OK, so if you have already seen my blog with TDI eliminations, then you should know the rules. Wait, who cares about them?! Anyway, let's move onto another "My Way" eliminations: of the second season - Total Drama Action. I have to confess - thinking of a different elimination order for such boring and peaceful season was hard. In order to make TDA interesting you have to make a fan-fiction, which "My Way" elimination blog post series isn't. Reward episodes won't be mentioned unless I changed something. I left some eliminations without any differences and I changed...hmm...for such boring season I changed a lot.

Also, I know I tend not to change the cast of the season, but this time it was super necessary. Remember how the contestants qualified for this season? Well, the scene featured some BS, didn't it. But what's the worst is that Cody and Tyler, who were tied to DJ and Owen, didn't qualify despite that. Like WTF?! O.o So in my version all four of them qualified as they should have.

Let's start then:

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 5

  • Winners: Screaming Gaffers
  • Bottom 2: Owen and Trent
  • Reason of being in the bottom 2: Unchanged.
  • Eliminated: Trent
  • Reason of being eliminated: Unchanged.
  • Votes:
  • Comment: I couldn't change this one. It was too important for the overall plot of the series.

Episode 7

Episode 9

  • Winners: Killer Bass
  • Bottom 2: Duncan and Cody
  • Reason of being in the bottom 2: Same as last time. Cody promised Trent to try to get rid of him. This time he also easily convinced Harold to join.
  • Eliminated: Cody
  • Reason of being eliminated: After Gwen's elimination, Cody was acting pretty much the same as in Sweden Sour, making him useless in the challenges and causing him to cost his team the challenge this time, by not completing the part of the challenge that DJ did in the real version. As a result, Lindsay guided her team to the victory, telling them everything was just a fake attempt of Chris trying to scare them.
  • Votes:
  • Comment: Yeah, that's my plot for Cody for this season. Don't worry about him. He still did great in TDI My Way, and there's also TDWT coming for him. At least he (along with Heather) started the plot of Lindsay becoming the leader of her team.

Episode 10

  • Winners: Screaming Gaffers
  • Bottom 2: Owen and Beth
  • Reason of being in the bottom 2: Owen's injury made him useless for his team.
  • Eliminated: Beth
  • Reason of being eliminated: Everyone couldn't stand her mentioning Brady as they thought that he doesn't exist or isn't Beth's boyfriend at least. Justin also convinced almost everyone to vote her off, as he thought that she's the most intelligent one on their team and could easily find out his true nature soon. Tyler also voted for her so he could spend more time with Lindsay now that he's finally on the same team with her.
  • Votes:
  • Comment: Despite being a finalist in the real version, she still didn't do much. This is why I decided to eliminate her earlier, but still giving her some screen time. She's out in the episode she became more prominent.

Episode 11

  • Winners: Screaming Gaffers
  • Bottom 2: Justin and Izzy
  • Reason of being in the bottom 2: Unchanged for both.
  • Eliminated: DJ
  • Reason of being eliminated: DJ quit the show in the same way as in The Sand Witch Project of the real series.
  • Votes:
  • Comment: I thought DJ's plot could be a little longer. Not too much though.

Episode 13

Episode 14

  • Note: Chris announced this was originally supposed to be a reward challenge, but he decided to mix an elimination and reward challenge by letting the winning team win the right to choose who should be eliminated from the losing team.
  • Winners: Killer Grips (Heather lost to Lindsay (instead of Beth) and Owen (she was unable to knock him out), Harold lost to Izzy and lost along with Justin, while Duncan lost to Courtney.)
  • Eliminated: Heather
  • Reason of being eliminated: Majority of the Grips voted for her because of their conflicts with her or because she wronged someone they like/love (in Tyler's case). Only Justin voted for Harold, not liking such a nerd (Courtney didn't have a reason to eliminate Harold instead of Heather, as he didn't eliminate her in my version of TDI).
  • Votes:
  • Comment: I think that while she started getting a major character development, it's still Heather's most boring season. She shouldn't last too long. I also decided to have someone else eliminated in the next episode. So I decided to give her a "death in spotlight" in this episode because it was her best episode of this season for me and I just couldn't eliminate her before it.

Episode 15

  • Note: Because there ate six Grips and only two Gaffers, only one Grip had to do each of the six challenges, while Duncan and Harold were doing every two challenges.
  • Second note: Duncan won the conditioning challenge against Izzy, Harold won boxing challenge against Tyler, Duncan won badminton challenge against Owen, Harold lost the ball pit wrestling to Courtney, Duncan won slam dunk competition against Tyler, and Harold won the cheerleading contest against Justin (being the one to come up with the idea to cheer for Chris).
  • Winners: Screaming Gaffers
  • Bottom 2: Justin and Tyler
  • Reason of being in the bottom 2: Tyler voted for him because he was slacking too much in the competition, and as a sporty person, Tyler disliked it. He was also jealous of the attention he kept getting from Lindsay, which made Lindsay vote for him too, to prove Tyler that she loves him more.
  • Eliminated: Tyler
  • Reason of being eliminated: Tyler, wanting to show Lindsay that he's not worse than Justin (especially because he knew she's also attracted to Justin), volunteered to compete instead of her in the boxing challenge. However, due to his clumsiness he lost to Harold. He then lost to Duncan in his own (slam dunk), being the only Grip to lose more than one challenge. Courtney also voted for him to spite Lindsay because he's her boyfriend.
  • Votes:
  • Comment: I wanted to eliminate Tyler in the sports-themed episode for the irony. He also had to be eliminated before the merge because he keeps reaching the merge in my version, and he wasn't a part of the real version's cast.

Episode 17

  • Note: Owen is Captain Alberta instead of Harold (who was Lumber Man instead of Beth) and Izzy is Super Aqua Chick instead of Leshawna.
  • Invincibility: Harold
  • Bottom 2: Courtney and Owen
  • Reason of being in the bottom 2: Courtney, being hated by everyone, got the votes from some of the contestants. Owen also feared her wrath after what he accidentally did to her in the challenge.
  • Eliminated: Owen
  • Reason of being eliminated: Owen and Courtney were the last ones to compete in the second challenge. Owen's clumsiness and body weight caused him to destroy the superhero obstacle course, making it impossible for Courtney to perform good in the challenge. Thus, she had a personal vendetta against him. She wanted to make a Girls' alliance with Izzy and Lindsay to vote him off under the excuse of the boys outnumbering them, but she knew Izzy wouldn't vote for Owen, while Lindsay admitted she won't vote for him either. Thus, she tried with the boys instead, using Owen's gross habits as a reason to vote him off (so they'd have fresh air in their trailer, etc.).
  • Votes:
  • Comment: Owen's such a creator's pet that I never want him to make it too far. And I don't know how, despite his gross nature, he's so liked. However, he deserved to make it to the merge at least once.

Episode 19

  • Invincibility: Courtney
  • Bottom 2: Duncan and Justin
  • Reason of being in the bottom 2: Unchanged. Justin was jealous of his relationship with Courtney.
  • Eliminated: Justin
  • Reason of being eliminated: Unchanged. In my version, Courtney also quuit him from her alliance and targeted him for elimination. Since Courtney was immune, he was the next person Izzy hated the most avaiable for voting. Lindsay voted for him, using the ocassion that he was so injured, to prove Tyler again that she loves him more than Justin.
  • Votes:

Episode 21

  • Note: Owen DOES NOT return to the game.
  • Second note: Chris said the person who'll win most of the challenges will win immunity. This person was Courtney, winning both first two challenges.
  • Invincibility: Courtney
  • Bottom 2: Duncan and Izzy
  • Reason of being in the bottom 2: Harold and Izzy voted for Duncan to annoy Courtney who was immune.
  • Eliminated: Izzy
  • Reason of being eliminated: Izzy was so crazy during the third challenge that she not only won that round, but also scared everyone, especially Lindsay. The others also thought of her as a threat, as she almost won in this episode.
  • Votes:
  • Comment: Third challenge was a good excuse to let Izzy's crazy self be shown more than usual. She also became pointless now, not to mention that she returned. But every of the earlier episodes were either non-elimination, or reserved for someone else's elimination, which is why she lasted so long.

Episode 23

  • Invincibility: Duncan
  • Bottom 2: Harold and Courtney
  • Reason of being in the bottom 2: In the previous episode, Harold told Lindsay that Courtney was just using her to make it farther in the competition, just like Heather did in the previous season. They both thus voted for Courtney. Meanwhile, Courtney and Duncan teamed up and voted for Harold due to their conflicts with him, as well as Harold causing Courtney's alliance to lose its member.
  • Eliminated: Courtney
  • Reason of being eliminated: There was a tie-breaker that was a quiz about Sci-Fi movies, which Harold easily won.
  • Votes:
  • Comment: Getting rid of the antagonist now? Bummer! But I needed Harold more. Also, unlike her, Harold didn't debut at the mid-point. And since I'm not letting returning/debuting contestants win, you'd already know the final two.

Episode 25

  • Invincibility: Lindsay (she was the first one to reach the finish line thanks to her shockingly huge knowledge about the eliminated contestants)
  • Eliminated: Duncan
  • Reason of being eliminated: His very small knowledge about the eliminated contestants caused him to do every single challenge during the race and fall behind.
  • Comment: I thought Duncan was a great character in TDA. However, his multiple conflicts didn't make him a good winner for me. His performance in the challenge was also a good way to get rid of him right before the finale.

Episode 26

  • Winner: Lindsay / Harold
  • Eliminated: Harold / Lindsay
  • Reason of being eliminated:
    • Lindsay's ending: TDA's showbusiness theme was likely created for Lindsay. Thanks to being a popular castmate, she got mote votes than Harold. She promised to share her money with Tyler.
    • Harold's ending: Despite his nerdy attitude and being viewed as an outcast, Harold was able to make some friends. He got more votes than Lindsay. He promised to share his money with Leshawna.
  • Final votes:
  • Comment: I originally considered Duncan vs. Lindsay final two. However, I changed my mind because it wouldn't be fair if Duncan won despite his conflicts. And of course it was Harold and Lindsay's best season. Both got massive character development.


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