Hi. RBW's Antagonists Elimination Game has just reached its final. I decided to come back with third season of my elimination games, and fifth season overall (counting Glenn's characters and mentioned RBW's antagonists games). To stay with antagonistic theme and use a theme that we rarely discuss about (as I always do), I decided to go with antagonists karmas.


  • Rules how to play are the same as always. Check earlier elimination games if you don't remember them.
  • I decided to use minor antagonists too to have some more variety in the styles of downfalls.
  • Being the main antagonist of the entire series, Chris is the only one to have more than one karma.
  • Downfalls will be listed in chronological order.
  • For contestants, their karma must come from their elimination episode or be caused by something that happened in their elimination episode (i.e. Blaineley's post-elimination injury or Scott's post-elimination Trauma Chair).
    • The only exception is Dave whose only antagonistic role was in the finale of TDPI.