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Hello everyone, how are you doing? Did the title of this blog interest you? Well, it's actually a theory, I just wanted to grab your attention with this title. :P

Anyway, I've already written about the pattern of contestants from Total Drama Island's final four always making it to the final four for another time. It began to happen to the second generation cast as well. Creators of TD seem to favor the final 4s of each generation's debut season competition-wise. Perhaps it's to show you they're the best contestants of that generation (and the best contestants overall in case of TDI's final four). Why am I pointing this out?

Then comes the spin-off and the only returning contestants from Total Drama series are Geoff, Leonard, Noah, and Owen. There was some executive meddling, as the final three of the spin-off was going to look differently and none of the previous two versions of it included the Surfer Dudes. Why would they change their mind and make them the winners? Well, one of them is Geoff who was in TDI's final six. You see now? The Final Four pattern, as I called it, is already finished for the 1st gen. All of them already made it to the final four again and won in their respective endings. And since Leshawna wasn't present in RR, but Geoff was, the creators possibly decided to continue this pattern, this time expanding it to the first season's final six.

And finally you reached the main point of this blog. Who is the only contestant from TDI's final six who didn't make it to the final six in another season? Who of the TDI's final six has never been a finalist yet? Yes, you're right! Mr. Coconut! Nah, kidding. :P Leshawna, of course!

That'd make sense, considering many fans want her to come back after a huge break from the competition and to repair the derailment from TDA/TDWT days.

So yeah, I think Leshawna has high chances to be a finalist of the next season she competes in whether it is TD or RR. And what's your opinion? Am I right or am I right? :P Share it in the comments!

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