Hi! I'm known for making longer blogs, usually about analysis, predictions, my elimination orders, etc. But this one will be different. So, I've recently heard that Fresh hinted on Tumbrl a possibility of Noah being in a relationship with someone from RR. I wanted to look for this hint. Although I didn't find it (yet), I found something else by the way. Remember everyone talking about this "Shadow Mike" in Grand Chef Auto? Remember all these blogs that it could be a hint of fifth alternate personality that would appear in the fifth season? And remember when we actually got Mal? People were talking it could be his cameo, but it was never confirmed and that's why admins refused whenever someone asked whether they may add this on trivia from this episode. Until now, I guess. I don't know who's the moderator of Fresh TV on Tumbrl, but I guess it could be Christine. So, can we officially consider this as confirmed that Mal had a cameo in S04EP09?

Here's the proof:

Mal's Cameo Confirmed

Mal's cameo officially confirmed?

If you think it's fake, go to the third page of Fresh's Tumbrl here.

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