Hi. Some of you asked me to continue my blog series based off classic Everything Wrong With videos. I had fun writing them, so I decided to do so. Although writing it takes a lot of time, so I'll decided to be updating it partially instead.

Go here to check The Sucky Outdoors one.

I remember I noticed a lot of flaws in this episode (especially the challenge) even when watching it for the first time as a kid, so prepare for a lot of sins, I guess.

Everything Wrong With - Phobia Factor

Sin #1

Actually, both teams slept last night. They fell asleep off-screen and woke up in the morning. Remember, Chris?

Sin #2

Courtney was sitting on the last seat to the right, but when Bridgette and Sadie join, there are two more seats left for them to Courtney's right. Wow, you two were very lucky these seats suddenly appeared. Otherwise you'd have to stand for the entire campfire scene. And yes, I checked widescreen version too.

Sin #3

It was a long goodbye

Ew, Courtney, not in public! (notice where her right hand goes)

Sin #4

Thank DJ for the challenge, everyone. I mean, it's actually an interesting challenge for the viewers, but if the contestants realized DJ started all this, they would be mad.

Sin #5

Duncan's nose piercing is missing...again...I won't even bother to count how many times in the series it'll happen.

Sin #6

Says the guy who, as we'll find out later, has equally, if not more, lame phobia.

Sins #7-#8

I know that at the time of so many contestants competing, they needed some of them to have no lines in the earliest episodes. But a scene where all of them confess their fears is a perfect chance for everyone to speak.
And how exactly did Gwen choose Beth, Harold, and Heather? I get it that she could choose Heather to make fun of her fear or something, but how convenient is that she mentions the fears of all contestants who didn't speak in this episode? And when did these three reveal their fears then? Right before Gwen, who was the very next person to do so in the very next scene?

Sin #9

Since Duncan's fear is a real life singer, his fear is a product placement. Lucky Celine Dion, she didn't even have to pay for it.

Sins #10-#11

So when did Leshawna reveal her fear again? Apparently before Gwen, along with the three silent contestants of the episode. This wouldn't be that much of an issue if we didn't have to wait for her challenge to find out what it was. Heck, she didn't even get a flashback revealing her fear. One more sin for the editors being di*ks to Leshawna in this episode.

Sin #12

I know this line refers to her being scared last episode at the campsite and in the last scene of the episode (btw, remember the times when episodes ended on a scene that wasn't elimination ceremony and Chris signing off the episode?), but damn. This line gets so much crap under the radar. I like it, but you know, I have to be the di*k here.

Sin #13

I'll be mentioning every problem of this challenge separately, but let me give one additional sin for the how sinful this challenge is overall, as we'll later find out.

Sin #14

Ok, I know Chris is a liar and I should expect this, but Heather isn't the first one to perform her challenge, unlike what he said. Gwen isn't the next one in the order either. What was the point of that moment then? To show who Chris/producers favor or something?

Sins #15-#17


The fact that it's 2016 and I still don't know whether this scene was just supposed to be a mockery of Tyler's fear or an actual challenge for him is sin-worthy. Ok, they showed a flashback revealing his fear, so I guess it was indeed a challenge meant for him, but it still makes me give it three sins because:

  • How exactly was it decided that Tyler will perform twice? He was never shown to volunteer. It should be somehow decided upon, not randomly. Also, it makes me believe Chris wanted to eliminate him on purpose due to his crush on Lindsay and her relationship with Tyler. You know, performing twice mean more chances for losing and gives more target at the contestant who'll perform twice.
  • The whole concept of the challenge is unfair. It should be done when there's equal amount of Bass and Gophers because otherwise either one Gopher wouldn't have to compete (randomly chosen too, I guess), one Bass would have to compete twice (which happened) or one Bass would need to score more than one point for their team (which also will won't happen).
  • Seriously? The eliminated contestant is the first one to fail? Clever writing, writers.

Sin #18

Where are Izzy and Trent? They were standing near their teammates short time ago.

Sin #19

Lindsay and Sadie's challenge is meant to take place for the entire day, which is also similar to Bridgette having to be in the forest for six hours. WTF?! Some contestants' challenges can end quickly, but theirs takes so long? I know their challenges may be objectively easier, but how fair is that?!

Sin #20

Wait a minute, I don't see any parachute in the airplane Izzy and Owen were flying. This means that once they entered the plane they had no way of getting out and thus losing the challenge. Jesus Christ, this episode's challenge is once again fixed!

Sins #21-#22

  • Firstly, Harold was clearly not scared of the ninjas, which makes me believe he had lied about his fear at the campfire, being smart enough to know everyone revealing their biggest fears in front of cameras isn't a smart idea. SO WHY DIDN'T HE GET A POINT?! See, that's the problem with several challenges. Contestants actually have to complete them instead of just winning by not being scared. Harold apparently had to fight PROFESSIONAL ninjas and lost only because he ACCIDENTALLY knocked himself out. He wasn't even given a chance for a proper fight. How fair is that?!
  • Secondly, Harold was clearly sitting on the toilet (which indicates he was pooping) and knocked himself out to it (his upper body). Ew! That's unnecessary and disgusting cruelty from the creators of this cartoon! Even if you assume he was just peeing in sitting position, it's still disgusting, especially since his face landed in there. And by his comment about men being able to pee while standing in One Million Bucks, B.C., I assume he was actually pooping here.

Sins #23-#24

  1. Really? Ok, this is just flash animation. Maybe the costume looks much scarier in-universe. But it's clearly implied by its design it's rather poorly made and you can see Chef. How anyone, especially someone like Leshawna, would be scared of that? Is she actually scared of Chef, thinking he will rape her or something? Her challenge is so lame! Why doesn't she have to go inside a pool full of spiders, like Beth had to do with the bugs?
  2. Owen may not be visible on this pic, but he is present in the scene if you watched a video. Why are Izzy and Owen here if they are currently flying the plane? Is it the editor's fault who showed their challenge ending later? Or did they teleport? Hey, if they did, they somehow escaped the plane and should've lost! Heck, Chef should be currently flying the plane with them too!

Sins #25-#27

  1. Ok, I know it was possibly for comic purposes, but we can see Heather clearly didn't actually conquer her fear.
  2. Ok, first sin was obvious. But I actually have to stand up for Heather and not just because I like her. Her challenge shares the same flaw as Harold's (and as you'll later see, Cody's). It wouldn't be enough for her to just not be scared of the sumo. The sumo wrestler approached her and didn't stop, which means she'd actually have to have a fight with a PROFESSIONAL sumo wrestler. Ok, Owen fell on her in Basic Straining, so it may not be that bad, but it's still unfair. Would she win even if she lost the fight? That would at least be a bit more fair. Because, you know, she had no way of avoiding the sumo wrestler because that would be counted as being scared and losing the challenge.
  3. Izzy and Owen are again present amongst the audience despite currently flying the plane.


As I already mentioned while talking about the sin of Lindsay and Sadie's challenge, Bridgette's one is also unfairly longer compared to the rest.


Not only it proves Bridgette's earlier line about being confident was a blatant line, but also... Animal cruelty.

Sin #30

Phobia factor (3)

Um, how exactly was Gwen supposed not to win this challenge? This glass "coffin" appears to be opened/closed only from the outside. And I bet opening it would be hard for her anyway since she's buried underground. Much like Izzy, Owen, Heather, and several others, Gwen has no chance of giving up during the challenge.

Sins #31-#32

  1. Cool, except snakes don't blink. Bad research on the writers' part.
  2. I know DJ's already easily scared of everything, so that's probably why he got easier challenge (smallest snake possible), but this challenge is nothing compared to what Beth had to do. Still better than Leshawna's though.

Sin #33

This is a cool scene and all, but as we'll later find out, Courtney will turn out to be a hypocrite due to this scene. Sure, it's in-character and she'll actually realize her flaw when everyone will mock Tyler at his elimination, but still, too bad she didn't have anyone to yell at her like that during her turn.

Sin #34

How exactly this angle here works? The camera appears to be inside Gwen's glass trap, but it films the ground above it as if it wasn't. It appears that there is no wall on the right side, but it clearly was present earlier. I made a sin for Gwen not being able to give up during the challenge for a reason.

Sins #35-#36

Firstly, Courtney is not a man. Secondly, lucky you. For real life viewers she doesn't look real at all.

Sin #37

It's for sure a sweet Duncney moment, but Courtney's a hypocrite. That's not how she encouraged DJ.

Sin #38


While Harold proves he can be happy that his main enemy contributed to their team's potential victory, Bridgette and Tyler apparently planned to vote for Duncan and thus don't celebrate with the others. Being in bottom 3 is your karma, you two!

Sin #39

Trent didn't actually conquer his fear. He ran away from the mime to the place where he was safe from him. He outsmarted the mime, but still feared him. Even if I knew I'd do the same even before Trent did this while watching the episode for the first time

Sin #40


Wait, so should it be counted that Geoff lost or not? He attempted to run away, but the cloud kept following him, so technically the hail was still falling on him. Well, I guess he lost since he attempted to run away.

Sin #41

Trent is a di*k to Geoff and also appears to be a Chris 2.0 at the moment.

Sin #42


Cody has an unfair disadvantage of having one of those challenges that you for some reason just have to succeed in. How come he didn't get a point here? As you can see, he was there at the moment of the bomb exploding! He didn't run away! He conquered his fear! Who cares he didn't manage to defuse the bomb?!

Sin #43

No, you didn't. You magically teleported to watch Leshawna's and Heather's challenges, remember?

Sin #44

The wings conveniently fall off after the challenge ended.

Sin #45

Cue Bridgette being afraid of something. Also, good for Cody she didn't find out he indirectly caused her to lose.

Sin #46

What? How come? A few scenes earlier Bridgette mentioned she still has 4 hours and some minutes left for her challenge to end and since she had to spend 6 hours in the forest, it meant two hours have passed since the challenges began. I'm pretty sure maximally another two hours have passed since Bridgette said that. Not to mention it's not even a sunset. How did you make it through the whole day? Even if we assume "whole day" means only a daytime in this case.

Sins #47-#49

  1. Sadie, you're cheating on Katie right now!
  2. How convenient is that both of Sadie's friends share the same voice actress? Is that why Sadie suddenly likes Lindsay now?
  3. This could be some good plot for Sadie, finding a new friend, learning she doesn't have to depend on Katie, or something. But it'll be abandoned and Sadie will do nothing for the next three episodes.

Sin #50

Very creative pun, Dunc-pun.

Sin #51

What was the point of eliminating Ezekiel for sexist comments if none of the Bass have learned from this, as proved by Tyler, Duncan, Geoff, and now Courtney? Also, does this scene imply Courtney can use the term "quit being such a girl" in this manner because she's a girl? That's sexist too!

Sin #52


Now that you mention the results, Cody, let's see what the ACTUAL results SHOULD'VE BEEN:

  • Gophers who conquered their fears: Beth, Cody, Gwen (unfairly), Izzy and Owen (unfairly), Lindsay (unfairly). That's 6 out of 9 Gophers, but some of them had challenges that were apparently rigged in Gophers' favor as they couldn't forfeit unless they refused to participate right at the start. Lindsay's challenge also didn't actually last for a whole day as it was supposed to. Heather, Leshawna and Trent didn't conquer their fears and Cody actually conquered his.
  • Bass who conquered their fears: DJ, Duncan, Harold, and Sadie (unfairly). That's actually 4 out of 8 Bass. Also, Sadie won rather unfairly since her challenge didn't actually last as long as it was supposed to do. It could be argued Geoff technically completed the challenge, but he stil didn't conquer his fear.

So Cody, the real result should've been 6:4.

Sin #53

The way Sadie's shorts are covered makes me imagine she's there with a naked butt. Ew! Get this image out of my head!

Sin #54

TDA's final two foreshadowing. Oh, wait a minute... Nevermind then.

Sin #55

I know the contestants have free will and can go wherever they want, but usually in group shots during pre-merge, they're standing with their teammates. What is Lindsay doing with the Bass in this scene?

Sins #56-#58

  1. The animators decided to spoil us most of the next four eliminations by making Tyler, Izzy, and Beth absent during this scene. They only left Cody because they liked him too much. Also, really, Izzy? Now you're absent from the audience? Not when you were on the plane?
  2. This challenge is unnecessarily too hard. Courtney is scared of green jelly. Just make her go to the pool filled with it, like Beth had to enter the pool full of worms. There's no need for jumping from a height part. It's not Courtney's fear and it actually makes the challenge unnecessarily harder.
  3. Chris must have really wanted to eliminate Courtney or Tyler in this episode. The challenges are mostly rigged in Gophers' favor, Tyler is forced to compete twice for some reason, and Courtney, being given a chance to triple her team's score and thus actually win for them, is being put the biggest target on her back. Sure, it was nice of Chris to still give the Bass a chance, but as I said, it makes Courtney the biggest target for elimination in case she loses (which she does).

Sin #59

Sure, it's one of Gwentney's first interactions. Sure, Gwen isn't really OOC here. But why isn't it Heather who says so? It'b me more in-character for her to discourage Courtney like that. I guess they really wanted Rachel Wilson to have no lines in one episode.

Sin #59

I'm not a monster. Reducing one sin for good character development and one of very rare moments when Courtney acknowledges her flaws.

Sin #60

Now that the challenge is over, I'm going to add one additional sin for the challenge as a whole. Another unfair thing was that during some challenges a lot of other contestants were present as an audience. It could motivate someone, not wanting to fail in front of the others. It could make someone lose easier, being more stressed due to the others watching them perform live. But why the audience wasn't present during all challenges?

Sins #61-#63

  1. Wait, so now the episode actually acknowledges that Harold did conquer his fear? Sure, Cody could be wrong, but there was no counter when he did it.
  2. Also, newsflash, Chris, Geoff didn't conquer his fear either. If you didn't actually count him trying to escape from his challenge because for some reason completing the challenges was more important than not being scared of them, there was still no counter for Geoff and Cody would be even more wrong about the score.
  3. Good idea to avoid being eliminated, Harold! Just don't show up at the elimination ceremony, hoping they won't notice you. Then again, if they noticed you're missing... Also, why to miss a potential marshmallow?

Sin #64


This is the second elimination ceremony where objectively speaking Courtney deserved to be eliminated more for her poorer performance. Ok, I understand that the formation of unofficial "Duncan's group" saved her. However, if you look closely, Bridgette and Courtney are close friends as of the next episode, same for DJ and Geoff, while Duncan started having important friendly moments with DJ and Geoff in episode 10. I'm not saying their friendships couldn't become important off-screen before these episodes, but it feels weird from storytelling point of view.

Ok, this wasn't that important argument. But let's see at real life production reasons now. I can see why Ezekiel was eliminated instead of Courtney. She had way more plot potential than him. But what about Tyler? He, just like Courtney, had a romantic plot. If it took longer, he would've also had a major conflict with the main antagonist. I guess they eliminated him pre-merge so Tyler wouldn't convince her to leave Heather's alliance for him.

Anyway, the point is, both times Courtney is in the bottom 2 it feels as if she deserved to be eliminated more and ironically when she is eliminated, it's unfair elimination.

Sin #65

Ok, Tyler has just been eliminated for losing twice instead of Courtney who could've actually spared the Bass from losing. He's been eliminated without saying goodbye to Lindsay (and her saying goodbye to him to his face). But Chris, Duncan, Geoff, and Bridgette still make fun of him. Why? To make him even more depressed? And why Brigette? Heck, it'd be also unbelievable for RR Geoff. I'd remove a sin for COURTNEY standing up for him, but more people made fun of him.

Sin #66

Snapshot 2009-02-15 22-49-17

Wait, what? So Tyler was randomly chosen to be the Bass who'd compete twice. He was eliminated instead of Courtney, who was given a chance to win for her team. Four people made fun of him, including two nice ones. He didn't get to say goodbye to Lindsay. And now Chris put chickens, his worst fear, on the Boat of Losers? This episode is a Tyler torture episode! Tyler joins to the list of contestants physically or mentally tortured in their elimination episodes, along with Courtney, Laurie, Besties, and some more. And the worst thing, it won't be the last time in his case.

Sin #67

Taylor foreshadowing. :P OK, seriously though, in addition to the episode already torturing Tyler enough, they added Lindsay forgetting his name for the first time ever. Poor Tyler. ;(

Sin tally: 66
Sentence: Quit being such a girl!

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