Hello everyone! It's been so long since I've posted my order of eliminations. Since RR has a different format I was wondering about how the format of my blog should look like for a long time. This is because some placings were very random and I wanted to avoid that. To do this I'll describe each pair's role per each episode. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to change as much as I wanted because of it being a race and the need for everyone to have a believable elimination. Also, in my opinion most of the eliminations and rankings were fair. Anyway, let's start it! I hope you'll like my first elimination order of The Ridonculous Race.

Episode 1

  • Note: First six pairs end up on Flight #1, the next six on Flight #2, and the final six on Flight #3.
  • Ranking:
    • 1st: Ice Dancers - Unchanged.
    • 2nd: Best Friends - Unchanged.
    • 3rd: Police Cadets - Unchanged.
    • 4th: Sisters - Unchanged.
    • 5th: Geniuses - Unchanged.
    • 6th: Vegans - Unchanged.
    • 7th: Father & Son - Unchanged.
    • 8th: Fashion Bloggers - Unchanged.
    • 9th: Goths - I've already ranted about how the producers forgot about them and thus, istead of finishing the Scare along with the other teams from the second elevator, they finished as one of the last teams. I get it that they may not be the most fastest (look at the way they run), especially at the beginning, but I just had to correct it. Also, in my version, they would speak and have their introduction interview, just like everyone else.
    • 10th: Mom & Daughter - Unchanged.
    • 11th: Daters - Unchanged.
    • 12th: Reality TV Pros - Unchanged.
    • 13th: Rockers - Since they weren't seen finishing the challenge, but weren't seen running to the airport in the last scene and were on the second flight, I decided to give them this place.
    • 14th: Surfer Dudes - Unchanged.
    • 15th: Adversity Twins - Unchanged.
    • 16th: Stepbrothers - Unchanged.
    • 17th: Tennis Rivals - Unchanged.
    • 18th: LARPers - Unchanged.
Ridonculous Racr Cast from Episode One

Don officially starts another "My Way" blog.

Episode 2

  • Ranking:
    • 1st: Best Friends - Unchanged.
    • 2nd: Police Cadets - Unchanged.
    • 3rd: Ice Dancers - Unchanged.
    • 4th: Geniuses - There's no way I'll believe that the Tennis Rivals managed to catch up to the teams from earlier flights, especially the first one, and finish before them even despite they didn't face off any difficulties by the way. Sorry, I just can't. What was the point of having three different flights then? So, in my series, the earliest flight you had the more chances to win you had, logically.
    • 5th: Sisters - Unchanged, but they didn't magically lose their time.
    • 6th: Daters - And here we have contestants from the second flight (as the Vegans were very slow). I assume Daters would be the fastest, hence finish before other teams from the second flight.
    • 7th: Goths - Hot spices aren't big deal for Crimson, as seen in El Bunny Supremo. It's even less of a deal when they chose the right spices. I assume they would be only behind the Daters because they were slower than them.
    • 8th: Fashion Bloggers - Unchanged.
    • 9th: Reality TV Pros - They would've been faster than the Fashion Bloggers, as Owen finished his spice before Tom. However, Owen's weight caused their camel to be slower than the Fashion Bloggers'.
    • 10th: Mom & Daughter - It took Kelly a while to eat their stew of spices, hence why they were the slowest of the second flight (excluding Father & Son who faced some difficulties).
    • 11th: Surfer Dudes - They were fast and the stew of hot spices wasn't that bad for Brody, so they finished as the first team from the third flight.
    • 12th: Rockers - This is one of the challenges that wouldn't cause much problems for them, even despite Spud being lazy. That's why they finish in this place in my version.
    • 13th: Stepbrothers - Lorenzo's motivational speaker's skills helped Chet finish the challenge rather fast.
    • 14th: Tennis Rivals - They weren't the best, but weren't the worst neither.
    • 15th: Adversity Twins - It took them a while to collect right spices, as well as to eat them. That's why they finished right before the teams that were in the bottom three.
    • 16th: Vegans - Unchanged.
    • 17th: Father & Son - Unchanged.
    • 18th: LARPers - Unchanged.
  • Comment: At first, I wanted to have a non-elimination episode so the title of the episode would make more sense and the lowest-ranking team will get to stay for at least 3 episodes and thus get some more screen time. However, I decided to change my idea, as this pair is really annoying and I wouldn't have a good chance to eliminate the next team (and if they wouldn't have beem eliminated in the next episode, they would stay for too long. You'll see why.).

Episode 3

  • Ranking:
    • 1st: Police Cadets - Unchanged.
    • 2nd: Ice Dancers - Unchanged.
    • 3rd: Goths - This episode kinda gets the role of Bjorken Telephone for them in my series. They get a good ranking, they both have lines. Drawing as well as catacombs are their cup of tea. The reason they didn't finish in 1st place is because they enjoyed the catacombs too much to leave them too early.
    • 4th: Geniuses - Ellody was good at drawing, just like Ennui. Their intelligence also helps them to leave the catacombs fast.
    • 5th: Sisters - They didn't have any problems in this episode.
    • 6th: Best Friends - They were good at challenges, just like always. Carrie having to repeat the drawing challenge slowed them down a bit though.
    • 7th: Daters - They would've finished before the Best Friends, but losing their paddles caused them to fall behind.
    • 8th: Adversity Twins - They finished the drawing challenge shockingly fast. Their lactose intolerance helped them to locate the cheese and find their way out of the catacombs.
    • 9th: Surfer Dudes - They had problems with finding their way out of the catacombs, so they decided to follow the Adversity Twins whom they met by the way.
    • 10th: Mom & Daughter - What can I say? They weren't the best but also weren't the worst.
    • 11th: Father & Son - After their terrible performance in the previous, they managed to catch up and improve thanks to their motivation.
    • 12th: Fashion Bloggers - A flat tire and shopping caused them to fall behind. However, their shopping was fast enough to still outrun most of the teams from the second flight.
    • 13th: Vegans - Schockingly, it was hard for them to locate the cheese.
    • 14th: Stepbrothers - They weren't the worst, but they lost some time arguing which way they should go to leave the catacombs.
    • 15th: Rockers - They would've been ahead of the Stepbrothers, but since Rock was the only one paddling in their team, they lost some time.
    • 16th: Reality TV Pros - Unchanged.
    • 17th: Tennis Rivals - Unchanged.
  • Comment: Frankly, I wanted to avoid elimination once again due to it being over something very minor. However, I decided to eliminate them now so they wouldn't last too long and it's actually a good reference to tennis.

Episode 4

  • Ranking:
    • 1st: Ice Dancers - Unchanged.
    • 2nd: Goths - Crimson completed the Botch or Watch challenge with ease. They also finished their sand castle fast.
    • 3rd: Police Cadets - Unchanged.
    • 4th: Father & Son - Unchanged.
    • 5th: Fashion Bloggers - Unchanged.
    • 6th: Daters - Unchanged.
    • 7th: Sisters - They didn't have any problems during the challenge.
    • 8th: Vegans - Despite Miles' problems with a shark, they still managed to finish in a decent place.
    • 9th: Mom & Daughter - They didn't have any problems besides Taylor not wanting to build a sand castle at first, finding it too childish for her.
    • 10th: Reality TV Pros - Owen had more problems with the sharks in my version. However, they improved in the second challenge.
    • 11th: Rockers - They lost some time because Spud didn't help during the sand castle challenge at first until Rock reminded him to do so or else they'd be penalized.
    • 12th: Stepbrothers - They lost a lot of time fighting instead of building a sand castle until they realized how many teams surpassed them. They would've been behind Best Friends if only their boat's motor hadn't been faulty.
    • 13th: Best Friends - Unchanged. The only difference is that they were also ahead of Adversity Twins.
    • 14th: Adversity Twins - It took a while before Mickey could conquer his fear of sharks to complete the challenge.
    • 15th: Surfer Dudes - Unchanged. It's also very ironic how the surfer has the most troubles with a shark.
    • 16th: Geniuses - Unchanged.
  • Comment: This elimination was ironic and I like ironic eliminations. Also, they were completely fodders with no chance of any interesting plot, at least for me.

Episode 5

  • Note: Teams set off in three buses, just like in the real version.
  • Ranking:
    • 1st: Goths - Unchanged.
    • 2nd: Ice Dancers - What can I say? Ice is their forte, but they didn't get to win in Iceland, so they can be bitter about it in the next episode.
    • 3rd: Fashion Bloggers - They would've come in second, but were penalized for not doing the first challenge correctly. The penalty was however only 5 minutes long, as it was more Bjork's (Travel Tip Giver's) fault than theirs, so Don promised Bjork to pay her less than she was promised to be paid. The short time of a penalty allowed the Bloggers to fall only one place behind.
    • 4th: Reality TV Pros - Although even Owen was disgusted by the Feast challenge, he really helped his team.
    • 5th: Daters - Despite having to repeat the first challenge, they did pretty well.
    • 6th: Police Cadets - While they lost their first fossil due to MacArthur's aggresive nature, they still did well in my version.
    • 7th: Stepbrothers - They slowly started cooperating pretty well in this episode, without them noticing it.
    • 8th: Best Friends - They managed to catch up after so many teams faced some difficulties during challenges.
    • 9th: Adversity Twins - They're weak, so the Fossil challenge took them a lot of time.
    • 10th: Sisters - The Fossil challenge took them a lot of time due to Emma doing it all by herself, just as she wanted.
    • 11th: Father & Son - Unchanged. The only difference is that it happened later, giving the Vegans even less time to make up for their mistake.
    • 12th: Surfer Dudes - They lost a lot of time as Geoff had to feed a still shocked after the events of the previous episode Brody during the Feast challenge.
    • 13th: Mom & Daughter - Unchanged.
    • 14th: Rockers - Unchanged.
    • 15th: Vegans - The same events as in the real version happened, however in mine it actually led to their elimination. Laurie was still angry that she had to eat meat and it didn't pay off as they were eliminated, and cursed Dwayne for that, as well as attacked Don. Miles comforted her that they didn't know they would lose and they tried to win for their charities. This caused them to leave with dignity and their heads held high, unlike in the real series.
  • Comment: The reason I decided to change it like that is because a lot of people complain about the way the Vegans were eliminated in the next episode or the treatment that Laurie got. Sure this means they competed for a shorter time and their plot was shorter (but at least resolved), but I think it was worth avoiding future problems.

Episode 6

  • Note: This episode is a non-elimination one, as we had an elimination last time instead. Also, since Dwayne is on the second flight, he causes them to fall behind even more, making it impossible for the teams from that flight to catch up to the ones from the first.
  • Ranking:
    • 1st: Ice Dancers - Unchanged. Added a small detail though.
    • 2nd: Fashion Bloggers - They were racing with the Ice Dancers simultaneously throught the episode, especially during creating the Carnival costume challenge. Ice Dancers couldn't stand it and sabotaged the Bloggers during the Hang-glide challenge, causing them to lose a little time, enough for the Ice Dancers to steal the victory for themselves.
    • 3rd: Goths - Unchanged. However, in my version they ended up one place lower.
    • 4th: Mom & Daughter - Let's face it, it was their episode.
    • 5th: Stepbrothers - They surprisingly did well in this challenge too.
    • 6th: Daters - Well, they were faster than Reality TV Pros and the second flight. That's it.
    • 7th: Reality TV Pros - Same here. They were the slowest ones to create their costumes (next to the Police Cadets), but they still had a lead over the teams from the second flight.
    • 8th: Surfer Dudes - Brody's uselessness in the previous episode motivated him so much that they performed really well.
    • 9th: Best Friends - They managed to catch up after so many teams faced some difficulties during challenges. They were just faster than the remaining teams.
    • 10th: Police Cadets - Unchanged. They lost so much time that the teams from the second flight shockingly caught up to them, with two of them even surpassing them.
    • 11th / 12th: Adversity Twins and Sisters - They tied, just like in the real series, after trying to work as an alliance with each other.
    • 13th: Rockers - Unchanged. Spud's delayed reaction helped them in last minute.
    • 14th: Father & Son - A karma for Dwayne's yesterday's mistake, as well as a curse from an eliminated Laurie bite them big time. They still had enough luck for this to be a non-elimination leg though.
  • Comment: I've always wondered why the Fashion Bloggers weren't given any role in an episode about creating Carnival costumes. Also, I thought it'd be nice to have them interact with the Ice Dancers.

Episode 7

  • Ranking:
    • 1st: Ice Dancers - Unchanged.
    • 2nd: Stepbrothers - They performed surprisingly well in this episode, even warming a little bit to each other and respecting each other's talent.
    • 3rd: Sisters - They managed to catch up after the last episode and Emma performed well in gymnastics, which got attention of Noah.
    • 4th: Goths - They would've been second, but they were penalized. It was short enough penalty to not fall behind too much.
    • 5th: Police Cadets - While Sanders wasn't the fastest in the first challenge, MacArthur quickly made up for it in the gymnastics part thanks to her glutes.
    • 6th: Surfer Dudes - They did well in both challenges. Nuff said.
    • 7th: Mom & Daughter - While they weren't the fastest neither, Kelly actually performed better than the rest of the teams in gymnastics.
    • 8th: Rockers - They were both slow in both challenges. However, other teams' mishaps allowed them to take a lead over them.
    • 9th: Best Friends - Devin's pain magnet status was troublesome for him while performing gymnastics. However, it didn't last long and they didn't experience any other difficulties during the episode, causing them to finish in ninth place.
    • 10th: Father & Son - Junior having to drag a coffin (in my series he was in fact supposed to do this challenge, so they weren't penalized) and Dwayne's pain magnet status getting in the way during gymnastics caused them to fall behind a bit. They still managed to make it up after the score in the previous episode though.
    • 11th: Reality TV Pros - Although his weight caused them a lot of problems in this episode, they still managed to finish in a decent place.
    • 12th: Daters - Unchanged, except they ended up being third-last.
    • 13th: Fashion Bloggers - Unchanged, except they ended up being second-last, as the Adversity Twins haven't even completed the gymnastics challenge.
    • 14th: Adversity Twins - They're so weak that it took them the longest to complete the coffin challenge. Then, Jay had to go through a gymnastics challenge that he just couldn't do, proving their PE teacher was right when he laughed at them at when they told him they decided to sign up for a competition.
  • Comment: I think the elimination in this episode was great. However, it could've been greater if Dater hadn't just randomly outrun the Bloggers. Also, when I saw that scene of Jay, I knew I'll use it for my blog. I also thought it'd for real cause their elimination in the real series while watching the episode for the first time. I mean, first we have a horror theme and then a sports theme. And Adversity Twins, so weak and scared of everything, survive? No, just no. Elimination of the Daters would've been nice and ironic since they both go to gym, but a realistic elimination was better this time. Also, Daters have more prominent plot. Meanwhile, I decided to leave Fashion Bloggers to let them have even more of a happy ending, as well as because I have different plans for their elimination.

Episode 8

  • Note: Don regrets eliminating the Tennis Rivals over such a minor issue, so he decides to bring them back to the game. Since they were already eliminated, they start off from the last place. Don also announces that their return means a non-elimination episode, as he doesn't want to waste it in case they'd come in last place.
  • Ranking:
    • 1st: Surfer Dudes - Unchanged. They did both challenges with ease.
    • 2nd: Best Friends - Unchanged. They managed to speed up.
    • 3rd: Police Cadets - They didn't have any difficulties with any of the challenges.
    • 4th: Ice Dancers - Unchanged, except that, due to their curse, they finish in fourth, which is the place they hate the most, as it is the first place outside of the podium. Also, this number is considered to be related to bad luck in Chinese culture.
    • 5th: Sisters - Kitty lost some time fighting with Stephanie over a ring in the first challenge, but that was the only thing that slowed them down.
    • 6th: Reality TV Pros - They did both challenges pretty well. It also caused them to catch up to the Sisters, much to Noah's happiness.
    • 7th: Goths - They lost some time due to Crimson painting her skirt in black.
    • 8th: Rockers - They simply didn't experience any troubles with the challenges this time. However, they received a 10 minutes penalty due to Rock incorrectly wearing the Hawaiian skirt. They still came in a decent place thanks to the other teams' mishaps.
    • 9th: Stepbrothers - Lorenzo had some troubles with finding the ring underwater in the first challenge. They also lost a lot of time arguing who should wear a skirt for the second challenge, ruining their bond by the way too.
    • 10th: Fashion Bloggers - They lost some time, as Jen didn't want to be wet, but she changed her mind once they saw the only pair behind them coming. They completed the second challenge much faster though, giving them some lead over a few teams.
    • 11th: Father & Son - It took a while for Junior to carry his much heavier than him dad during the second challenge. They also had to repeat it, as Dwayne's skirt once set on fire (reference to his pain magnet role).
    • 12th: Mom & Daughter - Unchanged. Taylor's such a slow swimmer that it costed them a lot of time.
    • 13th: Tennis Rivals - They started from the last place, weren't that fast, it took a while for Pete (as he was the one who had to perform the Botch or Watch from their team this time, given that Gerry did so last time) to find a ring underwater, and they were arguing for a long time over which one of them should wear a skirt in the second challenge (eventually it was Gerry, even despite it'd be easier for Pete to carry a lighter Gerry, as they thought both of them should do the challenge in this episode and Gerry is "more girly" of the two). But they still had fun, especially during the second challenge where they kept joking about their "marriage."
    • 14th: Daters - Unchanged.
  • Comment: When I saw that one of the Either/Or challenges in Hello and Dubai is tennis-based, I started to wonder how the Tennis Rivals would've done and I knew I'll use it for my blog (also I thought their elimination could've been over something more serious). However, I couldn't bring them back just for that one episode. I dislike short returns, like Eva's in No Pain, No Game or Dakota's in The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean. And I thought a non-elimination episode is the best to bring a pair back to the competition for the reasons stated in the "Note" section. I also decided to officially change the Daters' team name (in the real series their label remains the same in the interviews), as it was a really minor thing that I somehow predicted.

Episode 9

  • Ranking:
    • 1st: Sisters - Unchanged.
    • 2nd: Reality TV Pros - Unchanged.
    • 3rd: Police Cadets - They didn't have any difficulties with the challenge again (and the Ice Dancers lost to a team they hate again due to their curse).
    • 4th: Ice Dancers - They continue finishing in fourth place due to their curse.
    • 5th: Surfer Dudes - While they weren't the best at the Serve challenge, they still completed it fast.
    • 6th: Rockers - They were the last team to finish the Serve challenge of the group, but they still had a lead over the teams from the second flight.
    • 7th: Goths - They completed the Serve challenge quickly, possibly because of not being scared of heights, strong wind or a destroyed tennis launcher at all. Thus, they finished as the first team from the second flight.
    • 8th: Haters - They were the second-fastest team from the second flight to finish the Serve challenge.
    • 9th: Stepbrothers - They weren't that successful in the Serve challenge, but still managed to finish it before other two teams who had more problems with it or the teams from the second flight that chose the Squeegee challenge.
    • 10th: Father & Son - Simply because the remaining teams had more problems.
    • 11th: Best Friends - Since Carrie's terrible at tennis, they lost a lot of time. They still had a huge lead over the last three teams though.
    • 12th: Tennis Rivals - Of course they chose the Serve challenge. However, after many years of being on a retirement and not playing tennis, as well as due to their older age, they found out they aren't as good at this anymore. This caused them to fall behind to the last place. Eventually, their motivation helped them so that they won't be eliminated in a challenge likely designated for them.
    • 13th/14th: Fashion Bloggers and Mom & Daughter - Both teams decided to choose the Squeegee challenge (Bloggers did so because Tom sucks at sport) and were racing simultaneously with each other. Because of this, the Bloggers overheard Kelly's promise to go shopping if Taylor apologizes. Being worried that the other team could buy something they'd love to buy before them, they started their own mini-race throught the shopping mall. Both teams wanted to check at the Chill Zone before this, but were afraid the other team would use it against them and buy better things. They were shopping simultaneously too and thus came in the last place at the same time. And since there was no elimination last time, Don decided to have the first double elimination of the season this time.
  • Comment: Remember when a description of this episode was accidentally leaked and we found out that one of the teams will go shopping and thus assumed that team would go home? Yeah, we were right. At first, I thought this team would be Mom & Daughter as the shopping-themed elimination would fit their characters (I was right at first! Yay! :D ). But once Jen's official description included a part of her love for spontaneous shoppings. So, I changed my mind and thought it'd be the Fashion Bloggers. Especially, after the scene with them which is pictured in the gallery for this episode was included in the trailer. However, eventually shopping only caused a very little damage for them in French is an Eiffel Language while my first expectation became true. But since both of the teams fit this reason of elimination, that's why I decided this one looks the way it does on my blog.

Episode 10

  • Ranking:
    • 1st: Reality TV Pros - Unchanged, except they actually got to win because the Sisters wanted to return them a favor. Even having to repeat the skydive into the Bird's Nest Stadium didn't prevent them from winning.
    • 2nd: Sisters - Yeah, just like I said.
    • 3rd: Goths - They didn't have any problems with the challenges. Crimson ate the skewer of cooked animals with ease and they managed to quickly locate the Chill Zone at the Great Wall of China.
    • 4th: Ice Dancers - Yep, they continue finishing in fourth place due to their curse.
    • 5th: Haters - Unchanged, except they didn't win. Ryan was cooking a disgusting meal with pleasure, Stephanie wanted to prove she can eat that with no problem, Ryan decided to choose a more cracked, twisted and falling apart road, they were arguing about the direction in which they should go, and Ryan was ultimately right.
    • 6th: Police Cadets - Unchanged, except they ranked one place lower.
    • 7th: Surfer Dudes - Same here.
    • 8th: Stepbrothers - Just like Stephanie, Lorenzo wanted to prove his enemy that he can eat the animals cooked by him. However, they lost some time arguing where the Chill Zone could be located.
    • 9th: Best Friends - Unchanged, except they ranked one place better in my version and two teams decided to follow them while locating the Chill Zone.
    • 10th: Father & Son - They did pretty well and not even Dwayne's injury could stop them. However, they were still in the bottom so Junior decided to follow the Best Friends in the last challenge.
    • 11th: Tennis Rivals - While the first two challenges weren't a problem for them, things became harder for Gerry once he had to pull a rickshaw. It was too heavy for him after a while and thus they almost lost again because of him, which became his fear since their return to the competition. Briefly arguing over which way to go until deciding to follow the Best Friends didn't help neither.
    • 12th: Rockers - Unchanged. However, in my version Rock wanted to talk about strategy because they started improving their rankings and he wanted to maintain it.
  • Comment: I really wanted to make Rockers go home this time, I really did. But the problem is that I remember how much hated was Spud after the premiere of Bjorken Telephone. With the time more and more fans started to like his comic relief and he eventually redeemed himself. So, eliminating the Rockers now because of Spud is not an option. I believe he deserves to have some fans.

Episode 11

  • Ranking:
    • 1st: Rockers - Unchanged.
    • 2nd: Father & Son - Being into air guitar, Junior quickly learnt the right moves from Spud's performance and easily completed the challenge.
    • 3rd: Sisters - Kitty was also a good learner and easily won the support of the audience.
    • 4th: Ice Dancers - Unchanged, of course. Who else could it be? They're still cursed (and Jacques also learnt quickly how to correctly perform air guitar). But don't worry, it's the last episode in a while in which they rank fourth place, as the Goths told them about the curse.
    • 5th: Stepbrothers - Since he's also into an air guitar, Lorenzo also learnt how to play an air guitar very quickly.
    • 6th: Haters - In my version it was Stephanie who performed the air guitar challenge, just as she should have. Her aggresive nature easily won the support of the audience.
    • 7th: Surfer Dudes - Geoff was cool enough and knew the right moves, so he also easily won the hearts of the audience.
    • 8th: Police Cadets - MacArthur's performance, based on Spud's farting, quickly won the support of the audience too.
    • 9th: Best Friends - Carrie actually had some problems with correctly performing an air guitar show, but there were less of them than in the case of the remaining teams (minus the still-missing at that moment Goths), so she finished before them.
    • 10th: Goths - Unchanged.
    • 11th: Reality TV Pros - Unchanged.
    • 12th: Tennis Rivals - Their old age was a huge trouble for Pete (who was supposed to do the Botch or Watch challenge). The audience didn't like an old man trying to be cool by unsuccessfully imitating cool moves while performing an air guitar. His old bones didn't help him to have cool moves neither.
  • Comment: Once again I thought about eliminating the Rockers at this point because it'd be an ironic to be eliminated in a challenge likely designated for them. But I decided not to for the same reasons as explained in the comment section of the previous episode. I decided to eliminate the Tennis Rivals as it seems as a fitting and realistic elimination. Also, with Pete being the reason of their loss this time, it becomes more fair.

Episode 12

  • Note: Since the Ice Dancers decided to go back to Hawaii to return their cursed good luck charm (as they weren't sure if their curse would be over if they gave their cursed good luck charm to the other team) in the previous episode, Don announced at the beginning of this one that it'll be a non-elimination round because it's too obvious who'll end up in the last place and since this show is a race it didn't affect the contestants' motivation to finish in the best place possible.
  • Ranking:
    • 1st: Sisters - Kitty, the expert of the selfies took the first one for their team while Emma took the second one (only because she didn't want to stand near the rhino). They did pretty well, possibly thanks to Kitty's great "selfie skills."
    • 2nd: Best Friends - Junior met with them, instead of the Haters, and spent the rest of the episode with them. The trio was at the (semi-)top for the entire time, mainly because Junior quickly found rhino's tracks.
    • 3rd: Surfer Dudes - They didn't experience any problems and quickly completed both challenges.
    • 4th: Stepbrothers - They almost didn't experience any problems, except for Lorenzo being briefly constricted by a large snake, which Chet got rid of, hitting Lorenzo by the way for fun.
    • 5th: Rockers - While they did lose some time it wasn't that bad as in the real version. They were one of the top teams the entire time and lost only a little time after being briefly separated after the waterfall challenge.
    • 6th: Goths - They managed to outrun a few teams after their previous poor performance. However, they still lost some time applying a gothic make-up on the rhino before taking a selfie with it.
    • 7th: Police Cadets - They lost 45 minutes of running away from an angry rhino and, unlike in the real version, they were running in the opposite direction of the Chill Zone then.
    • 8th: Haters - Stephanie threw Ryan off the waterfall during the first challenge and realized that she had to take a team selfie too late, as he was too far ahead of her to be visible on the photo. They thus had to repeat the challenge and wasted some time on that, which caused Ryan to constantly mock Stephanie for it. They were faster than the Pros though.
    • 9th: Reality TV Pros - Similarly to the Haters' case, Noah was too far away during the first challenge and wasn't visible on their selfie, so they had to repeat it, losing a lot of time. They did the second challenge pretty fast though. As for their plot - Noah wanted to avoid Emma to not let his feelings for her get in a way of the competition. However, at the end of the day, he realized his team didn't perform well this time, even despite he was avoiding Emma, so things came back to normal.
    • 10th: Father & Son - Unchanged. However, the fact that it was announced it'll be a non-elimination leg was one of the reasons why Junior didn't mind being separated from his dad. They also had waaaaaay bigger lead over the Ice Dancers than in the real version, even despite the fact that Dwayne also lost a lot of time searching for his son.
    • 11th: Ice Dancers - Unchanged. The difference is that they lost so much time that they finished the challenge in the nighttime, being realistically faaaaaar behind the other teams, more than in the real version. Coming in last place causes them to become even more evil and focused on winning.
  • Comment: I continued the plot of Noah wanting to put competition before Emma. I also made the Haters and the Reality TV Pros repeat the challenge because that's what I thought they'd have to do when I saw their first selfies while watching the episode for the first time.

Episode 13

  • Note: First three teams win a phone call home instead of the winners only. Don also decided to have another unexpected non-elimination round to make up for the so obvious last one.
  • Ranking:
    • 1st: Stepbrothers - They were the first team to find a way to escape from a prison cell, quickly built their raft andcontinued sailing instead of stopping, so they finished right before the Best Friends. They called their parents (Don thought they would argue over whose parent should they call, but shockingly they didn't) and told them about their new friendship, making their parents proud.
    • 2nd: Best Friends - Unchanged, except for the fact that the Stepbrothers didn't lose to them.
    • 3rd: Father & Son - Dwayne's pain magnet status helped him to quickly find a way out (it was the same as the Stepbrothers'). They called their wife/mother, who scolded Dwayne for almost losing their son in the desert of Zimbabwe (she was informed about it by Don, as the show was being recorder at that time and hasn't been aired on TV yet).
    • 4th: Haters - Neither of them wanted to spend a lot of time together in a prison cell. Their motivation to quickly find a way out helped them during the first challenge. They lost some time arguing while building a raft, but it was too short to fall behind.
    • 5th: Reality TV Pros - Unchanged.
    • 6th: Sisters - Unchanged.
    • 7th: Surfer Dudes - Their lack of intelligence caused them to search for a way out for a long time. They made up for it during the second challenge though.
    • 8th: Goths - They didn't mind being locked in a prison cell, so they were searching for a way out slowly, which caused them to fall behind a little. Crimson also lost a lot of time painting their raft in black, similarly to what happened in Hawaiian Honeyruin.
    • 9th: Rockers - Unchanged. It took them the longest to find a way out from the cell, as Rock was the only one searching for it. They were saved thanks to the Ice Dancers and the Police Cadets using a Boomerang on each other.
    • 10th: Ice Dancers - Unchanged. Also, the Police Cadets being saved from an elimination thanks to a non-elimination round caused them to be as angry as when they lost in the previous episode.
    • 11th: Police Cadets - Unchanged.
  • Comment: I decided to "throw the dog a bone" and allow the Stepbrothers to finish in first place. You know, it was clearly their episode. Actually, I know their plot dragged on for too long, but this episode's prison theme fits perfectly for them to bond, so they couldn't be eliminated earlier or now. I'm sorry for all of their haters who read this blog, but at least I tried to make them more interesting and deserving their place.

Episode 14

  • Note: Don uses the opportunity to have another double elimination after two non-elimination rounds. This time however two last teams were eliminated together despite not finishing at the same time.
  • Ranking:
    • 1st: Ice Dancers - Unchanged. They finally managed to be back at the top after tricking the Police Cadets and the Surfer Dudes. They also decided to wear their black outfits until they win again, which happened in this episode, causing them to wear their regular outfits again as of the next episode.
    • 2nd: Goths - They caught the rabbits with ease due to the rabbits' affection towards Ennui. They also got a new team member. During the challenge, Ennui borrowed Josee his makeup because he liked her team's new black outfit.
    • 3rd: Reality TV Pros - Owen used his noxious fumes to knock out the rabbits, which caused his team to easily catch ten of them, as well as an albino.
    • 4th: Sisters - The Reality TV Pros easily caught albino rabbit thanks to Owen. Noah decided to give it to Emma in order to show her his feelings towards her yet again as well as because of their alliance.
    • 5th: Haters - Unchanged. Their two rabbits gave birth, causing them to have enough rabbits and finish quickly.
    • 6th: Best Friends - Unchanged. Devin quickly caught ten rabbits to impress Shelley but then his aggression caused their plane to crash.
    • 7th: Father & Son - Dwayne had problems catching rabbits due to his clumsiness. Fortunately for them, Junior was much better at this. They still lost a lot of time because of that though.
    • 8th: Police Cadets - Unchanged, except for the place in which they arrived at the Chill Zone.
    • 9th: Surfer Dudes - Mostly unchanged. The difference, besides their place, is that they allowed the Police Cadets to reach the Chill Zone before them to thank them for MacArthur's help in the challenge.
    • 10th: Stepbrothers - Unchanged, except for the fact that the Rockers told them they can also use a snake to collect ten rabbits faster (as albino was found by the Reality TV Pros). Also, they managed to reach the Chill Zone before the avalanche.
    • 11th: Rockers - Unchanged, except for the fact that an avalanche caused them to finish in last place.
  • Comment: I've already explained why I couldn't eliminate both pairs earlier despite I wanted to. Shawshank Ridonc-tion's theme was perfect for the Stepbrothers to bond and they couldn't be eliminated in that episode for it to last longer, so this episode was the earliest in which I could eliminate them. Meanwhile, Spud got massive character development and a chance to shine, finally being the one to help Rock finish the challenge in this episode. I decided to switch their placements to be more original.

Episode 15

  • Note: First two teams from the previous episode were on the first train (the Pros almost made it, but missed), next four were on the second, and the last three were on the last one.
  • Ranking:
    • 1st: Ice Dancers - Unchanged. They won because they're good at any kind of dance.
    • 2nd: Goths - Crimson easily caught a fish and they narrowly won over the Police Cadets.
    • 3rd: Police Cadets - Unchanged.
    • 4th: Haters - Unchanged, they lost a lot of time arguing and had to repeat the Jump Down challenge several times, but they were ahead of the other teams.
    • 5th: Surfer Dudes - They had to repeat the Jump Down challenge after Brody jumped without a bungee at his first try, losing some time in the process.
    • 6th: Best Friends - Devin's aggression didn't scare the judges and they had to repeat the Jump Around challenge again. They still managed to finish it before Father & Son.
    • 7th: Father & Son - Unchanged.
    • 8th: Sisters - Unchanged.
    • 9th: Reality TV Pros - Unchanged.
  • Comment: Unfortunately, I didn't change that much about this episode. I was thinking about eliminating the Reality TV Pros or the Father & Son at this point, but the plot clearly prevents them from that.

Episode 16

  • Ranking:
    • 1st: Goths - They were doing as good in the challenges as in the real version. They didn't stop and continued running, coming in the first place, as they would've had.
    • 2nd: Surfer Dudes - Unchanged. However, Brody's multiple fails during the second challenge, as well as the Goths not stoping during the race, caused them to finish in second place.
    • 3rd: Haters - Unchanged. Ryan motivated Stephanie to do both of the challenges quickly. The only difference is that they ranked one place lower.
    • 4th: Best Friends - Just like above, the only difference is the place. Also, Devin was even more upset, knowing he won't impress Shelley with a place outside of the podium.
    • 5th: Police Cadets - Unchanged.
    • 6th: Sisters - Unchanged.
    • 7th: Ice Dancers - Unchanged. The first challenge was finally some kind of an obstacle for them, but Jacques made up for it during the second challenge.
    • 8th: Father & Son - Junior's speech motivated his dad to complete the bull challenge. Besides, Reality TV Pros haven't even finished it.
    • 9th: Reality TV Pros - Noah's "condition" after Emma dumped him in the previous episode caused him to never finish the bull challenge. Upon finding her love interest is eliminated, Emma came to sorry him and promised him to go on a date with him after the show'd over. However, now that she could focus on the game, she promised him that only if she'd win.
  • Comment: When Don said he had good news for the Father & Son, I thought they'd be spared from elimination while watching this episode for the first time (who didn't?). It inspired me to actually let them make it past this episode. Meanwhile Noah's "condition" in this episode made the Pros the best candidate for elimination. And don't worry, his plot with Emma will be continued.

Episode 17

  • Ranking:
    • 1st: Ice Dancers - They didn't have any problems in a land full of ice.
    • 2nd: Father & Son - Fortunately for them, it was Junior's turn for a Botch or Watch. While he had a few missed tries, he quickly completed the challenge. They also quickly built an igloo together.
    • 3rd: Best Friends - Unchanged. Devin wasn't very helpful for Carrie during the igloo challenge due to his depression.
    • 4th: Sisters - Emma couldn't concentrate during her Botch or Watch challenge after Noah's recent elimination.. Thus, she was one of a few contestants who were completing that challenge for the longest amount of time. Kitty made up for it during the second challenge.
    • 5th: Surfer Dudes - It took long for Geoff to complete the first challenge. He also later accidentally destroyed his team's igloo.
    • 6th: Goths - Unchanged.
    • 7th: Police Cadets - Unchanged. However, Sanders finished her Botch or Watch much earlier thanks to her aiming skills from their police training. Thus, they had bigger lead over the Haters.
    • 8th: Haters - Unchanged.
  • Comment: There wasn't much to change in this episode. I decided Noah's elimination to leave some effect on Emma's game I also thought about eliminating the Father & Son here because of Dwayne's goofiness in the first challenge, but since it would've been Junior's turn for a Botch or Watch I rejeected the idea.

Episode 18

  • Ranking:
    • 1st: Goths - Unchanged.
    • 2nd: Ice Dancers - Unchanged.
    • 3rd: Haters - Unchanged.
    • 4th: Best Friends - Unchanged. They didn't experience any problems, unlike teams that ranked below them.
    • 5th: Sisters - Emma still couldn't focus on the game after Noah's elimination, so Kitty had to do both challenges all by herself. She couldn't stand it and finally told her sister to move on and try to win for Noah, bringing back Emma's focus on the race.
    • 6th: Police Cadets - Unchanged.
    • 7th: Surfer Dudes - Unchanged.
    • 8th: Father & Son - A drop of Komodo dragon's drool got into Dwayne's eye, just similarly to Owen in the real series. This caused him to become temporarily blind again. It caused their elimination, as Dwayne was unable to find the correct carpet in the second challenge and he accidentally made some carpets to fall on Junior. Don however told them he had good news for them... which turned out to be the Producers' agreement to pay for Dwayne's tattoo removal.
  • Comment: I couldn't change the Goths' and the Ice Dancers' new plot, it was too good. Also, it's even more interesting, as in my series the two pairs have been in the top three the most frequently. As for the Father & Son, I ended up switching their and the Reality TV Pros' placement b ecause Dwayne's pain magnet role seemed fitting for an elimination in this way for me.

Episode 19

  • Ranking:
    • 1st: Goths - Unchanged.
    • 2nd: Haters - Unchanged, except for the fact that Stephanie made lion disappear by knocking it down to the spot under the stage while still being coverted with a curtain, which is why the magician allowed it. They were also given a 10 minutes penalty for switching the roles in the challenge (in my version it was forbidden, you could only switch challenges), which made them fall behind but still maintain the lead over the remaining teams.
    • 3rd: Surfer Dudes - Unchanged, being in the lead caused them to repeat the challenge for fun, with Brody doing so at their next chance. However, they stopped repeating the challenge once they saw the Police Cadets and the Sisters coming and ran towards the Chill Zone.
    • 4th: Police Cadets - Unchanged, except for the fact that the challenge took them much less time than in the actual episode. They narrowly outrun the Sisters.
    • 5th: Sisters - Per above.
    • 6th: Ice Dancers - Unchanged.
    • 7th: Best Friends - Unchanged.
  • Comment: Wow, I didn't change much in this episode. What can I say? I just couldn't imagine it looking too differently. Also, I couldn't resist making the Ice Dancers rank some lower place again for a change.

Episode 20

  • Ranking:
  • Comment: We reached an episode where I changed only one thing. Wow. What can I say? I really wanted the Goths to make it farther, but it was a perfect time for them to be eliminated, giving them enough time to shine, but also letting the teams with more important plots be still in the game.

Episode 21

  • Ranking:
  • Comment: And we reached an episode where I didn't change anything at all. Well, this episode introduced so many new elements and interactions that I just couldn't change it.

Episode 22

  • Ranking:
    • 1st: Ice Dancers - Unchanged.
    • 2nd: Haters - Unchanged.
    • 3rd: Sisters - Unchanged.
    • 4th: Police Cadets - Mostly unchanged. However, Devin's fall (see below) made MacArthur realize the danger of her partner possibly falling to the ground, so she stopped right in time right in time for Sanders to only break her arm, unlike Devin.
    • 5th: Best Friends - Devin wanted to show-off in front of Carrie and volunteered to go to the underground cavern. Upon seeing how deep is that he decided to confess his love for Carrie just in case he might have died. The confession shocked and amazed Carrie so much that she forgot herself and let his line fall on the bottom of the cavern, causing him to be severely injured. As a result, they were eliminated in the same way as they were in the real series. Since it was supposed to be a non-elimination round, Don told them to choose one of the eliminated teams to replace them. They chose the Surfer Dudes for the same reasons as in the real series and also because they were eliminated in the previous episode.
  • Comment: Finally, I changed some more things again! Well, because of the title of the episode I thought that one of the remaining couples would be eliminated while watching this episode for the first time. So, I decided to use that. And the challenge fit perfectly for the Besties to be eliminated just like in the real series. I decided not to change the reason of their elimination because it fit Devin's pain magnet role. However, in my series it was more of a touching/dramatic moment than just some random deus ex machina. I also decided to bring back the Surfers because they deserved to return after what they did. And since I'm against returning too late, I decided to bring them back now, making three major events (Devin confessing his love for Carrie and them becoming an official couple included) from Last Tango in Buenos Aires happen in this episode.

Episode 23

  • Ranking:
    • 1st: Sisters - Unchanged. However, because the Besties are already gone, MacArthur thought it was them who disconnected the carriages, thus expanding their rivalry, especially between MacArthur and Kitty.
    • 2nd: Police Cadets - Per above.
    • 3rd: Surfer Dudes - Their lack of intelligence caused them to not notice that the train has stopped until the Daters pointed that out (they were in the same carriage). Unlike them, they didn't stop during their footrace to the Chill Zone, thus finishing before them and the penalized Ice Dancers.
    • 4th: Ice Dancers - Unchanged.
    • 5th: Daters - Unchanged, except for the fact that their label changed back to the Daters after they made up and officially became a couple again.
  • Comment: Well, what can I say? I could totally see the Surfers ranking this place because of that. Also, you'll soon see why the rivalry between the first two teams was needed.

Episode 24

  • Ranking:
    • 1st: Surfer Dudes - They quickly completed the dance challenge. Although\ Brody had some problems with tying up the emu, he finished it before the others thanks to Geoff who motivated him in the same way as in Little Bull on the Prairie.
    • 2nd: Police Cadets - Unchanged. They however won over the Ice Dancers because the latter were penalized for cheating.
    • 3rd: Ice Dancers - Unchanged, except that they lost to the Cadets due to receiving a penalty for cheating for the third time in a row.
    • 4th: Sisters - Unchanged. They were spared from an elimination, just like they were in the real series.
  • Comment: I couldn't imagine the Surfers having much troubles with either of the challenges. I also thought the Ice Dancers deserved to get another penalty for cheating. Why they didn't in the real series?

Episode 25

  • Ranking:
    • 1st: Surfer Dudes - Unchanged.
    • 2nd: Police Cadets - With no Ice Dancers ahead of them, they finished in second place.
    • 3rd: Sisters - Kitty made up for her problems during the challenge and since they had a lead over the Ice Dancers, they ended up being safe.
    • 4th: Ice Dancers - Jacques had enough of Josee's attitude and told her he's going to have a new partner for the Olympics after the race. However, he changed his mind once he saw Josee in danger and realized how much he cared for her. MacArthur didn't save her because she knew that she wouldn't be thankful for this after a while, and because she knew the crew of the show had to save her. In fact, the Ice Dancers had an option to call the divers and be automatically eliminated as a result, or Jacques could attepmt to save her, which he successfully did. They lost a lot of time for that though. Upon reaching the Chill Zone and being eliminated, Don told them that their managers called them to say they're banned from the Olympics because they were caught cheating many times on international TV.
  • Comment: Of course when it comes to the Ice Dancers they had to rank either 2nd, 3rd or 4th because of their karma. 2nd place isn't an option because they would win in one of the endings. So, I decided to make their karma even worse and make them rank outside of the podium, in fourth place. And while having them make it to the finale would be cool, as it'd give you the suspense, I thought their karma was a little too little, and decided to make them have some worse yet realistic karma than in the real show.

Episode 26

  • Ranking:
    • 1st/2nd: Sisters - Sisters' ending: With Emma being motivated by Noah's cheer for her, and MacArthur being tired after the whole season of using her glutes, the Sister outrun the Police Cadets in a footrace to the final Chill Zone. After winning, Noah asked Emma to go on a date and she agreed, as she had promised earlier. Meanwhile Brody offered MacArthur a date as a consolation prize to which she agreed.
    • 1st/2nd: Police Cadets - Police Cadets' ending: With Emma being distracted by Noah's cheer for her, and MacArthur using her glutes more than before, the Police Cadets outrun the Sisters in a footrace to the final Chill Zone. After winning, MacArthur offered Brody a date. Meanwhile, Noah asked Emma on a date to which she agreed despite what she had earlier promised, stating that she matured and changed that promise, and that the competition is over, so they can finally have more time for each other.
    • 3rd: Surfer Dudes - Brody's double leg cramp slowed them down. In my version, he wasn't brave enough to eat that banana, so it took him longer to recover.
  • Comment: I wanted to tease you with Surfers making it to the finale. While I like that the writers of TD are breaking their patterns, and a race show is definitely a good occasion to make already eliminated contestants the finalists (because in a voting show they'd be targeted), it's still unfair for the others. Of course I wouldn't let the eliminated contestants win. The final two teams on the other hand deserved to win, working hard ang going through huge character development.
Bottom two

The final two of the spin-off.



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