Everything Wrong With - X-Treme Torture

Sin #1


Actually, there were twelve contestants before Courtney's elimination, Chris. Improve your math, please.

Sins #2-#3


  • If I were Gwen, I'd feel insulted. She worked hard last time and in the end Chris said it was Leshawna who won instead of her.
  • This also reminds me - was there some earlier version of the previous episode where Leshawna won that we don't know about? Or was it a simple goof in the dialogue? Guess we'll never find out.

Sin #4


Sure, what Harold did was unfair gameplay-wise, but Chris implies there's nothing wrong with bullying.

Sin #5

Since there is no specific moment where I can talk about this, I'll bring this up now that the recap is finished.

Harold tampered with the votes to eliminate Courtney to hurt Duncan emotionally and watch him being hurt live. But I guess the joke's on him, as Duncan won't show any emotions and won't even mention the very next episode after her elimination! That just reduces the purpose of her elimination pointless (until it's finally meaningful in TDA).

Sin #6


Animals acting like humans.

Sin #7


I get that you're a rebel and all, Duncan, but it'd be more comfortable for you to take this off before going to sleep.

Sin #8


Way to go, Chris. Admit you're flying a plane without pilot's license on international TV. It's a true mystery how you weren't arrested way earlier than at the end of TDRI.

Sins #9-#11


  • Confessional suddenly changes its design to 2-D Flash animation style of characters and objects.
  • Also, poop joke. Cuz, you know, bear drops the marshmallows behind him as if he was pooping.
  • And let's not forget about animals acting like humans.

Sin #12


Really, Gwen? Several challenges already started early. Heck, the very previous one did! You're still not used to the possibility of some challenges starting early?

Sin #13


I guess that either DJ's hat suddenly hates him or he decided to change his appearance by taking it off...for a brief moment.

Sins #14-#15


  • Chris also decided to slightly change his appearance by misshaping the tip of his head.
  • Those gray belts of that thingy on Chris's costume lack the black outline in some places.

Sin #16


Wait, what? Is this moose so well trained that it won't throw the contestant anywhere else? How do you know a contestant who'll fall off this moose will be thrown into this pile of socks?

Sin #17


Animals acting like humans.

Sin #18


The area of the third challenge is shown to be very small here, but both pairs will be able to ride in a straight line for a very long time during the challenge.

Sin #19


Sorry, but no marshmallow would have enough force to hit Heather and make her fall like that. Even Noah, who was hit by several marshmallows in Dodgebrawl, wasn't.

Sins #20-#21


  • DJ's hat disappears again. At least in this case it's possible that it was blown off off-screen by the force of the wind, especially since Geoff's hat is also gone.
  • Speaking of which, what happened to your hat, Geoff? You said in My Way or Zimbabwe you glue it to your head and it survived way more inconvenient situations, so why was the wind enough to make it be blown off off-screen this time?

Sins #22-#24


We later find out that the identity of the person who sent Leshawna love letters was a secret even to her. However, here we can see a love letter on a plate, which means...

  • Harold left it behind on his plate. Way to go.
  • He left it on Leshawna's plate and... she didn't notice?
  • He left it on Leshawna's plate after... she already left?

Either way, a sin per each of these ridiculous options.

Sin #25


I can only guess that Bridgette wanted a female friend after Courtney's elimination and that's why these two were spending their free time together. But if so, why was Bridgette not shocked when Courtney was eliminated, implying she voted for her too? And how did she choose Gwen? Lack of details here. And it's the first mid-teams friendship!

Sins #26-#27

Trent Slams Into Geoff
  • How convenient that both couples were spending their free time together.
  • Let me guess, Trent doesn't have a license either?

Sins #28-#29


  • Firstly, way to go. Insulting each other's crush in front of each other's faces.
  • Secondly, how can you bet two nights deserts, Gwen? You don't know when you or Bridgette will be eliminated. In such case, would you use Trent's or Geoff's desert for this bet too? Without their knowledge?

Sins #30-#31


  • What's up with Trent's hat? And why DJ doesn't have one like that? Is he too happy that his own hat finally doesn't suddenly leave him in this episode?
  • I won't even mention that it was uncalled for, Heather, but how did you know where Trent would land? In fact, Trent will land in completely different place (beach, not forest), so you just wasted your time.

Sin #32


Duncan is intrigued by Gwen's failed Ultimate Detective moment.

Sin #33


Since a later episode claims the island's fake, was this shot of nearby islands CGI or is that claim incorrect?

Sins #34-#35


  • One of rare moments where sadistic side of Chris is shown in TDI era.
  • Chris asks DJ and Trent to sign organ donation document only to change the topic soon. He didn't even force them to sign it and they didn't even refuse. The topic was just dropped.

Sins #36-#37


  • Trent's right. Where is everyone? They will be on the beach soon.
  • You don't see the drop zone and I don't see some Camp Wawanakwa locations, such as Mt. Looming Tragedy or the mine. I'm not convinced that all of them are hidden in the forest or behind some hills in this angle.

Sin #38


Yeah, push! Cuz you aren't pushing already.

Sin #39


Well, that's dumb. Trent won't see the X from this angle. You should've drawn the X on Owen's back. Trent would notice it as it'd be on top of Owen's body and Owen's back is huge enough.

Sins #40-#41


  • DJ is accidentally a d**k to Trent. Seriously though, he just accidentally almost killed someone on international TV.
  • I guess that if DJ accidentally injures Trent, this proves that Trent is secretly an animal.

Sin #42


Do you hate it when your shadow makes completely different pose than you? Yeah, me too.

Sin #43


You know it's bad when the girls look at you this way.

Sin #44


DJ pulls red cord instead of blue first, so you'd expect him to end exactly like Trent (karma?), but he already has his parachute opened in the next scene because...?

Sin $45


Duncan enjoys seeing Geoff's tattoo on his butt. Maybe Harold should have eliminated Geoff in the previous episode instead?

Sin #46


I know it was for comedy purposes and all, but damn! Some team!

Sin #47


I know you weren't there to witness it, Heather, but it was actually DJ's fault. If anyone, mock him.

Sin #48


Wow, it's good that the Gophers didn't lose in this episode. Otherwise, we'd already know who'd be eliminated.

Sin #49


Again, I get comedy purposes and all, but I thought Trent was one of the most normal among the stereotypes. Would someone like him really say such line in this situation?

Sin #50


Ok, either Geoff only tries to impress Bridgette with that line, or he had in fact surfing background, which would explain his title in RR. But then again, if he had, it'd be inconsequential with one of the teasers for Stoked.

Sin #51


I guess I know why this show never aired in Japan.

Sins #52-#54


  • Way to go, Geoff. Show Bridgette the tattoo on your butt when another girl is around.
  • The moose must have been triggered by Geoff taking down his pants. So firstly, animals acting like humans...
  • ...and secondly, the moose is a hypocrite as it doesn't wear any clothes.

Sin #55


Well, that's a convenient camera angle and convenient moose's movements to cover Geoff's groin area. I bet Heather will be jealous later on.

Sin #56


I'm sorry to disappoint you, Geoff, but when you stink, such visual effects don't appear.

Sin #57


I wanted to remove a sin for a good joke here, but I'm adding sin for Chris missing obviously more interesting action and his hair looking the same as always (wow, hidden issues?).

Sin #58


Animals acting like humans. Again. As if the episode already didn't overuse such jokes.

Sin #59


Was this moose triggered by Leshawna's words or her petting its head? Cus if it's the first, I gotta add a sin for a moose being able to understand human's speech. And if it's the latter, I still gotta add a sin for lack of details anyway.

Sin #60

Gb hug

Wow. As I said, I'm pretty sure Bridgette befriended Gwen after she became the last female on the Bass, as if these two had some important friendship earlier on, it'd be shown. So they became close friends really fast!

Sin #61


  • Animals acting like humans.
  • Just let this poor bear eat something!

Sin #62


Be careful with that stare, Geoff! Your crush is right behind you!

Sins #63-#71


I had some more sins stored and I think it's a perfect occasion to bring up them all.

  • Exactly why the drivers' roles were up for volunteer, but the roles of the riders in the very same challenge were chosen by Chris?
  • Heck, why were contestants for other challenges already chosen, but you can volunteer for the roles of the drivers?
  • Heck, why were contestants already chosen for other challenges, could volunteer for the roles of the drivers, and some of them were left without any challenge for them?
  • Speaking of which, Heather, Duncan, Bridgette, Gwen and Owen weren't selected for any challenge up until this point.
  • Sure, Heather volunteers just now. But Duncan never volunteers on screen. I guess he only did because he saw Heather volunteering in this scene and was afraid she'd try some dirty trick? Still, lack of details.
  • I can see that with the challenges for pairs and uneven number of contestants one contestant could be left off, but three? Why wasn't there at least one more challenge?
  • Speaking of which, leaving someone without a challenge shouldn't have taken place this late in the game. It naturally gives someone a free pass, as they won't screw up anything and may have minor role in the episode. The only reason it worked in Not Quite Famous was because it was early stage of the game. But even there it was unfair!
  • Bridgette and Gwen conveniently aren't selected for any challenge, so they can focus on their subplot of finding out who's behind the love letter and whom it was addressed to.
  • Among the three left without a challenge, there's also a final 2 foreshadowing.

Sins #72-#73

  • I was just about to remove a sin for "Dirty Harold" scene, but I'm forced to add one anyway, for this particular moment ruining it. Sure, for comedy purposes, but still ruining it.
  • One more sin for Bridgette and Gwen removing Harold from their list of potential suspects for the love letter's author just because he fell out of the toilet with his underwear shown.

Sin #74


There are no rules? But after Harold catches all of his team's flags, you say that Heather must cross the finish line or she'll be disqualified. That is an example of a rule.

Sin #75


Heather has some clairvoyance powers and foresaw her wardrobe malfunction, so she decided to foreshadow it by getting rid of her shorts for a brief moment. Or she thought that since Harold is wearing a speedo, she should wear panties to match his clothing style. Either way, it's a sin. But only for the lack of details though. ;)

Sin #76



Sin #77


Geoff is missing because...he's ashamed of his stink? He foresaw Heather will lose her top, so he decided not to witness it to be a gentleman? He worries about Trent so much that he decided to visit him in medical tent? You know what I'm gonna say. Lack of details.

Sin #78


Heather's arms (both, separately) briefly disappear when she's seductively turning backwards.

Sins #79-#80

Heather KNIFE
  • Firstly, the idea of Heather having a knife is already scary. But where did she get it from in the first place? Isn't it Duncan's knife?
  • Secondly, where did she keep it? This knife is clearly too big and her clothes are too short for her to be able to hide it in her pockets or top. Was it lying on the jet ski? Does it means Chris wanted someone to cheat in the challenge like that?

So yeah, lack of details, as always.

Sins #81-84


  • That was a convenient branch, setting everything in motion thanks to being in this specific place and all.
  • We've seen the area of this challenge earlier. There were no trees growing so close to the mud and no branches long enough to reach the mud area. So how come there's suddenly a branch that rips off Heather's top?
  • Heather conveniently doesn't wear any bra.
  • The widescreen version shows that while Heather's top was ripped off, the ring of her top remained on her. However, only seconds later it's suddenly gone and Heather's completely topless.

Sin #82

Heather boobs
  • I'm removing 3 sins for this being the only episode in the series to show female's breasts exposed on screen, aside from the next one showing this scene in the recap and Courtney's and Sierra's breasts popping out (only partially in Sierra's case) in their disco costumes. Bonus points for you if you get why 3 sins exactly. ;)
  • However, I'm adding 1 sin back for this scene making watching this episode with your family rather uncomfortable, and from what I've read in the comments on YT, some kids not being allowed to watch TD by their parents due to this scene.

Sin #83


Since they were riding in a straight line, how come Heather's jet ski didn't hit this stone before Harold did?

Sins #84-#85


  • I know it's not visible in the link that I gave you, but I've watched enough versions of this episode in various qualities, and I can tell you that Heather's left nipple was shown twice during this brief moment. Both in-universe and real life censors failed at their job.
  • I'm adding one more sin for this episode making me do the research on this sin. You think I did it willingly? No way, I sacrificed myself for this blog. Totally.

Sins #86-#89

Heather on a bear
  • I can only guess that Heather remembers she's on international TV and that's why she covers her breasts when she's in front of a bear. But still, there are more important things to do in such case than covering your breasts. Like pretending to be dead.
  • Just let this bear eat something already! By something I mean marshmallows, not Heather.
  • This scene...a bear...a topless underage girl...? If that was a reference to a certain other cartoon bear...
  • I don't like the implications here. Heather's either going to be mauled by this bear, like Cody was earlier, or...given the sin above...

Sins #90-#92


  • Chris suddenly was behind and missed all the action despite driving alongside Heather and Harold moments earlier to tell Heather that she has to cross the finish line.
  • Since I forgot to mention it alongside Sin #18, I'll mention it here by the way due to it being connected to Chris missing all the action. The area of the challenge was small, the remaining contestants were watching close enough, and Leshawna will later hug Lindsay after her challenge. How come no one else saw Heather's breasts? How come no one even knew Harold saw her breasts until he said so later?
  • Exactly why is it a total wipeout for the Bass team? Neither Harold nor Heather scored a point for their team here, as Harold crushed and Heather didn't cross the finish line. Lindsay still can win, but still can miss some flags, or another crush like that can still happen.

Sin #93


Oh yeah, cuz you didn't fail at all in this episode, Geoff. Bridgette, you didn't even compete this time. And Duncan, you didn't compete yet either (and will lose too). Literally the only one who can be mad about Harold's failure is DJ right now.

Sin #94


See, Geoff? Owen apparently didn't shower since the start of this show, but he doesn't have any visual gag about his stink. Other than this barf right now.

Sins #95-#96


Geoff apparently was ashamed of his stink again, so he left the group. It could be a good reason, but since it wasn't confirmed and he was there to give Harold a thumb down earlier...

By the way, the same will happen in the next shot like this, so double sin.

Sin #97


See, Harold? Duncan not only doesn't mourn Courtney's elimination in the very next episode, but also flirts with Lindsay. Your plan failed big time.

Sin #98


It's 2017 and I still don't know what happened in this scene. Did Duncan's hands just slip off? If so, why? Because he lost concentration? Did he see that branch with Heather's ripped top on it and decided to protect his face from injury by dodging? Lack. Of. Important. Details.

Sin #99


I guess Harold realized he was standing with the Gophers earlier so he decided to go to his team in between shots.

Sins #100-#101


  • What are you apologizing for? Duncan lost because his hands slipped off for some reason.
  • The tree where Duncan is trapped now seemed to be closer than the finish line, judging by the scene where he fell off. So why is Lindsay crossing by that tree again now?

Sin #102


So in the end, did Geoff leave that area or not? Did he return just in time to see his team's loss?

Sins #103-#104


  • Chris is missing that thingy on his neck. If that was marijuana, I guess he just used that.
  • Also, I know that Gwen isn't the type to be happy about showering with the other girls, and she has her subplot with Bridgette to focus on, but since she's the only female Gopher (besides Heather, who's still missing) not to use the shower...Is this scene trying to trick me into thinking Gwen is a member of the Killer Bass?

Sin #105


Again, Chris, you and the others should have witnessed that scene. The true "reasons unknown" is why Duncan's hands slipped off during his challenge.

Sins #106-#109


  • Did Chris scold Harold for rigging the votes off-screen or what? What exactly was stopping Harold from repeating what he did last episode, this time to vote off Duncan? He should have known he'd be targeted.
  • In fact, he did know he'd be targeted, as he already prepared his luggage. You can see him leaving with it seconds after Chris announced he's eliminated.
  • But where did he keep his luggage? It clearly wasn't at campfire area earlier.
  • Harold's plan to hurt Duncan failed even more, as...they're now friends? Seriously, high fiving each other? Them? Now?

Sin #110


Why are you so shocked about it? Maybe you wouldn't have seen Heather's breasts clearly from the distance, but as I said earlier, you should've known she lost her top.

Sins #111-#113-


  • Again, Geoff should've witnessed that moment too. Unless that's one of the moments where he was missing from the audience.
  • Owen, that's sick!
  • I'll use the opportunity and sin the fact that the Gophers, aside from still missing Heather and injured Trent, attended this Dock of Shame. Aside from the goofs (Justin and Cody) in two episodes, no team has ever attended other team's elimination ceremony so far. And they clearly weren't there at the moment of the campfire ceremony itself.

Sins #114-#120


  • Again, you should've witnessed that scene too, Leshawna. You even hugged Lindsay after she won!
  • Did you just assume it was Heather because she...left the shower at the moment?
  • So what exactly happened that Heather was missing for so long? I'll add one sin per every possibility:
    • Did the bear maul her and she was recovering from her injuries? If so, how did she recover faster than Trent?
    • Did she run away from that bear? If so, did she get lost in the forest for so long?
    • Was she just ashamed of being topless in the camp area and decided to wait in the forest for the elimination ceremony so she could sneak in while no one's looking? If so, how did she know her team would conveniently attend Bass' elimination ceremony this time?
      • If it was the latter, Heather should be happy this show takes place in summer. Otherwise she'd be freezing in the forest for hours wearing only shorts and shoes.
  • No matter what it was, it makes me wonder about something else. There must be a lot of footage of topless Heather being in the forest. I don't even want to know what Chris, Chef and the show's crew did with that footage.

Sins #121-#125

Hvsl shower
  • Again, you should've known what happened, Leshawna.
  • Heather just told you it was an accident. Even with her reputation, she's still not someone who'd strip in order to get someone on her side. So why are you still after her? Because she just insulted Harold?
  • Exactly what is Leshawna planning to do now? Give Heather a rough beatdown? Steal her towel so she'd be naked again? Steal her towel and lock her outside of their cabin, like she will lock her in the next episode? Cuz I don't like any implication here.
  • This episode pretends it's alright for Heather to be punished in some way for something she didn't even do! I know it wouldn't have ended like that if Heather didn't have bad reputation, but still! This is Heather's torture episode. Or should've I said - Heather's X-Treme Torture episode?
  • And if you think it's not bad, then imagine any other girl in Heather's place. Even worse now, right?

Sin #126


OMG, Bridgette, what happened to your boobs?! :O


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