returning for me. He is one of the main characters, which technically gives him more chances due to the writers' love for the drama makers. However, his main plot is finished. The only chance for him seems to be continuing his plot with Heather in RR. Or maybe competing in RR with José, trying to prove he's better than him? Although some fans say it's unlikely because Josee and José's names are pronounced similarly which could make it weird if the two competed in the same season. Whoever his partner would be, RR seems to be the only show he can compete in nowadays.

Amy and Samey

  • Returning status: very likely

Amy: You better not ruin it next time and defeat me properly, Spare-amy!

They may not be the main characters, but there are several reasons why they have a huge chance of coming back. Let's start with the fact that they have an unfinished plot. Even before the season started we knew the creators had so many possibilities for "evil vs. good twin" scenario. And what they used in the end wasn't that good. So we have a great character development for Samey withing only 3 episodes, a nice TDI-like karma for Amy by Samey, including a "hoist by his own petard" trope. Great, isn't it? Well, things become actually worse from now on. To stay in the game Samey believes she has to act like her twin sister, which prevents further character development for her. Not to mention it's a plot hole. Samey, you're teammates believe they got rid of the evil twin and let the good twin stay due to Amy's scheming and constant taking credit for your ideas. Who are you trying to fool, Samey? Chris? Who watches the footage anyway and figured out what happened by the next episode? But that plot hole isn't the worst. A Blast from the Past basically acts like SMS for Samey's plots and development. Amy returns and causes Samey's elimination, which ruins Samey's awesome revenge from Twinning Isn't Everything. Even worse, the twins are completely forgotten afterwards. Even Jasmine doesn't mention Samey!

As you can see, it'd be nice to actually have Samey win over Amy without her evil twin sister having to ruin the effect. Maybe they knew 13 episodes season would be too short for them? Maybe they saved that for another 26 episodes season? Anyway, Samey has potential to become a good protagonist of a season. And what she needs to have her triumph over Amy feel even nicer is finally finding some friends. I know she's friends with Jasmine, maybe also with Shawn. But that's it. That's not too many. Also, it'd be great to know how TDPI affected their real life. Did they parents notice how serious their conflict is? Did they do something about it now that it's been shown on international TV? Did Amy's friends realize her true self and realize she's been taking credit for Samey's ideas for years? Did more people symphatize with Samey and left Amy? So many questions. Of course TD rarely mentions things from contestants' real life and we don't have a chance for another Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, but questions like these could be even answered by Samey in a confessional. And coming back to competition related plots, she could easily become a finalist material, finding a lot of new friends, maybe even a boyfriend. And karma for Amy that actually wouldn't be destroyed could be losing all of that, being even more distrusted than Heather was after TDI ended.

But that's not all. Let's also take a look at some more trivial reasons. Before RR's premiere a lot of fans were asking if the twins (and Katie and Sadie) would be competing due to the format of the show being created for characters who depend on each other so much. I heard it was to the point that Christine Thompson realized they were the most requested contestants. Unlike Katie and Sadie for whom the fans were asking about mostly because of RR's format being likely created for them and not seeing them for years, Amy and Samey were requested also because they're fan favourites. At least Samey is. Both have some fans and haters, but Samey for sure can be called one of the fan favorites (especially with loyal fans like Maria). While main characters have the biggest chances to come back, fan favourites can also return, as was proven by Noah competing in RR.

That's not all. Remember my blog about what we should expect from future TD seasons? I've described some patterns when it comes to the contestants from each generation coming back for their second seasons. Go to this section of the blog and you'll see that Amy and Samey, judging by the reasons I listed above, could be those 3rd gen contestants who didn't merge who may come back for another season.

The next trivial thing I'd like to mention is that Samey was the only contestant seen in some alternate outfit in TDPI, her pajamas. While Shawn and Sugar also were, it was just his undershirt in Shawn's case, and a recolor of her main design in Sugar's case. What was the reason of Samey being the only contestant from the third cast to wear alternate clothes? Was it to show she's more important than we thought? Or was it completely random, and they just forgot TDPI contestants lost their belongings in the zeppelin's crush?

But there's even more. Amy is one of seven TDPI contestants to have their facial expressions revealed. Why only those seven though? Was it to hint the returnees for the next season? Does it shows creators' favourite contestants of the season? In both cases these seven have bigger chances of returning. Notice how Amy is the only non-merger amongst them. Well, I doubt they'd bring Amy back without Samey. They just possibly didn't reveal Samey's expressions because they'd be basically the same (minus the mole and extremely evil expressions). Looks like the twins are the hinted non-mergers to return for the next season then.

Additionally, the twins are one of a few characters to have their own trailer for TDPI, with the only others being Sugar and Max, clear creators' pets.

To sum up, the twins' chances are actually very high. They have an unresolved plot that requires not ruining the hero's victory, they're fan favourites, which is even acknowledged by the staff of TD, and the pattern could be in favor of them. The only thing that is missing is them being the main characters and being officially confirmed to return. That's not too much actually.

Anne Maria

  • Returning status: maybe
Finders Creepers (32)

Anne Maria: Hey creators, I want a different love interest than Mike!

Anne Maria is quite interesting character in a lot of aspects, as you'll see. She always seems to be in between, which is why I listed her chances as 50%.

Let's start with her plots. Plot wise Anne Maria seems to be a dead case. Her main plot was a love triangle with Mike and Zoey. She was one of the obstacles they had to overcome to eventually become and official couple, along with Mike's MPD. And both of their obstacles were in fact defeated in some way. Anne Maria's story seems to be finished as she had some kind of comeuppance for her greed when she chose a (fake) diamond) over competition, even if Vito was still in the game. Then she becomes kinda useless for their plot. They succeed and hook up, and in the very next season not only Vito barely appears, but also Zoey would have no reason to believe he'd be more interested in Anne Maria, and they'd end up on different teams. Her only other important interaction was her conflict with Jo. However, it wasn't too important one, as in the end it didn't amount to anything. There is a reason why we got rid of their page from our wiki. While her conflict with Jo could've been continued, Jo has plenty of other conflicts. The creators would have to think of some reason to make this one stand out more so be continued.

As you can see, all of her plots so far are either finished or too minor. But that doesn't mean she has no potential. Now that Vito is gone, she may return to fall in love for another tough guy. Best candidates would be either Alejandro or Duncan, I guess. Would it be likely though? Alejandro and Heather were already in one love triangle-like situation with Courtney, and Duncan has had so many plots over the course of the series. And the only other possible candidates are too self-centered, like Justin or Lightning. I know her attraction to Vito was yet another reference to the character Anne Maria is a parody of, but how about making her something more than just a parody, and making her fall for someone different than just a tough guy?

Speaking of devloping outisde of her label, her personality is another interesting case. Despite being meant to be the antagonist in a love triangle with Mike and Zoey due to being an obstacle for them, and tripping Sam and Scott in Finders Creepers, she isn't really a villainous character. She defended Brick once, she even was on friendly terms with Cameron. It'd be interesting to see the focus on her nicer side in the future. Although I'm afraid this kind of character development happens too rarely in TD series. Characters mostly stuck to their labels.

Now let's move onto some trivial aspects. You may have heard she was originally going to be included in TDAS, but was cut from the final version. Heck, as can be seen on on this picture, she was in fact the first contestant to be cut from TDAS. Creators most likely realized there would be nothing for her to do. She'd most likely end up on Villainous Vultures, which would limit her interactions with Mike and Zoey, who also had new plots. Vito didn't have a big role, and in fact appeared the least of all alternate personalities. And on the villainous team, Anne Maria would rely on conflict with Jo and possibly some new ones with Heather, Courtney, etc. However, Jo, Heather, and Courtney would all have their own more important conflicts, leaving Anne Maria as a really unnecessary character for TDAS. But the fact she would've been unnecessary in TDAS doesn't mean she'd be unnecessary in some different season, right?

Let's look at the "Who will compete?"patterns again. For the third season of the first cast, some of the contestants who didn't compete in their second season were brough back again. Who's to choose from in 2nd gen's case? Anne Maria, B, Brick, Dakota, Dawn, and Staci. Now let's see again why those four contestants were brough back for TDWT (besides some fresh plots). Cody and Noah were fan favourites at the time. While looking at this list, I'd describe fan favourites as Brick and Dawn. Anne Maria once again appears to be in between in some aspect. She's disliked by the younger audience for stadning in a way of Mike and Zoey in TDRI and her slightly villainous personality. She's however liked by a lot of older fans who see her as one of the most interesting aspects of Mike and Zoey's plot, and think it's nice she isn't completely villainous. As a results, Anne Maria is more of a base breaker than a fan favourite. Now let's look at why Ezekiel and Tyler came back. Tyler was really robbed of his screen time in TDI despite having a romantic plot and being a good drama potential due to Lindsay dating him against Heather's rules. Ezekiel needed more screen time after being the first contestant eliminated and then never competing again. Anne Maria once again doesn't seem to fit any of those criterias. However, she has a different one. She's in need for a new plot because her already existing ones are finished. Would the creators give her a chance? Well, consider the fact that each generation needs to have some contestants coming back for the future seasons. Who's to choose from the 2nd gen? After the negative feedback of the fifth season, the only All-Stars coming back I could see are Jo and Scott, both of them considered one of the best characters from that season. Where it comes to 2nd gen non-Stars, most of them are pure fodders. Anne Maria is once again in between, and since she's not a fodder, nor was she used in All-Stars, she may have a chance of coming back. However, this chance is smaller when you consider her plots are done.

Another trivial thing is that she's the only Maggot not to be on two teams, as she didn't come back for TDAS or switched teams. But this is one of those trivial aspects that have no importance when it comes to choosing someone for the next season.

Yet another thing is that she was mentioned in a certain trailer in which only the main characters got individual mention. This says something, doesn't it?

I'd like to mention is her cameo in Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race. She's the only 2nd gen contestant to appear in the spin-off. Wow, that's something. Now let's see at the reasons of each cameo. Chris had a cameo for a homage to the main series. Blaineley had a cameo because she's officially done and won't be coming back anymore, so the creators like giving her a cameo from time to time. But what was the reason of Anne Maria's cameo? I mean, it shows they remember her. However, can it be interpreted that they'd like to use her again in some future season? Or did she cameo for the same reason as Blaineley - she won't be coming back, so the creators wanted you to remember her in some way?

Speaking of RR, I'd like to add that before the cast of the spin-off was confirmed, Anne Maria wasn't disconfirmed for a long time, which led a lot of fans to believe she had a chance to compete with some friend from home. This could still be true, and this would be the only way for her to compete in RR, as there's no TD contestant she could team up with.

To sum up, Anne Maria is indeed neutral in a lot of aspects, i.e. her personality. She's also neutral when it comes to her chances of coming back. She's been confirmed to be originally planned for All-Stars, she made a cameo in RR. However, all of this can mean nothing, as I already pointed out. All of her plots are finished. It depends on the creators if they'd like to give her a chance and create some new plot for her. But keep in mind we have 50+ contestants in TD, and 80+ contestants in the entire franchise. What are the odds someone whose role is completely done would receive a completely new plot? But don't worry Anne Maria fans, for those with small chances of new plots there's still a chance to compete in RR. It seems more likely for Anne Maria to return for RR than for TD, especially because the contestants she had main interactions with most likely won't return (I'll get to that on their sections). That is if the creators would like to give her a chance.


  • Returning status: very unlikely
I'm beverly

B's failed attempt at making the creators pay attention to him.

There's not too much to say about this poor guy, I guess. He's for sure a very original character due to not having a voice actor besides that scream after his elimination.

Let's see at his plots. His main role was to be a fodder who'd increase the antagonist's elimination count. For some reason the high tech genius didn't think of writing what he wanted to say. If the Rats were smart enough they'd realize who's really to blame. And what the heck happened to Dawn's superpowers?! How could Scott trick even her?! As you can see there was a lot of bulls**t about his elimination, all to make him a fodder. But I guess it was predictable. He and Dawn were the last contestants added to the cast (of course even last minute ideas can become major, like Heather, Courtney, Izzy, and Noah or the confessional). Speaking of them, they also had a minor friendship where Dawn basically acted as his translator. So yeah, plot wise B didn't leave much impact on the show. Let's face it, the thing that is so original about him - his silence - is also what prevents him from being an important character. His interactions won't be too important because he won't describe what he thinks about the others. We can only see he dislikes Scott or likes Dawn, but that's it when it comes to his part of some interaction. There is a reason why we don't have any interaction page for him on our wiki.

However, his lack of speaking role is also what makes him a huge potential. There's barely anything we know about him. Just look at his TDRI bio. And what exactly is the reason of his silence? We can hear his scream after his elimination, so he's definitely able to speak. Is he just too shy? Is it some kind of a bet (not likely option, judging by his character)? If it's because of being shy, would he actually say something if being with someone he likes? Anyway, many viewers possibly believed he'd actually say something prior to his elimination for the suspence or drama. And we only get his scream. While it'd be nice to have him return and actually say something, at least before his elimination, definitely don't expect too much from him, especially if he'd be brought back only for that reason. Potential other than speaking and being developed as a character? None. Sure, he could have friendship with another nerd of TD. Sure, he could have friendship/relationship with Dawn. But all of this is questionable, and wouldn't be really possible if he remained silent.

What about the trivial things? Well, B would need to finally speak to get a chance to return and have some more major role. Silent characters don't make it far, possibly because the creators feel they steal screen time from characters with more potential. Just look at TDI Justin. Just look at his experience. Just look at Beardo.

Well, so if he can't have a proper plot, how about RR? I see no hope in this case either. One of B's gimmicks is that he always creates some useful thing to complete the challenge. He wouldn't have time for that in RR. Of course this could result in Geniuses-like elimination. But would we need a repeat of their story? No.

Another trivial thing is that once on social media he was forgotten. When someone asked about them, person from Fresh TV replied "Who's b?" Of course, as I said several times, the fact that someone whose job is to stay in touch with the fandom forgot who he is doesn't mean the creators did. Maybe that fan should've asked about "Silent B", not just simply "B"?

B is also a character whose fanbase really decreased. He was very popular at the beginning of TDRI era, but once the fans saw how his character's role works, many people left his fanbase, and a lot of them even became his haters.

To sum up, B was only meant to be Scott's first victim. As I once pointed out, there are a lot of contestants. B has very small chances. While he definitely has potential, it's hard to give him a chance when there are 80+ contestants. His plots wouldn't be too important if he didn't change. And he's not a fan favourite anymore. Yep, that's it. He's a complete fodder with chances of returning close to 0%. I told you there isn't much to talk about in a silent character's case. B's section is still longer than I thought.


  • Returning status: very unlikely

Beardo appears to be 100 times more interesting in his audition tape rather than in the actual episode.

Beardo's story is somewhat similar to B's. Maybe they should become friends? They'd definitely warm up to each other to the point that they'd start to speak to each other (that is if B is willing to speak).

Coming back to the main topic, there isn't much to talk about when it comes to what Beardo has done so far. He appeared in only one episode after all. And much like majority of TDPI cast he was used as a gimmick character only.

Wow, that went fast. Now onto his potential. As a character used in only one apisode, and as a joke character only, there's obviously anything the creators could do with him. This is further confirmed in his audition tape where he confirms he's bothersome until he warms up to other people, which means that if only he was allowed to stay for longer, we'd definitely see something more than just his sound effects gimmick. Of course don't expect some Heather-like development. But hey, don't expect some Gwen/Courtney-like derailment either. If he was allowed to compete longer, he'd simply have a plot any well-developed shy character would have - warming up to the others and finding some new friends. Expect this to happen once he'll return. That is if he'd ever return. Because such plot can be given to anyone, not only shy characters. Poor Beardo seems to be robbed of his only chance by Leonard.

Speaking of Leonard, let's move onto some trivial aspects. Both Beardo and Leonard were frequently mentioned throughout TDPI after their eliminations. Coincidence? Was it done to hint that the creators would like to use them in the future? Or was it done just like in Blaineley's case - to remind you of them because they'll never return. Well, both options are correct to some extent. Leonard did come back for RR. However, he wasn't originally planned to appear. Instead, there was a magician guy with his assistent. The creators just thought Leonard, the self-proclaimed wizard, would fit the role as well, and they'd at least spare some money on creating a new design for the first boot character. Talk about two matches on one fire.

To sum up, Beardo left basically none impact on the show, excluding some minor conflict with Dave and Sugar. This means anything can be done with his character, especially showing his nicer, friendly side hinted in his audition tape. However, as I pointed out several times, there are small chances that out of 80+ contestants it'd be Beardo who'd get another shot at competing. Being mentioned frequently also means nothing, like it originally did in Leonard's case. Leonard came back only after a last minute idea. Beardo remained mentioned only to not be entirely forgotten, like Blaineley. Wow, this section was by far the shortest one. Can't say I'm shocked.


  • Returning status: unlikely

Beth: Chris, let me come back! Please, please, please, please!

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race proves the creators remember about contestants who competed in TDA last time. But do they remember the most forgotten finalist ever? Perhaps, for her sake, they shouldn't remember about her impact on the show, so she could return. I'll tell you why.

As always, let's start with what the character has accomplished so far. That's what actually makes her chances smaller. Why? Because Beth already had her best season in which she defeated her only enemies, her friendship with Lindsay was focused way more, she gained a lot of new friends despite her poor social skills beforehand, and even won in one of the endings (that also appears to be slightly favored by the creators, as seen by a scene from the special). And that's actually the worst thing about her chances of coming back. She already had her season. She already succeeded. There are some characters that reached their best point in the series after which they can't be as great anymore, i.e. TDI Gwen, TDWT Heather, TDRI Cameron, and possibly TDA Lindsay (although I believe she can repeat that). This is most likely the reason why she's the only finalist who hasn't returned for next seasons in which she had a chance to compete (aka the seasons that didn't introduce a whole new cast).

Now let's look at her potential. Is there anything left if she already a season in which she ended up being the main protagonist? Shockingly, yes. The first thing is her interaction with Tyler. As you may have heard from me already, and as I'll possibly point out countless times again, it's nice to see the interactions between the lovers and at least one lover's best friend. Beth and Tyler have almost ZERO interaction! In My Season, I made them be jealous of the attention the other one got from Lindsay. This could be an interesting plot, counting the fact that I'm sure Beth and Lindsay live far away from each other and don't have much time to visit each other, and Lindsay and Tyler most likely haven't seen each other for a while after their alleged break up. However, it's most likely Beth and Tyler would be close friends thanks to Lindsay, similarly to how it worked in Izzy, Owen, and Noah's case. In this case their plot would most likely be shorter, but still possible to happen. Another thing is that Beth finds new friends easily, as was shown in TDA. She was also a manipulated while being in Heather, Justin, and Courtney's alliances, so she can easily symphatize with victims of some bullies, making her an easy friend potential for characters like Samey. In fact, due to her past, she's one of the best candidates for Samey's new friends that I'm sure she'll gain in her next season.

Now let's move onto some trivial aspects. As I mentioned Beth hasn't competed since the second season, the season she won. While I pointed out why it happened and why her best season ever works against her chances of return, it also works in support of her chances at the same time. After all, in all cases that I mentioned (TDI Gwen, TDWT Heather, TDRI Cameron, and TDA Lindsay) the contestants returned anyway. And it's interesting to note that almost all finalists came back for Total Drama All-Stars. The only exceptions were Beth herself and Owen. And Owen's case can be easily explained. He was in fact going to appear in the original version, but his role was later replaced with Sam's because the creators wanted him to compete in the spin-off, and the fans complained about the huge amount of screen time he kept receiving at the time (and still does). But what was the reason Beth, the only finalist left, wasn't even going to appear in the original version? Is she really a dead case, being that much forgotten by the creators, or are they saving her return for later?

And we're thus reaching another problem of her character. She's easily forgotten. She's in fact unpopular among the fanbase. While it's not because of being disliked, it's because of being forgotten. And keep in mind that being a fan favourite can help a lot, as can be seen by Cody and Noah's return for TDWT and Noah's return for RR.

I'd like to point out one more thing. Beth is one of a few characters to have their design updated. All of those characters were important in at least one season. So she was in TDA. However, she appeared to leave the least impact in her case despite being a finalist. For a lot of fans she was mostly just there and started being prominent once her best friend, Lindsay, left. So as counterargument to what I've already said about her best season, she can still have a season of even bigger importance, even if it was in a short amount of time.

To sum up, her story is finished, but she can always get a new one, especially because she wasn't used for a long time, and the fans became sick of the screen hogs (or at least some of them). She has some potential new friends. The biggest thing that stands in her way though is that she's easily forgotten by both the creators and the fans, which doesn't make her a fan favourite despite not being one of the "Scrappies" of TD.


  • Returning status: disconfirmed
Blaineley away

Mildred gets a call from the creators of the show that she's out of TD for good.

I decided to include her because she actually was an official contestant at some point despite never appearing in the theme song, not receiving an official label (unles you count Heather calling her a diva :P ), not even appearing on CN's TDWT website (except for her passport at the time of her elimination), and never getting an official "Best of" video.

So there actually can be someone with section shorter than B or Beardo, without me having to summarize it too much. She was simply confirmed by Tom McGillis to never return again, as the creators feel her role is done. The image of that confirmation is somewhere on TDRI or TDAS archive talk pages. No summing up this time, no analyzing her plots. That's all. That's enough. As a result, she's such a dead case that I decided to include a new category for her, 0% chances.


  • Returning status: very likely
Here i like brick

Forget they're the "Scrappies" of the show. You can't tell me Brick won't get rewarded for such heroic deed! Or that he'll be only punished for it!

Behold the contestant with possibly biggest chances of returning of the second generation cast. You'll see why.

During his rather short run, Brick had only one important plot. That's not too much. But what a plot it was! And how it ended! No, seriously. That's the issue here. He saves three characters that a lot of fans possibly would now wish he hadn't saved - Cameron, Mike, and Zoey, breaking his team's gilded Chris Award. It was one of the most heroic deeds on the show. And how is Brick rewarded? He gets eliminated for this. Of course, it's because he saved members of opposing team costing his team the challenge (also because Anne Maria unknowingly had her team's award) and his teammates were Jo and Lightning, who obviously put competition over friendships. But what kind of a moral lesson it gives the younger audience? I know this isn't the show you should search for the moral lessons in, but even on TD they often appear. And kids do watch this show, which the creators acknowledge by making newer seasons more cartoony. So my point about fatal implications for children still stands. Help the others so you will be punished. Obviously the creators should fix their mistake by bringing Brick back, letting him do a similar thing, and not getting punished for it this time.

Speaking of his plots, take a look at his conflict with Jo. The bad guy (girl!) wins. In a lot of conflict, the good guy wins in the end. If not, then they're back for another season, which is when they eventually win over their enemy. Take a look at Beth and Heather. Heck, it works not only for the good guys, but for anyone. Lightning eliminates Jo in TDRI, she eliminates him in TDAS. Heather eliminates/humiliates Alejandro in TDWT, he eliminates her in TDAS. Gwen wins over Heather in TDI, Heather wins over Gwen in TDA. And so on, and so on. See? Brick needs to defeat his biggest enemy this time, especially because he's such a heroic guy.

So we have a potential continuation of their plot. But Brick doesn't have to rely solely on his plot with Jo. He's one of the contestants that are material for the main protagonist of a future season, being a person who easily gets along with everyone. Heck, Anne Maria of all people defended him in Finders Creepers!

You see his potential? Now let's move to the biggest source of arguments for his return - the trivial aspects. Do you know that he was originally planned for TDAS? Well, I see why he was cut from this specific season. He wouldn't have much to do with Jo being on the opposing team and having her own conflicts. Although inter-team rivarly would still be possible, as I said, she had her own conflicts already. New friends for Brick? Not in that season. Every of his teammate would have a main plot for their own, leaving Brick alone. Not to mention his fear of dark would possibly result in him being eliminated early, in Moon Madness, anyway. But the fact he wasn't suitable for All-Stars plot wise, doesn't mean he won't be suitable for some other season.

Especially because when you think about it, he's the fan favourite of the second generation cast. And keep in mind that in future seasons of TD, every generation would need to have its representatives, like in TDAS. All-Star 2nd gen contestants all had some controversy about them, even Jo and Scott. B and Staci are fodders barely anyone cares about. Dawn has a lot of fans, but she has her haters too. Dakota has a lot of fans, but her mutant state kinda prevents her from competing. Anne Maria is a base breaker. Who's the best example of a fan favourite for this generation? None other than Brick. I've hardly seen any haters of him since TDRI started. That's saying something.

Another trivial thing is hidden in Cameron's ending. I don't know about you, but I've noticed Brick is the last contestant to speak in this version, which becomes somewhat pointed out when everyone gasps after his line. I've always thought this was to hint us his important role and possibility to return. It ended up I was wrong. Well, sort of. He was planned to be in TDAS. And it's possible he will return.

Yet another trivial thing. Did you realize how much he was promoted when TDRI was about to air in Canada? He was appearing in trailers a lot. There was even one trailer where only the main characters appeared. Brick was in it too. As a results, before his elimination I've always believed he'd make it far. After all, creators' mascots are used a lot on this show. And this actually ened up being true for Max and Sugar in TDPI.

To sum up, the biggest reason why Brick should return is the fact that he truly deserves to defeat his enemy this time. You can't tell me one of the (if not the) most heroic characters of the show can't come back and win/have their own happy ending. This is further supported by the fact that he's the only non-controversial fan favourite of the second generation cast. Looks like being cut from TDAS really paid off for him. And he's also clearly noticed by the creators, being promoted a lot and getting the last lines of any contestant in one of the endings.


  • Returning status: likely
Bridgette Cries

Bridgette: Geoff, so you could get individual screen time, but I can't?

The problem with Bridgette is that while she's not one of the main characters she's also not one of the fodders either.

Let's look at her past. She was one of the main characters in TDI only where she had her romantic plot with Geoff and befriended several characters, such as Courtney, Gwen, and Leshawna. Then she became an Aftermath host. And that's what ruined her game. In order to host the Aftermaths, her stay in the competition had to be short both times, stealing the spot light and chances for character development for her. In fact, she didn't really develop. She stayed mostly the same. But that's not to say that she didn't have episodes in which she was amazing.

So now about the potential. A nice and normal girl. Potential for the main protagonist? Maybe. In the past she'd be perfect. But the days when she had something to offer as a character are gone. And protagonists need to have some solid story to tell. That's not to say she can't have a role besides the main protagonist. What does she have left? Perhaps they could focus on the fact she's the only Courtney's friend left, but even that's mostly because they haven't had some important interaction since Island. New interactions? Perhaps being one of Samey's friends who would support her? Or some interactions with Geoff's best buddy, Brody? You know, she could give him some advices on how to talk with MacArthur, which would fail anyway because she's a different type of girl?

Some of trivial things don't seem to be in Bridgette's favor. If you count TD only, she competed in exactly the same number of episodes as Geoff. If you count RR, her count is identical to Brody's, Geoff's best friend's. Would they destroy it? Well, it's not something too important, right? But it's the only case like that.

Speaking of Geoff, if she returned on TD, Geoff would most likely have to return as well. And he's just had his screen time in RR, right? And they better not come back to Total Drama together because the only source of plot for them would possibly be a break up. Why to break up the only (counting the news about Lyler) 1st gen couple that is still together since Island? The return of the Aftermaths is also unlikely because there are enough characters now to have eliminations even per each episode.

However, what if she deosn't need Geoff? RR proves the creators remembered about Geoff. They also acknowledged Bridgette as she was mentioned a few times. Why didn't she compete with Geoff then, especially if her voice actress already was present during the show? Perhaps that's exactly what the creators wanted. Give Bridgette and Geoff some seperate time from each other to grow more as individual characters, not too dependent on each other. Geoff already was given a chance and they acknowledge Bridgette. Does it mean she has a chance to compete on a season without Geoff? Also, counting the trivia about her number of competing episodes, should we expect her to compete for 21 episodes to make it even with Geoff's score again?

RR is making her chances even bigger. Since they became an official couple, Bridgette didn't have a plot that wouldn't involve Geoff in some way. There are huge chances her return means the return of her boyfriend. Which show is good for that? Exactly, RR. I know Geoff already was a finalist, but keep in mind it's TD franchise we're talking about. Beth is the only finalist so far to not return for the next avaiable season. Due to being one of the main characters, Geoff's chances to return for RR are high. And what would be the point of his team being exactly the same? Especially because it was said in the first episode that Bridgette missed RR only because she was busy with surfing competition. Would that happen again? I don't think so. And since the Surfer Dudes already won, they could allow Bridgette to compete instead of Brody.

To sum up, Bridgette's glory days are unfortunately over, but seem possible to return, especially given the fact that her boyfriend was given a chance to be his own character, not dependent on their romantic plot. Her chances to compete in RR2 are also big because it was implied she would've competed if she hadn't been busy. Perhaps we'll see an "Aftermath Hosts" team in RR2?


  • Returning status: maybe

Cameron: Oh, no! My friendships with Mike and Zoey and writers' lack of idea for a solid plot for me are statistically lowering my chances!

You'd expect Cameron to never return at all, or at least to have some break from him due to him being a part of the extremely controversial "Terrible Trio"? Wrong! Well, to an extent.

There is a reason why I mentioned his friendships with Mike and Zoey. While they're his most known plots, he still has plenty of the others, like conflicts with Jo, Ligtning, Scott, or Codierra 2.0. See? Unlike them, he can be used for something not related to them.

But it's actually working not so good for him in terms of potential. Cameron is one of those characters who have already had a great character development, as seen by the end of TDRI. This means that in any later seasons he'll never be as good or better than he used to be. It could be also seen in first two episodes of TDAS where the creators clearly had no idea what to do with him. And what was done next? Rehashes of old plot. Codierra 2.0 that I already mentioned, a reverse of Duncan's gag, and Mal rigging the votes against him. The only new part was him losing his trust in his friends. But guess what, it goes against his development. Same as being placed in a bubble despite stating he doesn't need it anymore in the finale of the previous season. See? Cameron indeed can't be as good as he used to be. Heck, some even consider his TDRI self to be terrible.

Trivial things about him? He's one of very few All-Stars who returned in the finale. This means he's one of the main characters and they always have a chance to compete no matter how overused they are.

Another thing is that he's one of those characters who are liked by the staff. In his case it's especially visible by the example of Ed MacDonald. I don't know if it was his idea to save hi from elimination twice, but he clearly seems to have a liking of this character.

Speaking of which, he shares some similarities with TD's mascot - Owen. Besides being liked by the crew, both of their endings are also clearly favoured by the creators to the point of technically being the "official one" despite both endings being equal. Cameron also replaces Owen in TDRI's intro. If Owen can come back so often, guess who from the second generation can as well?

To sum up, Cameron's impact on the series is huge and this is working in favor of him, just like his popularity among the crew. The only thing preventing from his return, besides his unpopularity with a huge part of the older fandom, is the fact that his plots are finished. He won, he changed from a "bubble boy" to a man (then to a bubble boy again), he helped his friends to win in the finale. What else can you do with him? The fact that he did pretty much nothing in the first two episodes of TDAS and then kept getting plots we've already seen somewhere further confirms creators' lack of idea for Cameron.


  • Returning status: maybe
Bigez Cody Rankings

Cody: So I was in the final three of TDWT and I get only a "maybe"? Sigh.

Cody is such a questionable mark. TDWT proves he can be the main character. But he's never been a main character in any other season...

Talking about what he's done so far I have to mention two females: Sierra and Gwen. They're obviously his biggest sources of interactions on the show. Besides them, Cody also managed to become Heather's truest friend and one of Alejandro's main rivals. That's it. Not too much, but all of these actually played an important role. So is there any potential left?

I may as well start with one trivial thing before going to potential part this time. The creators said the reason Cody was cut from the final version of TDAS (as he was originally planned to compete) was the fact they thought his plot with Sierra was done in TDWT. One of the statements by Fresh TV say that he's no longer attracted to Gwen after TDWT. So is there really any potential here if both of his main plots are finished and the ones with Heather and Alejandro most likely won't return because they won't be the main characters again?

Against what the creators said, yes, there is a potential here. Let's look at the picture in Sierra's section. So Sierra basically has an access to Cody's bathroom. I don't know how about you, but for me it sounds as if they live together now. Of course you may say that she has her ways, after all it's Sierra. Remember when in Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2 she revealed how she got some information about Cody from his aunt? Also, it could be a bathroom on Total Drama Jumbo Jet. Keep in mind we've never seen one. But hey, if you pay attention while watching Awwwwww, Drumheller, you'll see there's a kitchen there. Main confessional had only a toilet. Where were the showers? Ok, so this pic doesn't confirm anything, but listen to the dialogues in TDAS. In Suckers Punched, Cameron says she has a real Cody who is waiting for her back at home and also tells her to run to him. Gwen also tells her to say hi to him for her. Also, when Sierra explains why she returned in Heroes vs. Villains, it appears she consulted it with Cody, so they must be in touch. See where I'm getting here? Their relationship improved since Awwwwww, Drumheller, in Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er! Cody was even seen enjoying being hugged by Sierra. Could this mean their relationship improved to the point they decided to live together? Well, the dialogues could suggest simply living in the same neighborhood, but let's put emphasis on Cameron's "back home" line. Does it mean they actually live together? Keep in mind it's possible. Fresh TV said Mike and Zoey live together and, judging by the timeline, they should be currently 17 years old. Cody and Sierra are already adults, so it should be fine, although it seems weird Cody would accept it if she still can be so crazy about him. Maybe she's better when he's around? Her plot in TDAS would confirm so.

Another potential: Gwen. So Cody doesn't love her anymore, huh? But it's never been shown on TV. They could return so we'd find out about this. Also, it could lead to a normal, healthy friendship between the two. Also, characters like Duncan could be suspectful that Cody still has feelings for her. And if Sierra also came back it could lead to another love triangle that would be real in only one character's eyes. See? So many possibilities here.

But coming back to him and Sierra. No matter if they actually live in the same house or simply the same neighborhood, one thing's sure. They stayed in touch with each other and have a good relationship. Which leads us to the possibility of them returning for possible RR 2. In fact, it'd make sense. Cody wouldn't mind being famous again, especially if being surrounded by (sane) fangirls. And if Sierra loves TD, I'm sure she also loves RR now. She already got a chance to compete in her favourite show and keep in mind the way she joined the show was very unusual (although she had two audition tapes). Signing up for RR should be even easier for her.

From new interactions I could see a potential friendship with Cameron. They could bond over their common problems with Sierra. Also, if Cody was the one true Heather's friend, then perhaps he could befriend some other antagonistic female that would seem to be an unexpected choice, like Amy?

Of course don't expect too much from Cody's next season(s). Like a few others, he already had his best season. Sure, he often didn't sing and placed third, so he could do better than that. Some contestants ranked both third and made it to the finals in other season. But his case was special. He ranked third while making it to the last episode. Of 26 episodes season. So I'm sure he won't do better than that. As some fans speculated, for those who wanted to see Cody win TDWT, there was Cameron winning in TDRI, in almost every country. After all some fans think they're similar.

To sum up, the creators said they believe his main plot with Sierra was done and they apparently finished his attraction to Gwen off-screen. But both can actually still be continued, along with some new interactions being added. And while he definitely won't do better and it seems that he won't do as good as he once did, he can still return, especially along with Sierra for RR2 due to how they stayed in touch after TDWT.


  • Returning status: very likely

Courtney: Scott, you and I have a plot to be properly finished!

Talking about Courtney's contribution so far, it's hard to miss that she's one of the main characters of the series, being one of only five contestants to compete in four seasons, and making it to final 7 in three cases. Such characters can be split in two groups. Screenhogs who everyone is already sick of and who can't have potential for solid plots they used to have and those who will never get boring and still can be used again. Courtney clearly belongs to the second group, as she has a lot of plot potential...with her main interaction sources (aka Duncan, Gwen, and now Scott)!

But first potential of all for her is character development. Courtney is a character who even the creators can't decide how should look like, and therefore we're she often switches between TDI Courtney and TDA Courtney. Heck, even in TDI we had some moments of TDA Courtney (Haute Camp-ture and the special). Of course back then everything made sense. It seemed like TDI Courtney was the real Courtney who let her more competitive side (aka TDA Courtney) step in when something bad happened to her (being rigged out of TDI, not qualifying for TDA, Duncan cheating on her). In TDAS, it seemed they'd finally bring her back to her TDI self, and even make her friendlier, but it was ultimately destroyed by her changing into TDA Courtney again. So this is what she needs. A redemption that wouldn't actually be ruined. Plot of her growing up and starting to value friends more than the competition should be interesting if done properly. Heck, this is even a posibility of being the main protagonist of the season.

Now let's have a look at her interactions. As I said, thanks to TDAS, all of her main interactions ended on some kind of a cliffhanger. A lot of fans want both Duncney and Gwent to hook up again. And the fans of the first couple got some fanservice in form of Duncan still wanting to get Courtney's attention in TDAS, which eventually led to his break up with Gwen. So here's the question, does he still care about Courtney? What would be his reaction once he found out her relationship with Scott was geniue, not just to spite him? I think they actually won't become a couple again, mostly due to network's decisions and part of Courtney's development (see her statement about her and Duncan in Heroes vs. Villains, which was one of a few things TDAS has done right). Another example is Gwen. She was shown to be willing to accept Courtney's apology, but only if she voted for herself. But how could she find out if she really did? And she was saying this in teasing tone. So did Gwen forgive her or not? Can they become friends for good, or are they designated to be enemies, like Heather and Leshawna? The last example is Scott. Who doesn't remember his "Meh, she wasn't that bad" comment after her elimination in Sundae Muddy Sundae? A great example of a cliffhanger that a lot thought would be resolved in the season's finale. But guess what, it wasn't. None of these examples was.

Now let's see other potentials. As I said on Bridgette's part, if they'd like to focus on her getting character development and realizing how disliked she is, adding Bridgette as her only friend left would be a good idea. Her conflict with Heather got old at this point, I guess, but it's still one of the most classic ones since TDWT. Keep in mind Gwen and Heather got a lot of screen time despite their conflict reaching some kind of a closure several times. Courtney could also get a new one with Jo. Keep in mind she, Jo, and Heather all want to be their team's leaders. Courtney's rivarly with Heather for leadership was shown a few times in TDWT. Heather conflict with Jo was basically all for the leadership of their team. Guess which combination was never used. Exactly, Courtney and Jo. And since it wasn't such prominent in Courtney and Heather's case (their conflict became mostly about love triangle with Alejandro), and Heather and Jo's one was short lived, I can totally see similar conflict between Courtney and Jo, maybe this time used more properly.

Coming back to her potential with Gwen, they may also compete together in RR. Of course, you need a good relationship with someone to compete in such show (unless being forced to like Chet and Lorenzo), but that could be the way for her to prove she still likes Gwen. And the format of the show would make it less likely the competition would stay in their way, as they'd be competing together the whole time, with no voting ceremonies.

There are also a few trivial aspects. Notice how out of all main contestants of the show, she and Lindsay are the only ones who have never won a season yet. And more notably, notice how she was one of the "Ballooned All-Stars". I've already said a lot of times that even if it's obvious they're alive, even with Fresh TV's confirmation, we still need at least one of them to return to confirm so. May be just a short cameo of one of them. But may be also another competing season for more than one of them. Keep in mind that All-Stars who got to return to the finale had their plots resolved. Aleheather became official, Cameron had the faith in his friends restored and helped them along with their new friend, Gwen. But, judging by the potential section, it's obvious the one who needed to end her plots properly the most was none other than Courtney.

To sum up, leaving her with so many plots that ended on cliffhangers is the reason why I believe it's still not the last time we see Courtney. She still needs not only to have her plots properly resolved, but also her character development to stay without being ruined. And obviously it feels weird having her as one of the biggest screen hogs of the show, but to never have her win, but it'd be harder to do, I guess, because newer contestants will have more chances to win newer seasons, as can be seen by TDAS.


  • Returning status: very unlikely
The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean

Dakota: I can't return because of my mutation? RUDE!

Dakota is quite an interesting case. She's the highest ranking contestant of her debut season not to return for TDAS. She's also one of the most developed characters of that season, as well as the series overall. Not many characters developed outside of their label on this show. Yet she gets "very unlikely" chance of returning. Why? Well, her mutation, that's why. It's something very unrealistic and keep in mind older fans don't like too unrealistic things on TD. I doubt they'd let her compete as a mutant, not only because it adds too unrealistic elements back, but also because it gives her unfair advantage. Ok, I know she competed as Dakotazoid in The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean, but that's only because she became a mutant in that episode. Also, she got eliminated in the same episode. That's saying something, isn't it? Not to mention, even if they did allow her to compete as a mutant, you can see by the example of this episode that she wouldn't last long because the others would think she's dangerous for their health (and has unfair advantage in form of her new strength).

Potential? I doubt Dakota has any, unless they come up with some new interesting interaction for her. Her plot with Sam has ended, they became a couple and are happy together despite her new looks. She also developed as a character. The only reason she could return would be to turn her back into a human. I don't know about TD creators, but personally, I'd love to bring everyone back to their natural form before the end of the series. But the thing is she doesn't have to compete to become a human again. It could be simply mentioned by someone that her dad paid for some medical/chemical treatment that reverted the mutation. Or she can have a cameo appearance where she'd be exposed to even more radiation that would actually revert the previous effects (you know, as in "kill the fire with fire"). But this option would need to bring back too unrealistic elements as well. It's also possible she'll remain a mutant forever.

Trivial things? None this time, I think. Or at least none in her favour. She's one of the "middle stars" of the second generation, along with Anne Maria and Brick (maybe also Sam, who isn't really an All-Star), but unlike them she wasn't even planned for TDAS.

There is however one thing that might save her, but only if she's back to her human form: RR. She could compete either with Sam or her dad (unless he'd be too busy).

To sum up, her mutation and finished character arc are the reasons I'd expect Dakota to have a cameo appearance at best. It's also unlikely she'd compete in RR, especially if she'd never return to her human form.


  • Returning status: very likely

Dave: But I don't want to return for another season! ;(

This one's very obvious. I think all of you know there are like 99.99% chances to see him in the next season of TD (I doubt he'd compete in RR though). As I said, 100% is only for officially confirmed ones, but Dave's very close to being that.

Potential? His main plot with Sky included a plot twist in like the last five minutes of the finale. It turned him into an antagonist of the finale, and a minor antagonist of TDPI. Obviously that's not the last time we see Dave and Sky. Their plot can continue in so many different ways. They may move on (quite unlikely for Dave), he may use Ella to make Sky jealous, he may continue being his antagonistic self to take revenge on her, Keith may break up with Sky causing Dave to try to win her back, etc. It'd be also good to see where he and Shawn stand as friends now, as their interaction in the finale made their status rather questionable now. Seeing if Ella still loves him, even after his actions in the finale, would be good as well.

Trivial things? Well, he made it to the merge. The mergers of their debut season (minus Eva) always return for their second season. Additionally, Dave's life status was left on cliffhanger in the last scene of the season. Obviously he won't be dead. Contestants have experienced far worse situations. Him being on camera may also mean the crew of the show was still on the Pahkitew Island at the time, so he may haven't been forgotten by them and got a ride home. Or, in case next season takes place on Pahkitew Island again, he could be left behind for real and didn't escape the mechanical island, so that's why he'd return for another season, as they'd find him already being there. He's also one of a few main antagonist potentials now, although he wouldn't be the only one of the next season, I guess, as he'd most likely focus on eliminating Sky only (if their plot would be continued in this way).

Dave's also one of seven TDPI contestants to have their facial expressions revealed. Check out Amy and Samey's section to find out what I think about it.

To sum up, Dave's plot with Sky can obviously be continued in various ways, which is the primary reason why he for sure will return next time. Being the main antagonist potential, merger of his first season, and left behind with his life status unknown helps to increase his chances of returning as well.


  • Returning status: likely

Dawn: Don't worry, ArtDraw12, I can sense my chances of returning with my powers.

I know I possibly overuse this phrase, but Dawn is another interesting case. The reason I believe she can return comes mostly from the trivial aspects.

You see, it's very hard for Dawn when it comes to what she has already contributed so far and to her potential. She didn't do a lot. She had a friendship with B, but we know he's too minor character. She also had a conflict with Scott. But guess how many contestants did too. As for her potential, she for sure may have a lot, just like any character if given a chance. The problem is she works for fan fictions, but not for canon version. Her character is meant to be an enigma, so developing her too much would ruin the effect. Also, creators must be very careful while using her because she can easily godplay in challenges.

But maybe at least there's some potential in interactions with the others? As I said, B is too minor character, so her friendship with him may not be mentioned again. Her conflict with Scott can continue and she could try to get a revenge on him for framing her and B, maybe even succeed. She could also easily befriend any animal lover like DJ, Bridgette, Ella, or the Vegans (that is if they'd compete on TD). She could also easily be a friend and support to nice, friendly, shy, and lonely characters like Samey. I don't see Dawn being a main protagonist for the reason stated in the paragraph above, but I can see her being the main protagonist's friend. But as you can see, most of these examples are "what if", only the interaction with Scott would be continuation of her already existing plots.

Maybe there will be something more interesting in trivial aspects? Yes, the major reason why I believe she may return, aside from potential revenge on Scott, is something that I mentioned in Brick's section. She's a fan favourite of the second generation cast. Sure, her fan base isn't as huge as it used to be, but it's still huge. Sure, she seems to barely leave any impact on the show. But guess what happened to another underdog who barely left impact on the show, but was a fan favourite. Exactly, RR proves the creators still bring back the fans' favourites. Of course that's not to say she'd have to come back for RR instead of TD, especially because we already had Vegans in the first season (unless with some friend from home) and also, as some fans say, because it'd be weird to have both Don and Dawn on the same season due to their names being pronounced similarly (which can be supported by the fact she wasn't a part of the Vegans team). But the fact that another season of TD will most likely mix all three generations, maybe even add some RR contestants, and she's one of the fan favourites of the 2nd gen really increases her chances.

To sum up, in some cases being the fan favourite is the key to returning, even if the contestant didn't do as much. Of course don't expect Dawn to make it too far or be too developed because she needs to remain an enigma or else the magic about her character will be gone.


  • Returning status: maybe

DJ: Momma, I wanna compete with ya!

When it comes to Total Drama, DJ seems to be a dead case. He's never had too many plots, even despite competing in first three seasons. In TDI, despite making it far, he only had his friendships with Duncan and Geoff. He also had his bunnies in three episodes. Oh, he was also one of those nice and most normal characters among show filled with stereotypes (not as absurd ones as in TDPI), along with Bridgette and Trent. That was definitely his best season. Then in TDA, he had only one but quite important plot about his alliance with Chef. But this is where it starts being bad for DJ. Flanderization hits him hard. And his plot, or should I say running gag, in the next season is his Curse of the Mummified Dog.

Anyway, my point is the creators seemed to be running out of ideas for DJ. His gag in TDWT was about hurting animals, it wasn't even some plot with another contestant. And all of his plots seem to be finished. Well, there's only one thing, but it'd require all three characters to return for the same season and I doubt chances of that happening are high. Remember how Duncan and Geoff's friendship didn't end on a good note in TDI and rest of their interactions were also neutral at best? DJ could always try to make them become friends again, as it was during old good days of TDI. As for potential future plots, I can totally see him befriending another nice vegan animal lovers, such as Dawn and Ella.

This pharagraph will actually be a mix of potential and trivial subject. Did you notice how out of all contestants who competed in three seasons DJ is the only one to never be in relationship of any kind? This is why they seemed to run out of ideas for him, romantic plots always add a lot of purpose to characters. So if they actually decided to bring him back, would they finally change it and give DJ a love interest (again, my picks would be Dawn or Ella). Of course it could be very risky. Remember what happened when Noah was given a love interest in RR? Some fans started complaining it changed him, he's not as good as he used to be, etc. Would it be the same about DJ? Would creators decide not to take this risk again? Well, DJ actually seems to know how relationships work (remember how he gave Geoff advices and helped him in episodes such as Up the Creek and If You Can't Take The Heat...?), so it actually wouldn't be so out of blue.

But all of this is just a speculation. DJ doesn't seem like the best candidate for romantic plot, especially now that we have over 80 contestants. What are the chances the creators will notice him? Well, here comes possible RR 2. Since in the first season there were Father & Son and Mother & Daughter teams. I believe the potential second season would include Mother & Son and Father & Daughter teamss. Who's better for Mother & Son team than the most known and flanderized momma's boy DJ and his sassy mother? I'm not sure if they'd have some plot potential (unless DJ would actually finally get a love interest), but their team would definitely be one of those comic relief teams.

To sum up, all of DJ's plots in TD are finished. He still might get new ones, but everyone would. In his case, the easiest option would be to finally give him a romantic plot, but if the creators haven't done it for so long, and judging by his flanderized personality, would they really do it? Well, no matter if he gets girlfriend or not, there are huge chances we may see him and his mother competing in the possible second season of RR, especially since they went bankrupt and need money (a plot that has never been continued since).


  • Returning status: very likely
Duncan audition

Duncan: I made it to the merge and top 8 every time, but I know you still want more of me, b**ches.

Duncan is one of TD's "Big 5", along with Owen, Heather, Gwen, and Courtney, so he obviously had great contribution to the series. His main interaction sources changed over the years, with DJ and Geoff leaving them after the first season, Harold after the second, and Gwen joining in the second (meaning only Courtney remained the entire time).

Interestingly, all of his main plots can still be continued despite him being one of the most used characters of the show. TDAS hints he still cares about Courtney. Some Duncney fan service? Was it supposed to hint some future plot (especially now that Duncan should be aware Scottney was a thing), or was it just classic TDAS writing (because of going against the continuity in TDWT? If the first one, Courtney may remain Duncan's main interaction source for even longer. As for Gwen, they kind of finished their plot in TDAS, but the ending was rather rushed. It'd be nice to see a proper end to it and see what she thinks of him now that she knows Mike was in fact evil. However, this may not be necessary. If the next season would focus on reuniting Gwent and Duncney, some interactions for typical exes could be seen though. As for Harold, they got a lot of screen time in the first two seasons. They even were about to finish their rivalry twice, which would be a great way to end their plot. But it was wasted. Oh, well. There was also another wasted opportunity - Harold never won against his bully performance wise! Seriously, most of victims in TD outranked their bullies in later seasons (or even their debut one). Harold is one of the most known victims and he doesn't get to have upper hand? Especially in TDA, which was pretty much his and Lindsay's season? WTF is that?! And then we have Duncan's most memorable friends despite them being friends only in their first season. His friendship with DJ was more minor, although it lasted longer than the one with Geoff. See, the potential here is his finished friendship with Geoff. First, Geoff dares to vote differently. Then, his constant making out sessions with Bridgette annoy Duncan more than anyone else. This all seems minor, but it's the first non-one-sided friendship to end in TD. Maybe they should fix that and make them friends again? After all they didn't become enemies, they became more of neutral, so it'd be great to see where they stand as friends. However, with RR revealing Geoff's best friend, chances to see this happen are low.

As for potential for new plots, the best example is Scott, which was one of many wasted opportunities in TDAS. Sure, they had some friendly interactions, but not enough and not too meaningful to make them anything more than neutral towards each other. Not to mention that Duncan didn't mind Scottney because he thought Courtney was only pretending to make him jealous, like she did with Tyler. It'd be great to see what Duncan thinks of Scott now. Would they become friends after already having somewhat friendly interactions, or would they become enemies despite their similarities due to their common interest in Courtney? Another interesting possibility is his antagonist potential. He was already strategic and mean, but never really got that role. He could become one now that he's trying to hide his hidden soft side. That is if they'd use it like that and not like a gag, as they did in TDAS. And I know, antagonists (and finalists) potentials belong mostly to newer generations now because the creators focus more on newer generations. But look closely at 3rd gen. Both Amy and Dave have potential, but they'd target only Samey and Sky respectively (and their friends at best). RR didn't have many antagonists and it's not so likely they'd compete on TD. So that technically makes them out. Seriously, the only others who could steal antagonistic role from Duncan are Eva and Jo now.

As for RR, Duncan is one of those characters I can't see compete on this show. Firstly, his one of TD's main drama makers, so he fits TD more than the spin-off where there's not that much time for serious plots. Secondly, who would be his partner? Geoff would compete either with Bridgette or Brody, DJ would compete with his Momma. Some friend from juvie? But what are the chances he's not in jail? Not too mention Duncan already traveled on his own a lot before returning in TDWT.

Now let's move onto some trivial aspects. Heck, there are plenty for Duncan.

Coming back to the topic of jail I occassionaly mentioned while talking about Duncan's potential partner for RR from juvie. Some could say "Duncan won't return, he's in a real jail now". Well, we don't know how long he was meant to be there. Due to them being both parts of fifth season in production, we can assume TDAS and TDPI take place in the same year, heck the gap between them possibly wasn't even so long. And since it was confirmed that Leonard's still 16 in RR, meaning there were 3 shows in the same year. This could be problematic if Duncan was arrested for a longer period of time. But if he was in jail for one year max (like Chris), he could easily return. Not to mention that he was brought back for TDAS finale despite having to be in jail. The crew of TD didn't seem to bother to check where ballooned All-Stars landed, meaning he could as well escape. This of course could mean he'd compete again to win the money to bail himself from the jail, or that he's hiding from the police for the time of his arrest, which would make his return less likely unless, as I said, he was meant to be arrested for max 1 year. There's also the fact that out of all ballooned All-Stars his silhouette was the most visible (and he appeared to carry some bag with him). Could this be a hint that he's the most important ballooned All-Stars for the creators and that they want him to return? Well, he is a writers' pet, so yeah, it could be.

Speaking of being creators' pet, he's also one of fan favorites, even after he lost a lot of fans after TDAS.

There's also the fact that he's the only male to compete in all four seasons of the 1st gen. Sure, the count for both genders was getting lower and lower with each season, but would they really make the boys count reach 0?

To sum up, while Duncan was one of the most used characters on the show, all of his main plots can still continue and he still has potential for more. There are some trivial aspects that help him a lot too, such as being creators' fav and the main ballooned All-Star. He may also need the money now to bail himself out of jail if he's still meant to be arrested, which could be a good reason to return for another chance at winning the grand prize (and I bet Chris wouldn't allow the police to take his fav juvenille from the show, even after his attitude towards him changed after You Regatta Be Kidding Me).


  • Returning status: maybe

Ella: I'm sorry, prince David, I'm afraid I have lost my feeling for you after the way you behaved in the finale.

Ella may look like a fodder at first, but she's one of the fodders that actually have plot potential. Heck, in her first season she was involved in conflict with Sugar and love triangle with Dave and Sky despite competing only for six episodes.

Speaking of love triangle with Dave and Sky, there wasn't much of it. Creators seemed to be afraid to use love triangle for yet another time. And it seems to be over. Ella accepted Dave's choice, Sky didn't make a big deal of Ella's attraction. Not to mention that after TDPI's finale, Ella may no longer be attracted to Dave. Which is why I believe she should return. It'd be nice to see whether Ella still loves him or not. And as I said in Dave's section, one of possible ways to continue his plot with Sky is to make him use Ella to make Sky jealous/simply annoy Sky. Though this option would require Ella to still love Dave because Sky could easily tell if she was forced to it. As you can see, Ella can be used in continuation of Skave, but doesn't have to. Well, she still has her conflict with Sugar, right? As I said many times, victims of bullies on TD usually outrank them in their next season(s), if not in the first. Given Ella's personality she most likely won't want a revenge on Sugar, even if she finds out Sugar hated her. This leaves outranking her (and maybe revenge done by her friends) as the only way in which Ella can triumph over Sugar. For new plots, I can see her befriending other nice characters (i.e. Zoey, Samey) and/or (also nice) animal lovers, like DJ, Dawn, and the Vegans (if they were to compete in TD or she in RR).

Speaking of RR, there isn't really anyone from TD who could compete with her. She could compete with a friend from home though, who'd most likely be behaving like a prince, much like Leonard who competed with basically female version of him. However, it means it should actually be another princess wannabe, as if it was a prince wannabe, Ella would already be attracted to him and her attraction to Dave wouldn't have happened. So either a copy of her or no RR 2 for her.

For trivial aspects, she's one of eighth TDPI contestants to actually not have their facial expressions sheet revealed. As I said, the choice of the seven characters who did could be a hint for who will return. It also matches the rule about only mergers and a few non-mergers coming back for their generation's second season. Sure, you'd expect Ella to be such non-merger because Topher didn't do much, Scarlett most likely leaves her spot for someone else (I'll write about it in her section), and she outranked the twins. But the fact one of those contestants was Amy (which most likely hints Samey's return as well) kinda speaks for itself.

But trivial aspect that works in her favor is that she's one of the fan favorites of the third generation cast.

To sum up, Ella still can have her plots continued. However, her role in continuation of Skave would require her to be still attracted to Dave, which I doubt is possible if she watched TDPI's finale. Due to her personality, I doubt she'd take revenge on Sugar for eliminating her, so a justice in their conflict is also quite impossible. But she still could simply outrank her, especially that with more sane contestants, Sugar would be voted out much earlier. No RR for her as well unless she has a friend who is an exact copy of her. You could also believe she'll be the non-merger from TDPI to return, but since there are apparently 7 spots (as it was in TDAS), Amy and Samey are more likely than her because their plot is even more clearly unfinished than her conflict with Sugar.


  • Returning status: maybe


You could be surprised by her returning status. She's one of 1st gen contestants with least screen time and going the longest without coming back. So why is that? Why so high chances for someone so invisible?

Firstly, remember one of her last words during her second elimination in No Pain, No Game. She promised it's not the end of her and that she'll have her revenge. Ironically, she never had a chance to. And here's the potential. Her last words can be used as a hint. It already indicates she'll return with the role of an antagonist (only if she learned from her hot temper mistakes). Having gone without competing for so long could only trigger her more. She actually seemed to be angry about not qualifying for TDWT in TDA special. Although this theory can be debunked by her changing her opinion in first TDWT Aftermath. Then again, she was angry she didn't have a chance to return in third TDWT Aftermath, so the theory stills stands. Plus, she doesn't even have to be triggered. If she came back, chances she'd be at least minor antagonist are huge.

But Eva doesn't only have main antagonism potential. She also has potential for development. It's easy to develop her. Just make her control her anger issues. TDDDDI seemed to do a good job at doing that. But such Eva wouldn't be as interesting, so I guess it's less likely. Unless this development would happen in her last episode.

See? Two personal potentials for her. How about interactions? First one that comes in mind is to have her interact with Jo. Some could say Jo replaced her, like Alejandro replaced Justin. And that's why such duos interactions would be so interesting. They're very similar (that's not to say they're identical), so it'd be nice to see if they had villainous friendship with each other or if they had a conflict, competing for who is better. Another plot potential for Eva is with Heather. Eva promised revenge at her second elimination. In Haute Camp-ture, we see she's finally aware Heather was behind her first elimination. There are too many people to have revenge for in the case of second elimination and definitely not all of them will return. But having one person to have a revenge on? That's more likely. Watch out Heather and hide from Eva's wrath! Although Heather already being used enough in the series may save her. Except that, Eva could have conflict with pretty much anyone. Another likely individual I see is Courtney. Or Sky. Or Lightning. Or Brick.

RR 2? Well, she could choose someone from her gym, but I doubt it's likely. Unless she and Jo attend the same gym. Competing with Jo is the only way I see her on RR. Although this show's format would be better for her if the creators didn't want to give her a chance for some plot. Also, it's the only way she could last long in reality show. Her strength would allow her to perform almost as good as Ice Dancers did, maybe even equally. Whereas in voting ceremonies she could be targeted at any time, like Heather.

No trivial aspects for Eva. Sorry, don't hit me!

To sum up, Eva is one of those contestants with 50% chances. Thanks to not being overused, she still has potential for character development, for being main antagonist, and for many plots, especially with Jo and Heather. She could also compete on RR 2, where she'd perform well. The only question is whether creators would finally give her a chance, as well as if they'd give a chance for those with whom she could compete/have interesting interactions.


  • Returning status: very unlikely/disconfirmed

Chris: No way is that guy coming back again.

This entry's look will be kinda different, I guess, because Ezekiel for sure is a special case. But I may as well start traditionally with what he's done so far. Well, not too much. His only main interaction was with Chris. Sure, unlike Topher, Ezekiel had plenty of minor interactions with everyone, but mostly in his feral form. Speaking of which, oh yeah, the feral form.

Just look at the picture. Sometimes you can feel some part of the dialogue is a hint given by the writers. Well, this one feels like that. It's almost as if real life creators wanted to say they're not letting him compete again.

That's not to say he won't return at all. He already is "Lord of Cameos", having more cameos since his elimination in TDWT than Mr. Coconut, previous "Lord of Cameos" ever had.

But some of you may say, wait there is potential for him! He needs to return back to his human form! Well, he indeed does, but it wouldn't require him to be back as contestant. And Julie Giles once said the creators believe his DNA is too messed up at this point for him to be healed. I don't have a link to this, but you can search on User:Greenhatdigital's message wall or on in the comments of this blog. This basically confirms the creators aren't even willing to bring him back to human. Looks like they gave him "some sort of a happy ending" in the exclusive clip of Zeek And Ye Shall Find to make up for it. Also, looks like his physical cameos won't be continued as a result (thank God, they became overused), unless next season would take place on Boney Island. But enough's enough and it's better to leave him at his "happy ending" than to continue to torture him. Ezekiel's cameos can only continue in non-physical way now, like on a wanted poster in RR's finale.

To sum up, Ezekiel's such a dead case that not only coming back as a contestant, but coming back overall seems very unlikely for him. Heck, if the creators officially said what Chris said about his chances, I'd actually put him in disconfirmed category. You can consider him in this category if saying his DNA is too messed up to be fixed is enough prove for you (as Heroes vs. Villains proves he won't compete as long as he's mutated).


  • Returning status: maybe
HS - Bridgette geoff reunited

Geoff: RR is great, you should try it, Bridge!

So Geoff was in the final six of TDI and recently was a finalist in RR. Besides that, his performance is very poor. Nonetheless, let's analyze his potential.

First off, there's his girlfriend, Bridgette. How can their plot continue, there will be nothing new, right? Well, he can always compete on RR 2 with her. Keep in mind he was going to in the first season, but she was busy at the time. However, if he got some individual screen time (well, not really, but now he shared it with Brody, not her), then I think she should as well.

As for Total Drama, there isn't much potential here. Ever since TDA, Geoff did poorly ssohe'd be a host of the Aftermaths. And all of his plots seem to be done by now. I can only see him restoring his friendship with Duncan (it didn't end on a positive note), who also seems likely to return, although addition of Brody as Geoff's best friend kinda makes it less likely in my opinion.

As for trivial things, we still don't know how RR contestants will be selected for RR 2. I assume some of the pairs would return to avoid creating even more characters. And TD's pattern for coming back for a second season so far was that all the mergers (minus Eva in TDI) returned. In RR it's a bit tricky since there is no merge, but I can assume teams as of Dwayne and Junior (eliminated in episode 16) can be considered RR's main characters and are thus most likely to return. Now, will RR bring back the finalists? Keep in mind only Beth didn't return for a season after she won so far, so it is likely for Geoff to return, especially since, as I already mentioned, this time he could compete with Bridgette as he wanted. However, as I also already said, it'd mean no chance for Bridgette to get some screen time away from Geoff for a change. Also, Noah and Owen are already likely to return. I doubt they'd bring back all TD veterans from first season.

To sum up, Geoff's biggest chance to compete again is to participate with Bridgette on RR 2, as he originally wanted in the first season. However, we don't know how RR contestants will be selected for a return in RR 2, although it seems likely main characters would return, as it happens on the main series. The problem is that he isn't so likely to compete with Bridgette if she was about to get a chance for a screen time away from her boyfriend, like he did. Sure, he could still be one of fodder teams (because he already had a chance) with Brody, but I doubt they'd bring back 3 out of 4 TD veterans who competed in the first season (as Noah and Owen are likely to return, as you'll see in their sections). With that being said, any argument for his return can be also used against, which is why I decided to put him in "maybe" area.


  • Returning status: maybe

Gwen: I don't want to come back unless as a single or consistent character!

Gwen is one of TD's Big 5, meaning she obviously contributed to the series in a major way and that her main interaction sources changed over the years. She's also the one of them with the poorest competition score (in a way) due to being eliminated early in TDA and the only Amazon eliminated pre-merge in TDWT. Well, at least TDAS made up for it making her the last contestant of TDI's final four to make it to the final four again, thus ending the pattern for the first generation cast. Funny considering she originally wasn't even supposed to compete.

Much like other main characters, her main plots can be considered finished, but can still continue and she can still get new ones. Let me see, she broke up with Duncan recently. You know what Gwent fans think should happen now. There are three possible outcomes - she and Trent hook up again (maybe), she remains single (likely due to all the drama she's been involved in), or finds a new boyfriend (kinda unlikely). Her plot with Duncan is pretty much over. You can see by their post-break up interactions that she dislikes him now. But he still seems attracted to her. Restoring her friendship with Courtney again? Thank you, but it's a no from me. These two already had two chances that were ruined. I don't want more soap opera-like drama from them. Maybe instead focus on her old friendships, like the one with Leshawna or Bridgette. Or on new friendships, like the one with Zoey (but not with Cameron, please!). Her conflict with Heather always returns, as they're always on the same team, but we've already had enough of it. What's more left of it? There's also Cody who was confirmed not to be attracted to Gwen anymore. That's interesting and it'd be nice to see how their interactions would look like now. Especially since it was possibly because of "relationship upgrade" with Sierra that may have been "un-upgraded" after her loss of sanity in TDAS. Well, yeah, all of her main interactions seem finished and if anything, they'd be just repeated. Doesn't seem too interesting. What about new interactions? I can totally see her befriending other nice loners, like Dawn or Samey. Interaction with Jasmine would be interesting too, I guess, because it could be similar to her friendship with Leshawna. Gwen also has had terrible experiences with love life, while Jasmine's eventually turned out to be good, so it could be some drama potential, Three Zones and A Baby-like (I mean like Jasmine and Sky's) interaction here. Well, I don't want to see Jasmine and Shawn having any more problems, but idea for a plot is an idea for a plot.

I don't know how about you, but the most interesting ones for me would be to see how she'd interact with Trent and Cody now and to see potential new friendships with Dawn and/or Samey. Then again, Gwen is better as a single, so she and Trent don't necessarily have to reunite (but I wouldn't mind).

I don't really see her on RR either (but I don't consider it impossible). She's a drama maker, she needs plots. RR doesn't offer much screen-time for plots. And who would she compete with? All of her friends from the show would choose someone else. Well, she could compete with Trent as a team of Artists or something because they ended on friendly terms after their break up, unlike she and Duncan. She could also compete with one of her three friends from home who were seen in TDDDDI, but how would they choose one? And wouldn't the friend be an exact copy of Gwen, like Brody was of Geoff? I mean, there's nothing wrong with it, but I'd prefer friends that have different personalities for TD veterans on RR.

Now for trivial things. She was one of All-Stars who got to return for the finale. Like in other cases, it was meant to finish her plot. Well, we didn't get to see her interact with Courtney or Duncan because the latter two didn't return, but her overall character arc was finished. She started the season as a loner who could see a friend only in Courtney (and desperately tried to win her back), but ended up having many new friends and basically becoming fourth (fifth if you include Brick for his heroic deed) member of the Terrible Trio. Well, not so good choice of friends, considering they're the Scrappies of the show for older fans, but at least she's happy now.

There's also an interesting fact. In the last two episodes of TDAS, which are also her last two episodes, it's hinted she doesn't want to return. In The Bold and the Booty-ful she tells Zoey that she doesn't want to compete again when the latter hopes they would be on the same team next time and in The Final Wreck-ening she, along with Cameron and Zoey, answers with big "NO!" when Mike asks if they'd like to compete again. I know the contestants are often brought back against their wills due to the contract, but if it was supposed to be a hint from the creators, my point still stands. Ok, Zoey hoping for them to be on the same team could hint the creators want them to come back and be on the same team, but the other two scenes I mentioned hint something completely different. And the other two scenes seem more important and almost as if the creators were putting their thoughts into them (like it was with Ezekiel in Heroes vs. Villains).

To sum up, Gwen is the type of character whose returning chances can really go either way. She was one of the main characters and always will have lots of plot potential, but most of her plots would require rehashes of the old ones. She already made up for her poor performance in TDA and average performance in TDWT by competing in almost all and appearing in all episodes of TDAS. She doesn't seem like the best candidate for RR 2 because she fits TD more due to being one of the major drama makers, but it's not like her competing on RR 2 is impossible. Then again, there are limited number of spots for TD veterans there, so... Yeah, Gwen's truly neutral here.


  • Returning status: likely
CART1012051000004974 007 640x360

Harold: More seasons of me equal more of my mad skills!

Harold is one of 1st gen contestants who competed in first three seasons. He is also one of the most popular ones, as was seen when many fans complained he wasn't in TDAS. Well, consider yourself lucky, Harold.

So he used to be among most memorable characters, has fairly huge fanbase and hasn't been used for a long time. Seems like a good start. Now let's see his main plots so far. His relationship with Leshawna was often weird. They were sometimes friends, sometimes had a thing for each other, sometimes Leshawna stated they won't be a thing. Kinda confusing, isn't it? Where do they stand now? Although for most of TDWT it seemed Leshawna only thought of him as a friend, their last interaction in the season actually implies romantic relationship, seeing how they're lying together on the beach in exclusive clip of Hawaiian Style. What's interesting is that all pairs shown relaxing together in the clip were couples, even Blaineley and Bruno got a romantic moment later on. Their last interaction in the premiere of TDRI is them just dancing together. So their last MEANINGFUL interaction implies they're a couple again. But only implies. We need an official on-screen confirmation on this. Leaving us on unknown note doesn't seem right.

His other past interactions include a lot of missed opportunities. Mainly his attraction to Heather. They could've had an alliance, it could be involved in love triangle with Leshawna (of course with Harold's attraction to Heather being one-sided). Now it seems like it won't come back, as in TDWT Harold seemed not to be attracted to Heather anymore. His attraction to Gwen was just a one scene wonder. His friendship with Owen turned into conflict, but since no one seemed to remember or mind Owen's role as a mole, it changed back to a friendship. He had mixed interactions with DJ and Geoff, but they mostly didn't lead to anything an were secondary to his conflict with Duncan. Speaking of which, it was already his main interaction in first two seasons, being one of, if not the, the most important interactions of the second season. Do we really need more of them? Well, Gwen and Heather conflict appeared in four seasons and they were always on the same teams. Also, keep in mind Harold has never outranked Duncan. Victims usually do so in their second season, but he didn't. And since Duncan still has some plots he could continue he could come back. He's now despised by both of his ex-girlfriends and his friends aren't so likely to return on TD. this gives Harold an opportunity to finally outrank his biggest enemy, even if he wouldn't make it as far as in TDA.

So there is potential in two of Harold's past interactions. What else is left? Harold most likely won't be material for main protagonist. Much like Beth, TDA was his best season. Although he didn't win, he made it so far, it's unlikely he'd manage to repeat it, especially with newer seasons paying more focus to newer contestants. He still could be one of many main protagonist's friends. He could fit as a friend for character like Samey, given how he already acted friendly to those with no friends. Just like Rodney, he could be also attracted to any girl, mean or not. However, that apparently won't be the case, seeing how now we have Rodney, his attraction to Heather ended, and he apparently is in official relationship with Leshawna now. I could still see him making friends with other nerdy characters, like Cameron, Rodney, or even Scarlett (as he doesn't seem to mind mean girls too much).

Looks like his next time on TD would mostly reuse his old plots. So perhaps it would be matter for him to compete in RR? Actually, yes, he fits for RR, mostly because he shockingly has a lot of potential partners. Leshawna is the most obvious one. But it could be his friend/family member from home, seen in One Flu Over the Cuckoos, whom I named Harvey because his design is really similar to Harvey's. He could also team up with Beardo as Beatboxers. That's the least likely options, especially since Beardo never mentioned knowing Harold. Then again, Beardo didn't get to do a lot. Perhaps Harold met Beardo somewhere, displaying his mad beatbox skills, and recognized him from TDPI?

To sum up, two of Harold's past interactions could still be continued, even if only shortly. He's a good material for RR contestants, having a lot of potential teammates. Being one of the main characters of the 1st gen cast who haven't been used for a while and thus have lot of fans wanting them to return helps him a lot. Not to mention that out of all 1st gen contestants who have been tortured by Chris the most, he is one of those who still could want to sign up for another season, always ready to display his mad skills.


  • Returning status: maybe

Heather: What do you mean? I have plenty of plot potential!

Heather's section basically mentions the same arguments Alejandro's section did, which kinda makes me regret I didn't merge heir sections and also tells you something about them.

So yeah, Heather's part of TD Big 5 as the original main antagonist. She's had massive contribution to the series. And to think that original version didn't include her. Ha! That's why it was changed. Anyway, like in the case of other members of TD Big 5's, Heather's main plots and interaction sources changed over the years. Some ended, some joined, some became main, some minor. But as of TDWT, Alejandro became her main plot. Ok, thanks to being the main protagonist in TDWT, she actually had way more important interactions. But almost all of her confessionals were about Alejandro or at least related to him in some way. In TDAS it became even more visible, especially after her new main interaction with Jo ended quickly due to the latter's early elimination. Although we still had some moments of her conflicts with Courtney and Gwen (heck, even a homage to her conflict with Lindsay in the first episode), 95% of her screen time was only about Alejandro. And guess what, their plot is done now. Ok, she wasn't so happy with him as consolation prize at the end of The Final Wreck-ening, but hey, it's Heather. Of course she'd complain about losing the money. And this episode confirms they're lovey-dovey outside of the competition, so I'm sure it meant nothing.

What about potential for other interactions? Well, she actually still has a lot. Firstly, her conflict with Jo in TDAS was not enough and it'd be nice to see more of it. And going by the rules of conflicts, Jo would outrank her next time, I guess (she was only voted out because of the accident during the challenge). She can also have conflicts (or maybe villainous friendships?) with other alpha b*tches, like Amy or Taylor (if she was to enter TD). I can totally see her helping Amy torture Samey. Maybe some new odd friendship with someone nice for a change? Well, there already was Cody and sorta Harold and DJ. Plus, she'd need to be the main protagonist to get some positive interactions and I doubt she'd be one again, as TDWT was her best season and she's one of those characters who just can't be better in future seasons. But she can still fit for a fodder character. She already can be eliminated any time. She could also become antagonist fodder by finding out the main antagonist's true nature, trying to warn the others (to eliminate a threat because she wouldn't care otherwise), but not be trusted (so basically like Alejandro in The Obsta-Kill Kourse except early in the season).

Fortunately for her, she and Alejandro can still return for potential RR 2. Rob and Amber, the villainous couple of Survivor, also competed in RR's real life counterpart. Plus, they could be a team that uses strategy to win instead of simply racing (sometimes it may actually be better to suffer a penalty for not doing the challenge than to attempt to do it unsuccesfully several times). Bonus points for it being something original, as well as a simple reason for their elimination.

So trivial things. Heather has new main hairstyle for each season she competes in - long hair in TDI, bald in TDA, short ponytail in TDWT, and long ponytail in TDAS. Does it mean no chances for her to compete in next season unless she'd change her haistyle? There's also the fact that she never was seen in her original haistyle with Alejandro, so maybe it's not that bad. You know what, forget this part. Hairstyle thing is just a coincidence, not something that actually decides about her chances.

She's one of the fan favourites. Seen by example of Cody and Noah in TDWT and Noah in RR it helps a lot.

She was one of returnees for TDAS finale. Why? To properly finish her plot with Alejandro. That's it, finish. This says something, doesn't it?

To sum up, Heather is a character that always will have a lot of potential. There's also RR and being fan favourite, which could make you think she should be very likely or at least likely. However, she's not the only fan favourite, not many TD veterans compete on RR, and she's already got the highest appearances count. Newer seasons focus mostly on newer contestants and not many 1st gen competitors will be given a chance. And Heather is one of the drama makers, meaning she only returns when she has some purpose. For TDA it was slowly developing her and showing consequences of her actions in TDI. For TDWT it was her massive character development and new plots. In TDAS it was continuation of her plot with Alejandro that was left on cliffhanger, along with one short lived new plot and a bit of her conflict with Gwen. What would she have now?


  • Returning status: likely

Izzy's gonna find her way back on the show, one way or another.

Izzy is one of the contestants who competed in firs three seasons and had cameos in both TDRI and TDAS. She's also been on five teams so far due to switching twice and also returned after her elimination in two of her seasons. Wow, she for sure appears a lot and judging by her cameos in both TDRI and TDAS, the creators for sure haven't forgotten her. But is there anything they can use her for? Yes.

Firstly, let's begin with her break up for Owen. She wasn't herself at the moment. Owen regretted it, as can be seen in Oh My Izzy. And they haven't interacted ever since, thus we were never able to see what Izzy herself thinks about the break up. What's also noticeable is that she didn't return after her elimination, unlike in past seasons, further decreasing chances of any interaction between them. They were seen on the same part of the yacht in Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, but even there they didn't interact. This is a major mistake on the creators' part because we NEED to see what actual Izzy thinks about their break up. Although since several years passed in-universe (and out too :P ), it can be assumed both have moved on. Well, Owen for sure did, as can be seen in RR where he talks about his experience with girls with no problem. For Izzy it's only an assumption, which is why it'd be great to see the two interact again. Her conflict with Cameron could continue too, but I doubt Cameron is that likely to return.

I can see continuation of her friendship with Noah too, this time annoying his girlfriend, Emma. For new interactions I'd also love to see her interact with Dawn because both appear to have some sort of supernatural powers. It's Dawn's main characteristic, while in Izzy's case it's teleporting (remember the scene from the picture I used from Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special?) and somehow seeing through Mal's eyes.

Since it's been hinted Noah and Owen may return for another season either of TD or RR, I can also see her compete on RR too. I bet Noah would want to compete with Emma this time, which means Owen's next potential teammate is Izzy (or Kitty if they'd like to keep the alliance). This could also be a chance to see them interact and see where their relationship stands now. RR is also a perfect show for character like Izzy who doesn't really have much chance for a plot.

As for trivial aspects, she's one of both fans' and creators' favorites, which they show by often bringing her back, making her switch teams most often and return more often than anyone else.

To sum up, Izzy's constant returning and no interaction as herself post her break up with Owen are the main reasons why I believe she can compete again, especially if it was on RR with Owen.


  • Returning status: very likely
Kinosewak Pig

Jasmine - the most valuable member of Pimâpotew Kinosewak.

Jasmine is with no doubt one of a few sane non-gimmicky characters of TDPI. She's also the most valuable member of her team, being the reason why they won the two times they won (and almost winning for them in Mo Monkey Mo Problems if it hadn't been for Sugar's godplay). Also, not counting Sky's team switch, she's the highest ranking member of her team. Heck, she's highest ranking original member anyway. This gives me some TDI Duncan feeling. You know, he also ranked 4th and was the best of his team. And since Duncan is one of the biggest screenhoggers, this makes Jasmine's chances way higher.

As for potential, her plot with Shawn may already be finished, but they can still continue it anyway. Keep in mind they were the only successful couple of the third cast (and that it seems unlikely Dave and Sky would ever hook up). Next time they could immediately form an alliance and maybe be on the same team for a change. She was also Samey's best friend and supporter. Since Samey has solid main protagonist potential, their friendship can continue too, with Samey joining potential alliance of Shawn and Jasmine. Aussie chick's conflict with Amy may be expanded as a result too. Maybe her friendship with Sky could expand too. As for new interactions, I can totally see a conflict with someone who'd want to be the team's leader and would feel threatened by Jasmine's skills, like Jo, Heather, or Courtney.

I can also totally see her on RR 2 with Shawn as a team of experienced survivalists ready to travel around the world.

As for trivial things, first off she made it to the merge in her debut season. All of the mergers (sans Eva) have made it for their second season so far. Secondly, she was part of TDPI's final four. I've already posted a link to one of my older blogs and I'll probably do a lot of times again, so I won't do it this time. It's on my navi as well. Anyway, all contestants from TDI's top 4 made it to the final four again. Two contestants of TDRI's final four did so too, clearly following the pattern. See? It really pays off to make it to the top 4 in your debut season. I'll also bring back her similar ranking to TDI Duncan's again. Duncan won his next season. Will Jasmine have the exact same ranking he did again?

One more thing is that she was one of seven TDPI contestants to have their facial expressions revealed.

To sum up, Jasmine has really high chances of returning, not only because of being in the final four of 3rd gen's debut season, but also because of being her team's best member. She was robbed in her first season due to some ass-pull, but this might mean they'll make up for it next time.


  • Returning status: very likely
Runaway Model (58)

Jo: What? I have the best main antagonist potential.

Interestingly Jo is considered by many fans to be the only character not derailed in TDAS. Although some think the way she shot from her team's cannon in a random direction, eliminating Scott in the process was OOC for her, she's still considered to be the least derailed character by them.

Potential? Heck, Jo has plenty, which is why fans can't believe she was eliminated so early in TDAS. Firstly, some character development by which I mean putting more focus on her insecurities about her looks. Sure, it was implied in only one episode, but do I have to tell you how amazing it'd be to see more of a different side of Jo's character. However, not many characters get a chance for such development, it usually happens only in fan fictions. She has also better main antagonist potential than any other character. Duncan isn't really antagonistic and has already been overused. Eva isn't strategic. Dave would focus on Sky only, just like Amy on Samey (unless she'd focus on her friends too). Jo didn't get to be the main antagonist yet despite being manipulative, strategic,and ruthless. Not to mention she'd be one of those antagonists you can actually root for, as she's very likable anyway.

And now for interaction potentials. Her plot with Lightning is done I guess, both have eliminated each other. But her conflict with Brick needs to return. Maybe even end as relationship as their fans want? TDAS also didn't get advantage of any of Jo's new interactions. Friendship with Duncan? Forgotten in the very next episode. Conflict with Heather? Sure, but too short. And I was awaiting their plot since their first interaction back in TDRI. Being one of three contestants who wanted to ally with Gwen? Also quickly abandoned (due to her elimination in her case). All of them would be great. Well, it's impossible to see three way alliance with Gwen now. I already told you Heather has been used in the series enough. Duncan too, but he's still likely to return. But is his friendship with Jo likely to return as well? Apparently not if it was forgotten so quickly. What about potential for new interactions? Well, if she did end up as the main antagonist, she'd have plenty of new interactions. And due to some similarities between them, a lot of fans want to see Eva and Jo interact. How would it look like? Villainous friendship? Conflict and competition to be better than the other one?

What about RR 2? Well, I don't see her teaming up with Lightning if they'd have to split the money. Neither with Brick. The only option for her is some friend from home. In this case I hope it's revealed she met Eva at a gym at some point.

There are quite a lot of trivial aspects in Jo's favor. Firstly, she was one of ballooned All-Stars and she's actually one of those who can return.

She's one of fan favorites from second generation cast. Even with all the villains haters and after competing on TDAS, her fanbase is still huge.

Also, at least one 2nd gen contestant should compete all three times available for their generation (third time being new season). I know creators and young fans love Terrible Trio, but Mike turned out to be too controversial, there were a lot of complains about Zoey being bland even back in TDRI when she had a huge fanbase, and TDAS clearly proves they don't know what to do with Cameron anymore. This leaves Scott as the only screenhogger of 2nd gen available. What about semi-stars (Lightning, Jo, Sam)? Jo is the most likely out of them. I don't want to spoil their sections here, so I'll just say that out of all 2nd gen contestants who competed both times so far, Scott and Jo are most likely to come back for yet another season.

To sum up, Jo being the best candidate for the main antagonist at this point is the main reason why I believe she'll return. All of her interactions being golden help as well. So does being one of only two 2nd gen contestants who competed twice who for sure can return once more. Not to mention being one of the most liked 2nd gen contestants. And a potential character development if the creators were smart enough to notice it.


  • Returning status: very unlikely

Justin: Stop comparing me to Alejandro!

Justin is one of the characters who for sure changed most drastically. He was just a silent eye candy back in TDI, which for sure isn't enough to return now. Although there was a foreshadowing of his future antagonistic role. Then in Action he became the first antagonist of the season, using Beth and Lindsay as his pawn, like someone else did before. And then, sorry Justin's fans but I gotta say it, he was replaced by Alejandro. The creators admitted they thought he didn't fit the role, so they replaced him with Courtney as the antagonist of TDA, and later introduced Alejandro, who was exactly what they wanted to do with eye candy type of antagonist.

Ok, so he got replaced, which already makes his chances very low. But maybe there's still some potential to him? Let me see, maybe they can make him antagonist again and this time use it to the fullest? Keep in mind majority of the cast are still unaware of his true nature and he was never blamed for Trent and Gwen's eliminations in the Aftermaths. And his karma was very short-term, as he healed quickly and was soon viewed as a perfect eye candy again. But I guess they won't use it again if they thought he didn't fit to be the antagonist, introduced Alejandro reducing Justin to a background character again, and not even bringing him back for TDAS. Such a wasted antagonist opportunity.

Maybe there's still some potential in his interactions? He mostly interacted with Owen, Beth, and Lindsay. All of them have their own stories now, Owen has Noah, Lindsay has Tyler, and Beth (if she was to return after her best season) has Lindsay. His attraction to Courtney won't be brought up again because she already has plenty of romantic plots. And he was never blamed for being involved in Gwent drama, so I guess he never will. Ok, none of his plots can be continued, but maybe there's still a chance for a new one? The most obvious one would be a rivalry with Alejandro, especially if they were always compared to each other even in-universe. But I doubt he would end up victorious, so even if such plot was used, he'd most likely be just a fodder. Unless he'd convince the others to vote off Alejandro instead of competing with him.

Not to mention none of his interactions were really original. He's not the only one to be involved in Hoe Yay interactions with Owen (let alone anyone). He's not the only one to manipulate Beth and Lindsay. He's not the only one attracted to Courtney. And finally, he's not the only eye candy antagonist. Sure, Justin is original in certain aspects, like being the most liked antagonist, but are they really worth his return now that we have 84 contestants?

RR 2? No. All members of The Drama Brothers have someone else to compete with. Sure, there's still an option for a family member, but none of them were seen on-screen and none of his relations with them would be as famous as DJ's with his mother, Lightning's with his father, etc. Maybe some new girlfriend? I guess not, he appears to break up with the girls rather quickly. Maybe with Alejandro so both would try to prove they're the better one? Again, I don't think so. Alejandro is more likely to compete with Heather or even Jose.

That's it. Not even one trivial thing for him. Wait, Dip once noticed all eye candies competed twice so far. Must be a coincidence, but I doubt it'd be Justin to break the pattern.

To sum up, Justin is the prime example of a character being replaced by a new one, and is even the only case where the creators' words easily confirm so. He also doesn't seem to stand out much nowadays, besides being least disliked antagonist, which is a result of not finishing his antagonistic arc properly due to abandoning it. But hey, I'm still not giving him "disconfirmed" category. Just-in case. Ba dum ts.

Katie and Sadie

  • Returning status: likely

Katie: OMG, Sadie, we're gonna be on RR!
Sadie: Ikr? There's no chance they're forgetting about us now. Like, totally not!

What? Katie and Sadie likely? KATIE AND SADIE?! The ones with least screen time out of the 1st gen? The ones who besides their friendship only had a role of gushing over some boys? The Scappies of the 1st gen cast? Yes.

They may not have much potential for TD. Although it'd be nice to see Katie return to make them compete in the same number of episodes. It'd be hard to use them again without drastically changing their roles. But it's easy to develop them thanks to never getting too much of a role. One of them could befriend someone else, but later feel bad about it, thinking of it as "cheating" on the other. Who could their friend be? Samey, Lindsay, Beth, I guess.

Well, development for them is possible, but since it'd change their role so much, I guess RR 2 is more possible. You don't need a complicated plot here, which works for them. Especially because this show's format is MEANT FOR THEM! How could the creators not notice it in the first season?! It's perfect for dividual characters, especially if they can't develop (here because development would change them too much).

As for trivial things, I've heard that many fans were asking whether Katie & Sadie and Amy & Samey will compete on RR before its premiere due to both pairs being dividual characters. Christine acknowledged they were the most asked about contestants. Sure, Christine isn't one of the creators. But if she did, maybe she told the creators. Although they were asked about only because the show's format works for them and because they've gone the longest without competing, not because they're fan favourites. But I'm sure creators won't bother to check this fact, which makes it even more likely for Katie and Sadie to appear on RR 2.

I think that the next season we'll get will be TD season because we've just had RR. It is possible one of them will return for development, but it's highly unlikely. However, I think RR 2 will be done after that and that's when you should expect to see Katie and Sadie again.

To sum up, they are so obvious choices for RR that is shocks me, and many others, they weren't chosen for the first season. However, there's still a chance, especially after being asked about before RR 1 so much. I'm pretty sure the creators won't forget them now. Although, who knows? If they already did. This and the fact they're not so likely to compete on TD gives them "likely" instead of "very likely" that screams to you when you look at RR and think of them.


  • Returning status: very unlikely
Leonard TDRR Rank

Leonard: Daba doo, daba dee, watch me disappear from the series for eternity!

Despite being the only contestant from the third generation cast to compete more than once, Leonard remains one of the show's biggest fodders. He doesn't really have potential for anything. Conflict with Dave? Already done. Conflict with Noah would be similar, I guess. Possible love triangle between him, Sugar, and Tammy? He wasn't interested in Sugar and he and Tammy seem to be just platonic friends.

Maybe at least some character development? Characters like him are easy to develop. Just make him grow up and realize he's not a real wizard! Jesus, man, you're 16 years old! However, unfortunately for Leonard, there are two things going against this possibility. Firstly, he already returned for RR where he proved he didn't learn a lesson. Secondly, he's one of those annoying fodders that the other contestants will vote off immediately. And he's one of those unintelligent ones that aren't able to last long in RR.

Now for trivial things, he's pretty much Ezekiel of the third cast, except he didn't turn into Gollum. He competed twice, was eliminated in the second episode both times, ranked 18th place. The only difference is that he got to outrank Beardo while the only contestant whom Ezekiel outranked returned later in the season. Your chances aren't high if you're similar to Ezekiel competition wise.

As I mentioned on Beardo's section, he and Beardo were mentioned frequently after their eliminations in TDPI. However, this is most likely something similar to Blaineley's cameos, it was just meant to make you remember them a bit more because they won't return.

Won't return? But Leonard returned for RR after TDPI. Well, sure, he did, but he was a last minute concept. Originally, a team of a magician and his assistant was supposed to compete, but they decided to replace them with the wizard wannabe instead, most likely to save some money by creating one less new character design for the first out. This was also proved early on when Rodney's voice actor said none of TDPI's contestants were going to compete in RR.

And I don't see him coming back to RR either because he was already the first out (you'd expect main characters to return more) and he clearly doesn't fit there. Heck, he doesn't fit to any reality show until he learns that he's not a real wizard. But at least RR was quite realistic, as opposed to TDPI.

To sum up, he already got a chance to return and proved he's unredeemable. He basically pulled off an Ezekiel. And the only reason he returned was to save some money that would be spent on creating a magician character just to eliminate him first. And this means his best magic trick on the show - his disappearance.


  • Returning status: likely

Leshawna: Shawnie ain't givin' up that easily!

Leshawna for some reason gets less focus every time. She was robbed in final five of TDI, then was the first merger eliminated in TDA, then one of the fodders of TDWT, then her planned cameo for TDRI was cut in final version, and then she didn't even make it on TDAS. Wow. And to think a few years ago she was one of the main characters.

Does Leshawna have a reason to return? He*l, yes. Not all fans consider her to be derailed in TDA. Some say it's just realistic portrayal of her making mistakes. But some still consider her derailed there. And even if some don't, everyone agrees TDWT was her worst season, not only competition wise. She's one of Alejandro's victims despite easily telling who's the antagonist in previous seasons (unless it was Justin). And then she beats the sh*t out of Heather because... she tried to warn her about Alejandro? And thus she ruins the friendship they formed at Heather's TDA elimination. Way to ruin your TDA development.

Interaction potential. Her plot with Harold is still confusing. Throughout TDA and TDWT it's implied several times she only sees him as a friend and several times that she's actually attracted to him. Jesus Christ, how was the electric chair in The Aftermath: III able to determine if she tells the truth? And their interaction in exclusive clip in Hawaiian Style implies they're a couple. But you know what? That's not how you confirm an official couple! Cody and Sierra in Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er! can tell you something about it! So she needs to return to officially confirm her relationship status with Harold. New interactions? It'd be nice to see her interact with characters like Anne Maria, Jasmine, and Jo. I'd also love to see her interact with Courtney after she took Gwen's best friend role from her twice. Maybe also more of her interactions with Eva. These two could be even more entertaining than Heather and Leshawna.

But I see her for RR 2 for than for TD now. It'd be harder for her to get a plot now that the main people she interacted with (Gwen and Heather) are kinda done now. Also, RR would allow us to see her relationship with Harold without a need for some complicated and too long plot. She could also enter with her cousin Leshaniqua, which would be basically like Surfer Dudes team (TD veteran and their copy). Heck, even if Tyler if the creators remember they were original Reality TV Pros competing on almost every reality show. But I find the last one very unlikely.

As for trivial aspects, there is one major. She's the only one of TDI's final six to never make it to the final six again and/or win. This kinda stands out, doesn't it? Her cameo was also originally planned for TDRI, which makes me think they didn't forget about her. Heck, how would they?

To sum up, Leshawna needs to have her relationship status with Harold confirmed. She fits RR more nowadays, but still could come back on TD to add some difficulty for the season's antagonist (she usually did). Her being the only one out of TDI's final six to never win stands out much too.


  • Returning status: maybe
HVV Volunteer

Lightning: Lightning volunteers for the next season!
Chris: Nice try, Lightning, but your role is already done.

Lightning is quite an interesting case of a "maybe" character, as you'll see. First, he's the one who's still eager to compete no matter what. Other contestants are usually forced to return by the contract, but he's the one who would be willing to return at any given opportunity.

He's also for sure one of the most classic elements of 2nd gen era due to his "Sha-Bam" catchphrases and third-person speech. However, his third-person speech was abandoned a lot of times in TDAS (i.e. "I'm a hero!" or "I'm an invincibility statue."). If they removed such classic part of him, what will happen next?

His plot with Jo is pretty much finished. He learned she's a girl, he caused her elimination in TDRI, then she got her revenge by eliminating him next season. But it's the type of interaction that will never be boring, as it's never known if they'd work together or backstab each other (like Alejandro and Heather). It'd be even more interesting if Brick played more role in it, like he did in A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste. Except I'm sure Jo would team up with Brick this time. But we've already seen in and it'd be a rehash, so is there any potential for something new? Well, it'd be nice to see him interact with other jocks, like Tyler, and contestants who value winning, like Sky, Courtney, and the Ice Dancers. Lightning doesn't have much chance for some plot, but nice and possibly even funny interactions between him and jocks/contestants who value winning are possible and welcomed by me.

Interesting part is that we've never learned his full name in the show. It's been confirmed Lightning is just his nickname on Fresh TV's page and later Julie Giles revealed his full name. But it was never on the actual show. Such a missed opportunity, especially since he could be embarrassed of his true name (Rudolph), which explains why he goes by his nickname and his third-person speech (forcing everyone to remember him as Lightning and not Rudolph). Although I don't see too much plot from this, it'd be nice thing to have in the actual show and it'd give Lightning some more complex personality. They could also focus more on the pressure his dad puts on him. Both of these are huge character development for a character that is mostly a comic relief.

As I said, Lightning loves to compete. And he sure has a reason to return. In his ending he had to spend part of his money on his leg injury and I'm not sure if it meant he had enough money to fulfill his dreams. If not, he has a reason to return. He has even more reason to return if we go by Cameron's ending. For this reason, I can see him in RR 2. There's one problem though. Who would he team up with? The contestant who interacts with him the most, Jo, hates him. Sure, they could team up, but if they won it'd mean they'd have to share the money with each other, something I'm sure they wouldn't want to do. What about friend from home? Despite his narcissistic personality, he has one friend (as we find out in his Fresh TV's profile), named Thunderbolt. However, his profile page mentions they stopped hanging out because they were tired of people shouting "Mamma Mia!" to them. So I guess this leaves Lightning with no partner for RR 2. Unless he'd compete with his dad, being the next Father & Son team (label may be different though, especially if Dwayne and Junior were to return) and thus showing their father-son relationship that could potentially give Lightning a lot of development (and possibly mention his real name), as I mentioned in paragraph above.

As for trivial aspects, he was one of ballooned All-Stars and as I said many times, at least one of them should return in future season. However, some other ballooned All-Stars (cough Courtney, Duncan, Lindsay cough) are more likely than him.

He was also in the final four in his generation's debut season. All of TDI's final four members made it to the final four again. Scott and Zoey already made it to the final four again. Will the pattern continue? If so, who's more likely to do it first, Cameron or Lightning? Well, Cameron is a creators' pet, but they clearly have trouble with coming up with a purpose for him now after his TDRI development. Guess that leaves Lightning, but... but he can only be used as comic relief fodder now, just like in TDAS. But using him as a fodder again would be a rehash, so... Even if he gets some plot, I doubt he'd reach that far. He was lucky to go under the radar for so long in TDRI, but it was only because Scott targeted other players for being threats (Lightning's lack of intelligence helped him in this case), other people were targeted at the merge, as well as because of a few automatic eliminations. Besides, he's a base breaker type of character. Sure, I've heard creators like him too, but definitely not as much as the Terrible Trio. So does Lightning really have a chance to continue this pattern for 2nd gen cast? Will Cameron steal it form him? Or will the pattern simply end?

To sum up, Lightning will always have the will to compete, that's for sure. The problem is he needs a purpose to return. Most of his interactions would be rehashes now. And even being only a fodder would be a rehash. Sure, he may make it a bit further but not too far, but it can also mean he'll have fate worse than a fodder - he just won't compete. I can see him being willing to compete on RR 2 and his lack of potential for original plot (unless with other TD jocks) for sure makes him fit for the spin-off formula. However, his narcissism bites him in the butt in this case, as he has no one willing to compete with him. The pattern of contestants from their generation's debut season top 4 helps his case, but it may as well be broken nowadays, much like many other past patterns. So each argument for Lightning's return can actually be turned against him.


  • Returning status: very likely

Lindsay: I'm ready to return.

Lindsay may not be part of TD's "Big Five", but she comes close, as the "Sixth Ranger" of their group thanks to competing four times, just like they did. This naturally means she's left a huge impact on the show. You could think the creators have no more ideas for her and she can only be used as comic relief without any plot, as it happened in TDAS. If you do, you're clearly wrong.

Her main potential for an already existing plot, as well as the main reason why I believe we'll see her again soon, is her alleged break up with Tyler. Posts from the creators tend to be of various importance, but this one has the most plot importance of them all, and it'd be a shame if it'd remain as a "Word of God" rather than an official part of an actual season. And since we don't have many couples from 1st gen still ongoing, also judging by Tyler's personality, I assume they'd hook up again at the end, similarly to their plot in TDWT. I've already mentioned such possibility on Beth's part, but if Beth returns too, Lindsay may be involved in some plot where she'd have to choose who's more important for her, Beth or Tyler. Another possibility is some closure to her conflict with Courtney from TDA. It was one of the most major conflict since Courtney's debut in the season until it was replaced with Beth and Courtney. However, eventually Lindsay lost to her... BECAUSE OF AN ACCIDENT! Once their conflict came back in TDAS, she lost again. And it was Courtney's idea to make Lindsay a driver for the challenge. Thus, Lindsay remains as one of a few victims who have never outranked their bullies yet (she outranked Courtney in TDI, but they didn't have a plot back then).

As for new interactions, I could see a friendship with human Dakota. However, Dakota's mutation is apparently pernament, and such interaction would most likely require Dakota to come back to her shallow self, so I guess it's a "nae". I could see her supporting Samey in her conflict with Amy, comparing it to how Heather used her in the first season. Also, a friendship with Kitty if she appeared on TD (interestingly, they share voice actress).

So yeah, Lindsay's biggest plot potential is with Tyler and Beth, her main friends, as well as Samey out of all new interactions. This can be further seen if she was chosen for RR (which I believe is also likely), where she'd most likely end up competing along with Tyler (possibly to resolve their issues by competing together and date again), or with Beth (I bet they'd love to visit France again, this time with no unfortunate accidents).

To begin with trivial aspects, let's start with the fact that she's one of the biggest fan favourites on the show. If Noah competing on RR is any indication, this for sure comes in handy.

Another fact is that she was one of Ballooned All-Stars, and as I said many times, at least one of them needs to return to confirm their life status on-screen. Sure, Lindsay didn't have much significance in TDAS, but think about it differently. Thanks to her early elimination, she avoided being derailed to a greater extent (although she didn't avoid being derailed).

Something connected with this is that Screaming Gophers were always superior in the series. There were more Gophers than Bass in majority of the episodes, only two Bass were finalists, and finally more Gophers competed four times. If you think about it, out of all 1st gen contestants who competed four times, Courtney and Duncan have the biggest chance to return due to still having plot potential. And both are Bass. Sure, this pattern may finally end, like many others did, but it'd be weird to see the number of `1st gen contestants who competed ever time they could be reduced to only two Bass. At least one Gopher should continue competing in all seasons as well. Owen already missed one TD season and fits for RR contestant more now. Heather's main plots are basically all finished. Gwen returned in TDAS finale because her plots are also finished (although some can still continue). Who's the best choice then? Lindsay, who apparently already has one plot planned for her.

To sum up, the fact that the creators apparently have something in store for her and Tyler is the main reason why I believe she'll return. Being a fan favorite and one of less derailed Ballooned All-Stars helps as well. But don't expect she will be the main protagonist. TDA was her best season (like in Beth's and Harold's case), even if she was robbed in the end.


  • Returning status: very likely

Max: Beware, viewers! I am going to take over your television soon! Muahahahahaha!

Very likely for Max? Seems weird considering how Chris eliminated him and Scarlett. However, his case is kinda different than Scarlett's, fortunately for him and unfortunately for his haters.

So Chris disqualified him because he bragged about his villainy. Wow, that's one of the most BS eliminations ever. Chris should be aware Max's pathetic villain and would never be able to do what Scarlett did. Which is exactly why Max is likely to return while she isn't (more about her in her section). I am pretty sure Chris was just irritated at the moment, but is aware of the fact that Max's more of a joke than a villain.

Potential plots? Well, I doubt anyone would want to be his partner, like Scarlett was. However, some villainous contestants could still use an alliance with him. This would be needed for Dave if he was an antagonist, to eliminate Sky. Or for Sugar, who already interacted with him. Max could also easily have a conflict with anyone, especially serious contestants. Or, you know, he may just be a comic villainous fodder, like Lightning was in TDAS.

No chance for him to appear on RR though. Although his only main interaction, despite making it to the final five, was with Scarlett, she definitely wouldn't be allowed to compete. And no one else would want to team up with him. Max would need to come up with an invention that would create his clone in order to compete on RR and chances of that are even less than zero.

So no RR for him and he's more likely to be a fodder on TD next time. But the key reason why I believe he may return are trivial aspects about him. He made it to his generation's debut season's merge. Sure, so did Scarlett who apparently will share Eva's fate, but unlike her, his villainy can't be taken seriously, which doesn't prevent him from coming back plot wise.

There's also the fact that he's one of only seven TDPI contestants who had their facial expressions revealed.

One more thing is that he's Terry McGurrin's favourite. Sure, Terry may not be Tom McGillis, but his opinions are also important. Not to mention that rest of the crew must also like him since he's one of only four contestants to have their individual TDPI trailer. And being the creators' pet increases your chances drastically. It basically means he doesn't even need a plot to return and can be used as a comic relief over and over again (coughOwencough).

To sum up, Max's idiocy is the reason why he still can return despite his villainy, unlike Scarlett. Trivial aspects are also strong arguments in favor of his return, especially being one of the creators' favourite characters.


  • Returning status: very unlikely

Mal: You can laugh now Mike, but this scene, along with your finished plots and controversy, will cause you to never return at all! I TELL YOU!!!

Older fans of the show most commonly seen on this wiki will immediately know the reason of the returning status I gave him, while younger fans most commonly seen on YouTube, but also some fans from DeviantArt may not. Why Mike's chances to return are possibly less likely than fodders like Beardo? Obviously because he's the best example of "Scrappy" of this show. He's considered to be the most controversial character, with the reset button end to his plot in TDAS being considered offensive for real people with mental disorders.

But there are way more reasons than just his hatedom. His plots are finsihed. Twice. First, in TDRI he gets the girl he was dreaming about after all the obstacles and he also defeats his personalities (to be honest he only beats them up, so don't be shocked why his MPD returned next season). Then in TDAS his plot is mostly repeated, except this time the portrayal of his MPD (or DID) is even more unrealistic and this time he defeats his alternate personality in the most anticlimatic way possible. I think we'd be able to forgive the unrealism of his brain scenes (welll, I only tolerate them in TDRI) if he had some epic battle with Mal. But guess what, he didn't. He only punched him with another weird thing and then he disappeared forever due to the reset button. He also finally kisses Zoey and even becomes one of two possible winners of the season, along with his girlfriend. Wow, what a happy ending for him, isn't it? Anyway, without his personalities and already having a happy ending is the reason why plot wise he shouldn't return again.

With this said, there is no more potential for him. His main interaction was with Zoey. He already outranked Scott. His friendship with Cameron is repetitive. No Vito means no more Anne Maria and Mike. It was already shown how he acts after his MPD is gone. There would be no need to bring back normal Mike for another season anyway, as he'd be too boring without his MPD.

Some could say he can still compete in RR with Zoey because you don't need a plot there. To this I say no. Ending of The Final Wreck-ening shows us how he acts with his MPD gone, as I said. He's also too disliked by the older fandom to return at all, as I also already said.

For trivial things you can see on TV Tropes' Put On Bus page that he was apparently confirmed by the creators to never return again due to his controversy. Well, I've never seen such confirmation, so I can't tell if it's true or not. From what I remember it was only older fans' assumption. However, this assumption is actually very likely no matter if the creators confirmed it for real or not.

To sum up, Mike's finished plots and the huge controversy about him are the reason why his chances should actually be considered as huge as Blaineley's. (If I had the link to the "Word of God" about him, I'd actually change his status to "disconfirmed".) Sorry, younger fans. Well, not really. Glad to never see him return again.


  • Returning status: very likely

Noah: Didn't I tell you? We've been asked to do the next season of...

Yeah, the pic speaks for itself. It's one serious hint and creators know that. Although it was deemed to mean nothing somewhere on Twitter/FB/Tumblr, they can do two things with it.

  • A) - it meant something and Noah and Owen are back for next season of TD/RR.
  • B) - Noah meant one of other reality shows he and Owen participated in.

Some of you may wonder why other reality shows would be acknowledged. But it wouldn't be the first time in their goodbye montage. Remember when Owen said he's fine with losing because he already won a million? At first you think it's a reference to TDI. But then you start to think again. Owen won one hundred thousand dollars, not million. He didn't keep his money. Heck, in Gwen's ending he didn't even win! It was either a goof on writers' part along with complete ignoring of Gwen's ending (wouldn't be the first time they favored Owen's ending though), or he simply meant different reality show.

But let's assume Noah meant TD/RR. Why would they return if we've just had RR with them as one of main characters. Well, in this section I'll focus on Noah only. If he was to return for TD, it'd be nice to have Emma be brought back again. It'd be a different show for her and it'd be nice to see if their relationship survives the show with voting ceremonies. They could also form an alliance with Owen. Noah could also show he's indeed a reality TV pro by giving Emma some tips and trying to save her from antagonists' manipulation. Also, Noah has never performed too well on TD itself. As for new interactions, it'd be nice to see him interact with Dave who's also very likely to return. Maybe he would be the one to bring him back to his old self by acting similarly to how Dave originally acted? If Dave was the main antagonist, he could also try to ruin Emma and Noah's relationship, seeing them as a relationship he wanted to achieve - couple of deadpan snarker and a girl who values winning.

If Noah and Owen were to compete in RR 2, he'd most likely team up with Emma this time, so they can compete together for a change without having to form an alliance.

No trivial aspects. Well, the hint was a trivial aspect, but I wanted to discuss it right in the beginning this time.

To sum up, Noah's last words before Reality TV Pro's departure are some serious hint. Sure, he may have meant another reality tv show. But his relationship with Emma can still continue and he was never a main character on TD, so he still has a reason to return, even after being central focus for a huge part of RR.


  • Returning status: very likely

Owen: But I'd rather compete on...

Owen is one of TD's Big Five and is the only comic relief out of the group. He's also TD's mascot, meaning he can return any time. You'd think he already had enough chances to compete. Heck, as of RR he holds the record of most competing episodes again. You'd think they'll finally stop using him. But apparently they don't want to. They just can't be bored by one of their biggest (not referring to body mass) examples of creators' pet.

As I said in Noah's section, the hint at the end of their RR elimination may mean nothing (another show), but it's also very likely it was a reference to either TD or RR. And if they apparently want to bring Owen back for the fifth time, let's see what he can be used for.

As I said in Izzy's section, it'd be nice to see what actual Izzy thinks about their break up. Is there a chance they'd hook up again? Or did they move on, as suggested by the fact they haven't interacted for years (in-universe too)? Another possibility is an alliance with Noah and Emma who are likely to return for the same season with Owen. Possibly no new interactions, at least not important ones because I bet he'd eliminated early to not overuse him too much.

That's it. Nothing more. No more to analyze. I can only add a fact he was one of a few contestants to have a cameo in both TDRI and TDAS.

To sum up, Owen's chances of returning are exactly the same as Noah's due to the hint at the end of their elimination in RR. He'll most likely be just a fodder this time because being given five chances to compete and making it far every time would be too much. He'll possibly stay for about as long as he was obviously planned to stay in original plans for TDAS (4 episodes, instead of Sam).


  • Returning status: unlikely

Rodney: I hope I get some plot with Heather...or Gwen...or Lindsay. Or Courtney. Or Jen. Or Sammy. Or Amy. Or...

Rodney's case is similar to Staci's. Both are gimmicky fodders who actually have potential.

There's a lot ways in which Rodney's gimmick may actually be used for some proper plot or even character development. He could become attracted to antagonistic female, get used by her throughout the season, and possibly finally realize her true self late in the game. He could finally be in proper relationship if any girl returned his feelings (who would though?). He could even be the reason of some love triangle. He could also finally grow up and realize how to act around girls.

But unfortunately for him, all of these examples would require the creators to pay attention to him, which seems unlikely. Amy returned episode after his elimination. Leonard competed on RR. Beardo was frequently mentioned and pictured throughout TDPI. Meaning we haven't got a mention about Rodney for the longest time and making him technically the worst contestant of TDPI as a result.

Interestingly, he also lost because of an animation goof. Scarlett's point was incorrectly given to the opposing team and the score remained incorrect for rest of the episode that shouldn't have happened. Wow, he's more robbed than anyone else. But this tells you how much they "care" about him.

He's also of one those TDPI contestants whose facial expressions weren't revealed. He didn't make it to merge either.

He's also possibly most despised TDPI contestant. Heck, a lot of fans criticize him even on FB group. A group that Christine Thompson watches. So she can give the crew fans' opinions.

To sum up, Rodney has a lot of potential despite being gimmicky character. The problem is creators already barely acknowledge him. His poor performance in TDPI doesn't help either. Being the Scrappy of third gen cast is even worse for his chances. But his potential at least gives him "unlikely" instead of "very unlikely".


  • Returning status: very unlikely
Sam Funny Noises

Sam: Has anyone seen my original personality?

Sam shockingly had his good moments in his debut season and even got to appear in more than half of the season. He was also involed in one of the two official couples of the season. Unfortunately, he became invisible in TDAS and his only role was being a pain magnet. He already got his second chance and he wasted it.

So is there any potential left for him? No. TDAS clearly proves that. His only interaction source is Dakota and she's not coming back. He had minor one-sided conflict with Scott (apparently mutual as of the finale), but Scott has more important conflicts. This basically leaves Sam with nothing else. Although if he was about to get some new plot, I think it'd be friendship with someone like Cameron or Harold. But I highly doubt it.

RR 2? Well, the only person he could compete with, besides some gamer friend, is Dakota. And since Dakota isn't coming back for TD, she's definitely not coming back for RR either. And there are more interesting characters to bring back for RR. Plus, judging how he hates running (Ice Ice Baby anyone?), I doubt he'd sign up for this show. Sorry, Sam, no chances for you in RR.

Trivial aspects? Sam wasn't even originally supposed to compete in TDAS. He clearly replaced Owen (especially in Food Fright). If he already got a chance due to last-minute change and got no role at all, I doubt he can count on coming back for third season.

He was one of Ballooned All-Stars, and as I said many times, it's very likely we'll see some of them again, however Sam is definitely not the one. There are others who are more likely, like Courtney, Duncan, Lindsay, and Scott.

To sum up, Sam's no role in TDAS, as well as being added to the cast in later version (like Leonard in RR) clearly proves the creators don't know what else to do with him and brought him back only so Owen wouldn't be overused. But don't count on this happening again, Sam. Creators love bringing back Owen again. And you are left with no more potential, as TDAS clearly proves.


  • Returning status: very unlikely
Scary Scarlett

Scarlett: I don't care what you say, I'LL COME BACK ANYWAY!!!

I know what some of you may think - how could Scarlett be very unlikely, Art?! She made it to her generation's debut season's merge! Mergers of their generation's debut season always come back! Well, as I've said a lot of times, we've already had one exception, Eva. Looks like we're gonna have another.

The problem with Scarlett's return is that it'd go against the plot. CHRIS disqualifies her for her act of villainy. This most likely not only means her elimination in TDPI, but also no chances of returning ever. He said she's "more eliminated than that beatbox guy for a reason. How can you be more eliminated than someone who ranked the lowest place? Oh yeah, not return at all.

But let's assume Chris brings her back for ratings. Maybe next season won't take place on Pahkitew Island, so she wouldn't be able to take control of it, which means Chris could actually bring her back. What would be the point of it? Anyone would vote her off immediately, remembering she attempted a murder on final five contestants (and possibly some interns). The only way she could make it past the first elimination is if feral Ezekiel was on her team. But we all know feral Ezekiel won't compete.

It's also very likely she's been sent to juvie after her actions. Or some mental hospital. Chris may release Duncan from prison for TDAS finale, but I doubt he'd release Scarlett, judging by their last interaction.

No chances for RR 2 either. RR is much more realistic show. Heck, if Chris doesn't want her to compete again, Don wouldn't want her on his show even more. And who'd want to compete with her? Any friend from home or family member must be scared of her right now if they didn't find out about her true self earlier. Even Max wouldn't want to team up with her again, seeing her as inferior.

Speaking of which, she's only had one main plot with Max. And she made it to the final six. Wow, Scarlett, truly impressive. Even Ella and Samey had more plots and they were eliminated early.

A trivial aspect that can support my theory she'll be the second merger ever not to return for the next season is that she's the only merger of TDPI to not have her facial expression sheet revealed. Hint much?

To sum up, the way Scarlett's plot ended prevents her from returning as a contestants, especially since even CHRIS doesn't want her to compete. She could still return as a cameo, possible video from juvie, or somehow escaping the juvie (or not if she didn't end up there for some reason), trying to steal the million again and obviously failing again.


  • Returning status: very likely

Scott: Yeah, I meant it. Fang's much worse than Courtney.

It's really interesting to see how Scott changed. In his debut season he was the main antagonist with a very crazy strategy and was hater by majority of the fans. In TDAS, he actually became a bit developed (Evil Dread), became the main comic relief and a lot of fans started to like him, even saying he was the saving grace of TDAS.

As for his potential, pretty much all of his plots from TDRI are finished. The only ones that may be continued would be B and/or Dawn taking revenge on him for their eliminations (Dawn would be more likely for the reasons I stated in her section). Then in TDAS Scott had Courtney as his main interaction source. Their plot was left on cliffhanger with him saying "She wasn't all bad" after everything that happened in Sundae Muddy Sundae. Who didn't think it'd resolve in the finale? But guess what, neither of them returned for the finale. Could this mean it was done on purpose to have this plot properly finished and their relationship status confirmed in their next season? As for new interactions, it'd be nice to see Scott interact with Duncan now that he knows Scottney was a geniue thing. I always wanted to see him interact with past antagonists like Alejandro and Heather, especially the first one due to some trivial similarities between them (both being put in robot suit, etc.), but I guess TDAS wasted this opportunity and it won't be possible again. Also, with Camp Wawanakwa being gone, it means his repetitive "Tom and Jerry" gag with Fang is finished for good, especially now that Fang became interested in someone other than Scott last time we saw him.

There are a few solid trivial aspects for Scott that actually stand in favor of his return. Firstly, as I said in Brick's section, there aren't many 2nd gen contestants that are still liked by the fandom. Brick, Dawn, Jo, and Dakota are for sure still popular. Scott also became well-liked by the fans after TDAS, so if anyone from the controversial 2nd gen is going to return, he's one of those with biggest chances. Keep in mind fans' reaction to characters also decides about their chances to return, as was seen by an example of Noah in RR.

Another thing is that he's one of the "Ballooned All-Stars" who didn't come back for the finale. As I said a lot of times, at least one of them needs to return to automatically confirm on-screen that they're all alive. Having his plot with Courtney left on cliffhanger makes it very possible for both of them to be those Ballooned All-Stars to return.

Staying with the topic of his relationship with Courtney, it's worth adding that this is the only canon relationship between 1st gen and 2nd gen contestants. It would be dumb of them to waste it by making them the shortest canon couple of the series. That's low even for TDAS standards.

To sum up, Scott's main reason why he may return is his only as of TDAS plot left, with Courtney. The way they ended it makes it seem like both will return it to have their status officially confirmed once for good (for now it appears Scott still has one-sided attraction to her). He also has some other past plots that could be continued, and a missed opportunity for a plot with Duncan from TDAS. He's also one of a few 2nd gen contestants left who are still liked by majority of the fans. If anything, expect him on TD, nor RR. He fits TD more and wouldn't have anyone to compete with on RR.


  • Returning status: very likely

Shawn: I just realized Ezekiel is now a zombie!

Shawn is quite an interesting character because he's a mix of both gimmicky character and a serious one. Allow me to explain. It's obvious he's gimmicky like majority of TDPI cast due to his zombie gimmick. However, his gimmick actually caused him to learn a lot of survival skills, he got character development, and was involved in the only romantic plot of the season.

There isn't much potential for something new for Shawn. But they can put more focus on his friendship with Samey, as so far they didn't really have too meaningful interactions. His completely new interaction could be with Ezekiel though. If Zeke makes another cameo appearance in his Gollum form, who'd you expect to react the most? Shawn, obviously. Even if Zeke somehow turns back into human and makes a cameo, Shawn still can remember his zombified form and be scared of him. But his already existing plots can still be continued. It'd be great so see where he and Dave stands as friends after TDPI finale. His relationship with Jasmine can easily continue with the two forming alliance with Samey. And finally, more character development. He was already seen beating Chris's promo bots and robo crocodiles, while picturing them as zombies. He already saved Jasmine while believing other contestants turned into zombies. But... yeah, there's still a but. But he still wanted to build a zombie bunker if he won, which shows he's still somewhat afraid of them. Sure, he splits the money with Jasmine, but that's because he loves her. So did he conquer his fear of zombies or not? It'd be amazing to see him get over his fear of zombies and become a fully serious character, but unfortunately, knowing how most of characters are flanderized in their next seasons, we'll possibly see even more of his fear of the undead (and relationship with Jasmine) than ever. If that's possible.

Although Shawn fits TD more thanks to his survival skills, I could actually still see him on RR with Jasmine as the team of Survivalists.

The main reason why he can return is in trivial aspects. I already posted a link to my old blog covering some patterns, and I could do it again and again. So you can simply go to someone else's section to find it. Anyway, an interesting fact is that contestants who made it to the final 4 of their debut season ALWAYS made it to the final four again. Just look at Duncan, Gwen, and Scott. Heck, some even made it to the final three again, like Owen, Heather, and Zoey. Ok, a lot of patterns were broken after some years, and I don't really see why we'd need another full season of Shawn.

And here comes another pattern. I don't know if Shawn has a chance to make it to the final 4 again (I wouldn't mind though), but he'll for sure at least return. Those who made it to the merge in their debut season (except Eva in TDI) ALWAYS qualified for their second season. There's also the fact that ALL of the finalists (minus Beth) competed in the next season available for their generation.

Shawn is also one of seven TDPI contestants to have their facial expressions revealed.

To sum up, Shawn's high rank in his debut season is the main reason why he can return. Being one of a few important male characters from that season, as well as the only half gimmicky half serious (which means he can appeal to both younger and older fans) helps too. Not to mention that he was a part of the only successful relationship from that season.


  • Returning status: unlikely

So Sierra has an access to Cody's bathroom...

Sierra is an example of a character who's been flanderized even within their first season. In TDA special she was said to be #1 fan of Total Drama, including every character. However, shortly after she became only Cody and Chris-obsessed. It improved at the end of the season where she got some development and at the beginning of TDAS where she came back to her fan #1 persona, but as of third episode it was ruined to make her even more flanderized than ever. Not to mention all of her plots were rehashes. Cameron and Sierra? Rehash of Cody and Sierra minus the development part. Being a mother? Another rehash. Seriously, the creators clearly had no idea what to do with Sierra without Cody and they obviously brought her back only so the addition of TDWT newcomers (minus the surprise contestant) didn't seem like one season wonder.

Is there any potential left for her? Let's start with Cody. Creators have confirmed the reason why Cody was cut from the final version of TDAS is that they believe his plot with Sierra is finished. Except, there actually still is potential here. As I said on Cody's entry, it appears they are more than "best friends" in TDRI's premiere. Judging by the dialogues in TDAS, it appears that they also live together now, or at least in the same neighborhood. And here's where the potential starts. If they do live together, I'm sure Cody only agreed because they grew closer to each other by the end of TDWT. However, he must've watched TDAS and see she's still crazy about him when he's not around. Does it mean he's still willing to live with her for her own mental safety? Or did he decide to move somewhere else, seeing as she's still crazy stalker who now can mistake others for him?

How about Sierra's other interactions? She's not obsessed with Chris anymore as of Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles. Fresh TV said Cody is no longer attracted to Gwen after TDWT (it may have something to do with his "relationship upgrade" with Sierra), so she doesn't have a reason to be jealous of her anymore, and it was proved in TDAS where they had almost zero interactions (mostly due to being on different teams though). Alejandro won't be main antagonist again, so a conflict with him almost completely vanished. So did her mixed interactions with Heather. Attraction to Cameron happened only because she wasn't in touch with Cody at the time. See what I'm talking about? All of her main interactions are finished. And the only one where there is still some potential, with Cody, was said to be finished as well. I don't see any potential for a new plot either, although as fan #1 she could interact with anyone.

Well, there is one potential for her. Her great knowledge about TD. Fans were disappointed she wasn't antagonist who used it as her strategy. Heck, she at least could be a threat for the antagonist because of it. But it was wasted too. There is a chance she could get such role in the next season(s), but it seems rather unlike, as they already wasted the opportunity and she never used it for her advantage. She'd also most likely would end up being antagonist fodder due to the antagonist finding her a threat if such role was used for her.

Fortunately for Sierra and unfortunately for her haters, there's still a chance for RR 2. You don't need complicated plot there. And being one of those whose 95% of screen time revolves around one character, Sierra fits perfectly. Not to mention she was a fan of TD, so she should be a fan of the spin-off as well, especially since it's hosted by someone else than Chris. If not with Cody (as their plot is said to be finished), she can still compete with her mom (as suggested by PicO! in the comments) due to both being TD fans and her mom being frequently mentioned and only seen in one of online games.

The only trivial thing that I didn't mention by the way is that she was one of the Ballooned All-Stars, and as I said many times, some of them should return to confirm on-screen they are all still alive. But there are some others who deserve it more than Sierra does.

Oh, there's also the fact that she was seen with short ponytail last time we saw her (wow, her hair grows back even slower than Heather's). As I believe, everyone should be back to normal by the last season. However, as I said in Heather's case, this hair thing isn't important argument. And in this case you know her hair will grow back to its original form eventually. Losing hair is not turning into a mutant.

To sum up, all of Sierra's plots are finished. However, she still has a chance to compete with Cody on RR 2, where more of their background information about living with each other cold be revealed. Creators said Cody's plot with her is finished in their opinion, but you don't need a plot to compete in RR. It'd be also a good chance to see her back with her original hairstyle, although it's not that important to decide about one's chances to return.


  • Returning status: very likely
Sky bag

Sky: Which way will my plots go?

Sky's section can be summed up as a mix of Shawn's and Dave's sections, as she was in TDPI's final four as a finalist and has obviously not finished plot that will for 99.99% be the reason of her return in the very next season.

Sky's plot with Dave is also going to be continued for 99.99%. Read Dave's section to see the ways I can see their plot go to. I didn't mention Dave eliminating Sky early on, but if they decided to make him the main antagonist, I doubt that'd happen.

Other plots? Well, I'm sure most focus will be put on her interactions with Dave. But she can still continue her friendship with Jasmine, especially if they were on the same team. As a result, she can also continue friendship with Shawn and befriend Samey, maybe even be a part of their alliance. Continuation of her conflict with Sugar is also very likely, especially if the Honey Boo Boo parody teamed up with Dave against Sky.

New plots? It'd be nice to see her interact with other jocks and/or contestants who value winning, like Lightning, Tyler, Jo, Eva, Heather, Courtney. I'm sure not all of them are possible, especially considering others' chances of returning, but some of them are.

As for trivial things, she made it to the merge, heck, she was a finalist! As I said a lot of times, this already basically confirms her return on the next TD season. Even more, she was a part of her generation's debut season's final four, which means it's likely she'll make it to the final four again (especially if Dave was the main antagonist).

She's also one of only seven TDPI contestants to have their facial expressions revealed.

To sum up, Sky has like 99.99% chances to come back because of being in her generation's debut season's merge, final 4, and the finale, and mostly due to having clearly unfinished plot with Dave that can be continued in many ways.


  • Returning status: unlikely
Seeya Staci

Staci: But I have potential for a good plot and character development!
Chris: Yeah, yeah, another blatant lie.

Unlikely? Staci? Not very unlikely? Well, I'll get to that quickly. As for her contribution so far she hasn't done much. She was clearly designed to be that annoying first boot and was the first character whose entire purpose was only her gimmick (later more often seen in TDPI). Heck, she wasn't even Scott's victim. Even her gimmick was very one-note. I mean, as a compulsive liar she could be lying about everything, right? Her description on European CN sites mentioned she lies even when asked a question "Is that your shoe?" or something like that. Yet on the show she was only lying about her family's achievements. Her only different lie was "But I was doing so good". Wow, such a wasted opportunity, even for a joke character.

But Staci is one of those gimmicky characters who actually have potential. I've read some opinions that she could be an antagonist because, as a liar, she could cause some drama in relationships, etc. However, she's clearly not a villainous person. Her lying habit is more of "annoying first boot" than "antagonist" thing. But I can see her having a different role. She could easily be the antagonist's foddder aka one of those contestants who find out antagonist's true self and try to warn the others, but fail. In her case she simply wouldn't be trusted because of her constant lying. This could even make the other become even more obvlivious to the antagonist's true self. That is if that antagonist wouldn't be so obvious to everyone, like Heather was. Her "Cassandra truth" plot could also develop her character. Perhaps seeing how no one trusts her even when she's right would make her realize her flaws and change? That is some serious development potential here. Of course that plot wouldn't have to be long, but it's still something I look forward.

However, if the creators wouldn't want to use such plot, then RR would be better for her than TD. She could easily compete with one of her family members, even if they'd be one of fodder pairs.

As for trivial aspects, the last time we saw her she was still bald. I'm pretty sure her hair grew back to original form by TDAS, as she had short hair, but my point is, as I mentioned several times, if I were the creator, I'd like to bring back everyone to normal. This would require such character to appear on-screen. Of course, that isn't some important thing and she could simply have a cameo appearance to show that her hair grew back.

To sum up, it's hard for characters like Staci to be noticed by the creators nowadays. However, unlike other fodder characters, she has potential for a plot that could even develop her outside of her label. She also perfectly fits for RR contestant. Being bald last time we saw her is another reason why it'd be nice to see her again, this time with her hair back, although this reason doesn't require her to return as a contestant. It's all speculation here, no plots to be continued for her. It's only a matter of whether the creators will notice her potential or not.


  • Returning status: very likely
Evil amusing.

Sugar: You think I won't be in the next season? LMAO... literally!

Sugar is one of the examples of true base breakers of TD. Some hate her for her type of comic relief that can be dubbed as "an evil version of Owen", while some love her for it.

Although a lot of things she did would (or should) have happened even without her help (I may explain in the comments), Sugar still left a huge impact on the season and has some plots that can be continued. Firstly, her conflict with Ella. Ella didn't have a chance to have the upper hand in their conflict and lost because of her. As I said a few times, members of a lot of conflict returned for another season and this time their ranks were reversed (as in someone who lost in the first season outranked the other one this time). Sugar also has another conflict with Sky. I can see the continuation of their rivarly, especially if Dave would become the main antagonist and/or seek revenge on Sky. Sugar could team up with him, knowing he'd be the only one to vote for her early in the game. As for potential new plots, perhaps some new rivarly with a past antagonist? Heather? Or any good looking girl, like Lindsay? Both options would match Sugar's label.

I can also see her in possible RR 2, although not as much as in another season of TD. She could compete with someone whe met at one of her pegeant contests or a family member.

Trivial aspects? Heck, there are many. And all of them speak in favour of Sugar. Firstly, she and Max were the only characters to get their individual promo trailers for the season. Guess who then became the main comic reliefs of the season and who were designed to be laughed at (and thus liked) by children. As a result, producers seem to love her too, which means she can come back, even not having a new plot and reusing her gimmick. She is an "evil Owen" for a reason after all.

But popularity among the crew and the younger audience (which is the prime target audience nowadays) is not all. Remember my blog about patterns that may be useful while trying to figure out who may come back for another season? Mergers of their debut season have huge chances to come back (unless they're Eva). Sugar made it past the merge. Contestants who made it to the top 4 or even 3 will most likely make it there again. Although it seems unlikely for me she'd become finalist of the next season or even that she'd rank fourth place, it's still likely if producers decided to blindly follow these patterns.

Sugar is also one of seven TDPI contestants to have their facial expressions revealed.

To sum up, her role in her debut season, as well as her placing and some patterns are the main reason why we should expect to see Sugar next time on TD. She also has some rivarlies that can be continued and potential for new ones.


  • Returning status: unlikely
Commercial break

Topher: Returning as a contestant? Pfft! I want to return as a host!

Topher was a very unique contestant in a way. Like most of TDPI characters he only had one main plot with only one character. But in his case pretty much 99,99% of his interactions are with Chris. This is especially weird as he's the only one who barely interacts with the contestants. Heck, even Ezekiel, who's main plot is also with Chris, interacted with other contestants, both in human and feral form. Topher still had some other VERY minor interactions, but they completely weren't important. The one with Jasmine? Only because the cave-in forced them to team up. Also, not important. Minor conflict with Scarlett in his last episode, minor conflict with Sugar (one-sided on her side). And a presumed ship tease with Amy and Samey (also one-sided as if).

Plot potential? NONE! His plot already overstayed its welcome. It could've been way shorter. And his final episode basically puts an end to his plot. Adding him on another season to continue it would be a huge sin from the creators. Can't see him in RR either because who he'd team up with? Maybe he could team up with Chris to take Don's role as a host, but there are two major problem. RR is more realistic and focuses more on competition, so such plot wouldn't really fit. Also, I doubt Chris would want to become a contestant to do so. And while his lack of interactions with others means he could get any new one, he didn't seem so eager to interact with his fellow contestants.

Well, there is no hope for him if he does not change. In Dip's words, "every eyecandy competed in at least 2 seasons so far. Well, that's rather minor detail, and while I consider it pure accident, it reminded me of something. Topher is considered a handsome guy by the fans. In the show it's actually never addresed. They could actually change his role by expanding his interactions with Amy and Samey. They could make both Amy and Samey actually attracted to him on-screen. Or only Samey. In either case Amy would be trying to ruin her sister's chances with the handsome guy. Not that she'd have to try too much, given that her crush would most likely end once Samey gets to know Topher better. As for Topher, I doubt he's into nice girls like Samey. But he could be attracted to Amy. Such plot would however require him to completely change his role, losing his "Chris Wannabe" label. Some contestants already had their label changed, but never so drastically.

Trivial things? Hmm... He is the last contestant eliminated before the merge. Interestingly, in 3 out of 4 cases, the last contestant eliminated pre-merge returned for another season (Harold, Heather, and Gwen did, while Dakota did not). Topher still has a chance to share Dakota's fate, especially since some other non-mergers were more important than him (twins and Ella), but since Max and Scarlett might not return, this gives more spots for more non-mergers. Naturally, if I were a creator, my first thought would be the highest ranking non-merger.

There's aslo the fact he was the first contestant to appear in 3rd gen's debut season's intro. Also, after being pushed off by Chris he did end up in water off-screen. Guess who else appeared underwater and were first contestants showed in their gen's debut season intro. Exactly, Owen and Cameron, who are both screenhoggers of their respective generation casts. Would it be the same for Topher as a result? I don't think so. He was in the water but only off-screen. Also, as of TDAS intro, more contestants appear first/underwater.

What's worth mentioning is that, while not on this wiki, Topher still has a lot of fans. He's still mostly beloved for the fact majority of users believed he would be the first LGBT character on the show (well, first one used for something more than a joke).

To sum up, his only plot has already ended and it'd be repetitive if continued. He might have a bit potential due to Amy and Samey's presumed crush on him and their huge chances to return, but if he was used for other purpose he wouldn't be "The Chris Wannabe" anymore. So overall, his return chances as a contestant are very small. That's not to say I can't see him making a cameo appearance and actually succeeding in taking the host's role somehow... but only for one episode.


  • Returning status: maybe
Trent tied to the front of the bus

Trent has been put on bus... literally.

Talking about Trent's contribution so far I obviously can't skip her. Gwen, Gwen, Gwen, Gwen, Gwen, Gwen, Gwen, Gwen, Gwen. Trent was even more of a satelite character than Zoey, which is even more visible once he becomes out of focus after their break up (save for TDA Aftermaths). Of course, he still interacted with some others, but his other interactions weren't as important or were done with other characters as well. I mean, his friendship with Lindsay? Never went anywhere (besides Lindsay replacing him as Killer Grips leader). Friendship with Cody despite being in love triangle? Later seen with Ella and Sky. Conflict with Duncan? One of Duncan's countless conflicts and a plot only important when Gwent drama was happening in TDA. Katie and Sadie being attracted to him? So they were to Justin and Alejandro. Being eliminated by Heather in TDI? So were many others. Friendship with Owen? He shared a role of his best friend with Cody in TDI, then it was replaced for Duncan in TDA and Noah as of TDWT. Also, a plotline of a friend accidentally ruined his friend's relationship was later used again with Dave and Shawn. See? The only reason that made Trent stand out some more was his relationship with Gwen, which has ended several years ago.

Potential? Well, there are a few ways in which Trent's character can go now.

  1. Gwen and Trent will reunite - Remember their moment in Aftermath Aftermayhem? Such a sweet scene and a hope spot for Gwent shippers. Now that she broke up with Duncan it's possible for them to reunite. Keep in mind she's the main person he interacted with so far. Also, it's not impossible for them to not hook up again after their break up. Courtney and Duncan broke up and reunited several times. Bridgette and Geoff also broke up and quickly reunited. Even Harold and Leshawna appears to be a thing again, judging by exclusive clip of Hawaiian Style. Why shouldn't one of the most memorable couple from the first season? Especially now that we only have two original couples still going (or even only one, counting what Fresh TV said about Lyler).
  2. Trent moves on and finds another girlfriend - He's already moved on. Both did. Why should they use the same plot again? Repeating plots is what often caused negative feedback from the fans. So if they'd like to use Trent again, he can always find another girlfriend. Another nice loner, like Samey? A girl interested in music, like Ella? A completely new character? Keep in mind he said he got tons of letters from his fangirls in The Aftermath: I and was seen having some off-screen relationship with unknown girl in TDA special.
  3. Trent moves on and remains single - What's a better way to develop a character than let them be on their own? However, it'd be the most unlikely option. Trent's personality doesn't make him stand out too much, so if he remained single, he wouldn't have an interesting plot, which means he most likely wouldn't be brought back in this case. Which is exactly what's happening for him since Gwent's break up.
  4. Courtney uses him to make Gwen jealous - No matter which of the options mentioned above would be chosen, this one can still happen. A lot of fans shipped them when Duncan and Gwen were bonding and eventually became a couple. Of course, Courtney and Trent wouldn't date each other. Courtney once said she thinks he's a loser and she seems to have a taste in bad boys. As for Trent, maybe with TDI Courtney it'd be possible, but definitely not with TDA Courtney. Using this plot would require Courtney to become TDA Courtney again. This wouldn't be something her fans would look forward (considering they want her to be finally developed for good), but this plot is just a potential idea. Anyway, the idea is that she uses Trent to make Gwen jealous, just like she did with Tyler to Duncan.

Wow, Trent's potential section is written in original way. :P What would be also nice is to have Trent react to Duncan and Gwen's break up no matter which of the option above is chosen. (Especially if it'd be the option about them reuniting.)

Anyway, the cool musician also has chances to compete in RR. He can choose some of his friend and be labelled as the Musicisans/Artists. If he and Gwen reunite on TD, they'd have a chance to return for RR. Even if not, they may still sing up for RR, as they were shown to be friends. Who knows, maybe they'd reunite on RR, not TD?

Trivial things? Hmm... The only one that comes in my mind is that recently Geoff, who also competed last time in early episodes of TDA just like Trent, returned for RR. This shows the creators remember about characters who competed in TDA for the last time. Trent has gone without competing for almost as long as Geoff, being eliminated only three episodes after him and not returning ever since. Could bringing back Geoff, who hasn't been used for a while, remind the creators of Trent's similar fate? (Even worse as Geoff was at least the host of the Aftermaths.)

To sum up, Trent indeed revoles around Gwen only, which is why he became out of focus once they broke up. This means there are three options his character can go now - come back to Gwen now that she's a single again, find a new girlfriend (which he already started doing as seen by TDA special), or remain a single and simply be developed (the least likely option considering his personality doesn't make him stand out too much). If it'd be the last one, his chances would be very low. If it'd be the first two (especially the first given by how Gwent is still one of the most popular pairings), his chances are very high.


  • Returning status: very likely

Tyler: Hi. I wanted to make an official announcement. I'd never break up with my Lindsay!

Tyler is one of the most underused characters from the original cast. Quite ironic considering that he was one of the main characters in the original version. What exactly happened that one of the main characters of the original version became a minor character in the final version? Anyway, you may be shocked I put Tyler's chances as so high despite his rather small role in the series. Well, obviously underdogs of TD can surprise us any time.

Let's have a look at his only plots so far. Besides playing a role as a witness of Duncan and Gwen's "crime," Tyler had main interactions only with Lindsay and Alejandro, with his main interaction source being Lindsay. It's very interesting that out of all couples from the first generation cast they got the least screentime together. Tyler was eliminated early in TDI, didn't compete in TDA and TDAS (where Lindsay was the first out early anyway), and Lindsay was eliminated early in TDWT. This means their plot can actually continue without being dried out. You may have also heard the rumours by Fresh TV, confirmed also by Tom McGillis if I recall correctly, that Lyler broke up. Many of the fans don't consider it canon because of it never being mentioned on the actual show. That's the main reason why I believe that's not the end we see from Lyler. The rumour said they broke up after Lindsay once forgot Tyler's name in front of his parents. Well, while I don't believe they'd break up over something such stupid, it's interesting to see Tyler's parents don't approve of his girlfriend. Unfortunately, plots like this won't make it to the show, unless Tyler mentions his parents' dislike of Lindsay in the confessional. And here's a good plot source. They may have broken up, possibly only due to Tyler's parents views, but they for sure still love each other! Heck, they're the only couple from the first generation cast to never break up at any point in the actual series! And correct me if I'm wrong, but 1st gen contestants are already adults. Lyler doesn't have to break up just because of Tyler's parents opinion. Anyway, my point is that their plot could be about them still loving each other and becoming an official couple again.

Speaking of potential plots that I decided to use for My Season, another interesting thing is that we've never seen Beth and Tyler interact (with the only exception is when the contestants cheer for the winner in TDA finale, but that's a minor one). I can't speak for everyone, but for me those "trio's" dynamics are interesting to see. And by "trios" I mean couples and their best friend, like Gwen and Trent and Leshawna, Izzy and Owen and Noah, Mike and Zoey and Cameron, Jasmine and Shawn and Samey, Courtney and Scott and Gwen, etc. It's interesting to see whether a certain character values more their loved one, their friend, or values them equally. And it's interesting to see their loved one and friend's interactions. Beth and Tyler had no interactions. Both haven't competed for a long time. Both possibly also haven't seen each other for a long time (I assume Beth and Lindsay live far away from each other and Tyler hasn't seen her at least for a while after their break up). That's a chance for an interesting plot here! Would they compete for Lindsay's attention due to not seeing her for a long time? Would they become friends? How great the trio's friendship may become?

Not to mention that future seasons could expand Tyler's friendly nature more. He's the nicest jock in the series! Just look at how devoted to saving Owen he was in The EX-Files - he climbed an electric fierce, ignoring the pain, for him! Besides a loyal friend, he's also a loyal boyfriend, as we could see even in the very same episode. He loves Lindsay despite her attractions to Justin, Alejandro, and even a slight one to Trent back in TDI days. Wow, that's very loyal. His loyality should play a key role some day. Heck, Tyler could have a chance to become one of the protagonists of some season, maybe even finally earning an Everyone page on our wiki.

Besides his interactions, there's something more. Tyler is one of the most memorable pain magnets of the show. What I'm trying to point out here is that TD loves "underdog plots" where some character goes against all odds to achieve something, i.e. reaching the finale. Just look at Owen, who despite being gross and not too sporty, managed to make it to the finale of TDI. Just take a look at Cameron, who despite not being physically strong, made it to the finale in TDRI. Tyler's clumsiness make's him an underdog too. And I'll repeat some of my previous arguments here again. Both Owen and Cameron made it so far thanks to having a lot of friends and never being seen as a threat. I've already mentioned how much of a loyal friend Tyler is. See what I'm trying to talk about here? If only given more screen time, Tyler would have both friends and wouldn't be seen as a threat, which could make him easily make it far. I'm not sure if he's a finalist potential (though he'd be an awesome underdog winner), but he'd definitely make it far. Just take a look at TDWT. He was only eliminated because Duncan was annoyed at him for revealing his secret, and because the creators made Alejandro vote for him rather than Owen, his much more useless ally who's also started noticing his true nature, for some reason. This means that in a season without that love triangle drama and Owen, Tyler would actually have a chance to make it farther.

And now onto some trivial facts. As I pointed out at the beginning, Tyler was one of the main characters in the prototype version of TDI. He was also planned to have a cameo appearance in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, but the idea was cut from the final version. Why the producers end up stealing Tyler's screen time so much? Will it continue to the point when Tyler won't be used again? Or does it mean they're actually saving something for the lovable jock?

There was also an incident when Julie Giles was once asked if Tyler would compete in RR. She responded with something like "Tyler? Is that supposed to be a contestant's name? If so, no." While some assumed this means the creators forgot about Tyler's existence, some assumed she only said so because someone in the crew may be named Tyler and she could confuse the question. But you know what? I don't care about any of the versions! Julie Giles isn't one of the creators of the show! The fact that she could have forgotten him doesn't mean the actual creators did.

Another trivial thing I wanted to talk about. Even if Tyler will have no new plots in the future, he can easily become a contestant in potential next seasons of RR. He, just like Noah and Owen, was shown to compete on numerous other reality shows alongside Leshawna. This means he can appear in RR2, as a member of "The Reality TV Pros 2.0" team, either with Lindsay or Leshawna. Keep in mind this show focuses more on the competition theme rather than on contestants' interactions, so it's a good format for someone with not too many plots like Tyler.

As the last trivial thing, I'd like to point out what RBW wrote in the comments - his line "This was my best season yet" from exclusive clip of The EX-Files. You may think he's refering to the fact that TDWT was way better for him than TDI or especially TDA. But it can be also interpreted, due to the "yet" part, that it's not the last season we've seen of Tyler, and that thus he'll make it even better in the next one, making it at least to the sixteenth episode and maybe even lasting to the merge this time.

To sum up, thanks to not being used too much, Tyler has a lot of plot potential left. Recent Fresh TV rumours (that are actually very major, unlike confirmation of things like Gwen's natural hair color, etc.) show that his main plot can be continued as well. His friendly and loyal nature makes him a good candidate for a future protagonist. And his goofy nature would also make it easy for him to make it far, hiding past the radar, like some other underdog contestants did. While despite his potential Tyler appears to have a bad luck when it comes to competing in TD, he can actually return as a contestant in RR.


  • Returning status: unlikely
Finders Creepers (36)

Zoey: I'm sorry I turned out to be such controversial character. I'm sorry for Mike, too.

A lot of you will probably say she can't return because, ew, it's Zoey. And Mike's even more unlikely to return than her, how could she return if he doesn't?

Ok, true, Zoey's character depends on Mike as much as Trent on Gwen. However, much like another member of the "Terrible Trio", Cameron, she's had way more interactions with others than Mike. But unlike Cameron, most of her main interactions are still connected to Mike somehow, like friendship with Cameron and Duncan, or conflict with Anne Maria and Scott. Basically the only main one that had nothing to do with Mike was her friendship with Gwen. Her minor conflict with Lightning at the end of TDRI counts as well.

Since Mike's very unlikely to return, she'd need something that doesn't revolve around him to have a chance to return. Sure, she's loved by younger fans, just like her boyfriend, but that's not enough. With 84 contestants, they need a proper reason to bring someone back. And it's hard finding one for Zoey. Mostly because she was one of two protagonists of both TDRI and TDAS. Heck, she appeared in all episodes of both of her season and competed in all but one. Does she really need to return then? She's already biggest screenhog of her generation.

Well, TDAS dumbed her down A LOT. She could come back for redemption to show she's not that stupid. However, she always could easily be tricked by the antagonists, so I doubt it could happen. Sure, she easily could gain new friends, such as Bridgette or Samey, but she already has a lot of friends and already was the main protagonist. She could also be used as one of fodders for the main antagonist because she's so naive. Well, that's the only role I could see for her at this point.

Well, this and continuation of her friendship with Gwen. The problem is that Gwen has many other main interaction sources. Coming to trivial aspects by the way, she hoped she would be on the same team with Gwen at the end of The Bold and the Booty-ful. Could this be a hint? Then again, both Gwen and Zoey, along with Cameron, respond with "NO!" when Mike asks them if they'd like to compete one more time at the end of the finale. Two polar opposite hints. Then again, her plot is already completed, especially as of TDAS due to winning in her ending.

It'd be easier for her to return with Mike for RR. RR is much more realistic and now that we won't get more of scenes inside his brain it could be possible, couldn't it? Well, I doubt it could. This doesn't change the fact both are still disliked by older fandom. Sure, they want to appeal more to younger fans now, but RR actually paid attention to both. And Mike with no alternate personalities competing along with Zoey would make them even blander than ever.

There's also the fact she was really problematic for the writers to write. Remember Total Drama Reloaded cast? Molly was confirmed not to be Dawn's prototype. You'd assume she was her because everyone else was taken and she was talking to some small creature. But it could be some small rock and her imaginary friend. This would fit Zoey from Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er! who said she doesn't have any friends and hopes to find them on TD. But original Zoey was confirmed to be that retro chick with glasses, hence Zoey's label as "The Indie Chick." As you can see, final Zoey was supposed to be combination of both original Zoey and Molly - the Indie Chick that has no friends. However, we've never seen her as an actual Indie Chick. Her friendless background was quickly forgotten to focus on her relationship with Mike, to the point that she turned down two potential friends. See? Creators had huge problems with deciding how her role should actually look like. In the end, she became Mike's girlfriend and someone who has no trouble with making new friends despite her background information.

To sum up, thanks to getting more screen time than any other 2nd gen contestant, her role is fulfilled. She doesn't really have many reasons to return, unless it'd be redemption for her, which seems unlikely due to her naive personality. She could still be used for new friendships (or continuation of the one with Gwen) to show she's not only about Mike. But chances of that are also low. Being hated by older fandom doesn't help much.

RR cast

Donculous RaceBig

So many contestants to choose from.

Competing on Total Drama

Well, it's easier to deduce who may appear on Total Drama. It'll be similar to Quest's blog. The minimal age of contestants for TD is 16 as we find out due to every generation cast being 16 years old in their debut season. Since the first generation is now 19 years old (confirned by the ages of Geoff, Noah, and Owen in RR), it's the maximum age. Although I think an exception can be made for Emma, who's 21 years old, due to being in relationship with TD contestant.

Who does that leave? Leonard (16), Tammy (16), Ellody (19), Mary (19), Laurie (17), Miles (17), Taylor (17), Jay (16), Mickey (16), Chet (17), Lorenzo (17), Rock (18), Spud (18), Noah (19), Owen (19), Crimson (17), Ennui (17), Brody (17), Geoff (19), Carrie (18), Devin (18), Emma (21), Kitty (18), MacArthur (18), and Sanders (17).

But I doubt dividual characters have tham much of a chance to compete on TD. Keep in mind Katie and Sadie competed in only one season. Amy and Samey's return is likely, but it's because their plot wasn't properly finished. So I guess only these "more important" members of the teams will return. Who would it be?

Leonard, Ellody, Laurie, Taylor, Mickey, Chet/Lorenzo (they're equal), Rock, Ennui, Geoff, Carrie, Emma, and MacArthur. It's hard to deduce which TV Pro is more likely, as both have some plot potential. Noah also clearly got more focus in RR, but Owen was more competent teammate. So I assume if Emma competed on TD, it'd be Noah. If Emma and Noah returned for RR 2 instead, it'd be Owen and Kitty for TD.

Well, the choice is still huge. Can it be shortened even more? Yes. Judging by their potential and finished plots. Leonard is a fodder and only competed on RR as a result of last-minute change, so I guess he's out. Laurie had a hard time on RR and TD is even more brutal, but I think she actually may compete "for Mother Eart". Taylor's plot with her mother is finished and I doubt she'd want to compete on TD. I doubt any of the Adversity Twins would return, as we have plenty of pain magnets and underdogs on Total Drama. Since it's impossible to choose from the Stepbrothers and their plot is over, they're both out. The Goths shouldn't be overused, as if overdone, their comedy may turn into godplay easily. Thus, I don't think Ennui should return alone. Not to mention I doubt he'd be eager to compete on TD, especially without Crimson. Both Best Friends would have to return, so I doubt Carrie would compete without Devin, especially now that they're in relationship.

Who doeas that leave? Ellody, Laurie, Rock, Noah/Owen (both?), Geoff, Emma/Kitty (both?), and MacArthur.

So they're the likely/very likely RR contestants who could debut on TD. I'd only give maybe for Ellody and Laurie. Ellody because while she has lots of potential thanks to barely being used in RR, she could get the treatment other fodders got aka be forgotten. Laurie because, as I said, she might not want to compete anymore after her hard time on RR.

You may also argue that contestants who are only a bit older than the first gen cast can return as well. However, they don't pass the "dividual characters" rule anyway. I doubt Jen (22) would return without Tom (24), as when they're together they can promote their blog better. I also doubt Josee (20) would compete without Jacques (22). Their power is their teamwork. And they fit RR's format more than voting competition.

Returning for RR 2

This is more complicated though. We only had one season of RR so far so it's hard to predict how the returning contestants are going to be selected. In Total Drama, all the mergers of their debut season (minus Eva and apparently Scarlett) came back. It's harder here due to no merge happening (well, Ca-Noodling can be treated as some sort of a merge). I think it can be said main characters of RR can return. Who are the main characters? Everyone as of Father & Son's elimination. That's already 9 teams, which is the half of the teams. It may be enough. But even more may return, epsecially because not all of main teams are so likely. It also depends on the theme of the season. I think a good theme would be to have TD contestants vs. RR contestants, meaning half of the teams would consist of TD veterans and half of the teams would consist of RR newcomers. There may still be some new characters competing. Although I doubt they'd create new characters after we've just got TDPI and RR cast. However, some of previously seen background characters may compete here. IN this case I think 6 pairs of TD veterans, 6 pairs of RR newcomers and 6 pair of completely new pairs would work.

But let's say the theme will be a crossover between TD and RR. Who may return?

Definitely not the LARPers. They were fodders and obvious first boots. Their personalities don't fit realistic RR cast either. So very unlikely for them.

Tennis Rivals are unlikely. They were also fodders. They could want to compete once more to get noticed (if they weren't after the first season, as they planned). However, they still complained about competing from time to time. They were also flanderized within their debut season. Their friendly rivalry was forgotten after the first episode and they were reduced to having "Statler and Waldorf" type of role, which is very one-note and doesn't warrant a return.

Geniuses are a maybe. They were more invisible than the first boot pair despite competing for four episodes. Their role was only about their ironic elimination. This means they still have potential for plots and still can be developed. However, they can be forgotten by the creators easily.

Miles Yells At Laurie

Miles: I know you hate what happened to you last time, but we have to do this for Mother Earth! And for thw writers we're based on!

Vegans are likely. They would be even very likely if they weren't fodders. Notice how every RR team left the show on a positive note. Even the Ice Dancers. Everyone except for the Vegans that is. And Laurie began to like meat? This wasn't explored too much. Leaving them as the only pair on not so positive note and kinda on a cliffhanger makes them very likely to return. However, besides being fodders, their hard time on RR is also the reason why I reduced them to just "likely". They might not want to compete again. Although they'd do anything for Mother Earth, so their return is not impossible.

Tom and Jen 2

Tom and Jen: The longer we stay the longer we can promote our blog and be authors' avatars.

Fashion Bloggers were quite interesting pair, which is why I love them so much and why they ended up being Ensemble Darkhorses. They also got quite some focus in majorit of their episodes, even managed to rank 2nd place once (albeit unfairly) and would've ranked 2nd place another time, making them quite impressive fodder team. Their stereotype was also played in an original, not over-the-top and enjoyable way, possible to not make Tom controversial due to his Camp Gay personality. They were also an Author Avatar team (more so than the Vegans based on two writers) and the creators clearly had fun writing them. They already ended on positive note and don't have potential for to much plot, but they can always return for more because the longer they are on TV, the more they can promote their blog. Thus, I label them as likely.

Next come the Mother & Daughter. Their clearly relied on a "Amy and Samey" type of plot, which also gave them an easy chance for development. And it did end on positive note, even if Taylor's apology wasn't so sincere. Plus, although I bet they love being on TV, they hate disgusting challenges, which is why they weren't mad they were eliminated early, as they say in the finale. So unlikely for them.

Adversity Twins' plot was also finished. Their proved they're stronger than everyone thinks (albeit most of their performances weren't shown on-screen making you wonder how they completed some challenge) without it having to be too over-the-top, as it was in TDRI Cameron's case. Thus, they are very unlikely. Not only because of that, but also because we have multiple pain magnets on RR as well.

Stepbrothers are also very unlikely. Their plot, while allowed them character development, got repetitive even in the first season and there is no need to continue it. Plus, they were kinda bitter at their elimination, claiming they'll do their own race show.

Next come the Rockers. Spud finally got some development in his last episode, finally being the one to help his team (and in episode 11). However, their plot is also finished. We don't need a repeat of that. While I think Rock is likely for competing on TD (see above), the Rockers are very unlikely for another season of RR.

Father and son hug

Dwayne: I don't care what Don's good news were, we have each other now.

Father & Son are hard to analyze. That is because with them, we start having main characters only. Also, remember when Don was about to say some good news for them right before the elimination? There are a few possibilities what it could be.

  1. This was in fact going to be non-elimination round, but Don forgot about it. Kinda unlikely option as I doubt he'd forget about it if Dwayne has just thought that'd be what he was going to say. Also, Don, unlike Chris, can't just change his mind last minute.
  2. They were eliminated, but the creators want them to come back for the second season.
  3. The producers agreed to pay for Dwayne's tattoo removal.

Option #2 seems likely, but there is one major problem. Their plot was finished. They strengthened their bond with each other. Junior finally enjoyed spending some time with his dad. Mission accomplished. And judging by Dwayne's appearance in the finale, it means option #3 is most likely. So maybe for them at best, although if we ignore potential hint and remember their plot is done, they're unlikely. One of them may however return with their mother/wive though. Especially Dwayne because "Mother & Son" team is more likely to be DJ and his mom.

I've already analyzed Reality TV Pros in their Total Drama sections. So I'll just say that due to Noah's hint at the end of their elimination montage, they're very likely to return either for TD or RR. Although don't be shocked if the hint turned out to be about one of different reality TV shows. But that's unlikely, as it wouldn't be included then.


Ennui: Returning for next season is overrated.

The Goths became not only fan favourites, but also creators' favourites. Both Julie Giles and Christine Thompson admitted they enjoyed them and I'm sure so did actual creators. This already makes their chances huge. They are also comic reliefs and such characters don't need a plot to return. However, there is one major problem. They are type of characters who shouldn't be overused. If written wrong, they can easily become annoying, not funny, and so can their godplay. They barely got any plot in their first season until their last episodes. So, due to mixed arguments about them, they're fairly maybe type of returnees.

Aww what an angel dont cry plz

Brody: Don't tell me you want to replace me with Bridgette, dude! ;(

Next come the Surfer Dudes. They already won after returning in their ending. And they were background characters for first 16 episodes (minus episode 4 and despite some good performances). However, as can be seen in episodes such as Dude Buggies, they love to compete. They also said they'd split the money with Best Friends to thank them for letting them come back. As a result, while they won the money, they may still aim for the grand prize again to win it all this time. Also, Beth is the only finalist so far to not return for her next available season (Mike and Zoey may share her fate though). However, Geoff's return is more likely than Brody's, as he may compete with Bridgette this time, as he originally planned to do in RR 1. But if they were about to be replaced, I think both of them would, by "The Surfer Chicks" team consisting of Bridgette and her best friend. Their possibility to be replaced and already winning the money is the reason why I give them likely instead of "very likely".

Here we have the Daters (Haters for some time). Their plot was also finished. Although they may keep arguing and coming back to each other, their plot already got repetitive in the first season. Not to mention Best Friends may replace their role as the Daters next time. So unlikely for them despite being one of the main characters of their debut season. Hey, main characters don't always come back.


Carrie: Come on, Devin! We need more screen time as the Daters! And a regular elimination.

Next pair are Best Friends, or Daters currently. Their plot was already dragged on in the first season. However, they may return as fodders for next season to have more screen time as an actual couple than just part of Last Tango in Buenos Aires. Especially if Ashton and Shelley competed to avenge the negative way in which they portrayed them and become "Tennis Couple" (thus replacing Tennis Rivals). As a reason I believe they are likely. Only likely because if Ashton and Shelley won't debut, there isn't much reason to bring them back, even for a bit more screen time as a couple as fodders.

Emma and Kitty Make Costume

Kitty: I told you interacting with TD veterans will be useful for us.

Here we have the most developed pair with a major interaction with TD veterans and one of most robbed contenders of the season. As a result it'd be nice to see them again, although it seems unlikely they'd pull off TDI-TDA Duncan. However, their return, especially Emma's, whether for TD or RR 2 is very likely because of The Pros' very likely return. Emma may team up with Noah this time though, which may either mean Owen will compete with Kitty, or Kitty won't return for next RR. But hey, she can still debut on TD. ;)

Tumblr nuwvris8JG1ugumzgo1 500

Jacques and Josee: No! Anything but last place!

Ice Dancers seem to be a must-have. Justin is the only antagonist who didn't come back for next season yet (although same will be for Mal no matter what). They also fit RR more than TD. Also, some people say they got too light karma. Well, it suits them, but I think they may be back to get some more fitting karma - getting yet another place they hate - LAST PLACE. The only time they came in last place (besides the finale) was in My Way or Zimbabwe, but it was a non-elimination episode. But this time they may rank last place overall? How?, you may ask. Well, they already got a lot of focus in first season. And the others could know they are the threats. Thus, if only there was a Boomerang in the first episode. I've already watched a season of The Amazing Race with "Boomerang" in the first episode. No matter whether they'd end up in last place, be fodders, or get some more focus again, their return is very likely.

Use it on Ice Dancers

MacArthur: Come on, Sanders. You know only we can stop the Ice Dancers.

And finally we have Police Cadets, the more deserving finalists. They already got development and they already won the money in their ending. However, there is one major reason why they may return (besides main characters usually returning). If Ice Dancers will, so will Police Cadets, knowing they can be the only (or at least most likely) team to stop them. But if they returned, I bet they'd get rid of Ice Dancers quickly and be fodders too due to already being the main focus of RR 1. I predict ironic elimination for them caused by MacArthur breaking some law (Driving too fast? Parking incorrectly?). She did hint she'd "break some laws" in the first episode of RR and due to being the finalists of the first season they didn't get to have ironic elimination. To sum up, very likely for them.

To sum up, here's list of contestants you should expect to see soon the most, including both "likely" and "very likely" ones (very likely ones will be listed with a *):

  • From first generation cast:
  1. Bridgette (more for RR)
  2. Courtney*
  3. Duncan*
  4. Geoff (more for RR)
  5. Harold
  6. Izzy
  7. Katie (more for RR)
  8. Leshawna
  9. Lindsay*
  10. Noah*
  11. Owen*
  12. Sadie (more for RR)
  13. Tyler*
  • From second generation cast
  1. Brick*
  2. Dawn
  3. Jo*
  4. Scott*
  • From third generation cast:
  1. Amy*
  2. Dave*
  3. Jasmine*
  4. Max*
  5. Samey*
  6. Shawn*
  7. Sky*
  8. Sugar*
  • From RR cast:
  1. Laurie & Miles
  2. Jen & Tom
  3. Rock (more for TD)
  4. Noah & Owen*
  5. Brody & Geoff
  6. Carrie & Devin
  7. Emma & Kitty*
  8. Jacques & Josee*
  9. MacArthur & Sanders*

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