Hi. So I was about to finally come back to hosting my Positivity blog, but I was still worried I wouldn't be able to host it daily. And since seeing this wiki inactive during in-between-seasons era is sad, I came up with another activity to make the wiki more alive again. Especially for the celebration of the show's tenth birthday.

Are you familiar with "Everything Wrong With" series? Yeah, that's basically the idea.

I've already written two such blogs in the past and I know it takes a lot of time to write. And there are A LOT of episodes. But it'd be nice to do this series for TD episodes. So, in order to make sure every episode will get its EWW blog and that they will come out regularly, the idea is that any of you can sign up to write one. Heck, several ones! Just sign up to write it for your favorite or least favorite episodes (or the remaining ones :P ).

Let's say each blog will come out every 3 days. Doing so daily would be quite too fast, and doing so weekly would be rather too slow, considering there are over 100 episodes in the series. 3 days should be enough for the writer to prepare. Heck, if you'd feel you're able and have enough time, you can also sign up to write more than one blog in a row.

Naturally, you need to be good at English to sign up. We should understand what you wanted to say and not be distracted by poor grammar.

So, are you interested? Good! Here are some tips that will help you with writing. Use them especially if you don't know EWW format:

  • Watch some videos of CinemaSins, the creators of the format, to get some idea about the series. You can also watch others' videos of the same format. One YouTuber also made those videos for the first five episodes of TDI.
  • Remember some running gags aka "sins". Examples:
    • "Things can't get worse" cliche, narration, "All of you, stop it", etc.
  • Remember you aren't supposed to write some hate blog. Write sins in a funny and snarky way. This is meant to be fun, after all.
  • Although this isn't its sister series, "Everything Great About", make sure to reduce some sins for some great, amazingly written moments. How many sins you'll reduce is according to your own will, though it's preferably from 1 to 10 sins.
  • Don't just sin things that are obviously bad. Pay attention to the slightest details that no one noticed yet.
  • Don't be too personal. Don't include sins just because your favorite was eliminated or remove sins just because your least fav character was eliminated. Also, avoid the "This episode exists" joke. There are some exceptions though, all of them are when some elimination/episode is considered good/bad by majority.
    • For example you can reduce sins from elimination that was amazingly written (I predict Heather's TDI elimination to be among them).
    • Add sins for eliminations that weren't explained in the episode (i.e. how Izzy was voted out instead of Heather in Wawanakwa Gone Wild!).
    • Add a sin when someone is clearly eliminated in stupid and unfair way (i.e. Leshawna in Haute Camp-ture or Lindsay in Rock n' Rule).
    • The exception for "This episode exists" joke is only for episodes that are universally considered bad (the last three episodes of TDAS).
  • Sure, this is just a cartoon, but sin every time (or at least some times) when something clearly breaks the laws of physics, etc.
    • I.e. how Scott melts his team's castle in Ice Ice Baby or how Dakota's mutation works.
  • The show is supposed to be recorded by the in-universe cameras. Add sins for every time when we see something that is impossible to record. For example:
    • A scene shown from someone's perspective (Owen looking through night vision goggles in Are We There Yeti?).
    • A scene when someone's inner thoughts can be heard (i.e. Lindsay's in Dodgebrawl).
    • A scene where someone's dream is shown.
    • Any scene inside Mike's brain.
  • Visit episodes' pages to read the goofs sections and add a sin for every goof that occurred. Of course, don't just copy paste episode's goof section, but joke about the goof.
    • I.e. "If my eyes disappeared like X's, I'd be worried".
  • Was some ranking of an RR pair unexplained? Was some team not shown doing the challenge?
    • The latter will mostly apply to the Stepbrothers who are so busy fighting with each other that it's unbelievable they don't lose enough time to lose the race, and the Adversity Twins who have troubles with simple everyday actions, yet complete some hard challenges off-screen.
  • Did some antagonist's plan in the episode not make sense?
  • Did something go way too convenient for the antagonist?
    • I.e. Scott finds out Dawn knows his nature by spying on her confessional. It is possible he was waiting behind it for someone to reveal some dirty secret he could use, but it'd be very boring and troublesome thing for him to do.
  • Was someone unfairly eliminated (i.e. Noah in I See London...)?
  • Was someone conveniently spared from elimination?
    • Speaking of which, did someone not sing in TDWT but wasn't eliminated?
  • Speaking of the songs, they often include unrealistic footage (i.e. the visuals, Heather not being under a rock for the entirety of This Is How We Will End It.
  • Make sure to include exclusive clips if they're a part of the episode. You can also sin the audition tape of a contestant who was eliminated.
  • Does some episode clearly favor one ending of a season, even though they're supposed to be equal (will especially apply to Owen's).
  • Is there something in the dialogue that doesn't make sense?
  • Is someone unnecessarily a d**k to someone? (only when it's not the point)
  • Is someone missing from the groupshot?
  • Did Chris incorrectly state the number of eliminated/remaining contestants?
  • Is there a goof in continuity?
  • Is there a plot hole? (I recommend visiting Total Drama's plot hole pages on TV Tropes)
  • Was some good character/plot wasted by someone's elimination?
  • Is there a contradiction as to the time between the episodes in the episode you're writing about?
    • I.e. The Surfers said that they had trouble with the Komodo dragons last week, however, Don called the Goths "yesterday's winners" at the beginning of Dude Buggies.
  • Add pictures (especially of goofs) to your blog. Avoid uploading pictures to the wiki if they're duplicates or are unnecessary. Not every example has to be illustrated.
  • For looking for sins in dialogues, I recommend using Rainbowderp01's transcript pages.
  • If you want to use a whole scene as an example in your blog, you can use this page to link us to a specific time of the episode on YouTube.
  • You can read my two old examples to see how to write such blog. You can also come up with your own.
  • Since there for sure will be something you'll overlook, you can add users' ideas for sins if they'd post them in the comments of your blog.
  • List the sins chronologically. If you're going to use some overlooked examples (see above), you can list them in some bonus section if adding them chronologically would take too much time.

Alright, that's enough tips for now. Hope this helps. I may add more later.

Sign ups

Comment below which episode you want to write an EWW blog about! Remember, whoever's first gets the episode! And I recommend you to avoid signing up for more than one episode in a row so you'll have more time to prepare your blog. Unless you feel like you'll be able to do it.

NOTE: Even though there for sure are some overlooked sins in there (I already noticed many), we won't be doing first seven episodes of TDI. This is because the YouTuber whom I linked at the beginning already did five of them and I already did the next two.

NOTE 2: Read the comments to keep the track of which episodes are already taken. Naturally, I'm gonna list them here, but I most likely won't get to update the blog after every comment.

Total Drama Island

Total Drama Action

Total Drama World Tour

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Total Drama All-Stars

Total Drama: Pahkitew Island

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

Once again, I'm reminding you the blogs should come out every three days. If you were meant to write the next episode's EWW blog but you know you won't be able to make it on time, inform us in the comments of the latest blog so someone else will take it for you.

As for the person who'll start it, good luck! Fortunately for you, we won't start until TDI episodes on the list will be taken. Looks like you'll have more time than the others. ;)