Hi. I've already attempted to do this blog once, but I focused only on several eliminations, and the format was a mess. I'm back, with a new, improved format. This time I'll be analyzing ALL elimination ceremonies. Is that impossible? We'll find out. I'll try to use some in-depth analysis while writing at least some of them.

Some of you may link me to TD's page on Italian Wikipedia. To all of you who'd like to do so, I have to say that a lot of votes there are just theories, and some are even confirmed to be wrong!

Please keep in mind some of these won't be possible to be resolved without having to use theories.

And let's begin with the first theory. You possibly wonder, how to analyse the first episodes of TDI, etc. There were so many contestants, which means so many possibilities how someone voted, right? Wrong! I mean, sure, technically. But producers of the show don't want to make it too complicated, right? That's why my theory #1 is - only people who ended up in bottom two or three were the ones who got votes against them. There will be only a few exceptions, like The Sucky Outdoors, where there was a bottom two, but since Katie and Sadie were in it, it means someone else also had to get two votes. Anyway, let's begin, shall we?

Total Drama Island

Not So Happy Campers - Part 2

It's easy, right? Females voted for Zeke. But who was at least one boy who had to vote for Ezekiel so he'd be eliminated?

  • Bridgette - She was one of the females of the team, she glared at Ezekiel at the elimination ceremony, she even had a major reaction to that sexist scene. Her vote was obviously for Ezekiel.
  • Courtney - To not repeat myself, per above. She wasn't however seen reacting to his comments in the main Lodge. Her vote was for Ezekiel.
  • DJ - Well, he was one of the boys, and didn't react to Ezekiel's comment, nor was he glaring at him during elimination ceremony. He was also the only one except for Courtney to wear a chicken hat. He obviously voted for Courtney.
  • Duncan - He for sure voted for Ezekiel. Why? Let's begin with the fact that there were only 5 girls and 6 boys, as Zeke pointed out. Thus, the females couldn't vote him off without the help of at least one boy. Duncan was seen annoyed at Ezekiel's lack of social experience at the elimination ceremony, making him the perfect candidate for the boy who voted for sexist home schooled.
  • Eva - Voted for Ezekiel. See Bridgette and Courtney's reasoning.
  • Ezekiel - Voted for Courtney. My theory says only people from the bottom two got the votes, and he definitely didn't vote for himself. Also, he obviously would vote for a girl, and Courtney was the only girl who lost the first challenge for their team. Her poor leadership skills also costed them the second challenge.
  • Geoff - Geoff is a tricky one. Why? Because it's not said how many boys had to vote for Ezekiel. At least one of them had to, but more of them could. Thus, I believe Geoff also voted for Ezekiel. Why? He reacted to his sexist comments the most. He did try to defend him though, which makes his vote more unknown for me, but I'm pretty sure the only two boys who reacted to Zeke's comments had to be the ones who voted for him over Courtney.
  • Harold - Voted for Courtney. As I said, she costed them the challenge, she annoyed them bragging about her CIT experience, and he didn't react to Ezekiel's sexist comments.
  • Katie - Voted for Ezekiel. See any female's reasoning to see why.
  • Sadie - Voted for Ezekiel. Per above.
  • Tyler - Voted for Courtney. As I said, she costed them the challenge, annoyed them, and he didn't react to Ezekiel's comments. Also, he had one more reason to vote for her - she nominated him for the voting at first when Bridgette asked her in the Main Lodge who'd she vote for.

All in all, this gives us one unknown vote, with it being most likely for Courtney. Thus, the most likely version gives 7 votes for Ezekiel, and 4 for Courtney.


All of the females (+ at least one male) angry at Ezekiel.

The Big Sleep

You'd easily expect a majority here. But who voted for Harold? Why was he even in the bottom two?

  • Bridgette - Voted for Eva. She was seen in the group that was scared of Eva's behaviour in the scene when Eva was throwing things out of her cabin. Also, No Pain, No Game pretty much confirms Bridgette's vote.
  • Courtney - Voted for Eva. She was in the mentioned group. Her confessional from the next episode clearly shows her regret over eliminating Eva, meaning she also had to vote for her.
  • DJ - Voted for Eva. He was seen in the mentioned group.
  • Duncan - Voted for Harold. He actually wasn't scared of Eva, wasn't seen in the mentioned group, and was seen trying to prevent her from beating Chris in the morning. He also pranked Harold for the first time in this episode, which means if anyone voted for Harold, it'd for sure would be him.
  • Eva - Voted for Harold. Here we use my theory #1, he was in bottom two with her, and she clearly didn't vote for herself (heck, voting for themselves was introduced in The Chefshank Redemption, so I'll skip this argument). But what could be the reason? Well, she must have found out that Duncan, a tough guy she appreciates, votes for a weak nerd, so she voted the same, thinking it's a good idea.
  • Geoff - Well, his vote is technically unknown too, as he wasn't in the mentioned group, and he also tried to prevent Eva from beating up Chris (meaning he wasn't scared of her). However, everyone was scared by her anyway, and he and Duncan weren't some close friends at the time, so it wouldn't make sense for him to vote for Harold, which is why I think he voted for Eva.
  • Harold - Voted for Eva. Following my theory #1, she was in a bottom two with him. He was also in that group scared of Eva.
  • Katie - Voted for Eva. She was seen in that group that Heather tricked into hating Eva even more than before.
  • Sadie - Voted for Eva. While she wasn't seen in the group of contestants scared of Eva before the elimination ceremony, she and Katie share a brain, so she'd definitely follow Katie's vote. Katie also most likely told her about Eva's rage moment that Sadie has missed.
  • Tyler - Voted for Eva. Was seen in that group of people who witnessed Eva's rage attack.

So all in all, this gives us 8 votes for Eva, and 2 votes for Harold. Not bad, Eva, let's see if someone can beat your record (cough Yes, you'll see soon cough).


Eva's anger scares a lot of her teammates.


Just like in the case of any voting of so many contestants, let's see if it's possible to guess all the votes.

  • Beth - Voted for Noah. Definitely didn't vote for her ally. Well, at least not in this episode. And she was seen glaring at Noah for his lack of effort and sarcastic comments.
  • Cody - Voted for Noah. Shocked, NoCo fans? Well, he was one of many Gophers to be annoyed by Noah's attitude.
  • Gwen - Voted for Noah. Per above (I think I'll just start using "per above" here, because I'll be repeating myself over and over again in this case).
  • Heather - Voted for Noah. Per above, not to mention that she was visibly the most annoyed. However, I've seen a theory that she voted for Lindsay due to her going out with Tyler against the alliance's rules. Well, Heather winked at Lindsay when she got her marshmallow and Lindsay was still waiting for hers, but it was more in a playfully tone, something like "Don't worry, you'll be safe thanks to our alliance" Also, would a strategic contestant like Heather vote off her best ally, especially at the beginning of the game? I think the answer is obvious.
  • Izzy - Voted for Noah. Every Gopher was seen mad at Noah at least once in this episode.
  • Justin - Voted for Noah. Per above.
  • Leshawna - Voted for Noah. Per above. Plus, she especially expressed her dislike for him after he was confirmed to be eliminated.
  • Lindsay Voted for Noah. Per above, plus they were in the bottom two together (cough theory #1 cough).
  • Noah - Voted for Lindsay. Theory #1, Lindsay needed to have at least one vote to be in the bottom two. She left the game for a while to be with Tyler, Noah must have noticed that and ironically thought that she wasn't being helpful for the team.
  • Owen - Voted for Noah. Again, was seen angry with Noah.
  • Trent - Voted for Noah. Per above, again.

So this gives 10 votes for Noah, and 1 for Lindsay. <sarcasm> Wow, congrats Noah, you just broke the unbreakable record of having the most votes against you. </sarcasm>

Screaming Gophers hate Noah

Every Gopher was seen mad at Noah at some point of the episode.

Not Quite Famous

Finally, it's getting interesting, as we have truly unknown votes. The team split into Heather's alliance and unofficial Gwen's group. However, due to the team having 10 members now, there had to be someone who broke the tie. But who was it?

  • Beth - Voted for Justin. Confirmed by Heather in a confessional to vote with her.
  • Cody - Voted for unknown. Now there are two scenarios for Cody. A) He of course supports Gwen, so he voted for Heather. B) If you paid attention, he wasn't really bothered by Heather's actions. Even more, he enjoyed it (at least until he found out Gwen was into Trent, not him)! He could vote for Trent instead (the only other Gopher who performed in the talent contest), due to being jealous.
  • Gwen - Voted for Heather. As if it wasn't already obvious after watching the episode. Plus, you could see how angry she was when Heather was confirmed to stay.
  • Heather - Voted for Justin. Confirmed in a confessional to vote against him.
  • Izzy - Voted for Justin. Yeah, per above.
  • Justin - Voted for unknown. There are also two scenarios for Justin. A) Cody voted for Trent, so he was one of the teammates who voted for Heather, not liking what she did to Gwen. B) He also didn't care about the whole diary thing. He voted for Trent because his performance was great, and even Chris was jealous of his spotlight after his performance. Justin, being a narcissist and a fame-monger, would love to have the attention for himself.
  • Leshawna - Voted for Heather. She was visibly angry when Heather was confirmed to stay.
  • Lindsay - Voted for Justin, as confirmed by Heather's confessional.
  • Owen - Voted for Justin, per above.
  • Trent - Voted for Heather, as a loyal member of "Gwen's group."

Interesting, huh? I marked Cody and Justin's votes as unknown because it's impossible to tell for 100% how they voted. Although the version where Cody is a part of "Gwen's group" and votes off Heather, while Justin votes for Trent, jealous of his spotlight, is likely, it's not confirmed. Heck, they both could vote for Trent. Either way, it was either 5 votes for Justin, 4 for Heather and 1 for Trent or 5 votes for Justin, 3 for Heather and 2 for Trent.

The Sucky Outdoors

This one seems to be another impossible to resolve mystery. Will I be able to tell who exactly voted for Katie and who for Sadie? Also, it's the only (or one of a few, we'll see) case where someone outside of the bottom two gets votes against them because Katie and Sadie wouldn't vote for each other.

  • Bridgette - Voted for unknown, possibly for Katie. Here's where I'll have to start using theories rather than just some facts. By the way she comforted Sadie in the next episode it appears she was closer with Sadie than with Katie. Then again, she'd possibly do the same if the roles were reversed. Anyway, let's say she voted for Katie because of this.
  • Courtney - Voted for Sadie. Although, it technically should be "unknown" as well, Courtney was overall getting along with Katie more than with Sadie. She pretty much appeared to be friends with Katie in Dodgebrawl.
  • DJ - Voted for unknown, possibly for Sadie. Just like Courtney, DJ appeared to get along with Katie more, as was seen in Not So Happy Campers - Part 1 or Dodgebrawl.
  • Duncan - Voted for unknown, possibly for Katie. Unlike the others, he clearly was fed up with both of the girls. Since Katie needed more votes to be eliminated, I assume he voted for her.
  • Geoff - Voted for unknown, possibly for Katie. Per above. No bigger bond with any of them, and Katie needed more votes.
  • Harold - Voted for Katie. There is a video on YT where most of their "hidden interactions" that are too minor to be mentioned on Everyone and Harold are listed. Harold was secretly a close friend with Sadie, so he of course chose Katie over her.
  • Katie - Voted for unknown, possibly for Tyler. Well, Tyler was the last person before Sadie to get his marshmallow. If this means he was in the bottom three, then Katie and Sadie had to vote for him. Why? I don't know. For the way he hit Sadie with a ball in Dodgebrawl? For his lack of talent at the auditions in Not Quite Famous? Simply for being goofy? Tbh, it'd make more sense if they voted for Bridgette, who burned her team's tent in that episode, but apparently no one told them about this accident, so they had to vote for Tyler due to his clumsiness.
  • Sadie - Voted for unknown, possibly for Tyler. Per above.
  • Tyler - Voted for unknown, possibly for Katie. He was glaring at them along with rest of their team when it was revealed they costed the Bass the challenge. He also didn't have a strong bong with any of them, so, since majority of the votes had to go for Katie, he possibly voted for her.

Wow, that's possibly the only elimination ceremony where none of the votes are 100% confirmed. However, following my explanations, it can be said that there were 5 votes for Katie, 2 votes for Sadie, and 2 votes for Tyler. So yeah, I had to get something wrong, one more vote for Sadie would be needed for her to be in the bottom 2 and Tyler to be in the bottom 3. If you have better ideas, based on some evidence, you can share it in the comments.


Sadie's bigger popularity among her teammates is what spared her from elimination.

Phobia Factor

The first time we've seen bottom 3 on screen and the second one in a row where it technically happened. Let's see why.

  • Bridgette - Voted for Tyler. As seen in the next episode, she's close friends with Courtney at the time. She didn't vote for herself, so that leaves Tyler. Her mocking Tyler after he was confirmed to be eliminated further proves it.
  • Courtney - Voted for Tyler. Per above, she and Bridgette are friends, she didn't vote for herself (come on, it's Courtney!). Unlike some others, she didn't mock him though, but it was only because she knew she failed more.
  • DJ - Voted for Courtney. DJ's vote was quite a mystery, but it's possible to deduce it. He didn't mock Tyler at his elimination. He and Bridgette were shown to be close friends on numerous occasions. And "Duncan's group" (Bridgette, Courtney, DJ, Duncan, and Geoff) wasn't so strong at the time. DJ's friendship with Geoff was though. Besides, remember how Courtney was shouting at him when he had to face his fear?
  • Duncan - Voted for Tyler. He obviously wouldn't vote for Courtney at this point. And he mocked Tyler after he was confirmed to be eliminated.
  • Geoff - Voted for Tyler. Like Duncan, he wouldn't vote for his future girlfriend here and he mocked Tyler's fear.
  • Harold - Voted for Courtney. His vote was harder to deduce. He didn't mock Tyler. Also, since he's so smart he should know that "Duncan's group" that I mentioned is slowly outnumbering the other teammates, so he should vote either for Bridgette or for Courtney. And because he was actually friends with Bridgette, enemies with Courtney and he should know that Courtney failed more than anyone, he had to vote for Courtney.
  • Sadie - Voted for Bridgette. Remember when I listed the reasons in the previous episode's analysis why she and Katie could vote for Bridgette, not Tyler? Well, I forgot to mention she also barfed on them (thank you DipDap!). So yeah, she had to vote for Bridgette this time. Bridgette also failed her challenge, plus she was in the bottom 3 and no one else would fit for the person who voted for her.
  • Tyler - Voted for Courtney. If I got it correctly, Tyler had to face his fear twice due to the Bass being short of one member, which is why he had to compete in the Main Lodge and later again, before Courtney. And he failed both times. The only right option for him was to vote for someone who failed as much or maybe even more than he did. Who did? Courtney, whose loss meant the Bass' points weren't tripled.

Wow, this wasn't so easy and I had to use some theories, as well as some overall interaction's status, but in the end, it appears that there were 4 votes for Tyler, 3 for Courtney and 1 for Bridgette. Wow, you were so close, Courtney.


Tyler having to face his fear twice and failing, as well as Courtney's better interactions are the reasons of his, not Courtney's, elimination.

Up the Creek

Let's see if Lindsay avoided elimination or if Izzy would go home anyway.

  • Beth - Voted for Lindsay. Shocked? Well, it's not like friends can't vote for themselves on TD, you'll see on many occasions. And they weren't as much of friends as during TDA at the time. Anyway, let's look at what could be the reason why Lindsay was in the bottom two. She fell into quicksand. However, this didn't affect the Gopher's game. It wasn't a race who'd be first on the beach and no one was missing as the result of this. So it didn't matter. What else? Oh, right, she was tanning instead of paddling. But only Beth and Trent saw it and Trent didn't mind. Beth on the other hand was seen angry with Lindsay for not working, as well as possibly being jealous of the attention she got from Trent.
  • Cody - Voted for Izzy. Cody obviously didn't mind saving Lindsay from the quicksand and even if Lindsay wasn't paddling on the way back to Camp Wawanakwa, he wouldn't mind, just like Trent. Although he wasn't scared of Izzy's craziness after her elimination (he was the only one smiling), he and Gwen were seen in the shot when Izzy told the opposing team how to win the challenge (albeit at the end of it).
  • Gwen - Voted for Izzy. As I said above, she and Cody were in the scene when Izzy told the Bass how to win. even though she was smiling at the moment (possibly just the animators' fault). Leshawna could remind her of what happened.
  • Heather - Voted for Izzy. As I said on Dodgebrawl's analysis, Heather wouldn't be that dumb to vote off her best ally this early in the game. Sure, it wasn't Lindsay's best episode competition wise. But Heather was seen disturbed by Izzy's craziness during the fire-making challenge. Plus, if only Leshawna told her how Izzy helped the other team...
  • Izzy - Voted for Lindsay. Although she most likely didn't see that Lindsay wasn't paddling and the quicksand scene didn't have much influence, she had to vote for Lindsay, according to my theory #1. Those scenes didn't have influence, but maybe Izzy did witness them somehow or found out in any other way and was mad at Lindsay's poor participation in this episode?
  • Leshawna - Voted for Izzy. Heck, she's the most obvious one. She was in a canoe with Izzy and thus witnessed how she accidentally told the other team how they can still win the challenge, which made her visibly angry to the point of running after her with a paddle. It's also possible she told other Gophers about what happened, like she did in Search and Do Not Destroy when trying to convince everyone to vote for Heather or Trent.
  • Lindsay - Voted for Izzy. As says my theory #1.
  • Owen - Voted for Izzy. Shocked? Well, there were slight hints of his attraction to her before her first eliminations, like in the very first episode or Not Quite Famous, but these were rather minor at this point. And he was scared when she was about to make that huge fire.
  • Trent - Voted for Izzy. Unlike Beth, he didn't mind Lindsay tanning instead of paddling. And he was scared when Izzy was about to make that huge fire, along with Heather, Leshawna, and Owen.

So it means 7 votes for Izzy and 2 votes for Lindsay. You can sleep peacefully now, Lindsay, no one will say Izzy was robbed in your favour. In fact, she'd be eliminated no matter if RCMP arrived or not.

Gophers Shocked

Gophers mirroring reactions of Izzy's fans who found out she would be eliminated anyway.

Paintball Deer Hunter

One of the eliminations where someone outside of the bottom 2 got votes, you'll see why.

  • Beth - Voted for Heather. Reason is rather obvious and she wasn't seen voting for Cody instead. Not to mention that she was shown to like Cody despite his injuries.
  • Cody - Voted for Heather. His confessional reveals he was aware of how universally disliked Heather is. Thus, he voted for her, thinking others did as well. Also, he witnessed Beth and Heather's conflict in this episode.
  • Gwen - Voted for Cody. What? After what happened in the previous episode? Well, Gwen and Trent's votes are the only unknown votes this time, but they're easy to deduce. Cody needed to have the most votes to be eliminated. Plus, her conflict with Heather wasn't really major in this episode. Definitely voted for Cody only because of his injuries.
  • Heather - Voted for Beth. Beth quit Heather's alliance and dared to oppose her. As Lindsay said in her confessional, it means she'll be gone. Plus, Heather gave Beth a cut throat motion, obviously believing she'll cause her elimination.
  • Leshawna - Voted for Cody. As confirmed in her confessional.
  • Lindsay - Voted for Beth. Beth and Lindsay voting for each other (Beth in last episode and now Lindsay)? Damn! But Lindsay was a loyal member of Heather's alliance and her confessional made it clear, Heather made her vote for Beth.
  • Owen - Voted for Cody. As his confessional confirms, he thought Cody won't be useful in challenges due to his injury. Also, losing his bet to Cody in the previous episode possibly had some role in this too.
  • Trent - Voted for Cody. See Gwen's reasoning.

As I said, only Gwen and Trent's votes weren't confirmed, but were easy to deduce. The results were 4 votes for Cody, 2 for Heather and 2 for Beth. Wait, Beth wasn't in the bottom 3 as a result? Oh well, she still had the second last marshmallow, which means she technically still was in the bottom 3. Plus, Heather vs. Cody made much more suspension than Beth vs. Cody would do.


Deus ex-machina encounter with a bear being a reason of why even Heather's main enemies voted for him instead of her.

If You Can't Take The Heat...

Hmm... I smell a repeat of the previous episode's results, minus the part about Cody. Do you?

  • Beth - Voted for Heather. Duh.
  • Gwen - Voted for Beth. She was seen in the group discussing to vote off Beth instead of Heather due to her curse. If she could vote for Cody instead of Heather in the previous episode, then she definitely could do the same with Beth in this one.
  • Heather - Voted for Beth. She even said so in the confessional.
  • Leshawna - Voted for Beth. See Gwen's reasoning.
  • Lindsay - Voted for Beth. She admitted in the confessional she wanted to vote for Heather, however, since she kept voting like Heather, she admitted she voted for Beth (well, she admitted she voted like Heather, who then admitted to vote for Beth).
  • Owen - Voted for Beth. Heck, he was the one who suggested voting for Beth due to her curse in the first place.
  • Trent - Voted for Beth. See Gwen's reasoning. Aww, Trent keeps voting like Gwen. I bet some of you are happy.

So the results were 6 votes for Beth and 1 vote for Heather. Are you bored? Don't be, next episode will be different, and much more interesting!


Repeat of Cody's story, except instead of injuries there is a curse.

Who Can You Trust?

Ok, Sadie already is quite random. But what is Harold doing in the bottom 2 instead of DJ?! Well, let's find out.

  • Bridgette Voted for Sadie. Let me begin with the fact that the so called by me "Duncan's group" is very strong at this point. DJ, Duncan, and Geoff are close friends and so are Bridgette and Courtney, who are also love interests of Geoff and Duncan respectively. Although they will vote for each other in future episodes, I see them voting together at this point and being immune due to their interactions. So all in all, Sadie annoyed Courtney, Courtney convinced at least a part of "Duncan's group" to vote for her and other members of the group convinced the other members.
  • Courtney - Voted for Sadie. Duh. She was as bent on voting her off in this episode.
  • DJ - Voted for Sadie. Although he's the only member of "Duncan's group" without a love interest, he's still a member of it.
  • Duncan - Voted for Sadie. Definitely the easiest one to convince for Courtney of the entire "Duncan's group."
  • Geoff - Voted for Sadie. Again, "Duncan's group" and Courtney's hatred for her is the reason.
  • Harold - Voted for Sadie. Wait, why? He wasn't a part of "Duncan's group", so he could vote for DJ who was the true reason of the Bass' loss. I can only assume he thought "Duncan's group" was too strong at the time, so he decided to vote for the only contestant outside of it besides himself to buy himself at least one more episode.
  • Sadie - Voted for Harold. As my theory #1 says, she had to vote for him, so he'd be in the bottom two. Why? Maybe she was really attracted to him, as the YT video I gave you in the comments says and found out he was into Leshawna or was afraid he'd be into Bridgette after their challenge? Nah, I'll give you more possibly explanation. Just like Harold, she must have noticed "Duncan's group" was too strong at that point, so she voted for Harold, possibly also being aware of his conflict with Duncan, a member of said group.

All in all, 6 votes for Sadie and 1 for Harold. Yeah, "Duncan's group" gives them a huge advantage now, as can be seen by the fact that DJ wasn't even in the bottom two.


Sadie: What?! "Duncan's group" basically spoils the final 5 of the Killer Bass? Harold, do something about it for me!

Basic Straining

Heck, I don't care how the rigged results by Harold looked like. He could make all the votes be for Courtney, like Mal did in You Regatta Be Kidding Me, or he could try to trick Chris or his teammates (if he really believed it wasn't recorded) and try to make it more more realistic giving some votes for himself. But I won't analyze his version. It's impossible to tell if he gave some votes for himself and how many exactly. Let's analyze the true version instead!

  • Bridgette - Voted for unknown, possibly for Courtney. If you look closely, she wasn't as shocked as the others by Courtney's elimination, implying she could have voted differently than the others from "Duncan's group" and possibly even implying she's had enough of Courtney's attitude that day. If you look at her interactions with Harold, you'll see that she actually sympathized with him and felt sorry for him when the boys kept pranking him.
  • Courtney - Voted for Harold. That look on her face when she looked at Harold before the "results" were revealed clearly indicate she voted for him. Her shock that he stayed instead of her did too.
  • DJ - Voted for Harold. Was shocked with the others and sided with Duncan on defending Courtney.
  • Duncan - Voted for Harold. Duh. Per above, plus his frustration clearly said so.
  • Geoff - Voted for Harold. Per his two friends' reasons.
  • Harold - Voted for Courtney. As seen in the confessional where he rigs the votes.

So yeah, the real results would've been apparently 4 votes for Harold and 2 for Courtney.

Shocked 18-42-39

Bridgette's not shocked by the alleged results, unlike the other members of "Duncan's group."

X-Treme Torture

It's rather predictable now that we see what the relationships are on the Killer Bass. But will Bridgette's vote remain unknown?

  • Bridgette - Voted for unknown. Oh great, it's even more unknown than the last time! Sure, Bridgette was mad at Harold for losing, along with everyone else, as was seen right after Chris announced that he lost his challenge. However, remember how in one of the future episodes she will want to vote for Duncan? If she dared to vote for Courtney, she could vote for Duncan, especially now that Courtney's gone and he also lost his challenge and was in the bottom 2. Plus, as I said, Bridgette was the only one who sympathized with Harold. But TD follows TV Trope called "Depending on the writer", so it could be different in this episode, with her voting for Harold for the reason I gave above. This is why Bridgette's vote here remains a mystery.
  • DJ - Voted for Harold. He was close friends with everyone else and was seen with the other Bass' members mad at Harold for losing.
  • Duncan - Voted for Harold. Duh, and boy did he have multiple reasons for that. No, he didn't know Harold was behind Courtney's elimination (as seen in No Pain, No Game where he believes it was Heather), but: A) they had a conflict, B) Harold lost his challenge and Duncan was mad at him with the others, C) theory #1 says that people in bottom 2 usually vote for each other (unless they're Katie and Sadie).
  • Geoff - Voted for Harold. He even gave Harold a thumb down after he lost. Plus, his friendship with Duncan was strong at this point (things will change though).
  • Harold - Voted for Duncan. Same reasoning as Duncan's, except the roles are reversed.

So, assuming Bridgette voted for Duncan, there would be 3 votes for Harold and 2 for Duncan. Assuming she voted for Harold with the majority of the team, there were 4 votes for Harold and 1 for Duncan. Either way, Harold had no chances to survive and I'm sure he wouldn't be allowed to rig the votes in every single elimination ceremony.


Harold's unpopularity with majority of his teammates, his loss, and the remains of "Duncan's group" couldn't save Harold for any longer.

No Pain, No Game

What? You think all of them voted for Eva? Wrong! Chris said there were only six votes for her. So how the not shown votes were like? The fact that the results were announced so fast this time without a bottom 2 or 3 doesn't help my case.

  • Bridgette - Voted for Eva, as was shown in her confessional.
  • DJ - Voted for Eva, as was shown in his confessional.
  • Duncan - Voted for Heather, believing her to be the reason of Courtney's elimination, as shown in his confessional.
  • Eva - Voted for Heather (wait, so she knows she caused her elimination or not?), as was shown in her confessional.
  • Geoff - Voted for Eva, as was shown in his confessional.
  • Gwen - Voted for Eva, as was shown in her confessional.
  • Heather - Voted for Eva, as was shown in her confessional.
  • Izzy - Voted for unknown. Were you bored of me repeating the same thing again and again? Here you have the first unknown vote then! You'd expect her to vote for Eva, but Chris said Eva had only six votes against her. Maybe she voted for Heather then, since she got two votes against her? Maybe she voted for Heather because... oh, wait! She joined her alliance off-screen! So that's not the case. And since Heather couldn't get the other six votes against her, there had to be "someone third." Who? Izzy herself. She also returned, so I assume she was prominent enough to be noticed by the others. Also, Izzy did give herself a challenge during the game. However, what could debunk this theory is that if she voted for herself that'd be pointed out somehow, just like it was when Gwen did this supposedly for the first time in The Chefshank Redemption. So yeah, Gwen did it as the first contestant ever and personally I think Heather's option is the most likely. Izzy is crazy, so she could vote for her new ally. Unless Chris's vote count was another example of when the math was off in TD series and Eva did get more than six votes.
  • Leshawna - Voted for unknown. Just like in Izzy's case, you'd expect her to vote for Eva, especially after how she taunted her after she won, defended Bridgette or was shocked when Eva was looking at her after the results were revealed. However, her vote wasn't revealed, and Chris said there were six of them for Eva, which means Leshawna couldn't vote for her. It can be assumed she voted for Heather then, although this episode's plot would make more sense for her to vote for Eva for the reasons I mentioned. Well, math was often off in TD series, so maybe that's another counting goof? Maybe Eva had more than six votes against her? After all, we'd need a bottom 3 if Eva got only half of the possible votes for her (there are 12 contestants at this point).
  • Lindsay - Voted for Eva, as was shown in her confessional.
  • Owen - Voted for unknown. Like in Izzy and Leshawna's case, his vote wasn't revealed and Eva already has six votes against her. And since he likes Izzy, I assume Heather is the most likely option, although she didn't do anything to him in this episode. Heck, Owen started hating her in Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon. So it's either Heather or Eva if Chris's vote count was actually a goof.
  • Trent - Voted for unknown. You thought earlier votes were impossible to decode? Let's talk about the guy who, due to the animators' goof, didn't even appear during the elimination ceremony! The ENTIRE one! Well, his absence doesn't mean he didn't vote, does it? If he did vote, he couldn't vote for Eva unless said Chris's count was off. Heather would be likely, however, he was patient with her so far, except for Not Quite Famous. He could also vote for Izzy. As I said, she returned and she's crazy so she's hard not to be noticed and voted for.

Wow, first impossible to deduce voting in a while. So yeah, there are quite a few possibilities for Izzy, Leshawna, Owen, and Trent. They might haven't voted at all (which seems unlikely, at least for Leshawna). They could vote for Heather, with Izzy voting for herself to break the tie. Or... Chris's vote count was simply wrong, as the math was often incorrect in the series. In this case, they could've simply voted for Eva with everyone else. And if we ignore Chris's words, this version seems the most likely. So let's say there were 10 votes for Eva and 2 votes for Heather. But don't be too happy, Noah! I had to go against some evidence (Chris's words) to count it like that. So the record of getting 10 votes against you for 100% is still yours!

Another possibility is that Chris only showed some votes until it was too obvious Eva has majority of them. In this case, rest of the votes would be for Eva naturally. It'd be odd though that he did it when Eva was confirmed to have half of the votes against her, not majority (at least seven).


Eva: Chris, how can I even trust you that I got only six votes?!

Search and Do Not Destroy

Ugh, last sentence of the previous analysis makes the most sense for me. Let's hope this one will be easier.

  • Bridgette - Voted for Trent. Leshawna convinced everyone, Bridgette on-screen, to vote either for Heather or Trent due to him "cheating" on Gwen and since Heather won immunity, she voted for Trent. It was even seen in her confessional.
  • DJ - Voted for Trent, per above. DJ was also one of the ones convinced on-screen.
  • Duncan - Voted for Trent, per above. He was also one of the ones convinced on-screen.. It was even seen in his confessional.
  • Geoff - Voted for Trent, per above. was also one of the ones convinced on-screen.
  • Gwen - Voted for unknown, possibly for Heather. She confirmed she didn't vote for Trent despite all of this. Who did she vote for then? Well, in this case, wasting her vote to vote for an immune Heather would make the most sense.
  • Heather - Voted for Trent. Duh.
  • Izzy - Voted for Trent. Although she wasn't one of the ones convinced on-screen by Leshawna, she apparently joined Heather's alliance, so Heather pretty much convinced her anyway.
  • Leshawna - Voted for Trent. Heck, she was the one who convinced everyone to do so. It was even seen in her confessional.
  • Lindsay - Voted for Trent. Unlike the others, she didn't have to be convinced by Leshawna, as she was convinced by Heather.
  • Owen - Voted for Trent. Although he wasn't seen convinced by Leshawna on-screen, he was seen voting for him in his confessional.
  • Trent - Voted for unknown. He said in the confessional that he gets along with everyone, so it'll be hard for him to choose. Thus, just like Gwen, he could waste his vote on an immune Heather, but it's not something 100% confirmed.

All in all, it was 9 votes for Trent and 2 for an unknown person, possibly for Heather. Wow, you almost reached Noah's (and possibly Eva's) record, Trent! Even despite two technically unknown votes (although plot of the episode would make the most sense for them to be for Heather), it was still very easy. Can I ask for a greater challenge? *sees next episode* Oh well, I'll regret saying so, won't I?


Chris: So did you two really waste your votes on Heather? How romantic! Congrats Trent, BTW! You almost reached Noah's (and Eva's?) record!

Hide and Be Sneaky

  • Bridgette - Voted for Duncan, as she promised on the girls' meeting.
  • DJ - Voted for Bridgette, as Duncan suggested for his alliance.
  • Duncan - Voted for Bridgette, as he suggested his alliance.
  • Geoff - Voted for unknown, most likely for Heather, but also maybe for Bridgette. Now here's the real mystery. So Geoff claimed he didn't vote for Bridgette. Who would he vote for then? Well, that'd give Bridgette 3 votes, Duncan 3 votes, and Owen 2 votes. There would be also Izzy's vote that I'll mention later. Geoff mentioned earlier that he would like to vote for Heather and Duncan had to remind him she's immune. So he most likely wasted his vote on her. However, some say that he lied because of his confessional in the next episode. Well, he didn't outright tell he voted for Bridgette there. He just simply mourned that he didn't convince the guys to vote for some other girl. Also, would he really agree to be tied to a tree as a punishment for voting differently then? Would it really become a plot point where Duncan votes for him several episodes later because of Geoff's different vote? Personally, I don't think so, which is why I believe Geoff told the truth and wasted his vote on Heather.
  • Gwen - Voted for Duncan, as she promised.
  • Heather - Voted for Owen, as she promised. Even though some say she voted for Bridgette because she was the only one (besides Duncan) who was smiling when she was leaving. However, if she changed her plans and cooperated with Duncan, it'd be shown.
  • Izzy - Voted for unknown, most likely for Bridgette, but also maybe for Owen. So here's another mystery. Izzy was seen having doubts about voting for Owen with Heather and Lindsay and Leshawna specifically told her not to do so. Although it wasn't shown, Izzy must have changed her mind. It would make sense for the plot. So here are two scenarios. A) Geoff wastes his vote on Heather. Since Bridgette, Duncan and Owen would have three votes each then, it means she had to vote for Bridgette, not Owen, as Bridgette was eliminated. Why? Well, it's weird she didn't vote for Duncan with the other girls. But there's something more, a Cody and Beth-like deus ex-machina - Bridgette's stink! I believe that was the reason why she chose Bridgette over Duncan. Besides, girls would still outnumber the boys anyway. B) Geoff lied and voted for Bridgette, while Izzy reluctantly listened to Heather and voted for Owen.
  • Leshawna - Voted for Duncan, as she promised.
  • Lindsay - Voted for Owen, along with Heather, even though she started questioning their "friendship" at this point.
  • Owen - Voted for Bridgette, per Duncan's instructions.

So there are two scenarios. Scenario A) (Geoff didn't lie) means 4 votes for Bridgette, 3 for Duncan, 2 for Owen and 1 for Heather. Because Heather was immune, there wouldn't be any bottom 4. What further proves this version is that Owen was in the bottom 3, but not the bottom 2. In the other version, he'd have as many votes as Duncan. Here he has the least, so he's safe from elimination before the remaining two contestants. This is why I believe this scenario is correct.

But there's still scenario B) where Geoff lied. This means 4 votes for Bridgette, 3 votes for Duncan and 3 votes for Owen. However, Izzy didn't seem so keen on voting for Owen, so... as I said I personally prefer scenario A).


Geoff: Ugh, I could've told the guys that I lied, even if that wouldn't be true.

Wawanakwa Gone Wild!

Ok, why didn't they vote for Heather?! Why did they vote for Izzy instead?! Or even better yet - why did they vote for Gwen?! Not to mention that his is going to be another voting filled with unknown votes. Thank you, writers!

  • Duncan - Voted for Izzy due to his alliance with Heather.
  • Geoff - Voted for Gwen. Well, they weren't great friends yet. And he was seen jealous of her reward, along with Leshawna (who won't vote for her friend though).
  • Gwen - Voted for Izzy. Now some of you may be shocked. Gwen voted for Izzy, not for Heather? First of all, theory #1, remember? Second of all, Heather couldn't get too many votes, as she wasn't in the bottom two (she won't get any, as you'll see). Third of all, keep in mind that the loser of the challenge who stayed in the game had to clean the bathrooms. Gwen would definitely prefer to see Heather doing this alone rather than Izzy. And if she voted for Heather, this would mean Izzy would have to do this instead.
  • Heather - Voted for Izzy. Do I need to explain why?
  • Izzy - Voted for Gwen. No, she wasn't jealous of her reward or anything. I bet it was because if she left Heather in the game, they'd have to clean the bathrooms together. Always better than cleaning it alone, right?
  • Leshawna - Voted for Izzy. Why? Izzy needed majority of the votes (4 in this case). Leshawna was already fed up with her craziness two times. Plus, just like Gwen, she most likely wanted to see Heather having to clean the bathrooms alone.
  • Owen - Voted for Gwen. He for sure didn't vote for Izzy. A third option, Heather? Well, he didn't hate her yet and even if he would, he'd most likely want to see her clean the bathrooms, like Gwen and Leshawna. And although it wasn't seen, he was definitely jealous of Gwen's reward.

Wow, I thought this one would be much worse. Looks like talking about it with RBW helped to make it faster. Thank you! Anyway, as for the results, 4 votes for Izzy and 3 votes for Gwen. Wow, taking the punishment for losing into consideration, it really makes sense how Heather survived now. It's still a wasted chance for them though.


See, Gwen and Leshawna? Someone else ended up cleaning the bathrooms anyway. You just wasted your chance at eliminating Heather!

Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon

You thought some of the previous votings could make no sense? How about this one, where Gwen ends up in the bottom two despite not getting any votes against her at all?

  • Duncan - Voted for Geoff. He said so in the confessional and mentioned certain thing that Geoff did.
  • Geoff - Voted for unknown, possibly for Duncan. Why? Well, he could've found out Duncan was mad at him and tried to vote for him as well. He definitely couldn't vote for Heather because there would be a tie if he, Gwen and Leshawna did. And any other vote wouldn't really make sense.
  • Gwen - Voted for unknown, possibly for Duncan. Although I think she could vote for Heather, I believe her strong friendship with Geoff from this episode played a key role. Duncan was a threat for him now, so she decided to help him.
  • Heather - Voted for Geoff, as she confirmed.
  • Leshawna - Voted for Heather, as she confirmed in her confessional.
  • Owen - Voted for Geoff, as his comment after Geoff is eliminated suggests. Also, Geoff needed majority of the votes.

Although it was hard to come up with, the results were most likely 3 votes for Geoff, 2 for Duncan and 1 for Heather. Why was Gwen in the bottom two then, you may ask. Well, drama purposes. I mean, Chris possibly wanted entire pair that competed in this challenge to be in the bottom two, as most of them formed some strong bond with each other in this episode. And since Geoff was voted out, his teammate, Gwen, was in the bottom two. I have no other explanation. Vote-wise it wouldn't make sense, as Geoff and Gwen, the only ones whose votes weren't confirmed, wouldn't vote for Gwen.


Geoff: If you're in the bottom two and the others voted like they did, does it mean we voted for you, Gwen?

Once again, thank you for your opinions, RBW. You really made me analyze it faster than if I did it alone.

Camp Castaways

Why this one? Well, Chris eliminated Mr. Coconut, but the contestants were shocked, which means they believed a regular elimination was planned. Which makes it something like a prototype of TDWT's fake eliminations. Thus, in their original voting, Mr. Coconut wasn't included.

  • Duncan - Voted for Owen due to his insanity in this episode
  • Gwen - Voted for Owen, per Duncan's reasoning.
  • Heather - Voted for Owen, per above.
  • Owen - Voted for unknown. He didn't mind anyone in this episode. Heather would possibly make the most sense, but since she was the first contestant who got a marshmallow, I highly doubt it. If the order of getting marshmallow or at least being the last one before the bottom two, like in The Sucky Outdoors, indicates something, Owen had to vote for Gwen for some reason.

This gives us 3 votes for Owen and 1 unknown vote, possibly for Gwen.


Chris: Listen Owen, I'm ignoring the real voting and eliminating this fruit over you because Tom McGillis likes you, ok?

Are We There Yeti?

Another special analysis. It appeared that Chef had the ultimate choice to decide who goes home in this episode. However, does it mean the contestants didn't vote? Or does it mean that I can't analyze how they would've voted if they were allowed to?

  • Duncan - Voted for Owen. Obviously. Owen was the reason their team lost, as well as the only choice available for Duncan (besides voting for himself, which obviously wasn't the case this time).
  • Gwen - Voted for unknown. Well, she was getting along with both of them. However, there would be a tie if she voted for Owen. Plus, she spent more time with Duncan last episode and had a nice goodbye moment with him this time. Hmm... Maybe there was in fact a tie and that's why Chef had the final word?
  • Heather - Voted for Duncan due to him being a threat, as well as because he wasted his chance for a long-term alliance with her.
  • Owen - Voted for Duncan because he knew Duncan was mad at him for losing, and Duncan was also the only available option.

So yeah, there could be 3 votes for Duncan and 1 for Owen, but a tie, 2 votes for Duncan and 2 for Owen would explain why Chef got to decide even better.

Duncan is happy to finally go

Duncan: So I'd have been voted out anyway or there was a tie and that's why Chef got to decide? Aw, man, this sucks!

Total Drama Action

That's it for TDI eliminations. Now prepare for the next ones. However, they won't be as exciting as TDI ones, I guess. There will be more cases when the votes are confirmed and/or too obvious now. Also, TDI votings had the most depth in them.

Alien Resurr-eggtion

"Oh no! Fourteen contestants, and they were allowed to vote for two people. So many possibilities! How will you handle it?" - To this I say don't worry. As I said several times, votes in TD are usually simple.

  • Beth - Voted for Bridgette and Geoff. Although her vote wasn't confirmed and she was seen enjoying their last kiss during their Walk of Shame, she did encounter them during the challenge when everyone thought the noises they were making were Chef's. Thus, she voted with majority.
  • Bridgette - Voted for Leshawna and Heather. Why? Well, obviously Bridgette and Geoff didn't vote for each other and were the only ones to have voted differently. Leshawna was in the bottom 3, while Heather was the last contestant safe before the bottom 3. They possibly voted for Leshawna because of how she mocked Bridgette at the end of Monster Cash (lesson to the kids, never mock lovebirds!) and Heather's rather self-explanatory due to her actions in TDI and this being the first elimination ceremony of the new season.
  • DJ - Voted for Bridgette and Geoff, as confirmed by his confessional.
  • Duncan - Voted for Bridgette and Geoff, per above. He even mocked them in the confessional.
  • Geoff - Voted for Leshawna and Heather, per Bridgette's reasoning.
  • Gwen - Voted for Bridgette and Geoff. Nothing confirmed in her case, but as I said, it's obvious everyone voted for Bridgette and Geoff, except for themselves. Also, Gwen's reaction when they found out Bridgette and Geoff were making those sounds during the challenge or during their last kiss while walking the Walk of Shame...
  • Harold - Voted for Bridgette and Geoff. Nothing confirmed in his case either, but it's easy to assume he voted with majority.
  • Heather - Voted for Bridgette and Geoff. Do you believe she'd waste the chance when she found out (she obviously had to) that everyone was voting for them, not her?
  • Izzy - Voted for Bridgette and Geoff. Her reaction during their last kiss confirms so.
  • Justin - Voted for Bridgette and Geoff, per above.
  • Leshawna - Voted for Bridgette and Geof. Theory #1, you know, they were in the bottom 3 together. Plus, her reaction to their last kiss.
  • Lindsay - Voted for Bridgette and Geoff, as confirmed by her confessional, even though she enjoyed watching their last kiss.
  • Owen - Voted for Bridgette and Geoff. His reaction to finding out they were making those noises during the challenge says so.
  • Trent - Voted for Bridgette and Geoff. His reaction to their last kiss clearly proves it.

So there were 12 votes for Bridgette and Geoff and 2 votes for Leshawna and Heather. Congrats, lovebirds! You just broke Noah's (and Eva's?) record and set a new record of 12 votes against you that won't be broken for the rest of the series!

Leshawna has no tact

Leshawna: Why so sad? You just set an unbreakable record! Woo Hoo!

Riot On Set

Bottom 3 again? Interesting... Let's see why.

  • Beth - Voted for Lindsay or Izzy. What? Beth voting for her friend again? What can I say? It won't be the last time. And she was angry with Lindsay during the challenge. No one else had a reason to vote for Lindsay. However, as G+T once pointed out to me, she could as well vote for Izzy with majority of her teammates, which actually seems more likely.
  • Izzy - Voted for Justin. Since he was in the bottom 3, she obviously didn't vote for herself, thinking her performance was great and she didn't have a reason to vote for Lindsay. Besides, she has a conflict with Justin.
  • Justin - Voted for Izzy. As I said, they have a conflict. Naturally, her losing for their team also played a role in this.
  • Lindsay - Voted for Izzy. She didn't have a reason to vote for Justin and theory #1 confirms she had to vote for Izzy then. Let's face it, majority of the Grips did.
  • Owen - Voted for Izzy or Lindsay. Shocked, right? Why didn't he vote for Justin with her? Well, he was still attracted to Justin at the time. Also, Beth and Izzy had to be the ones who voted differently for the results to make sense. Since there was no bottom 2, Justin and Lindsay had to get the same number of votes against them (1 each). Also, notice how Owen wasn't seen missing Izzy after her elimination this time. However, as G+T pointed out to me once, he could as well vote for Lindsay because everyone was fed up with her constant mentions of Tyler, which seems more likely.
  • Trent - Voted for Izzy. Here you shouldn't be shocked. Trent was the Grip who disliked Izzy's performance the most.

In the end, no matter who Beth and Owen voted for, we have 4 votes for Izzy and 1 vote for both Justin and Lindsay.


Izzy: I refuse to accept that Owen voted for me. There had to be a bottom 2! This was all fixed!

3:10 to Crazytown

I have no comment here, really. From now on, the votes become too easy to deduce. But friends still vote for each other, as you'll see.

  • Beth - Voted for Trent after finding out he was throwing challenges for Gwen and Gwen told the Grips to vote for him to prove they were not in an alliance.
  • Justin - Voted for Trent, per above.
  • Lindsay - Voted for Trent, per above.
  • Owen - Voted for Trent, per above.
  • Trent - Voted for Owen because... because of him one challenge was cancelled? I don't really know why. But they were in the bottom 2, so...

This means 4 votes for Trent and 1 for Owen.


Friends voting for each other? Nothing special in TDI-TDA era.

The Chefshank Redemption

This is one of the most interesting cases for me, but only because the results are mentioned in more than one episode. Otherwise, it's too easy.

  • DJ - Voted for Heather. Despite everything, he was still on Gwen's side, as was seen in a scene in craft services tent before the awards ceremony.
  • Duncan - Voted for Heather. Gwen mentioned in The Aftermath: II that he didn't vote for her and Heather was in bottom 2. Besides, it was obvious in the episode that he took Gwen's side.
  • Gwen - Voted for herself, as she confirmed in her confessional. See? This was something new, so it was pointed out, that's why I said others definitely didn't vote for themselves prior to this point of the series.
  • Harold - Voted for Gwen, as he confirmed in his confessional.
  • Heather - Voted for Gwen, as she confirmed in her confessional. But let's face it, did she have to confirm it for you to know it?
  • Leshawna - Voted for Gwen, as she confirmed in her confessional. Wow, contestants keep voting for their friends this season.

In rather obvious results, it's 4 votes for Gwen and 2 votes for Heather.

Three votes

Um, no, Heather. Your math is off again. You'd need more than 3 votes to successfully vote off Gwen. You should be happy she voted for herself.

The Sand Witch Project

Yes, DJ quit rendered the elimination ceremony pointless. But that's not stooping me from analyzing who he saved from elimination.

  • Beth - Voted for Lindsay. Ok, what's with her and voting for Lindsay?! She did it for the third time! Well, one last time. Her vote, along with the majority's vote, was confirmed by what she said to Lindsay during the elimination ceremony.
  • Izzy - Voted for Lindsay, per what Beth said to her during the awards ceremony. Heck, she was the most irritated with Lindsay's leadership (the moment when she called the Grips "Team Lindsay").
  • Justin - Voted for Lindsay, per above. Plus, theory #1 says he had to, as they were in the bottom 2.
  • Lindsay - Voted for Justin. Once again, theory #1 for you. As a good leader, she possibly noticed how Justin is not helpful in the challenges and decided to get rid of the Grips' weakest member.
  • Owen - Voted for Lindsay, along with everyone else. Although he didn't mind when Lindsay told him to lick the wall (well, after some time when he finally tasted it), he was fed up with her leadership as well.

This gives us 4 votes for Lindsay and 1 vote for Justin. I think we should all thank DJ. TDA would've been way worse if he hadn't saved Lindsay.

Owen holding onto limo

Owen: Wait, DJ! Don't leave before we thank you for sparing Lindsay from elimination!

Full Metal Drama

Ugh, another too easy voting. Will TDA finally give me some challenge?

  • Beth - Voted for Izzy, as confirmed by Justin in his confessional.
  • Izzy - Voted for Justin. I think we'd all guess it even without the theory #1. Her conflict with him was so visible in this episode.
  • Justin - Voted for Izzy, as he confirmed in his confessional. Lesson: never tell Justin he's not handsome. At least not to his face.
  • Lindsay - Voted for Izzy, as Justin confirmed in his confessional.
  • Owen - Voted for Justin. Ok, this isn't 100% confirmed, but it's easy to tell Owen this time voted along with Izzy. After all, he saw it when Justin was angry after Izzy told him she doesn't think he's handsome.

So we have 3 votes for Izzy and 2 for Justin. Justin's "powers" have an effect on Beth and Lindsay again just to save him, the first antagonist of the season, and eliminate Izzy instead? Bummer.

Ocean's Eight - Or Nine

As if TDA's votings weren't too easy to analyze, here we have the first elimination ceremony ever where all votes are 100% confirmed. Thanks? Well, voting is a voting, so I won't skip it.

  • Beth - Voted for Courtney, as was confirmed.
  • Courtney - Voted for Owen, as was confirmed.
  • Justin - Voted for Courtney, as was confirmed.
  • Lindsay - Voted for Courtneyper above.
  • Owen - Voted for Courtney, per above.

4 100% confirmed votes for Courtney and 1 100% confirmed vote for Owen. Well, Courtney, you should be happy you've got the immunity because of the lawsuit.


Owen, your elimination gets a special award of having all the votes 100% confirmed. Now leave already and don't come back!

Million Dollar Babies

Wow, the most shocking results ahead. Who didn't think Leshawna was going home while watching this episode for the first time?

  • Duncan - Voted for Heather, as confirmed by his confessional shared with Harold.
  • Harold - Voted for Heather, per above.
  • Heather - Voted for Leshawna. They were in the bottom 2 (theory #1, remember? I'll keep mentioning it countless times :P ), plus she was shocked she was eliminated over her.
  • Leshawna - Voted for Heather. Well, some could argue she voted for Duncan because she made friends with Heather this episode. However, this was after the awards ceremony and Duncan couldn't get a vote against him because there would be a bottom 3.

3 votes for Heather and 1 vote for Leshawna. Wow, Leshawna, your alliance succeeded when you weren't even trying.


I think everyone was as shocked as you, Heather.

Super Hero-ld

Even two alliances at the same time don't make it harder. Come on, TDA, give me something harder to analyze!

  • Beth - Voted for Duncan, as she was planning to to annoy Courtney.
  • Courtney - Voted for Leshawna, with the second guys' alliance.
  • Duncan - Voted for Leshawna. Heck, he was even the one who suggested to vote for her.
  • Harold - Voted for Leshawna, as was seen in the episode's climax.
  • Justin - Voted for Leshawna, with the second guys' alliance.
  • Leshawna - Voted for Duncan, as she planned.
  • Lindsay - Voted for Duncan, per Beth and Leshawna's reasoning.

With all the votes being 100% confirmed again, there were 4 votes for Leshawna and 3 votes for Duncan. Duncan, you should be thankful that Courtney manipulated Harold into voting for Leshawna.


Tell me, Harold, was it worth it? Didn't you see that coming?

The Princess Pride

There was a knight, there was a princess, there was a dragon, and there was... another obvious voting. (in Harold's tone) GOSH!

  • Beth - Voted for Justin. Courtney was immune, Justin was the only one in a cast besides Beth and her friend and she didn't miss him.
  • Courtney - Voted for Justin. As if the episode's plot didn't make it clear, you have her reaction when Chris jokes Duncan's eliminated instead of Justin.
  • Duncan - Voted for Justin. One again, the episode's plot makes it clear.
  • Harold - Voted for Justin. Although you could argue he could vote for Duncan, the way he said goodbye to him and the way Justin used him in this episode makes another time when Harold doesn't vote for Duncan. Why are you so shocked? He hasn't voted for Duncan even once yet in this season, although he was close to doing so once.
  • Justin - Voted for Duncan. Not only were they in the bottom 2 together, but the episode's plot makes it obvious.
  • Lindsay - Voted for Justin, per Beth's reasoning.

One long time ago, in 2009, there were 5 votes for Justin and 1 vote for Duncan.

My princess

Justin: Screw you, Duncan! You'll lose Courtney soon and I'll have her glass shoe forever!

Rock n' Rule

I told you not to return, Owen! Well, your return won't even make it harder.

  • Beth - Voted for Duncan, like she planned in Super Hero-ld.
  • Courtney - Voted for Lindsay due to their conflict, as well as because Lindsay was in the bottom 2 with Duncan.
  • Duncan - Voted for Lindsay. As if being together in the bottom 2 didn't confirm it already, you have his reaction when they find out Lindsay accidentally voted for herself.
  • Harold - Voted for Duncan. This time Courtney didn't manipulate him to do otherwise. Let's face it, she probably wouldn't succeed. Hey, it's actually the only time in the season when he votes for Duncan!
  • Lindsay - Voted for herself, as was shown.
  • Owen - Voted for Courtney. He said he wanted to waste his vote on Courtney. And he did. Besides, Lindsay needed majority of the votes, and since Courtney was immune, there wasn't any bottom 3.

In another confirmed voting, we have 3 votes for Lindsay, 2 for Duncan and 1 wasted one for Courtney. See, Owen? If you voted for Duncan, there at least would be a tie-breaker, giving Lindsay at least some chance to stay. As we all thanked DJ for sparing her from elimination once, now let's boo Owen for wasting his vote and thus not allowing a tie-breaker. Oh, also let's boo Chris for counting an accidental vote.


Lindsay: You say I'll be eliminated because Owen will waste his vote and Chris will count my accidental vote? Nooooooooooooooo!

2008: A Space Owen

It's funny how it's 2008 only production wise. Also, thank you Courtney for one non-confirmed vote. But it was still too easy to deduct.

  • Beth - Voted for Courtney, after breaking her girls' alliance.
  • Courtney - Voted for Harold. Although her vote wasn't confirmed, she had to vote for Harold, so he'll have most of the votes against him and so she'll be in a bottom 2 with him. Apparently, Duncan convinced her to do so. Actually, Epic's theory that she actually voted for Duncan convinced me. The order of getting symbol of safety seemed to be important in this case, as Owen being safe before Duncan (if he didn't have any votes against him) would feel weird. And Courtney had a reason to vote for him in this episode. Plus, it's not like the couples weren't voting for each other this season. Heck, even Duncan will vote for her in the very next episode. Karma?
  • Duncan - Voted for Harold, as he confirmed during the awards ceremony.
  • Harold - Voted for Owen, as he confirmed during the awards ceremony.
  • Owen - Voted for Harold, as he confirmed during the awards ceremony, because Harold found out the purpose of his return.

In yet another obvious voting of the season, with almost all the votes being 100% confirmed, there were 3 votes for Harold, 1 vote for both Courtney and Owen. Wait a minute, so why there was no bottom 3?! Chris, was it your fault because you wanted to prevent the others from knowing Owen got a vote against him?!


Harold: Owen, you may escape bottom 3 this time, but you won't escape your eventual elimination. Seriously, returning contestants don't win, it's not RR.

Alternatively, as Epic suggested, there were 2 votes for Harold and 1 for Courtney, Duncan and Owen each.

Top Dog

The last regular voting of the season and... all the votes confirmed again. Wow, this season was just too easy.

  • Beth - Voted for Courtney, as she confirmed.
  • Courtney - Voted for Owen, as she confirmed.
  • Duncan - Voted for Courtney, as was confirmed.
  • Owen - Voted for Duncan, as he confirmed.

And the last voting of the season, that is coincidentally once again in the twenty-fourth episode, features 2 votes for Courtney, 1 vote for Owen and 1 vote for Duncan.


Wow, Owen, really? Voting for Duncan just because the girls eat less than him? Well, fine.

The Aftermath: IV

I focused on the regular votings and almost forgot about this one. Thank you for reminding me on the chat, Chewy! :)

Before analyzing, let me remind you who voted. TDA Peanut Gallery wasn't allowed to vote, Bridgette and Geoff were too busy making out at the time, Lindsay wasted her paper on sneezing, and Leshawna and Trent apparently immediately left the portable bathroom after Owen used it, thus not voting either.

  • Courtney - Voted for Duncan. Obviously. Heck, her vote was very original visually, so you could see when Chris counted it for Duncan. And really, would you expect her to vote differently?
  • DJ - Voted for Beth. This was even confirmed.
  • Gwen - Voted for Beth/Duncan. Shocked, right? You'd obviously think she voted for Duncan over Beth due to her friendship with him that even caused some gossips about them in this season. But pay attention to what she's saying while making her vote - "I refuse to be predictable". You know we'll have two endings. The creators knew they needed two versions of the voting so it'd suit both endings. And after you'll count how many votes there were, you'll know one person had to vote differently in each of the endings. Gwen's line hints she was this person. Although this kinda favors Duncan's ending, as she'd obviously choose him, even if she doesn't want to be predictable. Also, Courtney saying that the voting was an "election fraud" in Beth's ending could hint Gwen's vote being forced by the writers and rather unbelievable.
  • Harold - Voted for Beth. Although his vote wasn't seen, hence it's unknown if he skipped the voting like Leshawna and Trent, I believe he voted for Beth to win. If he skipped the voting, it'd be shown. And his conflict with Duncan speaks for itself, even if Harold did enjoy his drawing. I know he voted for Duncan to be eliminated only once before this episode, but this time it's for million bucks!
  • Heather - Voted for Duncan. Although she had at least a minor conflict with both of the finalists during TDA era, she disliked Beth way more and there were still several hints of Duncan's past attraction to Heather in the season. Also, the moment when she nods after Duncan's answer to DJ's question clearly confirms her vote.
  • Izzy - Voted for Explosivo, as was confirmed. Hey, nice try, Iz. You'd succeed if it'd be another regular voting where you need to have the least votes possible.
  • Justin - Voted for Beth, as he confirmed in Beth's ending.
  • Owen - Voted for Duncan, as he confirmed while voting.

So in Beth's ending we have 4 votes for Beth, 3 for Duncan and 1 wasted vote for Explosivo, while in Duncan's ending we have 4 votes for Duncan, 3 for Beth and 1 wasted vote for Explosivo.

Gwen vote

Gwen: For the sake of two endings and not being predictable, I'm voting differently per ending.

Total Drama World Tour

TDA's results were just too obvious. Was it good? Was it bad? You decide. But I can only hope for TDWT to be more interesting to analyze.

Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2

Aaaaand... Ezekiel made some mistake again. Wow.

  • Bridgette - Voted for Ezekiel, as was seen.
  • DJ - Voted for Ezekiel. He was seen confused who he should choose with Harold's, Ezekiel's, and Bridgette's passports on the tap. However, since Bridgette and Harold didn't do anything wrong in this episode, it can be easily assumed that he voted for Ezekiel with majority, especially because they were in the bottom 2 together and there was no bottom three. Heck, Harold and Bridgette got their barf bags even before Lindsay.
  • Ezekiel - Voted for DJ, as was shown in his only confessional scene of the season.
  • Harold - Voted for Ezekiel. Heck, he was possibly the most mad at him.
  • Leshawna - Voted for Ezekiel, as was also shown.
  • Lindsay - Voted for everybody. Everyone or no one actually, as her vote was wasted.

First elimination ceremony of the season and another obvious results. We have 4 votes for Ezekiel and 1 vote for DJ. Well, Lindsay's vote means that every member of Team Victory got at least one vote against them this season, including herself (who won't be voted for again this season).


Sucks to be Zeke indeed, Chris.

Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan

Will it be as obvious as the last one? Let's see.

  • Bridgette - Voted for Harold, as was seen.
  • DJ - Voted for himself, as was also seen.
  • Harold - Voted for himself. Well, he stamped a ball, but then he reached for his own passport, so his vote was counted.
  • Leshawna - Voted for DJ. Why, if she was seen having doubts who to vote for, just like DJ in the previous episode? Well, Chris was about to say Harold would get the last barf bag, which means DJ needed to have majority of the votes. It'd also make more sense, right?
  • Lindsay - Didn't vote.
  • T'sing T'sing - Voted for DJ. Panda's vote was allowed possibly only because Lindsay didn't vote and they needed a replacement.

Thanks to the panda's vote replacing Lindsay's, we have 3 votes for DJ and 2 for Harold. So as you can see, yeah, Harold would've stayed.

Ruína Fadas

DJ: What? Panda's vote eliminated me? I hate pandas! Wait, it's TDWT! Then I hate Harold, why did he have to quit?!

Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better

So far TDWT confirms at least most of the votes. Although this episode didn't, it's still too easy to deduct the votes.

  • Bridgette - Voted for DJ. They were in the bottom 2 and DJ keeps being voted for this season. Their friendship wasn't as strong as before this season.
  • DJ - Voted for Bridgette. They were in the bottom 2, she had to get most of the votes on a team with four people and he wanted to test if he's really cursed by checking if the others will vote for him this time. Also, he was happy when she was voted out instead of him.
  • Leshawna - Voted for Bridgette. Although it was Leshawna's idea that caused them to lose, it was much easier to blame Bridgette for losing, wasn't it?
  • Lindsay - Voted for Bridgette. As I said, Bridgette needed majority of the votes and there was no bottom 3.

In the first non-confirmed but still easy to deduct results we have 3 votes for Bridgette and 1 for DJ. Now you believe you're not cursed, DJ? Oh wait, you still don't.

Yukon team chris wins

Nothing can annoy your teammates more than being the reason why your team was stolen of the first place, Bridgette.

Slap Slap Revolution

Honestly, I'd skip this one if I could. Math explains the results clearly.

  • DJ - Voted for Leshawna. Not only she had to get 2 out of 3 votes, but they were also in the bottom 2. At this point, DJ doesn't want to be eliminated yet.
  • Leshawna - Voted for DJ. They were in the bottom 2. Also, DJ had a reason to be voted for at every elimination ceremony.
  • Lindsay - Voted for Leshawna. She costed them the challenge, she had to get 2 votes.

Did that really surprise anyone? 2 votes for Leshawna and 1 vote for DJ. Wow, so DJ kept being in the bottom 2, but most often due to only one vote? I thought it'd be much worse than that.


Don't be so shocked, Leshawna. Math doesn't lie.

The Am-AH-Zon Race

All votes confirmed? Check. Fake elimination ceremony? Check. But voting is a voting, so I have to mention it.

  • Cody - Voted for Sierra, as was confirmed in the confessional.
  • Courtney - Voted for Heather, as was also confirmed.
  • Gwen - Voted for Heather, as was shown.
  • Heather - Voted for Gwen, as was also shown.
  • Sierra - Voted for Heather, as was shown too.

In another 100% confirmed results, we have 3 votes for Heather and 1 vote for both Gwen and Sierra. Wow, we should be thankful it was just a fake elimination ceremony. The season would've sucked and been much worse if it hadn't been for fake elimination ceremony. For a change, thank you, Chris, even despite it had to be planned from the beginning (at least in my opinion TDWT fake elimination ceremonies are planned).

Amazon elimination courtney gwen cody sierra

Amazons, don't be so shocked, and enjoy a great season of Heather.

I See London...

Wow, there was no voting for quite a lot of episodes, right?

  • Alejandro - Voted for Noah. Seriously, I don't think anyone is surprised here.
  • Duncan - Voted for Noah. He's just returned, but a newbie he completely doesn't know manages to convince him to vote for Noah? Wow. As for a reason, Noah probably annoyed him with his nerdy attitude.
  • Noah - Voted for Alejandro. Yeah, another vote confirmed by the plot.
  • Owen - Voted for Alejandro. There was no bottom 3, so he had to vote for Al. Possible elimination of Noah was a reason why he voted for Al despite adoring him so much at the time.
  • Tyler - Voted for Noah, as confirmed by Owen in the next episode and by the maths.

On the first Team Chris's elimination ceremony of the season, Noah gets 3 votes, while Alejandro gets 2. Wow, this means Izzy joins to the list of contestants who had no votes against them in some season (as was already pointed out by TheEpicDestroyer in the comments).


Noah: Duncan's just returned and he was already convinced by Al to vote for me? Wow, TD writers, why do you hate me so? Let's try a show with no votings, Owen.

Greece's Pieces

Another fake elimination. But a voting was present, so Chris won't stop me from analyzing it!

  • Alejandro - Voted for Duncan. Duncan needed majority of the votes, Alejandro was angry when he was revealed to stay and he used the love triangle drama to vote him off, knowing he's a threat.
  • Duncan - Voted for Tyler. Tyler was one of three, along with Alejandro and Duncan, contestants who were given a reason by Chris as to why they could be eliminated, indicating they all got votes. Alejandro and Tyler voted together for Duncan, so in order for this to be majority, Duncan and Owen had to vote for different teammates from this "bottom 3." Duncan was shown to dislike Tyler in this episode, threatening him not to reveal his secret in the morning. Tyler also gave him another reason to vote for him by losing the tie-breaker.
  • Owen - Voted for Alejandro. You could see Owen changing his vote in last minute and being relieved when Duncan was confirmed to stay. Apparently, Alejandro wanted him to vote off Duncan, but he realized it's better to keep his friend around, especially due to being aware of Alejandro and Tyler's alliance. And he couldn't vote for Tyler due to maths.
  • Tyler - Voted for Duncan, along with Alejandro due to their alliance, as well as his personal dislike for Duncan's actions that were shown even more at the beginning of the next episode. Besides, he was clearly disappointed when Duncan was revealed to stay.

In the second fake elimination ceremony of the season we have 2 votes for Duncan and 1 vote for both Alejandro and Tyler.

Greece chris eliminates intern

Chris: Meh, this intern causes less drama than Duncan. Let's ignore the voting and throw him off the plane only to have him back at the beginning of the next episode. What? I'm nice. I gave him a parachute!

The EX-Files

Obviously don't expect a repeat of the previous voting. They wouldn't eliminate Duncan like that now.

  • Alejandro - Voted for Tyler. He promised not to vote for Duncan when he offered his help with getting rid of the aliens during the challenge. And he chose Tyler because... reasons? I don't know. Because Tyler failed the challenge? Well, Owen's wasn't very helpful either. Because Tyler was injured? Then again, he can be healed in no time. Heck, I have no idea why! Alejandro, explain yourself! Why did you vote for your more loyal ally?! Owen was clearly aware of your true nature at the time, as he already attempted to vote you off. Actually, Alejandro most likely didn't betray his most loyal ally. Since Owen was called out for his actions by Chris, this indicates there was a bottom 3. And since the other votes weren't for Owen, Alejandro had to be the one to vote for Owen.
  • Duncan - Voted for Tyler. Possibly he didn't realize Alejandro's true nature yet. Or liked his hypnosis skills so much. Or wanted to keep an equal to him rival for fun? I don't know. Anyway, he chose Tyler over him for the reasons of the previous episode. Plus, Tyler lost the challenge for their team and was injured.
  • Owen - Voted for Tyler. He couldn't vote for Alejandro, as the Spaniard was the only one who wasn't mentioned by Chris to be to blame for their team's loss. He also obviously didn't vote for himself (wait, so what was Owen doing in the "bottom 3" then? Was it to make up for 2008: A Space Owen?) Besides, Tyler messed up the challenge and he liked the other two guys more.
  • Tyler - Voted for Duncan. Similarly to the previous episode's reason. Unlike Duncan, Tyler's a loyal boyfriend. Also, e believed Duncan was going home, so this automatically confirms his vote.

The results are a bit different than from the previous episode. 3 votes for Tyler and 1 for Duncan or, which is more likely, 2 votes for Tyler and 1 vote for both Owen and Tyler.

Picnic at Hanging Dork

Once again Chris doesn't count someone's intended vote and accepts accidental one. Well, good for Courtney's fans, I guess. Or not, judging by how she's portrayed in this season. Hey, it's still not the worst, right?

  • Cody - Voted for Sierra due to an accident. Initially wanted to vote for Courtney. Yeah, cheer up Sierra. That's one of three times when he wanted to vote for someone other than you!
  • Courtney - Voted for Gwen. Self-explanatory. Not to mention it was confirmed.
  • Gwen - Voted for Courtney. Yeah, do I really need to explain this episode's results?
  • Heather - Voted for Courtney. Would've voted for Gwen several episodes ago, but Courtney's determination to lose and her new attraction to Alejandro made Heather hate her more.
  • Sierra - Voted for Gwen, being in a temporary alliance with Courtney to do so.

Wow, elimination targets change in this team so much, first it's Heather, then Gwen, then Courtney. Anyway, 2 votes for both Courtney and Gwen and 1 accidental vote for Sierra.

Australia courtney listens

Don't be too happy, Courtney. An accidental vote and deus ex-machina allergy saved you. You're still the target for the next elimination.

Sweden Sour

I know there was no voting here, but it was still fake elimination, most of the potential votes were confirmed, and it's cool to analyze what would happen if there was one.

  • Cody - Would've voted for Courtney, as confirmed by Sierra. See Sierra? The fate is preventing Cody from voting for Courtney. Well, it'll mean he'll get to vote for someone other than you at least once.
  • Courtney - Would've voted for Heather. The only potential vote that wasn't confirmed, but it's rather obvious due to their conflict. Also, second love triangle of the season aboard!
  • Heather - Would've voted for Courtney, as was seen when she agreed to do so with Cody and Sierra and teasingly waved goodbye to her.
  • Sierra - Would've voted for Courtney. Already mentioned why.

3 votes for Courtney and 1 vote for Heather. Wow, it's a bad episode for Courtney's haters. And Cody. The poor boy just can't get to vote for her, can he? Also, I don't want to say "Didn't I tell you, Courtney?", but didn't I tell you, Courtney?

Sweden angry amazon

Cody is scared of the mysterious fate that is preventing him from voting for Courtney.

Niagara Brawls

To be honest, it's my favourite voting to analyze of this season thanks to certain not 100% sure votes.

  • Alejandro - Voted for Owen. Duh.
  • Blaineley - Voted for Sierra. Due to what happened on the rope and Sierra having two votes against her.
  • Cody - Voted for Sierra. Well, the theme of this challenge kinda made him go back to voting for her.
  • Courtney - Voted for Heather. They had their conflict (Heather even asked if Courtney voted for her twice upon learning she got two votes), and she was clearly jealous of Heather "stealing" her dreamed husband from her during the first challenge. Actually, Epic's theory convinced me once again. Duncan was seen only playing along and said he won't actually vote as Alejandro told him to. Courtney is also Alejandro's ally, so I guess he had to convince her off-screen. And yes, it makes Heather's complain about Courtney voting for her twice even funnier. She could as well vote for Owen.
  • Duncan - Voted for Owen. It's kinda weird, considering he missed him in the next episode and even said it wasn't good for him, but looks like Duncan had to make some stupid mistake, and agree with Alejandro to vote for Owen. Afterall, he was one of the contestants he tried to convince to vote for him. Also, other votes wouldn't make sense otherwise. Owen wouldn't vote for himself. As I said, Epic and some evidence convinced me. See Courtney's new reasoning to see why he didn't vote for Owen. Why for Heather though? Possibly to annoy Alejandro while still leaving him as his ally in the competition?
  • Heather - Voted for Owen, along with Alejandro.
  • Owen - Voted for Heather. That was the only vote left. He had to, otherwise the numbers of votes everyone got wouldn't make sense. And it shouldn't be shocking, should it?
  • Sierra - Voted for Owen. The scene before elimination ceremony explains it all.

I like it, but it was still too easy. Still the most mysterious voting in a long time. Anyway, 4 votes for Owen and 2 for both Heather and Sierra.


Owen: What? Being eliminated? Nah, I don't care. I still outranked some wasted potentials and made it to the merge again!

Chinese Fake-Out

Will a tie prevent me from deducing how the voting went? Let's see.

  • Alejandro - Voted for Blaineley. The scene before the elimination ceremony again explains everything. I guess he wanted to keep Courtney to manipulate her and make Heather jealous some more.
  • Blaineley - Voted for Courtney. It would've probably made more sense for her to vote for Heather, but since they were in the bottom 2 and the only vote not for them was for Sierra...
  • Cody - Voted for Sierra. Wow, he must have noticed that the fate doesn't allow him to vote for Courtney and gave up on doing so, even when Sierra won immunity and several contestants were voting off Courtney.
  • Courtney - Voted for Blaineley. Again, kinda shocked she didn't vote for Heather, especially after how she caught them cheating. But they were in the bottom two and the number of votes was confirmed, so she had to vote for her. I guess she wanted to vote off another cheater of this challenge, knowing they'd be targeted.
  • Duncan - Voted for Courtney. Math doesn't lie. Besides, his reaction clearly showed he wasn't going to follow Alejandro's vote this time (/again?). Well, can you blame him?
  • Heather - Voted for Blaineley. Heck, the events of this episode made Courtney and Heather vote for someone else than each other. Also, looks like Alejandro was saying the truth when he mentioned Heather wants to vote off Blaineley (at first I thought he only came up with it not to make Duncan vote for Heather after he suggested he could).
  • Sierra - Voted for Courtney. Possibly didn't like the cheater of this challenge. Also, none other option was left. And yes, I'm sure Heather voted for Blaineley and Sierra for Courtney, not the other way around (although that would be possible too, but would go against what Alejandro said about Heather's vote).

This was also an interesting voting to analyze. Second in a row! Thank you, TDWT! Anyway, 3 votes for both Blaineley and Courtney and 1 wasted vote for Sierra.

Cé esik

Courtney: Forget Heather, why can't Cody vote for me?!

African Lying Safari

Well, there are two votes that aren't 100% known, but can be deduced. I think you know which ones.

  • Alejandro - Voted for Duncan. Do I even need to explain?
  • Cody - Voted for Sierra. Seriously, who else has voted for her so far? And that reaction... Heck, why am I even explaining this one?! It's obvious!
  • Duncan - Voted for Alejandro. Finally some unknown vote. Although it's unknown whether he learnt he was eliminated due to Alejandro's plan, as Heather was the one who tricked him, he and Heather glared at each other during his elimination and Duncan doesn't seem to be stupid to waste his vote on the winner (unlike certain someone), it looks like he voted for Alejandro. Why? More time spent with him in this episode makes more sense for this result. Also, maybe he did learn that Alejandro was the one behind the trick?
  • Heather - Voted for Duncan, with Alejandro. See, Heather? You're doing great when you're working with him. You should remember about this next time.
  • Sierra - Voted for Heather. Why? Again, spending more time with Heather than with Alejandro (heck, these two barely interacted in this episode) made it more believable from the plot's point. Perhaps she was jealous when Heather said she's Cody's friend.

2 votes for Duncan and 1 for Alejandro, Heather and Sierra, just like Chris said. Also, as I always point out in such cases, vote for Alejandro was wasted.

Africa duncan eliminated

Duncan: Ugh, I'd love to vote for you Heather, but I'll make something stupid, and waste my vote on Alejandro because... the plot says so? Don't judge me, I'm just doing what Courtney did last time.

Rapa Phooey!

Another fake elimination, but at least contestants got to vote again.

  • Alejandro - Voted for Sierra. She got three votes and he wanted to suck up to Cody in this episode. Easy.
  • Cody - Voted for Sierra. Well, he doesn't want to vote for Alejandro yet and Courtney's already gone, so who do you predict him to vote for, huh? Also, his reaction...
  • Heather - Voted for Sierra. Her reaction when Sierra was revealed to be safe, her explaining she values Cody more as an ally and number of votes indicate so.
  • Sierra - Voted for Alejandro. The only vote that wasn't for her was for him, so... theory #1, anyone?

Another 100% confirmed results. Fake eliminations tend to have them, I suppose. Anyway, 3 votes for Sierra and 1 for Alejandro, as Chris confirmed again. Chris, you're making it too easy for me by revealing how many votes everyone got.

Easter island fake elimination

Wow, that's actually very stupid of you, Cody. Sierra would carry you to the finale and maybe even share the money with you if she won (or let you won it). If you actually remained in the game with Alejandro and Heather at this point, you'd have to count on their rivalry to get between them to stay for longer.

Awwwwww, Drumheller

Last voting of the season and all votes are 100%? Aw.

  • Alejandro - Voted for Cody. Wow, that's the only vote for Cody in this season.
  • Cody - Voted for Alejandro. Confirmed, so I'm not even bothering explaining these results.
  • Heather - Voted for Alejandro. Per above.
  • Sierra - Voted for Alejandro. Per above again.

And now it's stupid of you, Heather. Sierra's so strong she could beat you. The only thing that would save you would be a tie-breaker between Cody and Sierra in Hawaiian Punch and Sierra giving up so Cody could win. Then again, she'd know Cody would have no chances against you in the final challenge, so...

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Well, previous season actually had some more mysteries than TDA, but most of the votes were still confirmed. How will this one do? Well, I remember some votes were confirmed, some were mysteries, but we'll see which of them were in majority soon.

Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!

First voting of the season and it's obviously unanimous. Come one, TDRI, don't let me down! I want some hard theories to be made!

  • B - Voted for Staci. Was seen annoyed byh her lies and constant talking throughout the episode.
  • Dakota - Voted for Staci. Per above + theory #1.
  • Dawn - Voted for Staci. Per above minus theory #1.
  • Lightning - Voted for Staci, per above.
  • Sam - Voted for Staci, per above.
  • Scott - Voted for Staci, per above.
  • Staci - Voted for Dakota. Everyone else obviously voted for Staci and Dakota was in the bottom 2.

In the first and very obvious voting we have 6 votes for Staci and 1 for Dakota. Wow, foreshadowing much?


Dakota not giving a f**k about what the results are. Apparently she knew it was too obvious.

Truth or Laser Shark

Hopefully, this one will be less obvious. After all, who'd vote for B?

  • B - Voted for Dakota. Although he wasn't in the group that Scott convinced to vote for Dakota, he obviously had to vote for her. They were in the bottom 2, so theory #1 anyone? Also, the only other Rat I could see getting a vote would be Lightning due to his attitude throughout the episode, but his receiving the marshmallow so early clearly disconfirms it.
  • Dakota - Voted for B. Somebody had to. They were in the bottom 2, so you know, theory #1. Apparently the beauty didn't like the brains.
  • Dawn - Voted for Dakota. Was seen in the group convinced by Scott to do so.
  • Lightning - Voted for Dakota, per above.
  • Sam - Voted for B. Obviously didn't vote for Dakota. He was hesitant about doing so on his team's meeting and his confessional clearly proves he didn't. He apparently voted with Dakota to suck up to her. And apparently no one besides Dakota and B, not even Lightning, got a vote against them because there would be a bottom 3.
  • Scott - Voted for Dakota. Heck, he was the one who suggested it. Wait a minute, Scott voting for someone who's not helpful for their team? Does it make sense according to his strategy? Well, apparently he wanted to be viewed by his teammates as someone who cares about his team.

I'm kinda shocked B got votes and Lightning didn't. Whatever. Looks like foreshadowing of the next elimination comes first at the beginning of TDRI. Anyway, 4 votes for Dakota and 2 for B.

Truth or Laser Shark (4)

And now you have Dakota giving a f**k about who stays. Well, apparently she saw it coming. Or this is where her character development begins.

Ice Ice Baby

Let me see if the episode I wrote for RBW's CYOA will shock me.

  • B - Voted for Scott. Even though Scott wasn't in the bottom 2, it'd be hard to believe B didn't vote for him. Besides, Scott was the last person to get a marshmallow before the bottom 2, so he could be unofficially in the bottom 3. It could also make sense since apparently Sam and Scott both got only one vote and only one of them was chosen for the bottom 2. Why wasn't it Scott though? Wouldn't it be more climatic?
  • Dawn - Voted for B. She was in a group convinced to do so by Scott. Weird, she didn't see how the things looked like for real with her powers?
  • Lightning - Voted for Sam, as seen in his confessional.
  • Sam - Voted for B. Just like Dawn, he was convinced to do so by Scott.
  • Scott - Voted for B. Heck, would you have any doubts after watching the episode?

Rats' eliminations aren't shocking me. 3 votes for B and 1 for both Sam and Scott.

B eliminated

Don't "b" so sad, B (and the reward for the lamest pun goes to...).

Finders Creepers

There was no elimination, well no elimination of an actual contestant, but there was a voting, right? I'm sure they voted before that scene. So let's analyze how it could've looked like. Also, let's see if the Maggots' voting will be more interesting than Rats' (cough yes, it will cough).

  • Anne Maria - Voted for Zoey due to them being love rivals.
  • Brick - Voted for himself. He quit anyway, but I'm sure he voted in the same way.
  • Cameron - Voted for unknown, possibly for Jo or Anne Maria. Could vote either way. He knows Jo's his biggest enemy at the moment. But he's also a friend of Mike and Zoey. Although it's just a beginning of the season and their friendships couldn't be too strong at this point, he could vote for Anne Maria to prevent her from ruining their relationship. Spending more time with Mike (Vito) and Anne Maria and raising his voice at them could suggest the second version though.
  • Jo - Voted for Brick due to their conflict. Just look at how they were glaring at each other during the elimination ceremony.
  • Mike - Voted for Anne Maria. He obviously didn't want an obstacle in his growing relationship with Zoey.
  • Zoey - Voted for Anne Maria. Same. They were love rivals.

In the end, this gives us either 2 votes for Anne Maria and Brick and 1 for Jo and Zoey, or 3 votes for Anne Maria, 2 for Brick and 1 for Zoey. Tie wouldn't be important, as there was no real elimination in the end and Brick would have quit anyway, so it's up to your which version you choose. Personally, I'm more for the one where Cameron votes for Anne Maria. After all, he still respected Jo as a leader and valued her methods in a way, as seen in A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste or his comment "I learned from the best" in Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon.

Finders Creepers (32)

Anne Maria: In your face, love birds! Brick would spare me from elimination no matter who Cameron voted for!

Backstabbers Ahoy!

And we're back to the Rats' unanimous votings. Yay?

  • Brick - Voted for Dawn, believing her to be a thief after Scott framed her.
  • Dawn - Voted for Scott. Who of those framed by Scott wouldn't? Also, the plot clearly confirms it.
  • Lightning - Voted for Dawn, per Brick's reasoning.
  • Sam - Voted for Dawn, per above.
  • Scott - Voted for Dawn. Do I need to explain it?

In another Rats' unanimous voting we have 4 votes for Dawn and 1 vote for Scott. Way to go Scott, you're eliminating fan favourites of the season (although they have much smaller fandoms now).

Backstabbers Ahoy (52)

Way to confirm all the votes at once.

Runaway Model

Another Rats' elimination ceremony? Let me guess... it's unanimous?

  • Brick - Voted for Sam. Only they screwed in this episode, they were in the bottom 2, and all.
  • Lightning - Voted for Sam. He clearly despised the only non-manly member of his team.
  • Sam - Voted for Brick. Well, Brick caused the second challenge to happen and they were in the bottom 2 together.
  • Scott - Voted for Sam. Could vote either way, but since Sam needs majority of the votes to be eliminated, it had to be for Sam.

Yep, no surprise again. 3 votes for Sam and 1 for Brick. Moving on.

Potato sam

Congrats for Sam the hero whose failure saved Brick from an elimination. Boo for Sam the one who took Brick's place in TDAS. Then again, it could be seen as saving him again, so congrats for Sam once more.

A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Not only it's the Rats' elimination ceremony, but there are only three members on their team, so math basically confirms everything. And it's clear while watching the episode anyway.

  • Brick - Voted for Lightning. He clearly valued Jo more and they were in the bottom 2.
  • Jo - Voted for Brick. Confirmed by her reaction and her alliance with Lightning.
  • Lightning - Voted for Brick, per above.

Finally, no more Rats' votings! Will it make things more interesting? It should. Anyway, 2 votes for Brick and 1 for Lightning.


Brick: What? But my plot with Jo was more interesting!

The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean

I love this episode for the dynamics in the Maggots' team only. You gotta admit Scott was good when he managed to make Zoey lose her trust in Mike and vote differently than him.

  • Cameron - Voted for Scott, being aware of his true self.
  • Dakota - Voted for Scott. Although her vote wasn't confirmed, Scott needed majority of the votes to almost be eliminated. It shouldn't surprise you though. Also, maybe she's already seen that Scott was behind her elimination (even though she'd be eliminated anyway)?
  • Mike - Voted for Scott, per Cameron's reasoning.
  • Scott - Voted for Dakota. It's weird how Chris said it was thanks to Zoey. Scott had to vote for her too, so she'd have second-most votes. Otherwise there would be a tie for the second place. Not to mention simply using the immunity idol made him be a reason of her elimination even more than Zoey's vote.
  • Zoey - Voted for Dakota, as was confirmed.

See? Nothing hard, but already more interesting than Rats' votings. I still ask for something better! Anyway, 3 votes for Scott and 2 for Dakota(zoid).

The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean (27)

That moment when you're being eliminated only because of your mutation.

Grand Chef Auto

Well, there was only one vote actually, but let's analyze how the regular voting would've looked like at this point had Scott not gotten to choose all by himself (I won't do this for The Enchanted Franken-Forest though).

  • Cameron - Would've voted for Jo. Only because Scott won immunity.
  • Jo - Would've voted for Lightning due to their conflict.
  • Lightning - Would've voted for Jo, per above. Heck, he even wanted to eliminate her when he thought he won and wanted Scott to vote for her in the end.
  • Mike - Would've voted for Jo with Cameron only because Scott was immune.
  • Scott - Would've voted for Mike anyway.
  • Zoey - Would've voted for Jo with Mike and Cameron only because Scott was immune.

So we'd have 4 votes for Jo and 1 for both Lightning and Mike. Wow, Scott's immunity saved not only him, but Jo as well.

Runaway Model (72)

Jo: Just don't think I'm gonna thank you for that. Or Chris.

Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon

All the votes confirmed again, but it's way better than Rats' votings.

  • Cameron - Voted for Jo with Lightning.
  • Jo - Voted for Lightning. It's unknown if she'd vote for Cameron if he wasn't immune.
  • Lightning - Voted for Jo with Cameron.
  • Scott - Voted for Zoey. Their conflict with Zoey became even more serious after he eliminated Mike. Wait a minute, didn't Zoey believe Scott was a good boy an episode prior he eliminated Mike? Did someone tell her about his true nature? Or did she dislike him only because he eliminated Mike? If the second option, Zoey, don't revolve around Mike so much! And he had a right to vote for anyone he wanted!
  • Zoey - Voted for Scott as a revenge for him eliminating Mike last time.

2 votes for Jo and 1 vote for Lightning, Scott, and Zoey each. Wow, everyone besides the winner got a vote and only one vote decided who went home. That was close.

Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon (71)

Jo: What?! Eliminated only because of one more vote?! Not fair!

Eat, Puke and Be Wary

The last voting of the season and finally some not so obvious one. I've already seen users on this wiki arguing how the voting in this episode could've went. Let's see both versions that were suggested.

  • Cameron - Voted for unknown, either for Lightning or Scott. Some say he could be scared of Lightning's wrath now. Then again, it's just started. However, some say he could remain loyal to Zoey and vote for Scott with her.
  • Lightning - Voted for Scott. This makes the most sense. He didn't waste his vote on Cameron, he didn't vote for himself and Scott had to vote for Zoey. This leaves Scott for Lightning. Besides, just look at how he was grinning at him when the results were revealed. Some however say he voted for Zoey to get rid of Cameron's friend if Cameron's immune.
  • Scott - Voted for Zoey. Finally some obvious vote (wait, am I happy because of this?). And a repeat of the last one btw. Just look at how they were glaring at the elimination ceremony. Some however say he could stick to his original plan and vote for Lightning instead, but Scott did actually change his plans sometimes (Backstabbers Ahoy! anyone?) and voting for Zoey would make more sense. Besides, her trap caused him to be injured.
  • Zoey - Voted for Scott. Yeah, a repeat of her last vote. And pretty much the only vote that everyone agreed with.

No matter what it's 2 votes for Scott and 1 for both Lightning and Zoey. Who voted for who though? I gave you both versions. Personally, I'm convinced on both versions, but I'm more in favor of the one where Cameron votes for Lightning, Lightning for Scott, Scott for Zoey, and Zoey for Scott, but you decide for yourself. Maybe Cameron voted for Scott, Lightning voted for Zoey, Scott voted for Lightning, and Zoey voted for Scott for you?


Hmm... Looks like not only the finales may end with two different timelines.

Total Drama All-Stars

After a nice end of TDRI, with quite some mysterious results, we've reached the dreaded season. Will the results be dreaded as well? We'll find out soon. Stay tuned!

Heroes vs. Villains

Spoiler alert: most of TDAS votings will be unanimous. First episode isn't an exception.

  • Cameron - Voted for Lindsay. Not confirmed, but it's easy to predict she could be blamed for losing the most. Poor contestants with role of a driver in this challenge. They were doomed.
  • Courtney - Voted for Lindsay. This one's quite obvious, isn't it?
  • Lindsay - Voted for herself, as was shown.
  • Mike - Voted for Lindsay. Again, nothing confirmed, but it's easy to predict they only blamed Lindsay for losing, forgetting two other contestants who also contributed to this.
  • Sam - Voted for Lindsay. Let's face it, if anyone would vote differently, the reason for it would be somehow shown, right?
  • Sierra - Voted for Courtney. Not all of the votes could be for Lindsay because Courtney was in the bottom 2 with her. So who could vote differently? None other than Sierra. She sat on Courtney during the challenge and she knows from Total Drama World Tour how easily annoyed she can be. Even despite being a superior woman, Sierra possibly wanted to avoid her wrath.
  • Zoey - Voted for Lindsay. Heck, just look at her facial expression during the challenge.

6 votes for Lindsay, including her own, and 1 vote for Courtney. Not too interesting start. Moving on.

CARE1008261300001765 010 1280x720 (1)

The reason of the one vote against Courtney.

Evil Dread

One of the best episodes of this season has all of the votes confirmed in the next episode. Thank you writers?

  • Alejandro - Voted for Lightning. Jo said in the next episode everyone (except for Lightning obviously) voted for him.
  • Duncan - Voted for Lightning, per above.
  • Gwen - Voted for Lightning, per above.
  • Heather - Voted for Lightning, per above.
  • Jo - Voted for Lightning, per above + duh.
  • Lightning - Voted for Jo. They were in the bottom 2 + duh. Wait a minute, where's their alliance they formed last episode?
  • Scott - Voted for Lightning, per the others' reasoning.

In yet another 100% confirmed results we have 6 votes for Lightning and 1 vote for Jo.

Jo smiles at Lightning

Lightning: I don't know what kind of dictionary you use, but your definition of the word alliance is off. Wait, did Lightning just say that? Sha-what?!

Saving Private Leechball

It could be not so obvious, but the results are unanimous again. Well, at least it could be shocking to some of you.

  • Alejandro - Voted for Jo. You could argue he voted for Heather, but once in the confessional he said he wanted to ally with Gwen, so Heather would need him, meaning he didn't plan on voting for her in this episode. Out of other opponents for allying with Gwen, he'd obviously choose Jo.
  • Duncan - Voted for Jo. Don't be shocked, their minor friendship disappeared in the previous episode. He was one of the contestants who were shown to be mad at Jo for shooting at Scott. And he had no reason to vote for Heather in this episode.
  • Gwen - Voted for Jo. Per above, she was mad at Jo's mistake.
  • Heather - Voted for Jo. This one is self-explanatory, right?
  • Jo - Voted for Heather. Another self-explanatory.
  • Scott - Voted for Jo. Obviously he'd be the most bitter one at Jo's mistake.

Jo may not have been derailed this season, but her only slightly OOC moment caused her to be voted out with 5 votes against her and 1 for Heather.


Everyone's jealous that Jo avoided being derailed to a greater extent this season.

Food Fright

This may or may not be another unanimous voting. You decide.

  • Cameron - Voted for unknown, possibly for Sierra. Could vote either way tbh. Sam obviously costed Hamsters the win, while he also had a reason to vote for Sierra, who was in the bottom 2 with Sam. Voting for Sierra would be even more likely if Sam voted for himself.
  • Duncan - Voted for Sam. He costed them the challenge.
  • Mike - Voted for Sam, per above.
  • Sam - Voted for Sierra. Well, he could vote for himself, but when someone does it it's usually pointed out somehow, so I guess he voted for Sierra who was in the bottom 2 with him.
  • Sierra - Voted for Sam. You know the reason + they were in the bottom 2 together. And the chances of their friendship seen in episode 1 are thrown out of the window.
  • Zoey - Voted for Sam. I didn't even have to explain it in this episode's case.

So we'll either have 5 votes for Sam and 1 for Sierra, or 4 votes for Sam and 2 for Sierra. Either way, Sam is out.


Come on, the result is obvious! Either show us Cameron's vote, or don't waste out time on this scene at all!

Moon Madness

Tbh, I don't remember if the contestant got to vote before the elimination ceremony or not. But I analyze such cases either way, so let's see.

  • Cameron - Voted for himself. He attempted to quit after all. Dumb Cameron, you could've just voted out Sierra with the help of your friends.
  • Duncan - Voted for Mike. Although he didn't recognize him yet, he was already suspicious. And he didn't really have a reason to vote for anyone else.
  • Mike - Voted for Duncan. Although Mike himself didn't interact with Duncan in this episode, he should remember Duncan was suspicious of him in the previous episode. Besides, looks like he didn't vote for Sierra with Cameron since Cameron attempted to quit.
  • Sierra - Voted for unknown. Didn't really have a reason to vote for anyone. Let me guess, Duncan? She could blame him for destroying her phone.
  • Zoey - Voted for unknown. She began to lose her trust in Mike in this episode, but I doubt she voted for him. She could vote for Sierra after spending so much time with her in this episode. Nothing sure though.

So we'd have 1 vote for Cameron, Duncan, and Mike each, 1 possible vote for Sierra and another possible vote for Duncan. Did Cameron save Duncan by his failed attempt to quit?

Duncan MM

Duncan: Did Cameron spare me from elimination? Whatever, I won't thank him. I'm a bad boy! And he's dumb for not simply voting off Sierra with Mike and Zoey!

No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition

Are you sure, title? Everyone expects to see another 100% confirmed results though.

  • Alejandro - Voted for Heather, as was shown.
  • Cameron - Voted for Alejandro, as was revealed by the fact that only one vote was against Heather.
  • Courtney - Voted for Alejandro, per above.
  • Gwen - Voted for Alejandro, per above.
  • Heather - Voted for Alejandro, per above.
  • Scott - Voted for Alejandro, per above.

5 votes for Alejandro and 1 for Heather. Yawn. Moving on.

Alejandro&#039;s vote

Everyone eggspects the results, especially after every vote is confirmed.

Suckers Punched

I know the Villains got to vote on this one, but let's see if anything would change if the Heroes did.

  • Duncan - Would've voted for Mike, realizing his evil self.
  • Mike - Would've voted for Duncan. Not so obvious since Mal didn't seem to care or notice that Duncan found out about him, but their interaction in Moon Madness indicates he did and that he'd more likely want to get rid of the threat for him.
  • Sierra - Would've voted for Duncan. She has had a few friendly moments with Zoey this season and said in episode 3 that Svetlana is her favorite Mike's alternate personality, which possibly means she's a fan of Mike too (as she paid attention to his moments). On the contrast, she'd never had any positive moments with Duncan.
  • Zoey - Would've voted for Sierra. Zoey's vote was kinda hard to determine, but not impossible. She for sure wouldn't vote for herself or Duncan, who has became her friend. Sure, Duncan made her (temporarily) lose faith in Mike, but when Scott did so in The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean, she still didn't vote for Mike. Also, I know characters in TDAS were often inconsistent, but if she used the same logic as in The Bold and the Booty-ful, she wouldn't vote for Mike so she can have him around to help him. Plus, there would be a tie if she voted for Mike. Thus, that leaves Sierra as the only option left.

2 votes for Duncan and 1 for both Mike and Sierra. Duncan, stop escaping eliminations from potential votings this season!

Duncan Rankings

Duncan: Oh, come on! I would've barely missed the merge?

You Regatta Be Kidding Me

We know the votes in the rigged voting. But let's analyze the true one again. And that's the most mysterious voting this season. Nice!

  • Alejandro - Voted for unknown. He was seen to have conflicts with everyone in this episode again. However, he most likely didn't vote for his newest ally, as well as the only villainous person besides him (if Scott noticed that, he should as well). Hmm... let me guess. Duncan, knowing he's a threat because he always makes it far? Courtney, because he knows he can't seduce her anymore? Gwen, because he hopes he can still manipulate Courtney, and they were close to winning? You decide.
  • Cameron - Voted for Scott. Obviously.
  • Courtney - Voted for Duncan. Although it's nothing confirmed, it's the most likely option. Both Courtney and Gwen disliked him at this point and they laughed at him several times in last two episodes.
  • Duncan - Voted for Mike. He was seen warning Courtney and Gwen about him.
  • Gwen - Voted for Duncan, per Courtney's reasoning. Also, she didn't show a remorse when he was arrested.
  • Mike - Voted for Cameron. If his rigged votes were like that, then his original one had to be as well.
  • Scott - Voted for Cameron. He was obviously mad at him after using him as a shark bait.
  • Zoey - Voted for unknown, possibly for Alejandro. Her vote is not confirmed, but at this point she didn't have anything against Courtney and she liked everyone else. Possibly wasted her vote on an immune Alejandro? Or if she didn't waste her vote, then maybe Courtney? After all, she believes she's one of the evil contestants. And she showed sympathy to Scott in this episode, so I guess she didn't vote for him.

So we have 2 votes for both Cameron and Duncan, 1 for both Mike and Scott, and 2 unknown ones. But looks like Alejandro's vote was the deciding one no matter who Zoey voted for. And looks like either Duncan would've been voted out anyway, especially after what he did. I'd say the same about Cameron, but Alejandro couldn't vote for him since if Mal noticed Cameron would have majority of the votes against him, there would be no point in rigging the votes.

Duncan likes villainous Cam

Duncan: Alright, Cameron, I'll thank you for sparing me from elimination in Moon Madness by sparing you from elimination this time by doing something illegal to get arrested, thus skipping the rigged votes, and allowing the actual voted out one to be eliminated anyway.

Zeek And Ye Shall Find

Per RBW's request, I'm going to analyze how the voting would've went if there actually was one in this episode.

  • Alejandro - Voted for Mike because he found out about Mal and their conflict started.
  • Cameron - Voted for Alejandro due to not trusting him (to the point where he doesn't want to be saved by him).
  • Courtney - Voted for Cameron to show Scott she doesn't care about him.
  • Gwen - Voted for Alejandro with her new friends. Also because in real version she sent him to Boney Island, which hints her dislike for him.
  • Mike - Voted for Alejandro. He already tried to turn the Terrible Trio against him by hiding fake votes on his bed and later realized Alejandro became suspicious of him. Thus, he'd continue his plan to get rid of him.
  • Scott - Voted for Cameron or Courtney because of their kiss. For some reason he didn't blame Cameron in the episode, but I find it more likely he'd vote for him over his ex-girlfriend... in this episode.
  • Zoey - Voted for Alejandro with Terrible Trio (or a foursome) due to believing he targeted Cameron and refused to save him.

With 4 votes against him, 1/2 for Cameron and potential 1 vote for Courtney, Alejandro would've been eliminated if Cameron wasn't injured or was allowed to stay in the competition despite his injury. Good for you, Alejandro. Not that it had some long term effect.

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 2.57.37 AM

Alejandro: So I would've been voted out because that walking pencil faked the votes and that scrawny kid refused to be saved by me? Sigh.

The Obsta-Kill Kourse

The results are obvious now that Cameron can't save Alejandro. Heck, the votes are obvious while watching the episode.

  • Alejandro - Voted for Mike after finding out the truth about him.
  • Courtney - Voted for Alejandro. Mal convinced everyone to vote for him.
  • Gwen - Voted for Alejandro, per above.
  • Mike - Voted for Alejandro. Duh. he even convinced everyone else to do so.
  • Scott - Voted for Alejandro, per the others' reasoning.
  • Zoey - Voted for Alejandro, per above.

With 5 votes against him and only 1 vote for Mike, Alejandro gets all the votes for himself again.

Funny picture mal

Well, at least one vote is different than the others.

Sundae Muddy Sundae

Promises, betrayals, and so on. But it's still possible to analyze who voted for who.

  • Courtney - Voted for Scott. They were in the bottom 2 and she didn't vote for herself because Chris said the results were 3-2 for her, and you'll see the other votes.
  • Gwen - Voted for Scott. Looks like she couldn't see how Courtney voted, so she kept her promise just in case. What a good friend, even in this episode.
  • Mike - Voted for Courtney. He turned everyone against her, showing that chart, so it makes sense.
  • Scott - Voted for Courtney. They were in the bottom 2 together, plus it's obvious while watching the episode.
  • Zoey - Voted for Courtney. She was clearly against her, as was shown during the challenge.

3 votes for Courtney and 2 for Scott. So the results wouldn't change even if Courtney voted as Gwen wanted her to.

Vote yourself

Courtney: Darn it, there was no way I could avoid being eliminated!

Total Drama: Pahkitew Island

And the most dreaded episode of TDAS has finished that season's part. Well, at least it didn't end up with unanimous voting. Will TDPI bring you a relief? Find out soon!

So, Uh This Is My Team?

Was it an unanimous voting at the start again? And how was Beardo voted out instead of Leonard?!

  • Beardo - Voted for Leonard. They were in the bottom 2 together. See, Dave? He actually noticed who's less helpful for the team better than you did.
  • Dave - Voted for Beardo. Although he wanted to vote for four people, he eventually chose Beardo, as can be deduced from his "Game over" line to him.
  • Ella - Voted for Beardo. She clearly supported Leonard's ideas and since these two were in the bottom two...
  • Leonard - Voted for Beardo. They were in the bottom 2 together. Leonard must have noticed voting for one of the least helpful and most socially awkward teammates is his only chance to survive the voting.
  • Shawn - Voted for Beardo. Could vote either way, but since he had nothing against Leonard's idea...
  • Sky - Voted for Leonard. Could vote either way, but I assume that as one of a very few sane Maskwak members she voted for Leonard. After all, she seemed friendly towards Beardo and never seemed to have problems with his sound effect. And, while she agreed with Leonard's idea, she only did it because majority has spoken and it was better than doing nothing.
  • Sugar - Voted for Beardo, per Ella's reasoning. I guess Sugar will hate me for saying that.

So it's either 6 votes for Beardo and 1 for Leonard, or 5 votes for Beardo and 2 for Leonard, depending on how sane Sky was at the moment of voting.


Leonard: Whatever, they'll forgive me that because Beardo has done a worse crime! He framed writers' pet into farting!

I Love You, Grease Pig!

Strangely enough, insane Maskwaks don't vote for Dave for insulting them, but vote for other insane members. Hypocrites much?

  • Dave - Voted for Leonard. Duh.
  • Ella - Voted for Leonard. They were in the bottom 2. Apparently Leonard losing the challenge again made her realize how useless he is.
  • Leonard - Voted for Ella. They were in the bottom 2. Apparently he tried to either use Sugar's hatred for her to save himself or he was mad at her for slowing their team down a bit in the challenge.
  • Shawn - Voted for Leonard. I think he had a brain to do so this time, right? After all he makes sure to protect his brain so much. Besides, Leonard needed majority of the votes to be eliminated.
  • Sky - Voted for Leonard, this time for sure.
  • Sugar - Voted for Ella. I think it's obvious she voted for Ella and not for Leonard.

4 votes for Leonard and 2 for Ella. Finally, Maskwaks! Too bad you couldn't vote like that in the previous episode. I bet you'd lose anyway in this one, but at least Leonard wouldn't cause you to lose twice!


Dave: Don't even think about competing in the spin-off! I tell you you won't perform better!

Twinning Isn't Everything

Another example when the votes are 100% confirmed because the plot needs it.

  • Amy - Voted for Samey. Duh.
  • Jasmine - Voted for Amy, being (almost) the only one who knew the truth.
  • Max - Voted for Samey after Amy told their teammates she costed them the challenge.
  • Rodney - Voted for Samey, per above.
  • Samey - Voted for Amy. Even despite she'd trick her anyway, I bet she voted for her.
  • Scarlett - Voted for Samey. Could vote either way because she was later revealed to have known the truth, but I think she didn't mind an evil teammate.
  • Topher - Voted for Samey. Worst moment for SameyxTopher shippers, I guess.

5 votes for Samey and 2 for Amy. Phew, good thing that Samey made that brilliant switcheroo.


Samey *shoves manchineel fruit down Amy's throat*

I Love You, I Love You Knots

Wait a minute, why Scarlett's point was given to the Maskwaks?! Why there was a tie-breaker that shouldn't have taken place?! This challenge was so rigged! Not that I care anyway, I won't miss Rodney.

  • Jasmine - Voted for Rodney because he costed them the challenge.
  • Max - Voted for Rodney, per above.
  • Rodney - Voted for Scarlett. She was in the bottom 2 with him and no one else had a reason to vote for her. And Rodney did because... apparently he wanted to get rid of one if his "girlfriends" to make the choice easier for him? Bullsh**t! He can't even decide who he loves, so how could he decide which of them to vote for?! It'd be better if he voted for Topher due to him being potentially more popular with the ladies and not competing. Stupid move, writers!
  • Samey - Voted for Rodney, per the others' reasoning.
  • Scarlett - Voted for Rodney, per the others' reasoning.
  • Topher - Voted for Rodney, per the others' reasoning.

5 votes for Rodney and 1 for Scarlett. Can I get some more challenging voting to analyze?

Scarlett bottom 2

Rodney: I can't choose who I love, but I can choose which of the "girlfriends" to vote for!

A Blast from the Past

More interesting voting, I admit. But still too easy.

  • Jasmine - Voted for herself. Her trying to go before the results being revealed clearly confirm so.
  • Max - Voted for Samey because her fight with Amy costed them the challenge.
  • Samey - Voted for Scarlett. Shocked? Hey, it's not the first time someone outside of the bottom 2 had to get a vote. Why? Because, unlike Beth, Samey isn't the one who'd vote for her friend, especially her only friend. And since Scarlett was the last safe person... Samey apparently noticed how she helped Max sabotage Ella during the challenge.
  • Scarlett - Voted for Samey. Per Max's reasoning, plus Samey needed majority of the votes to be eliminated.
  • Topher - Voted for Samey, per above. Geez, SameyxTopher shippers can't catch a break, can they?

3 votes for Samey and 1 for both Jasmine and Scarlett. Wait, so why wasn't Scarlett in the bottom 3? Because she already was unnecessarily in the bottom 2 last time? For drama purposes? Or maybe Amy was allowed to vote and Topher voted for Jasmine instead? Heck, I don't know.



Mo Monkey Mo Problems

Even though a completely different person was eliminated, there's still a voting to analyze. But the result is obvious for you, I guess.

  • Jasmine - Voted for Max after his trap partially costed them the challenge (along with Sugar's godplaying).
  • Max - Voted for Topher. Well, they were in the bottom 2. I guess Max was smart enough to realize how useless Topher is.
  • Scarlett - Voted for Max. Heck, that was her plan in this episode.
  • Topher - Voted for Max. Seriously, the episode makes it so obvious that I don't need to explain the results. Again.

3 votes for Max and 1 for Topher. Max's haters gonna hate it. It was so close.


Max: What?! I'll find every of my hater who didn't enjoy the fact that I stayed and will take my revenge on them! Muahahahaha!

Three Zones and A Baby


  • Jasmine - Voted for Topher for costing them the challenge, as well as because he was useless overall.
  • Scarlett - Voted for Topher, per above.
  • Sky - Voted for Topher, per above.
  • Topher - Voted for Sky because... because... I don't know. It'd make more sense for him to vote for Scarlett in this episode. But whatever, maybe he knew Sky's a threat? He had to vote for her anyway, as she got the last marshmallow.

3 votes for Topher and 1 for Sky. Previous voting has been hilariously reversed, with Sky replacing Max.

Scarlett and Topher glare

Topher: Why would I vote for Scarlett, Art? I love evil contestants. They make the show interesting.

Hurl and Go Seek

The last voting ever and finally some kind of a mystery again! Yay!

  • Dave - Voted for himself, as was confirmed.
  • Jasmine - Voted for Dave. She was shown to be a friend of Sky in the previous episode and to be on her side.
  • Max - Voted for unknown. Could vote either way. I'd say Dave because of how he made fun of him when Sky rejected him.
  • Scarlett - Voted for unknown. Could vote either way too. She wouldn't mind an evil Dave and should be smart enough to vote for the threats like Sky. However, she could actually side with her due to spending more time with her after Sky's team switch. Anyway, her vote had to be different than Max's so the number of votes would fit.
  • Shawn - Voted for Sky. I assume he wouldn't vote for his friend.
  • Sky - Voted for Dave. Duh.
  • Sugar - Voted for Sky. Although her vote wasn't confirmed, she was shown in this episode to be more eager to ally with Dave against Sky. And she had a major conflict with Sky later on.

No matter who exactly Max and Scarlett voted for, the results are 4 votes for Dave and 3 for Sky, as was revealed by Chris who said Dave's vote saved Sky.

Dave out

Dave: The last voting ever and my vote is the deciding one? I'm so proud.

So that's all. Thank you for your attention. See you again if there will be any season of Total Drama in the future.

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