Hi! Our wiki is very inactive lately. So, I decided to write something that you might enjoy - my early thoughts about TDPI and Season 7's cast. I'm gonna write about many things that we all like to talk about upcoming seasons.

Keep in mind that all of my opinions may turn out to be wrong. We already know a few things about future season (like first elimination, characters, final three, storyboard of the second part of So, Uh This Is My Team?, etc.), but we still barely know anything.
This article/section features spoilers. Continue reading at your own risk.
This article/section features spoilers. Continue reading at your own risk.
This article/section features spoilers. Continue reading at your own risk.

Remember that I tried to warn you! Not everybody likes spoilers. So, if you dislike them - DO NOT CONTINUE!


Ok. I don't know why there are so many discussions about this topic. Max is gonna be the main antagonist, as seen on the leaked storyboard. While every plots have been just hinted, his role as an antagonist was very visible. Unfortunately, we will once again get a failed type of an antagonist. And that's something that I don't like. I miss serious villains like Heather, Courtney and Alejandro. But maybe I don't have to be sad. Max won't be the only new villain! Just look at TDRI! Besides Scott, new villains were: Jo, Lightning (at the end of the season) and Anne Maria (partially). So, who may be a minor villain of upcoming season?

  • Amy: If the theory about her being the evil twin is true, then she may end up even better antagonist than Max, just like Jo was better than Scott.
  • Jasmine: I'm not sure about her but she seems to be very bossy, as seen in the storyboard of So, Uh This Is My Team? and will most likely try to be a leader of her team. She reminds me a lot of Jo and Heather.
  • Shawn and Sugar: They both may end up being minor antagonists but I'm not sure. Sugar is a ghetto girl and may be unpolite to some people (especially Ella) but will she be a villain? She will most likely end up being a comic relief. Meanwhile, Shawn is rather unsocial and believes in zombies which causes him to go sleeping somwhere else. Hmm... Maybe he hides something? Don't forget that their names were seen multiple times on the script of Lies, Cries and One Big Prize, which means that there's a huge chance for them being the final three contestants of the sixth season. Will at least one of them be a villain because they're in the final 3? We often had a villain in final 3. But some of main villains also ranked 4th.
To sum up, besides the main antagonist, Max, a few pther characters might be minor villains (Amy and Jasmine for sure while Shawn and Sugar are questionable.)


There were a few hints for couples in the storyboard. Obviously, the main relationsip of the season will be Dave and Sky. We also had a hint for Rodney and Jasmine (fun note: Their relationship starts in the same way as Dakota and Sam). But is that all? Back in TDRI, we also had 2 CANON couples. However, there was one more couple that many people forgot about - Anne Maria and Vito. Many people don't care about this couple as it involves one of Mike's alternate personalities. Keep in mind that we don't have another character with MPD. So, do we have a chance for the third couple? Maybe. But that wasn't so clear in the storyboard.

Possible third couple and a new love triangle

After reading Drfizwuz997xlol's comment, I decided to look more carefully at the possible and barely hinted relationship between Leonard and Ella:

  • Firstly, look at their designs and their personalities. Leonard WILLINGLY acts like a wizard while Ella acts like a princess. However, Ella may be unaware of this, as she just enjoy singing, likes animals and - as she has sung - she wears a blouse and a skirt (not a dress!). Maybe her similarities with princesses are coincidental? (only to her, as her character is meant to be a parody of princesses, so we, fans, are aware of this). Maybe she wears a dirndkleid? You know - we haven't seen her OFFICIAL colored design! So, they both are parodies of characters typical for fairy tails. Interesting...
  • Now, you possibly wonder when their relationship was hinted. Look at the moment when almost everyone agrees with Leonard's idea for building a wizard's tower. Ella was the first one to agree with him. Not only that, but she also agreed with him right after he ended his sentence. And she was looking so happily at him. Now, look at the scene when Dave complains about lack of doors. Leonard happily announces the last part of their job that would be done by Ella. So, he's happy when talking about her and he gave her the last (maybe the most important?) role... Then Ella once again looks at him happily. Yeah, I'm definitely analising too much but keep in mind that hints for future plots won't be so visible in the first episode. I can be wrong but I might be right as well.

Now, let's talk about the newest theory created by me. Another love triangle. Each previous generation cast had at least one, so this cast will most likely also have one! But who will be involved?

  • EllaxLeonardxSugar. That's my opinion. The conflict between Sugar and Ella was because of the glitter. What if it's foreshadowing next reason of their conflict - a boyfriend? Sugar was the second one who agreed with Leonard's idea. Also, she said "Wizard says. Sugar does.". So, she definitely likes him and who knows...maybe I'm right? Maybe she even loves him? Also, I can imagine how Dave would be annoyed by Leonard's being the "ladies magnet" despite his nerdy attitude.

In the end, DavexSky and JasminexRodney are the most possible ones. Albeit, one(/both?) of them might turn out to be just a one-sided attraction. Nevermind. Meanwhile, the EllaxLeonardxSugar love triangle is questionable.

Eliminations, Possible Final 3 & Merge

  • Beardo - 14th (as seen in the storyboard, unless he returns)

Let's talk about contestants and their chances to win:

  • Shawn, Sugar and Sky - Their names are seen on a leaked script. They're possibly in the final 3. Also, Sky might be involved in the main couple of the season.
  • Dave - He also might be involved in a main relationship of the season (with Sky). Eventually, there can be more important couple than these two, but who knows?
  • Max and Jasmine - Their team had very little screen-time in the first episode but they still got important roles. That has to mean something. Also, Max will be the main antagonist.
  • Amy - There's a chance that she'll be a secondary antagonist of the season (if she's the "Evil Twin"). This role was a bit hinted in the storyboard but was too short to take it seriously, so it may end up being different. But as a possible secondary antagonist she has a chance to make it far.
  • Leonard - He somehow avoided elimination in the first episode even despite his team lost because of his idea. Are creators planning an important role for him? Or will he be one of the next outs?
  • Scarlett - No! Just no! We had Beth, Harold and Cameron! I'm sick of nerdy characters! The only interesting plot with her would be a popular girl (Amy?) vs. nerdy girl type of conflict. Will I get my wish? Who knows...Most likely I won't.
  • Rodney - He almost didn't do anything. But we know that he may be in love with Jasmine, so he'll stay for couple episodes.
  • Samey - She will be most likely eliminated in early episodes by her sister - Amy (if she's the "Evil Twin") - or will be eliminated with her in a double elimination but I don't know when.
  • Topher - We all like him (maybe) but if he keeps caring about Chris and not the challenges, then he will be voted out by his team early.
  • Ella - She's a real questionable mark for me. On one hand, I can see her as one of the early outs and a comic relief for only one season. On the other hand, I also think that she has a chance at making it far (especially because of her good luck, as seen when she's avoiding tenis balls).
  • Beardo - The only known eliminated one so far. The only thing that may save him is returning. But I doubt that he'll return as he's pretty much "New Staci".

Leaked script

In comments you said that my theory about Shawn and Sugar being the final 2 is invalid. I decided to go more in-depth to see who might end up being the finalst. Before you'll see the picture, you (and me too) have to remember that we have seen the beggining of the script, which includes RECAP. That's something that may destroy each theory. But is it a recap about previous episode or a full season, like in The Final Wreck-ening?


Read the names carefully!

Unfortunately (Wait?! What?! Fortunately!) the text isn't so easy to read. But I'm gonna try.
  • The first sentence includes Shawn and Sugar names. Is it because they were eliminated in previous episode? Or maybe they have some role in the recap, like Killer Grips in The Chefshank Redemption?
  • Later, we have Chris' line. I don't know what is he talking about. Except: "(...)Sugar arc. (...)their own (...)". So, he's talking about Sugar's arc. and possibly that she and somebody else (Shawn? Sky?) has to to work for their own - cause it's finale. Or maybe she and somebody else worked for their own and lost in previous episode? I hope next part will explain that.
  • Right above the title we have an important sentence too. It says: "Shawn, [2 other names that I can't read], Sky: (...*) tragging the birtd(...)". I have no idea what the last word is (shame on me :( ) Ok, I left the red circle place with * because I want to talk about it. I'm not sure if it's Sugar. At first it looked for me like "Stop Topher (...)" But look closely! "T" is small, so it can't be a name. I looked once again and it seems to be something like "Shop taper". Uh...I don't know. OK, leave this part of the sentence! We have something more important. Description that includes names followed by a colon. "Shawn, (...), Sky: (...)" So either they appeared in the recap in physical form or that was a description for a scene from previous episode(s?) that was shown when Chris talked about it.
  • Under "One Big" there's another sentence that is a bit clear but I can't read it. It starts with "The" and includes "Sky and Shawn". Did the recap finally end? Is it a part of an actual episode? If so, are Sky and Shawn the final 2? Ok, this is most likely still a part of the recap. Just look what happens when the recap ends in a script:

Recap ends and actual episode finally starts in Not So Happy Campers - Part 1.

  • Then, we have a lot of text. It's once again a description of what currently happens. And the red circle includes Sugar!
  • At the bottom of the picture, we can see somebody's line. It's also very important, but I can't see whose name is there.
  • I also remember that I have seen Ella's name too but I forgot where it was. Also, in TDPI talk page somebody said that he/she saw Dave's name too. Maybe it was after Chris' first line? Or maybe it was at the bottom of the picture?

Ok, as you can see I suck at reading blurry text. I hope you were better than me. To sum up, Shawn, Sugar and Sky are possibly the final 3. Maybe we will have girl vs. girl (Sugar vs. Sky) finale finally? Wait! Final 3 from the same team? It happened once but will it happen again? Maybe somebody of them switched teams? OK, nevermind, that's not important. We have a chance to have a final 3 competing in the last episode too! (like in Total Drama World Tour). But that's too early to talk about it now.

Season 7's possible cast

One of the creators said that his goal is to have 10 seasons. Will he succeed? I don't know. But Season 7 is the most likely to happen, as we always like to know what will happen to the newest contestants in their next season. Now, look at the contestants from TDA and TDAS. There's a pattern! Creators always choose the ones who made it to the merge (aka screenhogs) and a few ones (or only one in TDAS case) who didn't. So, as I stated in the Eliminations, Possible & Merge section the ones who have a chance to compete are:

  • Shawn
  • Sugar
  • Sky
  • Dave
  • Jasmine
  • Max
  • Amy?
  • Somebody who didn't merge? (I'm not sure who, there are too many choices)

Of course, the point of Season 7 will be to mix 3rd generation cast with 1st and 2nd generation cast. But will we receive Underdog season? Or will creators keep bringing back the biggest screenhogs? Or maybe "Part-Stars" - the ones who competed in 3 first seasons but were thrown away (Owen, Harold, Leshawna, Izzy, DJ, Bridgette)?

  • I have a feeling that no matter whhich Season 7's theme would be, Owen also has a huge chance to compete again. Why? Because he's one of the most famous writers' pets. And he didn't compete for 3 seasons in a row (I can understand TDRI and TDPI as we got a new cast, but All-Stars?).
Hope you like it! Feel free to comment!

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