Hi. So, I have been in the Total Drama fanbase for a while, and have stumbled upon some very, strange opinions. I know, this blog may turn out to be a little critical, but these are just some popular opinions that I find rather odd. Let's start with friendships/OTP's or whatever, shall we?

Katie being more liked than Sadie: I have always found this one to be rather odd. I haven't really found a person that has this opinion that gave legit reasoning. Personally, I think it's because Katie is "prettier" than Sadie. Because we only got to see Katie compete in five episodes total, and she didn't even do that much in those five. However, Sadie outlasted Katie for a while (I mean, Sadie didn't do anything but say two lines after Katie was eliminated, but still). Plus, since these two were pretty much used as joke characters, and I am throwing my opinion out there, why do people find Katie better than Sadie? I feel like Sadie being (trying to use this word non-offensivly or whatever) a little on the chubby side, and her voice being kind of annoying, would lead people to think that she is the funniest. I don't know, can anyone with this paticular opinion tell me in the comments why you like her? I am pretty curious. 

Total Drama World Tour being more liked than Total Drama Island: I know, I know. This is kind of a stupid question to ask considering the majority of the fanbase agrees with this opinion, but I kind of wonder why. I never really got what it was about World Tour. Three newcomers? Heather finding a "lover"? Cody, Noah, Tyler development? I don't know, but I feel like Total Drama Island brought more to the table, even though it was the original season. It had a large cast and we pretty much got to know everyone by episode one. However, I feel like World Tour would get more hate than love because of the Duncney/Gwuncan love traingle. 

Sugar having one of the biggest Pahkitew Island contestant fanbases: I mean, sure, there are people in PI with bigger fanbases, like Jasmine and Samey. But I know alot of people that find Sugar to be one of the more interesting contestants. I have kind of always found her as Female Owen. Kind of like Owen when he returned for TDA, but a bit more evil in her. She also was one of the main reasons that Ella was wasted as a character and only used for a punching bag. Also, I get it, she farts, she burps, and she eats. I don't see how thats funny. Once again, we have already seen all of that out of Owen, the joke is kind of old by now. 

Apologyy (talk) 13:23, February 18, 2015 (UTC)

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