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So far:

  • Lightning and Sam have been eliminated.
  • After a race in the first episode, CO ended up on the Toxic Rats with B, Brick, Dawn, Lightning, Scott, and Staci.
  • CO managed to convince Staci to find friends in a different way than lying.
  • CO befriended Dawn, Dakota, Staci, and Zoey (after finding her makeup box). She also began to fall for Brick.
  • Sam returned after his elimination as an intern.
  • Mutant Maggots: Anne Maria, Cameron, Dakota, Jo, Mike, and Zoey.
  • Toxic Rats: B, Brick, CO, Dawn, Scott, and Staci.

Ice Ice Baby

(A.N.: Listening to this song while writing the episode to have some TDI feeling in second generation cast)

You're sitting at your team's table in the main lodge. You notice some kind of a brainy rat that remids you of a certain cartoon you watched in your childhood. You see it comes close to Cameron. At the same time, you notice a sad Dakota sitting at the Maggots' table.


It's some sort of an "Either/Or" choice. To vote you had to blink while reading the beginning of this episode. If you didn't blink or don't know if you did, you can vote only if you'll do... one push-up.

What do you do?

A: Warn Cameron about some weird mutant rat coming to him

B: Ask Dakota why she's sad, and try to comfort her

You chose B.

(Well, it's not like out of all people I have to be the one to warn Cameron. Besides, what can it do to him anyway? And my friend, Dakota, needs to be comforted now)

You ignore the rat coming to Cameron, and come to Dakota to start a conversation with her.

"Hey Dakota, why are you so sad?", you ask.

"It's just... I can't believe I'm saying that... but it's because of Sam's return.", - Dakota replies.

"What about it? Shouldn't you be happy that he got to return?", you ask her another question.

"Well, technically I should. But now that he's an intern we won't see each other as often as we did when being on the same team.", - she answers, visibly sad.

"I see. But hey, it's not really that bad. You'll see each other during challenges, and maybe also during elimination ceremonies.", you say.

"That's true. But I'm still worried. Everyone else will go to that Playa Des whatever hotel after their elimination. Only Sam won't. Unless Chris will for some reason fire him. And...", she gulps, "only if he manages to survive his internship. Let's face it, it's not the safest thing, and he's not the person that would survive a lot."

"Well, he does survive a lot of injuries, right?", you point out, trying to cheer up your friend, and remembering how unlucky Sam is.

(Wow, it's beautiful how she loves him despite the fact that they're like the opposite of each other)

Then you hear Cameron saying what's the race of the mutant mouse that you've described as the "brainy rat". Shortly after, the mutant rat causes you all to fall out of the main lodge, with Mike being the last one to land on the ground, and possibly having the most painful landing.

(Wow, I guess that rat hates Mike the most. I wonder why...)

Before Chris explains the challenge, Dawn comes to you.

"Hi. I've seen Sam's future. If he's going to live on the island for at least the mid point of the game, a disaster will befall him. Do you think I should tell Dakota? I mean, I wanted to do so, but she's so sad... Maybe it's not the best time? Maybe not everyone should know his fate?", she asks you.

Whad do you suggest?

A. Tell Dakota. She should know.

B. Don't tell Dakota. At least not now.

"I think we should wait a little. Dakota's in a bad condition right now. And you said we have some time for that.", you suggest.

"You've made a wise decision, CO. You often do.", Dawn comments. You start to wonder why she asked you for help in the first place, since she should know better thanks to her powers. However, you realize everyone needs a friend's advice. Your thoughts are interrupted by Chris, who announces a race up to Mt. Looming Tragedy.

"We won!", you cheer when your team arrive first, as Cameron was the last one to make it.


CO: Poor Cameron. He's so weak. Sometimes I wonder why he even entered the competition. I hope he'll improve his gameplay a bit. I mean, I don't want to sound rude, but he clearly won't last long if he'll keep not being a great contibution to his team.

-end confessional-

"Not so fast, CO. This wasn't a real challenge. Your today's challenge is a rock mountain climbing.", Chris announces. "First team to reach the top of Mt. Looming Tragedy will win an advantage for the next challenge. You can also use the things from that trash pile to help you with the climbing. But be wary! A giant, mutant beetle is guarding it! Chef will also throw ice blocks at you to make the challenge even harder."

"Cool. The challenge would be just too easy without it.", Jo comments.

"No, it wouldn't.", you argue.

"Anyway, who would I be if I didn't let one of the older contestants to demonstrate the challenge? Please welcome back a lovable jock, a loyal boyfriend and friend, classic competitor - Tyler!", Chris says as Tyler appears.

"You mean I'll get to compete in another sports-themed challenge? Awesome! It'll be another life-threating one? Awesome-r! Wait a minute..." he says, realizing his job may not be as exciting as he thought.

(OMG, it's Tyler! One of my favorite contestants! I gotta talk to him as long as I have the chance. I mean, judging from his experience, it may not end well for him)

What do you say to Tyler?

A. Don't worry, Tyler, I'm sure you'll make it! You're the best!

B. I've heard a rumour that you and Lindsay broke up. Can you tell me more about it? You know, I'm your fan and I'd like to know why.

C. Custom: Change your mind, and don't talk to Tyler.

(On the second note, do I always have to talk to the old contestants? My fellow copetitors will notice me, and may think I'm too friendly. Also, what if I offend Tyler with what I'll tell him? He's so lovable, I can't do that to him!)

"Obviously, he can't make it. Remember how unlucky he is?", Jo comments.

"Of course I can! I'm TYLER! For Lindsay!", he shouts, as he starts climbing.

Chef however quickly throws an ice block at him, and he lands on the ground.

"Ouch!", Tyler complains.

"Is he alright?", Mike asks.

"Don't worry. He fell from a small height. He's been through much worse situations. Not to mention he's a quick healer.", Dawn says.

"Yeah, don't worry, I'm fine.", Tyler says from the background, getting up.

"I noticed that you screamed "For Lindsay!" before climbing up. Does it mean you and Lindsay are still together despite that rumour? You know, I'm your fan and I'd like to know the truth behind it.", Zoey asks him.

(Ugh, I wish it was me who asked him. Well, I can always talk to him at Playa Des Losers after my elimination...or after the season's finale, hopefully)

"You're my fan? I have fans? Nice! I thought I'm as unpopular as Ezekiel.", Tyler says.

"Are you kidding me? You're awesome! You're so funny, and loyal to your friends!", Zoey comments.

"Thanks! As for that rumour... who told you so?", he asks.

"I've heard about it from Fresh TV. They said you broke up with her after she forgot your name in front of your parents. Is that true?", Zoey asks Tyler again.

"What? They must really have me. Of course it's not! I wouldn't do that to my Lindsay! It's true that she forgot my name, but my parents wouldn't make me break up with her! They don't even want to! They want me to be happy! And I'm happy with her. Not to mention she accidentally called me Tyson when we were watching a box match with my parents.", Tyler says, confirming the whole rumour as fake.

"Wow, it's so fascinating. Lyler is still a thing. WooHoo! Can we start the challenge already?!", Chris asks, visibly annoyed.


CO: I think we all know why Chris is so annoyed. I'd make a Lenny face now if I could.

-end confessional-

A giant beetle then spots Tyler and starts chasing him away.

"Wait! Leave him alone!" Dawn shouts, and shows the mutant beetle a child mutant beetle that she had found after B accidentally almost ate it this morning.

(Wow, I was so busy with Dakota that I didn't even realize she did something so awesome!)

This make the challenge a bit easier for all of you. You try to climb up, but it's too hard for you.

"Come on, CO! I know you can do this! Just believe in yourself!", Brick tries to encourage you.

"Thanks, but I'm afraid I'm not as experienced as you are. I can't even climb a tree, let alone a mountain.", you reply.

"Well, I... I can always teach you that after the competition ends. Or maybe even as long as it still lasts and we're both in the game?", he suggests.

"I'd love to take the lesssons from you. As for now, I'll look for a different option.", you answer.

You look around. B's working on something in the junk pile. Zoey, Mike, and Cameron search for something too. Dawn does nothing.

"Hey, why aren't you doing anything? Do you want to be eliminated?", you ask your friend.

"No, it's just that I sensed B has a plan.", she replies.

What do you do?

A. Try climbing anyway. Maybe you'll finally succeed and will prove Brick you're not that weak?

B. Search for something useful in the junk pile, like Zoey, Mike, and Cameron did.

C. Don't do anything, like Dawn. Apparently, B has a plan that will help you all.


CO: No, I'm not lazy, I just trust my friend, Dawn. Why wouldn't anyone trust someone who can see the future?

-end confessional-

You and Dawn wait, while Staci can't even start climbing, and Scott falls after Chef threw an ice block at him. B soon finishes his work, and gestures all of you to come closer to him. He reveals... a sofa.

"A sofa? I stopped climbing, risking our loss, just so you could prepare a sofa? Well, you'll definitely need it if we'll lose the second challenge because you just costed us this challenge!", Scott complains.

(Wow, I can feel some sort of irony in Scott's statement. And I bet Dawn can too)

B doesn't care, and shows all of you to sit on the sofa. You sit. Only Scott refuses to, and grabs the arm of the coach.

"Wait! We forgot about Bri...", you start shouting when you notice Brick's absence.

However, it's too late. B already put the two wires together and the coach turned into some kind of a rocket. You all land on Chef, except for Scott, who lands painfully on the ground.

(I guess that's the lesson you get for not trusting B, even after having so much of the evidence)

"Congrats, B! We won the challenge!", Dawn cheers.

"Not so fast, little girl! I'm the host, and only I can tell who won. And so far... no one did! See? I'm doing it much better.", Chris announces.

"What?!", Dawn asks.

"Yes!", Jo cheers.

"B had a genius idea, but even the geniuses make mistakes sometimes. Your entire team forgot about Brick, who's still climbing, which means there's still a chance for the Mutant Maggots to win. Not that huge chance, as only Jo is currently here, but sill.

You all wait for Brick. You're the most stressed out person.

(If he fails, he may be eliminated today. I don't want it to happen!)

Luckily for you, Brick manages to finish the challenge, even despite his injuries.

"And the Toxic Rats win indeed! Man, this girl really can see the future.", Chris exclaims.

"Congrats, Brick! I knew I can count on you! We won!", you say to him.

Soon after Anne Maria, encouraged to climb by Jo by having her hairspray stolen, climbs up. She wants to hit Jo, but Jo dodges her attack, and Brick is hit instead. He falls on the ground. You're worried for his current state, but you can soon see he's as much of a quick healer as Tyler is.


CO: See? Lovable jock who tend to injure themselves so often, but are also quick healers are the best!

-end confessional-

You group up for the next challenge. It's so cold here.

(Now I know what original contestants felt in Yukon. Our weather is still warmer, I guess)

Chris announces the second challenge, which is a "Capture the Flag" ice castle challenge. Some contestants guard the flag, some shoot at the other team's castle, some go to steal the opposing team's flag.

"And the special prize for winning the first challenge for the Rats is... getting to choose your fort!", Chris announces.

"We'll take the poor-looking fort.", Scott exclaims.

"What?!", your entire team asks, shocked.

"Why are you shocked? It's Chris we're talking about. Good on the outside, but terrible in the inside. It's better to choose the poor fort." Scott explains.

"Nice logic, sir. We indeed forgot about Chris's influence", Brick compliments Scott's way of thinking.

"Hey! I heard that!", Chris shouts from the distance.

(Yeah, it suddenly sounds much more convincing)

However, when you enter the poor fort, you find out Scott wasn't right.

(Weird. If only he hadn't used that logic, I would have thought he's trying to lose on purpose, or that he's even trying to get himself eliminated. Weird)

"Alright, soldiers, we should decide who will take which positions. I say...", Brick tries to take the leadership of the team.

"No. I say...", Scott begins, trying to take control.

"Excuse me, sir, but your logic didn't work last time, and I have the military experience. I believe I should be the one deciding who'll take which positions in the challenge.", Brick says.

"Fine. Choose wisely if you don't want to be eliminated.", Scott replies.

"Alright. So I will guard the flag and control everything. As for the rest...", Brick is about to start to give you the roles in the challenge.

Which role do you want to have?

A. Guard the flag with Brick.

B. Shoot at the Maggots' castle.

C. Go to steal the other team's flag.

"Brick, wait! I want to guard the flag with you! I mean... I'll possibly won't succeed in fighting for the flag. And I bet the Maggots chose Jo for guarding the flag. And... um... I believe Dawn's better at deciding which snowballs are safe than me.", you exclaim, trying to quickly give a reason for this to not sound like too obsessed with Brick.

"Glad to hear that, ma'am. I mean... I believe we will be working together very well.", Brick says.

"You're both into each other. Jeez, everyone knows that already!, Scott complains making both Brick and you blsuh in emberassement.

"No, it's not true. I didn't know about it.", Staci butts in.

"Anyway, I'll be shooting. I hate violence, but I can tell you which snowballs aren't dangerous, as CO said.", Dawn says, making you feel better that the topic has been changed.

"Fine. I'll be working with you. I love shooting. I tend to shoot a lot on my farm. I don't even know how many windows I have broken in my life.", Scott brags.

"Great. More running for me today.", Staci says annoyed.

"What do you think about it, B? B?", she asks B, who has disappeared all of sudden.

"He's so mysterious, isn't he? How can we even trust him?", Scott asks.

From the opposing team, Jo and Cameron guard the flag, Mike and Dakota are shooting, and Anne Maria and Zoey go to steal your flag.

"Wait a minute before you start. As always, I have a classic competitor for you to demonstrate the challenge. Say hello to the sarcastic know-it-all, Noah!", Chris interrupts you, and Noah comes to your fort.

(Ok, I wasted my chance to talk with Tyler. This time I'm not giving up! I mean, he's Noah! He's also one of my favorite contestants and OC's best friend!)

What do you say to Noah?

A. OMG, you're the Noah! Omfgkjenbjkesbfjksdnjkhb!

B.'re that Noah, right?

C. Hey, Noah. How's OC doing?

D. How are you, Noah? What do you think about coming back to this island? What do you think about its new version? What do you think about the new contestants?

"OMG, you're the Noah! Omfgkjenbjkesbfjksdnjkhb!", you scream in joy.

"Oh great, another one of those fangirls. What do you see in me anyway that it makes you so Izzy-like crazy?", Noah asks.

"Are you kidding me? It's your awesomness! Your cutting remarks! Your sarcasm! Your "I don't give a f**k" attitude, especially when it comes to being threatened by the antagonists, like Alejandro! Not to mention you were able to outsmart him!", you explain.

"Ah, the good reasoning. Glad to hear that in a mouth of such Izzy-like crazy girl. I think it makes you more like OC then. He was also a bit crazy, but his reasoning was so great.", he comments.

"Thanky you. You know, I think we're very alike. He's my inspiration!", you add.

"Nice to hear that.", he says.

"But enough about OC. Want to take a picture with me? I'm like your #1 fan!", you ask him.

"I'd love to, honey, but I'm afraid you forgot about one thing... no one here has a camera, silly.", Noah says.

"Well, I do. But who would I be if I made a teenager's dreams come true?", Chris joins the conversation from the distance.

"Well, someone does win every season. I think this counts as doing so.", you say.

"Nice remark. I think he feels stupid now.", Noah says.

(Noah's ending)

"Speaking of winning, I love the fact that you won TDWT! You were so amazing, like OMFG!"

(Heather's ending)

"Speaking of winning, too bad you didn't win in TDWT. At least you were amazing that season and had so much good things happen to you, like OMFG!"

"Well, thank you, sweetie, but I still think you're a bit crazy. Maybe if we get to know each other better at Playa Des Losers, it'll change?", he says.

"So there's a hope we could become friends? Yyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!", you scream in joy, again.

"Wow, now I gotta rethink that."

"Sorry, I promise to behave better on our next meeting.", you say.

"Don't worry, I like crazy people. They're good contrast to my calm personality. Let's hope our next meeting won't happen too soon.", he relpies.

"It's cute guys, but Noah has the challenge to demonstrate. Noah?", Chris demands Noah to compete.

"Oh great, back to this annoying, dangerous, and ridiculous business." Noah adds.

Since you made a good impression on him, he chooses your part of the challenge. Suddenly, a beetle comes out of the snowball and starts chasing him.

"Another old contestant chased by a giant beetle today? Nice.", Chris comments.

"No, not nice. Dawn do something! You helped Tyler earlier! You can't let Noah be injured again, especially now that he doesn't even compete!", you tell Dawn.

"Don't worry, CO, I have everything in control", says Dawn before running to the beetle, reminding it she gave it its child, and ordering it to go to the forest.

"Wow, thank you both. See? Oddbals can be great sometimes.", Noah comments.

"And another disappointment today. Well, Noah, you can leave. Contestants, start the challenge!", Chris shouts and the challenge begins.

"Wait, I need B to help me!", Staci argues.

"We'll work on that. As for now, go!", Brick orders.

Thankfully, B appears. He carries some circle part of an ice block, and places it on top of your fort so that it starts to melt Maggots' castle.

"Nice idea, B! And I started to become worried you're trying to lose.", Brick says.

"Phew. I could do that too. And you did something that wasn't part of your business. Go to the other castle, Beverly!", Scott shouts, and B runs away.

"It's so great we get to do this together.", you say to Brick.

"Yeah, I feel the same." Brcik replies.

"Stop gazing into each other and focus on the challenge, lovebird!", Scott shouts from not too far distance.

"Same to you, sir! Make sure you choose correct snowballs!", Brick shouts back.

(Maybe I shouldn't have chosen this role? I'm afraid I'll be too busy looking at Brick's eyes to fight with those who'll try to steal our flag)

The ice soon breaks under Staci, and she becomes frozen. B tries to release her from the ice block she formed by using his tools. This means no one goes to the Maggots' castle. In the meantime, Anne Maria and Zoey reach your fort. So does Mike, who acts differently than before.

"Want the flag? Fight for it!", says Brick, trying to impress you.

Scott also gets in a fight, but Mike, who refers to himself as Vito now, throws him outside of the fort. He's not coming back for a while. You wonder what's taking him so long.

"You won't hit a girl, right?", Brick asks, trying to cover you before he gets kicked in the groin.

"No, I have some rules.", "Vito" says, picking you up and throwing you on the snow outside of the fort.

"Grab the flag, ladies!", he screams. "Or even better yet, let Vito do this!"

He quickly runs to the flag, grabs it, and runs away with it, along with Anne Maria, who keeps gazing at him, and a confused Zoey.

"Don't worry, I'll run to get our flag back!", you promise.

However, it's of no use, as your team's fort is soon entirely melted.

"Nice going, Beverly! This is sabotage!", Scott shouts.

Suddenly, it all makes sense for you. Scott's behaviour, the fact that he tried to blame the others several times today, the fact he chose worse fort, the fact he was missing for so long.

(If only others could know, so poor, innocent B could be saved, and that jerk Scott could be eliminated. He'll see who's the "fodder" now)

What do you do?

A. Expose Scott's true plan.

B. Don't do anything.

If you chose A, here's another vote...

A1. Ask Dawn to help you. Everyone knows about her super powers, so they should believe her.

A2. Don't ask Dawn for help. You were so nice to the others. They'll for sure understand.

A3. Ask Chris for some footage from the cameras as an evidence. It may fail however, because as Chris said today, he hates making teens happy.

"Listen up, everyone! It's not B who's the traitor here, it's Scott!", you scream, and everyone looks at you.

"You'd better have some good proof. You know you can't accuse people like that, right? Because, for all we know, you may be the antagonist trying to cover up for youself.", Scott defends himself.

"Me? And antagonists? Pfft! Chris, show them the footage from the cameras! You'll all see what happened for real.", you exclaim.

"Don't tell me what to do! I'm the one who does so! And I'm the one who doesn't make the teenagers happy, remember?", Chris responds.

"Well, it would eliminate Scott. You wouldn't make him happy.", you try again.

"But Scott's elimination would make most of you happy. Maybe only not Scott. So this means too many happy contestants.", Chris answers.

"Well? So what's your proof then, honey?", Scott asks you.

You think for a short amount of time. Fortunately, a better resolution comes to your mind.

"Dawn, you can read people's auras, you can see the future, you can do everything! Tell them who's really at fault here!", you order.

Dawn comes to Scott and looks right into his eyes, and puts a hand on his forehead. She then does the same to B and you.

"Well, my fellow contestants, CO tells the truth.", she announces.

"Pfft! She's your best friend! It doesn't count, she's biased!", Scott tries to defend himself.

"Even without Dawn's superpowers, try to use some common sense, Scott. Why would I defend B in this case? If that was my plan, shouldn't I keep this that way?", you say.

"Maybe you wanted to cover for yourself if anyone finds out? Or changed your mind to eliminate me because you dislike me?", Scott tries to blame you one again.

"Really, Scott? Come on, people! You know me! I've been nice to most of you. Staci, I gave you an advice on how to find friends. Zoey, I did the same to you and gave you back your makeup box. Dakota, we're besties, just like me and Dawn! Brick, you trust me, right?", you begin, feeling worried it may become hopeless.

"How can we know you weren't nice just to cover up for your act? You may be the one true antagonist here, not me.", Scott says.

"Ugh, that's enough, farmboy! I know CO better than you, and I know she's an honest, geniue, nice person! She wouldn't do all of that!", Brick stands up for you, making you feel a lot better now.

"How can you know? Don't you know her for like... three days only?", Scott tries again.

"No, they're right. CO was in fact searching for the owner of that makeup box for the entire day. I even helped her!", Staci defends you as well.

"Yeah. And she gave us honest advices too. What would she get from lying?", Zoey defends you as well.

"Besides, Dawn told you she's telling the truth. DAWN! The one who knows everything!", Dakota joins to the group defending you.

"Even without Dawn's influence, I'd know it wasn't CO who framed B!", Brick says.

"See Scott? The true evil doer has been exposed. And you're clearly trying to blame CO right now. You may trick the others, but you'll never trick me!", Dawn says.

After everything that has been said, everyone is fully convinced now.

(Wow, it's so great that I have so loyal friends. And that Dawn can prove everything even to the ones that wouldn't fully convinced)

The scene then switches to your team's elimination ceremony.

"You've all made your decisions. Dawn, I think you're the only one who's completely safe this time. Brick, you almost lost the first challenge for your team, but you were a good leader in the second challenge. Staci, you were frozen during the second challenge, which made you unable to win for your team. B also wasted his time on helping you. Not to mention that he almost was framed. Speaking of which... CO was briefly framed by the dirtboy over there as well. However, in the end, everything was explained and the true evil mastermind has been exposed. Scott, you're going home tonight!", Chris announces.

"What?! It can't be! CO tricked me!", Scott tries to defend himself for the one last time.

"Oh, shut up already!", Brick shouts.

"Yeah, you're even more of a liar, and a worse liar, than I used to be!", Staci shouts as well.

Chris reveals the footage with the votes to annoy Scott:


B: Scott

Brick: Scott

CO: Scott

Dawn: Scott

Scott: Dawn

Staci: Scott


Scott: Oh great, hoist by his own petard! I had such a great plan! I targeted so many people today! First Brick, then B, then CO, and finally decided to vote for Dawn because of how much of a threat she is. All for nothing! I'll prove I'm better than that next time I'll get to compete!

-end confessional-

Scott dodges Marshmallow of Toxic Loserdom. However, he does not dodge his karma. As he gets on the Hurl of Shame, Chris invites the shark whose tooth has been stolen by Scott.

"It's true that I'm disappointed. I'd rather have you stay and create more drama. But that's what you get for being a terrible antagonist!", Chris says as Fang gets on the Hurl of Shame.

Scott screams and the two are hurled away. However, the physics don't make Chris's plan to go as he planned. Fang's much bigger body mass causes him to land in a water far away from Scott. However, the body mass of the two of them combined, causes Scott to land in a different area than calculated by the scientists working for Total Drama (they calculate where a sofa should be put in Playa Des Losers so the eliminated contestants won't have a painful landing. Thus, Scott painfully lands on the ground instead.

"Revenge!", Scott mutters as he's being taken to the hospital.


Jo: So they eliminated the antagonist, huh? I'll make sure to have an eye on them. But it doesn't scare me. Scott was just a loser. I'm the true mastermind here. And even better yet, I'm a true winning machine here. Hahaha.

- end confessional-

After the elimination ceremony ends, Dawn comes to you again.

"Oh, hi Dawn. What you did there was amazing! Thank you for helping me. Also, thank you in the name of B.", you say to her.

"No problem, CO. I love it when my powers can help the others. But I have a certain question for you. Do you think we can reveal Sam's future to Dakota now? I mean, she had a time to cool off, her team won today's challenge, and she now enjoys their reward, McLean Brand Hot Chocolate.", Dawn asks you.


It's only for the users who have the letter "A" or "E" in their usernames.

What do you say?

A. Yes, it's a good time.

B. No, it's still not the time.

You chose A.

"Yes, it's a good time.", you say.

"Wise decision, as always so far.", says Dawn.

You go to the female Maggots' cabin and ask Dakota to leave with you.

"Hi Dakota. How are you?", you ask politely.

"Great, thanks. I've had enough time to get used to the fact that Sam is an intern. I guess hot chocolate really helped as well.", Dakota says.

"It's great to hear that.", you comment.

"Thanks. I'm still a bit worried about Sam. I asked Chris why he didn't appear today, and he said Sam had some training to know what to do. Too bad because I haven't seen him today. But hey, at least he didn't injure himself demonstrating or testing those challenges.", Dakota says.

"Yeah, speaking of which...", you begin.

"Is there something you want to tell me? Oh no, is it about Sam? Is he in danger?", Dakota becomes worried again.

"Yes. Dawn said he will turn into a mutant if he'll stay on the island to the mid point of the game. To be specific, Chris will use him to test how long it'll be safe to be in a mine in episode seven.", you say.

"What? We have to do something to prevent it! Not that I care how he looks like, but no one deserves to be a mutant!", Dakota exclaims.

"Well, it means you can spend as much time with Sam during the first six episode as possible.", you explain.

"And then?", Dakota asks.

"Then Sam will have to lose his job. We can either try to convince he's a terrible intern, or you can ask your daddy to bribe Chris again.", you suggest.

"Ok, I'll do. What about me though? He'll be on the Playa Des Losers and I'll still be here.", Dakota says. I'm already rich, so I don't have to win. And I can share my money with him after the show ends. But wouldn't Sam love it if I won for him?", she asks.

What do you suggest?

A. Quit the show then and join Sam at Playa Des Losers. You already have enough money.

B. Stay in the game and try to win for Sam.

"Sam is a gamer, right? He likes winning. I think you should stay in the game and try to win for him. He'll definitely appreciate that. You'll be able to spend as much time as you'll want once the show will end. Plus, you'll have more screentime.", you suggest.

"You really think so? Thank you, CO, you're a true friend. Any other Rat would possibly advice me to quit so they'd have one opponent less.", Dakota responds.

"No, they're friendly too. I'm sure all of them would say the same. Maybe except for B. He wouldn't say anything.", you reply.

"Anyway, I feel like Sam is more important for me than screentime. Weird, isn't it? But your advice was so good. I'll for sure try to win for him. Thanks again!", she says, and joins the other female Maggots, while you head to Brick to ask him for the tree climbing lessons he offered you earlier.

Exclusive Clip

Noah and Tyler are seen taking the Boat of Losers to the Playa Des Losers where previous and eliminated contestants live for the duration of the show.

"This freaky island gives me a lot of good memories, surprisingly.", Noah says.

"Yeah. Remember our Guys' alliance?", Tyler asks.

"I do. Crazy times. But I still think TDWT was better. Not only I won/made it to the finale, but OC also comforted me. In a weird way, but still. He really helped me that season.", Noah admits.

"Yeah. OC is a really cool dude. Remember when he helped me to leave Alberta. And when we flied on OC Jr.? Those were really good times!", Tyler comments.

"Yeah. Sometimes I wish we could go back in time to those moments.", Noah replies.

"We can always watch old episodes, right?", Tyler says.

"Yeah, but it's not the same. Anyway, I noticed the similarity in between OC and CO's nicknames. They're kinda similar as well. Both are a bit crazy, but in a positive way.", Noah describes you.

"That's cool! Now I feel bad she didn't talk to me. I'd like to know if she's as cool as OC.", Tyler responds.

"I guess you'll see after she'll be eliminated, or once the show will end in case she won't be.", Noah says.

"Yeah. Can't wait to meet her then.", Tyler comments as they reach Playa Des Losers.

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