Hello! I'm back! My new elimination order is back with me. But I'm sad, I'm truly sad. Why? Because this is my last "TD's eliminations - My Way" blog. Well, the last before a very huge break, which will take about one year until TDPI's finale. So, because of this I decided to make something new, which will be...:

  • Sorry, I won't write about cameos this time. TDAS wasn't suppose to have as many cameos as TDRI and it wasn't that important. But maybe I will change my mind someday?
  • However, I will write about who got exiled as my elimination order may change it.
  • I be also decided to create "Mike's Note:" that will be about how Mal gained full control of him (because as I said last time - NO SCENES INSIDE MIKE'S MIND! Instead, it's like in TDRI - personalities are appearing out of nowhere. However, Mal has no triggers and can appear at any time.
  • One more thing - I decided to skip the "Drama Machine" part. It was completely unnecessary as every real fan of TD series knew that it was Alejandro. It was also wierd that Scott has recovered but Alejandro hasn't yet. Oh, I also skipped the whole "Alejandro walking on his head" gag. Instead, Alejandro just teases Heather about what she did to him in order to make her feel guilty.
  • I know I try not to change the season's cast, but this time I couldn't. I decided to replace Sam with Brick, as the cadet was far more deserving for the All-Stars title. No other changes though. I'd love to bring back more deserving contestants, but all of the ratios would be uneven.

Ok, let's start my last elimination order before a gigantic pause, shall we?

Episode 1

  • Note: No, this time Chris didn't think that it's too early for an elimination. This is All-Stars themed season, right? We already know a lot about the contestants. We don't watch them for the first time, huh?.
  • Second note: Brick volunteered to be his team's driver for the challenge once he saw Jo got this position for the opposing team.
  • Winners: Villainous Vultures
  • Exiled: Lightning
  • Bottom 2: Brick and Sierra
  • Reason of being in the bottom 2: Sierra voted for Brick because he got really tired after some time and was a slow driver as a result. Sierra jumped into the carriage before Courtney's depart, so it was heavier for Sam to push.
  • Eliminated: Sierra
  • Reason of being eliminated: Brick and Courtney voted for her because she sat on Courtney during the challenge, making the carriage heavier for Brick to push (as well as a simple revenge from Courtney). The others were creeped by her stalker-icious behaviour towards everyone now that Cody wasn't around her.
  • Votes:
  • Comment: Sam worked perfectly as the first out in my original elimination order for TDAS. However, since I decided to replace him with Brick, someone else had to have this role. I thought Sierra was the best, as she had a good reason to be eliminated and I avoided the whole Cam-Cody plot, as well as her flanderization.

Episode 2

  • Note: In order not to make such a godplayer out of Zoey, she tries to win for her team but misses. Villains had enough time to add the last piece.
  • Mike's Note: Scott hits him with a shovel, accidentally releasing his most evil personality - Mal. He can appear at any time and for as long as he wants. In the confessional, he states that he haven't been released for couple years, so he wants to take his revenge on Mike.
  • Winners: Villainous Vultures
  • Exiled: Scott
  • Bottom 2: Courtney and Lindsay
  • Reason of being in the bottom 2: Lindsay and Zoey voted for Courtney, finding her the meanest of her teammates.
  • Eliminated: Lindsay
  • Reason of being eliminated: After seeing how Lightning was digging in the water, she decided to do so too, as according to her "Chirs would hide a piece in the least excepted place". Girls were also annoyed by her lamenting over not spending a night at McLean's SPA Hotel. Also, Courtney convinced others to vote for her.
  • Votes:
  • Comment: As much as I wanted Lindsay to make it farther, I had to eliminate her now. Everyone else have better plot for this season and she has already been a finalist in my series, so it's about time for her.

Episode 3

  • Note: Once again, in order to not allow Zoey be such a godplayer, she wasn't able to dodge all of Jo's leeches. Even worse - she was hit with ALL of them. You'll see what happened next in the next sections.
  • Winners: Heroic Hamsters
  • Exiled: Mike (a "prize" for winning the challenge for Hamsters)
  • Bottom 2: Jo and Lightning
  • Reason of being in the bottom 2: She lost a challenge for her team. How it happened? Well, the only remaining ones were Jo, Courtney (who lost all of her leeches) and Mike. After Jo eliminated Zoey, she was so happy and completely forgot about Mike's still being in the game. He appeared behind her and shot her with one leech.
  • Eliminated: Lightning
  • Reason of being eliminated: Despite it was Jo who lost for the Vultures, Lightning annoyed their team even more and had no friends at all. He also fired the cannon, accidentally hitting Scott. Jo, being worried about herself, formed an alliance with other Vultures to get rid of him.
  • Votes:
  • Comment: I originally wanted to eliminate Jo at this point, but I changed my mind. She has more potential and we've already had a season of him luckily escaping eliminations.

Episode 4

  • Note: Due to Courtney's villainous act (she used Cameron as a human shield in my series) and Duncan's heroic act, they switched teams in previous episode (Sorry, I didn't want Duncan to switch as his reason was pretty minor but it was his plot that was going to make him a bit more tolerable - the presence of his soft side).
  • Winners: Villainous Vultures
  • Exiled: Scott
  • Bottom 2: Duncan and Cameron
  • Reason of being in the bottom 2: Cameron was worried Duncan would treat him the way he treated Harold in the previous seasons, so he told Mike and Zoey to vote for the new teammate.
  • Eliminated: Cameron
  • Reason of being eliminated: Mal appreared before the elimination ceremony and knew who Cameron and Zoey want to vote off as a result. He decided to rig the votes against Cameron, so Mike's best friend won't catch him on his act. He decided to keep Cameron and Zoey's true votes to avoid supections from the others, as he knew Mike could be easily forgiven for voting for Cameron due to his alternate personalities.
  • Votes:
  • Comment: Cameron annoyed me in this season and he was a finalist last time (in the real series). I don't get it. Why did he make it so far again (in the real series)? Especially because his role in Mike's MPD problem wasn't as huge as I predicted it to be. Also, this gives more purpose to Mal's antagonistic role.

Episode 5

  • Note: Due to her heroic act, Gwen was switched to Heroic Hamsters at the end of this episode.
  • Mike's Note: Blue harvest moon "releases" Mal. He does a lot of bad stuff and blames Duncan, so Heroes will vote for him.
  • Winners: Villainous Vultures
  • Exiled: Courtney (since Scott couldn't find hidden idol last time, he let Courtney find it.)
  • Bottom 2: Duncan and Brick
  • Reason of being in the bottom 2: Brick voted for Duncan because he's the least heroic teammate left, especially after things told about him by Mal.
  • Eliminated: Brick
  • Reason of being eliminated: Brick's fear of dark caused him to freak out for a while and lose his teammates as a result. He never crossed the bridge, thus losing for his team.
  • Votes:
  • Comment: Horror-themed episode taking place at night was the best for Brick's elimination. I'm sorry, he had to be eliminated early. His only important interaction was with Jo, who is on the other team and has new, as well as old, conflicts there. At least he stayed for a while.

Episode 6

  • Note: This elimination was too predictable. In my series, Heather takes a hidden immunity idol with her (she hides it in her pocket). Also, she didn't talk about it with Alejandro who was spying on her and saw this anyway. He stole it from her while hugging her after she put her first egg to their basket.
  • Second note: No more exiles! Heather has already found the immunity idol.
  • Mike's Note: Mal is strong enough to gain full control of Mike. As of now, Mike's lucky and unfairly skips challenges.
  • Winners: Heroic Hamsters
  • Bottom 2: Heather and Alejandro
  • Reason of being in the bottom 2: Unchanged. Heather convinced everyone to vote Alejandro off and Alejandro voted for her. The only one who voted for her along with Al was Jo.
  • Eliminated: Alejandro
  • Reason of being eliminated: Yeah, he used McLean-Brand Chris Head against Heather. However, Chris told that it was Heather who found this idol, so only she can use it. She didn't have to use it this time as everyone voted for Alejandro (except Alejandro himself).
  • Votes:
  • Comment: This elimination was too predictable (as I have already written). I had to change it a bit, so there will be some twists. Also, come on! Heather's always blamed for everything because she was the first antagonist but she can't merge after she was on Villainous Vultures?! A team that consists of villains?! If being the first villain ever is such memorable, then let Heather be one of the best Vultures' members!

Episode 7

  • Note: Chris thinks about switching Mike to the Villainous Vultures for what Mal has done. However, Chef told him not to do so, because Mike himself is a hero character and the merge is coming.
  • Winners: Villainous Vultures
  • Eliminated: Duncan
  • Reason of being eliminated: Villains could choose whoever they wanted to be out. Duncan always makes it far and is a big threat for everyone, so Villains eliminated him.
  • Comment: Seriously, I don't understand why Sierra was eliminated instead of Duncan in the real series? Why did they listen to Cameron?! Such a good chance at eliminating Duncan! Also, in my series Sierra's already gone.

Episode 8

  • Note: Merge time! Alejandro comes back (so he can take his revenge on Heather for injuring and eliminating him.
  • Invincibility: Alejandro
  • Bottom 2: Jo and Heather
  • Reason of being in the bottom 2: Jo annoyed everyone while Mal and Al teamed up and convinced whoever they could to vote Heather off.
  • Eliminated: Jo
  • Reason of being eliminated: Heather got the most votes but she used McLean-Brand Chris Head and Jo got eliminated instead.
  • Votes:
  • Comment: Formerly, I wanted Lightning to be eliminated in this episode. However, I think Jo deserves more screentime and her conflict with Heather is much more important now. Just look at the reason of her elimination. It makes more sense with her instead of Lightning.

Episode 9

  • Note: Heather finds a DVD that consist of Mal's worst acts (after she was invited to the SPA Hotel by Alejandro). She shows it to everyone right before the elimination ceremony.
  • Invincibility: Mike (He, as Mal, has beaten Ezekiel up and accidentally freed Chris after trying to sink him in the toxic waste.)
  • Bottom 3: Gwen, Alejandro and Heather
  • Reason of being in the bottom 2: Scott wanted to repair his relationship with Courtney and thought Gwen could stand in his way due to their friendship. Since "Mike" was immune, Alejandro and Heather were the only most villanous threats left in the game.
  • Eliminated: Heather
  • Reason of being eliminated: However, Alejandro took his revenge on Heather by eliminating her with the help of Mal, Gwen and Courtney.
  • Votes:
  • Comment: Heather has already made it far twice. I thought it's the best time for her to go, coutning the plot that I changed. Also, Alejandro had to take a revenge on her for what she has done to him in Hawaiian Punch and No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition.

Episode 10

  • Invincibility: Mike (yeah, he succeeded, not Zoey).
  • Bottom 2: Gwen and Alejandro
  • Reason of being in the bottom 2: Alejandro voted for her because Gwen is one of the biggest screen-hogs. She's also a mortal enemy of his girlfriend.
  • Eliminated: Alejandro
  • Reason of being eliminated: Besides Mal (who's once again immune), Alejandro's the biggest villains now. He received votes from Mal (he betrayed him), Gwen and Zoey (they both dislike him), Scott (after he found out that he and Courtney kissed sometime in TDWT) and Courtney (she wanted to show Soctt that she doesn't care about Alejandro anymore) after Mal formed an alliance with them.
  • Votes:
  • Comment: It was the best time for Alejandro to be out. He had his alliance with Mal, but after he took his revenge on Heather he became a bit useless.

Episode 11

  • Invincibility: Scott (There's no way I can believe that Zoey could beat him up in an eating contest. Seriously, he can eat DIRT! And definitely eats more and faster than this slim chick.)
  • Bottom 2: Courtney and Mike
  • Reason of being in the bottom 2: Mal stole Courtney's chart after trying to get intimate with her knocking her out with a rock. He showed it to everyone in order to make Courntey, Gwen and Scott conflicted. He succeeded (in a way).
  • Eliminated: Mike
  • Reason of being eliminated: However, everyone thought it was OOC for Mike to do something like that. They asked Zoey whether she noticed him acting differently lately. After telling them about Duncan and Alejandro's warnings, they decided to vote him off (except for Zoey who prefered to keep him around to somehow cure him).
  • Votes:
  • Comment: Well, why to eliminate the antagonist of the season now? Well, his and Zoey's plot was kinda too long in the real series. Also, that makes more room for Gwen-Courtney-Scott drama. It's also to prove that Mal isn't that good antagonist after all.

Episode 12

  • Mike's Note: After his elimination, Mike was sent to his psychiatrist. He told Chris that Mike became so determinated to be back after the whole season of Zoey not trusting him and losing her after his elimination that he regained control over himself. Mike also promised to visit his psychiatrist more often after this season's finale to make sure Mal is gone for good.
  • Invincibility: Courtney
  • Eliminated: Zoey and Gwen
  • Reason of being eliminated: There was a double elimination. Firstly, Zoey was automatically eliminated by Chris for not bringing her "treasure" (Scott didn't bring one as well, but he was injured and Chris liked it). Secondly, Courtney could chose anybody to be eliminated. She prefered to be in the finale with Scott, believing that he will throw the final challenge for her. This decision, along with the last events, caused the end of Courtney and Gwen's friendship again.
  • Comment: Well, I decided to let Courtney, Scott, and Gwen be in the final 3 to conclude their plots (also so there could be more original contestants in the final 3). Courtney has to choose between her boyfriend and her friend. However, since she's closer to winning than in any other season, strategy becomes a top priority and she chooses Scott. Sorry, I know most of you (like 99,9%) are fans of Courtney and Gwen's friendship, but personally, I can't imagine them being friends for a long time. Heck, I prefer them as enemies, this is one of the most classic conflicts! If Courtney or Gwen is ever going to restore some friendship, let it be the one with Bridgette (for both of them) or Leshawna (for Gwen).

Episode 13

  • Winner: Scott / Courtney
  • Eliminated: Courtney / Scott
  • Reason of being eliminated:
    • Scott's ending: Despite the fact that Scott felt uncomfortable about competing against his girlfriend in the finale, he tried his best to win over one of the best contestants ever. He won with the help of Duncan and Gwen
    • Courtney's ending: Despite the fact that Courtney felt a bit uncomfortable about competing against her boyfriend in the finale, the money stood as the top priority. However, Scott didn't mind this. She won with the help of Alejandro and Heather.
  • Comment: I have to be honest - I originally planned to have a heroic villain vs. villainous hero final two. So why didn't it happen? Well:
    • Many people were thinking about this final two. It'd be too predictable.
    • TheScottBird had already had this final two. No, being the first one doesn't matter but once again - it'd be too predictable.
    • Plus, Gwen has already been a finalist (in my as well as in the real series). Having the same finalist twice would be interesting but it'd be unfair for other contestants who haven't been finalists even once.
  • So, why Courtney and Scott were finalists? Well:
    • They were both true stars of All-Stars.
    • Courtney is the only one of the biggest screen-hoggers who hasn't been a finalist in the real series yet.
    • They needed more episodes for their relationship which is the shortest canon relationship in TD's history.
    • I like when a couple or conflict or mix of these two is the final 2. They fit all of those categories.
  • Fun Note: Heather once again ranked 7th in my series, being the only contestant to rank the same place twice.
  • Fun Note: Courtney and Scott didn't break up.
  • Fun Note: Past contestants (from TDAS and the ones who didn't competed this time) were sitting in the peanut gallery. Chris chose helpers who will make the finale interesting - he chose helpers whom finalists would feel uncomfortable to work with.


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