Hi. Art welcomes you to my new blog series that I've been planning to write for a very long time. Some of you may recognize "Everything Wrong With" videos by CinemaSin on YouTube, as well as many vidoes of other users based on this format. One of YouTube users made it for Total Drama series, but... as you may know new episodes come out very rarely. This is why I decided to continue the series.

Firstly, I noticed some missed opportunities in previous episodes, but I'm not going to write them. Instead I'll just simply continue the series.

Remember it's based on CinemaSins and said YouTube user's videos. Expect some jokes classic for them. But since I'm writing the series, expect some jokes classic for me.

Also don't expect too much science stuff. This is one of the reasons why the YouTube user's episodes are coming out rarely. I don't want to waste my time on some research.

Some of you may wonder how I'll do this format in a blog post format. Well, I'll be mentioning sin number per every new sin. If there is a picture on the wiki for a sin I want to mention, I'll add it on the blog. If not, I may use part of a video instead, especially if I'd want to talk about part of a dialogue or entire scene.

So let's get started!

For video references (a reference to the time of the video), view this video

Everything Wrong With - The Sucky Outdoors

Sin #1

Why the footage of DJ is shown during "the talent contest brought the worst in our campers"? Sure, he wasn't the best, but I think using a footage of Bridgette vomiting or Heather reading Gwen's diary would fit Chris's monologue more. Producers, fire the person responsible for the montage of your episodes!

Sin #2

How was Courtney Bass' best prospect, Chris? Yes, she was talented, but judging by Chef's personality, I doubt it'd amaze him so much to give her more points than to any other Bass. Contestants not only had to be talented, but also entertaining. They wouldn't get points if they bored Chef to death.

Sin #3

"This lame dock"? You're only a host. Don't state too many of your opinions, or the producers will fire you. Ok, maybe they wouldn't be offended by this statement. But the ones who build this dock, especially in a hurry after it was destroyed in the first episode, for sure feel offended. So one sin for Chris unnecessary being a d*ck to the builders of this dock.

Sin #4

Most dramatic elimination ceremony? Chris, you're saying this every time. Are you implying every new elimination ceremony gets more dramatic? If so, it doesn't. And if you'll keep saying so, the viewers won't believe you.

Sin #5


Wow, Bridgette must really hate group shots. It's the second time she was missing from one. Did she have to pee, like Beth in Up the Creek? How did she find out about the challenge then? DETAILS! They are important!

Sin #6


The fact that I don't know if Trent's facial expression here is just a glitch, he's so "focused and cool" or he's imitating a monkey is sin worthy.

Sin #7

Wait a minute, where's a compass Duncan had a few second ago? Courtney didn't take it.

Sin #8

This time I had to use widescreen version. Beware TD, widescreen version will reveal even more sins! Anyway, Duncan has a map (for quite some time, I admit) despite the fact that Courtney took it from him like 20 second ago or so.

Sin #9-#10

I get it that Gwen wants to be away from the group after being humiliated last time, but why is she in the front? Not only it makes her more visible than if she was a bit behind the Gophers, but also Heather is holding the map. How the heck does Gwen know which way to go?!

Sin #11

And where the heck is Duncan? So much in the lead, like Gwen, despite Courtney holding the map? Did he stop for blueberries, like Katie and Sadie? Jesus Christ, where are you, man?!

Sin #12

No, the sin is not for Katie and Sadie's idiocy. What they did fits their characters. The sin goes for "making me wonder" who goes home in this episode if Bass lose.

Sin #13

OMG, Katie and Sadie are so much alike that they switch voices at times!

Sin #14-#17

Um, Heather, weren't you supposed to be the most strategic person around? Don't you realize you shouldn't say you're targeting Gwen because you know she has at least Cody, Leshawna, and Trent on her side? And it doesn't seem like Izzy and Owen are your most loyal members. Besides, don't you think people view HER as a victim? Isn't that why you voted out Justin last time? Because you knew they wouldn't vote for her, especially when someone who bullies her demands it? So, one sin for not so strategic move. One sin for trusting your allies too much. And one sin for believing the others would vote off a victim when the bully demands it.

Sin #18-#19

Actually, you're both right and wrong at the same time. What Heather did was horrible, but Gwen didn't have to respond. Sure, she showed her she's not scared of her and she shouldn't mess up with her, but if she didn't do anything, she'd be viewed as a victim even more, and thus more likely to get rid of Heather. Keep in mind you'd still have to convince Heather's supporters. Also, the show is giving the viewers a lesson that you can response with a "violence" (not really a violence, but it left physical effect) to "violence" (emotional harm).

Sin #20

Oh yeah, cause if you don't see them anywhere around, they'd totally hear you screaming to them.

Sin #21

Katie shaved her eyebrows in between the shots. Again.

Sin #22-#23

You're hungry? Earlier you said "Well, at least it will be a good week for my diet". Thus, I thought you'd be much better at surviving without food than that. Also, these tents seem to be only for "chosen ones". Owen himself would take all the space. And every teammate at once? I'm calling BS on that.

Sin #24


Apparently this intern doesn't get paid enough and works as a pizza delivery guy too. Or the producers liked the way he delivered the pizza to the crew so much that they hired him as an intern. Either way it's a sin for lack of details.

Sin #25-#26

One sin for Owen's "I'm a man, I bring fish" line. Dude, just hope Gophers aren't as against sexism as the Bass are. Second sin for LACK.OF.DETAILS. How did Owen catch fish? As we later find out, the stories about his survivalist experience with his grandpa were fake, so how does he know how to catch a fish?

Sin #27

That's not what your TDI bio said.

Sin #28

Bass or not?

Killer Bass decided to now be known as Screaming Gophers. You know, to have better shot at winning.

Sin #29-#30

Geoff, you should be praying no one else on your team heard that, or you could be voted out for sexist comments, like Ezekiel. You know, if the eliminated one for this episode wasn't so obvious. Anyway, that's two sins per each comment.

Sin #31-#32

Jesus Christ, what's up with all the sexist remarks in this episode?! It's the fourth one! And it's the second person who said a sexist comment... IN A ROW! Seriously, this sin scene happens immediately after the previous one! So two sins for that sexist montage.

Sin #33

Why is this cute bunny coughing... with a voice of an old man?!

Sin #34-#35

Who the heck put a fork into a tree?! That's a waste of a fork! And who had a fork in the forest? The crew? I doubt they were eating pizza with a fork. Bonus sin for lack of details!

Sin #36-#37

I thought TD is a reality show and all the footage they get is from cameras. What's up with this "Owen's animation" thingy then? Did they hire animators to animate Owen's story? What a waste of money! They could've just showed us Owen telling his story and others' reaction throughout it. One sin for beginnings of unrealism on TD and one sin for apparently hiring some animators to unnecessarily animate a 20 seconds story.

Sin #38

If Izzy went missing an hour ago, you shouldn't expect her to hear your screams.

Sin #39

(10:21-10:22) That's not how you pronounce "Gizza", Owen! As a person whose native language is English, you should know that.

Sin #40

As if the episode wasn't making me forget Beth still competes enough already.

Sin #41

Nice foreshadowing of Bridgette's fear in the next episode. I'd remove a sin for this, but the fact they're in the forest multiple times and she's only scared here and in next episode bothers me. Even if we assume she's scared when being in the forest alone, why is she scared now? She's with her teammates! Too bad, it could be your chance to have one less sin, episode.

Sin #42-#47

See what I was talking about in Owen's story case? You don't have to animate it. But since they animated Owen's story, but not Duncan's, they are "Duncan-ist" towards him. Harold's facial hair disappears. And where did he get the hook from? How did he put it on without anyone noticing? And what's up with his evil laugh? Wow, 5 sins? this scene is indeed hardcore, Duncan.

Sin #48

For a millisecond, the piercing on Duncan's unibrow was on right side. You thought I wouldn't notice, episode?

Sin #49-#50


Courtney's hair goof. Brace yourself, this goof will appear multiple times in the series. Another sin for simply using her smile upside down.

Sin #51

I'm pretty sure the bear would be attracted to the fish that you're cooking right now rather than to someone imitating its roar a few hours ago, Heather.

Sin #52-#53

Snapshot 2009-02-15 22-47-17

Wait, where did Izzy get this costume from? It clearly wasn't one of her belongings because we would've seen it in the first episode. If it was, one sin. If not, looks like the crew gave it to her to prank her team. And if they did, this means they basically wanted Izzy eliminated because it'd easily make her target for elimination if her team lost. So another sin for not being professional and trying to force someone's elimination.

Sin #54-#55

Leshawna's ponytail is briefly messed up only to be fine again soon. Because, you know, you can't allow yourself to look badly on TV, I guess. Also, she bangs her head before stopping crawling.

Sin #56

Part of Gwen's hair is longer. I bet Heather would want to learn your ability to grow more hair in no time in the future, Gwen.

Sin #57

Let me quote wiki's goof section of the episode for this one: "When the Killer Bass are lying in their tent, Duncan and Courtney are lying side by side, but when Bridgette sits up, they are lying parallel to each other."

Sin #57


I'm such a rebel that I do this gesture when I sleep! However, I reduce one sin for making it less obvious to know which Bass would be voted out.

Sin #58

All of sudden Gophers have only two, uncooked fish. Where did the ones put on fire go? Did you already eat them and someone went for new ones? LACK OF DETAILS.

Sin #59

Beth and Lindsay apparently predicted this time it's a real bear and ran off-screen. Or they're still inside the tent... too busy doing something?

Sin #60


Things-possibly-can't-get-worse cliché.

Sin #61

I'm sure Izzy will agree with me that reused animation sucks. Because she suddenly disappeared because of it.

Sin #62-#64


DJ is a d*ck to Harold and Tyler and doesn't let them sit under the branch/doesn't get a bigger branch or another one for them to hold. Also, it should be raining on Courtney and Bridgette too. Rain is sexist. And where did Harold's pink sleeves go? Did he suddenly decide they are too unmanly for him?

Sin #65

Shawnie warming up

I guess Leshawna was so hungry that she ate two of the kumquats form her shirt.

Sin #66-#67

As I said, the real bear must have smelled the fish you were cooking, Heather. Also, not so good strategy to shout at them like that. Sure, maybe you'd put the target on them if your team lost, but you'd be also targeted for being mean. And this is the most strategic player we're talking about.

Sin #68

Katie is a d*ck to her best friend, as she won't warn her of the danger.

Sin #69-#70

Bridgette Geoff Sleep

I really enjoyed this Duncney scene, I really did. Hence I must ask - WHY BRIDGETTE AND GEOFF'S MOMENT WAS TREATED AS SOME MINOR BACKGROUND EVENT ONLY?! There was potential for equally great scene here. And hey, where did that tree branch go? Did it stop raining at some point earlier and DJ just got rid of it. You know what I'm going to say here. LACK OF DETAILS.

Sin #71

(17:43-17:45) Heather, I'm tired of telling you to not blame Owen. Unless he was so slow by the way to camp, which I guess he wasn't, seeing as how he was one of the first Gophers at the camp.

Sin #73

Katie is fatist.

Sin #74

Creators, just admit it these two are lesbians. Wait, they were attracted to boys as well. Just admit it these two are bisexualists.

Sin #75

Flat Heather

I wouldn't be so happy if I were Heather. Her boobs suddenly disappeared. But I bet Harold would be partly happy because at least he wouldn't lose in X-Treme Torture.

Sin #76

Katie Sadie Hug

Double derp face.

Sin #77-#83

Gophers reward

I gave you widescreen version on purpose. Man, there are so many wrong things with this scene.

  1. Leshawna and Lindsay are missing.
  2. Gwen is mad because... there was not enough space for her? Or because of the diary thing... again?
  3. Beth is apparently drunk.
  4. Trent's rape face. You have seen it. You won't unsee it.
  5. I know Izzy's crazy, but even she doesn't usually swim in her regular clothes. So why is she doing so now?
  6. Cody's really enjoying himself, which makes me ask a question. Is he doing what I think he's doing?

Congrats, this single frame/scene gets the most sins of the episode!

Sin #84


I'd really love to take lessons from Bridgette about floating in mid-air. Should come in handy, I think.

Sin #85

I don't know what they're looking at, but it's definitely not Chris.

Sin #86

Ep 6 (3)

If Katie doesn't have a belly button, then how was she born?

Sin #87


Ok, I don't know how Bridgette's hood works here. But something tells me Bridgette wouldn't have much use of it at the moment.

Sin #88-#90

Oh, hi there Cody & Chef
  1. Cody appears at Bass' elimination ceremony.
  2. If it wasn't for this moment, this episode would make me forget about Chef's existence.
  3. Courtney, Duncan, Harold, and Tyler are apathetic monsters and don't even show up for this moment.

Sin #91

Sorry I scared you

Duncan's nose piercing is on the right side. Which actually isn't a right thing because it's a goof.

Sin #92


Once again, Duncan has the ability of wearing a hook without having to put it on.

Sin #93-#94

Two additional sins for making me forget Beth and Tyler are still in the game.

Sin tally: 94
Sentence: "Wow, you pitch a tent like a guy."

Remember we're creating the series together. If you noticed some sin I forgot/overlooked, be sure to let me know in the comments!

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