Everything Wrong With - Search and Do Not Destroy

Sin #1

Since there is no specific moment when I can talk about this, allow me to mention this sin as the first one. DJ has no lines in the episode. In the 16th episode! This is too late in the game for some character to have no lines, don't you think so? I know, Little Bull on the Prairie also has one character with no lines, but at least that's RR - it had more contestants at the moment. This episode has only 11 contestants. You'd think there should be a chance for everyone of them to speak at least once.

Sin #2


Even more of your favorite gag - animals acting like humans.

Sin #3


In addition to animals acting like humans gag, they decided to add animals cruelty.

Sins #4-#6


  • So if Leshawna didn't leave her trailer on time...
  • And that's what inspired Cannon of Shame, I guess.
  • I know the toilet was supposed to have somehow (how?) survived that explosion, but since it wasn't shown earlier, I have the right to ask where it came from.

Sin #7


Luckily for her, Leshawna's luggage somehow managed to survive the explosion as well.

Sin #8


I know it shouldn't be shocking that Chris is a liar, but still. He said each chest contains a tressure, but as we'll find out later, Owen's key won't fit anywhere. Sure, his chest may still haven't been empty, but what would be a point of it if at least one key didn't fit anywhere?

Sins #9-#11

Mergers sitting like teams
  • Where's Izzy?
  • I guess that contestants aren't used to the merge and that's the reason why they're sitting according to their team membership.
  • The most antagonistic members of each team (Duncan and Heather) decided to sit away from the group to show how evil they are.

Sin #12


Oh, hi Izzy. I see that now that you finally showed up, you decided to stand with your former teammates too.

Sins #13-#14


  • And you got your wish for Owen's challenge? How convienient for you, Chris.
  • Why does Chris only explain Owen's, Heather's, and Geoff's locations? Does he show favoritism towards them? Or does he like to tease them the most? I'll let you decide.

Sin #15


What was the point of telling the contestants at what time they have to come back with their keys? Chris will later call them himself anyway and I doubt they'd be slacking off until the end of the time given for this challenge.

Sin #16


Ok, I admit I like Trent's idea here. I would've done the same. But where did he get those fish from? Chef is guarding the kitchen because Heather's key is there, and judging by Paintball Deer Hunter, I doubt he'd allow anyone to steal from it. And since Trent didn't have a fishing rod...Did he fish them with his bare hands? Holding them like that suggests so. That's impressive! But still, a sin for lack of important details.

Sin #17


No, it wasn't. I just said you either had to steal the fish from Chef's kitchen that he's now guarding for Heather's challenge, or fish them with your bare hands. Either way, that part of your challenge wasn't easy.

Sins #18-#19


  • I would remove a sin for Heather's priceless reaction, but whatever, I'm forced to add a sin anyway. I mean, that was unfair. How is Heather supposed to get her key that is inside the fridge if Chef is waiting inside it?
  • Not to mention it was uncomfortable position and a cold place. I wonder why Chef decided to wait there. Due to this sin and sin above, it was pointless!

Sins #20-#21


See? That's what I'm talking about. Now that Chef's sleeping and inside inside the firdge, the challenge is finally fair for Heather. But I'm forced to still add some sins for:

  • Chef is now sleeping? How much time passed since Heather's previous try?
  • If he left the fridge so quickly, this makes me even more convinced that hiding there was pointless in the first place.

Sin #22


That Heather's butt shot was too short.

Sin #23


Well, that's a convienient fly, considering there are no other insects around.

Sin #24


I'm sure it's an imposter now. Considering her bad luck in TDI, this Heather should've lost her key.

Sin #25


Of course Chef wakes up now. There was no noise to wake him up earlier, right?

Sin #26


How could we tell anyone? We're the viewers. Also, as if her crush on Trent wasn't obvious at this point.

Sins #27-#28


  • Tell that to the Guys' alliance formed in the next episode.
  • Also, why should your alliance be the only one on the island? Anyone can form alliances with whoever they want.

Sin #29


Lindsay pees with her skirt on.

Sin #30


Thanks for the narration, Chris. If it wasn't for you, I'd totally wouldn't understand these two scenes.

Sin #31


Izzy only pretends to help Lindsay, but in fact sabotages her. I mean, Lindsay's key that Izzy had in her hand is suddenly gone.

Sin #32


This reminds me, how did the contestants who had animals as their key's location (Owen, Izzy, Bridgette) know which animal exactly has their key? Pretty sure there is more than one bear, snake and bunny on the island.

Sin #33


Not an expert on snakes, but I think Izzy should be poisoned here. Sure, she falls down, but it doesn't seem to last long enough.

Sin #34


To be honest, I've always wondered why Heather didn't include Izzy in her alliance. She seemed crazy enough not to be able to notice her true nature. But since when is Izzy Heather's alliance member? Sure, she was shown to have chosen Heather's side of the cabin before Eva entered girls' cabin last episode, but nothing major happened on-screen.

Sins #35-#37


Since this is where Heather tells about her plan, let me point out severals sins regarding her stragedy.

  • The way Heather decided to break up Gwen and Trent obviously put the biggest target on her back. Trent would've been in the bottom 2 at worst.
  • Heather didn't even bother to check what's inside her chest. Her plan was just way too risky as the plan could've easily backfired against her. She only had 1/11 chances of her chest having invincibility pass, which means she was incredibly lucky to have stayed on the show.
  • Not to mention it's very convienient that Heather's chest had invincibility pass. So convienient that one has to wonder if Chris didn't actually tamper with the tressures to make sure that Heather stays on the show.

Sin #38


That doesn't do anything to Izzy this time, but it makes her fall unconscious for a while the other times.

Sin #39


Heather's so lucky barely anyone writes letters nowadays. I mean, if everyone did it often, Gwen would be able to recognize Lindsay's handwriting.

Sin #40


So Gwen didn't notice Lindsay hiding under a bed earlier, thinking she was alone in the girls' cabin. But she doesn't suspect Lindsay running away from the girls' cabin all of sudden.

Sin #41


Animal cruelty.

Sin #42


So Geoff went there through the toilet? I doubt he'd fit inside it.

Sins #43-#44


  • Heather suddenly has a watch that she won't have anymore again soon.
  • If you knew you couldn't count on Lindsay, why to give her such role to begin with?

Sin #45


That's not a good argument. Trent should know why Gwen is mean to you, Heather.

Sin #46


Trent falls for Heather's manipulation. After sixteen episodes. After being on a team with her. You'd think he should know Heather better.

Sin #47


Since Lindsay's signal was silenced by the birds, how did Heather know when to kiss Trent so Gwen would witness it?

Sin #48


Gwen falls for Heather's trick too. Seriously, does no one know what she's capable of? And wasn't it obvious that Heather forced the kiss?

Sin #49


Gwen, stop this. This changed the dramatic feeling of this scene to cringy one.

Sin #50


Gwen and Trent are such a good couple that they even unknowingly finish each other's sentences in the confessional.

Sin #51


I wonder how Owen got out of this. Lack of details. Plus, scary implications here.

Sins #52-#54


  • Leshawna's so lucky the crocodiles didn't rip off more of her shirt.
  • Heather is so off this island...Unless she has invincibility pass.
  • I'm gonna warn the others of Heather's trick! But first I need to change my clothes!

Sin #55


That hat wasn't here before. Did Geoff leave the toilet, put his hat here, and then entered the toiled again? And again, how was he able to enter the septic tank through the toilet again?

Sin #56


So you're telling me DJ made no progress? For so long? Even though his challenge was so easy? That's lame, even for DJ.

Sin #57


It's almost the end of the challenge and you've just decided to start, Bridgette?! You deserved to lose this challenge, you lazy couch potato!

And if it took you so long just because you were looking for this specific bunny, then I apologize. But still, the challenge's very unfair for you then and I still have to sin it at least for the lack of details of why it took you so long.

Sin #58


I get it, comedy and all, but it's still too minor reaction to Izzy's injury.

Sin #59


What are you happy about, DJ? You didn't get your key!

Sin #60


As I said earlier, that's unfair. Also, is it just Owen's key, or did Bridgette's and DJ's keys didn't fit anywhere too? I mean, that'd be dumb if only one key didn't fit anywhere.

Sin #61


I'm surprised both Owen and the bear surived this. Owen should be eaten alive and the bear's jaw should be broken after eating Owen like that.

Sin #62


That was convienient for you, Heather. So convienient that I must suspect Chris was behind this. You only had 1/11 chances. Otherwise, you'd reach Nagito Komaeda's level of bulls**t.

Sin #63


Geoff was lucky too. I mean, if he failed to get that key or had any other tressure in his chest, he'd stink again.

Sin #64


Trent decided to spoil you this episode's elimination by being missing. Unfortunately for him, Geoff ruined that by being missing too.

Sin #65


So you decided to...Waste your vote on immune Heather? Or not? Jeez, Trent, I have to sin for lack of details again because of you!

Sins #66-#67


  • Lindsay peeing with her skirt on...again.
  • See, Lindsay? You wouldn't have to be embarrased if you peed in communal bathrooms. Wait, there are cameras there too? F**k!

Sin #68


Sure, you can play them and that's useful for the game. But at the same time, you'll be disliked for doing that. Whatever suits you, I guess.

Sins #69-#70


  • Trent decided to spoil the elimination for you again by being the only one not worried about the result besides an immune Heather.
  • I know she's immune anyway, but Heather should still get a marshmallow, Chris.

Sins #71-#72


  • Gwen's legs are now backwards.
  • So you wasted your vote on an immune Heather too, Gwen? Or didn't vote at all? Or... Heck, sin for lack of details anyway.

Sin #73


Again, what if you weren't invincible tonight? Did your plan predict that?

Sin #74


Gwen's hair on the front is now in the color of the other blue part of her hair. Usually, it's lighter shade of blue.

Sin #75


Or back Playa Des Losers if you'll want to watch the episodes quickly.

Sin #76


Chris is unnecessarily a d**k here. I mean, would it hurt you that much if they kissed each other?

Sin #77


Duncan decides to show his secret crush on Trent by mimicking his gesture (that Gwen also mimicked), but then decides to hide it again by not finishing it.

Sin #78


Announcing you're going to shower to everybody? After what you did? You're just asking for the punishment that Leshawna will give you, aren't you?

Sin #79


They're showing this scene only through Heather's silhouette.

Sin #80


No matter what Heather did, bullying is still bullying, Leshawna! And Heather at least did mental and relationship harm at worst. You most likely did physical harm to her, which isn't better.


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