I'm coming back to my theories series for a change. I believe everyone of you remembers first gen cast's cameo in the recap of Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!. The cast was split in four groups, which made me interested in what would happen if they were actual teams?

To find out I'm going to analyze how the elimination order could've looked like, what would've been the main plots, etc.

Since the cast would feature first gen cast only it's more likely season 4 would be some goodbye season featuring the entire 1st cast instead of introducing the 2nd gen. But since some plots have changed by now, I'm also going to make a version about how it would've looked like if such season was done now.

Note: I'm analyzing pre-merge only to find out who'd be the best member of the team, not the winner of the season. So every team is assumed to be Team Victory 2.0 for this purpose. Although I can see some contestants reaching the merge.

Team A


Team A: DJ, Duncan, Eva, Gwen, Harold, and Leshawna.

It's not hard to notice that this team would be basically Screaming Gaffers 2.0, except with Eva in place of Heather. Fortunately, don't expect the team to be an exact rehash.

Main plots:

Back then (season 4)

First elimination is rather obvious. Since everyone else on the team has at least two major friendships and she's universally hated, it'd have to be Eva. There's no chance she'd pull off a miracle like TDA Heather, unless she'd be the main antagonist of the season and some drama between her teammates would happen early.

This leaves two couples and DJ. DJ doesn't have his plot with Chef now, which was the only reason he was eliminated early in TDA, which increases his chances this time. He's also friends with everyone so he can be spared. This means the option is between one of the couples now. Duncan and Gwen would want to get rid of Duncan's enemy, Harold, while Harold and Leshawna would want to get rid of Harold's enemy, Duncan. This could cause some tension between old friends, Gwen and Leshawna, who both dislike each other's boyfriend (I assume Harold and Leshawna are more than friends because of their romantic scene in Hawaiian Style's exclusive clip). Sure, they could come to an agreement and vote off DJ right now because he's the only single now, but I bet they'd think they need him as the swing vote. And here's the question, who would DJ side with? Sure, he was close friends with Duncan in TDI and was pranking Harold, but keep in mind he spent three seasons on a team with Harold and pranked him only when wanting to teach him a lesson. Also, don't forget about flanderization. Since Duncan was flanderized to more of a bad boy and DJ is even more of Momma's Boy than ever, I doubt they'd be friends now. Heck, their friendship wasn't so important since TDA. But since both options are likely, let's see both possibilities.

"DJ sides with Harold and Leshawna" version

If DJ sides with Harold and Leshawna due to becoming closer friends with Harold after being on a team with him for three seasons, they'd vote off Duncan.

Now DJ could realize he needs to vote with Gwen this time because Harold and Leshawna's alliance makes half of the team now. However, DJ isn't a strategic player. And remember when he voted off Bridgette and Geoff in Alien Resurr-eggtion, saying they'll at least have each other? I doubt he'd want to separate a couple. So I guess he'd side with them again and vote off Gwen.

Because Harold and Leshawna are a couple (or at least closer to each other than to DJ), DJ would be obviously voted off next.

Now the voting is impossible. This could mean both Harold and Leshawna reach the merge. But if they lost during pre-merge again and were to compete in a tie-breaker, Leshawna would more likely win over Harold, thus becoming the team's final member and the most likely merger.

Team ranking

  1. Leshawna
  2. Harold
  3. DJ
  4. Gwen
  5. Duncan
  6. Eva

"DJ sides with Duncan and Gwen" version

But let's come back to DJ's choice. If he sided with Duncan and Gwen, everything would happen similarly, but would be only reversed. So instead of Duncan, it'd be Harold. Then it'd be Leshawna, followed by DJ. If Duncan and Gwen were to compete in tie-breaker, I assume Gwen would've won because every single time they competed against each other (The Big Sleep, Greece's Pieces), she came victorious. Also because Duncan made it to the top 5 in first three seasons, while Gwen didn't reach the merge in last two, so I guess the creators would give Gwen the chance this time.

Team ranking

  1. Gwen
  2. Duncan
  3. DJ
  4. Leshawna
  5. Harold
  6. Eva

"Eva as the main antagonist" version

I mentioned Eva's main antagonist potential being the only reason why she could've been saved from being the first out of her team. Well, she'd have to change to become more strategic like Jo to do so, but I guess it is possible. She already got some development in TDDDI.

This version can happen only in season 4's scenario where conflict between Gwen and Leshawna happens early. Since in Haute Camp-ture she revealed she had respect for Duncan, and she was in bottom 2 with Harold in The Big Sleep (meaning she must have voted for him for some reason), it's more likely she'd side with Duncan and Gwen (and apparently DJ to avoid tie-breaker) and thus Harold would be voted off first.

If she was more strategic, then she'd realize she needs to break up Duncan and Gwen's alliance now, or else they'd be half of the team if they eliminated Leshawna together. Thus, she'd use Leshawna's new conflict with Gwen and possibly threaten DJ, and they'd vote off Gwen together.

Then she'd target Leshawna, knowing the sister with tude is not afraid of her. She'd use Duncan's conflict with her (most likely strenghtened after Gwen's elimination) and threaten DJ again tovote her off.

It can go either way now. Eva showed respect for Duncan and hates weak players. However, if as an antagonist she was more strategic, she'd know DJ is easier to be manipulated and Duncan could be a problem for her in the case of tie-breaker. Thus, she'd threaten DJ again to vote off Duncan (DJ and Duncan teaming up against her would be more likely, but keep in mind that in the version where she's the main antagonist she has to make it far and past the merge).

Eva would then win a tie-breaker against DJ easily.

Team ranking

  1. Eva
  2. DJ
  3. Duncan
  4. Leshawna
  5. Gwen
  6. Harold

Now (season 6)

The plots would remain mostly the same, except Gwen has one-sided conflict with Duncan as of Moon Madness. Duncan could be trying to win her back, which she could find annoying, or he'd try to win Courtney back, which I bet she would also find annoying.

First elimination could be the same - Eva. However, it depends on when Duncan would be targeted. He has now three enemies. If they targeted him before Eva's elimination, she could join them knowing it's her only chance (or not, remembering she had some respect for him back in TDI), and Duncan could be eliminated first. Either way he's first or second out.

Since Gwen wasn't on Duncan's side in this version and she's reunited with Leshawna after her poor attempts at restoring her friendship with Courtney, I assume they'd be besties again, meaning they and Harold would be in alliance, meaning DJ would be the third one out.

However, when it came down to them, I think Leshawna would choose Harold over Gwen, as their friendship wasn't so relevant in years, and Leshawna could have some grudge for the fact Gwen was Courtney's best friend twice. Thus, next one out would be Gwen.

Ant the potential tie-breaker would end just like the one in "season 4, version where DJ sides with Harold and Leshawna" option. So congrats Leshawna, again!

Team ranking

  1. Leshawna
  2. Harold
  3. Gwen
  4. DJ
  5. Duncan/Eva
  6. Duncan/Eva

Team B

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Team B: Cody, Izzy, Noah, Owen, and Sierra.

It's not hard to notice it'd be like another Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot due to mixing comic reliefs of the team (minus Tyler) with comic reliefs of Team Amazon. There would be no serious leader like Alejandro this time though. It's also not hard to notice everyone has at least two friends on this team.

Main plots:

Back then (season 4)

So Cody and Sierra are apparently in relationship now (judging by their cameo in the premiere episode of actual season 4), or at least best friends (like they were at the end of TDWT). Izzy and Owen broke up, but Izzy wasn't herself at the moment and Owen, although he moved on, regreted breaking up with her in Jamaica. I assume they would hook up again and their plot would be simply about becoming a couple again (well, at least for the first episode).

Anyway, let's move to elimination order. Sure, everyone has a friend here. But Izzy, Noah, Owen trio make majority of the team, while Cody and Sierra have less important bonds with the others. Since they remember Cody was trying to vote off Sierra at almost every given opportunity in TDWT, I assume they'd vote for her, thinking he'd do the same. Sierra would probably vote for Noah because she must be aware of their crack shipping, and Cody possibly voted for Izzy because he is closer with everyone else. Izzy could vote for Cody instead of Sierra though (since she likes her more), but it wouldn't change the result (2-1-1-1 or 3-1-1 for Sierra).

Since Cody is the only one outside of the trio, he'd be the next out.

Now this is where it gets harder as everyone else are close friends. Owen for sure is immune in this scenario. Noah would vote for Izzy because while he likes her, he doesn't like her insanity that much (and he simply likes Owen more). Izzy would vote for Noah because she's closer with Owen. Owen would be the deciding vote. Sure, he and Noah are the best buds, but since he's just reunited with Izzy this season, I doubt he'd want to ruin that, so I guess he'd reluctantly vote for Noah (another option would be voting for himself to cause a three way tie and let tie-breaker decide instead, but I doubt he'd be smart enough to think of that).

It's hard to say who'd end up winning the tie-breaker. Owen is writers' pet so you'd expect him to be the one to go further in the competition. However, he isn't as good for physical challenges as Izzy is. Then again, Izzy could be easily distracted by something. But since we've just had three season of Owen making it to top 8, I guess Izzy would end up victorious this time. But if it was eating themed challenge, Owen would easily win. So I'll count two possibilities here.

Congrats, Izzy or Owen!

Team ranking

  1. Izzy/Owen
  2. Izzy/Owen
  3. Noah
  4. Cody
  5. Sierra

Now (season 6)

The interactions would be mostly the same. Cody however may view Sierra as a creepy fangirl again after watching TDAS and seeing how she acts when he's not around/she can't communicate with him. After such long time, Owen has already moved on after his break up with Izzy. However, being put up on the same team would force them to interact, possibly causing them to reunite.

First would be Sierra, no changes here. Especially when Cody would most likely join in voting her off this time. He'd be he next one again.

If deciding elimination order between these three was already hard enough in season 4 version, here it's even harder. Owen has spent way more time with Noah after competing on various reality shows with him. RR also shows he's more mature now and, as he once said, has experience with girls. Sure, Izzy may still be his only "experience with girls". Here both versions are possible, depending on how Izzy and Owen's plot would look like here. If they reunite after such long time, Noah would be voted out. If Owen has moved on and only wants to be friends with Izzy, she'd be voted out.

As I said, I can see Izzy vs. Owen tie-breaker ending in both ways. Noah vs. Owen on the other hand makes it seem like Owen would be the more likely winner. Noah isn't as liked by the creators as Izzy is, and now he'd face off the prime writers' pet, Owen. Also, on a season without Emma, he wouldn't have that much of plot relevance. But don't be sad, Noah! I'm analyzing it this way for the purpose of this blog. If such season existed and you were final 2 of your team, there's still a chance both of you would make it past the merge!

Congrats either Izzy or Owen, again.

Team ranking

  1. Izzy/Owen
  2. Izzy/Noah/Owen
  3. Izzy/Noah
  4. Cody
  5. Sierra

Team C


Team C: Beth, Blaineley (off-screen), Justin, Lindsay, and Tyler.

Since this team would have only 4 members, and the smallest number of members at the start was so far 5 (Team Amazon and Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot), I decided to add Blaineley to this team, as she was the only 1st gen contestant absent during that cameo. Main plots:

Back then (season 4)

So Lindsay and Tyler have just reunited last season, meaning there would be more focus to their relationship now. I don't know when their alleged break up happened, but since it was confirmed at the time, and Tyler was supposed to make a cameo appearance in actual season 4 (possibly with Lindsay, I guess), I believe they were still dating.

First elimination would obviously be Blaineley. There is a reason why she's not even visible on the photo (other than that she simply didn't appear in the episode :P ). She'd have conflict with everyone, maybe minus Justin. She could also remind Beth and Lindsay of Heather.

Justin would be the next for being outside of the trio. Also, Tyler would be most likely aware of Lindsay's attraction to him, so he'd vote for him. Lindsay could show Tyler she likes him more by voting off Justin. Beth's vote is kinda questionable here, as despite stating she's not attracted to him anymore several times in TDA, she was still attracted to him last time we saw her. But I guess she'd vote with her friends.

Now that's a hard choice for them. Lindsay would definitely be safe and the game would be between Beth and Tyler. Lindsay would have to choose either her boyfriend or best friend. She could also cause a three way tie by voting for herself to let a tie-breaker decide instead, but I doubt she'd be smart enough to do that. It could go either way, but since Beth and Lindsay already were friends for the entire TDA and Tyler and his relationship with Lindsay rarely gets any screen time, I guess the creators would choose Beth to be eliminated this time, so Tyler could get more focus for a change.

And now a tie-breaker between Lindsay and Tyler. It could go either way. If they'd really want to pay more attention to Tyler this time, he'd win. But he outranked her last season and she's a fan favourite, so I really don't know. If the tie-breaker would require some mental skills, Tyler would for sure win. Lindsay could also easily be distracted. So let's say it can go either way here. So, congratulations either Lindsay or Tyler!

Team ranking

  1. Lindsay/Tyler
  2. Beth
  3. Justin
  4. Blaineley

"Blaineley as the main antagonist" version

Ok, I know the creators said her role is don, so she most likely wouldn't be the main antagonist, but since I'm already bringing her back anyway in this version, I may at least use her antagonist potential. Sure, she was an antagonist of the aftermaths in TDWT, but she wasn't the antagonist of the gameplay. And she for sure has some potential thanks to her dishing dirt job. I also believe she could be the main antagonist only in this version, as Lindsay and Tyler are dating at the time, which is an excuse for her, as you'll see.

Blaineley has an attraction to Justin, which she can use to team up with him, knowing he also used to be an antagonist. They could use Beth's attraction to Justin and Lindsay and Tyler's romance to turn Beth against the couple, telling her Lindsay now prefers Tyler. Thus the three would vote off Tyler.

Justin's in best position now, as all females have been attracted to him at some point. Anyway, I believe they'd vote off Lindsay this time just in case she'd be mad for Tyler's elimination. How would they get Beth's vote? Justin could use his powers, as it's implied they still work on her.

But Beth could feel bad about it, so they'd vote her off next time. Also, Blaineley would allow Justin to learn some manipulation skills, which is the reason why I believe Justin would think of her as a more useful ally than Beth.

In the tie-breaker, Blaineley would win against Justin because here she's the main antagonist so she needs to make it far. Not to mention that Justin could be very easy to beat in the tie-breaker. So congratulations, Blaineley!

Team ranking

  1. Blaineley
  2. Justin
  3. Beth
  4. Lindsay
  5. Tyler

So yeah, basically a reverse of the already described version. :P

Now (season 6)

The only change here is that Lindsay and Tyler were confirmed to have broken up. However, changing by the fact that they're one of only two relationships from TDI, the only one to never break up prior, Tyler's personality and loyalty to Lindsay even when she's crushing on Trent, Justin or Alejandro, I guess their plot would be to hook up again eventually, similarly to what happened in TDWT.

For this to happen the main drama maker, Blaineley, would have to be eliminated first, which is easy to do for any version except the one where she's the main antagonist. Then Justin would have to be eliminated to avoid any more drama in their relationship. Even if the plot wouldn't be about them reuniting, I guess Justin would be eliminated anyway, so more focus can be still put Lindsay and Tyler's relationship.

And here we go again, hard choice. If Lindsay and Tyler were meant to come back to each other, I believe Lindsay would vote off Beth, especially if she and Tyler have just hooked up again. However, if their break up is meant to be permanent, she'd vote for Tyler.

For Lindsay vs. Tyler tie-breaker it can go either way, as I already said in season 4 version. For Beth vs. Lindsay tie-breaker, I bet Beth would lose, as she already have been the main protagonist in TDA and Lindsay has bigger boo... fandom. Congratulations, Lindsay or Tyler... again!

Team ranking

  1. Lindsay/Tyler
  2. Beth/Lindsay/Tyler
  3. Beth/Tyler
  4. Justin
  5. Blaineley

Team D

Ok, I know a season where one team has 9 members while others have 5/6 is impossible, but I didn't want to change anything. They were shown together, so they're a team. I guess they'd lose most often, especially in the beginning of the season to make up for it.

Main plots:

Back then (season 4)

Now (season 6)

And what are your thoughts? Do you agree? Do you have other ideas? Share them in the comments. However, to avoid spoilers about my ideas for the other teams, share your thoughts about Team A, Team B and/or Team C's elimination order for now.

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