Hi. As some of you may have noticed, I started writing classic "What would be if I competed on TD?" type of fan fiction. First off, it's not something like RBW's CYOA. I know how I'd do on the show and I come up with ideas for plots for myself. However, I'll need your help sometimes in cases if I had more than one idea for something.

Already helped with

Not Quite Famous

I've already asked some of you whether I should leave the actual elimination in Not Quite Famous unchanged, with Art being one of the ones who voted for Justin or whether he should convince his alliance to vote for Trent so his friend, Cody, would have more chances with his crush (well, not really, but it'd mean no competition for Cody at least). You all decided to save Trent.

Who Can You Trust?

My next problem is for Who Can You Trust?. Who should Art compete with in the challenge? For this, ask yourself a question whose trust in Art should be tested?

  • Trent - Art and Trent are on neutral terms. Trent helped him climb up a tree when a "bear" approached their team. Art originally hoped to vote off Trent in Not Quite Famous for his friend, Cody. However, in Up the Creek, Cody accepted Gwen's decision and wanted Gwen to be happy with Trent, causing Art not to target him anymore. In the same episode, Art wanted to save Trent from quicksand, but Lindsay and Cody were faster. Art is however aware of the fact that Trent is a part of half of the team that is against his crush, Heather.
  • Heather - Heather is the main person Art interacts with, so it'd be logical for them to be partnered up for the challenge. Heather accepted Art on her alliance only because she knows he'll do anything for her due to his crush on her. She doesn't return his feelings and views him as kinda useless at times. Meanwhile, Art is blindly attracted to her, although he does notice some of her flaws. He enjoys strategizing with her. However, the scene from original version was kinda classic moment of Lindsay who also has main interactions with Heather.
  • Gwen - Similarly to her crush, Gwen is on neutral terms with Art. They're friendly towards each other and understand each other due to both being artists and loners. They also got several occasions to bond with each other, usually at Gophers' hot tub parties where they both stand together by the hot tub, or when walking together alongside Harold in marathon part of Awake-A-Thon. However, both know they're part of alliances (whether official or unofficial ones) against each other. Or to be specific, Gwen's unofficial alliance with Leshawna and Trent is against Art's crush, Heather, while Art's alliance can turn against anyone, depending on the plot.
  • Leshawna - They have never interacted directly. However, Art considers her an enemy since her conflict with Heather started on the cliff on day one. She doesn't have any opinion on him yet, but she is aware of the fact that he's blindly following Heather.

So who do you think it'd be entertaining to see having their trust with Art tested? Let me know in the comments. I'll link this blog to you again if I'll ever won't be able to take some decision again.

Ocean's Eight - Or Nine-Million Dollar Babies

So I was thinking, now that Art is added and he has an official alliance with Heather and Harold, he can finally affect someone's elimination in Million Dollar Babies. But I realized it's actually not that easy as I originally thought. This time there are two things I need help with.

Should Harold accidentally reveal his secret alliance with Heather and Art pre-merge?

Should Duncan vote for Heather or Leshawna?

If the alliance will be exposed:

  • Duncan will convince the other Gaffers to leave Leshawna in the vault, so she'll be an easy target for elimination. An annoyed Harold will accidentally reveal his alliance with Art and Heather, telling him they will vote him off anyway. Duncan, knowing Harold keeps his alliance with Heather in secret from Leshawna, will tell her about it.
  • Harold will abandon the alliance to ally with Leshawna only, so the result will be more exciting as there will be two alliances of two people against each other and Duncan as the swing vote.

If the alliance won't be exposed (pre-merge).

  • Art would convince Harold to vote for Duncan, while he and Heather would vote for Leshawna in secret. Whether there would be a tie in votes for Leshawna and Heather or not will depend on who Duncan would vote for.
  • If Leshawna survived elimination, Harold would accidentally reveal his alliance when she'd be attempting to form an alliance with him and Duncan in Dial M for Merger.

If Duncan voted for Heather:

  • Art would fair to convince Duncan, as he'd know that if he eliminated Leshawna, Harold could ally with Art and Heather again and easily vote him off. He'd also know that even if Harold didn't do it, he'd vote for him anyway, making 3 votes for Duncan no matter what.
    • This means Duncan would be more strategic in this version.
  • In case the alliance wasn't be exposed, it'd cause a tie in votes between Heather and Leshawna. Chris would force Harold (who voted for Duncan) to choose between the two, and he naturally would vote off Heather. This would make Art a bit bitter, but they'd be friends again once Art will take part in eliminating Leshawna.
  • Elimination order of TDA will still be slightly changed due to addition of Art and two future eliminations will still be affected by Art's votes.

If Duncan voted for Leshawna:

  • Art would convince him to vote for her by bringing back Harold eliminating Courtney in Basic Straining and it being a chance for him to have his revenge.
    • This means Duncan would follow more personal reasons in this version.
  • There would be no tie-breaker, as Leshawna would get majority of the votes.
  • This would be the second elimination caused by Art (and second time where he eliminates Leshawna).

This time I decided to add a poll. You can still give your opinions about the choices in the comments if you want to.

Should Harold accidentally reveal his secret alliance with Heather and Art pre-merge?

The poll was created at 22:46 on November 15, 2016, and so far 16 people voted.
Should Duncan vote for Heather or Leshawna?

The poll was created at 22:46 on November 15, 2016, and so far 15 people voted.

Mutiny on the Soundstage

I had an already planned version, but recently I realized this episode could go in various directions.

  • Version A: Beth and Lindsay team up and skip all challenges but Courtney's due to their great knowledge about the eliminated contestants, easily winning the challenge. Art and Harold team up to catch up to them, but Harold's outcast status makes him fall behind and he's automatically eliminated for reaching the finish line last. Art qualifies for the final three in the last episode thanks to his slightly better knowledge (he's a bit of an outcast too, but he's analyzed behaviours of the others to come up with strategies and thus found out some information about some of them).
  • Version B: Per above, except Art and Harold work together till the very end. Art also helps Harold in Masters of Disasters, like Beth helped Duncan in the real version. When the two race to the finish line, Harold hits Art with his kung fu move, and qualifies to the final three. Art is eliminated.
  • Version C: Per above, except Art manages to defend himself after learning some kung fu moves from Harold in Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen and uses it against him. This buys him enough time to reach the finish line and qualify for the final three. Harold is eliminated.
  • Version D: Rewrite an already existing ending for Top Dog. Make Courtney be disqualified for not returning with an animal buddy and Art be voted out during elimination ceremony (Beth and Lindsay would vote for Art due to Beth's crush on Harold and Harold would vote for Art because he's the only option left due to Beth and Lindsay winning together).
I choose...

The poll was created at 04:02 on December 2, 2016, and so far 14 people voted.

I need help with


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