Hello, folks! After a short pause I'm back to my blog series with my orders of eliminations. Behold, TDWT one finally appeared. What can I say about this season? Definitely, the eliminations were crazy. Yeah, you heard (read) me. By some sort of time TDWT seemed to be TDA 2.0 (elimination episode, then a reward one), but there were also many moments when this pattern was broken, as well as fake eliminations, so you never really excpected which episode will be an elimination one and which won't. Same with my blog. One more thing - because of this season having 3 teams, I'll add a "Losers" section (neutral team won't be mentioned). Ok, let's start, shall we?

Episode 1

  • Note: Something that always bugged me the most is why Ezekiel was randomly placed on Team Victory instead of Team Amazon. Especially because he reached the finish line right after Izzy (who ended up on Team Amazon) and was supposed to be a replacement of Duncan (who also would have been a member of Team Amazon). So, in my blog he's correctly placed on this team.
  • Eliminated: Duncan
  • Reason of being eliminated: Unchanged.
  • Comment: I just couldn't change this one. What's not to love? A screenhog eliminated in the first episode. The musical theme actually being part of the reason of the contestant's elimination. Also, if he stayed, Team Amazon would've had 7 members, or one of them would have to be on Team Chris.

Episode 3

  • Note: Due to Ezekiel being on Team Amazon, nobody lost Team Victory's stick, so there was no elimination last time (every team managed to keep their reward and Chris promised no elimination in this case).
  • Winners: Team Amazon
  • Losers: Team Victory
  • Bottom 2: Harold and DJ
  • Reason of being in the bottom 2: Team Victory lost because of Harold's idea for a commercial.
  • Eliminated: DJ
  • Reason of being eliminated: Everybody was scared of his curse. Harold also didn't quit as he quickly realized Alejandro's true intentions, starting a conflict with him.
  • Votes:
  • Comment: Why to drag DJ's gag for so long? It wasn't pleasant to watch the animals getting hard and DJ suffering so much. Besides, if he really wanted to be eliminated, he could've just quit again.

Episode 4

  • Note: Since Bridgette wasn't eliminated, Chris told the interns to remove the pole she was stuck to. Thus, she revealed Alejandro's true nature in the next episode to her teammates. Harold wasn't shocked, however Lindsay's opinion on him changed drastically.
  • Winners: Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot
  • Losers: Team Victory
  • Bottom 3: Bridgette, Lindsay, and Leshawna
  • Reason of being in the bottom 3: Harold couldn't stand Lindsay's girl talk with Leshawna during the challenge. Bridgette lost the challenge for her team due to being stuck to a pole.
  • Eliminated: Leshawna
  • Reason of being eliminated: It was Leshawna]'s idea to not stop at the check points, so everyone blamed her, not Bridgette, for losing. She also said not to worry about Bridgette and drive to the finish line.
  • Votes:
  • Comment: Seriously, why Leshawna wasn't blamed for losing in the real version? It was her strategy that caused her team to lose. And with DJ already gone in my version, there was one target for elimination less.

Episode 7

  • Note: There was no elimination last time due to Chris' egoism (he wanted to spare a team named after him from elimination) and due to not having enough episodes for eliminations per each one.
  • Winners: Team Amazon
  • Losers: Team Victory
  • Bottom 2: Lindsay and Harold
  • Reason of being in the bottom 2: Harold was annoyed with Lindsay being so happy due to realizing who Tyler is.
  • Eliminated: Harold
  • Reason of being eliminated: He wanted to show off his mad dancing skills in the challenge. However, he failed big time when it caused him to be eliminated... as the last member of his team. No one noticed it was Alejandro who sabotaged his work to make it look as if Harold's mad dancing skills failed. Thus, Bridgette and Lindsay blamed him for losing. They voted for him reluctantly though, as he was one of their allies against Alejandro. Bridgette and Lindsay became even closer friends after they were the last two members of their team left.
  • Votes:
  • Comment: To be honest, Harold became kinda useless after Leshawna's elimination. And him being eliminated by Alejandro makes their conflict even more important than making him not quit in episode three. Also, Bridgette and Lindsay would obviously stick together in a voting.

Episode 9

  • Note: Alejandro was the second judge insted of Owen, even despite Owen's still in the game.
  • Winners: Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot (Team Amazon won kinda randomly in the real version. I think more focus while building was put on Team Chris, so they deserved to win)
  • Losers: Team Victory
  • Bottom 2: Bridgette and Lindsay
  • Reason of being in the bottom 2: Due to them being the only members left, Lindsay and Bridgette had to compete in a tie-breaker.
  • Eliminated: Lindsay
  • Reason of being eliminated: On his way on the walk-off, Tyler tripped, accidentally ruining his girlfriend's design. Fortunately for him, she stated she didn't mind as she was a finalist last time. She left telling Tyler she's rooting for him.
  • Comment: A double ironic (being eliminated in a place she loves and accidentally by a person she loves) and less BS elimination for Lindsay. Why her and not Bridgette? Well, she was already a finalist last time in my version.

Episode 11

  • Winners: Team Amazon
  • Losers: Team Victory
  • Eliminated: Bridgette
  • Reason of being eliminated: Alejandro sabotaged her (just like DJ in the real series) as he thought that it's better to destroy Team Victory and not allow Heather to make an alliance with Team Victory's last member. He also knew Bridgette's a threat in water-themed episodes.
  • Comment: Another ironic elimination is for Bridgette (her being eliminated in a water-themed episode). Just like in Harold's case, the reason of her elimination allowed her conflict with Alejandro be more important. And she had to survive the Yukon to become one of his most important opponents.

Episode 14

  • Note: Duncan came back in previous episode. Also it ended being a non-elimination episode, because Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot found Jack the Ripper (the real target) and Team Amazon found Duncan (whom Chris has been searching for).
  • Winners: Team Amazon
  • Bottom 3: Duncan, Tyler, and Owen
  • Reason of being in the bottom 3: Duncan was dangered because of the love triangle drama, which caused him to get votes from Noah. Meanwhile, Tyler lost a tie-breaker for their team, which caused him to get a vote from Izzy and Owen.
  • Eliminated: Owen
  • Reason of being eliminated: Alejandro couldn't stand his clumsiness and decided to use the opportunity to vote him off by forming an alliance with Duncan and Tyler. They agreed to vote for Owen, despite their friendships with him, because they knew they were up for the voting for reasons mentioned above.
  • Votes:
  • Comment: Well, Owen is obviously the least sporty member of his team (or debatably it's Noah), so his elimination here fit the episode's Olympic theme. I also decided not to let him win any medal. Plus, in my version he's not as much popular as in the real one.

Episode 15

Episode 16

  • Winners: Team Amazon (it's easier to shear the sheep with razor, so they were faster and actually caught a sheep with their team's logo)
  • Bottom 3: Alejandro, Tyler, and Duncan
  • Reason of being in the bottom 3: Both Alejandro and Tyler got one vote (Noah voted for Alejandro and Duncan voted for Tyler).
  • Eliminated: Duncan
  • Reason of being eliminated: Alejandro knew that Duncan's a big threat in the game. Duncan also found out his true personality shortly after his return. Thus, Alejandro decided to use the whole "love triangle drama" and his alliance with Tyler to vote him off.
  • Votes:
  • Comment: Ok, enough of Duncan escaping the elimination because the episode's theme fit someone else's elimination. It just had to be done now so he won't hog the screen again, and the real reason of the love triangle drama will be out.

Episode 17

Episode 19

  • Note: Blaineley debuts onto the game! Pairings are almost unchanged, the only differences are Blaineley being paired with Ezekiel, Courtney being with Tyler, and Noah being with bear (because there were no more females left).
  • Invincibility: Courtney and Tyler (the others performed as in the real version, while Noah obviously didn't carry a bear, nor the other way around)
  • Bottom 2: Blaineley and Ezekiel
  • Reason of being in the bottom 2: She annoyed everyone.
  • Eliminated: Ezekiel
  • Reason of being eliminated: He lost the challenge for him and Blaineley by answering the questions wrong. She also revealed Alejandro's true nature to him while on the rope, which Alejandro have heard and decided to get rid of already unpopular home schooled with the help of his old and new allies.
  • Votes:
  • Comment: Well, I wanted Ezekiel to make it farther, but he isn't really a material for a good contestant. Thus, being the first out at the merge works fine for someone as antisocial as him. At least he has nothing to complain about now.

Episode 20

  • Note: Chris announced that whoever comes last or doesn't finish the race at all will be eliminated automatically.
  • Invincibility: Sierra
  • Bottom 2: Alejandro, and Noah
  • Reason of being in the bottom 2: Noah voted for him as usually. Cody decided to do the same after Sierra won immunity.
  • Eliminated: Courtney and Noah
  • Reason of being eliminated: See Note's section for the reason of Courtney's elimination (she performed in the first challenge in the same way as she did in the original version). Alejandro knew that Noah's a big threat to him (especially because he was one of a few ones who were aware of his true nature and was able to tell about it to the others). He teamed up with Heather, Blaineley, Tyler, and Sierra to eliminate him.
  • Votes:
  • Comment: Finally a love triangle drama got Courntey eliminated. As for Noah, I wanted to make him to make it farther too, but he's also not really a finalist material. Besides, Alejandro wouldn't be that stupid not to take the opportunity.

Episode 21

  • Winner: Alejandro
  • Bottom 2: Blaineley and Tyler
  • Reason of being in the bottom 2: Rest of the contestants thought that her very late debut was unfair as they had to compete since the beginning.
  • Eliminated: Tyler
  • Reason of being eliminated: Alejandro felt like he doesn't need their alliance anymore. He thus arranged his elimination with Heather, tripping him, like Duncan in the real version, and shooting him with Alejandro's tranquilizer balls along with an animal (a buffalo) they had to catch. Then, Alejandro hid a sleeping Tyler in the bushes. Since Chris stated they can leave Africa without contestants on the plane, Tyler's automatically eliminated for not coming back. After his elimination, he's found by the camera crew and informed about his elimination.
  • Comment: Same as in Ezekiel and Noah's case. I wanted him to make it farther, but he isn't a finalist material either. Also, Blaineley needed some more episodes to be a bit more relevant.

Episode 22

  • Note: Mr. Coconut reappeares and sings The Coconut Song in a duet with Mrs. Coconut.
  • Invincibility: Heather
  • Bottom 2: Sierra and Blaineley
  • Reason of being in the bottom 2: Blaineley decided to vote along with Cody to gain his trust and form an alliance with him.
  • Eliminated: Blaineley
  • Reason of being eliminated: She annoyed everyone after desperately trying to find an ally.
  • Votes:
  • Comment: Yay, cameo of Mr. Coconut! Also, Blaineley's finally gone! Don't worry, I wouldn't let returning/debuting contestant win.

Episode 23

  • Invincibility: Sierra
  • Bottom 2: Alejandro and Cody
  • Reason of being in the bottom 2: Unchanged, Alejandro knew he had to vote for him to break Cody and Sierra's duo, and let himself and Heather into the final three.
  • Eliminated: Sierra
  • Reason of being eliminated: Unchanged.
  • Votes:
  • Comment: This one was too dramatic and important for the plot to be changed.

Episode 26

  • Reason of being eliminated: Cody - unchanged.
  • Comment: Well, the final two was perfect imo. Finally, no goofy contestant! Both finalists worked hard and deserved to win in a way. Also, Heather wouldn't have people cheering for her in her ending if she defeated Cody.
    • Heather's ending: Heather manipulated Alejandro with her feminine charms, pushed him off the volcano and threw her dummy into the volcano, winning this season.
    • Alejandro's ending: Heather tried to manipulate Alejandro but he was smarter and threw his dummy into the volcano after their confess, winning this season. Heather was so angry that her hard job was wasted and she didn't win, so she pushed Alejandro off the volcano in anger.
  • Fun Note: Thanks to Ezekiel's being on Team Amazon (a team which was winning the most times) he made it far, wasn't really mad, didn't try to steal the million and - the most important - didn't mutate into feral Ezekiel.
  • Fun Note: Both Lindsay's and Tyler's eliminations were caused because Tyler tripped.
  • Fun Note: Tyler's score (6th place and being eliminated in twenty-first episode) is exactly the same as Lindsay's in the real version of TDA.


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