Hi, welcome back! I came back after a little break, so fans of my "TD's eliminations - My Way" series can be happy, and the ones who don't care about it...can don't care. This season was the first of three shortest seasons. Since usually I'm changing only eliminations, I decided to make an exception and change some more things:

  • We all know that Jo would have been (or maybe even was) much better main antagonist than Scott. So, I decided to make something a la Total Drama Action - two main antagonists - a great one and a failed one. Now, let's talk about their strategies:
    • Inspired by Chwiis's idea, I decided to make Scott trying to sabotage his team but accidentally winning instead. This makes the others picture him as a strong competitor and a threat while his teammates think he is the most useful member of their team. Plus, in my series Scott explained that he's trying to eliminate his teammates, so the other team won't know anything about him at the merge time.
    • Jo's strategy remained the same. She's a bully and she's trying to eliminate the biggest threats.
  • I also changed teams because Chris had broken the pattern of choosing team members a few times. Also, this is the order in which contestants reached the finish line in my series:
  • NO SCENES INSIDE MIKE'S HEAD! These scenes made Mike's MPD even more unrealistic (especially in TDAS). I know it has nothing to do with eliminations'll be a bit important in my elimination order for TDAS.
  • One more thing that I planned to write but I completely forgot about it - cameos. I'm gonna describe cameos changed or created by me.

Ok, let's start, shall we?

Episode 2

  • Note: There was no elimination last time, as Chris thought it'd be too early to eliminate anybody. Also, Toxic Rats actually won.
  • Cameo: Harold (cuz it's obvious that creators originally planned him to appear in this ep) - He walks in and asks Chris what he did to his glasses (all of his glasses were used for a challenge and he was blind without them). Then, Harold kept moving forward and got hit with every part of the obstacle course. In the end, he painfully landed in a mud. His serious injuries are the reason why his cameo wasn't shown in the real series.
  • Winners: Mutant Maggots (Scott won just like Cameron in the real series)
  • Bottom 2: Dakota and Staci
  • Reason of being in the bottom 2: Unchanged, Staci was annoying and lied while Dakota didn't pay attention to the game.
  • Eliminated: Staci
  • Reason of being eliminated: Unchanged. Her lies annoyed her teammates. Also, because of her Rats lost the first part of the challenge (she was lying about her secrets).
  • Votes:
  • Comment: Do I even need to explain? Staci was an obvious fodder. And the theme of the challenge actually fits her elimination more than the real version's one.

Episode 3

  • Cameo: Leshawna and Eva - They had to demonstrate the danger of the second challenge (via fighting with snowballs). Leshawna was hit with a snowball in which the mutated beetle was hidden. It started to run after her. Meanwhile, Eva tried to hit Chris but her snowball exploded right into her face.
  • Winners: Mutant Maggots
  • Bottom 2: Sam and B
  • Reason of being in the bottom 2: Sam didn't help much after being frozen.
  • Eliminated: B
  • Reason of being eliminated: After Scott acidentally won the challenge for his team, Jo blamed B for losing, as she thought that he's a big threat to her due to his huge technical skills.
  • Votes:
  • Comment: As much as you most likely hate this elimination, I couldn't change it. First time the antagonist of the season eliminates someone.

Episode 4

Episode 5

  • Note: Anne Maria returns! In order to make Mutant Maggots lose one contestant fairly, Chris switches her to the Toxic Rats.
  • Cameo: Bridgette and Geoff - Unchanged. However, since Dakoa isn't an intern, I decided to make Geoff her partner, especially due to their relationship. Fang was thus chasing them instead of Dakota.
  • Winners: Mutant Maggots (Scott once again won just like Cameron in the real series)
  • Bottom 2: Jo and Dawn
  • Reason of being in the bottom 2: Dawn has already read her aura, realizing she's the season's main antagonist (along with Scott).
  • Eliminated: Dawn
  • Reason of being eliminated: She has already read everyone's auras. She thus found out Jo and Scott's true selves. Jo eavesdropped her confessional and formed and alliance with Scott (as she found out his true self thanks to Dawn) to help her eliminate Dawn. Jo and Scott framed her, just like Scott did in the real series.
  • Votes:
  • Comment: I apologize all of Dawn fans out there. Sure, she had lots of potential. But it clearly wasn't her season. And the antagonist(s) eliminate more contestants.

Episode 6

  • Note: Dawn was able to warn her team (that then warned the opposite team) about Jo and Scott's true selves. Thus, Maggots don't view Scott as a strong competitor and an useful teammate anymore.
  • Note 2: Jo and Scott switch teams after the elimination ceremony.
  • Cameo: Lindsay and Tyler - Unchanged for Lindsay. Tyler was brought back to demonstrate how to save Lindsay, but he obviously quickly failed, being hit with a barrel by Sasquatchanakwa.
  • Winners: Toxic Rats (in my series Sam actually won for his team)
  • Bottom 2: Cameron and Scott
  • Reason of being in the bottom 2: Scott - as mentioned in the "Note" section. Meanwhile, Scott's alliance voted for Cameron.
  • Eliminated: Cameron
  • Reason of being eliminated: Scott formed an alliance with Brick and Mike (by ripping his shirt to make Vito appear) to eliminate Cameron, as due to his intelligence, Cameron's a huge threat. However, in the last minute, Brick decided to vote for Scott instead, thinking that a friendship is more important than reality show. Scott eliminated Cameron anyway with a McLean-Brand Chris Head that he had recently found.
  • Votes:
  • Comment: Tbh, I had a hard time deciding who will be out in this episode. Scott could avoid elimination only thanks to immunity statue. I kinda wanted to have at least one vote for Brick, but you'll see why he couldn't leave. I also decided to make Cameron and Scott's conflict even more important in this way.

Episode 7

  • Note: Chris noticed there were currently 8 Rats and 5 Maggots overall, so he made Dakota switch teams to the Mutant Maggots.
  • Note 2: Brick joins the "Jock alliance" (although Lightning is the only member outside of their team).
  • Cameo: Ezekiel (who's in his human form in my series) - He was a guard of Gilded Chris Awards. He fell in love with Dakota and gave her a Chris statuette. Later, Sam found out about that and was very jealous. He and Ezekiel were fighting over Dakota. Sam won thanks to his "larger body", but as a revenge Ezekiel destroyed Rats' Chris statuette, causing their loss.
  • Winners: Mutant Maggots
  • Bottom 2: Anne Maria and Sam
  • Reason of being in the bottom 2: Dakota and Sam voted for her because of Dakota's conflict with her.
  • Eliminated: Sam
  • Reason of being eliminated: His team lost due to him being jealous of Dakota and his fight with Ezekiel.
  • Votes:
  • Comment: Wow, Sam managed to last a little longer than in the real version. Also, at least his relationship with Dakota was important, but in a different way than the Dakotazoid plotline.

Episode 8

  • Cameo: Gwen - Unchanged.
  • Winners: Mutant Maggots
  • Bottom 2: Jo and Dakota
  • Reason of being in the bottom 2: Maggots didn't like their new antagonistic teammate.
  • Eliminated: Dakota
  • Reason of being eliminated: Nonetheless, Jo convinced some of her teammates that her strength will help them in challenges, and that they should vote for a less useful new teammate.
  • Votes:
  • Comment: Sorry, Dakota. I really wanted to let you make it farther, but everyone remaining has more important plots.

Episode 9

  • Note: Merge happens! Cameron returns.
  • Cameo: Duncan - Unchanged.
  • Invincibility: Scott
  • Eliminated: Mike
  • Reason of being eliminated: Unchanged.
  • Comment: Did you think I would change this one? It was epic! Scott finally was a solid antagonist! Also, don't you worry Mike, you'll have lots of screentime in TDAS.

Episode 10

  • Cameo: Heather - Unchanged (except for the part that will be mentioned soon).
  • Invincibility: Lightning (he stopped Heather's zeppelin in my series)
  • Eliminated: Zoey
  • Reason of being eliminated: In order to please Heather so she wouldn't attempt to steal the million dollars again and to compensate for what had happened to her in Hawaiian Punch (where she either lost her money or unfairly lost), Chris allowed her to eliminate whoever she wanted. She noticed the similarities between her and Anne Maria & Jo. So, she decided to eliminate their common enemy, Zoey, who was a huge threat for them due to being universally liked.
  • Comment: I think elimination like this should've been done in the real version. Also, I had to eliminate Zoey. Sorry that you lost to Anne Maria, but at least you'll have lots of screentime in TDAS, unlike some characters that I left in the game.

Episode 11

  • Cameo: DJ and Owen - They were both the judges during the first challenge. DJ ran away but Owen didn't.
  • Invincibility: Cameron
  • Bottom 2: Jo and Anne Maria
  • Reason of being in the bottom 2: Jo got a vote from Anne Maria and Cameron due to their conflicts.
  • Eliminated: Scott and Anne Maria
  • Reason of being eliminated: Scott was disqualified by Chris for what he had done to him earlier in this episode. Meanwhile, Anne Maria annoyed others with her personality.
  • Votes:
  • Comment: I thought it's the best time for Scott to be eliminated, counting the fact that he's a secondary antagonist to Jo in my version. Also, Anne Maria had to be eliminated not only because of being disliked and weak in challenges, but also because she had no more plot left.

Episode 12

  • Note: Chris announced that two contestants who will reach the finish line first will automatically make it to the finale, while two next ones will be automatically eliminated. However, the two last contestants can still compete for the third place. However, reaching the finish line with Larry's flower will be counted as having an immunity statue in case the person in third or fourth place had it.
  • Cameo: Courtney - Due to countless times of mentioning her CIT experience, Chris said that she had to help the final three to find where the north is, so using a map would be easier. She tries to do so but fire-breathing flower burns her butt and she runs away.
  • Winner(s): Jo (and Brick)
  • Eliminated: Lightning and Cameron
  • Reason of being eliminated: A little fan-fiction this time:

After Larry caught Jo as his first "food", Brick tried to help her but got eaten too. When he noticed it, Cameron decided to help them despite his weak physical condition. He did what Zoey did in the real version. In the meantime, Lightning tried to run to the finish line, but Larry spat the three contestant after Cameron was attacking it in its own throat. When being on the ground again, they all started to run towards the finish line, and they were all ahead of Lightning. The fastest one was Jo who caught Larry's flower after Larry had spat it. Next were Brick, Cameron, and finally Lightning, whose last place was seemingly a karma for not helping the others.

  • Comment: Wow, actual final two being eliminated right before my final two? What a coincidence. Well, I wanted Lightning be safe at elimination ceremonies because I found it amusing how he always avoided eliminations thanks to not being a threat. However, it had to end some day because he didn't really deserve the finale. Meanwhile, sometime had to be eliminated in episode 6. It couldn't be Scott. It also couldn't be Brick because I'd never let a returning contestant win and I wanted to give him a chance. I also thought I robbed Cameron of his season as a result, so I brought him back to give him some development.

Episode 13

  • Note: Since Cameron wasn't a finalist and didn't build his armor, only the first two mutants were defeated thanks to Brick and Jo's teamwork. However, when rest of the "mutant crew" (minus Ezekiel because he didn't mutate in my version) was released they just couldn't fight with all of them, and decided to finish the challenge as soon as possible, while the eliminated contestants, interns, Chef Hatchet, and Chris escaped and watched rest of the challenge on TV screen from a safe distance.
  • Cameo: All of the past contestants (excluding Mr. Coconut as it technically isn't a real contestant) - They appeared in the second peanut gallery (yes, even Ezekiel because he's not mutated in my version). They didn't have to cheer for anybody, they just had to sit and watch. When all of the mutated creatures have been released, they ran away. At the end of the episode after the winner has been declared they were seen driving away on a different boat.
  • Winner: Brick / Jo
  • Eliminated: Jo / Brick
  • Reason of being eliminated:
    • Brick's ending: Brick didn't want to fight a girl at first but after he started thinking about the hell everyone had because of her and seeing that she didn't want to help past contestants when all of the mutated animals have been released, he decided to defeat her. He pinned her down. Although Jo was trying to free herself, a giant mutant turtle fell on her legs (Brick noticed it and jumped off), making her paralyzed from the waist down. Brick waited three seconds and, winning the fourth season, helped her to get up and helped her to escape. He also promised to share part of his money with her so she could pay for an operation to quickly come back to the sports. She thanked him and admitted he's a worthy opponent He decided to come to the fashion school that certain two fashion bloggers are promoting with the rest of his money. Right after he received his million dollars prize, he accidentally stepped on a laser squirrel. As a result, the squirrel shot a laser in his direction, but he dodged it and it hit Chris instead, right before the host was arrested for polluting the island with toxic waste.
    • Jo's ending: Her harsh and brutal personality helped her in the challenge. Even despite all of the mutated creatures, she was able to defeat Brick. She pinned him down. Although Brick was trying to free himself, a giant beaver fell on him, making him unable to stand up (Jo noticed it and jumped off). She waited three seconds and, winning the fourth season, helped Brick to get up and they ran away to escape. Right after she received her million dollars prize, she accidentally stepped on a laser squirrel. As a result, the squirrel shot a laser in her direction, seriously injuring her legs. Chef said he's not an expert, but she'll have to spend at least majority of her prize on an operation to quickly recover from the serious injuries from the lasers of a mutated squirrel if she wants to quickly come back to sports. After Brick helped her to get on a boat, she thanked him and admitted he's a worthy opponent. Shortly after, the host was arrested for polluting the island with toxic waste.
  • Fun Note: Thanks to making it farther than in real series, Dakota didn't want to back, didn't become an intern and - the most important - didn't mutate into Dakotazoid.
  • Fun Note: Staci didn't lose her hair (as it was completely unnecessary).


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